AUTHOR Homer Vargas
CODES MF, Fdom, Mdom, humor, cuck, preg, Novel
DATE ADDED 21st August, 2004

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Dear Mom,

You have the most outrageously sexy ideas! No other girl has such a clever,
wonderful mom as you. You are right, of course. It's not just that I need more
hard nasty sex than Sidney can give me; I need a baby. After all, I'm almost
seventeen! That explains why I am so constantly horny and unsatisfied, even
after Sidney does manage to "do me." (That and his 7" dick. Pue-ney!) Maybe he
suspected something and that is why he didn't pressure me for sex while we were
dating. I know, I know. You TOLD me to try him out and to bring a pregnant
belly to the altar, but I still had some of those "good girl" notions about
being a virgin when we married.

But that was then. Sidney had his chance. Even though he hasn't been fucking
me more than once a day since we married (Can you believe it?), that ought to
have been enough. If he didn't get me pregnant in these first three months,
there must be something wrong with him. Thank goodness I have Martin and
Darrell living next door who have been keeping my gears oiled recently. And
Sidney took it like a wimp, just as you predicted. They can do the job. I was
so silly to make those two beautiful black studs wear condoms when they were
fucking me silly during my fertile period last month. I guess I COULD keep that
up, knowing that I'd miscalculate sooner or later. Especially since they fill
me sooo full of cum and men, like they just have to be super virile. But I'm
going to follow your example instead.

I just can't understand how I could have failed to notice until you pointed it
out that none of us kids look anything like each other or like Daddy either,
except for Arthur Jr. We really believed that story about your being of "mixed
racial" descent. <giggle> None of us thought it strange that I have long
straight blonde hair, Leon has kinky black hair, Shawna is a redhead with all
those cute freckles, Mei-li's and Shie-li's eyes ARE sort of slanted, and that
Antonio's skin is that delicious golden brown color, almost as dark as Leon's.
I think it is sooo cool the way, after me, you started naming each of my
brothers and sisters after their father. That explains why the little girls
have those funny names, Darrelette, Reggiena, and Luthera. Too bad you didn't
call me Rodha. That Rod sounds like one incredible stud!

Now that you explain it, I can also understand why little Artie is not as big
and handsome and smart and athletic as our other brothers are. He just takes
after Daddy too much. I don't know if I'd go so far as you in saying you regret
letting Daddy get you pregnant with him, (he's a cute little runt) but I agree
that you should NEVER get that drunk again when no one is around but Daddy. Not
that it is an issue now that you use him exclusively for mouth worship and
clean-up detail. You are so right; there is nothing quite like the orgasms you
get from having your loving, faithful husband with his face between your thighs
sucking a well-hung lover's come from your pussy.

I'm going to tell Sidney about our plan tonight. That should give him about ten
days to decide if he wants to be there when our first baby is conceived. So far
he hasn't wanted to watch me with Martin and Darrell, although I have told him
they don't mind. But this would be different. This is the child he is going to
be rearing, whose diapers he'll be changing, who he will be rocking to sleep at
night while I'm out partying. I don't see how a good daddy can NOT want to be
there to see his sexy young wife getting knocked up for the first time.




Dear Mom,

Just as you guessed, Sidney gave in and agreed to be there for the "big day."
That was about the only thing that went according to plan, however. I can see
now that I should have informed Darrell and Martin in advance that I intended
them to get me pregnant that weekend. They should have known, though, that
something was up when I wouldn't let either of them fuck me on Thursday or
Friday. I wanted their balls full to the brim with wigglers. When Sidney and I
showed up there on Saturday afternoon and I told them what I was there for,
their jaws just dropped. It was sooo funny. Well, Sidney didn't think it was
funny, but you would have.

I had to explain to the guys a couple of times that I was fertile those days and
that I wanted to fuck without protection all weekend so one of them would put a
beautiful black baby in my belly. Sidney nodded dutifully when they asked to
make sure that he would assume all the duties of being the daddy and not ask
them for any financial support. (With the trust fund that Sidney's father has
established for each of his grandchildren, that's hardly and issue. I
understand now why you agreed to me marrying Sidney, in spite of what you
guessed about his, er, performance.) I even told them that I had talked this
over with my Mom and that you were behind me 100% and that you had done the same
thing to Daddy. (Then it was Sidney's turn to gape. He had never realized
that, except for the twins, no two of your eight kids have the same father.)

Well, Darrell and Martin were a little taken aback, although the bulge in each
of their pants told me they liked the plan. They kept talking around the idea;
it DID take a little getting to use to. And they actually came up with a flaw
in my scheme. I had figured that I'd just I'd just get in bed with them and let
them take turns fucking me as always. I knew that with all the hot potent sperm
they'd pump into my little pussy that weekend, I couldn't keep from getting

It was Darrell that pointed out that if they both fucked me, I wouldn't know who
the father of my baby was. I hadn't thought about that. They are both so
strong and good looking that I didn't really care. Either of them would make a
beautiful baby in me that Sidney and I could be proud of, or at least I could.
But Martin supported his roommate on this and said that the baby deserved to
know who his or her father was. Moreover, he pointed out that THEY would want
to know as well.

I was crushed to think that I had not taken their feelings into consideration.
I had just assumed that any man or any two men would jump at the chance to
impregnate a sexy young woman like me. I sort of hung my head in shame and was
about to take Sidney and go home. Sidney looked happy for the first time that
day as he chimed in to agree that it wasn't right for a woman to have a baby and
not be able to name the father. He even brought up some legal stuff about it
complicating the inheritance.

I had started to turn for the door, already foreseeing a miserable life of maybe
two or three children if Sidney got really lucky. I would not be able to stay
pregnant virtually all the time the way you did when I was little or to stride
around in public pushing a stroller with one child, nursing infant in my arms,
while obviously pregnant with another one. I was almost in tears.

Suddenly Martin spoke up and said he had an idea. He would volunteer to wear a
condom that weekend and until it was confirmed I was pregnant so that we could
all be sure that the baby was Darrell's. Well that perked me up. My pussy let
down another little gush to think about a man as good looking as Darrell pushing
his big black cock into me and flooding my fertile womb with his thick
baby-making come over and over.

But then Darrell said no; it shouldn't be that way and my hopes of getting a
beautiful back baby in me that weekend fell again. Darrell said that it was
Martin's apartment, HE was just sharing, and that HE would wear the condom and
Martin should be the one to put a baby in me. Well you'd better believe that
wet my panties again, or it would have if I'd been wearing any. Martin is just
as tall and ruggedly handsome as Darrell and his cock is, if anything, even
bigger. There was no way I could get fucked over and over with that beautiful
babymaker and not get a bun in the oven. I was overjoyed.

But then Martin and Darrell got into one of those "guy thing" arguments, that
Martin should do it because of the time that so and so, no that Darrell should
get to do me because of this and that. Apparently they had been friends a long
time because they got totally caught up in reliving incidents of saving each
other's asses on hunting trips and at ball games. Each was trying to persuade
the other that he should be the one to wear the condom that week.

Well Sidney was starting to look a little hopeful again and I was starting to
despair that neither of these overly-chivalrous hunks would fuck a baby into me,
when I came up with an idea myself. I made them stop arguing and listen to me.
I said that if they had done as I originally suggested each would have had a
50-50 chance of knocking me up, right? They agreed but started back on "the
baby needs to know his father" routine until I shushed them. I said we could
have a coin toss just like in a football kickoff. Only this would be for a
"fuckoff." The "winner" would get to have me bareback for a week and the
"looser" would wear the condom. To make it fair, Sidney could be the referee.
Sidney didn't like that, but Martin and Darrell did.

I went on to point out that once I was pregnant they could both have me without
a condom. I also told them that they'd better start eating right and working
out more vigorously to get in shape because if I was anything like you, Mom, I
was likely to become a sex maniac once all those pregnant hormones got loose in
my body. That brought a grin to their faces and made Sidney moan. Then I said,
just like in the second half in football, as soon as I could fuck again after
the baby was born, the "looser" of the toss could start doing me bareback and
the "winner" would wear condom until I was pregnant a second time.

Well, both Darrell and Martin had to agree that was fair. Sidney sputtered
something about that meaning that I was going to be pregnant not once but twice
with another man's baby, but I pointed out that that was going to happen anyway.
I had decided to have a big family and since he was unable to help me I would
get my lovers to do the job for him. Even Sidney had to agree that Martin and
Darrell were fine specimens and true gentlemen.

It was sooo funny to see Martin and Darrell get into the coin toss idea. They
shook hands with each other and then shook hands with Sidney and faced off on
each side of him on that little crouch like ball players do. Sidney used one of
the new $1.00 coins, the one with Shag-a-Whoever, the Indian woman who got
pregnant with Lewis or Clark's baby, I can never keep them straight. I
suggested that they call "tails" not "heads" since the winner would be getting
my tail and the looser would just get head. Everybody but Sidney thought that
was hilarious. I felt like someone should sing the "Star Spangled Banner."

Sorry this is getting so long, Mom. I'll have to tell you about your daughter's
first breeding in the next letter.



Dear Mother,

Oh, Mom, I just know I'm pregnant! It was every bit as exciting as you said it
would be. How did you guess so much of what would happen before I told you?
Are we really THAT much alike?

Of course I'm going to tell you exactly how it happened. Well, Sidney tossed
the coin and Darrell won me. <giggle> I expected he would yank me upstairs and
start fucking me stupid, but he surprised me. He said getting a woman pregnant
for the first time was a special occasion and he was sure I didn't want just to
jump in the sack. Well, you know me, Mom; that was EXACTLY what I wanted, but
Darrell is a romantic with other ideas and said we should have a special night
out. He sent Sidney and me home to get dressed for dinner and dancing.

I had Sidney draw my bath filling the water with oils and unctions and lotions.
He held my hand and helped me step into the tub. Slowly I slid down into the
almost hot water, letting the essences caress my skin, softening it and
smoothing it for Darrell's touch. The sight of my naked body was making the
cutest little bulge in Sidney pants and I though it would be fun to see his
little weenie. I told him to take off his clothes, too, but not to touch
himself. Sidney knelt dutifully by the tub, handing me sponges or washcloths
and pouring water over my back. I could see how much he wanted to thrust his
hand into the water and touch my hardened breasts and my lust-engorged nipples,
but a glance restrained him.

When I finished, I let him wrap me in fluffy towels and dry me off, but I
cautioned him not to fondle my titties of pat my ass, because they were reserved
for my lovers that night. I sent him to his room to get dressed while I got my
clothes ready. (Did I tell you, I've been having him sleep in "your" room since
Darrel and Martin have been fucking me almost every night? I know he enjoys
hearing my handsome black lovers fucking me, because I find the little cum
stains on the sheets every morning.)

I was surprised how good Sidney looked in the tux, the same one he wore when we
were married. Although not nearly so big and powerful as Darrell or Martin, he
is kind of cute. I'm so glad I married him, Mom. He was surprised that I was
still naked when he walked in, but I explained I was waiting for him to help me
dress. Ordinarily, a husband would love that job, especially if the wife is as
sexy as me <giggle>, but he couldn't have been too happy about dressing me up to
be bred by a bigger, stronger, more handsome man. I had chosen a short black
cocktail dress that Martin (I think) had bought me to go clubbing with him a few
weeks ago. The only unusual thing was that it had large buttons all the way
down the front. It's so thin that a bra would show right through, so I didn't
get one out.

