CODES Inc (Mom/Son), Impreg, Rom
DATE ADDED 19th June, 2005

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My relationship with my son changed dramatically starting a
few weeks ago. It was on a Friday night. I had just showered and
was getting ready for bed when my son knocked on my bedroom
door. I knew it was him because he's the only other person in
the house. I quickly pulled on a robe and tied the belt.
"Yes, sweetheart, what is it?"
He came in and sat beside me on the bed. He was wearing a
robe also.
"Mom, you know how you said I can always ask you anything,
that I don't need to be embarassed and you'll always answer
me honestly?"
"Yes of course, sweetheart. What's the question?"
"Well, it's about sex."
"I figured that by the embarassment comment. What do you
want to know?"
"Well, maybe this is a dumb question, but since I haven't
been with a woman yet, there's something I don't understand."
"Nonsense, sweetheart, there's no such thing as a dumb
question, especially when you don't have experience. What don't
you understand?"
"Well, I've seen pictures and videos of naked women, and
seen their..."
"Go on, just say it sweetheart. Don't be embarassed."
"OK, I've seen their pussies, and...well..."
"Go ahead, sweetheart."
"Oh, heck, it's this!"
He reached over, opened my robe and spread my legs, exposing
my pussy! I didn't want to upset him, so I tried to act casual.
"What about it, sweetheart?"
"Well, it looks so small! I mean, look at the size of it!"
He reached down and spread my pussylips apart, exposing
the entrance.
"There! I don't see how this could possibly fit in there!"
He opened his own robe as he spoke, exposing his cock which
was fully erect! I had to stiffle a gasp as I saw my son's cock
for the first time since he was a little boy. It was beautiful!
About seven inches long and a little over an inch wide. I did
understand his question, though. I had wondered the same thing
before my first time. I noticed something. Looking at my son's
cock was starting to arouse me! I could feel my pussy tingling
and starting to get wet.
"I understand what you're saying, sweetheart. I wondered
that before my first time too, but it's really very simple.
First of all, when a woman gets aroused, her pussy starts to
get wet and slippery, like mine is getting now, see?"
I spread the lips and rubbed my fingers around them,
spreading the moisture around. This had the side effect of
getting me even more excited and causing my pussy to get
wetter and more slippery.
"That acts as a lubricant, and a man's cock also gives off
a lubricant. The clear liquid, the 'precum' that it gives off
when you're excited also helps to lubricate everything. Besides
that, the muscles in a woman's pussy stretch to accomodate the
man's cock."
"I know the theory, mom, but I still don't see it. I mean,
look at this."
Before I realized what he was doing, my son stepped between
my legs and put his cockhead right between my pussylips!
"Look at that! That's too big to go in there!"
"No it's not. All you would have to do is push forward and
it would go right in, but..."
Before I could finish my thought, however, he said 'Really?'
and did push forward. Just as I had said, his cock went right
in, right into my pussy! I gasped as I felt my son's cock
penetrating me, and he moaned as it slid inside my pussy.
"Oh wow, mom! You were right! It just slid right in! Oh,
that feels great!" he said and began sliding it back and forth
in my pussy.
"Oooh, we shoudln't be doing this, but it feels so good! I'm
going to...ohhhh!"
I couldn't believe I had cum so quickly! Of course, knowing
that it was my son's cock fucking me was a very big turn on.
I fell backward as I came. Not wanting to lose him, I held my
son to me as I did and he fell forward on top of me. We slid up
the bed slightly as he raised up and began fucking me. It felt
fantastic to me, and apparently it felt that way to my son as
well, because after only a few strokes, he moaned and thrust his
cock deep into my pussy. I felt it begin throbbing inside me and
a familiar warmth spreading through me. My son was cumming
inside me, and I wasn't on birth control! It suddenly occurred
to me that I was probably getting pregnant by my own son! Just
thinking about it made me cum again.
"You're cumming already? No, you should have...I'm not on're going to get me...ohhhhh!"
My orgasm compounded the situation, making me pull him
closer to me and thereby pulling his cock even deeper inside
my pussy, letting it pump my son's cum right into my womb. Not
only that, but my orgasm caused the muscles in my pussy to
ripple around his cock over and over, creating a milking action
which made him shoot even more cum into me. Our orgasms began
to subside and we lay together, our bodies still joined.
"Wow, mom, I guess it does fit!"
"I'll say! You fit beautifully!"
"Mom, what were you saying just now as we were cumming?"
"Well, you caught me by surprise and everything went so
fast that I didn't have a chance to discuss anything with you.
I didn't have a chance to tell you that I'm not on birth control,
so you shouldn't have cum inside me unless you wanted to
make me pregnant. Of course, you did cum inside me, so you
probably just got your own mother pregnant!"
"Really? Wow, mom, I didn't know that I...that
mean, you could get pregnant by me?"
"Well of course, silly! Why wouldn't I be able to get
pregnant by you? Especially considering the amount of cum you
just pumped into me and how deep inside me you pumped it!"
My son was starting to move his cock around inside me again
and I could feel that it was still fully erect.
"Does that turn you on, baby? Knowing you just got your
mother pregnant? Does it make you hot? Knowing that you shot
your hot cum deep inside my pussy and I'm not on birth control?
Knowing that now I'm probably pregnant by you? Since you probably
already got me pregnant, go ahead and fuck me and cum inside me
again! Fuck your momma's pussy and pump some more of that sweet
cum deep inside me, baby! Fill me with your cum again!"
Within minutes we were both cumming again and my son was
again pumping his cum into my pussy and up into my womb. The
thought of him getting me pregnant every time he cums inside me
has proved to be an extra turn-on for both of us, and he's cum
inside me every day since.