STORY TITLE Knocking Up Miss Jen
AUTHOR Unknown
CODES mmF, Interr, Cheat, N/C, Preg
DATE ADDED 24th January, 2004

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


I had just transferred to this school from another cross-
town, and I accidentally ran into her, my teacher for last
period. She had been carrying some books, and needless to
say, they were sprawled all over the hallway. I felt a little
embarrassed, then helped her up. "I'm sorry, I hope you're
okay?" I said. I helped her pick up her books. ("Hot
Teacher," I thought. Her skirt was slightly lifted while she
had been on the floor, and I could see that she had on
thigh-hi stockings. Quite lickable legs with sexy high heels.
"I'd like to fuck her," I thought again.) She said, "I'm fine,
kind of in a hurry." "You're in my last period class, aren't
you?" I nodded yes, then she said, "You're J.C., hmmm…I
hear you have quite a reputation with the girls?" I replied,
"Yes, ma'am." "I play lead guitar in a rock band, it kind of
goes with the territory." (I had been in this band for a
couple of years, and it had garnered me several high school
girls. I pretty much had my way with a lot of them, but I
was wanting to try out a more experienced woman, which
was probably why I got hot for your wife.) She smiled at me
and said, "You're a cute kid, I'll see you in class, J.C." I just
nodded at her and walked away, though I couldn't help but
watch her walk. It was almost like she was working it, her
ass moving as she walked. "Can't wait for last class," I
thought to myself.

Just before last period, I overheard Miss Jen (That's what
I like to call her) talking with another teacher. She was
saying that you and her were thinking about getting
pregnant. As they were talking, my 9" monster cock started
getting hard, looks like I wanted to be the one to do the job.
I started to plan how I was going to impregnate your hot
wife, getting harder and harder as I planned her pregnancy.

Last period bell, and I was the first one in my seat. I
shot a look at Jen, giving her a wink as she took attendance.
You see, your slut wife always seems to eyeball my crotch
when she watches me walk to her class. I always knew she
was a fucking slut who wanted it bad. You see, I am not
what you call a father's best friend, mainly because as a
rock musician, I was knocking up half their daughters in
town. I don't believe in wearing a rubber, it is the girls
responsibility to keep herself from getting pregnant, not me.
So I bareback fuck any chick I fucking well please. I
couldn't wait to knock up your horny wife.

She started class, and I noticed my friend, Jamal two
seats in front of me. Being a white kid, I never had any
black friends until I got to this school. I couldn't seem to
get along with any of the white guys; it seems I was a
threat to them in the female department. Jamal and I hit it
off right away. Even though he was into rap music, he was
at plenty of my gigs to party, or to just check out the white

Miss Jen excused herself from the classroom, so I started
to explain my plan to Jamal. A couple of the other guys we
hung out with, Ling and Javier, also joined into the
conversation. "Hey guys, this teacher is eager for a fucking,
and I think we should give it to her." "She is hoping her
husband can get her pregnant, and I think we should have a
hand in her plans, agreed." They all pretty much agreed
with me. Jamal said, "What's the plan?" I explained,
"Jamal, I want you to start blowing the teacher some shit,
then I will stick up for her, then we start pushing each other
around." "Jav, you and Ling start trying to separate us, then
hopefully, she will dismiss you three, and keep me after
class." "I am hoping she will show me some gratitude, if
you know what I mean."

So as soon as Jen got back, Jamal said, "Yo bitch, this
fucking assignment is bullshit!" "Jamal!" I screamed,
"Leave her alone, man, she is just trying to do her job."
"Fuck you, white boy!" he shot back, "I ain't doin shit,
motherfucker!" So we started to push each other, then Ling
and Javier started to push me too. "Boys, stop it!" Jen
yelped, "I'm getting security!" Soon the security guards
showed up and one of them said, "Ma'am, I'm taking these
hooligans to the principal's office, if you don't have a
problem with that?" "No officer, I don't," she replied, but let
him stay, he was just defending me." Then she pointed at
me. The officer looked me and said to Jen, "Ma'am, are you
sure you don't want this one in the office as well?" She
came over to me, and replied, "Yes, officer, let him stay."
The officer just shook his head and escorted my buddies to
the office. While Jen wasn't looking, Jamal looked back and
smiled. I just gave him a slight nod; anxious for 3 p.m. so
we could put our plan into action.

