STORY TITLE Suck My Milk Filled Tits
CODES Mf, inc, dad/dau, preg
DATE ADDED 9th April, 2004


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Hello boys and girls. This simply a stroke story and I hope you guys enjoy jerking your cocks and cumming all over your pumping cock filled hand. Ladies, while you might not really be into this sort of thing I would still hope you can diddle and fill your cunts with fingers, dildos or cocks during or after reading this little story.

Karen was seventeen the first time she caught me jacking off. There is was naked on my bed with my thick hard cock in my fist as I pumped it until I loosed my climax. I wasn't sure if she saw me watching her but I did and was delighted when she slipped her hand under her short skirt. I knew she was feeling her cunt and shoving two or more fingers deeply inside as she watched me jacking off.

A few days later I was again choking the chicken when I spotted my daughter spying on me. I was extremely horny and spread my legs wide making sure she had a good look at my cum filled and heavy balls as they bounced up and down with my pumping cock filled hand. Seconds later my climaxed shot from my turgid cock and thick gobs of my cum soaked my chest and naked belly.

After a month passed I began to want more. It just wasn't enough that I would see my daughter Karen watching me jerk off. Now I wanted us to both masturbate while watching each other. I waited and finally the perfect opportunity came.

Karen had just finished her shower and was sitting in the family room watching TV. I casually came in and noticed with lust filled eyes she was wearing her thick terry cloth robe. While she had her legs well covered she didn't pay much attention to the top and as I looked I saw the very well exposed cleavage of her large and well developed breasts. She hadn't noticed me yet and I quickly made my exit. I figured if she was going to expose that much the least I could do was respond in kind.

Wearing only a pair of boxer shorts I re-entered the family room and slowly walked if front of her on my way to my favorite chair. I was already half hard and seeing the huge expanse of her exposed cleavage only helped to expand the swelling of my cock. From the corner of my eye I saw her watching me as I passed between her and the TV. She obviously was eyeing my growing hard-on and I was pleased.

"This program any good or are you just killing time?" I asked.

"It really sucks," Karen replied with a huge grin.

"Sorry to hear that. I was hoping it would be something we could watch together."

Karen moved over and sat closer to me while she still remained on the sofa. Her eyes locked onto the growing cock in my boxers.

"I could think of something else I'd rather watch," she cooed sexily.

"Sure can't think of anything that would keep you from the boob tube," I shot back. "Unless it's you watching me jerk off and cum."

There, I'd finally said it and was trying to bring it all out into the open.

"I can't think of much that I would rather do unless it's seeing your big long thick cock sliding in and out of my soaking wet cunt, Daddy."

"Oh, so now it's come to that? I thought all you wanted was to watch me masturbate and shoot my cum all over myself."

"Not any more, Daddy. In case you haven't noticed I've grown into a woman and now I'm ready to fuck. I want sex and I want it with you. Think you are man enough to fill my cunt with a long hard thick cock and fill me with cum?"

"Sure you're ready for me to pump your cunt full with my cock and fill it with my baby making cum?"

"Yeah. Come on, Daddy, fuck me and give us a baby. Let me feel your cock pounding my cunt while you play with my big titties and suck my nipples. I want your cum making me pregnant."

Karen spread open her robe showing me three of her fingers already pumping her juicy hot cunt. She spread her legs wide open in invitation and my cock lurched with anticipation. I dropped my boxers and followed my bobbing hard cock towards her sexy wanton body.

Her ass was resting on the very edge of the sofa when I lowered myself and my cock to her dripping cunt. She lightly gripped my cock and pulled and guided it to her waiting sex. The lips of her pussy spread open wider and wider as my cock slowly spread them. Seconds later I found I was the first to have his cock slipping into her cunt as her cherry stopped me, but moments later and due to my extreme lust I plowed ahead without care or concern. Karen gasped and quietly screamed when I popped her cherry but she quickly adjusted and eagerly took all of my eight thick hard inches of cock.

"Now fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me long and hard. Pound and pump your cock in and out of my tight hot cunt and then let me feel your cum filling me and making me pregnant. I want you to fuck me and I want to give you a baby."


"Daddy, are you sorry about what we have done?" Karen asked me one night as we lay cuddled in front of the fireplace.

"Not one bit, sweetheart. You're belly is so big and it's almost time for you to give birth."

Karen lay with her bare back against my naked chest as I lightly rubbed her child swollen belly.

"My tits, Daddy, play with my tits. You've made them so big by fucking me and giving me a baby. They are so big and full and I can feel the milk in them."

I lifted my hands to cup and gently caress her huge tits. Her nipples were swollen and long and thick and each breast was hard with the milk inside them. My fingers curled around each huge breast and I began to gently milk them. Thin streams of her liquid squirted from her nipples and quickly her belly and my hands were soaked.

"Suck them, Daddy. Suck my milk filled tits and let me feel your big thick hard cock in my hand while I make you cum."

She turned and knelt before me. I looked at her milk swollen tits as she lifted her body up to allow me to suckle. Her milk was thin and so sweet as I nursed and sucked filling my mouth over and over. I felt her small fingers wrapping around my rock hard cock and begin to pump me.

"Daddy, will you fill my mouth with your cum and then go back to drinking my milk? I want to feel your cock down my throat. Please fuck my mouth like you have fucked my cunt."

Karen moved herself around so I could have an easy shot to her open throat. I knew what she wanted and desired exactly the same thing. With the head of my cock between her lips and lunged my hips and forced my cock deeply into her greedy throat. Over and over I humped my hips towards her face as she gently fondled my heavy cum filled balls. Soon enough I felt my climax and thick hot gobs of my cream gushed from my throbbing cock and coursed down her throat into her belly. She pulled her lips back only enough to keep most of my cock between them and more and more of my cum filled her gulping mouth.

Expended and drained I moved to coverer her turgid thick nipples with my sucking mouth. Again and again I sucked, pulled and drank from her milk giving tits. Finally she was gasping and begging to be fucked one more time. Karen spread her legs over mine and found my newly recharged cock with her fingers and guided it into her dripping wet cunt.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me long and hard and keep sucking the milk from my tits."

Just as I was giving her the last of my baby making cum her tits refused to offer anymore milk. I had drained her milk just as she had drained my balls.

Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder how many more times my daughter is going to want me to make her pregnant? I sure do love those huge milk filled tits.