STORY TITLE Sweet Thai Trap
AUTHOR Forced Father
CODES mf, reluc, impreg
DATE ADDED 4th September, 2005


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Stephen and I had been friends for a long time; we had travelled together to Asia, America and Australia. But a year ago Stephen had changed. The reason was that he had met a sweet Thai girl, whom he wanted to marry. I’d never expected that; like me Stephen liked to have some adventures, but we never were thinking about marrying and starting a family. But one day he told me that Pranee had become pregnant on his last trip to Thailand.

Stephen told me, that Pranee and he liked to go and live in Thailand, and that was a good opportunity for me to join them. We would stay first in a hotel, belonging to the father of one of Pranee’s girlfriends until they found a decent flat to stay with their coming baby.

Her friend Patcharee worked in a fertility clinic, and they were often talking about her. From the pictures I saw I know she was an incredible beautiful dark skinned women with long black hair. One photo I liked most: On this, Patcharee only was wearing a white string tanga, standing near the pool of her father’s hotel.

At last we travelled to the south, where they wanted to live and where the hotel was. For me it was the first time in Thailand. Honestly, I had heard a lot about Thai women, and I hoped to have one or another adventure, especially because it was more than a year ago that I had my last relation.

Patcharee was indeed very beautiful, but as it was Pranee’s best friend I did not dare to start anything. Instead I secretly observed her, especially when she was wearing her different sexy swimsuits.

Two weeks in Thailand without any of my condoms used, I started to be a little disappointed. But I didn’t know that my adventures would start on that very day, and that there was no use for my condoms….

When I came back to my hotel room from a bath in the pool that day I saw Patcharee and my friend’s pregnant girl friend Pranee sitting just outside on the balcony overlooking the pool. The door was open and I could hear their conversation.

Patcharee was telling Pranee how horny she gets when she approaches the middle of her cycle, and that this time was especially difficult, because Pranee’s pregnancy made her even hotter. The conversation went on about her wish to get pregnant and to have a baby. The conversation the two were having was getting more and more erotic and sexier. I started getting hard slowly. Patcharee told Pranee that since she had been off the pill five months ago she has been getting even hornier. I looked at her small bikini I knew from the photo; it looked as if even now a wet spot was developing between her legs.

Patcharee and Pranee were looking at some journals dealing on pregnancy, and by looking at them Patcharee’s desires only got worse. The wet spot in her small white string tanga on her brown skin was becoming larger. I closed my eyes because I started feeling excited too, and I wanted to think about something else. But the two already had spotted me, and Patcharee entered the room. For a moment I couldn’t do anything than staring at her dark skinned sexy Thai body. My face became red, when she said “Hi, Andy!”. She enjoyed the situation and my embarrassment. I looked at her and I felt my cock hardening involuntarily.

As I was wearing only a morning coat over my swimsuit I tried to close it in order not to show her my body’s reaction. She moved a couple of steps closer towards me, looking at my reddened face.
“Why so shy?”, she asked, “don’t like to look at me?”. Meanwhile I felt uncomfortable because of my hard cock in the little swimsuit. I only could say “Ah.. no..yes of course, you are very beautiful..”.
“Pranee said you are not married, but you had a couple of girlfriends. Why didn’t you marry?”
“No…ah..yes Marry? Why? There was no reason, I mean none of my girl friends was pregnant”, I weakly replied.
“So you are a little playboy?”
“No, no! But I like my freedom, and I would only marry if I become a father.”
“So, but that you avoided until now?”
“Yeah..yes, I never planned to have a baby.”
She came a little bit closer, and I could smell a seducing mixture of coconut oil and jasmine perfume.
“I observed you, since you are here. You like to look at me, especially when I wear this string tanga.”
I was again embarrassed. Of course I was looking at her whenever there was a possibility, but I thought until now that I kept this secret. I’d never seen a more erotic and sexier girl in my life. I couldn’t say anything. Then she continued, looking directly into my eyes.
“Do you think I am sexier than western women, Andy?”
“ah..I mean yes, I mean you are, I..I think…”
“But its so unjust”, she continued, “you are staring at me wearing this morning coat, while I only wear my bikini. Let me look at you!”