Your hot wife looked at me throughout the class time,
and at times, even coming over to sit on my desk,
answering some questions, and letting me take a peek of
those hot legs. The next phase of my plan was to wait in
the teacher's parking area for Jen, to tell her that I was
going to need a ride home, though she wasn't going to take
me home, but to some abandoned alley, where I would fuck
her and shoot my seed into her fine pussy. Then Jamal,
Ling and Javier, (Black, Oriental and Hispanic) would meet
us later to start more trouble…

The bell rang, and Miss Jen looked at me (more like my
crotch) and said, "I appreciate you sticking up for me, J.C., I
was a little disturbed by what happened, if you couldn't tell."
I replied, "It was nothing, Miss Jen, nothing at all." "I just
couldn't believe those guys, there nothing but trouble."
"See you tomorrow, teach." She replied, "Sure, J.C., have a
good evening."

I knew for a fact she didn't have to leave for another half
an hour, so I went outside for a smoke break at my car. As
3:30 approached, I went to the teacher's parking area, and
to my surprise, Jen was the only one in the parking lot,
having trouble getting her car started. I asked, "Miss Jen,
can I help?" "Can you, J.C.?" she replied. "I can't believe it,
I have so much to do, and my car won't start." So I told her
to pop the hood, and I noticed right away that one of the
ignition wires was loose, so I tightened it up, and told her to
start it. It started right up. (I realized later on that you, her
horny husband, had something to do with that, didn't you?
Seems you came over to the parking lot and loosened it up,
you tricky bastard!) Jen got out of the car to thank me and
I about shot my wad in my pants. She was dressed in a
shorter skirt, higher heels and different stockings then what
she had on in class, and her makeup was fresher and more

"J.C., thank you again…but was there a reason that you
came to the teacher's parking lot?" I replied, "Yes, Miss Jen,
my car wouldn't start, so I thought I would run into you or
the shop teacher for a ride, you two are the only teachers
that give me a chance around here." Jen said, "I will take
you wherever you need to go, hop in." I told her thanks,
then off we went.

As we drove along, I noticed Jen, pulling her skirt up a
little, just so I could sneak a peek and her creamy thighs.
God what a fucking tease your wife is. My cock was
straining my jeans, and was creating quite a noticeable
bulge. I must have been breathing heavy too, because she
asked me, "You okay, J.C." Then she caught a look at my
crotch. "J.C., I think I know what your problem is." "Give
me a minute." She seemed to be looking around town for
someplace to go. "Do you know a place where we can be
alone, J.C.?" "I think we need to discuss something about
rewarding you for your heroics today." I said, "Just around
this corner, Miss Jen, there is a secluded alley." So we
drove over to the spot, and I knew full well that my buddies
would be by in about 15 minutes.

"Get out of the car, J.C., I want to give you something."
(God what a hot little bitch, I couldn't wait to fuck the shit
out of her and impregnate her fertile snatch.) She walked
up to me and pushed me up against the car, grabbed the
back of my head and French kissed me. She was probing
her hot tongue in and out of my mouth, and I was getting
harder and harder. She started to fondle my crotch, then
said, "My, my, you've got quite a tool for your teacher, don't
you, baby?" I started to get a little dominant, "Yes my sexy
little slut teacher, now you are going to get on your knees
and suck my 9" cock, then I am going to fuck the hell out of
you on the hood of your husbands car, you like that, baby?"
She looked shocked and said, "Um, Oh…J.C., I was just
planning to give you a blow job, my pussy belongs to my
husband, I am trying to get pregnant, and I only want my
husband to cum in me, alright?" I decided not to make any
waves, so I just looked innocent and said to her, "Um, sure
Miss Jen, a blowjob would be okay." (I lied my ass off!)

She got on her knees, unzipped my jeans and started
working my hard cock with her mouth. She was sucking like
a pro, giving the head some marvelous attention, and soon
enough, was deep throating my massive member. I felt like
if she continued, I would waste my seed in her mouth and
not get to knock her up. Then I got aggressive…

