STORY TITLE Fantasy Fuck
AUTHOR Tzepes70
CODES M/M/F, Preg, Co-Worker
DATE ADDED 19th August, 2005


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


First, I would like you to know that the woman I am writing about is a very sexy, older woman. I am 35 myself, and tend not to fit into stereotypes, so lusting after a hot 48-year-old woman is not something out of the norm for me.
But Anne (her name) is very sexual, very open woman with me. We became fast friends as co-workers, and sex has come up a number of times. We have talked and emailed about such things as which woman we work with would she fuck; that she likes to suck cock and swallow lots of cum and that she is very proficient in the art of deepthroating.

She knows about my urges to have the blonde accounting bitch (who looks an awful lot like porn star Alicia Rhodes by the way) suck and fuck me; accounting bitch’s blonde pony tail flopping back & forth as she slurps up & down my shaft. Until of course, I blow an enormous load of cum down C****s throat and her luscious lips swab my cock clean of the overflow that she could not gobble down. All the while Anne would be finger fucking herself to the hot oral action. But that is another fantasy, for another story.

Anne is fairly physically fit. She is not fat, nor is she skinny. She is what you might say voluptuous, with some nice curves for woman her age. Her ass is perfectly rounded and padded for long hours of bouncing up and down on a thick shaft. But it’s not fat. Her tits are not huge, but big. We have chatted about how much she does like to titfuck, and that there is enough of her tits to grab my cock. They look so huge in some of the blouses & shirts she wears around the office. I tell her sometimes that they are just overflowing out of her top, and she will giggle and sometimes blush, and then proceed to arch her back to make those big assed boobs more pronounced. I believe she is almost a c-cup, which on her frame looks like a fucking F-CUP!!!! Her hair is past her shoulders, and is a sexy dirty blonde color, and when she occasionally wears it up in a ponytail with those milk jugs swaying, it takes all my effort not to whip my cock out and stroke it right there!!
She also wears glasses, which add to that hot librarian/MILF look. You could just picture getting the blowjob of your life, her pumping her fist and mouth up and down your cock, looking up into your eyes with that slut fuck look. Then you would just have to yank it out of her mouth and tell her in no uncertain terms, “Open that mouth wide bitch, I am going to spurt in your mouth and all over that face, those glasses”. Of course, she would comply, with the knowledge that once she gets you up and running again, you would fill that tight pussy of hers with hard cock and hot cum. Did I mention she has not fucked in almost 3 years? I don’t think I did, but think about that for a second. She has not FUCKED for 3 years!!! How tight must that pussy be? We chatted once, and she let informed me that while her fingers get in ok, but when she fucks herself with her “toys”, it’s tough going get them in. WOW!!!!

Well enough background. Me, I am just your average tall, shaven headed, goatee wearing punk rock singer. Who holds a day job with some very hot fucking woman!! But again, that’s for another story-

So this is a story I wrote to Anne and she read it thinking that it was VERY HOT. It was a story I wrote after we chatted about how big her tits got when she was pregnant and how much milk she had in her swollen tits. She LOVED to fuck and squirt milk after she had her kid. And that led to this quick story that she thought was a hot fantasy. Enjoy

A fantasy story to Anne:

