STORY TITLE Marketable Skills - BOOK 1
CODES MF, MMFF, Mult, Unsafe, Impreg, W/S, novel
DATE ADDED 27th May, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.



I married my high school sweetheart the very weekend we graduated. I lost my virginity to Jimmy back when we were in the 10th grade. We were so interested in getting our lives started neither of us had any plans for college. Jimmy’s father had gotten him a job at a local foundry because he knew the shop foreman personally.

When I suggested employment for myself, having seen an appealing ad in the classifieds for temporary help at a local factory, my husband became offended. He viewed himself as the “breadwinner” and took pride in “providing” for his family. Of course we didn’t really have a “family” yet since it was just the two of us. We felt it would be a few years before we could really afford to start a family anyway. So, we relied on condoms, and the rhythm method for contraception. My husband hated to use condoms so I eventually got fitted with a diaphragm.

I needed something to do during the day when my husband was at work so I started going to college even though I had not actually decided upon a major. Six months into his employment, Jimmy’s company announced it would be closing the plant. However, he was offered a position at a sister facility 235 miles away. So, we moved and of course I had to quit school.

The new apartment we found was located about 10 miles from the facility Jimmy was transferred to. We had only one car which left me without wheels during the day. Once in awhile I would drive him to and from work so I could be mobile during the day but the rising cost of gasoline made the situation more and more difficult.

Not more than six months after we moved, Jimmy’s company went into receivership and he was laid off work. His low seniority and lack of marketable skills put him in the first group to be terminated. We suddenly found ourselves facing hard times and Jimmy’s unemployment checks could barely pay the rent much less put food on the table or even gas in the car.

While my husband was out pounding the street trying to find work, I felt like I too needed to be doing something productive. Jimmy finally had to admit that it was perhaps time I look for a job too, at least until he could get us back on our feet. But like my husband, I really had no marketable skills.

“Well, you could always be a street hooker”, Jimmy said jokingly and so I started to look for something for me to do.

One day I went for a long walk in the closest industrial park to our apartment building. I stopped in at each factory or facility along the way and asked if I could fill out an employment application form. Then I found this one firm that just happened to need some part time, unskilled help. I was interviewed by the plant supervisor and I immediately got the impression he just couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Being so young and naive I did not know how to handle the situation but I knew I liked the attention I was getting.

His name was Frank and he stared at my breasts and then down at my hips and legs, then back up to my face and I sensed I was sexually stimulating him. It kind of excited me too, so I encouraged him a bit by letting my skirt begin to ride up on my thighs and subtly bent over to give him a good view of my cleavage. He hired me on the spot.

The company was a small plastics molding operation that ran 3 shifts a day, only shutting down on the weekends. I was to begin training the next day on the first shift and then start work on the second shift the following week. Frank showed me around and even introduced me to the owner, a tall handsome guy named Jake. I noticed that the machine operators were all females. The shop was hot and the girls wore mostly shorts and halter tops to keep cool.

Employees were not allowed to wear sandals however, closed toed shoes were required. At first the work was hot and hard. I found it difficult to keep pace with the machines and I was constantly sweating. By the time I settled into my 2nd shift routine my husband, Jimmy landed a second shift factory job as well, across town, assembling automotive aftermarket parts.

One night Jake showed up on a surprise inspection tour. Or at least that is why I thought he was there. The machine operators got a short break every two hours or so. Each shift had roving relief operators so that we could leave our work stations during our breaks. I noticed the girl, called Jill, at the machine next to mine was approached by Jake and it appeared they had reached some kind of understanding. Jake then went into the office. Five minutes later a relief operator took Jill’s place and she headed for the restroom. I noticed when Jill left the ladies room she went into the office.

Jill never returned to her machine that night, leaving the relief operator to finish her shift. Later I found out from someone else she was having sex with Jake, a married man, in his office. Jill was also married, but obviously not to Jake. She is a mother and had a 2 year old daughter. I also found out that Jill was not the only girl there having sex. Jake had a big private office with its own bathroom, wet bar and attached “bedroom” in the back.

The following night I asked Jill what happened to her since I never saw her again once she went to the office. She admitted that Jake was fucking her. Not only that but he and a couple of his associates were making adult videos, actual porno movies, on the side, in the back bedroom of his office.

“His girls” normally got a $250 bonus for having sex with him and/or his associates. But he paid $500 bonuses for pornography photo shoots. But he apparently especially liked Jill. And I take it she likes him a lot too. Jake is one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. So I could almost imagine the temptation Jill must have had. She had gone on to tell me what a fabulous lover he is and that he has the biggest most beautiful cock she has ever seen.

I never told my husband, Jimmy, any of this. Then one night the shift supervisor approached me and said the “boss” would like to see me. It was about 7:00 PM. I went to his office and he got up from his desk and invited me to sit in one of his office lounge chairs. He sat in another one facing me. He got straight to the point and said Jill told him that I had inquired about “their arrangement”.

I confessed that I did ask and related to him what she had told me. He asked if I intended to “let the cat out of the bag”. I told him, NO, that it was not really any of my business anyway. I was just curious. He told me that the reason he wanted to see me was to explain the company’s sexual harassment policies and provide “harassment training”. After the training I would be expected to sign documents indicating that I was “officially trained”

He said, “The first thing I need you to understand is that no employee is ever expected to provide sexual favors or even be exposed to any aspect of the adult video part of the business. Those who have participated have done so of their own free will. Additionally, no favoritism is ever shown to those who do decide to participate. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes. I think so.”

He went on, “So, you may rest assured that you will never be pressured into things of a sexual nature that you don’t want or find offensive. Now that is not to say, participants are not well compensated for their adult modeling services. I believe Jill told you about the bonuses. However, we do expect a certain amount of discretion around here regarding the adult modeling end of the business”

“While my wife and I do not live together, divorce is out of the question. The business would not survive a divorce and it would seriously hurt us both financially. However, Jill for example is another matter. If her husband were to find out he could make things very difficult for her, so discretion is in order. Do you see this?”

“Yes, of course. She told me she enjoys doing it and cheating on her husband is part of the thrill.”

“I can’t tell you how much I like and enjoy her. She is quite a woman. In fact we are scheduled to shoot another video with her tonight. You probably noticed she didn’t start her regular shift tonight but she should be here in about half an hour. Would you care to see the “photo set” where she and I will be performing tonight?

I said, “Sure”

He led me to the “bedroom”. It was a plush private room with a huge king size poster bed. Video cameras were mounted on tripods and I saw a hand-held video cam sitting on the dresser. The bedroom had its own private bathroom complete with a hot tub and walk-in shower.

Priding myself in being somewhat bold, I asked, “So, this is where you are going fuck Jill?”

He responded, “Yes. We specialize exclusively in creampie pornography. Would you like to watch the shoot? Mike, our photo man will be here at 9:00 o’clock”

I couldn’t resist. “Sure, I would love to see it. But don’t you think I would be getting in the way? And by the way, just exactly what is creampie pornography?”

“No. you wouldn’t be in the way at all. Do you ever watch porno movies, say maybe with your husband? This will be better than just watching a video. You get to see it live, from any angle you want. Most skin flicks end with the guy pulling out and cuming on the girl and often the models use a condom during actual intercourse. No condoms are used and the guy doesn’t pull out in creampie sex.”

“So, when you cum, you’re going to ejaculate inside Jill’s vagina?”

“Yes. After I pull out the camera zooms in and captures the action of my seed oozing and dripping out of her pussy”

“Wow. That sounds hot. Will she be wearing a diaphragm or a sponge or is she on the pill or what?”

“Jill is very special and means a lot to me. When we make love we don’t use birth control”

“What if she gets pregnant?”

“We have an arrangement. I intend to pay her $25,000, cash, tax free, if she has my baby. Of course she would arrange it so her husband will think he is the father”

“How much money do you make on these videos?

“Normally they sell for about $2000 each. But for a series, like with Jill actually getting pregnant, it would bring in at least $10,000, maybe $15,000”

“With what you are paying her, sounds like you’re losing money, to me”

“It’s not just about the money. Being with Jill gives me great pleasure and the thought of her having my love child is driving me crazy with lust. So, if you want to watch, how about fixing us some drinks while we wait and I get ready? I like straight Bourbon on the rocks”

I went out to the wet bar and made drinks, leaving Jake in the bedroom. By the time I was finished, Jake joined me at the bar and, he was naked. He had the most fabulous hard-on with the biggest cock I had ever seen.

“Oh my god. Wow! Are you actually able to get that thing all the way up inside her? I can’t believe you’re actually going to let me watch you two when you fill her womb with your sperm?”

I just could not help myself, this big beautiful man was calling to me even without saying a word. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. As I knelt there sucking the biggest, hardest cock I had ever seen, he said, “Woah there, baby. Hold on there a sec. Not so fast now, Jill should be here directly”

“Is that what you want to see? Do you want to see me drive this big boy up her pussy and into her cervix, penetrating her fertile uterus and spurting my seed into her adulterous womb? Do you want to hear her as she begs me to fertilize her egg with my sperm?”

“Oh yes, I want to see it”

Just then Jill walks in with Mike the photographer on her heels. She says,

“I see you found a new bitch. Well, Honey, I hope you enjoy the show. Just don’t forget, tonight his sperm is reserved for me. By the way, Jake, I think tonight is the night. You want to knock me up and here I am ovulating for you while my husband sits home babysitting”

Jill started taking off her cloths, leading the way to the bedroom. Jake followed and by the time they got to the bed Jill was also naked. Mike began tending the cameras and I just stood there watching.

I watched Jill and Jake engage in foreplay openly talking about making a baby. I watched them engage in sexual intercourse. I watched Jake’s penis slide in and out of Jill’s vagina as she begged him to give her a bastard baby. She was telling him how much better he felt inside her than her husband feels inside her and how she wanted Jake’s baby not her husband’s.

My god, the action was making me hot just standing there watching it. I could see that Mike had gotten naked as well and was masturbating as he shot video. The action made me so hot I fantasized about being the one in bed with Jake instead of Jill, feeling that massive tool working its way up into my hot box, pounding into my naked, unprotected cervix. I reached into my shorts, pushing my panties aside and began fingering my clit. I was standing with my back to a wall.

The “models” got into some serious lovemaking with lots of kissing and caressing while they fornicated. Finally, Jill started getting really hot as her climax approached. She had one hand on the headboard and one hand on Jake with her head half buried in a pillow, lying kind of sideways. She was moaning and groaning things like, “Gimmie that hot baby making sperm deep in my fertile pussy. Nut this whore’s womb. Oh……., soak my fucking egg with it”

As Jill was clearly in the throws of orgasm and out of her mind with lust Jake began his climax. She sensed it and yelled, “Oh yeah, fill me Baby. Impregnate this bitch” As Jake began ejaculating inside Jill she said, “I feel it, oh god….oh, it’s so waa…..rr..m” Then, still deep inside her, Jake began kissing and caressing Jill with long, slow, lustful, yet romantic movements and actions.

After awhile Jake finally pulled out of her and rolled to the side. She laid there with her legs spread open as Jake’s semen began to drip from her stretched open birth canal. She was still moaning, with her eyes closed and her body continued to twitch. Her belly was in convulsion as Jake’s seed continued to ooze from her sex, spilling out onto the bed.

I felt weak in the knees, light headed and slightly out of breath as I collapsed back against the wall and just sort of slid down into a sitting position, all the while fingering my clit. Mike moved sort of between me and the bed with the hand-held in order to zoom in on Jill’s pussy as she continued to moan and bask in the afterglow. From the back, I noticed Mike’s hard penis kind of hanging down between his legs and then without even touching himself, he ejaculated, spurting his wad out onto the carpet.

I don’t know what came over me but I had this uncontrollable urge to taste his spend. When he moved to the side I crawled over on my belly to where he was standing and licked some of his seed off the rug.

“I would rather have pumped that load into your uterus”

I looked up at Mike and said, “Yea, and I suppose you’d like to do when I’m ovulating as well”

“It would be great, but Pam, we need to get out of here and leave these two love birds alone for some quiet time to themselves”

He put the camera down and quickly picked up his cloths, heading for the door. I told Jake I was shaking too badly to go back to my machine, I might end up hurting myself. He said, “It’s okay, Pam. Just take the rest of the night off. It’s on me”

I left the photo set, following Mike. Out in the main office he was putting his cloths back on when he asked what I was going to do. I told him I was going home to my husband and headed for the door. As I left him he said, “Please remember, discretion is the better part of valor”

I went outside for some fresh air and walked around the side of the building, heading for my car. Then I realized I needed my keys. So I attempted to pull myself together and entered the factory from the back door. I went to my molding machine to fetch my purse. I told, Liz, the relief operator, that I needed to go, something had come up. I apologized for leaving her there to finish my shift, but Jake said it was okay.

She said, “I’ll bet something came up all right”

I ignored the innuendo and left. I sat in my car wondering what to do. It was too early to go pick my husband up from work. I had our only car. I really couldn’t think straight. Images of Jake and Jill making love kept filling my head and swirled around inside my fuzzy brain. I had never seen or even envisioned anything like what I had witnessed. It was so hot, erotic, wanton, stimulating and just damn right beautiful.

I drove to a local coffee shop to just sit, reflect and “sober up”. I felt like I was high as a kite. The images kept swirling. No way could I relate any of this to Jimmy. I had to just hold it in. I kept fantasizing what it would be like to have Jake inside me, doing to me what he did to Jill. I knew my husband could never be able to make love like that.

The next evening Jill was back at her machine next to mine. She literally glowed and looked hot as a pistol. She wore a skimpy outfit and exuded so much sex she might as well have not been wearing anything at all. Later, she pointed out to me one of the other machine operators, four machines down the row. Her name is Karen. Jill asked if I had noticed. I wondered what she was talking about. Then Jill informed me that Karen was pregnant. She went on to say Karen got knocked up doing a porno shoot in the “Love Nest”.

I knew exactly what she meant by the love nest. It was the room where I had watched Jill fornicate with Jake the previous night. I didn’t know Karen too well. I asked if she was married. Jill informed me that Jake, Mike and the “other guys” only use married models in the production of their adult videos.

Over the next month or so the supervisor, mold tech and several roving production associates worked to train me in my job and educate me about all the company’s products and requirements. I learned that a production associate’s first job and priority is to be a quality inspector. We have no quality control department and we all keep our own records such as control charts. Each shift has a supervisor and a chief molding technologist. Everyone else is an associate. Therefore, the organization is essentially flat with no real room for advancement. None the less I wanted to learn as much as I could and worked very hard to educate myself.

While it was obvious that employees actively engaged in sex during working hours, it was carried out quite discretely. In fact, sex acts were conducted so discretely that the casual observer would be none the wiser. However, I did observe several of the production associates go into the supervisor’s office, behind closed doors for extended periods of time. But Jake was true to his word. At no time were the associates ever asked or expected to provide sexual favors. All the associates are basically female. The only males were the supervisor and mold tech for each shift. Sex acts were always initiated by the females.

The office is staffed with only six people. There are the 3 male stakeholders and 3 female office associates. Mike (the cameraman) is the chief financial officer or CFO. A very handsome fellow by the name of Peter is the VP of sales. The three office girls assist Jake, Mike and Peter in carrying out all corporate office functions. I learned that an office job posting was going to be made to fill-in for one of the girls when she went on maternity leave. Her name is Patrice.

Patrice was 32, married, had two kids and primarily worked for Peter as a sales associate. Rumor had it that she got knocked up on the job. The company was giving her a one year’s fully paid leave of absence. It was rumored that either Peter was the father or perhaps one of Peter’s top clients had fucked a baby into her adulterous womb.

I thought office work might be interesting, so when the posting was made, I applied for it along with 4 other production associates. In the end, after all the interviews, I was given the job. My interest in learning, attention to detail, positive attitude, technical aptitude and skills I developed while training held me in good stead. I will never know for sure but it is also possible my appearance (good looks) and personality may have had some unspoken influence in the selection process.

I quickly learned the office girls are expected to wear dresses or skirts, cut at knee
level or above. Also bare legs are preferred along with dress heels. The other two girls, like me are married. Sue primarily works with Mike and Tracy primarily works with Jake. Of course my primary responsibilities were to be in support of Peter’s activities. I also picked up right away on the fact that Sue and Tracy would normally come into work wearing pantyhose and slips, leaving home that way obviously for their husband’s benefit. But as soon as they got to the office they went to the ladies room and removed their sips and pantyhose. In Sue’s case she also took her bra off, leaving only her panties on under her dress. Her boobs are so small and perky she does not need a bra for support and she prefers the “natural” look and feel anyway. Sometimes when she wears a shear top you can see her nipples sticking out through the fabric. The guys apparently like that. Since it was summer I usually didn’t wear pantyhose anyway.

Peter was real good at teaching me the ropes and introducing me to customers as well as educating me about the customers’ requirements. Since I didn’t have a car and my place was on the way for Tracy, she would pick me up and drive me home after work. I would usually bring a sack lunch which I ate during the lunch hour. Since I was the newbie in the office it was my job to tend the switchboard during lunch anyway.

One day about a quarter to noon I noticed Sue go into Peter’s office and lay her panties on his desk. She immediately spun around and returned to her desk without a word being spoken. Fifteen minutes later she went into Jake’s office and Peter then joined them, closing the door behind him. Then Mike told me he was going to lunch and Tracy was joining him. That left me in the office by myself.

About quarter to 1:00 Jake’s door opened and Peter emerged, informing me he was going out to grab some take out for he, Sue and Jake, asking me if I wanted anything. I said no. When he left I peaked into Jake’s office to find no one there. But the door to the Love Nest remained closed as it usually is during “business hours”. Half an hour later Peter returned just as Jake and Sue came out of the Love Nest. Sue went to her desk and grabbed a brush, quickly straightening up her hair and applied some lip gloss. Then the three of them went to the office break room to eat the lunch Peter had fetched.

Shortly thereafter Mike and Tracy returned and the day seemed to get back to “normal”. Frank, the shift supervisor came into the office to show Jake a sample part he was having a problem with. He asked how I was doing. I said “Fine”. When he left he winked at me and said “Enjoy”. I was not sure what he meant by that.

That day Jake and Peter had to leave early to wine and dine a customer that evening. At 5:00 Tracy asked if I was ready. When we left Mike and Sue were still at the office working. In the car Tracy said, “I bet Sue got a belly full in the Love Nest today. Right about now she is probably asking Mike to give her a load for the road. It’s a good thing she is on the pill, like me. She’ll still be leaking baby juice by the time she gets up in the morning”

I said she probably douches before she goes to bed with her husband. Tracy said, “It wouldn’t do much good, not with the way those guys poke and squirt”

“Poke and squirt?”

“You wouldn’t believe how good they can massage your cervix with their cocks. Not only can they worm their dick heads into your uterus, by the time you climax several times your dilated cervix is literally convulsing and sucking on their pricks. Then, finally, as they orgasm with their manhood poked into the mouth of your womb you can actually feel the sperm shoot up your tubes. Most, if not the whole load ends up deep in your womb. It takes awhile for all of it to leak out, sometimes days”

I respond, “My husband sure can’t do that”

“Mine neither, Hon. I’ve gone to bed with my husband many a night with out-of-wedlock fertilizer soaking into my ovaries. So little of it leaks out at one time, he doesn’t even have a clue another man has spermed his wife’s womb”

“Have you done any photo shoots or videos with the guys?”

“Several, actually. If my husband ever saw me on the internet or otherwise found out I would be dead meat. But then again I guess that’s kind of the thrill of it. When Patrice gets back I’m hoping it will be my turn to go off the pill. I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant again as long as it’s not my husband’s baby. The thrill and taboo of having a bastard fetus growing in my womb excites me”

“Are you serious?”

“Oh, Honey. You don’t know what it’s like to be sitting at your desk with butterflies in your tummy, still twitching in afterglow, knowing you have a belly full of out-of-wedlock seed soaking your adulterous uterus on an egg hunt and feeling it drip into your panties. Yes, I want to make a bastard baby, make a video of it and post it on the internet even”

“You sure make it sound exciting. We’re not ready to start a family. I use a diaphragm”

“Oh Baby, you can’t experience what I’m taking about with one of those. You need to get on the pill”

“Sometimes we use the rhythm method, but Jimmy can’t poke and squirt like you describe”

“Yeah, I know. Husbands are like that. It’s just wham, bam, grunt and shoot. Now Jake, Mike and Peter, that’s something different. They know how to make love to a woman”

That night images of Jake and Jill procreating and what Tracy said kept swirling in my head as I fell asleep, not even waiting for my husband to get home from work.

The next morning when Tracy and I got to work I needed to pee real bad so I beat her to the ladies room. When I walked in, there was Sue. She was naked, standing in front of the mirror in her high heel “fuck me” pumps. Like Jill, she keeps her pussy shaved. On the floor was her hand bag and I could see she had stuffed her bra, panties and nylons into it. Her dress was hanging on the towel rack. I said “excuse me” but she said it was okay, “There’s room for both of us”

So, I pulled down my panties, lifted my skirt and sat on the toilet to tinkle. Sue was in the process of sticking a tampon up her twat when I interrupted her. I asked if she got her period. She told me not yet but was expecting it and said she was still leaking from yesterday. She wanted to spend the day in the office without having to wear any underwear and needed to keep from soiling her dress. She had just bought it. Just before leaving she slipped the dress back on over her head. The garment was extremely reveling. It was so low cut her little boobs almost spilled out and it was form fitting under her breasts to help “lift” them up and almost push them out over the top. Above all, the dress was short, very short. It was cut at least 12 to 15 inches up above the knee. That flimsy little dress and her heels was all she had on the whole day.

She obviously enjoys looking sexy for the guys. I have also learned she likes being “accessible”. When ever she goes into one of their offices she likes letting them know, in no uncertain terms, that she is theirs for the taking. Although I have not yet witnessed it personably, I understand given the opportunity, Sue will strip off her dress anywhere in the plant, anytime, spread her legs and invite any available male to plough her garden and plant his fertilizer deep in her baby factory.

One day Jill came into the office about 3:00pm and stopped by my desk. She asked how I like office work and told me she came in early to see Jake. She wanted to tell him she officially had a bun in the oven.

“I’m carrying Jake’s offspring. Karen is getting pretty well along now but of course doesn’t know who the father is. That’s how it is when you pull a train and do creampie gang bang videos. How’s it going with you? Gotten any yet?”