I pushed her back from my cock, grabbed her shoulders
and bent her over, face down on the hood of the car. She
begged, "Wait, wait a minute, I thought you were going to
settle for a blowjob?" "Don't fuck me, J.C., I am begging
you, don't do it, don't you dare fucking rape me!" I was so
horny; I didn't even listen to her. "Please, oh god please, I
don't want you to get me pregnant, don't rape me, please!"
I bent down and whispered in her ear, "I make the decisions
now, my little slut teacher!" "This is my classroom, bitch!"
"You should know better than to wear what you wear to
school, and you're always teasing me, aren't you!" "You
fucking bitch, I am going to cream your fertile snatch to
teach you a lesson for teasing my cock!" "Now, take this
fucking like the sweet little whore you are…we will be having
some visitors soon, and they will get their turn at your fertile
pussy as well." "One thing is for sure, Miss Jen, I am not
sure what color your baby's skin will be in 9 months when
you pop it out!" "HA HA HA HA HA HA!" "Now, get prepared
to get knocked up, you hot little slut!" She tried to squirm
away from the hold I had on her, but it was no use, I spit in
my hand, lubed my 9" prick, then slammed it into her hot
snatch. She was groaning, "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!" with every
thrust of my meat. She was also begging me not to cum in
her, but I wasn't going to be swayed, your wife was going to
have my baby, whether she, or you liked it or not. I was
drilling the shit out of her hot snatch. She struggled,
grabbing the hood of the car as I rammed my dick into her.
I couldn't wait to knock up your wife. I whispered to her,
"I'm fucking you teacher, I will be fucking you every day,
whenever I want!" I continued to ram my cock in her hot
pussy and slid in and out for a few more minutes, grabbing
your wife's sexy waist and pulling it toward me while I
fucked her. I told her I was ready to cum, and she
screamed, "J.C., for Christ sakes, pull out, I will suck you
off, I don't want to get pregnant, pull out now!" I grabbed
her hair and said, "No teacher, I am going to cum in your
pussy with my bareback dick and you are going to enjoy
getting knocked up, now shut the fuck up and take my seed,
bitch!" She said, "No, no I can't let you fuck me anymore,
stop please!" I grabbed her waist and pulled them into my
last thrust, then shot loads of sperm into her hot, fertile
pussy. I groaned and laid on top of her, then said,
"Congrats, teacher, I think you and your husband are going
to be expecting."

She got up and screamed at me, "Dammit, J.C., I just
wanted to give you a blowjob for sticking up for me." I
replied, "Too bad, teach, I like to fuck bareback pussy,
blowjobs just don't do it for me. Just then, we heard a car
door slam. It was Jamal, Ling and Javier. "Wass up, home
boy?" Jamal asked. They all smiled. Then Jamal continued,
"Look what we got here, teacher fucking a student…damn,
looks like you in trouble, bitch!" "We could get you in all
sorts of trouble, ya know?" I said, "Guys, the only thing we
can do is fill Miss Jen with all our cum, you know she loves
it!" Jen looked at us in shock and said, "Listen, I was just
raped, how can you do this to me." Javier chimed in,
"Chica, no one can hear you in this alley, except for some
other horny homeboys, just keep on hollering, and I am sure
more than just us will be fucking your little hole!" She just
gulped and said, "Okay, you've got me in a corner, I will do
whatever you ask, just don't hurt me, okay?" I looked at
the guys and said, "We got no problem, teach, just let us all
fuck you and fill up your cunt, and you won't have any
trouble from us." "Now, take off your blouse and bra, my
boys like to see tit, cause, God knows, we want to spew all
of our spunk on you, after we cum in you of course."

Jamal took off his pants and out popped his pecker. He
had a good 12", and a little bit thicker around than mine.
He laid on the ground, and grabbed Jen by her waist and
told her to ease onto his pole so her could impregnate her
fertile slit. She had her back facing him as she lowered
herself onto his massive black meat. She said, "Oh shit, it's
too fucking big!" "There is no way I can fuck this cock!" I
said, "Sorry, Miss Jen, Jamal needs to loosen you up so you
can get ready in 9 months to deliver the baby we're giving
you today." With that said, Jamal grabbed her hips and
pulled her down, sliding her all the way down on his foot
long cock. She started to cry a little, begging Jamal not to
put the whole thing in. But Jamal, being the rough black
bastard he is, said, "Shut up you little white slut, I am going
to fuck you so hard that your husband will never be able feel
your pussy when he fucks you again." "I am going to widen
you up, bitch!"

Soon after, Ling and Javier took out their cocks. Jen
started to suck off Ling, while Javier and I got a hand job.
Ling didn't last very long; he came in Jen's hot mouth. He
came so much that it all dribbled down her chin and onto her
titties. Jamal was pumping furiously, and Jen was really
beside herself. "Oh, god, Jamal, don't cum in me, I don't
know how to explain a black baby to my family!" (Damn
your wife is such a fucking slut; I am surprised you can
make her cum at all) Jamal said, "I am cumming bitch, now
take it all in." She screamed, "Jamal, please, don't cum in
me, cum in my mouth or pull it out, I don't want you to cum
in me!" At that time, Jamal pulled her hips down as Javier
and I pushed her down at the shoulders. Jamal groaned and
shot gobs of his black baby seed into your fair skinned wife.
She then shuddered and screamed, begging us to stop.
Jamal pushed her off, and she fell forward, letting go of our
cocks. We looked at her pussy, and it was really pink with
mine and Jamal's jizz leaking out. Javier said, "My turn,
Chica!" Javier, slammed her face down on the hood and
started to ram his rod into her pussy. She grabbed the edge
of the hood toward the windshield and begged, "Please,
stop, don't fuck me anymore!" "If you guys stop, I will give
you a blowjob everyday until school lets out, okay." Javier
said with us in unison, "No way, slut, you're going to let us
fuck you everyday until school ends!" She just gave up and
put her head down as Jav kept shoving his Latino cock into
her hot little Caucasian pussy. I was completely hard again,
and wanting to spill more of my hot sticky cum into her
fertile cunt. Javier couldn't take it anymore, he kept
jamming his cock more and more into her pussy, until he
shot his Latino jizz into her.

