STORY TITLE Bangkok Breeding Babes
AUTHOR Perv The Pillow
CODES MF, Reluc, Impreg, Mult, Novel
DATE ADDED 27th May, 2007

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Bangkok breeding Babes

OR How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy my pregnancies.
(With apologies to Dr Strangelove)

I was finally here. I was glad to be leaving this place. Another hour and I would be leaving this place for good. Shortly I would be getting the flight home. In another days time I would arrive at Heathrow and from there I would get the shuttle back to Manchester. Not that Bangkok was a dirty or particularly violent city; it wasn’t. Even the traffic jams here weren’t as bad as in cities like Liverpool or Leeds. In many respects it was a forward thinking city, or the authorities were forward thinking. I was impressed, I had to say, by the number of parks and public spaces here. Public transport was much better here than in many parts of Britain. I had done my “tour “of duty here as a nurse and midwife and I would be glad to leave. I had my reasons for leaving. Had I really been here almost 2 years? I could hardly believe it. The reason for me being here was almost surreal.

It had started with the Vroken virus, as it now known. Was it a form of bird flu that had mutated no one knows. Probably the exact nature of this insidious virus will never be fully understood. A little over 3 years ago a new strain of flu had affected a large portion of Southeast Asia. It was thought to have arisen in this part of the world. Anyhow the worst effects were felt here. It was thought it was just another strain of flu. To all extent it was. Very few people actually died from it .Yet the after effects were staggering. It had left between 30 and 40% of the childbearing females here infertile. They were most susceptible to this virus anyway. It had caused massive scarring to the uterine lining. For all practical purposes they were now infertile. The government wasn’t blind to the problem. Some novel solutions were introduced. Women in their forties and even some in their fifties were encouraged to undergo “new treatments” and bear more children. Some were actually quite effective and the treated women looked, in some cases, ten or more years younger. Women who weren’t affected were encouraged to have more children. A number of them underwent fertility treatment and had multiple births.

Even with treatments like these they birth rate was till in decline. Yet more drastic solutions were thought of. Not least of these was mating and the breeding camp solution. Women who were found guilty of a criminal offence were given the “choice” of serving a harsh sentence, maybe twenty years or more, or agreeing to join the programme. Even foreign women and girls weren’t exempt from “The programme”. Harsh sentences were still in force for drug trafficking here. In theory the death sentence was still in force for such crimes. In reality, for foreigners, anyway it was usually commuted to twenty or more years in jail. There was a way out .If the poor unfortunate girl agreed to join the programme the sentence would be reduced considerably. As explained before even European girls and girls from other countries weren’t exempt. They needed all the fertile women of child-bearing age they could find. Some of these girls were thought to have been set up .It was not an uncommon event for girls to be duped into carrying drugs through customs in the past. Now even the government here had a vested interest in finding as many girls and women as they could.

They had even introduced a kind of maternity conscription scheme. Single women of childbearing age had to fulfil their duty and undergo at least 2 pregnancies. Not surprisingly the crime rate for women in Thailand had soared dramatically in the past couple of years. That was a remarkable coincidence. Protests were made from many governments, and even the United Nations passed a Security Council resolution condemning the Thailand government for its behaviour. As with many such resolutions it just ignored it and carried on in the same manner. That was the reason I was leaving after 2 years here even foreign girls were conscripted whether they wanted to be or not.

The offspring of such breedings were of course put up for adoption to now infertile Thai couples. So along with the other measures employed the country was actually on its way to stabilising its birth rate. Of course because of the many multiple births and the breeding camps they were experiencing a shortage of qualified medical staff. That’s where people like me come in. I worked for Medicine sans frontier as a nurse and midwife. The least they thought they could do was provide adequate medical facilities for the girls “chosen”. I had come here with a team of about a couple of dozen doctors midwives and helpers. It was more than a culture shock to say the least. I had witnessed the breeding camps at first hand. It was done on an industrial scale. The women underwent numerous medical examinations before they were mated. After trials is was found that direct matings were the most effective. So healthy young Thais were employed as breeders for the women and girls. The boys were thoroughly examined as well before. Males of anything between 18 and 20 years were chosen for this task. The women were anything from 18 to 45.

The breeding areas themselves were usually old converted sports halls. Here as many as 200 women would be mated and bred by their male partners. I had to say the whole place was kept scrupulously clean at all times. It was a far cry from the often-squalid conditions in Thai prisons. So our brief was to help these women conceive and deliver healthy children, and to also ensure they were fit and healthy to be bred. Being a single woman with no ties I found it a rewarding if somewhat erotic situation to be in. The women didn’t know it the food and water the ingested was dosed with a host of natural stimulants and fertility herbs to enhance their beauty and fertility as well. The only problem with it was we had the same food and drink as these poor unfortunates. It didn’t pass our notice that now between 10 and 20% of the mating females were either European or American. Still their respective governments made their protests and the Thai government just ignored them. They carried on with business as usual. It has to be said that they did relent a little and now they had reduced the amount of time a girl or woman could be kept here and bred from twelve to six years They made up for this shortfall by stimulating the girls to produce more eggs. Thus there was a slight increase in the risk to a girl’s health due to a multiple pregnancy.

