STORY TITLE Little Brother's Webcam
AUTHOR Tikiman
CODES MF, Inc, Impreg
DATE ADDED 22nd May, 2005


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


I'd been visiting this webcam site for a while now and I don't know how many teenage boys I'd seen jerk off. Oh, I know this place was supposed to be for gay men, but it made my teenaged pussy cream every time. I'd sit back in my comfy office chair with a towel under me to catch the runnoff (no use ruining good leather!) and I'd frig myself till I came.

Then one evening, I was watching a particularly well endowed high-schooler and was shocked to realize that I recognized the plush bear that the boy was rubbing against his turgid dick. I had made that for my brother in home-ec last year! I started looking closer at the walls behind him and recognized the posters from my brother's walls.

Ooooh little brother, you are hung!

I started recording and opened up the private message feature. I wrote him a short note. "Hey big boy, you sure are looking fine!"

A minute or so later I got a reply. "OK, here are the rules I tell everyone... I only talk to girls or those who can fake it real good. I won't show my asshole, but if you're nice, I may jerk off."

I giggled, well at least he's not gay! "I am 100% female, in fact my pussy is juicing just thinking about having you inside me. I'd love you and hug you and squeeze you and call you George" George being his real name.

I saw him reading my message and he frowned when he got to the George part. His lazy stroking of his massive dick was driving me wild! He started typing and I got a reply. "Tell me more about yourself, I want to hear."

I hated to pull my fingers away from my crotch, but I needed to type. "Well, I'm 18, 5 foot 8, I have 34c breasts and they are aching for you to suck on them little brother."

I could see his jerking speed up when he started reading. Wow could he type fast one handed! I guess he's had some practice.

"You sure sound like my big sis, but her breasts are larger. What are you wearing?"

Huh, I hadn't realized that he had been checking me out. Hmmm. "I had on a green track suit as I just got back from my evening jog, but now I'm naked and fingering myself as I watch you. And my breasts aren't larger, I just wear pushup bras."

Wow he was jerking big time now! "Oh, I wish you were my sister. She's so sexy, but she doesn't seem to know it. I can see dad watching her all the time as she parades around in her short skirts, but she's oblivious. I would give my right nut to see her naked!"

Wow, I am getting so wet. "How about the contents of both your nuts? If I walked naked down the hall to your door and knelt under your table, would you jack off for me? Would you spit your load on my face? I'd look you in the eyes as you came and I'd finger myself as you coated lips and cheeks."

His had turned into a blur. "Oh yes Suzy, I love to see my spunk in your hair. Then I'd pull you up and stick my prong into you and spunk you the natural way!"

"Then stop jerking off, you'll waste it before I can walk down the hall."

His hand stopped and he looked startled, as he realized that it just might happen. I opened the door to my room and looked down the hallway. Dad's den light was on and I could hear him snoring. He'd be out for hours. Mom wasn't due back from her Bingo game till midnight, so we had some time.

It was funny later watching the video of the expression on George's face as I knocked on his door. It opened for me just a crack. His eye widened in the crack as he took in who was at his door and how many clothes she didn't have on. "You going to leave me standing out here all night until dad sees us?"

The door opened for me and I strode slowly towards my brother's computer desk, shaking my stuff as I walked. I climbed under it and patted the seat for him to come sit down. In a daze he did. "Well, aren't you going to do what we discussed?"

I helped him pull his sweats and underwear completely off and then I reached up to roll his nutsack around in my hands. His fist was going a mile a minute and I did just as I told him I would, I looked up and caught his gaze with mine as I squeezed his balls while he was jacking off. "I'm not going to last long sis. I'm not going to..... AGGGGGG!!!!!"

The balls in my hands jerked upwards and started convulsing. The first spurt was watery with precum and it sailed over my head. The rest of his load was heavy and creamy and I did my best to catch it all on my face. When he was done, I turned around and leaned the back of my head against his softening dick. Then I used my fingers to collect strand after strand of his cum from my face and suck it off my fingers. I could feel him getting hard against the back of my neck. When I was all clean, I looked up at his upside down face and asked him, "You ready to fuck now?"