Sidney held the dress for me as I stepped into the little thing and he buttoned
me up the way husbands are supposed to do. I know he wanted to grab my breasts
and fondle me as he buried his face in my neck, but he knew better than to try.
I sat on the edge of the bed and held out my leg so he could slide on first one
and then another sheer black high-top stocking. Then he carefully placed my red
4" heel strap sandals on my feet. Finally, I handed him my frilly little
panties for him to put on me. As he drew the skimpy little thing up my thighs,
I could see his eyes fall longingly on my pussy, the pussy that in a few hours
would be full of another man's potent cum. Of course I was dripping with
excitement and the ripe aroma much have been overpowering. I could see him

Well, you know me, Mom, I'm not cruel. Sidney had been a perfect loving,
supportive husband for me that night and I decided he deserved a reward. When
his face was just inches from my pussy, I put my hand behind his head and
brought his lips directly onto opening. He was so happy he became to lick me
excitedly. I had let him clean me after Darrell or Martin had left my twat full
to running over with their manly sperm many times of course, so he knew well how
to please me, but this was the first time I had allowed him to eat me in sheer

Although I wanted him to slow down and make this last longer, I couldn't
restrain him and soon he making me come over and over. Sidney's cock may be
inadequate, Mom, but there is nothing wrong with his tongue! He knows ways to
flick my clit that drive me crazy. And when he sucks gently on it and grazes it
with his teeth, it makes me climax sooo good. Of course he was getting plenty
of sexy girl juice to drink as each orgasm brought another salty discharge.

Finally, I had to make him stop so we wouldn't be late. He offered to wash me
with a cloth, but I said no. I was ripe and randy and I wanted to smell that
way and I didn't want him to wash either. He should be proud to have his sexy
wife's pussy juice on his face. Sidney finished slipping on my panties and
stood up. It was sooo sweet, Mom. The front of his tux was wet where he had
come in his pants just from eating me. That's love, Mom. <sigh> I almost cried
I was so happy. I took the arm of my loving husband and let him escort me
gallantly to the door of my lovers' house. I was so proud of him!

Darrell and Martin were both dressed already and invited us in. I broke the ice
by coming up to Darrell, wrapping my arms around him and giving him a long wet
kiss. Sidney stood by and watched as his wife kissed another man passionately
right in front of him. It was odd but also exciting. I took the opportunity to
grind my lips against Darrell, dragging the kiss out for a long time. When I
did the same with Martin, I made sure Sidney could see my tongue enter his
mouth. My hips began to grind against Martin's crotch as his hands came down to
grab my ass.

Several minutes later, when we broke apart breathlessly, I looked at Sidney and
smiled wickedly as if to ask him if he liked that. Sidney could say nothing,
the lamb. The boys gaped in admiration at me and told me how hot I looked.
(Not hotter than I felt, Mom.) Each congratulated Sidney again for having such
a beautiful, sexy wife and assured him I'd make a fine mother of beautiful
babies. As we were about to go Martin stopped and dropped to one knee and
looked up my skirt. Looking severely at Sidney he asked why I was wearing
panties, didn't he realize a pussy as pretty as mine should never be covered up?
Of course I spoke up saying it was my fault, I had forgotten I was never
supposed to wear panties around them. Martin said that was no excuse; the
husband of a wife as sexy as me should never allow his wife to wear panties. He
pulled them off me and gave them to Sidney to keep as a souvenir of his wife's
first breeding.

Martin gave Sidney the keys to their Lincoln Town Car and Darrell scooted me
into the back seat between him and Martin. I suspected I was in for an exciting
ride. The restaurant they had chosen was about forty-five minutes from their
house. I figured this was intentional, to give the guys time to warm me up.
(As if I needed THAT, huh, Mom?) It didn't take that long to get them started.
As Sidney pulled onto the street, Darrell had me in an embrace. I saw Sidney
adjust the rear view mirror in order to see what was going on in back. He kept
one eye on the road and the other on the mirror. He had a very difficult time
concentrating on driving as he watched and heard the sounds of me with my two
lovers. Within minutes, he could see that Martin had opened my dress enough to
let Darrell play with my hard nipples. I moaned as his mouth captured the
nipple and began to suck loudly. Martin's mouth soon was giving my other breast
the same wonderful treatment.. First one tit then the other was covered with
their kisses. The smooth white skin of my breasts began to shine with wetness.

Sidney could hear the sucking sounds. He knew my neck and chest would be
covered in hickey's tomorrow. It was getting very hot in the back seat. I saw
Sidney's eyes on me as Martin raised my skirt and began to stroke me. With a
quick glance to the front to make sure Sidney was watching, I pushed Darrell
back and unzipped his pants. Quickly I freed his raging hard-on. It was big,
very big, Mom. Precum juice was literally pouring from the large purple head.
I was afraid it would stain my dress.

Sidney, the sweetheart saw my problem and handed me my panties. I took rubbed
the cottony crotch over Darrell's swollen head, mopping up the juice that seemed
to run out in an endless stream. With a flick of my hand I tossed the panties
back into the front seat. Sidney stared at them for seconds before picking them
up. He first brought them to his nose, inhaling the sweet smell of my familiar
pussy and the smell of another man's cock. a combination he knew so well. Then
on impulse, Sidney brought the wet crotch to his mouth.

When Sidney next looked back, his breath caught in his throat. for the first
time he saw his wife sucking another man's cock. I lay with my head on
Darrell's lap and my face toward the front. I smiled and winked at Sidney as I
engulfed the large head of Darrell's cock even as Martin's hand in me kept my
pussy fires stoked. Sidney watched as I sucked Darrell as deeply as I could
then pulled it out to lick it like a lollipop. Up and down my head went,
wetting Darrell's cock from top to bottom. When he came, I swallowed almost
every drop. It was obvious that I had done this before.

Soon Darrell was breathing very hard and said he needed to eat me. I readily
agreed; my pussy was so wet. With that I moved around on the seat to lie on my
back. Sidney's head must have been spinning as he realized that Darrell was
going to eat me in the back seat of the car. I threw my legs up in the air as
Darrell slid his face between my thighs. I felt Darrell's large tongue enter my
shaved and juicy pussy as Sidney watched through the mirror. He could see the
back of Darrell's head bobbing in my crotch as I squirmed with pleasure. Martin
of course had stayed busy shifting to sucking on my titties.

Returning Sidney's glance in the mirror I saw his eyes telling me horny he was
and how much he loved me. I managed to blow him a kiss to tell him I felt the
same way. Then I got distracted as Darrell began to eat me more vigorously. My
orgasm hit unexpectedly and screamed as Darrell began to worry my clit rapidly.
The squishy sound of my juicy pussy bounced around the car, mixing with the
heavy breathing. Sidney must have missed some of the good parts as he
negotiated traffic.

This was to test Sidney to see if he really meant that I could fool around. I
would have another test for him in a few minutes. I looked so sexy, lying there
with my skirt up, one lover worshiping my boobies and another eating my brains
out. Within minutes, I was screaming again that I was coming. I heard Sidney
groan as well and guessed he was coming in his pants, his watery come pouring
into his underwear again.

The breathing in the car was still labored as Sidney recovered. We three
lovebirds in the back seat were whispering to each other as we neared the
restaurant. The car smelled of sex. I was glowing from my incredible climaxes.
I never realized how hot it made me to have my sweet loyal husband watch and
listen while I had sex. The times before with Martin and Darrell had never been
like this. Of course knowing I would soon be having my young lover's baby also
added to the excitement.

Too soon Sidney was pulling onto the parking lot of the restaurant. He parked
his car in the back where there were few other cars. Again Martin and Darrell
told Sidney how lucky he was to have such as sexy wife and slapped him on the
back good-naturedly as we walked into the restaurant. I felt my juices running
down the insides of my bare thighs.

The place was a well-known hang out for singles. It offered good food but also
had a live band and large dance floor. The restaurant bar was dark as usual and
it took a minute or two for us to find booth far enough back that even though
the bar was crowded and noisy, it was fairly private.

Darrell and Martin invited me to slide into the booth between them. Only then
did I see we were not alone. Three other guys were there. Sidney sat on the
outside. Whey we were situated and drinks ordered, I could tell Sidney was
feeling a bit uncomfortable with his wife in the middle of these five young
black men, but the chatter was light and friendly until the waitress had brought
the drinks and left.

The band was alternating fast swing and techno beat number with Latin. Martin
whispered that it was time to show off that pretty pussy of mine. Taking me to
the dance floor he soon had me twisting and twirling, my little black dress
flying out and up. There was no way every man in the club could fail to notice
that I was naked under my dress. It made me feel sooo sexy, especially to see
the dirty looks of other women who had to repeatedly elbow their dates, trying
unsuccessfully to keep them from staring at me. Each of the men took their turn
dancing with me. When I returned to the booth, I was drenched in perspiration.

Just then the band began to play a medley of slow songs and it seemed at that
point that Darrell and Martin's attitude changed. Martin looked at Sidney and
told him to unbutton my dress. Sidney thought he had misunderstood, but they
made it clear he was to unbutton my dress. Martin said Darrell wanted everyone
to see what a pretty body his little slut had.

Wow, I almost came when Martin called me a slut, Mom. Sidney had never said
anything so sexy to me. I saw Sidney's face redden and his anger flare. He
started to rise up, but I shook my head. Seeing him still hesitate Martin asked
him if he wanted his wife to unbutton her dress, exposing herself in a public
place? Stanley shook his head, no. Then Darrell grinned and asked him if he
wanted a strange man to unbutton me. Stanley shook his head, no again. As the
three of us smiled, Sidney realized he had no alternative and began to unbutton
me. There must have been ten buttons but by the time he got five open, the
white swells of my breasts could be seen.

The dress was short enough that as soon as the last button was opened, the dress
fell away from my thighs revealing my stocking, garters and my shaved pussy to
all the guys around the table. They began to whistle and make lewd remarks
noting that my pussy was as bare as a baby's butt. A glare from Martin shut
them up. Turning back to Sidney, Martin again congratulated him on having a
wife with such a pretty pussy but said that they couldn't see my beautiful tits
so well and that he should pull open my dress.

It was a command not a request and any thought of protest quickly vanished as
Sidney looked into Darrell and Martin's smiling faces. Sidney reached over and
pushed the dress away from my proud breasts. I seemed to straighten up and push
my breasts forward. There I was, his wife sitting nude in a busy bar with five
guys ogling me. Sidney may have thought I would be embarrassed beyond belief,
but changed his mind when he saw the way my breasts rose and fell with my heavy
breathing. Sidney could see my nipples were also as hard as a rock. I was very
excited, Mom.

Darrell invited me to the floor this time. I began to re-button my dress, but
he and Martin shook their heads sternly. I started to protest but realized it
was futile. Pulling my dress together as best I could, I slid out of the booth.
When I got to the dark dance floor, Darrell took my in his arms. Naturally I
put my arms around him before realizing that left my dress held together by the
closeness of their bodies.

I wondered what those women would think if they saw me now, but I was also as
excited as I had ever been. I could feel the clear pussy juice began to trickle
down my legs. Darrell began to whisper how sexy I was, and how he was going to
enjoy fucking me and seeing my tummy grow large with his baby. He said he would
love to put his now hard cock into me and make me pregnant right there on the
dance floor. Then he bent down and kissed me. I almost swooned and if it
wasn't for Darrell holding me I might have. With the kiss I forgot all about my
dress until I felt Darrell's rough shirt and pants rubbing against my bare skin.
The dress was open. When the kiss broke, I looked around embarrassed, but found
that no one seemed to notice, yet. I was mostly protected by the closeness of
their bodies anyway.

When Darrell slid his hand inside the dress to grasp a bare breast, I thought I
would surely faint. I didn't care where I was anymore, I wanted to fuck.
Darrel told me he knew I was a hottie from that first blow job months ago.

My eyes were closed when I felt Darrell began to pull back. I tried to hold on
as I opened my eyes to see Martin replacing Darrell as my dance partner. The
transition was so swift that I doubted that anyone noticed my gaping dress. Now
Martin was holding my close.