“No, I’ve been a good girl”

“Too bad. Good girls finish last, you know. I don’t know you’re husband but I guarantee you he can’t hold a candle to Jake, or even Mike or Peter for that matter. I was on the internet last night, after my husband went to bed, and saw the video trailer clip of Karen getting knocked up. It made me hot”

The following week Peter informed me he needed to go out of town on business for a couple of days. He had two potential customers to visit in the Chicago area. He wanted me to accompany him to assist in the sales and take notes. He was accustomed to having Patrice go with him on such affairs but since she was not available, he wanted me and indicated it would be good experience. I agreed it would be good experience but needed to extend to my husband the courtesy of checking with him first.

We arrived at O’Hare airport about 4:00pm and picked up a rental car. Peter drove us to the hotel he usually stays at when in the area. Apparently he had arranged for interconnecting suites. Since we both liked to smoke they were smoking rooms. We agreed we would freshen up and go to dinner at 7:30pm. We then split up and each entered our own rooms. I saw the interconnecting doorway and noticed the door was closed. I wondered if it was locked but was afraid to try it knowing Peter was just on the other side.

I unpacked my things and took a bath. While I was shaving my legs I began thinking about Jill and Sue and how they kept there pussies shaved. I decided it was time I tried it. I got my travel scissors out (I had to check my bag otherwise airport security would have confiscated them) and cut everything as close as I could. Then using the mirror in my compact I started shaving. I shaved everything, I took it all off. Then I spent almost half an hour primping. I debated with myself as to whether I should wear a skirt and blouse or my new sun dress. I decided on the dress. I felt like being naughty, so, like Sue, I decided not to wear anything under the dress, no bra, no panties, no nothing. It stimulated me to feel the dress rub on my freshly shaven female mound and the swish of air between my legs as I walked felt delightful on my naked pussy. Also like Sue, I wore my “fuck me” pumps.

At 7:30 I heard a knock on the interconnecting door. I opened it to find it was not locked. Peter entered my room and asked if I was ready. I said yes and could tell he was definitely appraising my appearance. I could sense he wanted to touch me. “Okay, let’s go” and we left for dinner. But it was not lost on me that the interconnecting door was left wide open as we stepped out into the hallway through the main door of my suite. As he ushered me into the elevator Peter put his hand on my back and it kind of slid down low. I think he was verifying what he already suspected, that I wore no panties.

Peter drove us to one of his favorite places for dinner. We talked about the sales call we would be making in the morning, preparing me for my role. He was fairly blunt about the fact that having an attractive woman along on such calls rarely hurt matters, especially if the customer was of male gender. And in this case the customers were definitely going to be males.

He told be the meeting wasn’t until 10:00am and it would be about a 45 minute drive out to the customer’s facility. We chatted about all sorts of things but Peter remained the “perfect gentleman” as we sat across the dinner table from each other. However, business was the primary subject of conversation. None the less, it didn’t keep me from getting hornier and hornier as we sat staring at each other. I had 3 glasses of wine and was feeling the buzz. I would have liked to ask him things like what his relationship with his wife was like and how many women he had impregnated. But, that would have been clearly inappropriate.

By the time we got back to the hotel I was feeling wanton and truly ready to commit adultery. I wanted to feel those things Tracy had spoken of. I wanted Peter to sex me. In the elevator to our floor I stood close to him and made sure he got a good look down the front of my dress. We got to our suites and each pulled out our keys, mine from my hand bag and his from his shirt pocket. He said breakfast was at 8:00am. We each entered our own suites. Neither of us made any attempt to close the interconnecting doors. We looked at each other through the passageway and he said he had to check his e-mails. His laptop was already hooked up. He turned it on. While he waited for the computer to boot up he went to his bathroom. I sat on the couch in my suite and took my shoes off.
I just sat there thinking about what I should do next. I remembered that I had brought my diaphragm and it was sitting on the bathroom vanity. I thought maybe I should go put it in so I would be ready for Peter when he came out of the bathroom. I really didn’t want to wear it given the things Tracy had mentioned. There was still time to think about it later. Besides it’s a fucking pain in the ass. Anyway, I had come off my period just 3 days prior so I felt it was a fairly “safe” time of the month.

When he emerged he was wearing only his boxers. As he sat down in front of his computer he saw me through the open doorway and asked if I needed anything. I said a screw driver would be nice but was thinking to myself what I really needed was for him to screw me and drive his hard cock up into my belly. He said I should be able to find Vodka and orange juice in my mini bar. He added that he wouldn’t mind having one too.

Sure enough there was orange juice but the only vodka I found was in one of those little bottles they serve on the airlines. I told him we needed another vodka bottle. He said to check in his mini bar. So, I entered his room and pulled out the vodka. I got out a couple of his glasses and made us the drinks. I carried his drink over to him and asked if he had any urgent messages. He told me nothing he had to deal with at the moment.

I turned my back to him and asked if he would give me had and unzip my dress for me. He did, which only served to verify what he already knew, that there was nothing under it.

I had noticed his laptop was not connected to a phone line and asked how he was getting the e-mails. He said the hotel had wireless access. I asked if he had internet. He said sure. I took a big gulp of my screw driver and I then told him what Jill mentioned to me about watching a video clip of Karen doing a gang bang and getting knocked up in the Love Nest. I asked if he knew how to access clips like that and of course that one in particular.

“Is that what you want to see?”

I said, “Yes”

So as I stood there watching and sipping my drink he navigated to a particular website and downloaded the referenced video clip. It stared off with Karen in the nude being interviewed. She said she was going to do a 5 guy creampie, risking pregnancy since she was not on birth control. In fact, it was going to be a breeding party. She was the brood mare and was going to be serviced by 5 horny studs. She said she was married with one kid and still lactating. She also added that her cuckold husband was home babysitting and totally unaware that she takes the seed of other men into her cheating womb.

I asked Peter if he was one of the studs. He said, no, he was traveling on business that night.

The next scene showed her and the second shift supervisor she works for in bed copulating, missionary style. After about 30 seconds he began to orgasm and the camera zoomed in on their mating genitals. He shot his wad into her vagina and you could see his nut sac pulse as baby juice spurted into her hot cunt.

In the next scene she climbed on top of another guy who was laying on his back. She straddled him. As she grabbed his cock and inserted it into her vagina the supervisor’s nut juice poured out and started dripping down one of her legs. As they fucked, the guy was sucking milk from her breasts. Again, when it came time for the guy to orgasm the camera zoomed in. When she lifted off the guy sperm poured out all over his stomach and genitals.

In the third scene Mike was fucking her doggie style telling her to take his seed and have his bastard kid. She said, “Yes, give it to me”

I had butterflies in my tummy. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled my dress off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I stood there nude in front of Peter. It felt good standing there in front of him so completely naked, like the day I was born, no jewelry, no piercings, no tattoos, no nothing, not even any hair on my pussy. I asked him to take me to bed.

The video was still playing as he stood up and pulled off his boxers. His penis was fully erect and every bit as big and beautiful as Jake’s. I immediately dropped to my knees and started giving him head. While doing it I noticed out of the corner of my eye, on the lap top, Karen was in the throws of orgasm. She had a guy on each tit, sucking milk from her nipples while a third guy pumped his sperm into her vagina.

After a couple of minutes the video had stopped and Peter indicated it was time to go to bed. He picked me up, carrying me and gently placed me on the center of his bed. He got between my legs and started licking my wet pussy while pushing my legs wide open. This went on and on for so long I lost track of time. I lost track of how many orgasms he gave me just by licking me. Then he started finger fucking me. He stuck two fingers deep into me, pushing them up and puling back against my G-spot. As he rubbed and massaged my G-spot I went into an earth shattering orgasm.

I begged him to fuck me, to stick his dick in me. But he wasn’t ready yet. He wanted to tease me some more. He climbed on top of me and kissed me, deep, long, passionate, tongue in tongue, French kissing. He used his hands to caress my body. It seemed like he worked on me for hours, stimulating every part of my naked body with his kisses, licking me and rubbing me, sucking on my nipples and probing my vagina with his tongue.

I needed him inside me, bad. I pleaded with him to fuck me, to make me his woman. Finally, he granted my wish. I was so wet he slid into me relatively easily even though I had never had anything so big, penetrating my vagina before. It made for a tight fit. And then it began, it was unbelievable, indescribable, totally euphoric. He pumped me and worked his manhood completely into my body. He maneuvered he cock, over and over again, time after time, punching into my cervix and then sliding along side it. He masterfully massaged my cervix and kept penetrating my opening, deeper and deeper as the mouth of my womb opened up for him and began dilating.

I was virtually in constant orgasm as he serviced me. I wanted to feel him cum inside me. I thought about the diaphragm. It actually made me feel disgusted to think about it. The idea of having that disgusting piece of rubber inside me, separating me from this wonderful man penetrating my womanhood was revolting. Right then and there I learned going bare was the only way to do it. With my husband it didn’t matter. He couldn’t stimulate me like this anyway. But with Peter, oh my god, I just could not image having anything but bareback sex.

I begged Peter to cum inside me. He said, “I will, but not just yet. How about a little break? I need a drink and a smoke”

Actually, I realized I needed a drink too. My mouth was painfully dry. All the panting and heavy breathing through my mouth dried me out. So, we took a break.

20 minutes later Peter was back inside me doggie style. Wow, I had never felt anything like it. The penetrations seemed so much deeper and intense. Time after time Peter penetrated my cervix, causing it to dilate even further. He was plunging the tip of his penis into my uterus. He fucked me like this for over an hour. I looked over at the clock. It was past 12:30am. My legs and arms were getting all tingly and rubbery and too fatigued to support me any more. So, when Peter suggested another break I was ready for it. Even my pussy was beginning to feel a bit raw, but it was such a beautiful feeling.

By 2:00am we where under the sheets, laying on our sides. My back was to him, spoon style. He had one arm under my head and the other wrapped around my belly. His manhood was penetrating me from the rear. I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding my vagina up and down on his shaft. He told me he was going to cum soon and asked what I was doing for birth control.

I told him my diaphragm was in the bathroom but I didn’t want to use it. He asked, “So Pam, what are you telling me here?” I said I wanted him to plant his baby making seed where it belongs.

Peter said he needed me at the office, not at home, barefoot and pregnant. I said, “It’ll be okay. It’s not my most fertile time of the month……but I wish it was. You feel so good inside me, I would love to have your baby”

I could feel his orgasm building. He started pumping into to me, banging into my cervix again. He told me he loved my 19 year old cunt, that it was the best pussy he ever had and loved the way I squeezed his dick with it. I told him I was cuming too, that it felt like he was making my ovaries jump like ping pong balls.

I was totally out of control. My whole body began to spasm and the lust was overwhelming as I yelled out, “I hope you get me pregnant. Come on, Peter, give it to me. I want your baby”

I could tell he was having the same problem as his orgasm approached. He was consumed in heated lust himself as he blurted out, “Oh god Pam. I think I’m in love with you. Yes, you’re going to have my baby. I’m going to give it to you….right now”

“Oh, yes Peter, please. Make me your wife, your bitch, your whore, whatever. I want to be pregnant and have your baby”

He started grunting and I felt him spasm as he continued, “I want to see your whore belly all swollen with my bastard baby”

“Yes and I want to feel your bastard fetus squirming around inside my whore uterus”

He moaned and then he grabbed my hip and pushed his penis into the mouth of my uterus as he started spurting his seed into my womb. I felt him spurt, first one blast then the next, then another. God, it was making me so hot, my orgasm was peaking.

It was at that very moment that I understood what the “need to breed” meant and why so many girls at work were getting pregnant. The thrill and joy and desire to breed out of wedlock was so intense my whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

I felt the warmth of Peter’s sperm spreading within my uterus. Oh god, I loved it so. The only other thing I remember before I blacked out was telling Peter that I loved him.

The next thing I knew Peter’s hand was caressing my body, rubbing my tits and belly while kissing the back of my neck and whispering in my ear that it was time to wake up. I lay a moment while gaining consciousness enjoying the attention my body was receiving. I spied the clock to find it was quarter till 8:00 in the morning. Peter said it looked like we were going to miss breakfast. I said, “That’s okay, I want my breakfast in bed anyway.”

He had his hard pecker poked into my lower back as we lay spoon style. I lifted my leg and invited him to enter me again. He slipped right in and we began to fuck. Unlike the previous time it didn’t take long for Peter to reach a state of orgasm. There was plenty of lubrication as his manhood massaged my cervix. I could sense his climax approaching and told him to fill me. Like the last time, he expertly worked the tip of his beautiful sperm hose into the opening of my cervix. With his cock pushed into the mouth of my horny womb, Peter once again fucked his seed into my uterus, giving my womb a hot sperm bath.

Then it was time to get going. We got up and I went to the coffee maker to get a pot brewing. I was wet between my legs, plenty wet, but nothing was dripping out as I would have expected. We took a shower together and I returned to my room to get dressed. I decided to wear a skirt and blouse with a light matching jacket. It took me forever to blow dry my hair and while doing this I thought about what else to put on. I decided to wear pantyhose with no panties. I didn’t want any panty lines showing through my skirt. The skirt was fairly dark so I decided to not put on the slip. Since I was going to have on a jacket I also decided to not wear a bra either. Like Sue, I didn’t really need to wear one to support my little A-cup boobs. Finally I slipped on a pair of “fuck me” pumps and I went back into Peter’s room to get some freshly brewed coffee.

As we drove out to the customer’s facility Peter continued briefing me. We arrived on time, introductions were made and we got right into a review of the customer’s requirements. I took lots of copious notes. Then we were given a plant tour by the plant manager. I could tell he took a fancy to me as we walked and talked. Finally Peter invited the president, senior buyer and plant manager out to lunch. At the lunch table the plant manager seemed to be having a hard time keeping his eyes off me. We agreed that the plant manager should visit our molding facility to check us out first hand. And I took the assignment of setting this up.

On the drive back to the hotel Peter contacted the next potential customer on his cell phone. He invited them to dinner to get acquainted prior to the following morning’s meeting at their facility. The purchasing manager and the chief engineer agreed to joint us at Elmo’s steakhouse for dinner at 6:30. Peter suggested that I transcribe my notes into a field report on his laptop when we got back to the hotel so he could send it off to Jake right away.

Then Peter reached over and started caressing me as he drove. I decided that I needed to take my pantyhose off to give him ample access should he so desire. I took off my shoes and unbuttoned my jacket and blouse. I reached under my skirt, lifted my butt and stripped my pantyhose off. They had a wet spot in the crotch. I stuck my finger in my pussy to see how wet I was. Then I wiped myself with the pantyhose.

I reached over and began unfastening Peter’s trousers, telling him something was missing at lunch and that I wanted to get me a high protein desert. I was thinking that I wanted to relive his nuts so that when we got back to the hotel he could fuck me a good long while before cuming again. I pulled his cock out and went down on him while we were driving along the interstate. As I sucked his cock he reached around under me, slipped his hand inside my unbuttoned blouse and caressed my boobs. He ended up shooting a nice load of sperm juice down my throat. The rest of the trip was spent with his fingers poked up into my whore pussy.

Peter said he wanted me to look especially sexy that evening. I told him I wasn’t exactly sure what to wear. He suggested an evening gown. I told him I didn’t have one. He said the hotel has a couple of shops we could check out when we got there and that he would buy me something “appropriate” for the occasion. We found a dress he wanted to see me in and he got it for me along with a pair of matching heels. It was a black silk evening gown, cut above my knee with splits up both sides and spaghetti straps. The front kind of hung loose and plunged down low in a “V” shape.

When we got back to our rooms I went into my suite and took all my cloths off. Then in the bathroom I soaped up a wash towel and wiped my wet crotch with it. I went into Peter’s room naked and kissed him, then started undressing him. After all, we had several hours to kill before dinner. He told me business before pleasure. So I sat at his desk and worked on the report. He helped me edit it and we sent it off to Jake. We fixed some drinks, he got naked too and we settled in on the couch.

We had a smoke and then engaged in some pretty heavy petting for awhile. He told me he had been with, slept with and screwed quite a few women in his time. I interrupted what he was telling me by asking him how many kids he had fathered. Peter said he had two kids at home with his wife and had probably fathered 2 or 3 bastard children. His wife does not know about them, of course. I was thinking to myself that if I am not careful my belly would end up carrying yet another one of his bastard kids. I thought it would be okay since it wasn’t my fertile time.

I asked him with all the women he fucked if he wasn’t concerned about sexually transmitted diseases.

“You know that pre-employment medical exam and drug screening you had. We screen all the employees for STD’s. And as you know, all of us get random “drug tests” on a regular basis.

He went on saying that of all the women he has been with, I gave him the most pleasure. He said I was truly the sexiest woman he’d been with. I am 5 foot four, blond and weigh about 95 pounds soaking wet. He said I had the most perfect body he could imagine. He loved my slender, relatively long, almost skinny legs, my slender long neck and the way I walked and talked. He liked the way I carry myself and my bone structure as well as my posture. He said, fully dressed, I looked like a 16 or 17 year old, not a women about to turn 20. But naked, I looked like a 13 year old sex dream. He said he wasn’t a pedophile but his 13 year old daughter couldn’t even hold a candle to me in the looks department. He especially likes my slender hips, tits and ass. But told me he absolutely loved my pussy. He likes my small firm breasts with big protruding nipples and my camel toe like pussy. He said I have the tightest little pussy he ever had the pleasure of slipping into. Yet, as tight as I am, he makes me so wet that he slips into to me with ease. He said he loved the taste and smell of my girl grease. He went on about how nice my cervix feels and how it pokes out inside my vagina and how easy it is for him to penetrate my womb.

He told me how much he enjoys looking at me standing in front of him and how my legs separate and are so slender my thighs don’t even touch each other. He likes how flexible I am and how I can put my feet up behind my head like a contortionist. Peter told me, while he would not want to get married again, he would much rather live with someone like me than his bitch wife. But, above all, he liked my “smarts” and attitude. He said my personality and aptitude were incredible. He indicated he liked my brain as much as my pussy. “You are the ultimate all around woman”, he said.

“So, you like penetrating my womb, do you? Does it feel as good for you as it does for me when you sperm my uterus?”

“Never felt anything better. But you know how we both totally lost it in bed. I love you not being on birth control. It makes the sex super hot, knowing you could end up pregnant. And Pam, it especially turns me on when you beg me to make you pregnant. But sweetheart, you really need to be on the pill”, he said.

I climbed up on his lap, grabbed his erect penis and guided it into my hot vagina, settling down on him all the way until his root was buried to the hilt deep up my birth canal.

“Peter, fuck my brains out and let me feel you nut my womb again. I don’t want to be on the pill. I want you without birth control, totally natural. Honey, I want your seed. I want to carry it inside my body. Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t honestly want my egg to drop into a hot puddle of your sexy little sperms. You want it, I know you do. You want my belly to swell with your offspring and to bare you another bastard child. It’s hot don’t you think, knocking up another man’s wife? Please, Peter, give it to me”

“Oh Baby, you’re killing me. You know I want it. But, you know I need you in the office too”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll work for you until I drop. There’s no other place I would rather be. Since my husband works second shift, you can have me virtually anytime you want me, day or night”

“Oh shit, Pam. You feel so good”

“I saw Jill tell Jake she was ovulating for him. Wouldn’t you like me to ovulate for you?”

‘Oh God, Pam, you’re killing me”

Peter picked me up with me still impaled on his cock, my arms tightly wrapped around his neck. He carried me to the bed and laid me down, still inside me. He continued to fuck me. I was in heaven. An hour later he finally ejaculated into my convulsing uterus again, taking my breath away.

Afterwards, Peter said I needed to be mobile. I needed wheels, so as soon as we got back, the first thing he was going to do was buy me a car. If I got pregnant he said he also wanted me to have a governess or nanny for our child so that I could get back to work with minimal “down time”. He would arrange it. It was beyond my wildest dreams. I said, “Yes, by all means Peter, what ever you say and what ever you want. I’ll be your bitch as long as you want me”

“So what did you think when you watched Jill get knocked up doing that video?”

“Well, it was certainly HOT to watch. Even Mike lost it and shot his wad on the floor. Jake told me he was paying her $25,000 to have his baby”

“Would you like to do a video too?”

“I don’t think I want to do a porn flick. I’m not ready for that, especially something as kinky as a gang bang impregnation video and photo shoot like Karen did”

When it was time to get ready, I climbed out of bed and went back to my suite. As I stood in my bathroom I was amazed that nothing seemed to be dripping out of my vagina. I knew Peter pumped a huge load up my twat because I felt him shoot and felt the heat of his semen as it spurted into me. I noticed my diaphragm sitting on the counter. “Cool”, I thought. I had an idea.

Finally, when I was ready I sexily walked into his suite. He was already dressed and checking his e-mails. I stood in front of him and twirled around like a fashion model. His eyes went wide as saucers.

I said, “Well, I’m ready to go. See”

I lifted the hem of my evening dress and pulled it all the way up to my shoulders. I wore nothing under the dress. Peter said, “Holy shit. You’re fucking beautiful”

I told him I was wearing my diaphragm.

“That way I don’t need to wear panties, I know you like that. Your seed stays where it belongs and won’t leak out”

He slipped off his chair and got down on his knees in front of me. Peter reached around behind me. He grabbed my bare ass and pulled me into his face. He kissed my belly then reached up and fondled my bare breasts saying, “I have never worshiped a woman before, not even my wife, ever. But you….you my dear, are extraordinary. You’re better than a dozen wives or thousand lovers all rolled into one. You’re so….ooo…..fucking beautiful”

“And I am yours, Peter”

“I have never been a jealous man. But, right now I’m jealous of your husband”

“Would you like me to take off my wedding ring and give it to you? I might as well, you know”

“You better leave it on, Sweetheart. You know, for appearances and all”

Peter squeezed my breasts and I asked him if he wouldn’t like to see them filled with milk. At least maybe they might be a little bigger then anyway.

“You’re killing me Babe. But I think we better get going”

We took a cab because it was quicker and easier than getting the car out of the garage. We arrived about the same time as our dinner guests and made our introduction in the restaurant lobby. I could tell the chief engineer, Tom, had the hots for me right off by the looks he was giving me. He eyes looked as though they were about to pop out. We talked mostly about business but I could tell Tom was the guy in authority, the decision maker and I was sitting next to him. I kind of encouraged him with some subtle flirtation. I even made up some stuff about my marriage life, indicating I might even be a “bored housewife”. Not necessarily true, but thought it might turn him on. I made every effort to give him an eye full, down the front of my plunging dress line.