Her hands reached the belt holding my coat together and she opened it; then she came closer and dropped the coat down. In an attempt to hide my hardened manhood in my swimsuit from her I put my hands over it, but this resulted only in a big knowing smile on her face.
“I like what I am seeing and I know you like what you are seeing”.
She took my hands saying,
“Have you ever felt the silky hot skin of a Thai girl?” and put them on her shoulders. Now our faces were just a few centimetres away from each other. I couldn’t believe what happened, when I felt her hands on my back. I dreamt about this situation, when I saw Patch the first time when we arrived in Thailand. Now it was reality, but I felt that this time I was not the one who was in control as I used to be with my other girlfriends.

I couldn’t resist any longer, I took my hands around her, and then I felt her body touching mine. She closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly. Too much, my lips found hers and we started kissing. I was worried not to let her feel my hard, now already wet cock, but she pressed her whole body into me, touching also slightly my manhood. I felt her nipples through the bikini; they were hard. Then our kiss ended.
“It’s the first time you kiss a Thai girl, Andy, isn’t it? What do you think?” she asked.
“It…..It was incredible, incredible, it was the best thing I can imagine….. You are so beautiful, so hot,….. Patch, I…...want you.” I tried to find my thoughts. The whole time Pranee was outside, reading in her journal, I totally had forgotten her, now I was afraid she could had seen what her friend Patch and I were doing.
“Patch…..Patch, may be you should wear something..."
"Really, Andy? I don't think you really want that..."
"But Pranee..."
"Don't worry, she knows a long time that I want you, and now she knows your little 'secret'. It is so obvious for Pranee and me that I make you excited, my little playboy."
“Patch, you are the most attractive women I’ve seen, and of course I want you; I wanted you from the first moment I saw you. But how Pranee knows it for ‘a long time’?”
“Oh Andy, why do you think Stephen and Pranee took you on their journey to Thailand?”
“Stephen and I are friends…..”
“Yes, and as a good friend he wants you to be happy, and Pranee – as my good friend – wants me to be happy…”
“Then – they want us to …..”
“come together.” Patch finished my sentence. “They told me so much about you, that I knew, you are the right one for me!”
She put her arms around me, and we started kissing for the second time, again I felt her hard nipples through the tiny thin bikini clothe. This time she moved her hands down to my bottom, and pressed herself strongly towards my body. I couldn’t avoid, that she felt my stiff manhood in its prison.
“I now believe you that you really want me”, she smiled. Then she took my hands and went to the big bed where she sat down. On the ceiling over the bed was a big mirror, as it was on the head end. She looked at the mirror saying
“I can see a nice couple…” In that moment pregnant Pranee entered the room, looked at us smiling deeply, and said
“I am going to meet Stephen now, we want to buy some clothes for our baby. Then we will go out a little. May be you two don’t want to join us today...…”. Then while leaving the room she looked at Patcharee and said “Good luck! You two are a beautiful couple…”

Pranee left the room and left us alone. I was so excited that I couldn’t think about anything than Patch’s little hot Thai body. I wanted her. I put my arms around her in order to open her bikini top. But she said:
“Andy! Not so fast! If you want to see me naked, you must promise to behave like a real man!
“Patch, my little Patch! Anything you want.”
“OK. Now you are allowed to take off my bikini top. Are you excited to see my naked brown Asian breasts?” she said.
My hands were shaking when I opened the bikini top. I removed it and when I saw her breasts and her stiff hard nipples my cock started hurting in my swimsuit and the wet spot became larger.
“Touch my breasts, my little playboy,” she said.
Gently I put my hands on her well-developed naked breasts and she began to breath faster. I wanted more. I wanted to see her completely naked; I wanted her to touch my manhood, I wanted to make love, I wanted to fuck her.
“Patch, let me take off your string tanga, I can’t wait any longer, let me see you completely naked.” I said.
“You are really, really horny, Andy!” she replied. Then we stood up from the bed and started again to kiss each other, now her unprotected breasts were touching my body. My hands slowly slit down her sides towards her hips, where I found the little string holding her tanga.
“I am shaved..” she said, “my little Thai pussy is so smooth. We always advice our patients to shave if they want to sleep like two responsible mature adults with each other.”