I climbed on top of him, being grateful that his computer chair didn't have any arms, and started rubbing my juicy pussy along his shaft. I could feel all the veins and bumps of his massive organ, and I know those on the webcam could see the trail of pussy slime I was depositing on his cock.

George reached up and started playing with my breasts and I moaned. Too bad the webcam didn't get sound!

I lifted my ass up and hovered my pearly gates over his dick. "You ready to fuck little brother?" He nodded. I took him in my hands and guided him inside me as I lowered myself onto him. Knowing that anyone with a computer could be watching only made me hotter and wetter.

"Oooh, you feel so hard little bro. Suck hard on my nipples, I'm gonna cum soon. I was so close in my room watching you jerk yourself. I couldn't believe it was you!"

"You are so fine and tight. Much tighter than Cousin Lilly." He looked shocked at what he just said. "You can't tell her I said that. We promised not to tell!"

"Were you the one who knocked her up?"

"Yeah... Oh yeah. I love shooting into an unprotected pussy. Like I'm gonna do here in just a bit. Are you on the pill sis? Are you protected against my proven baby making sperm? Or will you bear my fourth child?"

Fourth child? Shit I thought I'd be his first fuck, but I guess not! "Who... Oh keep that up, that feels so good! Who had your others?"

I could see him thinking if he should spill the beans or not. I helped the process along by squeezing him very hard. "Oh god, keep squeezing. That feels so good. ...Aunt Jane, I fucked two babies into Aunt Jane."

Aunt Jane, the prude of the family turned baby-factory. One day after years of not dating, she turned up pregnant, and had made three babies in three short years. "I take it her black bastard wasn't yours?"

"No, but I was there when her gardener did her. We just got done fucking by the pool when he came out of the bushes with his dick out. Even though she had cum three times on me, she couldn't resist his dick. I guess my sperm just couldn't compete."

I could hear the chair we were on squeaking, I knew we'd have to get him a new one but I didn't care. I was about to cum and that was all that mattered.

"I'm not on the pill and I right at the most fertile time of my cycle. Knock me up little brother. Make a little boy I can fuck when he's old enough."

"Yes, knock her up son!" My eyes shot open and I could see our dad in the doorway. His dick was out and it was almost as hard and long as George's. "Then I want to suck your sperm out of her pussy and fuck her myself."

George chuckled. "I was wondering if you were watching again dad, you know that phony snoring tape isn't fooling anyone. We all know your jacking off to porn on the internet in there like the rest of us!"

Well it fooled me, but I didn't care as I watched my daddy jerk himself off watching us, I came, and I came hard. "Oh daddy, I never knew you wanted me. I've wanted you for so long." His rough hand caressed my face as I came on George's rod. "Cum for your brother. He must be getting close." Then daddy walked out of the room.

"Yeah! Cum for me sis, I'm getting ready to shoot. I'm getting ready to coat your insides with my potent sperm. You're not going to have a baby boy, you're going to have my baby girl, and I'll be with one to fuck her when she's old enough!"

Thinking of my brother fucking our daughter only made me start to cum harder. I had never cum this long before. Then George started pistoning in and out of me grabbing on to my ass as he pulled me on and off of his joint.

Then I felt him jerk inside me and he pulled me against his lap as his viper spat again and again just outside my womb. A warm soothing sensation filled me. I thought I was done but I started cumming again harder than before. "Suzy, take my baby. Let my jiz knock you up so fine! Oh Suzy, you'll be so fucking hot all swole up with my kid. You're so fucking hot now, but I'll want to fuck you even more when you're swelling with life. Cum for me baby. I'm cumming in you!!"