As he pulled my body close, Martin said I was hot, that I had a hungry pussy
that needs come, that sucks the come out of a dick. I tried to answer but my
voice wouldn't work. He said not to talk, he had a way of telling how horny I
was. With that, Martin ran his hand between my legs. I felt his fingers at my
wet pussy lips. I gasped as first one then two fingers entered my to the hilt.
He told me how tight my pussy was and how good it would feel to have his big
black cock filling it.

I moaned, pleading to be fucked, oblivious to our arrangement. He asked if I
wanted to be fucked right them, did I want his hot cock in my tight hole? Of
course he knew I did, but he said not yet. I was Darrell's tonight, but at
least he could use my lovely mouth.

By the time the music ended all the guys had had danced with me, felt my breasts
and ass, and tested my excitement. I was led panting back to the table to slide
in next to my amazed husband. Sidney could tell I was near being out of
control. He heard several of guys begging Darrell and Martin to let them fuck
me. They wouldn't relent, telling them that they would have to wait until some
other time when I was safely pregnant.

After some quiet conversation, Darrell and Martin looked at me and smiled, then
nodded to the three anxious guys. Martin slid in next to me as the other three
men stood at the end of the table blocking the view of anyone that might be
curious. Martin put his arm around me as Sidney sat mute.

Darrell explained that Martin needed some relief that I should be happy to give
him a blow job, along with the rest of his friends. I giggled when he said I
had quite an affect on these guys. He said if I did a good job he would give me
a baby with his nine inch cock. I looked briefly at Sidney. Was this too much
for him I thought. Could I do this to him in a crowed bar. Then I felt my
pussy drool onto the wooden bench and knew I could do it. Slowly I reached over
and began to unzip Martin. I thought the metallic slide of the zipper sounded
loud in the noisy bar.

Sidney watched as I freed Martin's stiff cock. When it was out in the open, I
wasted no time in dropping my head to take it in my mouth. Sidney could only
see my blond head bob up and down as I engulfed this stranger's cock. Sidney's
cock was as hard as a rock sitting next me as I gave a blow job in this crowded
bar. Martin began groaning loudly enough for Darrell to tell him to keep it

He said he was sorry but I was so good he couldn't help myself. With that he
grabbed my head and began to lift it up and down at the speed he wanted. Sidney
could hear me moan as I anticipated Martin's climax. I could feel the precum
juice increase as Martin neared the end. Suddenly, I felt the first squirt hit
the back of my throat, then the torrent began, deluging my mouth with his thick
white come. I swallowed as fast as I could, yet, it still managed to spill out
of my mouth. Four or five squirts later, Martin was done, and his penis began
to shrink in my mouth. I didn't let it go until all of the juice had been
sucked out and in to my stomach.

I was almost embarrassed to lift my head up, for I knew the others were all
looking at me. I didn't have to worry, for as Martin slid away from my, he was
immediately replaced by one of the other guys,. I unzipped his pants and
brought his hard cock to my mouth. A few minutes later he shuddered and
unloaded a huge load down my throat. He was replaced by another and another
man, who required the same service. Darrell was the last and fed me more cum
than I thought possible. When I was done, I raised my head, using the back of
my hand to wipe my come smeared mouth.

Looking to my side, I saw my amazed husband sitting wide-eyed. I was just as
amazed that I had actually sucked off five men in the bar. Sidney couldn't
believe what he had just seen. Just weeks ago we were a normal couple with a
normally horny wife going crazy with desire for a baby. But now I was about to
fuck another man right in front of him. It was sinking in that I was serious
about another man getting me pregnant.

Darrell and Martin saw the love and concern on Sidney's face. Maybe we needed a
few minutes alone they said as they zipped their pants up and walked out of the
bar with their three friends. I had practically fallen against Sidney as I
watched Darrell and Martin leave. Neither of us spoke for a long time.
Finally, Sidney began to button up my dress and tried to fix my hair. I smiled
weakly at Sidney and said it was incredible, I guessed I had lost all control.

Sidney didn't respond. Suddenly he reached over and his lips met mine in a
passionate but tender kiss. He must have been thinking about the cocks that had
been in my mouth just minutes before, but that only made the kiss sweeter. He
asked me to dance in a horse whisper. On the dance floor, he held me close and
moved me around the floor slowly. My head lay on his shoulder and my hand
played with the hair on the back of his neck as I told him how much I loved him.
He told me he loved me too.

In the middle of the second dance, I whispered to Sidney that I was feeling very
horny and needed him badly. He became excited and happy but said we couldn't
fuck here, to wait until we got home. I told him is was a sweet thought, but I
didn't want him to fuck me here or at home, that I needed his tongue. I had
come so many times from sucking off Darrell and Martin and their friends, I
needed him to clean me up I said as I bit his ear.

Sidney followed me back to the booth and said we had better get going home, but
I pointed out we were going home with Darrell and Martin. We couldn't leave
until he cleaned me up. Sidney asked where, although he must have dreaded the
answer. Here, under the table, I told him. Sidney looked around and saw that
no one seemed to be watching us. He slid slowly under the table knowing what he
had to do. He saw me open my legs. In the dark light of the bar, Sidney could
see my pussy running with my come. He knew what he had to do. His tongue came
out and began to lick the inside of my thighs recovering the come that had run
down there. Slowly he moved up until his tongue and lips touched my still
swollen lips. Sucking first one inner lip into his mouth, he cleaned it and
then moved to the other, doing the same thing until the lips were clean.

Taking a deep breath, he placed his mouth over my pussy hole and started to
suck. He heard me moan and knew I was coming again. He could taste the come as
it poured into his mouth. He swallowed and began to suck again. My thighs were
squeezing Sidney's head as I convulsed in climax.

The ride back home was more or less a repeat of the trip to the club. Sidney
drove and Darrell and Martin kept their hands and mouths on my tits and pussy.
I was sooo tired from the dancing and uncounted climaxes. My eyes were closed
and I was almost asleep as my two lovers continued to pleasure me, bringing me
to a series of weak climaxes. I was hardly conscious when Sidney pulled the car
into their garage. I was aware that two powerful arms lifted me from the back
seat of the car, carried into the house and laid me on a bed. I felt a pair of
large hands remove my and heels. I opened my eyes enough to see Darrell was
undressing me. Tenderly her removed the stockings, leaving me totally naked in
his sight.

I could hardly keep my eyes open as I watched him undress, revealing more and
more of that beautiful ebony body to me. When he dropped his shorts and I
glimpsed his massive penis, the long, hard tool that in just minutes was going
to be in my cunt, stretching and filling me with his rich baby-making cum, my
pussy twitched, but weakly. I was just so exhausted. Then the bed sagged and I
felt him take me in his arms. I felt so small, so helpless, yet so safe in
Darrell's muscular arms. He pulled me close to his hard body and a thrill shot
through me. He kissed me tenderly and told me he knew I was tired. Turning me
with my ass pressed against his crotch, he put his arms around me and kissed the
back of my neck. He told me I was the most beautiful, the sexiest woman in the
world and he wanted to give me his baby more than anything.

But tomorrow. Tonight I needed to sleep. He kissed me again and I was gone.

Sorry, Mom. I can't write more just now. Remembering that night has me sooo
horny, I've just got to stop now to, well you know. Promise, promise, promise
next letter I'll tell you how you became a grandmother-to-be.



Dear Mom,

I don't think there is anything more romantic and sexy than falling asleep in
the arms of the man who is about to make you pregnant with his baby. Having
Darrell's arms around me all night made me feel warm and safe, like a little
bird in a nest, a love nest. Although asleep, I could feel Darrell moving to
adjust to my every shift in position. I was tucked into the crook of his hard,
powerful body, held gently in his arms, his fingers on my nipples. At other
times he held my hand around him letting my fingers play with his chest hair
while is butt caressed my pussy. Later, toward morning, I guess, my sleep
deepened and I dreamed.

I was on a sailboat; it was an idyllic scene, warm sun, soft fluffy clouds, and
a warm breeze. The boat rocked gently, the waves lapping at the sides. I felt
good, almost tipsy and aroused although no one was around. The rocking
increased and I began to grip the sides of the boat tightly. As I looked out,
the waves were becoming higher and the deck of the little craft began to heave
as each swell lifted and dropped the tiny craft. I became alarmed and as my
fear increased so did my arousal. Suddenly, I was looking at a huge wave
towering above me threatening to crash down and sweep me overboard. The deck
fell away from me as the boat dropped into the trough. My heart was pounding as
the mountain of water above me began to fall over me and I...


I was thrashing and bucking as the most powerful orgasm I could imagine wracked
my body. I realized the side of the boat I gripped so fiercely was the neck and
shoulders of Darrell as he buried his face in my pussy. I lay spent in his
hands. Although he had just brought me to a gut-wrenching climax, he didn't
stop his perfect worship of my sex. He continued to lick and suck, alternating
languorous laps of my pussy lips with quick attacks on my clit. The sea was
becoming rough again as I felt another powerful orgasm begin in me. All I could
do was to hold on and wait for the next cataclysm. I know I was screaming, but
whether they were obscenities or just wild animal mating cries, I could not say.
I was beyond pleasure. Darrell had taken me to another plane, another dimension
of existence in which noting existed except my sex and his mouth. I shuddered,
grew rigid, and surrendered my body to an orgasm that must have fried millions
of brain cells. Blackness overcame me.


My next perception was a gentle knocking. I was back in Darrell's arms and his
eyes were closed. The knocking came again, more insistently. "Wake up, in
there you guys! Time for breakfast. You can't keep that up without food,"
Martin's voice boomed jovially. Darrell opened his eyes and winked at me,
giving me the idea he had just been playing possum. I then noticed his fingers
were in me and that was not the only thing he was playing. No wonder I woke up
so horny! A little reluctantly he untwined his arms from mine and went to the

Oh, Mom! You won't believe what I saw when the door swung open: my wonderful
Sidney! Martin was in the background smiling proudly. Directly in front of me
was my sweet, loving, perfect husband dressed in the CUTEST French maid uniform
I'd ever seen! The skirt was short, short, short and showed off his black
stockings really well. He was so sexy, my pussy clinched, and I don't even go
for girls that much! Who knows how long it had taken Martin to get him shaved
and primped and done up like that! He was just gorgeous standing there looking
a little uncomfortable with a tray of coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, cream cheese,
butter, jam and juice! The aromas of the delicious meal quickly reminded me
that I had been so busy dancing and having fun with the guys in the restaurant
last night, I had never actually eaten anything. Cum alone, no matter how much
you get, can't quell your appetite, Mom.

Believe it or not, Mom, for several minutes, the need for nourishment drove the
urge to get fucked from my mind. I was so ravenous I fairly fell on the food.
Darrel just looked at me and grinned; he could wait to get his fill. Martin
sent Sidney back to the kitchen to prepare another couple of omelets and squeeze
more juice. As soon as he was gone, I jumped up out of the bed and flew to
Martin's arms, and gave him the biggest sloppiest "thank you" kiss I could
manage. He just patted my bottom and told me to save it.

Mom, I've got to admit to being a little bit naughty with Darrell. Well of
course planning to let a handsome black guy I'd met only a few weeks ago fuck me
silly and make me pregnant while my darling Sidney watches is already pretty
naughty, huh? But I mean naughty TO Darrell. He was hungry, too and was really
scarfing down the breakfast that Sidney had brought him. His plate included a
pile of pancakes, hash browns and a strip steak. I guess Martin figured HE was
going to be working hard that morning and needed some REAL FOOD. I was pretty
full, but not enough that I could pass up the opportunity to slither under the
covers and find Darrell's prick.

