STORY TITLE Mom "Helps" Daughter Get Pregnant
AUTHOR Jacuzzi
CODES MF, Unsafe, Impreg
DATE ADDED 12th August, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My mother loved me but unbeknownst she secretly wanted, no desperately wanted, to be a grandmother. All her friends were grandmothers so she decided I would help her achieve her goal. Now she certainly did not want a grandchild out of wedlock, so her first goal was too get me married.

My name is Jane, I'm 24, the mother of a 4 year old, and a 2 year old.

It all started In the year 1950, when I was 18. I learned these facts from her many years and 2 babies later. I was the way to her goal. She replaced all my children's cotton underwear with sexy adult lingerie, you know sexy bikini panties and bra's that push up my 34B breasts. She told me that boys like girls who look sexy and friendly. That was it for then, but one year later she was telling me that it was time for me to be thinking of a husband and family. She was very stern about not "doing it" before marriage. My body was saying other things and I kinda fooled around with some boys and let them touch me all over, even suck my nipples and finger my puss. During one time a boy pushed his finger in too far and I felt some pain, but I was so excited it didn't matter.

This brings me to when I was 20, Mom told me that "always keep a boy interested, but never sex them until you are married" and "there is no more sincere compliment for a young lady than a boy's erection". Wearing small bikini's to beach parties and looking my sexy best was the only way Mom would allow me to go to school or anywhere.

Time moved on and I was 21, had a boyfriend and was engaged, Mom began her "Get Jane Pregnant " campaign. In addition to helping me select the pure white bride's dress, she took a special interest in my lingerie and negligees. She told me that it was a special time for me and that I needed to allow my husband to be, Jim, immediate and unhindered access to my body. I was his and I was to listen to him and perform as a wife should.

To that goal she picked out the following:
1- Stockings not panty hose, to allow Jim to get easily to the good part of me
2- Panties that could be slipped off or moved aside to consume the marriage as easily as possible
3- White Veil and pump shoes- Leave the veil on during first sex and wear pumps, it brings the vagina up at close level to the erect penis thus ensuring a trouble free penetration.
4-for the "first night" a shimmer of white sun dress called a "bridal baby doll" that was oh so sheer in the right places but kept my 34B boobs controlled until Jim opened them
5- A red shelf bra and matching thong for the second night
6- an black open tip teddy
7- and finally a naughty schoolgirl outfit to spurt on my hubby and have him spank me and secretly seed me.

She also told me that it was customary to be deflowered wearing my wedding dress. Having stockings and loose bikini panties would allow Jim to enter me from the back, as I bent over or with my legs spread wide in the missionary position.
The most important thing she said was it was customary for brides to take their new husbands bareback or as she said "without a covering". She told me the way to a happy marriage is to keep his belly full and his prostate empty. "It's important that you learn from each other, experiment, have fun, and enjoy each other without that pesky cover." I asked her about getting pregnant, she told me that mother nature protects brides, and if it is her desire to have me pregnant, then so be it. What she didn't tell me till later, she knew our ovulation cycles were the same. She had charted my fertile time before we even had set our wedding date. Of course, I would be highly fertile on my wedding eve and the honeymoon. She knew that a few well placed deposits of hot baby making sperm should do the trick and she wanted to be sure that nothing was going to prevent the sperm and the egg from joining.

Mom told me later that right after the wedding she went to pick out maternity clothing for me and started planning my baby shower.