Slowly I opened the string, and her tanga fell down. She kissed me again and pressed her wet pussy exactly on my penis’ prison. I began to groan, I was completely loosing control. When our fourth kiss was finished my right hand reached her wet pussy, and I started massaging her swollen clit.
“Come to the bed!” I said
“Only if you are also completely naked, my little playboy!” she coed.
She turned me around, came close to my back that her nipples passed over my back. Then her hands slit inside my little swimming trouser and pulled it down until it fell on the floor. Now my erected cock was free. Its tip was completely wet, and it nearly looked as if I already had ejaculated. But off course I hadn’t. Patch turned me around looking deeply satisfied on my naked body and especially at my hard wet cock.
“Now I am the first Thai woman, who sees you naked!” she smirked.
“And I will hopefully also be the last one you see naked!” she continued.
Her provoking slowliness while I was looking at her made even more precum covering my iron erection.
“Now I believe Pranee”, Patcharee smilingly told “that you haven’t had a woman for more than a year. You really need some attention…”

My erection became so hard, that it started hurting. “Patch, please come in the bed, I can’t stand it longer” I nearly begged her.
“You want to make love to me now, my little playboy?” she said while standing in front of me, not yet moving towards the bed.
“Like a mature man or like a boy?” she asked while now slowly moving towards the bed and me.
“I am a man, and I will prove it to you, please come and let me show you” I answered.
I lay down on the bed and Patcharee came beside me. I then started kissing her nipples, while I felt her hand closer and closer to my penis.
Suddenly she said “I want you to stay in Thailand with me!”
Surprised I replied “But I have job in at home, it’s not possible, but I will visit you often”.
“You can find a job here” she said, while I was not able to think about anything then her breasts, her pussy and to make love.
“But its difficult” I said, not very interested in this subject. I was happy that I found a beautiful woman for my bed while being in Thailand, and I wanted really to get started now.

“I have my job in the fertility clinic” she said. “That’s enough for us both in the beginning. And I have a big plan for what you will do..” she smiled.
“A plan?” I asked nearly uninterested while kissing her nipples and moving slowly downwards.
“You are not very experienced in this things, so for you it’ll be a nice job to take care of the baby.”
I didn’t understand what Patch meant, because I was now occupied in kissing her stomach, while my right hand played with her nipples, so I said only
“Don’t you thing Pranee and Stephen can manage this alone?”
“Andy, I am talking about my baby!”
Suddenly I was aware. “You mean you are pregnant?!”
“Not at this moment. But Andy, I found out that my temperature was up this morning, and that coincided with that I am exactly in the middle of my cycle now. And I am feeling so horny since I am off the pill…..”
“But..” I tried to say something, but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Then she continued: “I think its time for me to start a family with a nice husband and many children now where I have found the right man.”
“But.. but Patch, we don’t know…..” I said
“And if you work in a fertility clinic it’s a good thing to be pregnant” she continued.
“Patch, we can’t make a baby now!” I anxiously said, while my arousal even got bigger.
Her hands reached the tip of my cock starting gently to massage it with one finger. She said:
“Of course we can make a baby! Since Pranee became pregnant I am off the pill, I am in my fertile days – and there is a horny aroused lover beside me. Do you know”, she continued, “that in this very bed Pranee became pregnant?”
Nearly speechless of arousal I said
“Patch! Please! We shouldn’t do this!”
“Andy, I decided to have a baby, and since I’ve seen you I decided that I’m going to make you the father. And that will happen tonight. Tonight I will change you from a boy into a responsible father.”
“I – I won’t sleep with you, I stop” I said in fear of loosing my freedom.
“Really?” she said while she now was over me starting to pet my breasts with her hard nipples. I saw not only her breasts, but also her back over me in the mirror on the ceiling.

“When will you marry your little brown Thai girl, Andy? Should be soon, before I become too big of your baby.”
“Patch, let’s stop, please…..”
She gave me now a massage with all body; using her nipples to further harden my cock.
“In a few moments my hot, smooth, wet and fertile Thai pussy will take your hard baby maker deep inside, and then..”
“Patch please, a condom…., let’s use a condom, only today!..”
“..I’ll ride you bareback!”

Suddenly I felt her moist pussy touching the tip of my penis. I wanted to stop, but nature was stronger; I was not able to defend myself.
“I I’m not ready to be a father..” I tried.
She kissed my lips and then whispered
“Strange, no man is ever ready for this. But ready or not, Andy, today I will make you the father of my child!”
“I’m not… I’m not going to make you pregnant..” I tried with all my will to say.
“Why you ‘boys’ are never ready to have a baby? Pranee had the same problem with Stephen, but here in this bed she made him father and a responsible mature man. Andy, my little playboy, no man can resist a woman who wants to get pregnant.”
“Patch, I will not enter your pussy!”, I said, but I could not believe it myself.
She laughed “Andy, you will not only enter my sweet little Thai pussy with your big long hard cock and enjoy it, you will also explode inside it and then one of your sperms will fertilize an ovum.”