Mom, I don't think he EVER gets completely soft. It was just a perfect size for
slurping when my mouth found it. Darrell was so busy eating he didn't realize
what I was doing for a minute. When he did, he started laughing, telling me to
stop and then just started moaning. His prick became hard instantly and I was
giving it a real workout with my lips and tongue. Suddenly he was braying like
a Bramah bull and bucking. Mom, he just erupted in my mouth shooting more sperm
than I could swallow. It ran out of my mouth down onto his pubic hair and
balls, making a big mess on the sheets and probably soaking through to the
mattress. It was a sperm deluge: all for little me. What a feeling of power,
Mom. Me, your sexy daughter, made this big hunky black man cum uncontrollably.

When the eruption was over, I went back to sucking out the last delicious drops
of Darrell's jism. He tasted sooo good, Mom. Do you think that was just
because I knew that soon that same wonderful sticky white goo would be shooting
into my pussy giving me my very first baby? A black baby?

Fortunately Sidney had been there to grab the tray and prevent my little
"interruption" from spilling eggs and coffee and pancakes all over the bed.
When Darrell had recovered from his orgasm, he just waved Martin and Sidney to
stand back.

Taking me firmly by the shoulders he asked with a twinkle in his eye, if I knew
it was naughty to tease a big black man with my sexy little white body. I
grinned sheepishly and nodded yes. He asked if I knew how dangerous it was
playing sexy games with him when I was fertile. I nodded again. Was sure I
wanted him to put his big black cock inside my hot little hole and shoot me full
of his potent baby-making sperm? His finger was inside me, holding me on the
brink of orgasm and my clenching pussy gave him my response. He leaned over me
and took one of my nipples in his mouth and began sucking me. My pussy spasmed
again and gushed a little more. Mom, it was just so sexy. He continued to toy
with my breast as he looked up and asked me if wanted a little baby to suck on
these tits, a little black baby with thick sucking lips to drink my sweet milk?

Darrell looked over at Martin who gave him a thumbs up sign and then at Sidney
who was looking terribly sad. Martin saw it too and put his arm around Sidney
and told him again how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife. I just moaned and
said yes, yes, I wanted him to give me a baby so bad.

Darrell said that was just what he was going to do but first he wanted my little
pussy to be as warm and welcoming of his seed as possible and began to kiss his
way down my body. When he came to my waist he dug his tongue into my navel,
causing me to squirm, but he held me firmly. His face was in my tummy kissing
and nibbling me, but I heard him ask again if this is where I wanted his baby;
did I want my flat little tummy turned into a round fat pregnant belly,
stretched tight with his big black baby. That was it, Mom, I started to cum and

I heard him say he was going to eat my pussy again to get me ready. I eagerly
spread my legs wide, resting my ankles on Darrell's powerful back. Martin
meanwhile had enough and came around to the side of the bed and put his cock in
my mouth. I was now groaning loudly as Darrell ate my wet snatch, and Martin
fucked my mouth. Taking Martin's cock from my mouth, I begged Darrell to fuck
me. Darrell was ready to please me, and took his now fully hard 11" cock and
crawled into position.

Somehow I managed to look over at Sidney. He was beyond sadness, but more
excited than he had ever been: seeing his wife take on two guys at once had him
incredibly horny. Martin had pulled down his panties and Sidney was holding up
his little skirt and had his weenie-cock out, stroking it in anticipation of
what was to come ... in ME. Up in the bed, Darrell was rubbing his cock on my
pussy lips, and asking me what I wanted, waiting to hear me say again that I
want his baby. I was happy to oblige and told him please to sink his hard cock
in my fertile cunt and fuck me, as I had never been before.

Darrell started pushing the head of his cock between my pussy lips and my eyes
widened as he spread me further than ever before. It felt like his cock had
grown larger for the occasion of making me pregnant with his baby. Being
incredibly wet, my pussy easily took more then half his cock before he commented
on how tight I was. I was moaning and licking my lips, spreading my legs wider
to accommodate Darrell's huge cock. Slowly, he pushed further and deeper into
my pussy, causing me to groan like a wild animal impaled by a hunter's spear.
Wild and speared I was; Darrell's cock was making ripples in my little tummy.

I could hardly think or see anything; shaking my head from side to side
deliriously I was so filled with his wonderful cock. When I felt Martin once
again offer his cock to my mouth, I eagerly took half into my mouth and with a
vengeance, began to suck him hard.

Darrell now had all but about two inches left to fill my pussy with, and he
pulled his cock almost all the way out and then rammed it in, slapping his balls
against my pussy. I came hard at that and gasped as Martin took advantage and
shoved more of his cock down my now wide-open mouth.

Darrell now began to fuck me with long, deep strokes, sending me into multiple
orgasms. Martin was getting close to coming and stroked his cock faster into my

Suddenly I heard my husband bellow in pained ecstasy. I briefly glimpsed at
him, his watery cum was all over his uniform. Darrell, meanwhile, was stroking
faster and faster into my hot cunt. Closer and closer to coming, he asked me if
I wanted his cum deep in her pussy. Releasing Martin's cock I begged him to
fuck me hard and come in me and make me pregnant.

The tension built in me, more and more, going up so fast. It was good, Mom,
very good, perhaps the best ever. All the while, my cunt ached around Darrell's
swollen prick, particularly when he pushed gently into me, pulled out a little,
and pushed in again. Each push was a fresh and total impaling. Two or three
more of those thrusts would take me beyond the point of no return: my lower body
was a bundle of dancing nerves.

Just two or three...

I pleaded with Darrell not to stop, not now. He promised he wouldn't as he
squeezed into me again and again. His balls settled gentle and heavy, against
my bottom, and then lifted clear again.

And again...

...and again...

...and... and...

I came hard. It hit my head, my neck, and my back, forcing me to raise my butt
from the bed. Then the pleasure swirled into my butt, down to my thighs and
knees, stretching me, owning me. I felt tears well in my eyes. I screamed to
Darrell to fuck me. I realized vaguely that I was still shouting, encouraging
Darrell, but the shouts were not recognizable words.

My cunt was twitching wildly. I grasped his hips to pull him and his massive
cock into fuller contact; tried to restrict his movement with my knees as I
ground my lower body up against his. I tensed my belly, enveloping him. Then
the sharpness of the sensations, all but unbearable already, just rose higher.
I was loosely aware that I was holding my breath, that my eyes were clenched
shut. Still, Mom the electricity generated by my union with Darrell made me see
white flashes, exploding behind my eyelids, numbing my brain.

Martin shoved his cock back into my mouth and came again almost immediately.
Darrell told me to get ready for his seed, and pumped me harder and harder until
he thrust deeply into me, shooting his cum deep into my womb. Still swallowing
as much of Martin's cum as I could, I reached to caress Darrell's balls as he
came, encouraging him to cum harder.

Suddenly the room was filled with a roar that sounded strangely high pitched.

I realized it was me, squealing and climaxing again with him as his boiling
sperm flooded my pussy. At last Mom, after going for four days without getting
fucked, the biggest blackest cock I'd ever seen had just pumped me full of
enough potent white jism to make babies in a hundred horny white wives. And it
was all for ME! I felt so liquid, like my pussy was running over with Darrell's
babymaking cum. But he didn't let it.

As soon as we had sort of recovered he started talking to me about needing to
keep my pussy full of sperm. He did his part by just lying beside me with his
only half-soft cock plugging me up. It felt so wonderful Mom, lying there in my
marital bed with full of what felt like gallons of cum and my handsome black
lover's cock in me, knowing that millions of his sperm were racing toward one of
my pretty little eggs to penetrate her and make me pregnant. His soft deep
voice and his hands and mouth on my titties gave me such a feeling of peace and

I am positive that very first load did the job, as horny and fertile as I was,
but Darrell took no chances. About a half hour later, he was in me again. He
hardly let me get off my back all that Sunday. And every few hours he would
open me up and "give me a refill." By Monday morning you daughter was one
well-fucked little girl. I already felt pregnant.


Of course not even Darrel could keep up that pace forever. For the last three
week he has been coming over just after Sidney and I've had dinner to fuck me a
couple of times. He has been very good with Sidney, too, letting him watch his
wife scream in ecstasy as she gets her pussy filled with more of her black
lover's thick baby-making sperm. Then Darrell leaves us alone so that Sidney
can put his face between my legs and eat all of Darrell's yummy rich cum out of
me. Well, not all, Mom, just the leftovers; my pussy seems to "lap up" <g> most
of it. Sidney has just been great, too, never failing to make me climax several
times with his tongue, even more sometimes than I come with Darrell. I've never
told Darrel that, though, just in case he would have been jealous.


I've been getting up early every morning, Mom, to do the home pregnancy test and
today I got the news I've been waiting for. The "X" turned blue! I'm going to
have a baby, Darrell's big beautiful black baby! I can hardly wait, Mom, until
my tummy starts to show! It's going to be sooo exciting to put on a short-short
maternity dress and let Darrell take me out and show me off to his friends: the
sexy white wife he knocked up.

No one else knows, Mom. I just had to tell you let you know first. I'll tell
you next letter what happens when I give the boys and Sidney the news.



Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I haven't written you for a while, but I've been busy. <giggle>
Really, so much has happened, I hardly know how to begin. Of course I do know
how: with the night I told the boys I was going to have a baby.

The night of the morning I found that sexy blue "X," Darrell came over as usual.
He had nooo idea that he had done it, had put his black baby in this hot little
white wife's tummy, but he must have noticed something was different. I met him
in my shortest, blackest, tightest mini with my slinkiest see-through blouse and
a pair of strap sandals that brought the top of my head right up to his chin.
Obviously Sidney and I had not finished with dinner, as the table was set and
delightful smells were coming from the kitchen where Sidney was preparing the

Gosh, that's right, Mom! I had forgotten to tell you about Sidney; he just
continues to amaze me. No girl has ever had such a sweet, wonderful husband.
Not only can he clean excess cum out of my pussy like nobody's business (and the
orgasms just keep getting better and better), he has turned out to be a great
cook. It seems a lot of the time that Darrell and I have been fucking before I
knew he had knocked me up, Martin was taking Sidney aside to explain that now
that I was going to be a mother, he would start having to take better care of
me. Sidney has always like doing things for me, so it was easy to persuade him.
For the previous weeks he has been doing all the housework and cooking.

That is a good thing; otherwise the house would have gone to hell. I just
didn't have the time or energy. Darrell says it is important to keep as much
sperm as possible in my pussy, so in addition to coming <g> every night to fill
me up, he often slips away from work to give me a nice topping up during the
day. And I've told you, Darrell is not one of those "slam, bamm,
thank-you-ma'am" guys. He always takes the time to get me really hot first --
not that that is too hard with us, huh, Mom? <wink> -- by lovingly fondling and
kissing my titties while his fingers in my snatch making my little clitty feel
sooo good.

Then he never fails to go down on me and let me know just how much he loves the
pussy he's about to fuck. And it's not just that he's grateful for the chance
to put his big black cock in there to make a baby in my flat white belly; he
really enjoys tonguing my labia and sucking my love bud until I gush all over
his mouth. He says I taste sweet. <sigh> Then, too, he says making a woman to
cum hard before and while putting sperm in her helps the little wigglers find an
egg to impregnate. I don't know if that's true, but I sure did enjoy the way he
puts that theory in practice.

And he takes his time when he fucks me, too, especially after the first shot. I
can forgive that; getting his cock back in my hot little pussy after several
hours' absence excites him so much, he looses it after only a few strokes. The
relief allows him to get down to the serious fucking. He can hammer away at me
for a good half hour while I go through I don't know how many orgasms before he
blasts a second load of jism into me. The third time is even better! After a
few fucks like that, Mom, and I'm really out of it. When he finishes with me,
he tells me to stay in bed with little butt propped up with a pillow so more of
the sperm will stay inside "where it will do the most good." I often fall
asleep like that, fucked full of Darrell's cum and dreaming about having his
baby in me.