I have this image of you now, at this time in your life, you’re hot as hell at 48 years old. This image of you involved in a massive gangbang. You are with 20-25 men, all different shape guys, cocks of all sizes and colors. They are all fucking you and you are sucking the ones that are near your mouth, waiting their turn to ravage that tight pussyhole. Your taking it in every hole, and even I am waiting my turn to sink balls deep into that wet, dripping, shaved cunt.
As each man uses you as a fuck doll, some are shooting their hot cum in your mouth, but a lot of these hard cocks are pouring their jizz right into that unbelievably fertile cum catcher of yours. So much cum was fucked into you, amazingly enough, somehow you got pregnant.
As you get farther along in your pregnancy, your belly is getting bigger and your tits have gotten so full of milk & swollen that your boobs have blown up to 36 DD tits!
Massive hangers that bounce uncontrollably every step you waddle. Every time you get up from your office chair, those big fucking juggs sway to the point of almost tipping you over.
You gave up sex being because you were so upset at getting pregnant. But finally by your 7 month, you have gotten so horny and now your dressing very slutty and provocatively. You have been wearing very loose tops, bending over showing me lots of those delicious white udders, leaving your blouses unbuttoned so much that your big DD’s almost fall out of your bra to the floor when your lean over my desk to go over a quote. Finally, you get so worked up and your pussy aches so badly for the feeling of a stiff cock pounding your tight twat, you grab me as I walk down the hall & pull me into the ladies room.
We go into a stall and you pull my cock out and start deepthroating my swollen cock, the thick head of my penis becomes bloated under your swirling tongue. While your mouth is busy sucking and licking the very tender portion of my under shaft, that little area right under the bulbous head that is sure to produce a geyser if done just right. While you are taking me orally, you are unbuttoning your blouse and reaching down into your bra to pull out your mammoth pregnant tits. You push my cock between them, and slide your DD's up & down my shaft. Clear drops of milk are running out of your big brown swollen nipples. Then you stand up, lift up your skirt to reveal your bald, wet pussy. You brace your hands on each side of the stall and lower your pussy onto my cock, slowly sinking down to the base. Before long you are pounding down onto my thick cock, trying hard not to scream, biting that magnificent cum producing lower lip. Now you whisper softly into my ear, "Fuck me ha
rd". Then with a snarl and frenzied, wild eyed, hungry lioness look, you say it again; “FUCK ME HARD”! Those huge tits are bouncing rapidly up and down, almost hitting you in the face and slapping against your belly on the down fuck, that’s how insanely fast you are riding up and down on my now girl juice basted cum stick. You wrap your hand around one of large breasts and bring the nipple to your lips and swirl your tongue around it, as your pussy tightens and contracts around my cock. You begin to rub your clit as you ride me hard to another cum that makes juices squirt from your quivering red & swollen pussy. You have been trying hard not to moan too loud but you could not help it and one loud, "Awww fuck" escapes your lips. All of a sudden we hear the door open. "Hello, is there anyone one in here??"...
The worry of being discovered that flashed across your eyes gives way to a naughty grin as you rise and then again sink down slowly on my dick, putting one finger to your lips to say "shhhh". I grab your hips as you fuck down on me again, slowly; I take turns sucking each of your big fat tits. Without warning the stall door swings open and it’s the owner Frank, with a baffled look on his face. We both look over your shoulder, waiting for the screaming reprisal to begin, but instead we see a slight grin that turns into a downright evil smile. He reaches down and unzips his fly, the sound blasting like cannon fire over the now quiet spectacle.
He reaches into his pants and pulls out his thick unit, looking to be a good 7” long like my still engorged and trapped cock, and with the same “meaty” thickness as mine as well. Annie, you are so horny now that you know that you will be servicing two good sized cocks that without even moving an inch, I can feel another gob of pussy juice escaping your womb, sliding down slowly the length of my cock. A quick shudder is the only evidence of another frothy, thick & juicy cum. So thick the white smear is streaked down my cock, forming a pool at the base.
You lift off me and with a “plop” sound my cock is finally released from your vacuum like pussy. You spin around to face Frank and reach under your baby belly to grab my turgid purple sword and guide it back to your vagina. Before you plunge back down upon it, you rub the head for a few seconds around your blood-swelled clit. Gasping and moaning, and at the same time you are trying to fit me back in with your left hand, your right has already latched onto Franks cock, your hand squeezing and milking the entire shaft as a stream of pre-cum has oozed out of his cock onto your magical hand job. Your lips that are still slightly red with lipstick (you know the “red” that screams “Plunge your cock down my throat!!!”) form an “O” and you move that sexy mouth to his stiff prick. You open wide to engulf his enormous mushroom head, and without hesitation, impale your throat all the way down to his bloated ball sacks. Before too long your head is a blur as you speed fuck his cock
with your throat, only stopping for a few seconds to slurp on his cockhead, drowning it in your saliva, which is dripping off his cock and onto your hands, down to the floor. Your not even using your hand on him anymore, the only stroking is your lips pounding his cock, massaging his penis with your tongue inside your mouth, all the while bobbing fast and hard.
You are being fucked into to your tight pussy and your mouth is being filled up and you cannot contain your whimpering as you scream into Franks cum filled balls that are slapping against your chin. Huge, fat balls that are waiting to release all of his cum into your mouth and onto your face. He gives off a loud groan and pulls his cock out of your mouth and jerks it off at your face, your mouth wide open and licking your lips in anticipation of getting a creamy mouthful. Finally he shoots off, cum squirts across your lips, into your mouth as you hungrily gobble down the first shot. The second and third blasts cover your cheek and onto your glasses. As the last few small shots dribble into your mouth, you grab his cock, trying to milk out the last few droplets. You have missed the taste of hot cum, warm on your tongue and you savor it before swallowing it down.
After the last bounce of your ass thrusting my cock deep into your pussy, you squirm your ass and pull off my cock. “I want to cum all over your big pregnant tits and all over that sexy face,” I yell, my cock pulsing in my hand. You drop to your knees, grab my hard erection and begin a face fuck for the ages, your sperm dripping lips running up and down my shaft, those big tits covered in cum swaying with every back and forth of your expert blowjob. You feel the first blast slam against your throat, but you keep the pace with your eyes wide open looking up into mine. Your swallowing is porn star professional, but there is so much of my cum emptying into you face and it drools out the corners of your mouth. You grab the shaft and pump the rest of my hot sticky cum all over your tits. ”Cum on these big DD tits-you big cocked bastard!!!” you holler at me.
Your fist is a blur up and down until the final load spills out of my cockhead onto your puffy preggo nipples.
As you look up at me and Frank from a kneeling position between us now, hot & sticky semen dripping from your mouth and pussy, you gives us both a big smile
In an almost orgasmic vampire show of quickness, you grab both of our cocks and take turns from one back to the other, and suck on both of our cocks till you almost get both heads in your cream filled mouth. Your licking up the rest of the cock juice that you could not take before, then back to your attempt to swallow both of our now hardening cocks, your cheeks puffed out and with an almost obscene smile stretching across an overfilled mouth.
You remove our shafts from your mascara-smeared face, then smile up at both of us and ask, “Do you think you can both fill this pussy-at the same time?
You lean back on the toilet, with a devilish grin and open your still dripping pussy lips wide….