Tom told us about the problem he was having with a particular part they were procuring from one of our competitors. I asked if he had seen the part actually being run. He indicted in the affirmative so I followed up with a few more questions. Based on what he told me and the experience I had running a molding press, I offered him an analysis.

I told him that dropping the parts out of the machine into a big box was causing the parts to retain too much heat; that they were probably not cooling off fast enough. That the relative amorphous part structure may become crystalline in nature because of the slow cool down time, giving the crystals a chance to grow while still in the glass transition phase. I indicated that was probably why his parts seemed somewhat brittle and sometimes broke too easily. I went on to tell him the excessive flash and burn marks indicated the mold parting line needed to be re-blued and vents re-cut. I asked him if he knew the cycle time and he told me what it was.

I told him if we had his mold I could run a faster cycle and still be able to control the sink. Plus we wouldn’t need a 350 ton machine to keep the mold shut either, that we could probably do it on 250 which would cost him less. I told him if he wanted to have the tool delivered to our place I would personally run the machine and invited him to witness the test run. I indicated that we could “service his needs” better than the competition.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Peter was beaming with pride as I delivered the sales pitch. We finished dinner, they gave us directions to their facilities and we agreed to meet at 9:00 in the morning.

Back at the hotel Peter had his hands under my dress before we even got off the elevator. When we got to his suite he asked if I wanted a night cap. I said yes of course and told him I would go take the diaphragm out while he fixed the drinks.

He unzipped my dress, pushed it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. He started kissing me again and caressing my nakedness. He said, “Do it here, let me see you do it”

“Peter, I need to pee as well”

He reached down between my legs and inserted his fingers into my vagina. He finger fucked me and rubbed my clit as I stood there naked in front of him. He got down on his knees and fingered me deep. I was getting butterflies in my tummy. He kissed my quivering belly as he fingered the cervical cap. Then before I realized what was happening he pulled the rubber off my cervix and slipped it out of my vagina. He licked the diaphragm, tasting our combined mating fluids.

“I saved you the trouble. By the way, we taste good, you know”

“Oh, Peter. I want you to fuck me. But first, I got to go to the bathroom”

I took the diaphragm and headed for my suite. I put it back on the bathroom counter and sat on the toilet. I removed my shoes. Before I knew it Peter shows up in my bathroom with our drinks, naked, sporting an erection.

“Peter, for god’s sake, I’m in the middle of a bowl movement here. Can’t a girl get any privacy?”

“What for? You want to be my bitch don’t you? If my bitch needs to take shit, she just does it, there’s no need for modesty. That’s for dumb wives, prudes and such, not a beautiful lover like you”

He set the drinks on the counter as I finished. I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped myself and flushed the toilet. When I got up Peter told me to put one foot up on the counter as he ran some warm water and soaped up a wash towel. He then proceeded to wash and clean my vagina and anus. It made me feel like a queen being pampered in her royal court. Then he got down on his knees and kissed my belly again.

Peter handed me my drink and we went out to sit on the couch in my suite. He told me I did about the best “selling” job he had ever witnessed that night. As I sipped my drink I began stroking his penis. He continued, “I couldn’t believe how skillfully you handled poor ole Tom. You’re not only drop dead gorgeous and smart as a whip, but Baby, you got talent, real talent. It takes some real skill to do what you did tonight”

“Yeah, but do I really have any marketable skills?”

I then leaned over and started sucking his cock. I wanted him to get really horny and wanted him to fuck my brains out.

“MARKETABLE SKILLS, holy shit girl. You’re the best of the best. You could make a fucking fortune just doing porn. You’re making me about ready to cum. Fuck, with your brains and wit you’ll probably end up being president someday. Hell, I’ll probably end up working for you at this rate. You are the hottest bitch the company has ever seen”

“Fuck me, Peter. Take me to bed. I want your sperm up my fallopian tubes, all the way to my ovaries”

“Oh God, Baby. You make me so HOT. You’re so damn “marketable” I shouldn’t have much trouble convincing Jake you deserve a bonus as soon as ole Tom gives us the order. I’m having visions of you walking around the office pregnant”

Things Tracy had said to me started swirling through my alcohol soaked brain as I got hotter and hotter, sucking his beautiful manhood.

“Let’s do it, Peter. Would you like to fuck this whore in the love nest when I am ovulating, make a video and post it on the internet so the whole world can see? You want to see me in the office with your baby in my belly, knowing I bare your bastard child, knowing that you fucked your seed into another man’s willing wife?”

He picked me up and carried me to my bed. We pulled back the covers and climbed in. He was so hot he could barely contain himself. I was making him want me. I was making him want to make me pregnant. He fucked me and he fucked my cervix. As soon as he had me dilated enough to worm the tip of his dick into my womb he spermed my uterus. I begged for it and begged him to breed me.

It was the most intense sexual intercourse I ever had. The thrill of mating out of wedlock, cheating on my husband, making love with another man and wanting to have his baby was overwhelming. We mated two more times before we had to get up in the morning.

Finally we drug ourselves out of bed, took a shower together and packed up. We checked out, grabbed some coffee to go and headed out for the sales call. On the way Peter asked if I was serious about the love nest and posting a video on the internet.

I had to admit that what I said the previous night popped out in the heat of passion. “Peter, you had me so hot last night and with all we had to drink at dinner and all, I was out of control. My lustful desires just took over and overwhelmed me. The thing about porn video just slipped out. It’s probably just too perverse for me. But…….I am willing to have your baby”

When we got to our destination introductions were made. We discussed business in the conference room and I took notes. Then Tom asked if I wished to take a plant tour. I told him absolutely. At this point Peter kind of let me take the lead.

Tom went to fetch some safety spectacles to wear in the factory but as he attempted to hand me a pair I pulled mine out of my hand bag. I said I preferred to wear my own. During my pre-employment physical I was given an eye exam. I have perfect vision but in the factory we have to wear eye protection. I was given a choice of fashion frames to choose from and they cut special plano Transisions safety lenses for me. Anyway, Tom was impressed and said I really looked good in them.

During the tour as Tom showed me things I took an active interest and maneuvered my self close to him. Our bodies actually touched a few times and I knew he had the hots for me, big time.

At the end of the meeting I summarized the action items and we set a date for Tom to visit us and witness his parts being run.

On the way to the airport Peter said, “Well done”

Peter upgraded us to first class and on the flight home we drank ourselves into oblivion instead of pulling out the laptop and working on the trip report. We kissed and necked on the plane, openly in front of the other passengers, even. It was an awesome trip.

To be continued upon request.

I am telling this story (based mostly on fact but the names and places have been changed), hopefully to encourage all you housewives out there that have fantasies about cheating on your husband. It’s the thrill of a lifetime. I encourage it and if you’re fertile I suggest doing it without birth control. It makes the sex so much more beautiful, erotic and exciting.

When we got back in town Peter was going to have to drive me home since my husband, Jimmy had the car. Peter wanted to have dinner before he had to go home. He indicated he would rather have dinner with me than his wife. My husband had probably already left for work so I would not be seeing him until after midnight. So we agreed to go to a restaurant before he had to take me home. It was still early so the restaurant was still fairly quiet and we got a booth in the back were the lighting was rather dim. We sat next to each other on one side of the table. We both still had a good buzz on from the booze we had on the plane. None the less we ordered a bottle of wine.

By the time we were only half way through the meal we had polished off the entire bottle. Peter had his hands all over me. My blouse was completely unbuttoned and my panties were down around my ankles. I worked my bra off under the open blouse and stuffed it into my handbag. Then I managed to grab the panties and put them in the bag too. In the process my skirt had slipped all the way up to my crotch. Peter had his fingers in my pussy when he said it looked like we needed another bottle of wine. He was obviously getting me all hot and bothered and I wasn’t hungry anymore.

I said, “Why don’t you take me home now, I probably still have a bottle or two in the frig? Jimmy prefers beer so I doubt he has touched it.”

Peter pulled out his wallet and threw $75 bucks on the table and we left. As soon as we got into the front door of my apartment Peter removed my blouse and pulled my skirt down to the floor. I stepped out of the skirt and kicked it off to the side. Naked, I went to the refrigerator and fetched the wine. I got the corkscrew from the utensils drawer and brought them over to the kitchen table. I stood in front of Peter and said, “Aren’t you a little over dressed?

Before he could respond I was unbuttoning his shirt. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail he was totally naked, sporting a nice erection. I stroked his cock and asked him to open the bottle while I put some tunes on the stereo and got some wine glasses. When I brought him the glasses I put one foot up on the table and asked that he remove my shoes. We then retired to the living room sofa, drank wine, smoked cigarettes and fondled each others’ genitals not to mention the kissing and sucking in between. By the time the bottle was almost empty I was feeling an alcohol buzz big time. I was also horny beyond belief. My pussy was not only wet but dripping so much lubricant that the couch ended up with a wet spot where I was sitting.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the kitchen table with my legs draped over Peter’s shoulders. He expertly stroked his penis in and out of my vagina, slowly, lovingly, erotically until he had my tummy in flutters. And then he started working my cervix again. Oh God, I just couldn’t believe it. He was doing it to me again. I just closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling I was getting where his manhood and my most intimate sex were in contact. He used his penis to message my cervix, skillfully caressing and kissing the mouth of my womb with the head of his cock.

With slow rocking, erotic movements Peter would push the tip of his sperm hose into the dilated opening in my cervix with a little audible grunt. Then he would retreat slightly, relieving the pressure then push back in again with another little grunt. I could actually feel the tip of his hard spike slip into my uterus as my own cunt juice greased the way. Undoubtedly I imagine by then some of his own pre-cum added to slipperiness. I began to go into orgasm as he fucked my cervix. He kept fucking me deeper and deeper and my orgasm wouldn’t let up. I have no idea; I couldn’t put a time frame on it, how long this continued. All I know is it seemed like hours.

My eyes were closed. I was concentrating on the feeling I was getting. I began to visualize Peter’s cock buried half way up my uterus. The orgasm intensified. I thought about his pre-cum oozing out into my baby factory, of having his little life giving sperms swimming around inside my fertile womb. I felt Peter’s cock begin to swell inside me and it triggered a total climax deep within my pulsating womanhood.

Peter remained hard, big and stiff, poked up deep inside me as I rode out the peak of an orgasm. But he held off and had not yet ejaculated. I could feel the fog in my brain from the alcohol as my climax began to slightly subside. By then Peter’s penis had slipped even further into my uterus. I wanted every bit of male juice he could produce deep inside my reproductive tract. I wanted to feel him shoot inside me. I was beginning to feel that “need to breed” sensation, something I never felt before Peter came along. I felt like my whole body and soul belonged to him.

Having him cum inside me is an experience I can’t describe but when his body, joined to mine, starts shaking and quivering and I feel his cock swell up inside me and I hear the little moans and groans signaling his approaching climax it fills me with anticipation. That’s when I know I want him really bad, that I want to feel his cock spew hot virile seed deep inside my adulterous belly.

I told Peter I wanted him to take me to bed. I had lost all track of time. For all I knew Jimmy could be getting home from work any minute. I didn’t care. I wanted Peter in my marriage bed, the place my husband sleeps, the marital bed where babies are made. Oh yes, I wanted it, I wanted it bad. I told Peter I wanted to make a baby with him in my marriage bed.

Peter slipped out of me, he picked me up off the table and carried me into my bedroom. He set me down on the bed and I got on my hands and knees. He got behind me and entered doggie style. It was glorious, absolutely glorious being bitch fucked by him. He screwed my cervix even deeper. That position allowed for deeper, more penetrating sexual intercourse. I could sense and feel it coming as Peter’s cock began to swell buried deep inside my uterus and I hear him moaning. Peter spermed my womb in a love union. It was such a fantastic sexual coupling as I begged him to impregnate me right there in my marriage bed. Getting fucked like that was the most erotic, intense, thrilling and most darn right beautiful experience of my entire life up to that point.

After Peter left I scurried around cleaning the place up. I really enjoyed the feeling of having Peter’s semen in my womb and some of it eventually began to leak out. I hid the dress and shoes he bought me in my hope chest so Jimmy would not find them. When my husband got home he asked me how my first business trip went. I filled him in, leaving out of course, all the parts involving my sexual relations with Peter. Jimmy said he noticed my diaphragm was missing while I was away. Uh oh, I hadn’t thought of that. I told him when I packed that I had put it in my travel case rather routinely, simply out of habit. He seemed to buy my explanation, thank goodness.

When Tracy picked me up for work the next day she knew instinctively that I had slept with Peter. She asked if I enjoyed it and if I had used my diaphragm. I told her that actually I had used it and let it go at that. When we got to the office Peter was with Jake filling him in on the trip. Later that morning I noticed Tracy go into Jake’s office. After awhile I made a trip to the FAX machine and as I passed Jake’s office I caught a glimpse of her bent over his desk with her skirt pulled up over her back. Jake had his cock sticking out the fly of his trousers and was fucking Tracy’s pussy doggie style. Later I saw her leave Jake’s office and head for her desk carrying her panties. At her desk I watched her step into her panties and slip them back on up under her mini skirt. When Tracy drove me home after work she told me her panties were “soaked”

The next day Peter and I left the office about 3:00pm to go shopping for a car. He bought me a Mazda. It was a used, but clean as new, fire engine red, top down, Miada two seater. I loved it, real sporty indeed. He also stopped by the bank and got me some cash to pay for the insurance. The next stop was at the Verizon store where he bought me a cell phone. By that time my husband, Jimmy, had already left for work. Then he called his wife on his cell phone and told her he had a business dinner and wouldn’t be home till later.

To say “thank you” I invited him back to my place so I could fix him dinner and have desert in my marital bed. It was getting closer to my “prime time” and indicated to him I might be ovulating. When we got to the apartment we got naked right away. I put on an apron and cooked some eggs and bacon since I knew he liked breakfast anytime of day and it was easy to fix. He fixed our drinks and selected some music for the stereo. When I asked how he wanted his eggs he said, “Fertile, of course” After eating we had a smoke and some more wine. After that we started off fornication on the living room floor before progressing to the bedroom.

Once in bed, Peter fucked me missionary style, giving me an internal back rub. This time is was fast and furious. He pounded me hard, nailed me into the bed and when I started having my first orgasm he came with me, not even bothering with his usual magical cervical massaging routine. After his orgasm he remained hard and kept screwing me. He busted his nut inside me real good, I could hear and feel his spend slurping around and oozing out of me. He pulled out and a huge rush of our procreating fluids literally poured and dumped out of my freshly fucked vagina onto the bed sheets.

Peter got down between my legs, spreading them and pushing them up to my chest. He then went down on me and ate my pussy. He licked and sucked and licked some more, probing my sex hole with his tongue. He gave me several orgasms doing this. He said we tasted beautiful. Then he bitch fucked me, this time giving my cervix a real workout. He pumped a second big load directly into my baby factory, telling me to take his seed and have his bastard kid. He called me a whore, a cunt, a slut, a sperm dump, a fucking bitch and his concubine. I loved it.

Back at work we were having the yearend closing. Independent auditors swarmed the place for two days straight. Mike was running the show and I was kept busy pulling files. The issue of my car came up and Mike wanted to account for it as a capital asset. But Peter intervened and insisted it be classified as a “bonus” business expense. Besides it had already been registered in my name. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to explain that to Jimmy since he thought it was a company car.

With the audit complete and the results finalized I learned it was time to schedule the fiscal yearend company party. Sue handled most of the arrangements but Tracy hired the caterers. The party was held the following Wednesday. After lunch the shipping and assembly areas were cleared out and a big carpet laid out on the floor. Eric, one of the molding techs brought in his sound equipment, turntables, speakers, amplifiers, etc. and set it all up. Long tables and chairs were set up leaving a big open area for a dance floor. About 2:00pm the caterers set up the “bar” stocked with enough booze to sink a battleship along with all the refreshments and other goodies. Then they left.

The party started at 3:00pm. All the molding machines were shut down, the front office was closed and the second shift employees arrived to join us daytime folks. Even a few third shift people showed up. It started off by Mike presenting the year-end financials. We had a good year. Ten percent of the profits were to be equally dispersed among the employees. Jake then passed out the bonus checks. I didn’t get one because I had not been with the company a full year yet.

Then Sue stepped up to the microphone and acted as master of ceremonies. She said all the doors were secured so there would be no unexpected “visitors” She went onto say, “Ladies and gentlemen, what happens here, stays here. No cameras allowed. We can’t very well afford to have our spouses to find out, now can we?” With that she said it was “Party Time” She told Eric to put on some tunes. Then she pulled her dress off over her head and threw it to the side. As usual, she wore no under garments so she stood there at the mic in the nude.

She announced there was an ample supply of condoms in Hank’s office for those who felt the need to use them. But, for her part, she said she didn’t want to leave the place without having male nut juice fucked into her adulterous womb. With that, she walked over to Jake and asked him to dance with her. After that all hell broke loose. Some people headed for the bar to get drinks while others started stripping off their cloths. One of the black girls who got naked first came up to Peter and asked if he wanted some brown sugar. Shortly thereafter he had his cloths off too. By then Jake was naked and dancing with several naked girls. Then I saw Tracy was spread out naked on one of the tables. The third shift supervisor was standing between her legs pumping his dick into her vagina.

Girls were on their knees in front of guys sucking their cocks. I went to the bar to get a drink. From across the room I watched Peter have sex with the black girl. He fucked her doggie style on the dance floor. Eric was fucking Sue bent over a chair. Others were just engaged in nude dancing and drinking. By the time I finished my second drink all the guys were naked and only about 4 of us girls still had our cloths on.

Jake approached me sporting a magnificent hard-on. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to reach out and grab his cock and start stroking it. He kissed me passionately and then started removing my cloths. As I stood naked in front of Jake I noticed Eric cuming inside of Sue. Jake was feeling me up real good as we stood there with our hands working each others genitals. Peter was till sexing the black chick when I saw Sue climb up on the table on which Tracy was being sexed. Sue straddled Tracy and squatted right over her head. Then, as Sue kissed Eric she lowered her pussy, leaking Eric’s sperm, right down onto Tracy’s mouth. Tracy licked Sue’s cunt as Sue fed her Eric’s nut.

Jake sat down on a nearby chair and pulled me onto his lap. Before I knew what was happening my hand was guiding his hard cock up into my vagina. I worked my horny cunt up and down on his fuck pole. It felt good. Then he got up, still holding me and carried me to an empty table with his cock still buried inside my birth canal. He laid me out on the table and started sexing me like Tracy was getting it.

I thought about using a condom. I hadn’t had my period yet and at that point wasn’t even too sure what time of the month it was. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw Peter nut the black girl. About that time Jake was pounding my cervix just like Peter had done. So, I figured what’s good for the gander must be good for the goose. If Peter could nut the black girl then why not let Jake nut me.

“You know, I’m not on birth control, Jake”

“Yeah, I know”

Jake continued to work my cervix, massaging it and lovingly fucking it. About the time I could feel him finally enter my uterus.

'You want to breed me Jake?”

“I would love it”

“Okay, then do it. Cum for me Jake, give it to me”

One of the girls standing nearby listening to us and watching us said, “Oh yeah, give it to the bitch Jake” She continued with, “Pump your sperm into her hot little womb. And when you’re done with her, breed me next”

Jake finally spermed my fecund uterus. It felt good. By that time the orgy was in full swing and everyone was getting liquored up and sexed. Sue approached the mic and said Tracy told her she had to go home before her husband started wondering where she was or started looking for her. So, before she left, Sue said Tracy needed a douche to wash out the sperm she carried in her hot, horny whore belly. With that, Sue grabbed a bottle of Champaign and instructed a couple of guys to help out.

Two guys picked Tracy up. They had their arms under her legs and spread them wide open as Tracy remained suspended in mid air between the guys. Then Sue uncorked the bottle, put her thumb over the opening and shook it. Very quickly, in a rapid movement, Sue placed the open neck of the bottle up in between Tracy’s legs. She removed her thumb and stuck the spewing neck of the bottle into Tracy’s wide open sex hole. The Champaign fizz spurted into Tracy and back flushed out all over the place. Everyone started hooting, “Hoo..Wah”.

Before the festivities began Jake had instructed Peter and Mike to stay sober that evening just in case some of the employees needed help getting home that night. It turned out that was smart thinking. By the time I had to leave I had witnessed girls begging to get their wombs spermed and all the guys pretty much had their nuts completely drained. No condoms were used that I could tell, no one even bothered. Besides Jake, Mike and Hank had also busted their nuts inside my fertile belly.

I got home about 11:00pm, washed up and went to bed before Jimmy got home.

The next morning, Thursday, I went into work at the usual time to find everything back to normal. I could hardly believe it. Apparently a special crew was brought in to clean up the mess and put everything back in place sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I bet they had to throw the carpet away since by the time I had left the party, it was heavily soaked with sexual fluids, urine and Champaign. Several of the girls had received Champaign douches before going home, including yours truly. More bottles of the stuff had been used for douches than we actually drank. The Champaign stung my insides a bit but by the time I left, I was feeling no pain. About the time I left the orgy, some of the girls were actually squatting and pissing on the floor, off to the side of the dance and communal sex area. Of course everyone ended up totally nude at one point or another.

While the girls sucked a lot of cock that night I don’t think any sperm ever went directly into their mouths. The best I could tell, all the semen produced was shot into totally unprotected pussies. A good number of the girls were married but it was not their husbands who had inseminated them that night. As soon as one of the guys ejaculated into the reproductive tract of a woman, another woman was right there to suck the guy’s cock back to life, getting the guy ready for another mating session. One of the girls, named Nancy, actually referred to these, annual end of fiscal year, celebration events as “breeding parties”

I think there were four pregnant women in attendance including Jill and Karen. All four were married but carried bastard offspring in their adulterous wombs. The idea of having bastard offspring inside my whore womb was really beginning to turn me on and excite me. Of course it was kind of obvious that Jake and Jill kind of had a special thing going between them even though they both engaged in sexual intercourse with others. It was kind of like the special thing Peter and I had going. Even though we mated with others, I was still his favorite squeeze. However, I must admit the act of multiple couplings with multiple males really had me turned on. Prior to that night I had fully expected to be impregnated by Peter. But I really, really liked receiving inseminations from multiple studs.