Getting filled full of baby juice like that a couple of times a day is fun, but
it doesn't leave much time to sweep, and mop, and wash dishes, and do laundry,
and all those things that Sidney has been so wonderful about. When he comes to
bed at night it's often after midnight and my sweet hubby is just exhausted. He
smiles at me wistfully, seeing Darrell's cum leaking from around the tampon I
use to plug myself, and I know he'd like to fuck me, or at least try. But that
wouldn't be right, would it Mom? I promised Darrell he could knock me up this
time and I can't run the risk, however small, of having a white baby!

Still, Sidney is my husband, even if he does have a pretty ineffective little
weenie, and I love him oodles. So I take him in my arms and let him nurse my
titties, the very titties that will be swelling with milk for Darrell's baby
pretty soon. I don't know if that's what Sidney is thinking, but it doesn't
take long for sucking my breasts to give him a little stiffie. I kiss him and
tell him how cute I think his cock-y is and start to rub it for him. He really
likes that, Mom, just like you said. BTW, thanks for the tips on how to keep
your husband reconciled to seeing you being impregnated by a superior lover. I
can hardly believe you kept Daddy's balls drained for twenty years with hand
jobs, except for that slip-up with Arthur. You are one sexy mom, Mom.

Anyway, I tell Sidney how much I love him and that I understand how horny he
must get, seeing Darrell sliding his big cock in and out of me, getting ready to
dump more of his baby-making spunk into his innocent wife. I realize that he
wishes it could be his little cock-y that gets to go inside my pussy to make a
baby. He's groaning with excitement by then and I tell him how wonderful he is
to let a handsome back man like Darrell be the one to make my tummy swell. And
then I prove it to him by squeezing and pulling on his cock-y until he's about
to make a mess in my hand. Then I kiss him again and tell him how tired I know
he is and how I am going to help him go to sleep. He sort of protests, but not
much because he is so sleepy. I just keep stroking his weenie and tell him it's
OK to just let go, that I love to see his little cock getting his 'jammies all
wet, and that he can just close his eyes and ...come! He moans, and spurts a
few times and goes limp. It never fails to put him out like a light. What a

Which brings me back to my story; sorry for rambling Mom. Well Darrell saw the
preparations for dinner and looked at me quizzically. I told him to call
Martin; we were going to have a special dinner, refusing to say more.

Martin said he'd be a few minutes, but that was OK with Darrell and me.
Although we didn't have time for a full heels-to-the-ceiling fuck, I told him he
could do me in the living room. He grinned and pushed my head down into the
seat of that overstuffed armchair. Then he wiggled my skirt up over my butt and
grunted when he saw my black lace panties. I don't normally wear panties, but I
know how much he likes taking them off and wanted to give him a special treat.
They were crotchless in case he was in a really big hurry to get his big black
babymaker into my grateful hole, but he took his time.

Gently he hooked his thumbs into the panty band and slid his hand inside my
little unmentionables. Oh, Mom! I know you're just like me; having a man's big
strong hand on my quivering little bottom, his fingers softly digging into the
soft asscheeks is almost enough to make me come right then. Good as it felt, I
was not disappointed when he finished pulling them over my hips and slid them
down my legs, caressing me as he went. A little tap on my ankle was my signal
to step put of the undergarment and spread my feet farther apart. Then his
hands were on and in my pussy. He commented about how wet I was. I don't know
why; I'm always wet whenever I think about having Darrell's monster in my pussy.
Maybe he meant the big stain my pussy juice was making on the armchair.

It was too late to think about re-upholstery bills. Darrell was sliding his
cock into me. I guess it's silly to keep saying that each time he fucks me
feels like the best ever. It's just that when he is in me, that huge slab of
black meat pounding away at your daughter's hot little cunny, I just can't
believe anything could be any more wonderful. This time was no different; I was
lost in a sea of pleasure, overwhelmed by the pumped-full feeling of Darrell's
cock ramming me mercilessly as one hand grasped my titties squeezing them and
teasing my nipples while the other strummed my clit.

Suddenly I heard a noise and opened my eyes. There was Martin standing in front
of me with his own beautiful cock just inches from my lips. Greedily I opened
my mouth and he slipped it in, making a crack about us starting without him. He
must have really been hot that day, because in no time he was moaning that he
was about to blow. Suddenly he was holding my head and thrusting hard into my
mouth. My excitement at getting my mouth filled with cum from one huge black
cock while at the same time another one was getting ready to fill my pussy was
too much.

My body went into a series of screaming spasms that might have dislodged the two
black dicks that were making me come, if the boys hadn't been holding me tight.
Instead my climaxes triggered theirs. As I felt Martin erupt in my mouth,
Darrell exploded in my pussy. I must have squirted a bucket myself. It was
great, Mom! I was drenched in sweat and my face and neck were covered in
Martin's cum that was already running down soaking my blouse and tits, while
Darrell's seed and my own pussy juice were tricking mingled down my legs. If
they gave medals for nasty little white wives, I'd get the gold.

As you can imagine, our fun required a slight postponement in dinner as the
three of us needed to get cleaned up. We decided to use the big upstairs
shower. I guess you don't need me to tell you, Mom, that being in a shower
sandwiched between two hunky black men had your horny pregnant daughter hotter
than a firecracker again in no time. I'll skip the description of how I gave
Martin another blowjob as Darrell took me from behind again. About an hour
later we had managed to get dressed (well just in robes) and stagger down to

Somehow Sidney had kept everything warm and fresh and we sat as he served us a
roast with potatoes and onions, fresh asparagus au gratin, salad, hot rolls and
cherry pie. I was so proud of him! Darrell and Martin and I ate and ate until
we couldn't eat any more. We finished the pie; Darrell had two pieces and
Martin three! I had just one, but then my tummy was already full from two great
blowjobs. A second bottle of Bordeaux was history when I pushed back from the
table and said I had a little announcement.

It can't have been much of a surprise, but my husband and lovers indulged my
little ceremony. I led us all to the living room and sat Martin in the chair
(yes, Mom, THE chair. Those stains are NEVER coming out.). I sat on the sofa
between Darrell and Sidney. First I turned to Sidney and kissed him on the
cheek and told him I had wonderful news; he was going to be a DADDY! He wasn't
too pleased, as I suppose is natural under the circumstances.

Then I turned to Darrell and kissed him, too. That turned into quite an event.
I got up in his lap and threw my arms around him, rubbing my excited titties
against his chest. His tongue was down my throat and his hands were on my ass.
I got so excited I almost forgot and threw my self down on his prick and screwed
him. Almost. Somehow, I had the presence of mind to pull back from fucking my
self silly right there in my living room in front of my husband and Martin.
Coming up for air, I pulled Darrell's hand off my bottom and placed it on my
belly. And you, I told him, are going to be a FATHER.

Darrell let out a whoop of joy and was about to carry me off to the bedroom for
a celebratory fuck when I stopped him. It's not your turn any longer, I giggled
and hopped out of his lap. You would have laughed if you had seen it, Mom, your
horny daughter scooting across the room from Darrell's lap to Martin's before
either man knew what happened. Martin had only managed to open his mouth to say
something when my tongue was in it, kissing him joyously. It didn't take him
long to figure out what my pregnancy meant for him. As he started to feel me
up, I was babbling into his neck about how much I had missed having him fuck me,
and how much I thanked him for waiting, and for all the yummy blowjobs, and how
I was going to make it up to him.

When I had babbled to a halt, I looked up at Sidney and Darrell. They were
looking a little glum; now they had something new in common, envy for Martin who
they knew was about to take me to upstairs to bed and screw my little brains
out. Darrell looked more philosophical about it. He could afford to be, of
course, as I was already pregnant with his baby. But he was a sport. Clamping
his arm around Sidney, he said they could go back to his house that night and
get drunk. The last thing Sidney saw as he looked back, walking out the door
with Darrell, was Martin on his knees in front of me, holding my legs apart as
he ate me to a shattering come.

Well Martin did take me to bed that night and yes he did screw me and ... Oh,
God! I'm sorry, Mom; I've got to stop again. Writing you has me so horny I've
soaked another pair of panties. It's like you told me; having a baby is making
me want to DO IT all the time. Even with Martin AND Darrell fucking me daily
and my dear, dear Sidney eating me as only he can, I still need more! I can't
imagine how bad it will get when I start to show.



Dear Mom,

Thanks for all the advice on eating for two and taking my vitamins and stuff,
Mom. You are also sooo right. Knowing your lover has put his little bastard in
your belly really does make you horny as a minx. Martin spends most nights
giving me several good reamings and Sidney makes me come as he cleans me up in
the intervals. In the mornings Martin leaves full of enough spunk to knock up
all the horny white housewives in the state. Darrell comes to do me a few times
during the day.

But still, there are only three of them and that leaves a lot of long horny
hours with no prick or tongue in my hot little love hole. That's why I just
squealed with joy when I saw the rechargeable vibrator you sent me. I was
spending a fortune on batteries with the old one! And the business end of this
one is black: how thoughtful.

I let Sidney take me to the gynecologist for "the exam." He put a brave face
on it when she smiled and told him he was going to be a father. Of course as my
doctor she had to know, so I explained to her that, although Sidney was going to
be a DADDY, the father was one of my lovers. That brought a big smile to her
face and she asked me if he was black. I told her yes he was and she started
giggling and said she THOUGHT I was pretty loose and stretched in there, as if I
had been the lucky recipient of some magnificent black cockmeat.

Then she congratulated ME for finding myself a black stud to give my little twat
the workout it needed and grinned saying she knew how I felt. Seems the young
doctor pulled night shift at the hospital a few months ago with Leroy, a new
black orderly. She gave him a ride home afterwards and by the time they arrived
Leroy's hand was in her pussy and she'd had her first, second, and third ever
orgasms on a man's finger. She never made it back to her own apartment at all
that night, spending it getting fucked out of her mind. She's been Leroy's
happy sex-toy ever since. We did a little competitive bragging on our men. (I
think she's lying about the size of Leroy's cock, the bitch, but she couldn't
top me having TWO black men!)

She also said that her Leroy was on her case about going off the pill and
letting him knock her up. I said she should go for it! Nothing beats having a
big black cock filling you up with potent babymaking cum, while your husband
watches. She pointed out that she wasn't married and I agreed that did sort of
spoil it, "'cause then the baby wouldn't have a daddy." I suggested maybe her
white boyfriend would marry her and she could take Leroy along to get her
pregnant on her honeymoon like some of those funny stories on Dark Wanderer

She said that was a good idea and told me she'd keep me informed during my
upcoming monthly checkups. Sidney asked her if it was a good idea for me to
continue having sex during the pregnancy. I was a little disappointed with him
because I'm sure he was fishing for the doctor to tell me to stop letting
Darrell and Martin fuck me six ways from Sunday. But she just laughed and said
yes, pregnant women need lots of hard, multi-orgasmic sex and that I should keep
getting fucked every chance I had.

Sidney had taken the day off and Darrell wasn't coming that day, so I was
needing it pretty bad. I smiled at Sidney and said he had heard what the doctor
said, that I wanted us to go to bed and have sex. His eyes really lighted up
and he was only a little disappointed when I explained that I meant oral sex.
He does love eating my pussy and now that I'm pregnant with a black baby I'm
juicier than ever. He says I taste better too, but then a loving husband WOULD
tell his pregnant wife that, wouldn't he?

