CODES BMWF+, inc, mom/son, mom/dau, bi, bd, wife, cheat, impreg, 1st
DATE ADDED 12th December, 2006

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


This story was inspired by several pieces of art in the erotic art gallery on the Darkcavern website.


Mat first met his wife of eleven years Rebecca when they were in the seventh grade. He had just moved into town and wasn’t aware of what was behind the stories about Becky. He found out one day when he and several other students went to Becky’s house to study for a sex ed test. He at first thought that the 10 month black baby boy was her brother but was surprised when he found out the baby was her son. While Becky was in the other room one of the girls, Jill, explained that Becky got pregnant while in the fifth grade and gave birth during Christmas break in sixth grade. The father was a black kid who had lived down the street. He was a couple of months older than Becky but never got to see his son. He and his family were killed by a drunk driver when Becky was four months pregnant.

They became close friends and dated during high school and married on Becky’s 18th birthday just before they started college. It was tough but they made it through college have been doing quite well since. They had a son, Mat Jr. now 7 and twin girls, Wendy and Whitney now 3. The girls are just as redheaded as their mom.

While in college Mat started bringing home interracial magazines and movies. He eventually got Becky to talk about Daryl’s father and what it was like losing her virginity to a black and getting pregnant the first time she had sex. He dropped hints, most not even close to being subtle, that he would like to see her having sex with a black. He even inadvertently let slip during several passionate nights of making love his ultimate fantasy was to see her giving birth to a black baby.

Mat got home just before 7 pm on the night of Dec 23rd. Four days early from a business trip because the rest of the meetings had been postponed to due several key individuals got snowed in and couldn’t make the meetings. He was surprised. No one seemed to be home. Mat Jr. and the twins were at his mom’s but figured at least Becky would be home. Daryl, he wasn’t sure about. He figured more than likely his step-son was out somewhere with that gorgeous white brown haired girl he been dating since 9th grade, Teresa. The kid’s Mustang wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

When he entered the house he heard an odd sound. At first he couldn’t place the sound.

“No, that couldn’t be bed springs squeaking. Wouldn’t be able to hear that down here” he thought to himself out loud. He went up the stairs. It definitely sounds like a bed squeaking. He hadn’t seen Becky’s BMV outside either. Could Daryl have sneaked Teresa into the house. He went and checked Daryl’s room. No body there. Nothing in any of the kids rooms.

“No he wouldn’t take Teresa into our bedroom” he mumbled out load. As he moved closer to the room he shared with Becky the sound definitely got louder. As he got to the open door he was greeted with the sight of a huge black making hugely long fuck lunges into someone under him.

“No wonder I could hear the bed squeak down stairs” he thought to himself. All he could see of recipient of those lunges where a pair of long shapely white legs trying to keep themselves wrapped around the black’s waist and a pair of white arms trying to hug the big black closer to the body they belonged to.
A moment later a voice yelled “CUM IN ME! FLOOD MY WHITE CUNT WITH YOUR BLACK SEED!” Becky? The next sounds and moans of pleasure left no doubt that the woman was cumming and that it was Becky. The only thing about her that was petite was her waist at 19". Her legs and 36" hips were spread lewdly wide by that huge black stallion. Her 5'8" frame topped off with JJ cup breasts. The only parts of her he could see were her arms and legs. He had to kneel down on his knees to get any view of her tight cunt at all. The stud’s huge black balls kept blocking the view as he kept fucking Becky. It was also quite obvious from the white froth around the entrance to her cunt and smeared on that huge black cock that he had cum in her and that he wasn’t using a condom. Huge that was an understatement. He couldn’t believe that monster could fit in any woman let alone Becky. He had thick 10" cock himself when hard and Becky felt like a vise even after eleven years of marriage but that monster dwarfed not only him but the black cocks in his interracial mags and movies and his own 10" were rock hard seeing his wife get black fucked bareback.

“So how do I compare to Teresa?” Teresa? Mat was confused.

“Wouldn’t know.” That sounded like Daryl. “We haven’t gone that far.”

“Come on, don’t kid me. The two of you have been going at it for sometime.”

“No we haven’t mom. This is my first time.” Seeing the shocked expression on her face he added “You got my virginity mom.”

“I just wanted to give you the most intimate gift I could for your birthday, but you’ve given me a greater gift, your virginity.” Before she could say anything more Daryl passionately kissed his mom and began hammering into her cunt again.

Mat still kneeling in the doorway was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe it. Becky had finally gone black and it was with her massively hung black son. What he was feeling went well past anything he had imagined. White mother/black son fucking each other. Interracial sex excited him but this was also incestuous. The site so aroused him that when the two came together his cock erupted and flooded his shorts and soaked the front of his pants with the largess load he had ever shot.

