STORY TITLE Black Bred By The Boss
CODES BMF++, inter, impreg, bi, 1st, inc, sister/sister
DATE ADDED 11th March, 2006


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


As Karen sucked and attempted to deepthroat her black boss’ massive black cock the 5'7" 37-23-35 GG cup black haired Hispanic beauty thought back on the events that led to this night. The company had been around for at least 10 years before she had started working for it part time when she turned 16 shortly after giving birth to her daughter Wendy. On her 18th birthday she married her long time boyfriend, Wendy’s dad. At her graduation in June she was 5 months pregnant with a second daughter Isobel. She also began working full time as the personal assistant to the company’s owner, Wolfgang Alexander von Blacul.

    His last name was a combined form of Black Dracul (Dragon) which was a name attributed ot his family in the 17th century. His mother had been German and his father an African Chieftan. He founded the company and was sole owner. It make computer parts and quickly became known for producing quality parts. Although not large it did quite well and currently had 100 employees. He awarded loyalty very well as in part evidenced by the fact he paid his employees 50% higher wages than was the standard in the industry. Even so the company made huge profits. He was also a widower. His wife Elizabeth and unborn child were murdered about two weeks before she was to give birth.

    When Karen turned 21 her marriage started to fall apart. Her husband started accusing her of having an affair with her boss. He got wind of a rumor that her boss was having an affair with a busty woman in the office. Wasn’t true, well not at that time it wasn’t. By her 22nd birthday she was divorced mother of two young daughters. Turned out the accusations were a smoke screen to hide the fact he was cheating. His mistress gave birth to twin boys during the divorce.

    On her 22nd birthday she was in Chicago on a business trip with her boss. He invited her to dinner with him to celebrate a new contract and her birthday. Afterward they went dancing. The next morning she woke up lying next to her boss in his hotel room bed. All she could think of from the night before was his 6'4" black body on top of her’s passionately fucking her silly for hours.

    The next day they flew back. On Monday morning when she arrived in the office there were two dozen roses in vases sitting on her desk with a note:

    I enjoyed the other night immensely. It means a lot to me. I hope you will not leave. I do not want what happened to change things her. You don’t have to sleep with me!

    She noticed the exclamation mark. She wondered if it had been the first time since his wife’s death. No one else was in the office, so she knocked and went into his office. She walked around his desk, dropped to her knees, hauled out his huge cock and sucked it until it blew a huge load of sperm down her throat.

    Now a year later on her 23rd birthday they were in Chicago again. This time for a weekend trade show. As the last 5" of her boss’ massive black cock slid down her throat with her eyes now millimeters from his huge black balls she realized it was amazing she wasn’t pregnant. She had been fucking her boss without any birth control at least five days a week for a year now.

    A few moments later she got up and impaled her tight pussy on that monster. As she bounced up and down on her boss/lover’s black cock she had no idea that this night would spark an office sex frenzy.

    They made love until nearly 2 am. She also found out during their lovemaking that her boss was a vampire when he bit her for the first time.

    The next morning she found a note. Wolf had already showered and left.

    My Dear,
    Sorry about last night. I got carried away. You gave off such an erotic scent last night that I got overly excited and lost control. Sorry.

    “Well I guess that explains why I haven’t gotten pregnant.” She showered, dressed and went to the days events.

    Late after dinner Karen and Wolf were sitting on the couch passionately kissing when all of a sudden he yelled “What the.” They looked down between his legs. There on her knees trying to get his pants open so she could hall out his cock was Miki.

    The 5'4" 38-22-36 HH cup brown haired 37 yr old Hispanic beauty was head of the company personnel department.

    “Hope you don’t mind. I saw the two of you last night” Miki said as she pulled her boss’ pants down. Turns out she also had a spare key to his room.

    “At least take my shoes off before you rip my pants apart.” She did. Take his shoes off that is.

    “While I’m busy down here why don’t you get your pussy eaten so when I get him hard you will be ready to be impaled.”

    “Just a minute. I AM THE BOSS!” With that he got up with Karen in his arms and carried her into his bedroom pausing for a moment at the door. “Well are you just going to sit there on your knees or are you going to strip and join us?”