At first I found it, along with other members of our team, distasteful to say the least. After a while I became intrigued by it all .I even volunteered to help a female Psychologist with her study into how these women perceived and what they felt about these almost forced breedings which they were subject to. I even found myself being turned on by it all as my time to leave drew ever nearer. There was an obvious ritual to these mass matings. The “chosen girls” would enter the breeding areas completely naked except for a pair of sandals. They didn’t want the girls to pick up any kind of infection on their way to be bred. Most of all they didn’t want the girls to pick up any papilloma virus. A number of different strains had been implicated in cervical cancer. Of course all the female subjects had been vaccinated against it before commencing their breeding. Still they wanted to keep the risks to a minimum .At least it helped prevent them catching veruca, which are caused buy another form of papilloma virus, not associated with cervical carcinoma.

Now here I was not long now and I would be leaving. I must admit that over the past 12, and possibly before that, I had taken to relieving myself of my pent up sexual frustrations. I now masturbated almost every day. That’s not quite true. I masturbated at least once a day perhaps as many times as 3 or 4 time’s daily. I had been a regular little tart alone in bed with myself at night. Granted I hadn’t been with a man in over 14 months now Ever since Francois had left. Still I was still having a loving relationship with Connie, my helper, up till now. She was a year younger than I was. At 31 she looked at least 5 years younger than her actual age. I loved her long raven locks. For the past 8 months we had been lovers. We confided in each other our most wanton fantasies. One of which was to be actually participating in the programme. Sometimes we even envied the girls. They would enter into the stadium with beautiful sleek bellies perform their mating ritual. Of course we were there when it happened. We were there for them over the whole nine months of their pregnancies from conception to birth. We watched almost in awe as their once sleek bellies expanded with their progeny. I had one favourite breeder. His name was Aroon, in Thai that means dawn. He was just eighteen years old. So far he was responsible for successfully impregnating nine females in the two months he had been there. Connie had a fantasy about Klahan, which means courageous in Thai he too was just 18. They often saw us when we watched the girls being mated with. We just didn’t watch out of getting a voyeuristic thrill from it. That was just a sideline. We had to watch to make sure their matings went well. Sometimes, very occasionally a girl could be injured by a vigorous mating session from a rough breeding. We never had any trouble with Klahan or Aroon. From what we observed they were gentle and considerate lovers. In one breeding session we observed an English mother being bred by Klahan and her daughter being bred by Aroon. The mother was 41 and the daughter 23. They were apprehensive, more so the mother. He soon put her at ease with a bit of gentle foreplay before he entered her. However they soon got into the rhythm of it. They were then bred by their lovers for about 2 hours. They then had a rest of 3 hours and were mated with again. This continued over a 3day period. Now they were achieving a ninety- percent success rate. Both mother and daughter were now 3 months pregnant.

There were practical reasons for these mass matings. All of the partners could be observed at once. There was less of a chance of a woman being abused or beaten. It is easier to keep an eye on a group. Besides if anything did go wrong the cctv would pick it up. It was impractical to video monitor 500 separate rooms. They wanted results not beaten women. Therefore if a boy became violent he could easily be taken out. In the time I was there I only ever witnessed that happening on four occasions, still it was a possibility albeit a remote one. Our favourite boys, as we called them, also took a special interest in catching our eyes when we were on duty. They often smiled at us and would wink as if to say I wish you were here with me. In bed at night Connie and I would bring each other off thinking about our special boys. It was only a fantasy we never expected it to happen in our wildest dreams .We didn’t know how wrong we were.

Connie and I now were queuing up to get our bags checked. She was in front of me. I thought it merely a formality. I was distracted for a minute because I thought I caught sight of a familiar face. It couldn’t be. However I saw clearly for a fleeting moment the familiar face of Aroon, and behind him was Klahan. Then they were gone. I thought he was pointing over to where we were. Then I caught sight of them again. Aroon gave me a broad smile and again he disappeared. Things then happened so fast neither Connie nor I could take it in. It seemed something was amiss with her case. Whilst searching it the customs officer had found a package inside. Then my case was being opened and a similar package was in my case as well. Connie was taken aside, then I was. We were quickly ushered into a side room along with all our baggage. The packages they had found were quickly examined and our worst fears were well founded. Someone had planted drugs in our cases. The impossible had happened we had been set up. I knew Connie and knew she was wholly innocent of this thing that had befallen us. We not only had missed our flight home but we were charged with drug trafficking. We spent the rest of the night in the same cell .It was clean and comfortable but very Spartan.