After gaining his composure, Mat got up and left. The white mom/black son incestuous lovers were so into each other they never noticed he was there. He spent the next couple of nights in a motel.

If he had stayed a bit longer he would have overheard something very interesting.

“Mom were you serious when you said you were fertile?”

“Yes and don’t worry. Your stepfather has been trying to get me to take a black lover for a long time.”

“What if you get pregnant?”

“Well if I did get knocked up, Louise down the street is half black and her seven kids are just as white as her husband. Then again you’re blacker than black just as your dad was.” What she didn’t tell her son was that she wanted to get knocked up with his baby and hoped it came out just as black as him.

About two in the morning with Daryl’s face buried in the right side of her neck she was passing out from the intense pleasure as she climaxed for the upteenth time and Daryl came in her for eighth time she felt a sudden pain as Daryl bit into her neck, burying his 6" inch fangs deep into her neck.

The next night was Teresa’s 18th birthday and she gave up her virginity to Daryl. She didn’t care about any repercussions. She just wanted to be Daryl’s girl forever. What they didn’t know was that they had an audience. Teresa’s blonde mom Beth watched them for hours fingering herself silly. When Teresa woke up Christmas morning she had two welts on the right side of her neck just like Becky did the morning before.

Just before they left for her mother-in-law’s house Becky answered the phone. It was Mat. He told her about the meeting being cancelled by didn’t tell her when he got back. He just said he would meet her at his mom’s.

Daryl met his mom at grandma’s after leaving at gift for Teresa’s 8 yr old brother Tony. Beth didn’t realize it but her staring at his crotch was noticed.

Both families had a great Christmas.

The next night while Teresa took her dad to the airport, Daryl went over to the house. Tony was doing a sleep over with Mat Jr. When he got there he let himself in with the key Teresa gave him. Beth was in the shower. Waiting for her when she entered the bedroom was Daryl standing next to the bed stark naked. His massive naked 6' 6" black body sent shivers of lust up and down her body, but she fixed her eyes on his huge black cock, Daryl knew she was his. Looking at her it was obvious were Teresa’s 5' 9" body got its curves from. Teresa’s JJ cup tits were slightly smaller than the KK cup tits Beth carried on her 5' 7" frame. He walked over to her, picked her up and carried her to the bed. In seconds Beth was on her back with Daryl devouring her blonde cunt.

When Teresa returned home she went to her mom and dad’s bedroom. She got to the door just in time to watch as Daryl flooded her mom’s cunt for the first time.

Beth woke up just before noon. When she looked into the mirror in her bathroom she saw twin welts on both sides of her neck. She found her daughter and lover madly fucking in Teresa’s room.

That night Daryl fucked both mom and daughter. Beth got her first lesson in eating black baby making sperm from her daughter’s pussy. Over the next few months Daryl totally dominated her, introduced her to bondage and turned her into a bisexual sex slave. In fact Beth soon couldn’t have a climax unless she was bound as she was getting fucked. The moment she realized she was lost forever in bondage as Daryl’s sex slave came as Teresa fucked her cunt with a massive 14" black strap-on, Becky fucked her ass with a exact duplicate of the black strap-on Teresa was using and Daryl’s massive 18" black cock was buried to his massive black balls down her throat.

Exactly nine months after that night that Daryl first flooded his mom’s cunt full of his seed, Mat got to live out his ultimate fantasy as he watched a black head come out of his wife’s cunt. Then he relived that moment again as a second black baby boy came out of Becky. He came in his pants as each baby boy came out. The boys were just as black as Daryl. She also gave birth to two white baby girls, both of which DNA tests showed were Daryl’s daughters/sisters.

The next night Daryl got his turn. As the expectant father watched as Teresa gave birth to twin boys just as black as their twin half brothers/uncles.

Teresa’s dad wasn’t happy about her getting knocked up. His sister had been in a similar situation and was treated like a whore when it came out she had given birth to a married black man’s child. But two days after his daughter gave birth he was absolutely furious as he watched quadruplet black baby girls pop out his 37 yr old wife’s cunt. He filed for divorce the next day. When she left the hospital with her black babies she moved into the basement of Becky and Mat’s house.

Three months after she gave birth, Teresa and Daryl were married.

Beth’s husband worked for the same company as Mat. Their professional fate though took different paths after their wife’s gave birth to black babies. The ultra liberals who ran the company demoted him after the divorce while they promoted Mat for being tolerate and open minded and ultra liberal. That last point struck Mat as odd because except for his fetish for watching Becky get black fucked and giving birth to black babies he was quite conservative.