    Miki had her blouse and skirt off in seconds. She had removed her bra and panties before coming to Wolf’s room. When she caught up with them their tongues were passionately dueling as Wolf stripped Karen. With her naked he moved onto the bed taking Karen with him. A couple of moments later he was on his back with his tongue buried in Karen’s pussy. Miki jumper onto the bed and took his cock into her mouth.

    Apparently it was a good weekend for deepthroat. Miki took a hug load of his sperm with her mouth flush with his groin.

    The two women switched. Miki got her pussy tongue lashed as Karen impaled herself and bounced her way through several huge orgasms and two massive loads flooding her pussy. Miki got the same treatment.

    They spent the night taking turns riding that huge black cock and their necks provided a midnight snack for their lover’s fang.

    Wolf also had the women 69 eating his cum from each other’s pussy. It was the first time either had eaten pussy. They loved it. Primarily due to the fact they were eating the boss’ seed from each other and the fact it got him rock hard so he fucked them as they 69ed.

    When they got back to the office on Monday everything seemed normal. Although several fo the other women thought Karen and the boss were an item,   no one said anything. After what they both had been through everyone hoped it would lead to marriage. Assuming something was going on.

    The first consequence of that weekend to be public was when Karen and Miki almost two months later started puking into the toilets. Wolf was shocked. He believed he couldn’t father children since becoming a vampire. But then again vampires don’t normally walk around in broad daylight either.
Chapter 2

    After the threesome, Karen and Wolf continued their daily trysts at the office during the work week, but added weekend threesomes with Mikki.

     During the second weekend threesome Karen found a notebook with information about several women.

     There was Fujiko, the Japanese housekeeper. She was 5'5.75" tall with a 39 3/8-22-35 figure and never wore a bra and her full breasts stuck out 6" from her rib cage. Her cup size was not listed. Fujiko’s copper red hair had Karen wondering if the woman had a mixed ancestry. There was no entry as to her age or when she was hired.

     Ursula, Wolf’s 33 yr old chauffeur. The black haired Swiss beauty was 5'6" with a 42-22-36 MM cup figure. Also listed was the dates he hired her and the Monday after they came back from the trade show.

     The next entry was her own statistics and the dates when he hired her and when they became lovers.
     The fourth entry was about Mikki. Her statistics and when she was hired and the date of that first threesome.
     Karen wondered why the log and what was with some of the date entries. She knew the one date under her entry was when they became lovers and the date under Mikki was that first three- some. Did the extra date on Ursula’s entry mean that Wolf had started fucking his chauffeur. She wondered why no dates in Fujiko’s entry.
     Two weeks after that first threesome with Mikki, Karen along with her daughters moved in with Wolf. She soon found out that he was fucking both his the chauffeur and housekeeper.

     A couple of days after she started suffering morning sickness, Karen came in early to talk to her boss, he had already by the time she awoke, but found him hammering his huge black cock into Marilyn. The 28 yr old 5'7" 39-22-36 HHH cup brunette was sitting on the edge of his desk with her legs wrapped around his waist. She worked in the company cafeteria and had just broken up with her long time boyfriend and was cumming all over the boss’ cock as he flooded her white pussy full with his seed. The only thing she was wearing were her blouse and shoes. After calming down she noticed Karen standing in the doorway. She hurriedly grabbed her clothes and ran out of the office obviously panicked.

     She might not have been so panicked had she seen what Karen did after she left. Wolf sat down as Karen walked up to him, dropped to her knees and sucked his cock clean of sperm and pussy juice left over from the coupling.

     After coming out of his private bathroom Karen asked “I don’t suppose it’d to be to much to ask how long that’s been going on?”
     “Can the jealousy, it doesn’t become you. First time. You didn’t mind Miki joining us two months ago.”

     “I wasn’t pregnant with your child and actually I did mind.”

     “Well she’s just as pregnant as you are and you should have said something. Keep in mind you’re the one sharing my bed every night.”     

     “I know. I haven’t said anything about those weekend threesomes with Miki either. I’m just scared I might go through the same mess as with my ex.”

