STORY TITLE Father's Day
CODES Inc (Mom/Son), Impreg, Rom
DATE ADDED 19th June, 2005

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My dad had been gone for quite a while, so I didn't expect
this Father's Day to be anything but just another day. It turned out
that nothing could have been further from the truth!
Mom is a beautiful woman, 34 years old, 5'4" tall, with
a 36D-26-36 figure that turns heads wherever she goes. I'm 18 (yes,
she had me very young) and keep myself in pretty good shape (I've had
to, I'm mom's workout partner and, as I already stated, she keeps
herself in great shape.) It seemed that ever since dad had been gone,
mom dedicated herself exclusively to taking care of me. I certainly
wasn't complaining, but I did think it was a terrible waste. I have
to admit that mom was the subject of most of my fantasies. It was
images of mom's beautiful body that were in my mind as I masturbated.
I had just turned 18 about 2 months before Father's Day and,
as I said, I wasn't expecting the day to be significant, but I was so
wrong. Being that it was a Sunday, I had slept in a little, but I had
finally got up, showered, shaved and went back into my bedroom to
put some clothes on. I didn't know it at the time, but my mother had
been up for a while getting ready and waiting for me to get up. I had
just put a robe on and was headed back to my room when mom called me
from her room. I turned and went to her room, totally unprepared for
the sight which greeted me when I got there.
My mother was lying on her bed. The covers were turned down,
and mom was wearing the sexiest red gown I had ever seen! My eyes must
have about popped out, and mom smiled at my reaction.
"Good morning, sweetheart."
"G-Good morning mom. You look beautiful. What's the occasion?"
"Why thank you, sweetheart. The occasion is that today is
Father's Day!"
"Oh, well, yeah...but I know, with Dad being
"Come over here and sit down." mom said, indicating a spot on
the bed right next to her. I walked over and sat down beside her.
Not only did she look great, she smelled great too! I didn't know
what kind of perfume she was wearing, but it was wonderful. In spite
of my attempts to control my thoughts, my cock was now hard as a rock.
Mom looked deep into my eyes. "I wanted to wish YOU a happy Father's
Day, sweetheart!"
"But mom," I said, confused, "I'm not a father." A strange
smile came over mom's face.
"Not yet. You are 18 now, though. Older than I was when I had
you. You probably will be a father soon. Maybe sooner than you think!"
Now I was really confused.
"What do you mean, mom?"
Mom sat up and put her arms around me. The closeness of her
body and the scent of her perfume were really getting to me now.
I didn't realize it at first, but my cock was so hard and throbbing so
much that it had pushed my robe aside and was sticking straight up in
the open! Mom noticed immediately and giggled.
"My, my, what have we here?" I tried to cover it, but mom
gently directed my arms back around her. "Don't cover up on my
account! That's part of what I'm talking about. Remember on your
birthday when I said I had a very special present to give you, but it
just wasn't the right time?"
"Yeah..." I said, getting more confused by the moment.
"Well, now IS the right time."
"OK, so what's the present?"
"You've grown up to be such a handsome man. You have such a
nice body, not to mention this beautiful cock!" Mom wrapped her hand
around it as she spoke. I let out a low moan as mom continued. "I've
watched you grow into such a beautiful, sexy man and, well, I'm only
human. I've fallen in love with you. Not just as my son, but as a man.
My present to you, if you want it, is me. You already have my heart
and soul. I want you to have my body too, and I want to have yours.
I want us to be lovers."
To say I was stunned would be the understatement of all time!
Here I had been fantasizing about my beautiful, sexy mother, wishing
there was some way I could tell her how I felt about her and ask her
to be my lover, and all along she was feeling the same way! Did she
just ask if I wanted it!?
"Yes mom, oh yes! Of course I want it! I've fallen in love
with you too! You're so beautiful and so sexy! It's you I dream about!
It's you I think about when I..."
"Gee, how romantic!" she teased me. "No really, though, I'm so
happy to hear you say that! But there's more to it. There's a reason
I say that today is the right time. You see, I'm not on birth control,
and today is my most fertile time of the month. For your Father's Day
present I want to make a father out of you!"
Here I thought I couldn't be more surprised!
"Y-you mean..."