The party was the most perverse, perverted, raunchy, dirty, erotic and sexually stimulating thing I could have ever imagine. Even now I find it hard to believe it ever happened. A whole company of people, everyone there, fully in the nude, fornicating. And most of it was out-of-wedlock sex. About the only thing I didn’t see were guys urinating into the bodies of the girls. But I did watch guys and girls openly urinate all over the place. I saw anal sex. At one point I witnessed a mother-daughter team put on a performance in the communal sex area. Those not otherwise engaged in sex at the time were standing around in a semi circle drinking, smoking and watching the show. I was sitting on Hank’s lap and had a front row center view. Hank was sitting in a chair with his penis sticking up into my vagina. He had his hands on my tits as we copulated. Hank told me they worked the 3dr shift together. The mother was about 40 and had done a lot of adult videos in the love nest. She was divorced and lived alone with her daughter. Her daughter was 17 and taking night classes to finish high school.

Now I have been told many times I don’t look my age. Most would guess me at about 15 or 16 instead of almost 20. But these two women looked like twin sisters. The mother got her daughter the job at the company and had introduced her daughter to pornography even though she was under aged for it. They were on the floor in the 69 position eating each others pussies with the daughter on top. Then the 3rd shift molding technician got behind the daughter on his knees and put his penis into the mother’s mouth. After sucking him a bit and fondling his balls the mother took the guy’s penis and guided it into her daughter’s vagina. He then fucked the daughter with their genitals mating right over the mother’s face. The girl’s mother was actually encouraging the guy to cum inside her daughter. She told him her daughter was fertile, ripe for seeding and definitely not on any birth control. She wanted him to give her a grandchild. The daughter was even hotter, telling her stud to fuck his seed into her. The guy grabbed the girl’s hips as his orgasm approached. As he began ejaculating the mother reached up and fondled the guy’s nuts, squeezing them gently, telling her daughter to use her pussy to suck his seed into her womb.

When the stud pulled out, the daughter rotated back on her haunches and squatted her sperm filled pussy right down on her mother’s face. We all watched in fascination as the baby batter poured out of the daughter’s stretched open birth canal and drip into the mother’s mouth. The mother licked her daughter’s pussy as the daughter told the guy he needed to nut her mother next so they could both be pregnant at the same time. About that time Hank was shooting his nut up my birth canal.

Like I said, I still find it hard to believe all the stuff I saw at that party. It just blows my mind, a whole company, everyone, engaged in one great big orgy. WOW!

Well, anyway, on Friday I was called into a conference with Jake and Peter in Jake’s office. As usual I was not wearing my bra. The only thing I had under my dress was a pair of panties. While still sitting at my desk I slipped the panties off and stuffed then into my hand bag before going to the meeting. They informed me that Tom, the engineer we had met with in Aurora, had shipped his mold to us and it was currently at our toolmaker’s shop across town. They were going to re-burn the parting line and re-cut the vents. It would be back in our facility by next Wednesday. Jake said that Tom intended to visit our plant next Friday and expected to witness parts being produced. I said, “Yes, I know”

Peter informed us that Tom expected me to be at the machine when parts were running, at my own suggestion by the way. I said it was fine by me but I needed Hank and the mold tech to back me up. Peter indicated I would more or less be running the show. He said, “You seem to know what this guy wants to see, so we will probably be taking the lead from you. Can you handle it?”

“I can do this. I want the mold set in number 3 of the 250 ton bank for a trial run Wednesday night. I assume we have the right material, so it should go into the dryer that morning. I want to use the drop ball tester we have to find out how high we can go before parts break. I need to know this before he gets here so we won’t have any surprises on Friday”

Jake said, “You got it. I assume you will do the tests yourself since you seem to have developed the skills needed to operate just about any of the pieces of “equipment” we have here”

Peter said, “Yes, she has many skills and talents, highly marketable ones at that, as you well know. If we get this business, it means over $3.6M in revenue. If Pam makes it happen like I think she can, I think a nice bonus would be in order”

“Shit, Peter, you already gave her a car and she hasn’t even done a porno shoot for us. What more do you want?”

“She’s going to need a baby sitter at some point, a bigger apartment, extra gas money and money for her wardrobe plus she needs a company credit card for entertaining customers”

“Alright, alright, for Christ’s sake, we’ll talk about it later. Let’s just get this order first. But go ahead and get Mike working on the credit card right away. She might need to wine and dine this Tom character. He will be arriving Thursday night”

Peter said, “Is that alright with you, Pam? Can you “entertain” him Thursday night?”

“You mean, all by myself? Don’t you at least want to be there?”

“Somehow I think he would appreciate some time alone with you to enjoy your charms, if you get my meaning”

I told them I would do it, of course. With that we concluded the meeting but as I got up to leave I found myself bold enough to ask Jake if a “reservation” was needed if someone wanted to use the “love nest”

“And, why would you want to be using the studio? Jake asked”

“I never made love in the office. It must be nice to do it in a real bed”

“What are you really trying to say, Pam?” inquired Jake.

“Oh, for crying out loud” I moaned. “What does a girl have to do to get your attention?”

I reached down to the hem of my loose fitting sundress saying, “Here, does this explain it to you?” as I stood upright and pulled the dress up to my neck.

“It’s Friday, with a long weekend coming up. I’m a whore in heat, can’t you see? I want one or both of you guys to take me to bed before I have to go and spend two boring days at home with my husband”

Peter stepped over to me and pulled the dress off over my head, then dropped it to the floor. He reached around from behind me and grabbed my breasts saying, “Well, Jake, I would seem our little minx here wants a little sexing”

Then Jake walks up to me and kisses me. With his tongue in my mouth he reached down between my legs and started rubbing my wet pussy. While Peter rubbed and pinched my nipples Jake began probing my vagina with his fingers.

Jake said, “Is that right baby? Is that what you want?”

I began to moan as he continued, “Go ahead. Tell us exactly what you want”

“I want your cock where your fingers are. I want both your cocks. I want a cock in both ends at the same time. I want to be double fucked and I want it in bed. I want to suck one of you while the other one fucks my cervix. I want to be inseminated like the slut I am. Then I want to suck the cock that sperm douched my womb back to life while the other one fucks his seed up my baby factory, adding to the gene pool”

Peter continued to work my little titties with one hand while he brought the other one down to my ass and stuck his finger up my anus as Jake probed deep inside me fingering my cervix.

“I want you guys to keep nutting me until your nuts are drained, mixing your seeds inside me, inseminating my reproductive tract with your adulterous love. I want us to make some egg drop soup”

Jake then started giving me a hot finger job, massaging my G spot while he stuck his tongue in my ear. I was going into orgasm.

“Oh God, oh God, you guys are killing me. You’ve made me into a nympho, now I need to be satisfied. Come on. Take me to bed, please. Impregnate this married whore of yours. Breed me. Breed the fuck out of me. I like it bare, unprotected, no birth control. I want to be hot-fucked and fucked and fucked until you make me pregnant”

Jake said it was time to go to bed. He went over to the door to the love nest and opened it, telling Peter to pick me up and carry me over the threshold. Jake pulled the covers back on the bed then went out and told Tracy to “stand guard” for awhile. Peter laid me on the bed. The sheets were fresh, clean and made of silk. The bed felt delightful and cool on my hot naked body. Peter took off my shoes as Jake got undressed. Jake climbed up on the bed as Peter got undressed. Tracy was standing guard alright. The door to the room remained open and she stood there watching us.

Jake got between my legs pushing them back up over my head. He stuck his tongue into my vagina. Then Peter got to the head of the bed on his knees and grabbed my feet while positioning his erection in front of my face. As I started sucking Peter’s cock Jake got up and entered me missionary style. As Jake fucked me I was having trouble concentrating on sucking Peter. The feeling I was getting in my vagina and womb was so overwhelming that my total attention was being drawn to my womanhood and I had to concentrate extra hard in order to suck Peter’s dick. As I felt Jake getting ready to nut me I had to stop giving Peter a blow job so I could totally enjoy the feeling of Jake’s manhood, all slimed up with my fuck lube, slipping deeper and deeper into my uterus. I yelled for Jake to make me pregnant.

Even though my eyes were closed I could feel Peter and Tracy watching me as my body twitched and convulsed in orgasm. Then I felt it. Jake was pouring his virile seed into body. It felt warm and soothing, spreading trough out my insides. I was moaning and shaking, twitching in ecstasy.

Jake pulled out. Peter got up and pulled me into the doggie position on my hands and knees. Jake got in front of me and fed me his cock as Peter entered me from the rear. Like Jake had done, Peter wormed his penis into my cervix using Jakes semen to grease the way. By the time Peter was getting ready to ejaculate I had Jake rock hard again. I felt it coming, Peter was going to shoot. Once again I found myself fully engulfed, my total attention being given to that place where Peter’s flesh was mating with my flesh.

I felt it. Peter was shooting and I was compelled to scream for him to give me his bastard child. I was playing pregnancy-risk sperm roulette and I loved it so. Peter nutted me, driving Jake’s seed further up my fallopian tubes. Peter’s spurts seemed even more powerful than Jake’s. I could feel the heat as Jake’s and Peter’s seed mixed and churned inside me.

Peter pulled out and the guys swapped positions. Jake had is cock back in my vagina as I cleaned and sucked Peter’s sperm hose. Finally, Peter got hard again and as he fucked my throat, Jake fucked my womb. By then my cervix was so dilated and lubricated that the bulk of Jake’s manhood was poking, probing, fucking deep into my baby factory. Again I yelled, “Oh God. Yes. Fuck me. Make me pregnant”

Jake busted his nut again and pulled out. Then Peter got behind me. His cock slid in like greased lightening. In one slow easy stroke I felt Peter’s penis slide easily into my cervix and up into my horny uterus. I looked back and saw Tracy on her knees cleaning and sucking Jakes fuck meat.

Finally, as Jake started getting dressed, Peter shot his baby batter in my womb. He pushed against me hard pulling back on my hips. My whole body was quivering and I could feel my cervix convulsing, twitching and contracting around Peter’s spent dick. As he softened the mouth of my womb sucked the last remaining seeds deep into my uterus.

I collapsed onto the bed. I was high as a kite, my head was spinning out of control. My vision was blurred. My whole body was quivering. I was panting, my throat was dry. I just laid there and rolled onto my back moaning in ecstasy.

Tracy spoke up and said, “My, my, she looks like she’s in heaven, baby-making heaven that is”

Jake mentioned to Tracy that I needed to be cleaned up. She asked if Mike could service her while she did the honors. Jake went out into the main office and asked Sue to watch the front desk. He told Mike that Tracy needed him.

Tracy stripped off her cloths, leaving her shoes on. She climbed up on the foot of the bed, on her knees. She bent over to between my spread open legs and said, “That’s quite a mess of tadpole soup you have there, girl” Then she put her fingers into my vagina and pulled my pussy lips wide open. She inspected my sex and told me she could see my cervix twitching. She could see the dilated opening. She stuck her hand up my pussy and pushed a finger into the mouth of my womb. She worked her finger around inside me and then rubbed my cervix like she was jerking off my clit. With her other hand she did start working my clit. As she simultaneously stimulated my cervix and my clit I went ballistic and almost passed out.

The next thing I knew Mike was in the room, naked, standing behind Tracy. As Mike fucked Tracy’s vagina doggie style, Tracy worked on my pussy telling me she was “draining” my womb. Not to worry, though. The important stuff was already in there doing its thing. She said she could see the sperm oozing out of my cervix. Then she got down and started licking my sex as Mike continued to sex her.

Tracy licked Jake’s and Peter’s spend as it dripped from my birth canal. She licked and sucked my pussy lips and she licked fresh semen off the silk sheet and she licked my thighs and the crack of my ass. She kissed my belly and fingered me again, draining my womb some more. She licked more seed as it dripped from between my vaginal lips. I didn’t understand how she could concentrate on stimulating me the way she was doing when Mike was so deep inside her stimulating her womanhood.

About then I totally lost it and passed out cold. When I woke up the room was empty and the door was shut. My dress was hanging on the back of the door. There was one lamp on in the corner but I had no idea what time it was. I crawled out of bed and noticed my heels on the floor by the door. I padded to the door, picked them up and grabbed my dress. I was still a bit shaky and weak at the knees. I opened the door and stepped into Jake’s office. He was at his desk working. I looked at the wall clock. It was 6:30pm.

I told him I was sorry for passing out the way I did and that I would work late to make up for it. I went over and kissed him, thanking him for a wonderful time. I went out of his office and notice Mike still working as well. I went into Mike’s office and kissed him too. I told him. “Next time your seed goes up my uterus and in my tubes, okay?”

Sue and Tracy had left for the weekend. I went out into the main office and threw my dress onto my desk and dropped the shoes on the floor. I walked naked into Peter’s office to find him working too. I approached him and kissed him as well. I said, “Thank you. I love you. I had a great time but you know what? I think you made me pregnant even before the company party”

“You’re the hottest bitch I know”

“Glad to hear it, Baby. I need to get working on that Jacobson report. It needs to get done before I go home”

He said, “Yeah, I know”

“I like being nude. I’ll get dress when it’s time to go home. That okay with you?”

“I want you nude. I wish I could live with you and have you nude 100% of the time. I’m especially looking forward to seeing you in the nude, pregnant”

“Yes Baby, me too, I can’t wait. I’ll be more than happy to display my pregnant body for your viewing pleasure”

As I sat at my desk working the report, sperm juice kept leaking out of me into my chair. I didn’t care. It felt all squishy and slippery and wet. I loved it.

As I was working on the report Peter packed up for the day and told me he was going to the gym to workout before going home to his “boring” wife. I asked if he didn’t get a good enough workout earlier. He laughed and said it was different muscles that needed the attention. So I kissed him good bye and told him I loved him again.

By the time I finished my report Jake had also left for the weekend. Mike and I were the only ones left. I got up and wiped my chair seat with some Kleenex. I didn’t wipe my pussy though. I enjoyed the wet dripping feeling and since I wasn’t wearing anything I didn’t have to worry about soiling my cloths. I went into his office. I stood before him naked and said, “How about it, Mike? I told you I wanted your seed in my belly next. How about right now?”

I went over to him and got on knees beside him, stroking his manhood through his trousers. He stuck his fingers in my vagina and said I asked for it and he intended to give it to me. I helped him get undressed. We went into the love nest and made love. Before we were done it was 11:30pm and Mike had inseminated me three times, real deep. I begged him for his baby and in the heat of orgasm told him how much I wanted to feel his bastard fetus squirming around inside my fecund uterus and how I wanted to bare his child.

The next day, Saturday, I got my period. SHIT! I didn’t expect that. I thought I was pregnant and carrying Peter’s child. I was so sure of it I never even bothered to do a home pregnancy test. With as many times as I had been inseminated during the month and never once using birth control, I would have sworn there was no way I could not have been knocked up. I had even let my husband Jimmy fuck me without my diaphragm a couple of times so that he would think he was the father.

The first thing I thought of was calling my gynecologist to schedule an appointment for a check-up. Something didn’t seem right. I thought I had all the classic symptoms my mother had told me about. On the road with Peter and later in my marriage bed with him I experienced a little sickness in my belly a couple of times and my breasts sometimes seemed a little more tender than usual.

It would be Monday before I could call my doctor for an appointment. He was usually pretty busy but if I told him I thought I had a problem I was sure he would fit me in. I wondered if I could have miscarried or if I was infertile. Then I thought about the last sex I had. Mike has a very long and slender penis. I was so dilated and greased up with seminal fluids that his penis penetrated deep into my womb, especially when he pushed into me during ejaculation. I wondered if his cock had acted like an IUD, aborting the pregnancy. I had visions of his baby juice spurting out with such a douching force, so deep inside my womb, that he may have flushed my egg.

Then I had a naughty thought. I visualized myself spread open on my gynecologist’s table, totally naked with him standing before me, between my legs, examining my sex. What if I told him I wanted his cock inside me? What if I asked him to fuck me and inseminate me? He is a rather handsome guy and after all, who better to plant his offspring in a woman than her gynecologist? He is married but if he was like most guys I knew, he might jump at the opportunity to impregnate another man’s wife.

On Monday morning I wore a tampon to work but by the end of the day I had stopped bleeding. First thing, I called the doctor’s office and talked to the receptionist saying I needed to see my gynecologist right away and wanted to schedule an appointment. She said he was pretty busy but would fit me in, somehow, first thing the following morning.

The next day, Tuesday, I called into work saying I had a splitting headache I couldn’t shake and needed to go see my doctor.

When I arrived at the doctor’s office one of the assistant nurses weighed me, measured my height and gave me a plastic container to pee in. She directed me to a restroom to provide said urine sample. In the toilet I took off my panties, stuffed them into my purse, pissed in the bottle and wiped myself. She met me as I exited the toilet and led me to an examining room. The assistant took my blood pressure and measured my heart rate. She then pulled a dressing gown from a nearby drawer and handed it to me, instructing me to get undressed and don the gown. She said the doctor would be with me momentarily. Then she left the room.

Well, getting undressed was easy enough. I just pulled my dress off over my head and removed my heals. I said to myself, “Screw the dressing gown. What’s the point?”

Rather than sitting in the chair to wait for the doctor, Dr. Mathew Davis, I decided to climb up on the examining table to save time since that’s where I expected he would want me anyway. Ten or fifteen minutes or so went by and the Doc had not yet appeared. I was starting to get bored. I put my feet up in the stirrups and laid back. I was getting horny thinking about Dr. Davis entering the room and seeing me naked with my legs spread wide open for him. So, I started rubbing my clit for stimulation. I was starting to juice so I stuck my finger into my vagina and scooped some lubricant up onto my horny little clitty and began massaging the sex grease into my clitoris.

In just a minute or so I was getting myself all hot and bothered. About the time I felt an orgasm approaching the door opens and in comes Doctor Davis, rapidly closing the door behind him. He stood there in silence watching me masturbate as I put myself into ecstasy. It made me hot, pleasuring myself like that, naked, in front of a man.

Finally he said, “Good morning Mrs. Simpson. I assume that felt as good as it looked. I understand you have a problem you needed to discuss”

I continued massaging my clit as he spoke to me. Still rubbing my clitoris I said, “Well actually, Dr. Davis, I have a couple of issues. First, as you can see, I have become a nymphomaniac and find my self in constant need of being sexed. During the past month I have been sexed almost daily”

I told him most days, after work, my boss had been coming to my apartment to sex me while my husband was working the second shift. I told Dr. Davis it got me off, big time, doing it in my marital bed. Still fingering myself I told him I hadn’t been using any birth control. I went on to tell him I had engaged in sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

I told the doctor I had been inseminated so many times during the month that I expected to be pregnant. Then on Saturday I got my period and the bleeding stopped just yesterday, on Monday. I came in for a check up to see if there is something wrong with me.

“Ah well, Mrs. Simpson………. “

“Just call me Pam, please”

“Ah yes, well, Pam, we did a preliminary on your urine specimen and every thing seems normal, no STD’s or drugs or anything out of the ordinary that we could detect. But, don’t you think it a bit risky engaging in sexual intercourse with multiple partners and not using condoms”

“Where I work employees get routine checks for drugs and STD’s. Condoms suck. I like the feel of flesh against flesh, mating as God intended it to be. I especially like the feeling I get when my partner ejaculates inside me and I feel his semen spurt and I like the feeling I get, knowing his baby making seed is swimming around inside my reproductive tract. I like the wet squishy feeling, later as sperm leaks out, especially after the guy has shot his load deep inside my uterus”

“Ah Mrs. Simpson……..ah Pam….I assume your husband is unaware…..I mean it’s none of my business of course, but your husband is not aware of your extra marital activities, right? How often do you make love with him?”

“I’ve only had sex two or three times with Jimmy, lately and we didn’t use my diaphragm. I figured if I was pregnant that he would think he was the father. Actually though, the idea of having a bastard fetus growing inside me is what really turns me on. It’s what I want and I don’t care who the father is. I would of course prefer the daddy be someone other than my husband. There will be time enough later on to have my husband’s baby but I want my first born to be a pure, bastard love child, born out of wed lock, the absolute proof of my whoring adultery…… So Doc, how come I’m not pregnant?”

“Well I suppose we should start with an inspection. I’ll check for any inflammation or anything else unusual, take some tissue samples and we can do some tests in the lab with a blood sample”

He went to a drawer and pulled out some rubber gloves. I was still masturbating my clit as he put them on and approached me. He stuck his fingers inside my vagina and probed me. By the time he got his index finger into the opening of my cervix I had stopped rubbing my clitoris and was using both hands to rub and pinch my nipples.

“”Oh fuck! It feels good, Doc. Keep doing it, please. I need to get off again”

“Are you sure about this? I can give you an orgasm if that’s what you want”

“Oh yes. Give it to me, please. It might even help if you took those fucking gloves off too”

He did take off the gloves and then got down to business, big time. He worked my cervix and clitoris simultaneously using both hands. Then with one hand he worked my G-spot and probed my anus with the other while he kissed and sucked on my clitoris. I went ballistic, thrashing around on the examining table. I started moaning and talking dirty to him and he responded, in kind, with his own dirty talk has he brought me to orgasm.

I told him I was a slut and how I liked being naked, that I would strip off my cloths anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody and how I loved having hard male cock inside me, fucking me and filling my womb with baby juice.

“You are a hot little bitch aren’t you?”

He continued working me over even as my orgasm subsided. It wasn’t long before he had me going again. As I was getting close to cuming again I said, “Oh, fuck yes. I want you. I want you to take out your cock and stick it in me, no condom, no birth control, flesh to flesh. I want you to fuck my brains out. I want to feel you cum inside me. I want your seed in my womb. I want you to sperm my egg”

“My god, you certainly are one horny, hot fucking whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. And you love it, I can tell. You like me naked and I know you want to fuck me. Come on Doc, pull out your cock and make me pregnant. What better way for a woman to get it than by having her baby doctor put his baby in her?”

“You’re making me awfully hot, girl. You’re the hottest patient I ever had”

“I know you want it…Mathew. And, you know I want it. So please put your cock in me. I want your seed …….please, fuck me Darling, please”

The good doctor just couldn’t resist me. I love turning guys on like that. He took off his lad coat and said, “I need for you to sign some forms after we do this, okay?”