We went to the bedroom and I told Sydney to get naked. He looked so cute
standing there with his little weenie twitching as he stared at me. I decided
to give him a little thrill so I did the sexy strip I do for Darrell or Martin
sometimes. First I took off my blouse and let him see my big titties barely
held in my little black bra. Then I let my mini drop to the floor and stuck a
pose in just my bra, panties and high heels. Wow, Mom, his little cock twitched
so violently I was afraid he would come just from the sight. Then I unhooked
the bra and shook my tits free. Walking closer, I asked him if he thought they
were big enough to produce milk for a hungry black baby. I guess that was
cruel, but the longing, loving look in Sidney's eyes just made me love him so

Then I pushed down my panties and his eyes shot to my pussy. I asked him to
check if I was ready for sex. Of course I knew I was dripping from showing off
for him, but I made him go to his knees and sniff my pussy anyway. I was about
to get in bed and spread my legs wide so Sidney could get his head down there
for easy eating the usual way lying on his stomach with his face in my snatch,
when I got another idea. Instead, I had him lie down and got on him, putting my
crotch in his face. This isn't as convenient for him, but I made it worth his
while by taking his little weenie in my mouth. It was just a whim; I'd never
sucked my husband off before, but I'd enjoyed it so much with Darrell and
Martin, I thought why not with the man I love, too. You know, Mom, it wasn't
bad. It's really a lot easier to get a normal size cock in you mouth than those
monsters of Darrell and Martin and having your loving husband's tongue in your
cunt while his weenie is in your mouth is kind of nice. Unfortunately Sidney
got so excited so quickly (I'm a pretty good cocksucker, if I do say so, Mom),
that I'd only gotten off twice when he came. Sidney doesn't produce nearly as
much cum as Darrel and Martin do, but it tastes just as good and it's a lot
easier to swallow all of it. You should try it with Dad, Mom.

Then we cuddled up in each other's arms and took a nap. When we woke up, Sidney
fixed us a light lunch and brought it to me in bed. We ate lunch and then he
ate me again. It was just a perfect day for a perfect loving young married
couple like us. And it left me nicely rested so I could take best advantage of
Martin, too. I wore him out that night, Mom! <smirk>




Dear Mom,

Lots of news! Well, I guess I'm really pregnant now. I've had a little bit of
queasy stomach in the mornings. Sandy (that's my gynecologist) says I probably
won't have morning sickness so bad because of all the great orgasms I get
especially the really hard ones early in the morning just before Martin has to
leave for work. Settles the stomach, she says. I'm still not showing yet!
<sulk> I think my titties are getting a little more sensitive, but I can't be
sure; they've always been such a hot button. (Remember all those guys in high
school I really didn't INTEND to fuck until they got their hands in my blouse?
I know you do; I found out later you fucked a couple of them yourself when they
came over to apologize.) Sandy says be patient; it won't be for another couple
of months yet. <sigh>

BTW, Sandy told me the said yes to Eugene, that's her white boyfriend who has
been wanting to marry her for years. She says he's rich enough to afford a
really big family, which is good because Leroy wants to give her lots of his
babies. They've set the date for the wedding but she promises to bring her
knocked-up tummy back from honeymoon in plenty of time for my delivery. Having
set the date with Eugene, she and has set the date for with Leroy for going off
the pill so she'll be fertile and he can make her pregnant during the honeymoon.
She said it was tempting to let him have her obviously pregnant at the wedding
-- sex-y IMHO -- but then she'd have to fuck Eugene at least a couple of times
before the wedding and she's been feeding him that
I'm-saving-myself-until-we're-married shit. (She had been, too, until she met
Leroy and he fucked some sense into her little head.) She'll probably start
fertility pills a couple of weeks in advance to be sure she ovulates right on
time, she said, even if it does increase the chance of Leroy giving her black
twins or triplets. We had a good laugh about how Eugene would react to THAT.

Sandy has also said meeting me has been very good for her business. Apparently
Darrell and Martin have lots of friends who are fucking married white women and
of course have most of them pregnant. They've given their friends Sandy's name
as an "understanding" OB/GYN. She says now she has more patients than she can
handle. She says she was amazed at the number of young wives and even quite a
few mature women who are discovering the joys of black cock. (Of course, we're
not amazed, are we, Mom?) And sooner or later the woman slips up or gives in
and lets her stud put a little black baby in her pretty white belly.

Sandy says that sometimes a pregnant professional woman comes to her not sure
she wants to keep it. Sandy talks to her about how sexy she'll look with a big
tummy. And she tells her how jealous the woman's friends at work will be,
especially when they find out it's not her husband's baby but a lover's and how
much hotter the sex with her lover will be once he knows she has his bastard in
her. If the woman is hard to persuade, Sandy gives her something to make her
sleepy and talks to her while keeping her close to orgasm with a vibrator.
Sandy doesn't let her come until she agrees to keep the baby.

More later, Mom.




Dear Mom,

Do I ever have some kinky, exciting news! This Sandy is such fun. I got a call
from her office asking me if I could reschedule my next appointment to after 8
p.m. I explained to the nurse that I had to stay home at that time of day
because I was expecting "company." She just laughed and said Sandy had
explained and that I should bring Martin with me.

We almost arrived late because Martin insisted on a quickie before we left and
for him anything less than three screaming, heels-to-the-ceiling orgasms from me
is "quickie." When we got there, Janet, Sandy's nurse greeted us. She had
always been behind a desk, so I was surprised to notice she was quite pregnant.
She giggled and said yes, just three more months 'till the big event.

While we waited for Sandy, Janet she told us the whole story. She had let a
girlfriend, whom she later discovered was already pregnant with HER black
lover's baby, take her to a club one night. After getting her tipsy, her friend
introduced Janet to a black guy, Dannon who asked her to dance. Dannon twirled
her until she was dizzy and held her close against his hardon until she was
panting. Back at the table Dannon and her friend gave Janet more to drink
played with her pussy until she was insane with lust. Dannon made her get up on
a table, take off her panties and let him make her come in public. The friend
drove them home while Dannon kept Janet incoherent in the back seat with his
mouth on her tits and his hand in her twat. Her roommate was pissed hearing
Janet getting laid all night long, but within a week she, too, had succumbed to
Dannon's cock. Janet and her roommate quickly became Dannon's sex slaves and
within a week they had flushed away their birth control pills. In fact, the
roommate got pregnant even before Janet did.

Sandy kind of had a fit that her own nurse turned up pregnant, as Sandy had sort
of specialized in keeping women's tummies flat. Janet was hurt and angry, but
Dannon just laughed and said she just lacked experience. That's when they
started plotting to get Sandy on the same hospital shift as Dannon's friend
Leroy. These black guys are pretty sneaky, huh, Mom?

Well finally Sandy came in and explained why she called us. She said she needed
our help with a patient. We looked at her funny and she said she had a woman
who had come to her wanting to get pregnant but her husband had a really low
sperm count. Sandy said she was trying to persuade the woman to let a "sperm
donor" -- her Leroy, of course, why not the best? -- do the deed. Well, we
giggled and though it was a sexy idea, but didn't understand how we could help.

Sandy said she wanted to arrange a "demonstration" for the woman who was
hesitant and she needed me and Martin to play the roles of needful woman and
generous sperm donor. Well, we're not actors, but Sandy said the main thing was
to pretend not to know each other. Then she took me into her examining room and
had me put on one of those sexy gowns that just barely cover you ass. Then she
got me up on the up on the table with my knees bent and into those stirrups, the
whole thing. She told me to keep my eyes closed and take my cue from what she

A few minutes later Sandy brought in a pretty woman, some years older than Sandy
and me. She looked like she was a lawyer or something and I guessed she had
postponed starting a family for some years and was now suddenly panicing that
she might miss the baby boat entirely. She looked a little spacey and I figured
Sandy must have given her something to make her a little dopey.

Then Sandy came over to me to begin the charade. She asked me if this was the
middle of my cycle and if I had been taking my temperature every morning as she
told me. I said I had. She then asked me if the fertility pills had any side
effects and winked. I said oh, yes, they were making me so horny I just
couldn't leave myself alone because my husband could seldom do me more than two
or three times a day and I had to come much more than that. Sandy said that was
normal and asked if I was using the vibrator she prescribed. We had to stifle a
giggle when we heard the woman gasp.

Well Sandy poked a hand in me and looked at and sniffed my pussy and agreed that
I was ready to make a baby and asked me if I was sure I wanted a "sperm donor"
to make me pregnant. I said yes, I wanted a baby really bad. Had I talked this
over with my husband and did he agree, she asked. Yes, I smiled, though not at
first. But by continuing to bring it up every time I fucked him, and telling
him how horny being knocked up would make me, and promising to let him drink
from my milky tits, he eventually "came" around. Then she asked if I minded if
the donor were black. I pretended to be surprised and asked why black. Sandy
explained that in her experience the success rate with well hung black men
shooting large amounts of hot potent sperm into horny white women was almost
100%, so I "agreed."

Then she brought in Martin and told me this was the man who would make me
pregnant. I pretended to be a little afraid, saying he was "too big," but Sandy
explained that was exactly what I needed, as his large cock would make me orgasm
like crazy while he fucked me, which made conception almost certain. Martin
laid it on thick as a "street black," (he's actually an engineer) and asked if
this was the "dumb white bitch" that needed "blackin'" and Sandy said yes. Then
he asked me if I wanted his black baby in my white belly.

Mom, I deserved an Oscar for the hesitant look I gave, saying I didn't know. He
grinned and said maybe I needed some black cock in my white-wife pussy to help
me make up my mind. He didn't wait for me to say anything, just dropped his
pants and fished out that cock that never fails to make me squirm in
anticipation. A glance at Sandy's patient showed that it had the same effect on
her. Once Martin started fucking me while making rude remarks about my 'tight
white pussy" and putting his "black babymaker" deeper in me than my "whiteboy
husband" ever had, I didn't have to act any longer. I just lost control and
screamed in ecstasy and begged him to give me his black bastard as if he hadn't
already promised to do just that, as soon as I'd had Darrell's. I lost count of
the times I climaxed on his cock before I felt Martin's familiar shudders,
groans, and roars that told me he was about to empty his balls in me. We
dissolved into mutual orgasms when I felt him erupt.

By the time I recovered, Sandy had ushered Martin out of the room and was
helping the dazed wife undress. I got the impression she had just orgasmed and
Sandy later confirmed that she had slipped a finger into the horny woman's
panties to help her get off while Martin was screwing the shit out of me.
Gently, with lots of cooed words of encouragement, Sandy got the incoherently
aroused woman up onto an examination table like the one I was on. She was
really out of it as Sandy was telling her how happy she would be with a baby in
her and how sexy she would look with a big pregnant tummy and huge swelling
tits. Sandy spread her legs and got her into the syrups, then poked and peered
into her, as she had in me, and pronounced her equally ready to make a baby.
Sandy was also constantly touching the woman's tits and rubbing her pussy to
keep her in total rut.

The woman didn't even notice when Sandy motioned for Leroy to come in. Mom, she
WASN'T lying! Leroy DOES have a bigger cock than Martin or Darrell. I couldn't
believe it! It's even bigger than the vibrator you got me. It's a good thing
the woman's eyes were closed (Sandy was keeping her right on the cusp of another
orgasm) when Leroy started to push into her. Leroy had the good sense to go
slowly, pushing in and pulling out, going a little deeper each time. Sandy was
helping out by sucking on the woman's tits and fingering the thrashing woman's
clit until Leroy was all the way in and his own thrusting, twisting, grinding
motion was stimulating the poor woman's love bud as never before in her life. I
was amazed both at Leroy's endurance and the number if times he made the woman
come. Sandy later explained that she had let Leroy come a couple of times in
her mouth earlier to help him last and had given her patient an "orgasm pill," a
low dose of testosterone, to make this a memorable occasion for her.

After twenty minutes of fucking the poor woman to multi-orgasmic delirium, Leroy
began the standard litany of questions. (Is there some kind of Miranda rule
that blacks have to go through before they impregnate us white women?) Did she
want him to keep fucking her? Yes. Did she want him to pull out? No. Did she
want him to cum in her pussy? Yes! In her fertile pussy? YES. Did she want his
baby? God, YES! Did she want her belly to swell with his black bastard? The
volume with which she shrieked YESSSSSSS when Leroy unloaded a gallon or two of
his thick, potent sperm into her ready little cunt must have been heard in the
podiatrist's office at the other end of the medical complex.