     Wolf walked up and kissed her. Holding her in is arms he said “Not likely. I don’t intend to lie about anything. The only way you’re going to get rid of me, is for you to walk out that door and never come back. Especially since your carrying my child.” He kissed her again.
     What they didn’t know was that Candy overheard them. The 28 yr 5'7" 37-24-34 GG cup brunette was the receptionist at the front desk located at the office’s main entrance. Her husband had been killed in the line of duty 6 months earlier leaving her to raise their daughter alone. She had suspected along with others that something was going on between Karen and the boss, but Mikki, no one had any idea. She hadn’t seen Marilyn’s departure from the office so she didn’t understand what Karen was alluding to, except maybe she caught the boss screwing someone else.

     Later after the office closed Candy went to the boss’ office to let him know she was leaving. She’d stayed late to finish a few things. When she got there she was greeted with quite a site. The boss was sitting in his chair with his pants on the floor. Karen was on her knees sucking his cock.

     “Sorry, I just wanted to let you know I’m leaving. Looks like Karen’s enjoying herself.”

     “Yes, she is.” A split second later Karen pulled her mouth off her lover’s cock.

     “Why don’t you join us?”

     “Can’t. I need to get home, my daughter.” Her late husband had been hung, but what she was looking at know was shockingly huge. She couldn’t believe Karen could get that monster down her throat.

     “Unlike you, Candy doesn’t have a housekeeper looking after the kids while you...”

     “Fool around with the boss. Bye Candy. If you want to give this a try, let me know.” Candy left, her face flush.

     “That’s something. This morning you where upset about Marilyn and now your offering my cock to Candy.”

     “She just lost her husband and that worthless cop killing drug dealer might wind up getting away with it.”

     “So you think she needs a charity fuck, is that it?”

     “No, when I heard her voice I suddenly got this image in my head of her lying on her back and you’re knocking her up.”

     The next morning Karen arrived about 7am. So they wouldn’t be obvious Karen and Wolf went to work separately. Which was easy because Wolf was always in the office by 7am, while everybody else didn’t have to be there until 9am. She found Marilyn in the boss’ office on her hands and knees with Wolf fucking her doggy style. When they finished she picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she left, Karen was sucking the boss’s cock.
This became a regular Monday through Friday start to the day.

     On Friday, Karen arrived a bit late so she missed seeing her lover dog fuck Marilyn, but did see the chesty brunette deepthroat the boss before leaving for the cafeteria.
     Later Karen met Roberta, Bert, who had been hired to run the new security system. The 21 yr old 40-25-36 JJ cup Hispanic beauty was a former police officer. An injury suffered in the line of duty forced her to leave the department.

     After everyone had left, Karen returned from running some errands. She found her boss/lover lying on his back with Bert straddling him.

     “For the record this isn’t why I hired you.”

     “I know, but why did you change your mind.”
     “I was married along time ago. She died along with the baby she was carrying. It would have been our first. I thought I couldn’t have children, but a couple of days ago Karen told me she’s pregnant. I want to keep her pregnant until she can’t have any more children. Also I’ve developed an insatiable desire to breed, you in particular, after Karen that is.”

     “She’s #1 then?” Bert panted as she was about to cum.

     “YES!” Wolf screamed as he flooded her cervix with his jism as she came all over his cock.

     Later while in bed. “I know you saw me with Bert earlier. As I said before, you’re the one sharing my bed.” Until they fell asleep sometime in the early morning hours, Wolf made love to Karen in such a way that there was no question she was his #1 lady.

     On Saturday there was a meeting. Attending were:
Miki, head of personnel,
Bert, new head of security,
Janet, 32 yr old 5'6" 39-24-36 HHH cup brunette head of accounting,
Nancy, 31 yr old 5'8" 35-23-35 EE cup brunette head of supply,
Patti, 33 yr old 5'5" 35-23-35 EE cup black haired head of production,
Cynthia, 34 yr old 5'3" 39-24-36 HHH cup black haired head of shipping,
Sharon, 35 yr old 5'8" 40-22-37 JJ cup blonde from South Africa, head of receipts and records,
Daina, 30 yr old 5'7" 36-25-36 FF cup blonde lawyer head of legal department,
Liv, 39 yr old 5'7" 36-23-34 FF cup blonde from Norway, company vice president,
Wolf, company president and owner,
Karen, present to take minutes,
Candy, at her desk to handle anything that came up outside the meeting.