The next day we were taken to court and bound over to appear there the following week for our trial. They did things by the book with us and we even had a visit from our former colleagues and a visit from someone at the British embassy. He advised us to plead guilty because then our sentence would be a lot lighter. We of course totally disregarded his advice and pleaded not guilty at our trial. Whilst in the dock we were aware of faces we knew who were in the public gallery. There was Harold, the head of our former unit along with Julie, she was his nurse. He was a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology. Also there, to our surprise, were our two fantasy lovers Aroon and Klahan. They smiled at us throughout the trial. It was of course a forgone conclusion .For one thing our trial lawyer only sent an assistant whose grasp of English was rather tenuous to say the least. In a space of a little over 2 hours we were found guilty of trafficking heroine, and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment each. We were dumbstruck by this verdict. We were then taken down to the cells to await our transport to prison. Thankfully they kept us together .We were too shocked to take it in immediately.

Whilst we were waiting in our cell we had an unexpected visit from Harold and Julie. With them was the prosecutions chief lawyer. “I’m sorry girls .I don’t believe for a minute you have done anything amiss. Mr Mongkut, Here, has asked me to have a word with you he is willing to put in a plea on your behalf, which the prosecution is willing to accept. It means though that you both have to volunteer for the scheme You both know what that involves. Right now they are desperate for more participants.” Mongkut cut in, “If you accept this I will bargain for you. You have to accept this now or else it will be too late. If you apologise to the court and accept your fate and punishment .The judge will look favourably upon you both.” It seemed we had little choice. It was either spend 25 years in prison in Thailand or become part of the programme. We knew that 25 years in jail here really meant 25 years in jail. There was no choice but to accept. Harold continued. “ As you may have seen Aroon an Klahan are here. They have offered to help and have put in a good word with the judge and the clerk of the court. They may just swing it in your favour. If all goes well you will be back with us by the end of the day. Then you will have to fulfil your part of the bargain. You both are still quite young and fertile women. Besides the treatment which you will undergo will make you both feel younger and more full, of life.” We both reluctantly said we would obey. We both felt like a couple of daleks accepting the chief dalek’s orders.

Then they left us alone in our cell. It was a full 2 hours before we appeared back in court before the same judge who had sentenced us. There ha told us off for not being more honest before. “However,” he continued “because of extenuating circumstances I now accept your plea. If you are willing to accept your fate I will release you into the care of the good doctor here and the 2 guards Aroon and Klahan. Aroon is now your designated minder, Louise. And Klahan is your designated minder Connie. If you accept you have wronged us and you willingly atone for your sins by helping our country out in its time of need I will commute your sentence from 25 years in prison to six years in the Wong Tu breeding facility.” We had little choice to accept .Our fate was now sealed. It was the lesser of 2 evils. Yesterday we had been full of hope in looking forward to seeing our families and friends .Now were would spend another 6 years here bearing babies. Two good things came out of it our families would be allowed to visit and we would now be kept in better conditions than in jail.

Our cases and luggage travelled ahead of us. We were allowed to travel back with Harold and Julie albeit in a police van. Once inside the facility they would be no need of a further police presence. The security there was as tight as most high security prisons can be. Besides we had no passports now. They were the first things to be taken from us. Besides after a few months there the majority of inmates were in no condition to make an escape attempt. Their ever-expanding bellies tended to get in the way. Attached to this place were numerous workshops, which kept the women busy throughout their confinements. We realised there would be no escape for us either. For very shortly our families back home would be told of our fate. Neither Connie nor I believed for a second that Harold or anyone else we knew who monitored the scheme, on behalf of the government, had anything to do with our incarceration. They had simply seen the opportunity to grab a couple more breeders for their scheme. I was happy in the knowledge that since “outsiders” like Harold and his team had come here the survival rate for the women had increased dramatically. Their treatment couldn’t be faulted. We would at least be safe in their hands. We would be compliant little babymakers. We knew of course that the majority of boys who were breeders were considerably younger than Connie or I. They wanted horny young studs for their breeding purposes. We also knew what to expect. For the first few weeks we would be examined and probed and undergo fertility treatment. Of course they already had our records. We had been fully examined on a number of occasions in case we stayed longer than the permitted time limit of two years.

