STORY TITLE Impregnating Mom
CODES F/m, inc, preg
DATE ADDED 25th January, 2005


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My Mom and Dad divorced when I was real young. I lived with my Mom, Kathy, from the time of the divorce, and Dad moved a few states away. I grew up with my friends constantly commenting on my Mom’s beauty. My best friend always did everything with us. When we were 13, he confessed to me that from the attic window of our house a person could look directly down into our outside shower. He told me he watched my girlfriend showering after swimming in the bay. Most of the houses in our neighborhood around the Jersey shore have outside showers for washing the saltwater off after swimming. Using the information my friend provided me, I planned to watch my girlfriend the next time we went swimming. My Mom, girlfriend, and I went swimming the day after I acquired this new information. We finished swimming, and I went in to go to the bathroom. Hearing the water running, I ran up to the attic. I peered out the window expecting to see my girlfriend, but was met with the sight of my Mom starting to remove her red bikini.

For some unknown reason I just couldn’t seem to turn away. I fleeting thought
ran through my head about waiting until my girlfriend, but was quickly dismissed
as I watched my Mother reach behind her back undoing her red bikini top. I was
frozen with the desire to see more. I was also getting a rock hard dick by what
I was watching. With the top removed, my Mother stepped out of her red bottoms.
My Mom stepped into the steamy water wetting her long brown hair. I watched as
she soaped up her body, around her voluptuous tits, and foamed the small brown
patch of hair between her legs. I was held captive by the sight of my mother’s
wonderful body. I knew my Mom was sexy, but never truly knew until that day.
As I watched her in the shower, I undid my swim trunks releasing my youthful
erection. I masturbated to the sight of my own Mother naked. I was 13 at the
time, but I never missed an opportunity to watch her over the next 5 years. She
showered outside quite often ev
en without swimming. It may have been seeing her remove the red bikini for the
first time that caused my infatuation for her in red.

We may have been older, me at 18 and Mom at 36, but my desires remained the
same. My Mom was 5’4”, firm with perfect breasts, an hourglass figure, nice
ass, and shapely legs. One of the features I liked best about my Mother was how
her calves ran into her narrow ankles followed by very sexy petite feet. She
usually accentuated her legs by wearing high-heels that had tops that wrapped
around her ankles. I’m glad my Mom worked in a professional position because
she wore heels and a skirt almost everyday to work.

I came home from work one day to find a note from Mom. It read, “Dear Mark,
Dinner party tonight after work with the girls. Leftovers in the fridge. Don’t
wait up. Love, Mom“. At around 11:30 p.m., I received a call from my obviously
intoxicated Mother. She asked if I could possibly pick her up. I said it
wouldn’t be a problem, and headed out the door to get her. I arrived at were
she was, and found her in the bar waiting for me. She must have decided since I
was going to drive to have a few more drinks for the road. My Mom rarely ever
drinks so I guessed she was a cheap drunk. I walked her to the car. The whole
time we walked I couldn’t help but notice her attire. She had on a red satin
short dress, red lipstick, red nail polish, and red ankle wrapping high-heels.
As she road next to me in the car, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her
beautifully tanned legs. She reclined the seat a bit, and she put her head
down. I tried to control my erection, but it
was pointless with my Mom sitting next to me looking like a goddess. It only
took a moment before my Mother was fast asleep next to me. I tried to wake her
after we got home, but it was of no use. I knew I would have to carry her in
and put her to bed.

I carried my Mom to her room laying her down on her bed. I undid the straps to
her heels, and I pulled them off. My Mother had her toenails painted the same
color red as her fingernails. I found her painted toenails to be a perfect
compliment to her soft, suntanned feet. I gently caressed her feet for a moment
as I got a rock hard erection. I had noticed her skirt had ridden up her legs a
little. The site of my Mom was driving me crazy. I left her there to go to the
bathroom and masturbate. I took my clothes off, and I began to stroke my dick.
I fantasized about the way my Mom was dressed. I pondered whether my Mom was
wearing matching red panties. I decided, since I just carried her from the car
to the house and she didn’t wake, I could sneak a peek as to what she was really
wearing under her dress. I snuck back in to her room leaving my clothes in the

My Mom hadn’t moved from the position I left her. I started rubbing her feet
again to test if she was still asleep. When she didn’t budge, I gently ran my
hand up her leg to her hemline. I gently slid her dress farther up her thigh
until her panties came into view. She was wearing the most beautiful pair of
tiny, red lace panties. I pushed her dress up even farther until it was up past
her waistline. I sat like this for a while just admiring the view. I noticed
that my Mom had a perfectly trimmed brown bush underneath the panties. I was in
pain my dick was so hard. I started to tease my cock stroking myself just a
bit. As I stared at my Mom’s crotch, I stroked myself a little harder. Soon, I
shot my cum all over the side of my Mother’s covers. I hoped it would dry
before morning. This whole time my Mom never stirred.