     Some might have thought that Wolf hired beautiful busty women just for their looks, but they
would be wrong. All were quite good at their jobs. Wolf wouldn’t have tolerated incompetence.

     After the meeting ended, Karen saw most of the executives out and went to the bathroom. When she got back to the conference room, Candy was deepthoarting the boss and he was eating her pussy.

     Bert was sitting back in a chair with her pants and panties sitting on the floor. Mikki’s face was buried in her pussy. Eventually the two wound up on the floor in a passionate lezzie 69.

     As for Candy, she found herself lying on the table with pussy at the edge being hammering silly by her boss and Karen sitting on her face teaching her how to eat pussy.

     The night Karen found herself in a foursome. Bert joined the threesome and on this night deepthroated the boss.

     On Monday, Bert’s new secretary, Vivianna,  arrived to start work. Bert originally meet the 19 yr old 5'5" 42-21-36 LL cup Hispanic while she was still a police officer and Vivianna was working as a lesbian call girl. They had been lovers for several months.

     After closing Karen went looking for Wolf. He wasn’t in his office. When she neared Bert’s office she heard a voice. At first she thought Bert was fooling around with her new secretary, but she thought she heard the word cock. She looked in. Wolf was sitting nude in a chair with his cock in Vivianna’s mouth. Standing over them was Bert.
     “Come on deepthroat that black cock you lezzie whore. Whether you like it or not your going to become a deepthroating bisexual black cock whore. That’s it take it deeper.”

     After about half an hour Vivianna did take that huge black cock all the way to the balls. After taking a load in her mouth and throat, Bert gagged her, pulled her over to the desk, bent her over it and shackled her ankles to the desks legs.

     “Good, that’s exactly how a slave should take cock” Bert said. Wolf took hold of her hips and stuffed his cock up her tight cunt. Seeing Karen in the door Bert asked “Would the Boss’ #1 lady like to see how well the whore eats pussy?”

     “Later, I want to watch for now.”

     Later Vianna ate Karen’s pussy after Wolf flooded it with his seed. She also ate a load of his seed out of Bert’s pussy. Each time Wolf fucked more of his seed into her cunt.

     Two months later four more women in the office where suffering morning sickness. Bert, Candy, Marilyn and Vivianna turned up positive on pregnancy tests. At home Fujiko and Ursula also came up pregnant. Fujiko was shocked. Like Karen and Mikki, each got knocked up after deepthroating the boss.

Chapter 3

    After receiving a huge contract there was a big celebration on Friday night. The week had also been eventful because Wolf got the news that he had six more women knocked up. Fujiko was a total shock. She had been his familiar since the late 1860's after saving her life. There was also remodeling going on adjacent to the men and women’s locker room.

    Liv’s receptionist Tracy was 26 with a 5'5" 52-22-36 figure with a ridiculous cup size. She had married her childhood sweetheart after highschool. After 9 yrs of marriage they had 3 children. A girl 8, boys 6 and 4. She was the straightlaced daughter of a pastor. You never would have believed she would even think about cheating yet there she was in the lounge of the men’s locker room deep throating Wolf’s massive black cock while fingering her blonde cunt. A section of the wall was gone. Removed because it needed to be replaced, leaving the lounge and part of the locker room visible to anybody who passed by. A growing group of people were gathering to watch Tracy’s deepthroat show. Her husband just stood there in shock.

    She heard a sound and glanced up. Seeing her husband she got up, removed her panties and skirt, stood facing the crowd straggling Wolf, ripped open her blouse, undid the clasp to her bra and began lowering herself down on that huge black cock she had been deepthroating seconds before. She grabbed hold of that monster to help guide it into her tight blonde cunt. After  she was half impaled, Wolf grabbed her hips and began thrusting up into her. They continued until he had flooded her cervix twice with huge loads of potent black baby making seed. She fell back on top of him exhausted from her massive orgasms. Everyone watching thought he was nuzzling her neck but Karen knew. He bit into Tracy’s neck and drank her blood for a few seconds.

    After recovering Tracy removed her blouse, took off her bra and threw it and her panties in the garbage can. She but her blouse back on, did the lowest button, grabbed her skirt and walked out past everyone out to her car with her husband chasing after her. When they got home he fucked her like a man possessed all night.