I collapsed on top of George and couldn't move. Then daddy was back and he was setting up our family video camera. Pulling the chair over to the bed, he lifted me tenderly off George and laid me down on the bed. I could see daddy's rampant organ pointing at me. Having cum so hard just moments earlier, I couldn't even lift my arms. Daddy crawled up the bed and I could feel his warm breath on my pubic hairs. Carefully he parted my cunt lips and started to suck. George was up and repositioning the web cam to get all this, then he took the camcorder off the tripod and zoomed in for a closeup of daddy sucking his sperm out of my hole. With a wink to me, daddy lifted his head and stuck out his tongue for the camera. I never would have guessed that my oh so macho father was such a cum hound.

Kissing his way up my body, he finally reached my lips and began to french me. I could taste my brothers sperm on his tongue along with my own flavor and a hint of the peppermint tobacco he loves to smoke in his pipe. Then I felt his dick at my entrance. With all the pussy juice and sperm still in there he slipped in very easily. Never breaking our kiss he began to grind himself inside of the pussy he had created with that very baby maker. I felt conflicted. I wanted my brother's baby, but I wanted daddy's too. I started to work hard at making it feel good for daddy in my cunt. Milking and squeezing with all the tricks I had learned, he was soon groaning.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to shoot a load to match your brother's." I hardly noticed when George joined us on the bed. His long smooth dick fully erect against his tummy. I thought he was ready for a second go at me after dad, but I was wrong.

"So daddy, you want some? You want me to fill you up while you cream your daughter. I know you like it." A gleam appeared in daddy's eye as he stopped fucking me. A disappointed moan came from me as I tried to get him to start again. "Just a second honey, I'll get back to what we were doing as soon as your brother is ready." Kneeling behind daddy, George spread daddy's ass cheeks and spit a trail of saliva onto his ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Slowly George was pushing his dick into daddy's ass. Daddy's face screwed up in pain for a moment then he looked hungry again. "OK, honey, lets start again."

Catching a rhythm, daddy started fucking me again as George plunged his dick in and out of daddy's hole. Everything took on a sort of surreal quality as I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I started to orgasm, not very hard, but I found I couldn't stop, and it was growing. Daddy grunted in time with his plunges into me and George's plunges into him.

I didn't think this evening could get any weirder, but I was wrong. There was mommy in the doorway in her long trench coat, back early from Bingo. I started to yell out to her but she surprised me by whipping off her coat. There was my prim, proper, Sunday school teaching mother dressed up in a leather dominatrix outfit. "Well, what do we have here? You have all been busy!" From her large purse she pulls a leather whip with a lot of thin straps.

Striding towards the bed with a confidence I have never seen her display, she kisses daddy on the cheek. "Having a good time dear?"

He looks at me, then looks at her and nods. I can't help myself, I start to cum yet again. I never knew I could cum so often and so close together. I wanted to move, to wrap my legs around daddy and my brother, but I was paralyzed from cumming so much.

I knew daddy was close to shooting as he kept grunting so loud with every stroke George put into his ass. Then a crack sounded in the room. Mommy was whipping George. "Cum in your slut's ass son, you know he can't cum himself unless he has a coating of man cream on his insides. Spunk him so he can cream your sister. I know her cycle, she's fertile as a turtle right now. Spunk your father so he can preg your sister."

"He can't preg her, I already did half an hour ago."


"No backtalk young man-whore, just cum in your father."





"AGGGGHHH!!!!!" Thrusting wildly into daddy, George starts to cum. Daddy has had a strained look for a while now, but a look on contentment spreads across his face. "I don't care what that little ass hound back there has to say, I'm the one that's knocking you up." I can feel him start to expand in me as he jams himself full length into my pussy. Then he starts spitting his baby batter into my fertile box. "Oh mommy, daddy's sperming me. He's knocking me up. Oh his jiz feels so good and warm inside me. I'm still cumming, I can't stop cumming GHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Eventually all good things come to an end and George gets off the bed and daddy rolls off me. I feel a stream of spunk running out of me as mommy runs her whip over the two of us.

"Well now at least I can drop all that bullshit about Bingo night." A crafty look comes onto her face, "...and the family reunion next month is going to be real interesting."

I wonder how well hung grandpa is?