“Of course, anything you say. No one is going to find out, though. This is just between you and me, your sperm, my egg, our baby”

He said he had better take a tissue sample first, so he pulled an instrument from a drawer, probed me with it and retrieved a scrapping.

He dropped his pants and shorts and his erection sprang forth. It was beautiful. I begged him to put it in me. He did. He fucked me with long slow powerful stokes. I asked him to fuck my cervix. He did. Then I felt him tense up a little and he held still inside me for a few seconds trying to relax. I could tell he was trying like hell to hold off an ejaculation. Then he closed his eyes and breathed out a sigh. I don’t know if it was just pre-cum or if he simply held off having a complete orgasm. But, I know semen poured out of his penis.

I told him to go ahead and finish it. “Please do it, fertilize my fucking egg. Knock me up Doc”

He told me he didn’t want it to end quite so quickly. He said he was now going to fuck the seed he had just planted inside me up into my uterus. Later he would shoot a real load of sperm into my womb. But first he wanted to see how good I was at working my vaginal muscles.

The Doc shoved his dick into me hard, pushing the tip of his penis into the opening of my cervix. He continued to push and just held himself there. He told me his cock was in the mouth of my womb and instructed me to start “practicing” to milk him. He told me to work my pussy and my cervix to create a sucking action. He wanted to feel my uterus “suck” his penis.

“When you start sucking me real good I will release the rest of it, all of it, completely draining my tentacles into you. I want you to use your cunt and womb to suck my seed up your fallopian tubes”

“Oh, God! Doc, you’re killing me. I love it so. Yes, yes. How does this feel? My womb is sucking your cock. I am going to suck every drop of love juice you can produce. My womb is going to suck it and suck it. I’m going suck you dry. It turns you on, doesn’t it? The idea of fucking your bastard baby into another man’s wife, of having your fetus squirming around inside my whore belly, it gets you off, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Baby, it’s a real turn-on. Now just keep working that sweet little pussy of yours”

He continued to sex me slow and easy. As I worked my cunt muscles my belly started going into convulsions. Then he started fucking me faster and grunting. He used his penis to massage my cervix while simultaneously rubbing my clit with his fingers. He was getting me off big time. Finally I felt him swell up inside me. He poked his dick into my cervix then relaxed the pressure a little and I felt the heat of his semen bathe the mouth of my uterus, several long spurts of it. He stayed inside me and continued massaging my cervix as his penis began to shrink a little.

He bent over me and sucked my nipples and kissed my belly. After awhile he pulled out. I just lay there exhausted, moaning and convulsing. As he pulled up his pants and fetched his lab coat. I felt our fuck juices drip inside me and pool up at the opening of my birth canal. The Doc said after I calmed down a bit he would take a blood sample. In the mean time he bent back over me and we French kissed for quite some time as I cooled off.

The Doc said it probably wasn’t my most fertile time and indicated I should come back when I was ovulating, that he would be more than happy to “service” me again, no charge. I said, “Absolutely”

Dr. Davis told me he saw nothing out of the ordinary but would do some standard fertility tests as well as check several systemic indicators. We made an appointment for the following week. Normally the receptionist made the appointments but he made mine personally.

He told me I dilated very easily and cautioned me about having guys penetrate my uterus too deeply. He said my partner’s seminal fluids should be “poured and fucked” into my womb, not shot forcefully into the uterus. He instructed me to practice “constricting” the opening into my baby factory as my partners attempt to “punch” their dicks into my cervix.

Dr, Davis, Mathew, said next time we would do it doggie style and he would release his semen more slowly and “lovingly” into my uterus. He indicated my idea of using a diaphragm to hold the sperm inside me was probably a good one. However, he estimated that if I didn’t douche or soak in a bath tub the sperm he had just put in my fallopian tubes might still be alive for another 36 to 48 hours. He also said having a Champaign douche was probably not a good idea if I wanted to keep the sperm alive as long as possible.

I told him I was looking forward to seeing a sonogram of his fetus inside my slut belly. He told me he had to get back to work and kissed me tenderly for a couple of minutes. As he left the room he indicated I could lay there and “decompress” for as long as I needed before getting dressed.

I left the doctor’s office with fuck juice dripping down my thighs, my panties still in my purse.

Am I a fucking slut, or what?

Of course I was late, quite late, getting to the office Tuesday morning. I told Peter the doctor checked me out (Although, I didn’t tell him just exactly what kind of “check-out” I had actually gotten that morning or what kind of doctor I had visited) and gave me a pain killer for the headache, indicating he had found nothing serious. After lunch, I told Peter I needed to “leave work early to make up for coming in late” I said, “Seriously, I need to go shopping for an outfit if I’m going to “entertain” Tom Thursday night”

I asked if I could use the company credit card and he said, “Yes, just don’t be too extravagant about it” I invited him over to my place later in the evening so he could “inspect and approve” my purchase. I wanted to turn Tom on so I needed something sexy. I went to the Dress Barn and picked out a red dinner dress with matching heels and purse. The dress had an open back and was about as short as a mini skirt. I also picked out a string bikini top and hip hugger short-shorts for working out in the shop. The top had a string that fit under my boobs and tried around back. Attached to the string were two narrow strips of fabric that just barely covered my nipples and tied together at the back of my neck. The shorts were so low cut my pubic hair would have stuck out the top if I hadn’t been shaved. When I got home Jimmy was just getting ready for work. He had previously mentioned he wanted to take me out Saturday night. So, I told him I needed a new outfit for the occasion. I said I thought it would be cute to get something to match up with my new “company car”, bright red.

Both Jimmy and Peter liked the outfit. It was revealing but not too provocative or slutty. That night, after my husband left for work, Peter came over and nailed me, real good, in my marriage bed. I worked at trying to control my genital muscles. I messaged and squeezed Peter’s prick with my pussy and worked to limit how far his penis would penetrate into my cervical opening. After busting his nut deep into my sex, Peter got down between my legs and ate me, licking his own seed mixed with my girl grease and the remnants of my gynecologist’s sperm. He “cleaned me” pretty good. Even so, the bed sheet ended up soaked with procreation fluids. After he left I had to do the laundry and wash the sheets.

I stayed up to wait for my husband Jimmy to get home from work while doing the laundry. When he got home he indicated he had a tough night on the job and was exhausted. I said I hoped he wasn’t too exhausted for a little “roll in hay” before calling it a night. We made love and I fell asleep with the seeds of Dr. Davis, Peter and my husband all swimming around inside my reproductive tract, in a competition egg hunt. Yah, I loved it, let the best man win, I say.

The next day I took a change of cloths to work with me, I would be pulling a double shift, working out in the factory in the evening. After working in the office all day, Jake and Peter took me out for a quick bite to eat before going back to run Tom’s mold. On the way back we passed the local strip joint and Jake said most male customers like to be taken there for after hours entertainment. It was something to keep in mind for future reference. By 6:00pm Hank had the mold set in the machine and ready to go. Hank was the company’s maintenance engineer who maintained and serviced all the equipment.

Back at the plant I changed my cloths. Off came the dress, panties and heels. I put on my running shoes, a pair of cut-off shorts and a halter top. I grabbed my safety glasses and headed out to the shop.

Frank, the 1st shift supervisor, had seen to it the material had been dried and Eric the mold tech was at the machine, setting it up and getting ready to assist me in running the tool. When I saw him at the machine I reflected back to the recent company party when I watched him service Sue. I thought to myself how nice it might be running his tool. Before the shift was over I wanted to have his cock inside me, maybe even Hank’s as well.

At the company party Hank had sexed me while we watched the mother and daughter team go at it. I still remembered how excited Hank got when the 17 year old daughter begged the guy fucking her to impregnate both her and her mother. When Hank saw and heard that he couldn’t hold back any longer and emptied his nuts deep inside of me. As I felt his sperm shoot up into me, I heard him telling me between grunts and moans that he hoped I wasn’t on birth control because he wanted me to have his baby. I told him, “Yes, give it to me”

After Eric had cum in Sue’s uterus and birth canal I found myself fascinated with the image of Sue climbing up on the table where Tracy was being fucked and squatting down over Tracy’s head, planting her drooling pussy in Tracy’s mouth. Watching Tracy lick and suck and swallow the fuck juices kind of turned me on. I had never tried eating another woman’s freshly fucked pussy before.

We got the machine running and on cycle. Forty five minutes later we had what we thought were good parts. While Eric kept the machine going Hank and I went to the metrology lab to take some critical measurements and test some samples. They tested great. To celebrate, Hank and I started kissing and that led to some heavy petting and before I knew it our cloths were off. He had me sitting on a lab bench, legs spread wide open. He was standing between my legs driving his penis into me. Once again he said he wanted me to have his baby. I told him to nut my fertile married pussy and knock me up.

When we finished, fuck juice poured out of me onto the table top and down onto the floor. I got some paper towel and cleaned it up while Hank got dressed. Our juices continued to drip down my legs but I didn’t care, I liked it. I didn’t feel like getting dressed. It was about 8:00 PM, well into the second shift. So I just put on my shoes and safety glasses and walked out into the shop, naked, to check on how Eric was doing. I was a little surprised that no one seemed to pay much attention to my state of “dress”. Everyone had seen everyone else naked at one time or another anyway, I guess.

When I got back to the press Eric said he liked the way I was “dressed”. I reached out and grabbed his crotch, massaging his growing erection. I told him, “Why don’t you put the machine on standby and fuck me, right here, right now”

Eric reached down between my legs and felt the fluids dripping down my thighs and he poked his fingers up into my sex orifice.

“Looks like you just been fucked, Pam”

“Yeah, but I want you to fuck me. I saw how good you did Sue the other night”

I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him.

“I want you to get up inside me real deep, push Hank’s sperm out of the way and fuck your seed deep inside my baby factory. I want you to fertilize my eggs, be the daddy of my first born. You want it, don’t you, Eric?”

He couldn’t resist me. He turned me over the nearest work table and fucked me doggie style standing up. When I felt him getting close I was already in the throws of another orgasm. I screamed out loud so that anyone within ear shot could hear, “Oh god Eric, I love your cock. Fuck me deep, fill me”

Then as he began to ejaculate I turned my head back toward him and whispered, “I love you, please, I want your baby inside me”

When he pulled out a huge glob of baby batter dumped out onto the floor. I kissed him and said, “Thank you Darling. I hope your sperm and my egg have already joined by the time I go home to my husband tonight. It would be so beautiful to have our embryo growing inside me”

I dropped back to my knees and cleaned his cock before he put it back in his shorts. I told him the samples looked and tested good, so we could go ahead purge the machine and shut every thing down for the night.

I then walked over to Jill to ask how everything was going with her and how Jake’s baby was doing. She said everything was great but her husband wasn’t too excited about having another baby. Little did he know, of course, the baby wasn’t his. She said she noticed me having sexual intercourse with Eric at the molding machine and went on to say she liked my style. She then took her tube-top and shorts off and said she felt like being nude as well. Her nipples were already starting to turn darker and while you wouldn’t know she was pregnant yet by looking at her, I could see a little “puffiness” in her belly.

I told her we had put the machine on standby while Eric inseminated me. She said, “Yeah, we heard. Now you have got me all horny. Would you please go find Hank, if he is still here, for me? Tell him I’m naked and horny and want him to come over here and fuck me standing up while I run this machine”

Hank had left for the day so I found the shift supervisor and told him what Jill wanted. I watched him fuck Jill. When he pulled out of her, I got down between her legs, on my knees, as she stood running the machine, never missing a beat. I licked her pussy. I wanted to taste the love as it dripped out her birth canal. Then I went home.

On Wednesday I worked to prepare for Tom’s visit on Friday. I created control chart forms, process flow diagrams, quality check sheets and preliminary specifications, routings, bills of material, work instructions and such that would pertain to the products we would be producing for his company if we got his business. I talked to him on the phone and suggested a pre-meeting dinner Thursday night. He readily agreed and asked who would be there. I told him I could arrange for anyone he thought appropriate for the dinner meeting and that I definitely planned on being there myself. He suggested just me, alone. I of course agreed and told him I would be at his hotel at 6:30 PM with bells on.

Later that day I found out Jake had scheduled a photo/video shoot for that evening, about 9:00 PM. I asked him if I could hang around and witness the event. He said sure and filled me in on the plans. The mother and daughter team from the third shift were to be the “stars” that night. Jake had hired a black pornography stud for the event, known to have a large cock, great stamina and staying power and able to produce huge loads of semen with each ejaculation.

The black guy was tall, maybe 6 foot, 4 or more. His penis was bigger than large, it was huge. I had never seen such a huge hunk of male meat before. His cock was literally a foot long when hard. He was “uncut”, uncircumcised. When I first saw him naked Jake asked if I wouldn’t mind being the fluff girl. My job was to suck his penis to get him hard just before he made his entrance onto the video set. I could barely get the head of his cock into my mouth. No way could I take him down my throat. I had never sucked an uncut man before. As I worked the hood of his penis back I felt and tasted his essence. His pre-cum juice oozed and lubricated the tip of his penis as the uncircumcised foreskin slid back and forth over the head of his pecker.

The mother and daughter were already on the set, naked, when the stud arrived. The whole idea and theme of the video was all about interracial breeding. The goal was for the black guy to inseminate both women so that each would conceive, carry, bare and birth his bastard offspring. Except in the case of the daughter, she was only 17, just a teenager, not really of age yet. But she was so, so hot and obviously wanted to be black bred.

Then I thought, wow, actually I myself was still a teen. I hadn’t yet turned 20. I thought back to my childhood and what, a naïve, innocent, dumb little prude I was. I had wasted a lot of good years. I didn’t realize it when I was younger but now understood what a craving for sex I had even at age 12 or 13. I began to fantasize what it would have been like to have had sex when I was eleven or twelve years old. I wouldn’t want to have done it with a teenage boy though. I would like to have had an older, experienced, perhaps married man to pop my cherry. Jeez, my parents would have killed me or at least sent me off to reform school or shipped me off to an orphanage or something. But, I have heard about fathers fucking their teenage or even pre-teen daughters, even making them pregnant. Damn, what a hoot that would be. I could only imagine how sexy it would be to have your own father pop you’re cherry at 10 or 11 years of age. Then, keep fucking you and sperming your womb until you were producing eggs. Wow, a pregnant teen incest girl, just entering high school carrying your father’s baby, what a HOT idea.

Anyway, I just couldn’t imagine how she was going to get that big black buck’s dick into her tiny little pussy. To make a long story short, the black guy did, in fact, penetrate into her vagina, at least part way. The whole thing was unbelievably erotic, stimulating and exciting. But before the actual copulating began there was a lot of 3-way foreplay going on between mother, daughter and stud. By the end of the session I got to watch as the guy ejaculated, first into the daughter then some more foreplay with the daughter sucking cock while the mother slurped semen from her daughter’s cunt, and finally he shot his load into the mother as he pounded her womb.

I became weak-kneed and quivering inside just watching. The mother was screaming to be impregnated, begging the guy to take her to the beautiful world of “white women having black babies” I honestly just couldn’t imagine how it must feel to have a cock that big inside of me. The idea of his foreskin, wetted with my girl grease and his oozing pre-cum sliding back and forth over the tip of his penis as he tried working it into my cervix fascinated me. Even the idea of having his black sperm mate with my white egg turned me on. But, no way could I let something like that happen. I would not be able to “cover” it with my husband. If the baby was black Jimmy would know for sure that he wasn’t the father.

The next day, Thursday, I avoided sex at the office just in case Tom wanted to fuck me that night, so I would be “fresh” hot and ready for him. I left work early and took a quick bubble bath as soon as Jimmy left for work. At 6:00PM I called Tom’s hotel room and asked if his flight was okay and if the accommodations suited him. I told him I would pick him up for dinner at his hotel and inquired as to his room number. I would meet him there for perhaps a “pick me up” prior to dinner. I knew his room had a mini bar.

I wore nothing but my new red dress and matching heels. I put my diaphragm in my purse. It might come in handy to keep semen from dripping out and soiling my nice new dress. However, I knew I had to play it cool. It would not be professional, business like or “lady like” to come on to Tom or exhibit illicit sexual behavior. If there was to be sex then he would have to initiate it. But I would probably want to make it clear to him in no uncertain terms that it would be baby making sex, no condoms, no birth control since that’s how I like it.

I showed up at his door at 6:30PM on the dot. I believe in being punctual. He was wearing a suit and tie. We shook hands and I asked what he liked to drink. He said Scotch and water. I went to the mini bar and pulled out two bottles, one Scotch and one Jim Beam. I had begun to like the taste of straight bourbon on the rocks. I noticed there was no ice so I indicated I would go get some. Being the “perfect gentleman” Tom said he would get it. When he left the room I fingered myself, getting my pussy wet and ready for him. I wanted him to fuck me and sperm my ovaries. More than that, I wanted to make love with him and lovingly ask him to make me pregnant and not be concerned about consequences, that his wife would never find out. I wanted to strip off my dress and be naked for him when he returned but that could not happen.

I had to be extremely careful. I couldn’t even flash my “please fuck me” eyes at him. When he got back I was standing in the middle of his suite waiting for him. We had our drinks and engaged in some get acquainted chit chat, me sitting on a couch and him in a chair. We decided the hotel restaurant would be okay and proceeded down to dinner. Of course we talked business but I could tell my hot looks and the hot dress I was wearing was turning him on big time.

I could also tell he was working very hard at trying to keep things on a professional level, maintaining the ever “perfect gentleman” persona. Damn it.

After dinner we went into the lounge for a night cap and after dinner smoke. A small group was playing live music with a female singer. The singer announced the suggestion that there was still plenty of room left on the dance floor, even though several couples were already engaged in some serious slow dancing. Tom sort of raised his eyebrows at the suggestion. I took that as my queue. I indicated that I had not been dancing in a long time and just realized how much I missed it. He asked if I would like to. Fuck yes, does a bear shit in the woods or what, I thought to myself.

We started off with a slow dance in a loose embrace. Then we had a fast dance where I got to shack my booty. I detected a slight bulge in his pants. At the next slow dance our embrace got a little tighter and I was able to confirm his partial erection. His hands roamed a bit trying to confirm his suspicion that I was wearing no underwear. Eventually, our embrace got real tight and we rubbed our bodies together. I was hoping he could smell my sex, I was juicing for him. I could definitely feel his hard prick pressed into my belly. I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my neck.

I think he then realized he may have gone too far. He kind of backed off and cooled it some. I knew he wanted me but his professionalism restrained him. I asked if his wife liked dancing and indicated my husband was a dud at it (not entirely true but intended to subtly signal my intentions and desires). He said it had been a long, long time since they had gone dancing. I said, “Such a shame”

Back at his suite I could tell he wanted me so bad he was flipping out. His cock was hard. Damn it. Shit! All he had to do was ask and he could have had me. I wanted to tell him how bad I wanted his seed swimming around inside my reproductive tract, fertilizing my eggs when I went home to my husband. Anyway, I departed with just a “good bye”, telling him we would be ready for him about 9:00AM. Shit. Fuck. Damn it all. I bet as soon as I left he jacked off thinking about how nice it would be to fuck me.

When Tom arrived at the plant I was wearing a lab coat. Underneath I wore the new string bikini top and hip hugger shorts. Since closed toe shoes are required out on the shop floor I wore a pair of high fashion black heels. After introductions, coffee and a quick review of what he was going to see I grabbed my safety glasses, gave him a pair of visitor’s spectacles and led him out to the shop to give him a tour. As we passed by the molding machines his eyes bugged out when he saw how the machine operators were dressed. All the girls wore skimpy outfits to keep cool during the hot summer days since the factory was not air conditioned. Then we got to the machine that held his mold. It was warmed up and ready to go. Some sample parts we had molded earlier were laid out on the work table ready for degating. I clipped the sprue on several parts and picked them up ready to carry them to the metrology lab.

He asked how we could run good parts without air conditioning. He said humidity causes all kinds of problems including sweating molds, part splay and improper tool and part cooling, causing excessive sink and warp. I pointed out the special ducts which bathed the molds with refrigerated air from special portable cryogenic sterling cycle coolers and the high efficiency chillers used for pumping high concentrate glycol through the tools and the oversized water lines feeding the machines from outdoor high velocity mega cooling towers and the special vortex spot cooling tubes fed by high pressure air filtered with molecular sieves and the mega capacity, extra low dew point, resin dryers that were fed with triple tiered hot air blasted through molecular sieve moisture traps.

Tom was blown away. He could hardly fathom all the high tech stuff we had not to mention my apparent grasp of the technology. He asked what the cycle time was. I wanted to say 28 days but I said 34 seconds instead. He said, “That can’t be right, it’s impossible. It takes at least 47 seconds to mold these parts” I held up a part to show him and said, “You see any sink here?” He nodded no. I said that he would see when I ran the tool for him, but first we should go to the lab so he could witness me testing his parts.

Carrying the parts, I led him to the air conditioned lab. We took some cursory measurements with digital calipers and a gram scale and then went over to the impact tester. At the tester, I had previously laid out some parts he had shipped us molded by his current vendor. I first tested one of those parts and it not only cracked, it shattered into pieces. Then I took another one and with an eye dropper deposited a few drops of MEK mixed with Toluene onto one of the fastening bosses. The boss immediately developed a radial stress crack.

I repeated the tests with parts we had molded and no fracturing or cracking occurred. Tom simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was obviously shocked and once again stated it was impossible to mold parts like that with a 34 second cycle. I indicated it was time to go back to the machine and fire it up so he could watch me prove it.

I told him I needed to take the lab coat off since it was potentially unsafe, it could too easily get caught on things. I suggested he also remove his coat and tie since it was so hot out by the machines. As he took his coat off, I slipped out of the lab coat and tossed it aside. Tom let out a small gasp and swallowed hard as he looked at me.

Sensing his obvious stimulation, I said, “Its how we keep cool while working the machines. You saw how hot it was out there”

He said, “Yeah, I’ll say”

“If it were the evening shift I just as soon do it naked. Actually, some of the girls do occasionally work in the nude here”

“You got to be kidding me”

“I shit you not”

“My GOD, how I would love to see you in the nude, you are the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on”

I unbuttoned my shorts, went over close to him and said, “You want to see? Then strip me…….. Don’t worry. We won’t be bothered. Nobody’s going to come in here”

I kind of turned sideways to give him easy access to the tie strings of my bikini top. He untied the strings and the garment fell to the floor. Then he pulled down my shorts. I stepped out of the shorts and kicked them along with the bikini top across the floor. I stepped back for him to get a good look at me and did a slow twirl for him.

