STORY TITLE Camping With Bree
AUTHOR Mtolver
CODES bro/sis dad/dau son/mom impreg preg teen
DATE ADDED 30th July, 2005



DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


We had known each other since we were babies. After we started school our parents took us along with them to go camping out the bush a couple k’s from where we lived Bree and I always slept in the same tent and our parents had their own tents. One time we where camping the parents had to go back home because neither of the mums were feeling well. So this suited us fine. They went home. Bree and I where left out the bush for a long weekend. BIG MISTAKE. Bree and I were both thirteen and just about to turn fourteen. We went out for a scout around the bush to see what had changed and collect fire wood. When we came back we started the fire and kept warm. We cooked something to eat and went to bed.

It was freezing that night and once we were in bed I thought about our situation I passed over the fact that I was sleeping in a tent with a girl. I got turned on my dick skipped its usual stages and went straight to hard. Bree turned over and snuggled into me and now I was dead my dick was still hard and then Bree felt it and she asked me did it always get hard when I slept with her and I had to say “Yes”. Then she proceeded to tell me that she was still a virgin because she had always wanted me since she could remember.

She asked “Do you want to do it?”
I did a double take “Do you mean have sex?”
“Yeah come on!” She said.
“But I don’t have any rubbers and you’re not on the pill are you?” I said
“No” She replied “but just this weekend and then we can take precautions.”
I agreed
So we zipped our sleeping bags together and stripped naked. Bree then proceeded to lay down naked and spread her legs. Just the sight of her got me even harder and I continued to lay down on top of her and sunk my hardon into her clit we both went Ahhhhhhhh. I kept going and met no obstructions. I frowned and she read my mind and said “I brought a large dildo and have been using to stretch myself for you.”
So I kept going and loved the feeling of being in her pussy until I reached her cervix then I started to pull out and then push back in slowly the I gradually got faster. Bree screamed “I’m gonna cum” and I yelled back “I’m gonna do my nut in your pussy baby”. We both groaned and I felt her pussy muscles clamp around my cock as I squirted in her beautiful virgin pussy. We both collapsed on top of one another and then slept for a while. I woke at about 11 o’clock to find Bree sucking my cock. At first I was a bit taken back but then it felt good and then I came in her mouth and she struggled to swallow it all. We then went back to sleep. I woke first and started to get hard when I thought about last nights activities. Bree woke up 10 minutes later and convinced me to fuck her again and we both came.

We both got dressed and had some breakfast and then I went for a walk. By the time I got back I found Bree back in bed waiting for a fuck. I gave it to her. We went back to sleep for a while. We woke around lunch time and had some food when Bree got dressed and decided to go for a walk. When she left I found I needed a good fuck so I climbed into the tent to wait when she got back she also needed it so we fucked again.

We fucked twice after that before going to look for some fire wood which all trough I couldn’t help thinking about what our parents said if they found out. We then returned back to the tent. We lit a fire and cooked some food for tea again we went to bed and fucked twice before we went to sleep. This continued for the next two days until we had to pack up and begin the trek home. On the way home we fucked twice. We both enjoyed it.

We went back to school the next day. After school that day we usually caught the bus but instead we purposely missed it and proceeded to the bathrooms to fuck. This time I had brought a rubber earlier that day but once I put it on and we started to fuck but Bree told me to stop and I asked her why and she said it didn’t feel the same. So she pulled off the rubber and we started to fuck again. We then walked home and we started to talk about if she got pregnant and she said “I’ll have to go on the pill because I don’t like the feel of a rubber on your cock”. So she started to take the pill. A couple of months later when there was another long weekend we told our parents we were going camping. So we packed up our stuff and trekked out there.

When we got out there it was almost dark so we took some wood from our stash and lit a fire, had something to eat and then went to bed early and there was just enough light to zip our sleeping bags together and get naked. As Bree stripped I couldn’t help noticing she wasn’t wearing any bra or panties. This got me hard but I also noticed something else. There was a large bump in her abdominal area. I decided it was just a trick of the light and so we fucked three times that night and the we employed the same traits from the other weekend trip but on the second day I looked at Bree because we both walked around naked now and noticed that there was a strange bump on her stomach. I got worried. That night as we stripped I asked her about the bump and she said “O my god I have never even noticed it before”. So I suggested that we leave early tomorrow and go to the pharmacy on the way home and buy a pregnancy test.

So we left early and bought a pregnancy test and we decided to trek back into the bush because it was way to early to go home. Bree took the test and we waited one hour and then she checked it and it was positive. Bree was pregnant. She started to cry and say how will you ever fuck me again you’ll hate me but I simply said to her after she had stopped crying “it just makes me hornier thinking that I knocked you up”. So we fucked five times on the way home.

We didn’t tell anyone for another month by which time she was three months along and was bulging. We decided to tell both sets of parents together so one night we all had tea at my parents place and near the end Bree got up and said there is something I need to tell you all and she simply said “I’m pregnant”. Then my dad piped up “why do you need to tell….” But the words died in his mouth after he put two and two together.

Both sets of parents exchanged glances and said together “We expected this to happen eventually and this is wonderful” they concluded. I again did a double take and both Bree and I said “excuse me”. They simply said “You heard us” and then I continued “Your not angry at us?” and then they said “No. This is wonderful.” So Bree and I now share a bedroom and a bed. As I said Bree was already bulging so we assumed she was having twins. So each night I would fuck Bree from behind and sometimes she liked it up the ass so I gave it to her. I don’t think we missed a fuck right up until the twins were born. Sure we had to wait six weeks before continuing our sexual realationship but I got compensation I got to suck one of Bree’s tits each night and got nice warm milk.

After John and Edi were born and we waited six weeks I was horny as hell and Bree was sex deprived we fucked 6 times that night and we kept at all the time and then Bree was pregnant again and so she gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Nina. We waited again and we fucked this time she was on the pill.

* * * * * 13 Years Later * * * * * *

Bree went off the pill because we wanted to have another child she got pregnant again with twins. I couldn’t belive it. So we thought we where safe going camping at 8 and a half months pregnant but we were wrong. Bree’s water broke and she went into labour we told the twins that they were to stay here with their sister for the weekend but big mistake. Nina was 13 and the twins were just about to turn 14.

Nina told us how it had happened. She said that after we left that night she had heard noises from the twins tent so she went and saw them fucking. Then after that John would fuck Nina and Edi alternating each time. I made the mistake because I couldn’t go and leave Bree at the hospital so they were there for nearly a week. They said they had had a good time and so we packed up and went home. Five months later both Edi and Nina were showing. They were both pregnant. This made me horny and both Bree and I congratulated John, Edi and Nina. After that John and Bree went up to our bedroom and proceeded to fuck and while they did that I got to fuck both my horny daughters pussies from behind.

After this our family continued to expand and we moved out to a huge mansion on a large farm. Bree and John continued to fuck and I got to fuck my daughters. Bree got pregnant from John and Edi got pregnant with twins and Nina was pregnant too.

I was constantly fucking Edi or Nina when I wasn’t working on the farm and John was always fucking Bree.

It really was great and every time someone mentioned something sexy or horny you would see five naked people ready to fuck.