After the wedding Jim was so horny. His cock was huge and I was a little afraid. Jim was not going to be put off and as we entered the bridal suite, he bent me over, pulled down my panties and thrust in. I was still wearing my wedding dress, but he would not be put off and throughly serviced me depositing his first of many loads of baby making sperm. After resting a few minutes I was able to undress and put on the white sheer baby doll and as Mom told me I still had on my veil and pumps. After playing around with my boobs he fucked me in the missionary position and used my pumps as leverage to go hard, deep and deposited more baby batter where it was going to do the most good. I made sure to wear all the erotic lingerie, for at least a few minutes until Jim stripped me naked and had his way with me. By the third night I was riding him and playing with my new toy- a hard cock. I was totally unaware that with all that baby juice, his bareback cock, my fertile time and my family history of quick conceptions, I was doomed from the beginning. My pregnancy was confirmed by the doctor 2 months after my honeymoon and I delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Moving forward 2 years, I had grown to a 34C bra. I was reaching my anniversary, Mom wanted a second grandchild and I was the incubator of her choice. Again as I later found out, she gave us a special anniversary present. A week-end in a cabin upstate, 30 minutes from anywhere. She would watch the baby. Sounds great, right, except she planned it for my fertile time and secretly removed the condoms from Jim's luggage (this was before birth control pills). Fortunately, she gave us some going away presents for the stay at the cabin, a bottle of Vodka, 3 containers of orange juice to make screwdrivers and a bottle of champagne to make mimosa's. I should have known that after the screwdrivers we made I would want to be screwed. I decided to wear the red shelf bra (even though my boobs had grown a full cup size, this bra fit) and crotch less panties that I had worn on the second night of our honeymoon. I expected Jim to rip them off me and do his deed, but instead he put on some romantic music stripped naked and danced with me in my sexy bra & panties. It felt so sinful but romantic, so dirty but felt so sensual. With his cock brushing against my hairless pussy and the bra allowing my nipple tips to brush against his chest I knew if he didn't service me soon I was going to rape that boy. A few times Jim grabbed my ass, so a few times I grabbed his cock. I was dripping lubrication on his hard cock and needed to be mated. . But as you can figure out we couldn't find any condoms, and all the stores were closed already. My hormone level was so high I needed a good fuck, and the screwdriver's didn't help. I rubbed his cock into full erection so hard he had no choice but to follow me as I sat on the bed then laid down holding his cock until he entered my wet pussy. I told Jim to go ahead but be careful. He performed his duties with a strong masculine flair, and I was in orgasm quickly. Finally I was so out of control I screamed " Be careful, but don't mess the sheets". The heat of the moment, the alcohol and Mother Nature combined to have my words say one thing but my body kept saying "come in me my love, come deep and seed me". There was no way Jim was going to leave my pussy without discharging his milk deep on my cervix. He was reaching the point of no return, you know when he has to decide to pull out or deposit his baby soldiers, all I kept whispering was, "yes, yes, yes", while I continually stroked his balls. The sensation of a bare cock in my pussy after so long was erotically placing me in a trance, my pussy on fire and all I could think of was to finally whisper "seed me, breed me", "do it, do it", " cum in me". I once again felt like the virgin on her wedding night being bred for the first time. That did it and my stud exploded with a forceful charge of batter deep in my baby chute. Since we had already done the damage we continued drinking mimosa's. I serviced him all week-end bareback. I was rewarded with multiple orgasms every time I whispered "seed me, breed me". I think I received a gallon of baby milk that week-end. The bed linens had to be changed due to all the stains we make. We started using a towel under my butt to catch all the excess cum. After the week-end, whenever Jim sees a towel under my hips he gets a massive erection and wants to service me. A month later when my breasts were tender, I didn't need a test to confirm I was pregnant.

Moving forward another 2 years, I now had a 2 year old and a 4 year old. Over a bottle of wine, Mom told me of her conception plan. She told me that when I was a bride she knew my fertility schedule and that some solid sperm explosions would probably do the job so she told me that brides would not get pregnant. My second pregnancy she arraigned by some screwdrivers, mimosa's and threw in some cut up condoms to seal my fate.

I was wondering what was next from Mom, and she didn't keep me waiting. "Jane, I love being a grandmother, and I would love more grandchildren, so you have a choice-you or you help me make your little sister Sue get pregnant. Sue was 20 and going to be married in 2 months. "You or Sue decide" it didn't take me long to ask when to I tell Sue that it's traditional to go without that pesky cover (bareback) on your honeymoon.

Mom sure knew how to set me up so she could be a grandmother. She set me up for conception and it worked. I passed the honor onto my little sister. Right after her honeymoon, her breasts got tender and her pants got tighter she was....