"I mean, my darling son, that I want you to make love to your
mother. I want you to slide your cock into your mother's pussy and
fuck me until I cum for you. Then I want you to slide that beautiful
cock as deep inside me as you can get it and cum inside me. I want you
to flood my pussy and my womb with your cum and get me pregnant. Your
mother wants you to pump your cum deep inside her and get her
pregnant. What do you think about that, my darling?"
I couldn't believe it! My mother, the woman I loved, the woman
I fantasized about, the woman who had carried me in her womb, now
wanted me to make love with her and cum inside that same womb and get
her pregnant! I was so unbelievably turned on I could barely speak.
"Oh, mom! I love you so much! There's nothing I'd love more
than to make love to you and cum inside you! I love you, mom. I want
to make love with you. I want to cum inside you. I want to get you
Mom took me into her arms and kissed me passionately. It was
unlike any kiss we had shared before. It was most definitely a lover's
kiss. She deftly undid my robe and dropped it to the floor while we
kissed. She then stood up and let her gown drop to the floor. We were
now both completely naked.
"Oh, mom, your body is even more beautiful than I imagined."
"It's all yours now, my darling son and lover. Your body is
magnificent, such a beautiful cock!" She caressed it gently as she
I buried my face in mom's breasts, licking and sucking on them
one at a time, loving the feel of them. Mom giggled.
"Just think, soon you'll be able to get milk from them again!"
"Yeah, but I'll enjoy it a lot more this time!" I said as I
smiled up at her.
"So will I, because this time I'll have your beautiful cock
inside me as you're nursing on them!"
My cock jumped at the very suggestion. I kept licking and
sucking on mom's nipples until she actually came just from that!
"Mmmm, baby, that was wonderful."
"Just the beginning, mom." I said as I began kissing down her
body. Mom lay back and stretched out on the bed. I kissed my way down
to her pussy. I began licking mom's pussylips, licking and sucking on
her clit, and sliding my tongue in and out of mer pussy, fucking her
with it. Mom was moaning and writhing and running her fingers through
my hair as I went down on her. We were both so turned on that mom
began cumming almost immediately, and I made love to her pussy with my
lips and tongue through 4 orgasms. Finally, mom pulled me up and
kissed me passionately, licking her cum off my lips and sliding her
tongue deep into my mouth.
"Oh baby, that was fantastic! Lay back! It's my turn now!"
I lay back and mom began kissing her way down my body. She
moved down between my legs and gently grasped my cock. I moaned as
mom began kissing and licking all over my cock and scrotum. If I
thought that was driving me crazy, I hadn't felt anything until mom
placed her lips on the head of my cock and slowly slid down, drawing
my entire cock into her mouth on the first stroke. I could hardly
believe it, here was my MOTHER, not only giving me a blowjob, but
deep-throating my cock!
Mom spent long minutes sucking on my cock, rolling her tongue
around the head of it, taking it deep into her throat, licking and
kissing my scrotum, caressing the area just behind it, and just
generally driving me out of my mind. Mom could tell each time I was
about to cum, and she would back off until I calmed down enough for
her to continue. Finally, mom came back up and kissed me again, then
looked deep into my eyes.
"There, I think that should have you ready to pump a great
big load of cum into your mother's pussy and get her pregnant, right
"Ohhh mom, yes!"
"Good, then it's time, sweetheart. I want you to fuck me.
Fuck your mother, baby. Slide that beautiful cock deep into momma's
pussy and fuck me til I cum and you cum inside me. Flood my pussy
and my womb with your cum and get me pregnant. Go on, baby, get
momma pregnant."
Mom lay back on the bed and I moved between her legs. She
spread them wider for me as I moved in and we both moaned as my cock
brushed against her pussylips. Mom reached down between us, gently
grasped my cock, and guided it between her pussylips. I looked deep
into my mother's eyes as I pushed forward and my cock slid all the
way into her pussy in one stroke. Mom raised her legs to take me
deeper and we both moaned as my cockhead touched the back of her
pussy, the gateway to her womb.
"Oh mom, your pussy feels so wonderful!"
"Mmmmm, your cock feels so wonderful inside it, baby. You fit
me so perfectly, like I made you just for me.
We lay still for a few moments, revelling in the feel of my
cock throbbing inside her pussy and her pussy squeezing my cock.
Then I very slowly drew back, until just the head remained inside her,
and slid forward again, once more sheathing myself completely in her
velvet glove. We both moaned at the powerful sensations.
"Mmmm, that's the way baby. Fuck me. Fuck momma. Pump that
beautiful cock in my pussy. Make me cum."