I barely began to get soft before my hard-on was back with a vengeance. It
slowly put my hand down on my Mom’s thigh near her crotch. I wanted to try to
slip my Mom’s pretty red panties to the side so maybe I could get a quick look
at her pussy. I slid the tip of my finger down just inside the edge of her
panties, and with ease they moved out of the way exposing her beautiful pussy.
I could see her all of her, her brown hair, her pink lips, and the bud of her
clit. I almost jumped as her legs spread apart opening more of her womanhood to
my view. I noticed it looked like my Mom’s vagina was drenched with wetness.
Her never moving, I tried to get away reaching up with my other hand to touch
the wetness between her legs. My fingertip barely touched her, and I got a lot
of her juices on my finger. I brought it to my nose inhaling deeply on her
sent. I licked my finger tasting her wonderful taste. I wanted more there was
no denying it. I put my finger back again. I
touched her a little more. She still lay there undaunted. I gently began
working my fingers around the outside of her lips. My fingers were so wet I
slipped inside her just a hair. As I did this, her legs spread even more apart
giving me better access to her. I slid my finger into my Mother even farther.
I got in as far as the second knuckle before slowly pulling it out and sliding
it back in. I noticed my Mom’s red painted toes curl into a little fist and
then release. Nervous she may wake, I pulled my finger out of her and sucked
her juices off of me. I put her panties back over where they belonged and
quietly tiptoed toward the door. What happened next scared the hell out of me.

As I was about to reach for the doorknob, I heard someone behind me say, “Thank
you for putting my panties back. They were beginning to pinch in that
position.” I almost shit. I was busted standing naked with a hard-on in my
Mother’s room after invading her privacy. I turned around trying to think of
some dumb excuse. I was met by the gaze of my mother sitting up on the bed, and
swinging those pretty red panties around her finger. I timidly got out, “Mom,
I…huh” She sat for a moment with this evil little grin still spinning the
panties around her finger. She broke the silence with, “You know it does taste
even better coming from the source”. She flipped the panties at me, stood up,
and pulled the red satin dress over her head. She flopped back down on the bed
with her legs spread. Her evil little returned, “Well, are you gonna come over
here and make Mommy cum, or am I going to do it myself?” I went to her there on
the bad and put my mouth between her legs. I at
e her sloppy wet pussy to orgasm sucking hard to get all her juice out of her.
I was amazed at how wet she was. I had never felt a pussy that wet before in my
life. She was soaked. Her scent was most appealing. I could have just laid
there inhaling on her. But she had other ideas.

My Mom grabbed me and pulled me up onto her body. She looked into my eyes and
very seductively asked me to fuck her. “Mark please fuck me. I want you to,
but I won’t ask you to do something you don’t want. If you are afraid to go any
farther I will understand. However, I want you to know that I want to. I will
have no regrets. Most importantly, I want you to understand it will not affect
my relationship with you. Nothing will ever change that,” she whispered to me
with her eyes closed. She had her legs wrapped around my waist and crossed
behind my back. The head of my cock was just touching the entrance of her
vagina, and with every beat of my pounding heart it twitched making contact with
her flesh. “This is what I want Mom”, I told her as I slammed deep into her
with one powerful thrust. I was fucking her hard as we bounced off the bed. I
was not the most vocal when screwing, but Mom was. All I heard was, “Fuck me
Mark, that’s it, harder, harder, try to break
me in half with that beautiful cock. Oh my God, you’re making me cum. My son
is making me cum. Give it to Mommy.”

I was getting very close to feeling an orgasm coming on. I told her I was
getting close. As I was pounding in out of her wonderful feeling pussy, she
told me in a panting voice, “Mark, you have one more decision to make. You need
to decide if you want to cum inside or outside of me. I personally want you to
cum inside me. I really want to feel your cock pulse with cum deep inside me.
The decision is yours alone. If you want to cum inside me, you need to know I’m
unprotected. I’m fertile, ovulating, and will get pregnant. I want to feel you
pump your cum into me so badly though.” In a soft voice whispered into her ear,
“Inside”. She pulled her legs tighter around my back holding me to her as I
shot a huge load deep into her pussy. I pulsed and pulsed as I came inside my
fertile Mother.

I pulled out of her and sat between her legs. She sat up a little and I
noticed a bit of cum ooze out from her pussy. She noticed the look of concern
as I stared at it. That was when she said she had a few confessions to make.
“Mark,” she said, “I want you to know the only drink I had tonight was when I
waited for you to pick me up. I don’t want you to think I’m drunk. I hoped if
I pretended to be asleep that you would try something. I was getting so turned
on feeling your hands explore my body. I know you watched me for a long time in
the outside shower. I also watched you out there. I think you need to know
that I really do want to get pregnant. I want to get pregnant by you. I waited
until just the right time when I was most fertile to try this. The most
important confession I have to tell you is that you are adopted so don‘t be
afraid if I am pregnant. Your father couldn’t have kids so we adopted you.
This is the only time you will have had sex with me as
my son. From now on, if want to continue, you could have sex with me as my
lover. I have always loved you. I stopped dating years ago when I found how my
feelings for you were.”

We had sex two more times that night. Mom did get pregnant. We have since
sold the house, and moved to a different town. Kathy is now my wife, and we
have two beautiful kids together.