AND HE DIDN'T STOP! He was still hard and kept fucking her, making funny
squishy sounds as his huge cock continued to stir the semen in her pussy. Now,
however, he got all tender and told her how much he was going to enjoy seeing
her get fat with his baby and would she like him to come visit her every day so
he could make sure she "stayed pregnant" and would her husband like to see him
pumping more babyjuice into her pretty pregnant pussy The woman was so out of
it, orgasming again and again, she gasped yes, yes, yes, to everything Leroy
said to her.

It made no sense, but I guess Leroy just wanted to keep her at a full boil while
he recovered. Soon he was grinning and asking her if she needed some more come
to make sure she got pregnant. Of course she agreed and HE DID IT, Mom. Her
pussy was still leaking jism from his first load when that black monster spat
again. She was too tired to do more than moan gratefully and passed out.

You better believe that Sandy and I had our hands in our hot little snatches as
we watched THAT scene. Oh, hell, Mom, I can't lie to you, when Leroy left I got
Sandy into a full 69 and fucked her silly. It was ...

Sorry, Mom. I can't write anymore now. Your vibrator calls.



Dear Mom,

Sorry I haven't been writing so often recently, but I've been busy with Martin
and Darrell. <g> You can guess how hard the boys are having to work to keep up
with my "expanding" sex drive. <g> It just keeps getting better and better. My
belly is so cute now and it just drives the boys crazy. I have one or the other
stay every night because I often wank, oops, Freudian slip, there, Mom, I wake
in the middle of the night and need a good fuck to put me back to sleep. That
way, too, Martin or Darrell can leave me full before going off to work. Stanley
still gets to warm me up beforehand and eat me afterward, though. Then until
evening it's just me and Malcolm. (That's what I named the vibrator you gave me
Mom; I don't know what I'd do without it!)

First, though, let me catch you up with m Sandy (My gynecologist, remember?)
She's married, Mom, and her Eugene sounds as perfect as my Sydney and maybe even
richer. Everything worked out just as she and her black boyfriend planned.
There was a little hitch when she took Eugene home to meet her parents. Her
dad, of course, was very happy to meet the young heir to the Van Peel money and
the immediately began to talk to him about P&Es and M&As and where the Dow and
The DAX and the NIKKIE and the "FTSI" were going. (Sandy was interested
monetarily in hearing about playing the "footsie" until she learned that was
just the name of another stock market index.)

Typically, Sandy's dad was interested in how good a "provider" Eugene would be
(as if Sandy didn't have a six-figure income of her own). Her mom, on the other
hand, was like you, more concerned with whether Eugene would make her daughter
happy. The operative work here is "concerned." While the men were talking
about money, Sandy's mother pulled her aside and asked her if she was sure that
Eugene would be able to, you know, "satisfy" her. Mom knew Sandy was like her,
needing lots of hard, nasty sex to keep her equilibrated, and she thought Eugene
was rather thin and "well, I'm sorry honey, but he just doesn't look very well
hung. I was already married when I learned how important that is. I'm afraid
he won't be able to keep you pregnant."

Sandy was just cracking up as she told me all this. She said her mom's eyes got
big as saucers when she told her not to worry, that she was already getting
fucked well and hard, thank you and she would be good and pregnant by the time
she returned from the honeymoon. Her mom was all apologetic and said she was
wrong to have doubted Eugene, that he must have a lot more between his legs than
she thought, when Sandy surprised her again by explaining that Eugene would not
be the father of her baby, but rather her black lover would be. At that,
Sandy's mother just burst into tears of joy and said she was so relieved and
happy for her. Her mom confessed she had taken her first back lover only a few
months ago herself, their gardener. At first she had just been enjoying the
good hard fucking but soon he started inditeing on he going off the pill. (He
had always refused to use a condom.) After a while she gave in that as a matter
of fact Sandy was going to have a little sister just a few months older than her

"My FIRST baby," Sandy laughed.

"Your FIRST little sister," her mother laughed back.

As Sandy was poking and examining me during my last appointment (well, we
usually DO IT, too) she recounted how on the day she finished all the boring
details of arranging for the church and the reception hall and the invitation
list, she and Leroy had celebrated by flushing her birth control pills down the
toilet. They were at the hospital and Sandy arranged to sneak them into an
examining room so she could get up on a table with her feet in the stirrups and
her pussy splayed so they could re-play the "white wife impregnated by black
sperm donor" fantasy. She said she had never come so hard or felt Leroy's spunk
fill her so full as that night, knowing she had taken the first step to becoming
a cuckolding slutwife.

But that's not all. Sandy couldn't pass up the chance to launch her new life as
a slutwife without a real bachelorette party with a bunch of her upper crust
girlfriends. They had it at the Zebra club. Leroy was the "stripper." He and
Sandy went through the whole charade for the benefit of her friends -- her being
mesmerized by the size of Leroy's cock, not being able to resist wanting to kiss
it, letting Leroy deep throat her before the astonished eyes of hr friends, and
finally her begging him to "fuck me with that monster cock."

Sandy and Leroy even went through the old "but please don't come in me, I'm
ovulating" routine. She said it was hilarious how all those girl lawyers and
accountants and executives watched her "getting bred" with their fingers up
their cunts, making snide remarks about what a slut Sandy was and how she was
likely to get herself a black baby. Sandy had the last laughed, though, when a
bunch of Leroy's friends burst in and her horny hypocritical girlfriends found
themselves full of black cock, coming at the top of their lings before they knew
what hit them. Before the night was over every woman there had been screwed
bareback three or four times to uncounted orgasms. The girls barely were able
to get ready for the wedding the next day and by common agreement neither the
bride or any of the maids of honor (!) wore panties so they could feel the
delicious babyjuice running down their thighs. She said all her friends now
have black boyfriends, too, and several are already pregnant.

Would you believe it? Sandy's EPT plus turned blue the very morning of the
wedding! Sandy was so excited knowing she actually had her lover's black baby
in her belly as she walked down the aisle. She winked at her mom and glanced
down as a signal and Mom patted her own tummy back in response and started to
cry. But mothers always cry at their daughters' weddings, don't they, Mom?

The honeymoon also went as planned. After the reception, Sandy made sure Eugene
had too much to drink and then in bed teased him until he "had an accident"
trying to put it in her the first time. (He was over eager as she had been
"saving herself" for him and the last month had even stopped giving him hand
jobs and had forbidden him to wank.) She feigned anger just as the bellboy
(Leroy) arrived with more Champaign. Sandy pretended to be so frustrated (not
much of an exaggeration) that she had to have "a real man fuck her" right then
and Eugene had to watch as Sandy and Leroy gave and encore of their
white-woman-gets-bred-by black-stud performance.

By the time the honeymoon was over Sandy was well into a new life as the happy
slutwife and Eugene was resigned to rearing and taking care of all the babies
that she and Leroy could make. (Talk about getting off on the right foot, he
Mom?) In return Eugene got to eat Sandy whenever she was full of Leroy's (or
any of his friends') jizz. And whenever she felt like it, Sandy would suck off
her "Genie-weenie." We've had the same experience, being surprised how nice it
is to take your hubby's little penis in your mouth and suck out a few sips of
semen. Having a lover explode in your mouth with a bucket of hot cum is
exciting, but messy.

She's also told me how sweet it is to lie in bed, Sandy with her growing little
paunch and her mom with her well-developed belly, eating each other's needy
pussies. Too bad we live too far away for that, Mom, but if you'd like to come
to visit, we could have some fun. We could even have a foursome with Darrell
and Martin (You'd love'em!) and I know Sydney would love sucking their cum out
of you, too, Mom.

But enough about Sandy. I've been having a ball, too. I'm really showing now
and everyone tells me how beautiful and sexy I am and they are right, especially
sexy! God, I just can't get enough! The other day I let Darrell take me
shopping for more maternity clothes. I brought Sidney long too, to pay. First
we went to a place that specializes in slinky lingerie and sleepwear for the
"reproductively challenged." Sidney was mortified, but Darrell and I though it
was fun for me to model each little number. I enjoyed asking the sales girl if
she was sure "this thing would stretch enough" because I was going to have a
"BIG baby" as I winked and stroked Darrell's ponderous package through his
pants. Then I told her to "put it on my husband's AMEX card," which Sidney
shamefacedly fished out.

Next we went to pick out maternity dresses and tops. Again Darrell wanted me to
model everything. I teased Sydney by asking him if he thought each one was
short enough or transparent enough to show off my pregnant belly and ballooning
tits. While he sputtered, Darrell chipped in that he thought it covered up too
much, because "Sydney here is spending a fortune on sexy underwear and I'm sure
he wants it to be noticed."

In another shop the "associate" who was helping fit me in a skimpy little skirt
told me that she was seeing more and more white wives come in knocked up with
their black lovers' babies. "I guess it's contagious," she giggled, patting her
own belly. It happened one day, she said, when a really pregnant
forty-something woman came in with her teenage black boyfriend. Seeing her
fawning over him, obviously in lust with his cock, got the girl so hot she had
to asked the woman if her boyfriend could do her right then and there. The
woman laughed and said go ahead; it happened all the time. "It was just my
lucky day; I missed my very next period."

It was soon apparent why Darrell wanted me dressed up in sexy maternity clothes;
he and Martin planned on showing me off! They took me back to the same club we
went to the night before I got pregnant. We made quite an entrance, me in 5
inch stiletto heels and a black cocktail mini-dress that must have seemed even
more obscenely short because of my protruding belly, on the arms of two big
handsome black men with my loving husband bringing up the rear. When Darrel
proudly pulled up the dress and patted my babymound, the place erupted in
applause! I don't think I've ever been so happy and proud, Mom!

The night flew by. We were the center of attention; there were other pregnant
white wives there with their black boyfriends, but I was the hottest! The boys
(they were so cute taking turns asking me to dance; they seemed like little
kids) had me out on the floor twirling me around making my skirt fly up so
everyone could see my pregnant belly and dripping pussy. Of course I hadn't
worn panties. When we weren't dancing, I was on my knees blowing Darrell or
Martin or in their laps getting fucked so wonderfully. But I insisted on
letting Sydney eat me every time I got fucked and I rubbed him until he had a
little wet spot in his crotch. Everyone though that was considerate of me, as
so many slutwives make hubby stay home and never help him get off at all. I
guess it's because you brought me up right, Mom, and I do love Sydney so much.

It was the most wonderful time and Darrel said it was his turn to have me that
night. Much as I like to compensate Martin for letting Darrell be the first to
give me his baby, I do love to fuck the man who made me pregnant. But I never
forget to tell Sydney how much I love him as I let him eat me; I guess I'm just
a hopeless romantic.

More later, Mom,


Dear Mom,

Oh, Mom, so much has happened! I don't know what to think, what to do. I,...
I may have lost my Sydney! I guess I did not realize how hurt and humiliated he
has been by my fucking Darrell and Martin so often, letting Darrell make me
pregnant, and by letting them show me off in public with Sydney tagging along.
I just do not understand men! They are so focused on fucking. Doesn't Sydney
realize that for a woman, the love for her husband has little to do with sex? A
wife wants so much more from the man she loves. She wants cuddling and comfort,
and security, a man to tell pointless stories to in endless, irrelevant detail,
a man to order around, someone whose faults and shortcoming she can criticize,
whose advice and preferences in apparel and make up and sleepwear she can
ignore, someone to blame when things go wrong.