I picked up the pace. With all that mom had done to me and
the excitement of the situation, I knew I wouldn't last long, and I
wanted to make mom cum at least once with my cock. Since mom was as
hot as I was, that didn't prove to be a problem.
"Oh baby, that's the way! You're gonna make me cum! Your
beautiful cock is gonna make your mother cum! Momma's gonna cum for
you, baby! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Mom's orgasm overtook her, and her
pussy squeezed my cock rhythmically as her cum flowed around my cock.
I was surpised and delighted as one orgasm flowed into another, and
then another! After mom's third climax I felt myself getting close,
so I held still inside her to calm down. Even at that, her pussy
squeezing my cock kept me close to the edge. Mom looked up into my
"Oh baby, that was sooo good! What a wonderful lover you are!
I've never cum like that before! Now it's your turn, my darling.
I want you to fuck me until you cum inside me. I want you to flood
my pussy with your cum. I want you to pump every drop of your cum up
into my fertile, unprotected womb and get me pregnant! Momma wants
you to shoot your cum deep in her pussy and get her pregnant. You want
that too, don't you baby? You want to cum in momma's pussy and get her
"Oh YES, mom! I want to cum inside you, fill your pussy with
my cum, get you pregnant!"
"Then do it, baby! My pussy's waiting for it! Waiting for you
to shoot your potent cum up inside it, to fill it with your sperm,
to get me pregnant!"
I began sliding my cock in and out of my mother's pussy again.
I knew I would cum soon. What we were doing alone would be enough to
make me cum soon. Combine that with the fact that it was my MOTHER
that I was fucking, and the fact that she wanted me to cum inside her
and get her pregnant... It wasn't long before mom was cumming again
and I could feel my cock expanding as it prepared to pump it's load
deep into my mother's unprotected womb.
"Ohhh mom, I love you so much! I love fucking you! Are you
ready mom? Are you ready to have your son cum inside you? Are you
ready to have your son get you pregnant?"
"YES! Oh yes! Do it baby! Fuck me and cum inside me! Cum in
your mother's pussy! Get me pregnant, baby! Get your mother pregnant!
Shoot your hot cum in my unprotected pussy and get me pregnant!
Get me pregnant, baby! Cum in me!!!!!"
Mom came again and this time the feel of her pussy squeezing
my cock again and again drove me over the edge.
"Oh mom, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum inside you, mom! I'm
gonna fill your hot pussy with my cum! Im gonna get you pregnant, mom!
Your son is gonna cum inside you and get you pregnant, mom! I'm gonna
I thrust in as deeply as I could and mom grabbed my hips and
pulled me in as deeply as she could. My cock was all the way inside
her, the head pressed up against the entrance to her fertile womb,
when it began to throb and the first huge jet of cum surged out of
my cock and into my mother's womb. With all that we had done I began
cumming like a firehose. My cock pumped stream after stream of
hot, potent cum into the depths of my mother's pussy and on into her
"Oh baby, I can feel your cum shooting into me! It's so hot!
I can feel my son's cock impregnating me! Ooooh, my son's getting me
pregnant! I'm gonna cum again! Ohhh!!"
Mom began cumming again, her pussy squeezing my cock and
milking it. I was still pumping stream after stream of cum deep into
her pussy. Mom and I continued cumming together until, finally, mom's
pussy milked the last few drops of cum from my cock. Mom held me in
her arms, keeping my cock locked inside her pussy where is was acting
a plug, keeping my cum deep inside her.
"Ohhh, baby, that was magnificent! You're an incredible lover!
Mmmm, and what a flood you pumped into me! I KNOW you just got me
"Oh mom, that was fantastic! I never thought anything could
feel that good! I love making love with you!"
"Good, because you're going to be doing it a LOT from now on!
You're moving in here with me! I may never let you out of bed again!"
"Sounds wonderful to me mom! How do you know that I got you
pregnant already?"
"With the flood that you just pumped into me? Obviously I
don't know for sure yet, but like I said, this is my most fertile time
of the month, and you filled my unprotected pussy with enough cum to
get me pregnant about a hundred times over! As far as I'm concerned,
happy Father's Day, daddy!"
We held each other and kissed passionately again, my cock
still hard and throbbing inside her.
"Mmmmm, since you're beautiful cock is still hard, why not
make doubly sure? Fuck me again and cum inside me again baby!
"With pleasure, mom!"