AUTHOR Dmeister
CODES True, bbw, interacial, m/f, virgin, first time, oral, impreg
DATE ADDED 26th November, 2006

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


At 18, I lost my virginity to a woman of 23, who had a secret trick of having my baby. I met her on the internet and we talked quite a bit and we had alot of fun. Apparently she decided we should meet for a 3 day trip,so i bought my train ticket and was packed and set. She was a bbw, but she was beautiful, with long flowing black hair, bright blue eyes and firm D cups. The night before my trip to visit, we discussed sex quite a bit. As never having had sex, I asked if I should bring condoms. She said no condoms, and no pulling out of her pussy. I was nieve and thuoght she was prob on birth control.

I arrived and we hugged and met. Later that night, we went to a hotel she got for us and we went inside. She then took off her top and threw me down on the bed. She turned out the lights and slid down my pants and boxers. She dropped her head between my legs and it was the greatest senation i ever felt in my life. She deepthroated my thick black cock between her pink lips over and over again, thrusting her white hand up down it furiously. My clear precum never had a chance to roll down her fingers, because she voraciously swallowed every drop i could produce. I then explored her body. Her smooth cunt was soaking and dripping with fluid, it was extremely tightand when i slid my hand all the way up it, her uterus tip sucked my finger hard when she orgasmed, it HURT my finger, almost broke the tip and sucked into her womb. AMAZING. I pulled my finger out and sucked her breasts while she dipped her fingers in her pussy and rubbed her juice all over my black cock.

She got up and turned out the lights, then crawled on top of me. I felt her hand grab my cock and slide it up her grasping cunt. Her vagina hurt me in its vice tight grip. I pushed deeper and my head was kissing the opening to her uterus. Her huge white thighs rocked he viciously back and forth on the bed and she held my hands down, sucking my neck and biting my ear. We switched postions and i could myself buried into her so deep it was difficult to pull out, she held me so tight. I could feel the precum in me gushing out like feelingless, drippy ejaculation into her depths. I could feel it extra slick in the pit of her pussy from my precum. She then grabbed me and came hard, her pussy squeezed me so hard it hurt and i couldnt pull out, SERIOUSLY! As my cock dripped, her uterus drank right from the tip of my head. We went on like this, but I felt i was going to cum and fast. She got on top of me and her huge thighs squeezed my hips and her pussy clamped down. I groaned loud as she held my hands down, and warned I was cumming. She just smiled and said go ahead, dont waste a drop. Right then I burst and i was shooting huge thick white jets for 3-5 minutes non stop, no joke.

Her pussy milked me and just when i thought i was done, she would reach back and squeeze my balls making at least 2-3 more jets shoot ionside her, not a drip oozing out of her. As I lay there exhausted, she rolled off of me and lay on her back, legs open and in the air. I was so tired and exhausted from the trip and the mind wiping orgasm, i could barely keep it together. As I was fading into sleep, I could see she was messing with her lips, legs wide open and pushing into her pussy intently. I slurred, what are you doing? She said cheerfully, Ive never had so much cum in me before! Theres quite a bit! Again I said what you doing? She said before i fell asleep, nothing, just go to sleep. The next 2 days we had lots of unprotected sex, if i didnt ejaculate inside her, she was either swallowing it or taking it in her and sliding it in her pussy.

The shocker came when I met her friend. A small feisty red head. She said she would do anything to have a child and her husband was not putting out. My temptation grew and I said I can shoot inside you. She seemed interested until my g.f at the time gripped me hard and cussed me out under her breath, so thats where it stayed.

The day I left she cried but we kept in touch for awhile, before the break up happened. She went to NY, I stayed in the city I was from at the time. Randomly she emailed me and talked to me. She said she had been with a few black and white men in NY, and she wasnt on the pill. She also confessed that she wasnt on anything when we met and she lied to me, that her agenda was to get knocked up by me. I aksed if she was and she was very vague, saying nothing and discussing living with her friend and their kid. I remembered from in between dreams one night, she was making herself cum with a cunt full of my cream. She has had unprotected with several guys in NY and I never heard from her sense.

The fact is, I will never know if I have a child in this world or not, all my condoms i used with her were poked full of holes, she was bare as they come and fertile, ovulating and drinking my cum into her pussy. If she got pregnant with my kid? Its a mystery I will never know.