He was literally drooling. I then went up to him and put his hands on my breasts. He squeezed them and pinched my nipples. I said, “Well, do I pass inspection, Sir?”

He was starting to breath heavily and he moaned in response to my question. I put my hands around the back of his neck and kissed him on the lips. In response he put his arms around me as I pressed my naked body into him and his hands slid down to my butt.

We started tonguing each other unit I broke the kiss and took one of his hands and guided it to my pussy saying, “Perhaps a little more in-depth inspection might help. Don’t you think?”

He moaned, “Oh, you’re so beautiful” as he stroked my clit a little then worked a finger into my vagina. Then I reached down and massaged his hard dick through his trousers while encouraging him to finger fuck me.

He gasped and moaned, “I don’t believe it, this can’t really be happening”

“By the feel of your cock, I would say you know it is. Not only that, you can have me. You can feel that I am obviously wet for you, can’t you?”

“Oh…..holy shit! You’re really serious aren’t you?”

“You better believe it. You want me, don’t you?”

“Oh my god, like nothing I have ever wanted before”

“Okay, if you stay another night, I’ll come to your hotel room. Or, if you prefer, I will drive you to my place and you can have me in my marriage bed. My husband works second shift and doesn’t get home till past midnight”

Tom began shaking as I resumed kissing him. I unzipped him and worked his cock out of his trousers, stroking it. We tongued each other again as we massaged each others genitals.

He broke our kiss and said, “Oh Yeah, Baby. I’ll be glad to stay another night”

I looked him straight in the eye as we continued masturbating each other and said, “Have you ever had a woman in her marital bed other than your wife?”

“Oh shit, hell no…..not yet anyway. It sounds heavenly”

I dropped down to my knees and started sucking his penis. He began moaning and quivering in ecstasy. I tasted a drop of semen ooze from his cock slit and sensed he might be getting close to spurting.

I grabbed his nuts and asked, “You got any kids?”

“Ah….actually no, my wife has female issues. We have thought about adopting though”

“I would like to taste you right hear and now but perhaps we should wait until tonight. But you need to know, I don’t like condoms and I don’t use birth control and I don’t want to waste your sperm down my throat right now because I want you to put it where it belongs”

“Oh….honey, you can’t be serious”

“I’m serious as a heart attack. You know you want it, don’t you? Your wife can’t give you a baby, but I can. I would love to have your baby, Tom. Wouldn’t you like to fuck a baby, your baby, our baby into my teenage belly, right where my husband sleeps?”

He gasped, “Oh god, you’re killing me Honey”

“I’ve never been pregnant before. Would you like me to be pregnant with your love child, Tom? Neither your wife nor my husband has to know, just you and me. No strings attached”

I put my mouth back on his cock and looked up into his eyes as he stared down at me. I knew I had to be careful since I sensed he was about ready to cum. He had lust in his eyes and I know I certainly had lust in mine. I just held his testicles without trying to stimulate him. He gently placed his hands on my head, with his penis in my mouth as we stared into each other’s eyes. He said,

“Oh my god, how can this possibly be happening? I can’t believe it. We hardly know each other. We live hundreds of miles apart. We’re both married to other people and you’re almost young enough to be my daughter for Christ’s sake. It’s fucking unreal. Oh Pamela, Baby, you’re so lovely. I wasn’t kidding; you are the most beautiful creature I ever laid eyes on. I knew it when I first saw you and last night I fell in love with you. But I knew I had to keep it to myself, that you could only be a fantasy in my mind. Oh...oh, now THIS. Please, tell me how this can be real”

I took my mouth off his cock, still looking up at him and said,

“I don’t know what to say, Tom. What you see is what you get. And as you can see, I’m real flesh and blood. We obviously want each other. So, why question it? When I have feelings for a guy, I don’t question it, try to rationalize it, I just go with the flow. Right now, I want to be your bitch. I want you. Let’s just let mother nature take its course and enjoy it”

Tom raised me up into a standing position and placed me at arm’s length, facing each other. He let his eyes roam up and down my nude body and finally said, “It’s still hard to believe. When I first saw you I fantasized about making love with you. Last night I can’t tell you how bad I wanted you. And now, seeing you like this, you’re more beautiful than I ever dreamed”

With me naked and his very hard cock still hanging out I went to him, grabbed his penis and said, “Tom, it’s almost eleven o’clock. It’ll take 45 or 50 minutes or so to purge, get the coolers going, cycle the mold and equilibrate everything. By then it will almost be the lunch hour. Unless we ask Eric and Hank to work the lunch hour with us, which we can do if you want, we won’t be able to start the test run until after lunch. As I said, nobody’s going to bother us in here, I promise. Honey, look at me. I’m naked. And, I’m wet. We have the time, right now. I love you and I want you and I want to show you how serious I am. I don’t want to wait until tonight”

“You can’t possibly be serious about wanting to make a baby, not really, right?”

“That’s what I’m telling you, Darling. I want to show you how serious I am…..right now. We can use that empty table over here. Take your cloths off, put me on the table and fuck me. I want it really bad, Baby. Please! And when you’re ready I want the thrill of feeling you cum inside me. I can already feel my cervix twitching just thinking about it. My uterus is on fire for you. It needs your sperm. Yes, my womb needs a hot sperm douche. I think it’s about the right time of the month”

I started stroking his penis again and went on, “What could be more beautiful than having your seed up my fallopian tubes? I say the hell with my husband and your wife. Right now I want to be your wife. Let’s form a union, your flesh and mine, joined together. I want to mate my egg with your sperm and before the day is out, have a live embryo inside me. That’s what I want, what do you want?”

“I want to make you pregnant”

“Oh yeah, that’s it Baby. Tell it how it really is. Do you want your fetus in my womb?”

“Oh yeah, I want it”

I started taking off his cloths and said, “How bad do you want it, Honey? How bad does your sperm want my nasty egg? Because this horny bitch wants you to make her pregnant”

He stuttered, “I want to make a baby with you. Yes, I want to make you my wife”

“Yes, I want to be your wife, your whore wife. This whore wants your bastard baby in her belly. Do you want to have illicit sex and make a bastard baby inside me?”

By now he was naked too. I led him over to the table and hopped on. I laid back and spread my legs for him. He put his head between them and just before sticking his tongue into my vagina he said, “I’m going to fuck this sweet married WHORE CUNT of yours and have my baby, our bastard offspring make you belly swell up”

Then he started licking my cunt and tongue fucking me. It sent me over the edge, saying something like, “That’s it, yeah, say it. Tell me how you’re going to make by belly swell and tits fill with milk. Are you going to suck my squirting nipples and drink my milk? Do you want to be there and watch our bastard baby slide out my birth canal?”

Then he stood up and put his cock in my pussy. I was so wet and he so hard that he effortlessly slid all the way in to the hilt. He said, “Yes. Yes. I want your egg, I want your milk, I want my fetus growing inside you, I want you to give me a bastard baby, birthed from your sweet whore womb”, as he started fucking me with long slow strokes.

By then I was in complete orgasm, total ecstasy and totally out of control. I blurted out, “Shit. Oh fuck, you feel so good inside me. You’re fucking my cervix, can you feel it? Oh my God, cum for me baby. Shoot it in me. I want you to fertilize my God Damn Fucking Egg. Spray my cervix, fuck that hot seed into my baby factory. It feels so God Damn good. Don’t you just love committing adultery, especially like this, no fucking birth control and with me fertile and ovulating. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. I want your DNA”

I could sense he was getting close, feeling him swell up as his penis bumped into and rubbed my spasming cervix. He was about to bust his nut when he groaned, “Yeah I feel it and I feel you squeezing the hell out of me. Open your uterus and suck me into your womb. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot it Baby, right now. I’m going to sperm your egg… fucking slut whore”

I felt him go off inside me. I felt the slipperiness and the warmth. But he didn’t stop, he just kept fucking me, holding my legs up, spread wide open and my orgasm just kept going, on an on. I yelled,

”Oh yeah, fuck yes! Sperm this married whore slut. I feel it. I’m such a God Damn fucking dirty whore. I’m a God Damn FUCKING BABY MAKING WHORE. I want to walk down the street naked, in public, totally pregnant with your bastard pushing out my slut belly. I want you to fuck me in public, take down to the strip joint, fuck me on stage. Fuck me pregnant on stage. Let everybody know I’m your pregnant whore bitch, that I am married to another man and having your baby out of wedlock”

Finally, our mutual orgasm began to subside. He let my legs down, bent over me and sucked my nipples. Then still inside me he kissed me and I held him as we continued kissing. After awhile he slid out of me, still full erect. As I sat up, I realized I had about the biggest sperm load inside me I had ever taken, pouring out onto the table.

“Oh Baby. Why did you pull out? You’re still so hard”

“I need a cigarette”

I scooped up some of the splooge on the table and rubbed it into my oozing pussy then put my hand to my mouth and licked it. I got down off the table, dropped to my knees in front of him and began licking, sucking and cleaning his erection. He said, “That was unbelievable”

I got up and found my lab coat and pulled a pack of Salem 100’s out along with my lighter, offering him one. I fetched a lab beaker to use for an ash tray. I lit his cigarette and went back to the table. I licked some of the cream we produced off the table top, lit my own cigarette and bent over the table, pointing my ass at Tom. His sperm was pouring down my legs. I told him to fuck me some more. I said,

“I need it. I want it. Let’s make sure your sperm gets well and truly fucked into my uterus. I don’t want to leave here until my egg is mated with your sperm”

He entered me from the rear and we fucked as we smoked. He said we were going to make a beautiful baby and I said, YES. He fucked me like that for quite awhile and gave me more orgasms until he had another orgasm himself, flooding me with more of his DNA. I used my cunt to squeeze and suck him dry. By the time we were done (at least done for then) it was past 1:00PM.

I got down on my knees and sucked Tom’s cock clean. Then I got some paper towel and cleaned up the mess we had made. I kissed Tom as we stood holding each other naked. I told him, “I’m serious you know, I want your bastard love child”

I used the phone on a nearby desk to call Hank and tell him to “fire up” the machine and get it purged, that we would be there in a few minutes. I told Tom we still had some time before he had to leave. He told me he wanted to taste my pussy so I got back up on the lab bench and spread my legs for him. I really enjoyed having him eat his own sperm from my birth canal. I told him he could have me anytime he wanted me and we talked about making a baby together. I also told him he could have me anywhere he wanted me. He thought about that a second and remembered that he didn’t have reservations that evening anywhere yet.

So I got up and went to the phone again, this time calling Tracy. I asked her to get Tom a reservation at the hotel for him. She said okay. I still had my heels on. I told Tom I hated having to get dressed and that I would love to just walk out on the shop floor naked with his DNA dripping down my legs. “If it were the night shift I would do just that. But we have to be somewhat discrete during the day here” We then spent the next few minutes standing, holding each other and rubbing our naked bodies against each other, kissing.

Finally, we broke the embrace and got dressed. I put my shorts and top back on and donned my safety glasses. When Tom was dressed we walked out to the machine to find that Eric was already starting to get it on cycle. I took over as Tom watched. Because of the nature of mold I had to run the machine in semi automatic mode. Tom’s tool was not that sophisticated and not really set up for high speed automation. I pointed out to him that semi auto made the process highly operator dependant and that may be part of the reason his parts were so inconsistent in the past.

Anyway I ran the machine for 45 minutes and Tom was very impressed with the visual quality of the parts. I told him the proof was in the lab tests. He said he only needed 200 hundred parts for the trial run. The mold had 4 cavities so we were getting 4 parts every 35 seconds or so. I was having to really hump it to get them all degated within the cycle but I managed it okay. Since we had molded about 300 parts and it was more than Tom really needed he said, “Okay, I’ve seen enough, let’s test some of these and see how good they do”

Back in the lab the part performance exceeded expectations. Tom couldn’t keep his hands off me as I tested the parts. We then headed to the front office for a wrap-up with Jake and Peter. I grabbed my lab coat and cigarettes on the way out. We convened in Jakes office and discussed the results. Tom was impressed and told us we were going to get all of his company’s molding business as soon as the logistics could be worked out, assuming the part prices previously quoted were still valid. Jake assured him we would hold those prices for at least the next 12 months. The deal was struck and we all partook of a celebration drink from Jake’s wet bar.

At that point both Tom and I were anxious to get out of there. Tracy told us the presidential suite at the hotel was available due to a last minute cancellation so she reserved it for Tom, “compliments of the house” she said. Jake and Peter said their good byes and I told Tom I would meet him at his hotel suite directly. After Tom left Jake and Peter said, “Well done” and I told them I needed to go meet Tom at his hotel and give him a proper send-off. They said, “By all means my Dear, just keep doing what ever it takes to make him happy”

An hour later I pulled into the hotel parking lot. I had not bothered changing so all I had on were my shorts, string bikini top and dress pumps. I walked into the lobby and headed right for the presidential suite. They way I looked and strutted, I managed to really turn some heads as I made my way to the elevator. No one was in the hall as I exited the lift. The door to Tom’s suite was about 50 feet down the hall. I unbuttoned my shorts and took them off. Then I untied my top and took it off as well. Carrying my cloths and handbag I walked down the hall naked and knocked on Tom’s door.

When he opened the door his eyes just about popped out. I said to him,
“You want to fuck?”

“Oh, my God” was all he could manage to say as he grabbed me and kissed me right there in the hallway. I told him I needed to take piss and asked if I could use the bathroom. He said, “Sure, if I can watch”

So we went inside and shut the door. I threw my things on a chair and took off my shoes, then headed for the bathroom. He said he wanted to watch so I climbed up on the Jacuzzi bath to give him a good show.  I spread my legs and squatted sticking my pussy out so he could get a really good view of me urinating into the tub. As I pissed for him I said,

“Tom, Sweetheart, as soon as I’m done here I need more sperm in my womb. I want to be pregnant when you send me home to my husband”

He said, “Oh yeah baby, I want you pregnant too. I love watching you piss. And by the way, that hallway greeting was fantastic. But weren’t you a little afraid of someone coming down the hall and seeing you naked like that?” He then started taking his cloths off.

I told him I didn’t care and reminded him that he could have me anytime, anywhere, even in public, in front of other people. I said, “The only place off limits is in front of my husband. I don’t need him finding out. I would even let you fuck me in front of your wife so she could hear me beg for your baby. Wow, what a turn-on that would be”

“Yeah, wouldn’t it though. I would be divorced in a heartbeat. Actually, I wouldn’t mind divorcing her if I could have you as my wife”

“Right now I am your wife. I’m yours to fuck and make pregnant. Do you like that? Do you like this 19 year old pussy? Do you want to stick your cock up in here and shoot your sperm into my horny uterus again? I know you want it, look how hard you are already. I’m so horny right now my ovaries feel like their jumping around like ping pong balls. Are you ready to take your wife to bed now or do you want me someplace else, like maybe out in the hall so anyone passing by can get an eyeful of you fertilizing my egg”

“Oh my god, you are unbelievable, kinky as hell and the most beautiful piece of womanhood that ever existed”

Less than a minute later we were in bed copulating. We didn’t want to waste time getting dressed and going out to dinner so later on we just called room service. When the guy came to deliver the food I slipped on Tom’s shirt but I did not bother to button it. So when I opened the door to take the food tray from him, he got a real good eye full of freshly fucked pussy and hopefully pregnant belly. When I signed the bill I even let my tits flop out into view as I grabbed his pen. I love turning guys on like that.

 I asked Tom what time his flight was the next day and he said 1:00pm. I informed him I had to leave before 11:30 so I could get home before my husband got there. But I told him I would be back in the morning by 6:30 so we could have breakfast in bed before he had to get up. When I left I told him that I hoped he had knocked me up.

The next morning Tom told me how much he was in love with me. I didn’t want to break his heart so I said “good” and asked him if he wanted a boy or a girl. I did tell him I was his breeding slut though. He said he didn’t care as long as the baby was the product of our union. I said, “Oh Yeah, it will be awesome to be pregnant with you love child”

I was home by noon and Jimmy was just waking up. I did a load of wash and some housework, Yuk. That evening I got dressed up in my new red outfit which now included a pair of red fishnet stockings and garter belt that I had not worn yet. We took my little red convertible to dinner and I let Jimmy drive. Afterwards we went to a lounge that had a live band and danced a little before he got horny and said he wanted to go home and fuck me.

On the way home we drove past the strip joint Peter and Jake had mentioned. I asked Jimmy if he had ever been there. He said no, he hadn’t. I suggested we stop in and check it out. It might even make him hornier for me. The parking lot was almost full. We found a place in the back and we went in. I didn’t exactly know what to expect since I had never frequented such a place before. There was a $15 cover charge, each, to get in.

We quickly found out it was Amateur Night that evening. There was a $500 prize for the winner. About 9 local girls and housewives were competing for the prize. I was a little surprised to see some women customers in the audience sitting with their boyfriends or husbands. I had always thought only horny men came to places like that.

The girls were judged by the volume of the applause they received at the end of their performances. Some of the husbands or boyfriends of the female customers were trying to talk their dates into getting up there on stage and giving it a shot too. So after the girls who came prepared to compete had finished the first female customer reluctantly got up on stage.

The music started and she danced. Then another female customer joined her. During the course of two songs they began stripping off their street cloths little by little. By the third song both girls were completely nude and the audience was howling, cheering them on.

I was intrigued by the display, especially when one of the girls started fingering her own pussy right up there on stage in front of everybody. Seeing my own arousal, Jimmy suggested that I might try entering the contest. He didn’t have to ask twice, I was up there on stage as soon as the two girls started collecting the cloths. They stepped down off the stage, still naked, carrying their cloths back to their tables. When the music started again I began some sexy dance moves. Looking out into the audience I could see the two girls putting their cloths back on. It didn’t take me long to get my cloths off and soon I was naked. I swung on the pole and got on the floor on my hands and knees and dry humped myself for show. Then I rolled over on my back, raised my legs and spread them wide open. I finger fucked my pussy right there on the stage floor in front of the audience. The crowd went wild and said, “More. More”

A couple of the male customers got up and came over to the stage to get a close-up view. So I put on a show for them. I spread my pussy lips wide open for them to see deep into my pink. I was horny and I was juicing. I could feel it and they could see it as my sex juice started to collect in the opening of my birth canal and ooze. One of the guys said, “God, you’re hot”

I said, “You like my cream, Baby? I bet you would like to put your sperm in there, wouldn’t you?”

“Damn straight”, he said. I continued, “I want some hot, potent, baby making sperm pumped right in here” Then I poked my finger deep into my sex hole and told him, “I bet you wish you were my husband because he is going to pump this little fertile pussy full of baby juice tonight”

Then one of the bouncers came over and told me I was not allowed to do that. I looked at him questioning what he meant and said, “What? I’m not allowed to get pregnant?”

He said, “No. You are not allowed to touch your genitals here in the club, and legally, even your nipples are consider genitals”

“Well, I saw one of the other girls finger herself”

“Yes, I know. It was a slight impropriety that was over before I could get here to tell her”

“Well, shit. What the hell can I do up here, anyway?”

“Just what you were doing before you started touching yourself. You can show off any part of you body you want, just no touching, no genital contact. It’s the law”

So I got up, did a few more suggestive moves for the audience, and when I went to collect my cloths, the audience cheered and clapped. I looked out into the audience and saw a couple of the dancers giving the customers private nude dances and lap dances at their tables. I went back to our table carrying my cloths, to find a dancer giving my husband Jimmy a lap dance. I dropped my cloths by my purse on the floor and went over to her and told her to give it to him good and to get him good and horny for me. Then I turned around to the nearest male customer and asked if he would like a lap dance too.

Absolutely he did. So I sat on his lap grinding my bare, wet pussy into his crotch. He reached around behind me and put his hands on my back. I fed him by breasts so he could suck my nipples. He did. Then I grabbed one of his arms and guided his hand to my pussy. I whispered in his ear for him to finger fuck me. He did. Then I asked him if I got up on his table and spread my legs for him if he would eat me.

Oh shit, then I saw the bouncer heading my way again. The guy immediately pulled his hand away from my soaked crotch. The bouncer said that I had to at least wear panties when sitting on someone. I pointed to one of the dancers giving a customer a private nude dance and told him she wasn’t wearing panties.

The bouncer said, “Yes. And no one is touching her genitals if you will notice” So, I got up and went back to my husband. The girl giving him a lap dance was just finishing up and I did notice she was wearing a G-string.

I said to Jimmy as the girl got off his lap, “Well darling, if you are good and horny now, why don’t we go home so you can fuck me?” He nodded, Okay and gave the girl $25.

I picked up my things and said let’s go. He said, “Aren’t you going to get dressed?” I was feeling kinky so I told him I intended to walk out of there naked. I could tell that turned him on. He said, “Well if you got the guts to do it, then let’s go” I never even bothered to find out who won the contest, I didn’t really care. But I would have liked to have had my pussy eaten with every one watching, including my husband.

On the way home I had Jimmy’s cock out and sucked him as he drove. While doing this he had his fingers in my pussy. When we got to our apartment I was still naked. We parked the car and walked to our front door with me still in the nude.

We had steamy sex that night. I enjoyed having my husband go down on me knowing I still had some of Tom’s seed in my womb from earlier that day and thinking I could be pregnant with bastard child. I asked that we not use birth control and I told Jimmy about the guy fingering me and how I wanted him to eat my pussy right there on his table. Jimmy confessed that he would have liked to have seen that. I said, “Yeah, too bad about the rules. Maybe we could join a nudist club or something and arrange just such a show for you”
“Nudist clubs have rules too, you know”, he said.

“Oh……Still and all, would you really like to see me have sex with another man? You know it might turn me on to see you with another woman. When I saw that girl giving you a lap dance I was wondering if you were thinking about sticking your dick up into her pussy”

“The thought certainly did occur to me. I hope you don’t mind”

“No. I don’t mind, Darling. It’s only natural. But if you really would like to have sex with another woman I know a couple of girls at work. But they are married so it would have to be on the Q.T…. I could arrange it if you really are interested. You wouldn’t even have to use a condom since they are both on the pill”

“Pamela Simpson! Are you serious?”