    The next morning after the party Dora came into the office to see Wolf. She had been out for nearly six months due to cancer. At one point her doctors didn’t think she’d live. She was finally healthy enough to start work again. Although she was told to wait at least a couple of more weeks she wanted to return to work as soon as possible in part to distract her from the fact her husband was taking his black boss’ 14" black cock up his ass everyday. The 5'6" 52-20-36 blonde beauty was the receptionist for Wolf’s office while Karen was his personal assistant and secretary. Having been gone so long she didn’t know about the sex show the night before or the pregnancies. It surprised her that Karen answered the phone at his home but he was at the office.

    She let herself in. When she got to his office at first she didn’t hear anything and knocked but got no reply. When she heard something from inside the office she knocked again and entered.
She was greeted by quite a site. Wolf was seated in his chair with his pants on the floor. Trying her best to deepthroat his cock was Leslie Ann, LA for short. The 5'5" 44-21-36 blond beauty had been hired to replace Dora while she was out

    “Dora. Glad to see you. Surprised at well. How are you feeling?”

    “Well enough to start work again.” Dora just stared at LA. “Looking for a place to stay. Walked in on Mike while he was being butt fucked by his black boss.”

    “Sorry to hear that. Idiot must be nuts. This is Leslie Ann, LA for short. She’s been filling in  while your gone. As for this I’ll explain later. Have to fly out later for a meeting Monday. Karen can’t go. She has to be at a custody hearing on Monday. The bastard’s trying to cause trouble.”

    “Hope he gets creamed. What time to we leave?”

    “As soon as the plane reservations are set. You can buy whatever you need when we get to Washington. Company expense. The info is on your desk. Better call and make it three tickets.”

    “You, LA and myself?”


    “Sure thing boss.”
    While Dora was changing the reservation LA continued until Wolf threw her over his desk and fucked her.

    They barely make the flight. LA rode the plane with her blonde cunt flooded with her boss’s sperm. The only thing keeping it from leaking all over the place was the plug she stuffed up her cunt.

    Dora had asked for and luckily got a suit with three bedrooms when she altered the hotel reservation. All three spent every night while in DC in the same room.

    Saturday night Dora showed LA a few things about deepthroat. Monday night after they learned the Congressional hearing was delayed LA succeeded in deepthroating the boss.

    Like the other women who deepthroated their black boss Tracy, Dora and LA turned up pregnant two months later. For Tracy and her husband it would be another seven months before they would know who’s seed took root in her fertile blonde cunt.

Chapter 4

    With Tracy having announced she was pregnant the day before and now Dora and LA making that same announcement earlier this morning, Liv wondered if she would be making such an announcement in a few weeks. Rumor had it that every women pregnant in the office had gotten that way right after deepthroating their boss. She had accomplished that feat the night before but they didn’t get and further. A client had showed up announced an upset. It took several hours to rectify.

    She arrived early to talk to Wolf. It took only 10 minutes but within 15 minutes of entering his office she was naked laying on the blush carpet with her naked boss pounded his huge black cock into her blonde pussy. They had been at it for almost two hours when a now six month pregnant Karen walked in on them. Liv was embarrassed. Karen wasn’t too surprised she already knew Liv had joined the We’re Fucking the Boss Brigade along with several other department heads. She knew for sure Sharon and Daina were fucking Wolf. She also suspected Janet was but didn’t know for sure.

    The board meeting that afternoon turned into a impromptu lottery to see who would fuck the boss. The winner was determined by whoever got the card with the 8 ball on it. The proverbial black ball. Cyndi won. They watched as first sucked the boss’s cock all the way to his balls, then  bounce herself on their boss’ black cock for nearly two hours until she passed out cold.

    This game became a weekly addition to the meeting after business was finished. Liv won the second week but faked not being able to deepthroat it all. The third week Janet won. Third week Cyndi repeated. Daina won the fourth. Fifth Liv won. Sixth was Patti. Seventh no one. Eighth was Nancy. Ninth Liv. Tenth was Sharon. The prize for the winner was two hours of getting fucked by the boss. The seventh week’s contest was cancelled when Liv violently puked her guts out into a trash can. Started with Cyndi the next day the winners started puking at two week intervals.