She was exhausted. "Guys, I have to leave, haven't you
had enough?" Then Ling was hard again, and started to
continue where Javier left off. Ling wasn't exactly mister
stamina; he came within seconds of entering her. He shot a
big load into her pussy as well. I told her, "Well, Miss Jen, I
believe I need to fuck your hot pussy one more time, for
good measure, while everyone else watches." Just then, a
couple more black guys showed up. "What the fuck is going
on!" I told them, "Get out your cocks, guys, this little white
slut needs a lot of cum shot into her pussy, you can have
her after we are done with her. Jen was begging, "Please
stop, I have been fucked enough, I can't do this anymore,
please don't rape me again!" I turned her over, and
started to fuck her pussy again. I must have been humping
her for close to 15 minutes. I felt my balls tighten, and with
my last thrust, shot more of my baby-batter into your hot
wife. I wish I could have gotten a picture, she looked she
had been rode hard and put away wet, she had cum stains
on her stockings, all the way down from our seed leaking
down her legs. She had swallowed Ling's cum, and we all
had filled her fertile snatch with cum. After I was done, the
other two guys had their pricks out and ready. They were
both huge, about 10 inches each dick. Jen kept her same
position face down on the hood of your car while these two
black guys took turns flooding her cunt with their seed.
Jamal even got one more fuck into her, and he also spilled
his seed into her flooded pussy. We were all spent, having
the time of our lives with your slut wife. We were getting
ready to leave and I said, "Thank you for the wonderful
time, Miss Jen!" "See ya!" Then she put her clothes back
on and got into the car and left.

Well, that was on Friday. The next Monday, Miss Jen
caught up with me before lunch. "J.C., I need to talk to you
in private." Before she could say another word, I said,
"Supply closet, 1st floor." She followed me, while I watched
out for others. We found the supply closet, and both went in
and locked the door behind us. Miss Jen was dressed to the
nines on Monday; nice little floral dress, nice white heels and
tan stockings. She said, "Listen, I am still not sure what to
think about last Friday, but I want you to know…I can't let it
happen again!" "I had never been fucked like that before in
my life." "You all raped me!" She paused a second. "When
I got home, my husband caught me, with me all a mess,
cum on my tits and cum dripping out of my pussy." "He
seemed like he was going to get upset, and asked me to tell
him everything." "As I told him, I could see his cock get
harder under his pants, I could tell this was turning him on,
even about what you said about getting me pregnant."
"Then all he wanted to do was fuck me." I asked, "So did
you?" She nodded, "Yes, it seems all we did this weekend
was fuck." "We fucked in the shower, bed, kitchen, hallway,
living room, dining room table, you name it." I said, "Glad
to help your sex life, teach." "Now, it's time for me to fuck
you again, bitch!" I pushed her down on the floor, against
some boxes. I bent down and started to lick her snatch. I
thrust my tongue in and out of her hot pussy, and started to
work on her little clit. Not too long after, your hot wife
started to moan and beg for me to let her go. "Oh God,
J.C., please don't fuck me again!" I stopped eating her
snatch, then pulled off her panties and started to fuck the
hell out of her. I couldn't believe how tight she still was,
especially after taking in Jamal's 12" member. I stroked in
and out, then started to fuck her harder and faster. I swear
to God, we were making so much noise between my
breathing heavier, and your wife damn near screaming for
me to stop, I was sure we were going to get caught. She
screamed, "Oh God, J.C., stop fucking me, don't cum in my
pussy again, I'll do anything, please stop!" I replied, "Shut
the fuck up, Miss Jen, I am going to keep your pussy flooded
with cum for as long as I want to." I kept pummeling your
wife's snatch, when I shot my hot load deep inside your
wife's cunt. I pulled out of her, watching my seed drip out
of her overworked pussy. I gave her a big kiss, and told her
I would see her tomorrow, and perhaps we would have some
company, possibly Jamal. She just lay there, looking like
she was about to cry. She just grabbed a paper towel and
wiped my remaining seed off her crotch. (What a slut your
wife is. I am going to enjoy watching get fucked and fucked
some more.) In class later that day, I even caught a peek
at her hot thighs, my cum stains on her stockings.

Well dude, how is your wife, I hear that you are
expecting, congratulations. Remember after she has this
one, my friends and I want to help extend your family, if you
know what I mean. We will be glad to give you a whole
brood of mixed breed children. Have a good day.