“Well….You’ve got me so horny tonight. It was just a thought”

“Just exactly what is it you are talking about?”

“Well….You might have to go into work a little late one night but maybe I could ask Tracy or Sue to stop by here on the way home after work and we could have a little 3-way. Just think how hot it would be to send a woman home to her husband with your seed in her womb”

“You can’t be serious”

“Oh, you’re probably right. Why would either of them want to do that. I was just fantasizing”

So, we dropped the subject and went to sleep.

The next day, Sunday, we slept in late and I douched, took a bubble bath and washed my hair. After my bath I decided to stay naked since I liked the feeling. I put my diaphragm in along with a good dose of spermicidal gel just in case Jimmy got the hots for me again. I had let him fuck me the night before to cover myself in case I was pregnant. I figured since Tom’s sperm was already in my womb that Jimmy’s seed wouldn’t have much of a chance anyway. I had long since discovered that I liked being a married whore and I wanted to experience the thrill of having a bastard baby.

I fixed lunch only wearing an apron then I took it off. Later in the afternoon I did some house work, another load of wash and started to vacuum the living room floor. While I was pushing the vacuum around my husband, Jimmy, snuck up behind me, bent me over and started rubbing my ass with his erect penis.
I switched the vacuum off and he worked his cock into my pussy. I wasn’t really in the mood but after awhile it did start to feel good. He had me down on my hands and knees on the floor doing me doggie style with his hands on my butt. He called me his horny little slut and said, “I still can’t believe what you did up on that stage last night”

“Well, you suggested it, in fact dared me to do it”
“Yeah, but I didn’t think you really would……. Oh Baby, you feel so good”
“You too Babe, stoke it in there deep and hard”
“Did you give that guy a lap dance to get even, when you saw me getting one from that stripper?”
“That. Plus I was horny. And I figured you were thinking about how nice it might be to get your dick up into her twat”
“Is that why you let him finger you and wanted him to eat your pussy?”
“Yeah, exactly”
“If he had eaten your box, then what? Would you have let him fuck you?”
“Oh, I don’t know. I’m married to you and I don’t know him from Adam’s house cat. Besides, I wouldn’t want to chance contracting any STD’s. How about you? You wanted to fuck that girl rubbing her twat all over your crotch, didn’t you?”
“Oh Baby, I’m going to cum just thinking about it”
“Yes, yes, do it Darling”
He did while I told him to rut me like a bitch-whore and that I was fantasizing about being gang raped on that stage. When he pulled out I asked him to eat me like I wanted that guy to do.
I could feel his semen start to drip out my oozing cunt so I pushed my butt up in the air to give him access to my birth canal. Jimmy went down on me. As he was licking his own cum from my pussy I had an orgasm.

On Monday I told Tracy about my weekend and about me stripping on stage and giving some stranger a totally nude lap dance. I told her about my husband Jimmy getting a lap dance too. I said I told him that it might turn me on to see him with another woman.
I went on to say he admitted to having thoughts of fucking that girl sitting on his lap at the time. I related to Tracy the fact that I told him, if he really wanted to have sex with another woman I know a couple of girls at work, but they are married so it would have to be on the Q.T. and that perhaps I could arrange it if he were really interested.
I even went on to tell her I had mentioned that he probably wouldn’t even have to use a condom since they were both on the pill.
Tracy said, “I don’t believe it. You told him that!”
“Yes, I figured if he had sex with another woman and later found out about my infidelities, he couldn’t accuse me of being unfaithful without accusing himself.
“Holy shit, that’s quite a strategy, how come I never thought about that?”
“So would you be willing to do it, make love with my husband?”
“Maybe, how would you arrange it?”
“I don’t know yet. What do you say we give it some thought?”
That afternoon Peter asked that I take a sales order to Frank, the shift supervisor and ask him when he could schedule it in. He wanted me to use my “influence” on him to put the order ahead in priority. When I got to Frank’s office the door was closed. So I knocked on the door but did not wait for an answer. I just barged on in and started saying I was sorry for the intrusion but I had a rush order.
Woah! I walked right into the middle of job interview he was giving to a young black girl. She stopped doing what she was doing, looked at me and froze stiff in shocked horror.  Both she and Frank were stark naked except she still had her heels on. She was on her knees giving him a blow job.
I told her to relax, it was all right. Then I asked, “Is she good, Frank?”
“She’s the hottest piece of chocolate I’ve ever seen”, he said.
Then I said to her that it looks like she got the job. To help put her at ease I added, “Mind if join in to help celebrate your new job?” I immediately stripped off my dress. As usual I wore no under garments so I was naked along with them.
I got on my knees behind her and reached around her to fondle one breast with my left hand and run my other hand up between her legs. I suggested she resume where she left off. She did.
She was 18 years old, just out of school and looking for her first job. I felt her up real good as she sucked Frank. Then I suggested that Frank get up on the conference table and have young Tammy get on top of him. Since I had my fingers in her twat I knew she was getting hot and was ready for some real action.
When they got up on the table she straddled him and they engaged in some French kissing. Then I told her to ease back as I guided Frank’s hard cock into Tammy’s wet pussy. I encouraged her to fuck him and work her hot little chocolate box up and down on his hard white dick.
As she began moving her cunt up and down on Frank’s cock both Frank and I used our hands to massage, caress and encourage her.
I had never seen a woman perform such a beautiful and erotic job of fucking a man before. She worked her pelvis, tummy and ass so expertly as she plunged Frank’s dick into the depths of her hot sex. I told her it looked as though she had some practice doing this sort of thing before.
Tammy said she had been fucking since she was 11 years old and how her Daddy used to say “If you’re old enough to bleed, you’re old enough to breed” She said her father had knocked her up by the time she was 13. I told her that was “hot” as she continued to fuck Frank’s cock deep into her birth canal. “Did you have the baby?”
“No, my father took me to the clinic and had the fetus aborted”
I asked her about birth control. She said sometimes the guys use condoms. I reminded her that she wasn’t using one now. She said, “Yah I know. I like it better this way”
“Frank is going to want to cum inside you, you know. What time of the month is it for you?”
“I don’t know. I think my last period was a week or two ago. But I don’t care. I can always go back to the clinic if need be”
When she said that, Frank just couldn’t hold back any longer. He started moaning and groaning as he drove his penis up into her as far as possible. When he started ejaculating she whispered things in his ear and then started French kissing him again as his reproductive fluids flooded her genital orifice.
Then I told her (both of them really) that I wouldn’t mind having Frank’s baby, but I would want to carry it full term. Actually the idea of using abortion as a method of birth control turns me off, it’s so disgusting.
After he came he still remained pretty hard and she continued to fuck him. I got around behind them so I could get a good view of their mating genitals. I watched as semen began to ooze out where they were joined. As she continued working her twat up and down on him more and more baby making juice flowed out of her.
I said, “Damn, with all that jizz coming out of you Tammy, if you weren’t already pregnant when you got here, you probably are now”
Finally Frank’s pecker flopped out of her. She then kissed him and said, “I hope you liked it” He responded with, “You start work tomorrow on the second shift. Be here by 3 o’clock, okay”
She climbed off him and sucked his cock, cleaning it. Then she got her panties and wiped her leaking crotch with them. I went and sat over on the couch and told her to get up on the couch straddling me and squat on my face. I told her I had sucked black dick before but never had a chance to eat chocolate pussy. She did and while doing so reached down and fingered my clit at the same time. I licked and sucked Frank’s sperm from her birth canal as he got dressed.
Frank said he would run my order first thing in the morning and asked that I take Tammy up to the office and make sure all the required employment paperwork got done.
Then Tammy and I got dressed and went to the front office. I dropped her off at Sue’s desk and went to tell Peter the job would be run first thing the next day. He was pleased.
The following day I woke up with a little kink in my back between the shoulder blades. When I got to the office I immediately went to the ladies room, as usual, and I removed all my under garments. When I got to my desk Sue called me on the phone and said, “Pamela, Jake wants you in his office for a meeting. And by the way, when you’re done please tell him I’m wet and horny enough to fuck a door knob. Mike went out. Ask him if he will do me for lunch. I need some relief”
I said, “Sure thing” and headed for Jake’s office. Jake, Peter and Hank were sitting at the conference table waiting for me. As I sat down my back gave me a little twinge and I grimaced. Peter asked what was wrong. I told him I must have slept on my back wrong or something. Frank started talking and said we needed to get Tom’s molds, fixtures and tools into our shop as soon as possible to get that extra revenue flowing. Peter got up and stood behind me and started rubbing my back and shoulders. I reminded the guys that Tom needed time to run a safety stock of inventory before he would allow the equipment to be released and shipped to us. Hank said he needed at least 2 weeks to make the necessary modifications to work with our machines. Jake said, “Shit, what can be done to speed things up”
Peter suggested that I go to Chicago and work directly with Tom on a personal level to schedule the final runs in order to assure getting his safety stock where it needs to be ASAP.
Hank said he would need a day to day update from me to make sure the machine shop was set up and ready when each piece of equipment was scheduled to arrive.
By this time Peter had his hands all over me and down the front of my dress tweaking my nipples. It wasn’t long before he had my dress unzipped. As Jake was asking more questions Peter pulled me up out of the chair, pulled my dress down and bent me over the conference table. He proceeded to give me a deep, full back rub as Hank answered Jake’s questions.
Pretty soon Peter unzipped and had his cock out and was rubbing it into the crack of my ass as he continued rubbing my back. Jake asked me if I could go to Chicago and do whatever it took to speed things up. I told them I could do it.
Peter’s cock slipped into my vagina. While he fucked me he took off his shirt, undid his belt and dropped his trousers. Then Peter said, “Before she goes I want her pregnant”
I moaned, “umm.mmm” and raised my left leg and put my foot up on the table in order to spread my legs further apart so Peter could penetrate me deeper. Peter’s dick punched into my cervix.
I told him if he wanted me pregnant that was exactly where he needed to be when he nutted me.
Hank then started getting undressed and said, “We all want her pregnant”
It wasn’t long before everyone in the room was naked. It was all really quite unbelievable. For the next hour or so we continued our meeting discussion with plans and strategy and instructions from Jake as the guys gang-fucked me on the conference table. All three of them had their hands on me at the same time caressing and massaging my body, both inside and out.
By the time they had all cum in me I was laying in a sea of semen, poured out all over the table and leaking from my uterus and birth canal. I had sperm in my fallopian tubes, flowing to my ovaries. I was exhausted, wiped out, laying flat on my back, spread out on the table. Jake asked Peter to get some towels out of the back room (otherwise known as the “love nest”) so we could clean the mess up.
Somehow in my daze I remembered to tell Jake that Sue had mentioned she also needed some attention. He called her on the phone and invited her to join us. When she entered the room she said, “Good God. It’s a gang bang. I love it” She immediately pulled open her dress and said, “Who wants to be first to fuck this whore?”
Jake fed her his cock. She got on her knees and started sucking him. As I rolled off the table Peter and Hank wiped it with towels. Then she asked Jake to lie on the table. She climbed up on the table and grabbed his penis while lowering her pussy down onto Jake’s mouth. She told him to eat her and get her whore cunt and womb ready for his sperm.
After awhile she got off him and stood on the floor. Hank put one of her legs up on the table and shoved his erection into her sex hole. Then one after the other she kept having orgasms. Hank spermed her pussy and Peter took his place. The fucking went on well into the lunch hour. I had to leave because it was my turn to be at the switchboard during lunch.

About one o’clock I got a call from the doctor’s office. He had my test results in hand and needed to discuss them with me. I said I was really busy and couldn’t get away for awhile. The receptionist said the doctor should be done with his last case the following day about 5:30 and asked if I could make it then. I agreed.
In the meantime I called Tom and asked if I could come visit him and perhaps assist in the process of getting his safety stock run. He was all over that offer like white on rice. He said he wanted to see me real bad. So we set up the arrangements.
When I arrived at the doctor’s office the receptionist was packing up getting ready to leave for the day. She showed me into the doctor’s office and asked if he needed anything else before she left. He said, “No. You can just lock the door behind you on the way out. Have a good evening, Dear”
He got up from his desk and came over to me. “How are you feeling Mrs. Simpson?
I told him I was horny and wanted him to fuck me again. He said, “Let’s see if we can’t find a bed around here someplace”
He led me to one of the back rooms of the office and to my surprise showed me a queen size bed with fresh linens.
“I call this the pregnancy bed. There are quite a few women who have some difficulty getting pregnant with their husbands”
He then proceeded to light some candles and turn off the overhead lights. He then unzipped my dress and continued,
“Lots of times we use the bed for sex therapy. I have a list of studs who are routinely tested and proven to be extremely potent. It’s a service I offer to my patients. Most of them who use the service are married. It’s kept pretty confidential so their husbands won’t find out about it though. Some of my patients just simply like the thrill of whoring themselves out, not having to worry about STD’s, and experiencing the joy of pregnancy risk sexual intercourse.”
“Sounds like me, Dr. Davis. I love whoring my womb to other men.”
By this time he had all my cloths off including my shoes. I then proceeded to remove all his cloths.  I climbed onto the bed and told him to rut me good. We made love and I mean like real love, tender, sweet, romantic love. I asked him to make my belly swell with his love child. He came inside me, real deep inside me. I could actually feel his hot seed flowing into my whore uterus.
He stayed on top of me and inside me as we tenderly kissed each other and whispered “I love you” in each other’s ears. God, it was so beautiful. Little did I know he was trying to break the news to me gently.
He then whispered in my ear about the test results. He lovingly informed me that it appeared I may have a problem with my reproductive tract. He said there were no safe non intrusive tests that could determine the exact nature of the problem and that it could just be a simple blockage in my fallopian tubes. Or there could be a problem with my ovaries.
I started to cry and he kissed my tears away but they kept coming and I started to go into convulsions with him laying on top me. He held me and caressed me attempting to sooth my pain.
After I calmed down and the reality of what he told me began to sink in he slowly removed his penis from my vagina. He then proceeded to give me an examination as he explained that it was just his opinion and encouraged me to seek a second opinion before taking any action. He wanted to confirm the exact date and nature of my last period. I had to think about that a minute and I told him.
He stuck his fingers in me and felt for any inflammation or irregularities. He then got down between my legs and pushed them back against my chest. He stuck his tongue in me and licked me. He put his fingers in me again and massaged my G-spot as he kissed my quivering belly. It really felt good but I was no longer feeling horny, as he rightfully suspected.
He suggested a minimally intrusive exploratory surgical procedure to investigate the apparent problem further and said I should give it some thought. He went on to say that 75% of the time in situations like this he had been able to detect and fix the problem with micro-surgery during the procedure.
When I left the office I thanked him and told him I would give everything he told me some serious thought.
That night I cried myself to sleep.
The only ones I told about the situation were my husband and best friend Tracy.
It was mid morning as I was packing and preparing for my trip to Chicago later that day when I heard a knock at the front door. Jimmy was still in bed. I went to the door to find Tracy standing there in a very upset state.
I invited her in and set her down at the kitchen table. I then set about brewing a pot of coffee, something she obviously needed for her nerves. She told me she had been to work and they were closing the doors, she was told to go home.
Apparently the IRS and the Justice Department were there with warrants and confiscating files left and right. Sue told her all hell had broken loose, that there were pending legal actions on counts of fraud, embezzlement, sexual harassment in the workplace, tax evasion, illicit sexual activities, child pornography and so on. Peter’s wife had filed for divorce and Mike had skipped town leaving his wife in the lurch.
I was in shock and sat down at the table with Tracy. I said, “What about us? Are we in trouble too?”
“No. I think we are okay. We’re not corporate officers or anything like that so no ones coming after us. But we need to make sure our husbands don’t find out the full extent of our “extra curricular” activities”
“What am I to do? I was just getting ready to go to Chicago”
“Well, you can bet that is off. Your company credit card has probably already been cancelled”
Just then Jimmy walks in wearing his bath robe. He said he smelled coffee and heard voices. He did not know Tracy so I immediately introduced her. He knew the name and right away recognized her as being one of the girls I had talked to him about. I could tell he instantly had the hots for her. I told him to get some coffee and sit down, there was more bad news.
Tracy told him about some of the problems at work but carefully left out anything of a sexual nature. She said it looked as though she and I were out of work and that we would have to be looking for employment soon. She asked if we had anything stronger to drink. I got up and got a bottle of Jim Beam from the cabinet. She took it and poured a huge shot into her coffee. Then she poured some more and said she needed a double.
She said she needed to use the little girl’s room. I told her down the hall and on the left. She took her drink with her. Jimmy said, “Let me have a shot of that stuff too”
I poured some Bourbon in his coffee and then some in mine. Tracy was gone for quite some time as we sat, drank coffee and Bourbon until the bottle was half empty and talked about what I should do next.
I said, “Well maybe I should fix breakfast” and got up and headed for the kitchen. I saw Tracy coming out of the bathroom. Her dress was one that buttoned down the front. I could tell right away she had removed all her under garments. She was even barefooted. Only two of her buttons were fastened.
She padded her way to where Jimmy was sitting and came up behind him. She told him she needed another drink and asked if he would hand her the booze bottle. He did so passing the bottle over his shoulder not quite bothering to look at her. She put the neck of the bottle to her mouth and took a big gulp, straight. Wow, she was on fire.
Then she bent over and whispered in his ear, “Pam tells me you like lap dances. Whatta you say we put on some music? That is, if you are interested” He turned to look at me and I just gave him an encouraging shrug.
He turned to look at her and said, “Sure” He got up and went to the stereo and she followed him. They both proceeded to sift through the albums with him not really realizing how she was dressed. Or should I say the lack of dress. When she saw the “The Wall” she said she liked Pink Floyd. He slipped in the CD and the music started.
She said, “Why don’t we get comfortable on the couch?” He turned to really look at her for the first time. His lustful eyes roamed up and down her body. She saw the lust and told him the best way to give a lap dance was in the nude.
Standing in front of him, she undid the two remaining buttons, pulled her dress open and slid it off her shoulders. Jimmy’s mouth hung open as she reached for his robe and undid it saying, “Here, you need to get comfortable to get the full effect”
Standing in only his boxers she then led him to the couch. When they got there she proceeded to pull his shorts down asking him to sit right there in the middle and telling him the boxers would just get in the way.
He sat down as she directed and I had never seen his cock so hard before. She got up on the couch straddling his lap and put one of her very erect nipples into his mouth. He sucked it as she reached down to stoke his cock.
She said, “Oh, this is nice Baby” and then lowered herself on to him while guiding his erection into her vagina. She plunged all the way down and ground her butt into his lap. She wiggled and squirmed massaging my husband’s penis with her talented love box. He was buried balls deep into her.
He yelled, “Oh my God!” then resumed licking and sucking her nipples as she fucked him.
I said, “Now that’s a lap dance. Honey, you like it?”
“It’s unbelievable. Tracy, Baby, you are so fucking HOT. Pam, Honey, are you sure you don’t mind?”
I started fingering myself and said, “No, Honey, I don’t mind. I like watching what she is doing to you”
“Oh, God, she’s going to make me cum”
“If you’re going to cum, Baby, why don’t we slow down some and go to the bedroom. Is it okay if we use your marriage bed Pam?”
I said be my guest. “If you are going to take his seed in your womb it’s the best place to do it”
Tracy stopped moving and started French kissing my husband. Then she slowly, ever so slowly, began to pull her pussy up off my husband’s boner. She stood up and swiped her fingers along her wet slit saying, “Oh, you’ve really got me wet” She pulled Jimmy up off the couch and grabbed his nut sac.
“Now, what was it your wife was saying about where these beautiful nuts need to empty themselves? I think she said something about my womb. Do you want your seed in my uterus as bad as I want it?”
“Oh my….God”
She started stoking his cock with one hand while fondling his scrotum with the other saying, “Cum on honey, tell me how bad you want it. Let your wife hear you say it too”
“I want you, Tracy, really bad. You’re such a hot piece of ass”
“I’m a whore. I want to whore myself to you. I want you to put me on your marital bed and have your wife watch you treat me like a slut. Take be to you bed, please”
“Let’s go. Pam, are you sure you’re cool with this”
“Do it Baby, do it”, I said.
They went into the bedroom and began gentle, caressing, romantic moves together, rubbing their naked bodied all over each other and kissing and licking each other. On the bed, Tracy sucked his cock and they got into a 69 preparing each others genitals for what was to cum.
Oh, poor Jimmy just couldn’t control himself any longer and he erupted in her mouth. What did not leak out she swallowed of course.
He said he was sorry. But Tracy reassured him and said it was okay, that he tasted good.
She was very patient with Jimmy and encouraged him. She worked him over right there on my marital bed for almost an hour until she had him hard again. They got into the missionary position as she guided his penis back into her vagina.
The fucking was hot and sensual. He lasted a long time and just about wore himself out, almost physically depleting himself. As she sensed his orgasm start to build, she herself started having an orgasm.  She held her legs up and spread them wide for him. She begged him to plant his seed where it belonged this time, deep in her reproductive tract. They both knew she was on the pill.
In the throws of orgasm, at her peak, she blurts out, “Oh God, you’re going to cum, I feel it. Fuck! Damn it all….Oh fuck, Jimmy, I don’t want to be on the pill when you do this to me. I want to give you my egg”
“Still fingering myself, I then blurted out something like, “Yeah, Jimmy, since you can’t fertilize mine it would be fun to see you fertilize hers”
With that he busted his nut deep inside her hot little whore belly.
He collapsed on top of her, totally spent and totally out of it. She moaned in ecstasy. I left the room.
About half an hour later she came out of the bedroom and quietly shut the door. She said he had fallen asleep and probably wouldn’t wake up if an atomic bomb went off. I said, “Wow, that was about as hot as it gets”
“Yeah, I’ll say. Well, I better get home to my husband and give him the news that I’m unemployed” She put her cloths back on and left. I set about canceling my travel arrangements.
I called Tom and told him something had come up, that I wouldn’t be going to Chicago just yet. Of course he was disappointed.
The next morning Tracy shows up at the door again. Jimmy was asleep. She had told her husband she was going to be out all day looking for another job. We sat down at the table and had some coffee together making chit chat.
She reached into her purse and slid something across the table to me.
“I want to give this to Jimmy. I am asking for your approval”
I turned it over and it was a photograph she had written on, a picture she had downloaded from the internet. I read it and looked up at her.
“I went off the pill this morning. I hope you’re not offended”
The photo was of a nude pregnant girl and she had written on it, “Jimmy, Darling, I want you to make me look like this. Let me be your whore, Tracy”
“I’m jealous”
“I know Baby, I know. I also know you understand and more than anyone you must know how I feel. It was so hot doing it with you watching us. If I catch and you want, you can even adopt the kid. After all, it will be his offspring, just like keeping it in the family so to speak”