    A week before Karen was due Wolf hired two women to help Fujiko. Minka, 5'8" 56-24-36 and Lena, 5'8" 42-23-34. Mink inherited her height and magnificent from a French grandmother who had married a wealthy Vietnamese gentlemen just before the French were forced out of Indochina (now known as Vietnam). Lena was smuggled out of China as a young girl shortly after her parents were executed by the Communists on trumped up charges.

    He didn’t have to worry about daycare for the child Karen was carrying but Miki and the others would need it so he established a daycare center for employees. The two RNs hired were Jade, 5'5" 48-24-36 who also acted as supervisor and Sakura, 5'3" 40-23-34. Both married. To help them two student nurses were also hired. They were twin half sisters. Their Italian bombshell mother got double teamed by her Italian husband and Cherokee business associate. Daughter by hubby was Patti, 5'3" 36-25-36. With a narrow rib cage she needed a H cup bra to hold her breasts. The Cherokee seed produced Sharon, 5'4" 38-24-36. She also wore a H cup bra.
The 24 yr old sisters worked during the day and attended nursing school at night. Patti was single and Sharon married. Technically anyway. They married as 15. She was six months pregnant. Shortly after turning 18 they were seduced by an older couple into swinging. Things fell apart very quickly. The had active sex lives just not with each other. Sharon hadn’t had a cock in her for over two years. The last cock she had was two days before Patti’s long time boyfriend jilted her as the altar. On what was supposed to be Patti’s wedding night Sharon consoling her sister turned to a night of passionate incestuous lesbian lovemaking. She was involved in the swinging scene only now strictly with other women. The sisters had found both a lover and a soulmate in each other. She vowed that no cock would enter her body until Patti found a new man. While she went lesbian her husband went the bi route. His favorite was sticking he 11" into black pussy while the black hubby fucked him in the ass.

    A month after Liv and Cyndi announced they were pregnant Karen gave birth to twin boys.
Miki gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.

    Month later Fujiko gave birth to boy. Ursula to a girl. Bert to twins, a boy and girl. Vivianna to twin girls. Candy to a girl. Marilyn to a boy.

    The day after everyone was back at work something unexpected happened. Sitting at Karen’s desk was a 5'6" 44-20-35 blonde. The name plate said her name was Dixie Wells. She recognized the woman walking up from the photo Wolf showed her.

    “Excuse me are you Karen?”

    “Yes. Who are you?”

    “Mr Blacul will explain.” Dixie turned on the intercom. “Sir, Karen is here.” The other women thought Dixie’s southern accent was sexy as hell.

    “Thank you” came the reply over the intercom. A moment later the door opened, Karen walked over and stood in the doorway.

    “Who’s that?” Karen gestured toward Dixie.

    “Your replacement.”

    “My what?”

    “Your fired.” Karen looked at him shocked. Everyone else was looked on just as shocked.

    “Fired?” Karen stammered.

    “Yes. Secretary even if its executive secretary is totally unacceptable and beneath you. Being my partner is the only possible acceptable position for my wife.” Wolf dropped to one knee opening a small box. “Will you marry me?” Inside the box was a diamond engagement ring. Karen was so surprised at first she speechless.  

    “Yes oh God yes I’ll marry you!” Karen blurted out in tears. Wolf stood up, put the ring on her finger, took her into his arms and kissed her.
    It was a short engagement. A month later the wedding took place in Wolf’s backyard. Fujiko acted as best man while Charlotte, 5'9" 34-23-34 F cup, served as maid of honor. She was Karen’s best friend and just been hired as Karen’s secretary. Karen looked absolutely gorgeous coming down the isle. She wore a night fitting strapless white dress. From her waist the dress came up in front just high enough to cover her nipples. A thin strap clasped in back was the only thing holding the front up. Except for Wolf’s recently borne children the only attendees were women from work. The entire office staff was there along with some of the women from the production line. A woman minister from a nondenominational church performed the ceremony.

    As they spent the night making love for the first time as husband and wife, Wolf’s seed gang-banged the egg waiting inside Karen creating quadruplets.

    The next night Karen seduced Charlotte into sharing her marriage bed and new husband. As with all others who deepthroated Wolf, the reddish brown haired beauty became pregnant. With twins.