She continued “You can’t resist anymore, I see from your reactions how much it arouses you when I talk about my fertile days, pregnancy, babies, making you a father. For a man this is like loosing his virginity. Now for the last time your playboy cock will enter a pussy, when I release it again it will belong to a mature man and a responsible daddy-to-be.”
I felt her pussy sliding down over my manhood. Her pussy and my cock were so wet that there was no resistance. Immediately I penetrated her deeply, because she put all her weight on my penis in order to take me in as deep as possible. She started groaning, and I avoided moving in order to avoid coming closer to orgasm. She didn’t move either after I fully had entered her. She said:
“Yes, my little playboy, that’s the right place, her exactly I want your hard mommy-maker.” She took my hands and put them onto her breasts telling
“In nine month you must compete for this boobs with your little baby…” I felt her juices between my balls and her body when she said
“Now I will start the last step on the way to make you father.” Slowly she started moving up and down saying with a big smile
“If you don’t want to make this hot Thai girl a mommy than control yourself a little!” Without releasing me she stretched her body so that she nearly completely was lying on me. Then she took her arms around me and manoeuvred me on top. This movement alone brought me again closer to her aim. In the first moment I thought it was a better position to escape, but quickly her legs took control.

“This position is the best when a couple wants to have a baby, like we do” she groaned and she began slowly to move her hips back and forth. Locked in her legs I wanted to control my body and not surrender my freedom to this determined sweet, sexy dark-skinned Thai beauty, but as she was exactly the kind of woman I always wanted to have sex with, I couldn’t.
“Andy, you are getting harder, stiffer and wetter; you see, your body is more mature than your mind; it wants to fulfil the wish of your little Thai lover to get pregnant with your baby!”

Her movements become stronger, and I was breathing and groaning: Without being able to do anything I felt how Patch brought me closer and closer to orgasm. She groaned louder but still she was trying to heat my body more up with her words.
“Yes, put your baby maker deep inside me. Yes, yes! This is the place where your mommy maker will give me a child! Deeper, go deeper, here is where I want your sperms! Yes!”
I felt that I now was very close to explode, I only could groan
“No, Patch, please not, don’t make me explode, please don’t make me father today!” Her movements got a little bit slower and she said in ecstasy
“Yes, try to resist, don’t explode now. As longer you resist as more sperms you finally will release into my juicy hot fertile pussy when I make you cum!” Again she began with her rhythmic movements and again I felt that soon I wouldn’t be able to struggle any longer. Patcharee’s body began to writhe in ecstasy; she was reaching orgasm.
“Yes Andy yes, yes! Give me a baby, a little baby girl. Cum in my fertile pussy. Make me pregnant with your sperms. Fertilize my egg with your cum!” she was nearly screaming without loosing control over my body.
I struggled to pull out, to explode outside on her body, but her legs hold me tight in the saddle of desire.
“Now!” she whispered, “now I will make you father!” She accelerated her rhythmic movements; combined with her writhing body I felt my orgasm coming.
“Patch! Patch! No! Patch!” I made a last attempt to suppress the explosion, but Patch tightened her legs around me, pulled her hips up and pulled me close at the same time. It was her victory. I felt the orgasm coming. I exploded deep inside her, never in my life I had have such an orgasm. I burst and pumped her full, eight, nine, ten times or more, and still she didn’t release me. She wanted all my sperms inside her.

When she at last released me she said: “Now you are a man! Let’s relax a little bit to be 100% sure that your cum fertilizes an egg!” I looked at her, too exhausted and tired to say anything and soon I felt asleep beside her.

The next morning when we had breakfast Pranee and Stephen looked smilingly at us. I was embarrassed a little bit, when Pranee asked Patch something in Thai and Patch put her hands around me and answered in English
“Soon, I think we’ll marry soon.”

The next two days Patch had to work in a hospital away. When she came back, Pranee, Stephen and I were eating dinner. She smiled up to the ears and then she put something in front of Pranee on the table. Immediately Pranee got up and said “Congratulation Patch!” And then to me “Congratulation Andy!” Then she took the little paper and gave it to Stephen; it was Patch’s positive pregnancy test.

Four months later, after I had quit my job at home and Pranee had got her baby boy, Patch and I married. Another five month later our baby girl was born. Patch is working in the hospital, and I am at home taking care of our sweet little Sihama, working a little bit for a tourist agency.

I feel happy with my little family, and we are often talking about the evening Patch made me father. Soon we want to start working on our next baby, this time I want it, too.