I told Tracy I had a confession to make. I said it turned me on the way she spread her legs so wide open and raised them up in the air telling him she wanted to give him her egg when she sensed Jimmy was about to cum.
“It turned me on so much I literally squirted all over my hand as I friged myself.  I have never had that happen before. Then Jimmy started nutting you and you had an orgasm. I actually ejaculated thinking about what you must have been feeling and experiencing at that moment”
“It was so beautiful feeling your husband ejaculate inside me. Yes, some girls do squirt when highly aroused. I’m glad you were so stimulated. Do I take it that you’re okay with me making love you’re your husband?”
I nodded my consent and asked her if she had heard anymore about the situation at the plant. She indicated all she had been able to find out was that the company had officially filed for bankruptcy. No one presumably in the know would or could answer her inquiries.
I said, “Why don’t you sneak down the hall, go into the bedroom, take off your cloths and climb in bed with him. That way you will be there for him when he wakes up. I think I am going to take a run down to the factory and see if I can find anything out. I just can’t believe the employees haven’t been contacted. What about unemployment, our paychecks, our health care benefits and such? This is so bizarre”
The plant was closed, locked up tight, not even any cars in the parking lot. I stopped off at 7-eleven to buy a newspaper and went back home thinking about what to do next. 
I needed some coffee. As I went in the kitchen and set the paper down I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming down the hall. I even heard the bed squeaking. The sounds were arousing, male grunts, female moans, Jimmy’s balls slapping against Tracy’s ass and even the sticky slurping sounds of her girl grease lubricating their genitals.
I wanted to go watch but decided to give them some space since I knew Tracy was undoubtedly telling him she wanted to make a baby and may have wanted the privacy along with the intimacy.
I started brewing a fresh pot of coffee and sat down in the living room to read the paper. I skimmed though the classifieds for jobs and then thought about Tom and wondered if anyone had called the customers to give them notice. I looked up his number, got me a cup of coffee and gave him a call.
He informed me he had heard the company was in “receivership” whatever that meant.  He said he was trying to get their attorneys to obtain the necessary warrants to gain access to his tooling. I told him I was obviously out of a job and that I was shocked and extremely sorry about the whole thing.
He reassured me it was not my fault and was glad it didn’t happen later when all his equipment would have been tied up. It could have put him out of business too. He went on to say I was the smartest, most talented woman he ever met and that I shouldn’t have any trouble marketing my skills. He assured me I would have little trouble finding another job.
He continued on to say he would very much like for me to work for him. He said if I was interested to just let him know. I asked in what capacity. He told me his “Administrative Assistant”. I indicated I didn’t know anything about his business and asked what I would be doing. He reminded me I didn’t know anything about the plastics molding business when I started work and how expertly I had learned everything. He said it would be a job similar to like I had working for Peter but Engineering related rather than Sales related.
I wondered what “similar” meant especially when he said what he was willing to pay me. He said he would start me out with a hundred thousand dollars a year salary with possible bonuses. I was floored, a hundred grand, a cool $100,000, six figures. Wow! I couldn’t believe it.
I said, “For money like that you must want a lot of sex”
He told me he didn’t want to confuse business with pleasure but went on to admit in all honesty he would love to somehow have me be his concubine. None the less, he thought my professional aptitude alone justified the salary.
I told him I would think about it but had no idea how my husband would feel about relocating. He told me to just say the word and he would have a ticket waiting for me at the airport if I wanted to come up for an “official” interview and check things out. Everything would be paid for. It wouldn’t cost me a thing. Plus he would even pay my husband’s way if I needed to bring him along.
After hanging up I began thinking about my fertility problems. Tom expected me to be fertile. I had told him so. I wondered about the procedure Dr. Davis had told me about and about my health care benefits. I wondered if they been cancelled yet or what? Jimmy and Tracy had not yet come out of the bedroom so I decided to make a run down to Mathew’s office and see what I could find out.
When I got there I saw two pregnant patients in the waiting room. I asked the receptionist if the doctor could see me for just a couple of minutes between clients. I had just a few simple questions to ask. She said she would see what she could do and asked me to have a seat.
About a half hour later the receptionist told me the doctor was free for the moment dealing with some paperwork. She took me back to his office and left us alone. I asked him things like, when could the procedure be dome? How long would the recovery take, what kind of scars would be left and so on?
I asked how much it would cost and told him about my insurance situation. He informed me that normally fertility issues aren’t really covered by insurance unless the patient’s health was at risk. However, he could state in the claims that my health was indeed at risk and the procedure was necessary and it should be covered under at least one of the “precautionary medicine” clauses. He went on to explain that insurance carriers generally honor grace periods in post employment situations like mine.
I told him my husband was at home fucking my best friend, that they we even trying to make a baby together. I was frustrated and I needed some relief. He pulled a 3 ring binder from one of his file cabinets and handed it to me. Each page contained a brief bio of one of his hired studs, mostly college students. Along with the bio was a full frontal nudity photo. Each page also showed a photo of the guy’s penis, fully erect. In some cases the pictures were taken at the exact instant of ejaculation and you could see the nut juice spurting out.
At the bottom of each page the typical semen shot size was noted in milliliters. Also, there were hand-written notes at the bottom indicating how many pregnancies had been produced.
I looked through the book and saw two black guys, one of which had a schelong at least 10 inches long. I wanted a black guy. Since I apparently couldn’t conceive I figured I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to have to explain a black baby. I loved the idea of having the seed of a black man inside me. I said I wanted the black guy. Dr. Davis wrote a code number on a post-it note and said to show it to the receptionist.
I kissed him and thanked him and left his office since I could tell he was anxious to get to his next patient. I handed the note to the receptionist. She looked into a code book and made a phone call then hung up. She had paged the stud, a guy named Jason. She said we should know shortly.
Five minutes later she got a call and motioned me over. Putting her hand over the receiver she asked if two o’clock would suit me. I said great. She said into the phone “Two it is”
She said I was welcome to wait in “the room” and get comfortable and that she believed I knew where it was. I said, yes thanks. She told me there was a DVD player and wet bar to help with the preparation. Then she had me sign a routine hold harmless form and gave me two containers I was to use for urine samples.
In the sex therapy room I removed my cloths and went in the bathroom. I urinated in one of the sample containers and had a bowl movement. I washed my genital area and my ass hole. Then I grabbed the bottle of perfume from my purse and applied some.
Standing in the nude I popped a DVD, marked “mixed” into the player. I lit a cigarette and sat down to watch. A movie started playing and it showed a married white woman being interviewed. She said she was about to be inseminated by a black man and wanted a black baby and talked about how her husband was probably going to go into shock the day she delivered and that her family would probably disown her but she didn’t care. Oh how appropriate I thought. After the interview she proceeded to have sex with a black dude.
As I was watching the woman in the video being sexed my stud Jason walked into the room. We made our introductions. I did not mention that I was infertile as I assumed he thought I was fertile and I wanted him to think he was about to sex me, fertile with no birth control. He told me he loved to impregnate married white women.
I helped him remove his cloths. I sucked him. He oozed precum. He ate me. We copulated in a couple of positions. He had me in the missionary position when it was time for him to cum. Like Tracy had done with my husband I lifted my legs and spread them wide open for him. He said he was going to plant his seed.
I told him to do it, that I wanted him to nut me with his black baby making nut juice. I wanted it in my married white womb. I said I wanted an interracially bred fetus growing inside me.
It occurred to me why so many white hotwives with white husbands wanted to bare black bastard babies. It was to make a statement. It was a way of publicly advertising the fact that they were whores and sluts.
I knew what it felt like to be a whore and a slut and I enjoyed letting it be known. It turned me on. I was reminded of an interview I recently read of a white housewife on the website. She said she wanted a black baby hanging on her tit with yet another black man’s fetus squirming around inside her belly.
After Jason left I wiped my crotch with a towel and got dressed. I slipped out of the doctor’s office without saying a word. On the way home I could feel Jason’s Nigger seed soaking into the crotch of my cut-offs. When I got home I noticed Tracy’s car still parked outside. When I entered the apartment there they were right in the living room, both naked.
Tracy was up on the coffee table on her hands and knees. Jimmy was standing in front of her and she was licking his penis. My husband looked a little embarrassed and wasn’t quite sure what to say or do. I tried putting them at ease saying, “It’s okay. It’s just me. Jimmy, I’m cool with it, really”

Then I noticed that Tracy’s birth canal was oozing and literally dripping with thick creamy sperm juice and a big puddle of it had plopped out onto the table between her legs. As she resumed working on my husband’s softening cock I came up behind her and stuck two fingers in her.
I swished my digits around inside her hot, freshly fucked cunt and more baby juice oozed out. Then I scooped a glob of it out and held my fingers up saying, “It looks like Tracy has been a good little whore today”
I stepped over to Jimmy and put my gooey fingers to his mouth telling him to have a taste. He licked them as I said, “Ummm…good stuff, huh”
Tracy got off the table and sat on the edge of the couch. A big long string of goop oozed out of her onto the leather couch cushion. She just kind of leaned back, keeping her legs spread wide open while putting her feet up on the edge of the table inviting us both to look at her while lewdly displaying her semen filled birth canal. Damn, what a slut!

I could tell from the look on her face she was enjoying having us both see her with her legs spread open, dripping with my husband’s seed inside her. I said, “What would your dear husband say if he could only see you now?”
Tracy said, “Oh, fuck him. He’d go ape-shit though, especially if he knew I was off the pill”
I removed my halter top and undid my shorts. I kicked off my sandals and removed my sperm soaked cut-off shorts. I wanted to give my husband a real show. I climbed up on the couch straddling Tracy and turned around with my ass in her face. Then I lowered my pussy to her mouth and bent over, upside down, with my hands supporting me on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. This put me in position to lick Tracy’s hot cunt. We began eating each other out with me licking my husband’s sperm from her while she tasted Jason’s sperm in me.
Jimmy obviously enjoyed the show but said he had to get ready for work. So he kissed Tracy good bye and excused himself to go take a shower. I said I would have dinner ready shortly.
Tracy collected her cloths and got dressed. On her way out she asked me who had fucked me that day. She knew because she had tasted my pussy. I whispered in her ear, “A Nigger”
“Ou….we, that’s hot. Was he big?”
I said about 11 inches worth. She said I would have to tell her about it sometime. She asked if she could come by again in the morning. I went to the kitchen cupboard and got a spare key to the apartment and gave it to her. She said thank you and kissed me good bye. When she was gone I set about the task of preparing a quick dinner.
I slipped my sandals on and put on my kitchen apron. I pulled some steaks out of the freezer. I got the butane lighter from the junk drawer and stepped out the back door onto the patio to start the gas grill. To my surprise our next door neighbor was also out there grilling some hamburgers on his grill. The only thing covering my body was the apron. It only covered my front down to about the crotch. Except for the mid-waist try string my whole back side was totally exposed.
I thought, “Oh well, what the hell. It might be fun to give the guy a little thrill” So I went to the gas grill and stood before it with my back to him. I slightly separated my legs a bit and then bent completely over to reach the valve on the gas bottle without bending my knees. I figured this position would give him a good view of my whole naked backside and bald twat, a real beaver shot.
I stood back up and lit the fire. Then I turned around, facing him, to say, “Hi” He was staring at me. He was a big burley biker type, muscular, tattooed, bushy hair, a mustache and had just a slight bit of a beer belly. Even though we lived next door I had never officially introduced myself to either him or his wife before. His name was Max.
He said he liked my chef’s outfit. Yeah, I bet he did. I told him it was easier to stay cool that way. I went back in the house to get the steaks. When I went back out to the grill he was still there. Of course he was. Does a bear shit in the woods or what? Well anyway, when I got the steaks on he asked me if I had any Worcester sauce. I said, “Oh yeah I forgot that. I’ll get it” I went back in the kitchen to fetch it. Back outside I put some on my meat along with some more salt and pepper and then carried the bottle over to him.   
He said thanks and that he would return it shortly. I said, “No hurry” and told him I wouldn’t need it back for another hour or so. I went on to mention as soon as we finished dinner my husband would be leaving for work. He got the message.
At dinner I told Jimmy I had a potential job offer and that it was up near Chicago in a town called Aurora. Of course he asked about it and I filled him in, at least with what little I knew. He asked when I would be expected to start. I told him we would have to go up and check it out first and asked how he felt about relocating.
I could tell he was a bit reluctant about the situation and he said he was just getting settled into his job and hated to move so soon yet again. I told him I understood and then laid the bomb on him. I said my starting base salary would be a cool hundred grand a year. His jaw dropped.
He responded with, “How could that be? That’s way more than we both make now, combined. What job could be worth that much?”
I indicated it was all about the person, not the job. I said I was told by the prospective employer that my aptitude and demonstrated track record indicates I possess highly MARKETABLE SKILLS.

Jimmy said he had to get going and that we could talk about my proposed job offer later. After he left for work a kicked off my sandals and removed the apron. I poured myself a big shot of Bourbon, had a cigarette and finished reading the newspaper. About half an hour later Max knocks on the back door. I went to the door and opened it standing there in front of him completely in the nude.
He said, “Wow! You really do like to stay cool don’t you?” He handed me the Worcester bottle, which I set aside. He came in and shut the door. I stepped up to him, grabbed his hand and guided it to my crotch without saying a word. He grabbed one of my tits with his other hand and we kissed lustfully as he felt me up. I broke the kiss and told him he appeared to be somewhat over-dressed.
I helped him get his cloths off and he was instantly hard. I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. It was uncut. I enjoyed working the hood of his penis back and forth with my tongue. He jammed his whole length down into my throat and I gagged. He said, “Uh…you are one hot fucking bitch”
I said, “This bitch needs fucking” He grabbed his trousers and pulled a condom out, saying, “Just in case you didn’t have any I brought one”
I grabbed his cock and started stroking it saying, “What, only one?” He said he sent his wife out shopping and she would probably be back in an hour and a half or so. He didn’t figure there would be time for more than one. I told him he needn’t have bothered since I didn’t like using them, that in fact I didn’t like using any kind of birth control. I could sense that statement really blew him away.
He confessed he also hated using them. I took the condom and threw it in the trash. He said, “So, you want me to fuck you bareback?” I responded with, “Not only that, I want you to fuck me on my marital bed. I need to have an orgasm really bad, Max”
He set me up on the kitchen table and proceeded to eat me out. By god it didn’t take him long. I had an orgasm right there on the table while he fingered and licked my sex hole. I told him I wanted to go to the bedroom and have him inseminate me.
When we got to my bed he had me get up on the edge, on my hands and knees doggy style. He stood behind me and worked his cock into my vagina. He pounded me for quite a long time before he was ready to cum. He told me he hoped I was ovulating. I told him to tell me more, I wanted to hear it. “Tell me why you want me ovulating?”
“Oh God, you fucking slut, you sweet fucking whore, I want you to have my bastard. That’s why I want you ovulating” I told him to go ahead and give me his bastard. “Make sure you get your nut where it belongs, Baby. My uterus needs a hot sperm douche”
He ejaculated in me and my orgasm crested with his. While still inside me he put his hand up under me and rubbed my belly. He said, “Pamela, I want my baby growing right up inside here” I said, “Well, you will just have to send your wife out shopping more often”
He pulled out of me but I stayed put and wiggled my ass a little while I used my cunt and belly muscles to work his semen to the entrance of my birth canal. I wanted him to see his sperm dripping out of me and have him thinking that he was getting me pregnant.
I told him to “lick it” I wanted to feel his tongue slurping up the excess as I worked my cervix to suck his seed up my womb.
Soon he had to leave. He indicated he simply could not believe the wonderful experience we just had together and what a beautiful woman I was. I kissed him good bye and told him not to be a stranger. He said, “See you soon, Honey”
When Jimmy got home from work we talked more about Chicago. He really wasn’t ready to leave his job…..and to leave Tracy just yet. I told him I needed to go check it out. It was an opportunity I could not afford to pass up. I told him he was free to use Tracy as his concubine, with my blessing. So it was decided I would go alone to scope things out up north.
When I woke up Tracy was in bed with us with her on the other side of Jimmy. They were laying spoon style with his back to me and arm under her head. We were all under the covers but I saw them rise up as she lifted her leg. I knew his penis was obviously being inserted into her vagina. She rocked back and forth, rolling her hips and I was pretty sure he had his other hand wrapped around her rubbing her belly.
I got out of bed and let them be while I brewed some coffee. I called Tom and told him I was coming and that I would be “alone” He said great and told me he would call me back shortly with all the arrangements. He did.
The next day I was on a plane headed for O’Hare. 

Tom met me at the airport and drove me to the hotel. He had arranged luxury accommodations for me for me with a wonderful view of the Chicago skyline. He said he needed to run but would pick me up later for dinner, in a couple of hours. It would give me some time to freshen up. He would then pick me up the next day and we would go the Aurora where he had a guest suite reserved for me at the Residence Inn.
That night after dinner we went to bed and he fucked me. Like Max he gave it to me from the rear. And afterwards, like with Max, I let him watch as my birth canal oozed with his seed.

The next day before he picked me up I dressed in “business attire” I put on a skimpy white bra and shear white blouse. I rolled a pair of dark nylons on supported with a black garter belt. I slipped on a tiny black thong and high heel shoes. Then I put on a short black skirt with a white slip under it.
We had breakfast at the hotel and I checked out. He drove me to Aurora and checked me into the Residence Inn. Then we went to the plant and he introduced me to everyone. I had already seen the operation during my first visit so we didn’t waste time with a plant tour. We spent about 2 hours going over the job he wanted to hire me for. It did indeed sound interesting. Then he took me to the lab and said he wanted me to be in charge of all the testing. He showed me all the equipment and briefly explained what everything did.
Finally we were ready to leave. He suggested we tour the town and I expressed an interest in looking for places to live. He said he had some acquaintances that were currently out of the country and their place was for rent with options to buy. He asked if I would be interested in looking at it. He had the keys to the place. I said sure. Before we left I used the ladies room. I took off my thong and stuffed it in my handbag. Then I opened my blouse and removed my bra as well and put it with the thong. My nipples showed through the fabric of my blouse but I figured Tom wouldn’t mind. After all, isn’t the pope Catholic?
It was not an apartment or a duplex or even a condo. It was a house, a real house, not a very big one but very nice. And it came completely furnished. I fell in love with it. Tom said if I wanted to buy it instead of just renting he would make the down payment for me. We toured the place and went into the master bedroom. I mentioned that if I was to be his concubine that we would probably be using that bed quite a bit. There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom. I went in and opened some drawers inspecting the quality of the cabinetry. In one drawer I found a dildo. I pulled it out and brought it out to the bedroom showing it to Tom, saying, “Now I wonder what this is for?”
He said, “I bet we can find something around here a little more entertaining for you than that thing” He unzipped his fly, pulled up my skirt and slip and set me up on the dresser. I scooted my but to the edge and opened my legs. He was of course pleased that I wore no panties. He pulled out his cock which was quite obviously hard already and inserted it into my fuck hole.
He unbuttoned my blouse as he fucked me and sucked on my nipples. He removed the blouse and threw it on the bed. Finally, he spurted his sperm juice in me and fucked it up my womb. When he pulled out I grabbed the dildo and stuck it into my cunt. I said I didn’t want to leak on my skirt.
I got off the dresser and removed the skirt and slip. Then I took off my shoes and garter belt. Finally I rolled off the nylons and put my heels back on. Then I took the sperm covered dildo out of my pussy and stood up to let the sex fluids run down my legs. I said we should continue the tour. I grabbed the dildo and took it with me. I’m not sure why.
We went to the back door and I looked out into the yard. It was beautiful. I wanted a better look so I opened the door and stepped out onto the patio completely naked. Tom came out with me and said, “Pam, you don’t have any cloths on. Somebody might be watching”
I said, “Well good for them. Do you think we have snoopy neighbors around here?”
“I don’t know. At least it’s the back yard I suppose. I guess people do suntan themselves out back occasionally. At least it’s not like being out in front on the street or something”
“Yeah, that reminds me I did want to take another look at the front porch and yard”
He said, “I don’t want you to get dressed just yet”
“Well, okay, come on, let’s go see it”
“Like that? You would go out front naked? Surely not”
I said, “You want to bet?”
“Are you serious?
“Yeah, I’ll even put on a little show for you.” I led him to the front door and stepped out onto the porch. As he stood there astonished, I went out on the sidewalk carrying the dildo. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled along the walkway. Then I reached around behind me and stuck the dildo in my pussy and fucked myself with it right there on the sidewalk. The dildo pushed some more of Tom’s sperm out of me and it leaked down one of my legs.

I blew Tom’s mind. He could not believe it. I thought I would go a little further. I spied a manhole cover in the street a few feet away. There was no traffic. It was indeed a quiet neighborhood. No one was in sight. So I got up and went over to the manhole cover and squatted right over it.
I looked at him and mouthed in silence “Watch this” Then I started urinating, pissing all over the street. Piss and sperm shot out and it made for a hell of a show.
Then I went back in the house with Tom and said we should christen our new “marriage bed”
He thought that was a good idea. We spent several hours in bed together until it got dark outside.
We decided to go get something to eat. I only put the blouse and skirt back on. Everything else went into my handbag. At dinner he asked when I could start work for him.
I confessed to him about my recently discovered fertility issues and asked in light of that if he still wanted me. He said absolutely and was encouraging saying whatever it was he was sure it could be fixed.
I asked him when I should have the procedure performed. He said right away. He said he had medical friends and would hook me up with the best of the best. He went on to say if my insurance didn’t cover it he would take care of it. Chicago would be the best place to have it done, he said. 
I told him I loved him and desperately wanted to have his baby. He asked when I could make the move.
I told him as soon as he could arrange temporary lodging for me. I would only need a place to stay until we could close on “our new house”.