I've tried to explain to Sydney that Darrell and Martin do none of these things
for me; they are just a release for my animal passions and a source of DNA for
mating. Material things! I don't LOVE Darrell and Martin no matter how often I
let them fuck me and how hard and how loudly they make me come. If I didn't
love Sidney, would I allow him to suck my lovers' thick rich sperm from my
pussy? And how many wives will happily let their husbands come in their hands
or in their mouth and sip up his jizz, I ask you? How can Sydney do this to me?
It's so unfair!

Sorry, Mom, I'm sort of getting ahead of myself; you don't know what I'm talking
about. Everything seemed so perfect until a few months ago. I was a sexy,
knocked up white wife with two big black lovers to keep me well fucked and a
sweet, rich, docile husband who adored me. What more could a woman want? The
first cloud on the horizon was Darrell telling me one day that La Toya and
Monique, his and Martin's older sisters were coming to town for a visit. That
seemed odd that both sisters would be arriving to visit at the same time.

That mystery was cleared up when Martin explained how, just as he and Darrel had
grown up together in the 'hood, La Toya and Monique had been best friends since
grade school and were practically inseparable. I sensed in Martin's
explanation, however, a tension that Darrell partly cleared up. La Toya and
Monique were several years older than Martin and Darrell and the two of them had
more or less reared their little brothers as their mothers were both occupied
bringing a slew of still younger brothers and sisters into the world. The way
he told it let me know that both men still knew who was boss.

Darrell was as nervous as Martin was about his older sister's visit, as if he'd
been caught doing something naughty or had something to be ashamed of. I
couldn't understand that, since both men were professionals with good incomes
who had every reason to be proud of their accomplishments.

As soon as their sisters arrived in town, Darrell and Martin just vanished.
Darrell called once to say they were busy, not to expect them to come over to
fuck me, and NOT to call him or Martin. Well, that was okay for a day or two,
but after three or four, I was climbing the walls. I was seriously pregnant,
Mom, and my pussy needed frequent pounding. Your vibrator was keeping me sane,
but not happy. As they say, desperate times, desperate means; I decided to let
Sydney eat me even without being full of come.

Wow! It was great, Mom. All this time I thought it was knowing Sydney was
lapping up my lovers' semen that got me off when it was just his skilled tongue.
In fact it was even better than when he was playing clean-up, since, seeing I
was doing this out of real need, he put his heart and soul into pleasing me. He
made me come and come until I didn't know what I was doing. Then he was beside
me, his fingers in me, keeping me at a low boil, telling me how much he loved
me, how beautiful he thought I was, how cute and delicious my pussy was, how
sexy I was with my by now pretty big belly, and how much he wanted to fuck me.

That's what he said, he wanted to fuck me! And before I could stop him, he was
getting into position. I knew it wasn't right to cheat on Martin and Darrell
this way, but I was so astonished by Sydney's actions and so damned horny from
four days without a cock in me and no prospects of one, I let him in. Then I
got a second surprise: I felt him. I thought I had been permanently stretched
by Martin's and Darrell's monsters, but I was nice and tight around Sydney's
little seven-inch penis. I guess it had been a silly idea; it's my pussy
muscles that keep my cunny tight, not rubber bands. Of course I didn't have
that incomparable "Thanksgiving turkey" sensation, but it was nice. And Sydney
had apparently learned some things from watching Martin and Darrell fuck me all
those times. He took his time, thrusting deliberately, maintaining contact with
my clit. And he did something else that Darrell and Martin never did. All the
time he fucked me he was telling me he loved me, he adored me, he was so happy I
was his wife.

The combination of his improved cocksmanship and his words sent me into orbit.
I started coming and coming, far better than a vibrator, better even than
Darrell and Marten could make me. I was bawling even as my orgasms were popping
like a string of firecrackers. Dimly I realized why. Sydney was making love to
me -- and it was wonderful. When he'd tried when we were first married, I was
just not responsive. Martin and Darrel had unleashed my libido and now I was in
heaven as my loving husband was doing what loving husbands do best: loving their

We did sleep in each others arms like happy little snakes and, although Sydney
did not fuck me three or four more times that night as Darrell or Martin would
have, he did wake me up with a mind blowing pussy licking and when he told me
(not asked!) to turn over, he was going to give me a doggy fuck, you'd better
believe your daughter's ass was in the air in nothing flat. He didn't "pound"
me, just got up a nice steady rhythm, playing with my tits and whispering how
lovely and desirable I was until I was bawling and coming all over again.

Who knows what might have happened, Mom, if Darrell hadn't called that very day
to say he and Martin wanted to bring La Toya and Monique over for dinner that
night. In light of what had just happened between Sydney and me, I was a little
reluctant. I was actually looking forward to just a quick dinner and making
love to my husband again. Darrell didn't sound too happy about the arrangement,
either, but he was insistent. If I'd only turned him down, only told him I was
through with him and Martin and just wanted to be a hot but faithful wife for
Sydney from then on, things would have been so different. But I didn't. I
still wanted the raw, passionate, animalistic FUCKING from those two back studs
to go along with the sweet lovemaking I had just discovered.

Sydney wasn't happy about the dinner either, but he was used to me having my
way. I had the house help prepare a rather fancy meal and we dressed up.
Sydney was quite handsome in his expensive suit and he couldn't go on enough
about how beautiful and sexy I was in the lime green cocktail dress, deliciously
poked out by my bulging tummy, and matching spaghetti strap 5-inch heels.

My lovers brought La Toya and Monique around up right on time. Sydney and I
were both astonished. These were beautiful women! Both were almost as tall as
their brothers and I wasn't the only one in 5-inch heels. I felt puny compared
to these black goddesses. Monique was slim but her bust dwarfed my own and she
moved with a sinuous sexiness in a long clinging pink gown slit almost up to her
slit. La Toya was not quite so tall, but marvelously endowed in every other way
- enormous breasts, ample hips, an eye-popping ass well displayed by her tight
red mini-skirt, but a waist not much bigger than mine before Darrel put the baby
in me. Sydney just stared and he never stares at women, at least when I'm

Dinner was pleasant but the conversation was superficial. Monique was a doctor
and a bit reserved; La Toya was a garrulous lawyer. Both found lots to talk
about with Sydney -- literature, politics, history. I couldn't follow most of
it and Darrell and Martin didn't say much, still looking quite uncomfortable.
Sydney, who was sitting between Monique and La Toya, lapped up the attention of
these two gorgeous, intelligent women and, I'd swear, was almost flirting with
them. In turn, it was obvious they thought my Sydney was cute as a bug and were
practically fawning over him. I felt a twinge of jealousy, strange coming from
a married woman sitting between her two lovers and heavily pregnant with the
baby of one of them.

When dinner was over and we had retired to the sitting room, the mood of the
evening turned suddenly somber. "Our brothers know what this is all about Mrs.
Parkingham. It's time you did too, La Toya pronounced.

"Sydney, come sit with us sweetie," Monique smiled patting a space on the couch
between them.

Sydney looked uncomfortable, but he was used to taking orders from a women and
complied. I looked from Martin to Darrell for support, but got none. Suddenly,
I knew I was on trial with La Toya as the prosecuting attorney. She fixed me
with her eye.

"Is it true, Mrs. Parkingham that for the last year almost, you have been
carrying on an affaire with these two ... men?" Darrell and Martin cringed the
way she said "men." I felt quite afraid.

"I, er, ... well, I wouldn't say it was ..."

"And just what WOULD you say it was, Mrs. Parkingham? You were letting them fuck
your little brains out, weren't you?"

"Well, yes, but ... I wasn't CHEATING! I let Sydney know what I was doing
almost from the beginning. He even got to watch most of the time," I must say,
Mom, it didn't sound like a very good defense even to me.

"How could you DO that to this adorable man?" Monique asked pressing herself a
little more tightly against Sydney. "Did humiliating him make it BETTER?"

I knew I was just getting in deeper, but I persisted, "I didn't want to hurt
him. I just wanted him around. He's my husband, after all."

"And he was "around" when this womanizing reprobate," La Toya glared especially
hard at her brother, "made you pregnant?"

I just nodded.

Monique stroked Sydney's cheek.

"You made your husband, who loved you dearly, watch while another man
impregnated his wife? And as your belly has grown not a day as gone by that you
have not made him aware that you are carrying another man's child? I guess I
have to agree with you, Mrs. Parkingham. What you had with your two 'lovers,'
two 'fuckers' is a better word, is far to tawdry, too cheep, too disgusting to
be called and 'affaire.'"

"You really are a fool, a stupid, slutty fool," Monique interjected. "Didn't
you realize what a treasure you had -- a rich, intelligent, considerate man who
loved you totally? You gave that all up for what?" Monique now had her arm
around Sydney.

"But I didn't give "

"That's right," snapped La Toya. "You didn't give your husband anything! He
didn't get the passionate, nasty sex every man wants. You never dressed like a
slut for HIM, never gave him head, never gave your body wholly to him, to please
as he wished. To you, a few more inches, a little more girth on a cock, was
more important than love, devotion, security. You really are a silly cunt!"

I wanted to shrivel up and die.

"You don't deserve a man like this," Monique sighed. Her hand was in Sydney's

"A man like Sydney deserves a woman that will keep a smile on his face," La Toya

"Or two women." Monique added with a smirk. "And we're going to make sure he
gets it."

"You can't do that!" I protested. "Sydney is my husband and I love him. Just
last nigh we made wonderful love." Sydney nodded in confirmation, clearly
distracted by Monique's hand between his legs.

"I'm sooo happy for you, my dear," La Toys replied, her voice dripping sarcasm.
"You can remember just what you'll be missing. My brother and his worthless
friend can have you. You AND your bastard child."

"This delicious man is ours" Monique almost cooed as she kissed my embarrassed
husband passionately.

"Mrpftg," Sidney was trying to speak but not to successfully, as Monique's
tongue was apparently playing footsie with his tonsils.

"Leave my man ALONE," I demanded.

"He AIN'T yo man no mo!" La Toya spat, the veneer of cultivation falling away as
she prepared for a catfight, if needed.

"Mrggh, ... 's right," Sydney managed to get out. "I love Chloe and she loves

"Hush yo mouth, honey," La Toya ordered as Monique silenced Sydney again with
another searing kiss. "Yo' n't know what luv is 'till you's had two black women
luvin' ya! Get the white bitch outta here, boys" La Toya addressed the men on
either side of me. "Fuck 'er or suck 'er, or whatever will keep her out of our
hair. We's got some serious man-pleasin' to do."

Ignoring my protests, Martin and Darrell hustled me out of my house. My last
glimpse of Sydney was of Monique all over him as La Toya was pulling down his
pants. Later in bed, my body reacted as usual to those massive cocks, one in my
pussy and one in my ass. I screamed as loudly as always when my orgasm hit, but
I was still thinking about Sydney.

What am I going to do?

Tell me, Mom,



Dear Mom,

The six months were up today and the divorce became final without my consent.
Darrell says he will marry me and give our baby his name, but he hasn't said
when. Tiffany is beautiful and when she's nursing at my still swollen breasts,
it's had to regret the way things worked out. Still, I can't help thinking of
what might have been. Darrell fucks me good and that's nice, but running a
house for him is not so much fun without servants to do the housework. Often
I'm just too tired to fuck and that makes him mad. I've had to go on the pill,
too, as Darrell says we can't afford another bay anytime soon. My plans for a
big family look doubtful. Martin as moved on, having gotten a hot little
stockbroker pregnant and moved with her.

I still see Sydney every once in a while. He seems so much more handsome, more
masculine now. He looks very happy whether he's with La Toya, who is Chief
Counsel for Parkingham Industries, or with Monique, who is head of Gynecology
and Obstetrics at the Parkingham Foundation Hospital. I think he's marrying
Monique. Both live with him in what used to be our house and both are pregnant
again with his babies.

I wish I were, Mom.






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