We were even taken back to our old room. Harold knew that Connie and I shared it. He even had arranged it so we virtually carried on at our old jobs .The only difference was that we were now part of the programme. As with all the girls and women here we were tagged later that same day. We were then given our new batch of folic acid (to help prevent spina bifida) and other supplements .We had been taking these for the past 2 years so it was a continuation of the same regime. They wanted us to have healthy babies. We were in the natural conception wing. That meant we would be impregnated through natural means. There was another wing, which housed women who may pass on an inherited disorder. They would be artificially inseminated. They didn’t get away that easily here.

With all these methods in place the birth rate in Thailand was now nearing its pre crisis level of about a million live births per year. At its lowest ebb it had fallen to about 600,000 births per year. They had managed to increase it by about 100,000 by voluntary means alone. That was nowhere near enough to maintain a viable population hence the radical methods that were introduced to stabilise it. Now, we believed, there were another
5 maybe 6 more centres like ours. It was really like a small town. Indeed an area of Bangkok had been cleared of its population to make way for this facility. All told there were about 30,000 breeding females here. It really was the breeding of females on an industrial scale. They now used 2 breeding rooms used at the same time. Each room could accommodate up to 200 couples. However now between 150 and 170 females were being mated with in any of them. In total each woman averaged 2 babies each. The fertility treatment they received really did work. It was now unusual for a woman to bear a single child. So in total this facility was producing something in excess of 50,000 children per year. After a woman had give birth she was allowed a 3-month respite before being bred again. This was now our life for the next 6 years. We were literally brood mares. Of course there were other uses for the girls and once they were pregnant suitable jobs were given to them to help pass the time.

The first few days were spent with us being examined and probed. Our feet were constantly in the “stirrups” whilst our breeding potential was assessed. This was only a formality because we had already been examined whilst we were here before. It helped that we knew the staff here. I was grateful that Harold had managed to be able to do our examinations for us. Our periods came and went. Connie and my cycle nearly coincided. Therefore it was arranged for us to be bred at the same time. After our periods were over we were given our timetable. Yes, I jest not, we had a timetable for our impregnation. Connie was designated number 41 and I number 42. These numbers surprisingly corresponded with Klahan and Aroon’s numbers. Now that was a surprise for us!

Leading up to the fateful day Connie and I passed our time by helping out in the delivery room. We noticed a lot more European girls here now. We even began to suspect some of these girls had been abducted here or abroad. I spoke to one woman, 30-year-old Georgina, she told me in confidence she and her friend had been taken by a snatch squad in Manchester. This was her first breeding .She had been told she would only be here for about three years because she and her friend had been co-operative.

When we weren’t in the delivery room we were watching the girls in no1 breeding room. It was here where we would be mated the following week. When we were there Aroon and Klahan would always notice we were there and smile. During one of these sessions Aroon got a bit carried away with the German woman he was mating with. We went down to check she was alright after her first mating with him. There wasn’t any harm done but because she had been making so much noise we had to check. Whilst she was lying there recovering Aroon did something unexpected. He got up and came to me And put his arms around me whilst nibbling my neck and ear lobes. He was rubbing me through my thin dress. “I will enjoy giving you my baby. You are beautiful I’ve wanted you so much.” Then he let off before he was restrained. I quickly left. A few minutes later he was inside the girl again. I was shocked by this incidence but also incredibly turned on. I had thought about being cold and aloof with Aroon, after that, because I thought him partly responsible for our incarceration. However I realised I would probably be too sexed up, when my time came, not to respond to his advances.

That night in bed Connie and I made gentle love to each other. Whilst she brought me to orgasm by rubbing my clit I lay back and thought about Aroon mating with me. I experienced one of the most climactic orgasms I had ever had. “Thinking about becoming pregged by your young hunk, lover girl? I couldn’t get the incident out of my mind. All the rest of that week I would often nip off to the loo to bring myself off. I truly was a bitch in heat.

All too soon our time came around. The day before our first mating Connie and I were examined again to make sure we were suitable for our breeding. Harold told us both there were no problems and he didn’t see any reason for us not mating. “ You are both two very healthy women. It’s really a prefect combination two healthy young men mating with two older women.” We were both restless that night. I for one would feel more relaxed when it began. In a perverse sort of way I was looking forward to my first baby. That next morning Connie and I took a bath together. We wanted to be clean for our studs. After a light breakfast we prepared ourselves, put on our light white gowns and made our way to the breeding room. Outside was a line of about 150 women and girls. They ranged in age from about 18 to their early forties. We were surprised to see Julie waiting in line. I had never thought of Julie as a sexual being until then. I realised that she wanted to stay in Thailand and she had already been here at least 2 years. Therefore she was eligible for the programme. She even managed to have a quick word with us. I was amazed at her figure when she placed her gown on the designated hook. Although she was 3 years older than I was, her figure was unblemished. She could have passed for a girl ten years her junior. I placed my gown on my hook and followed the other girls into breeding room number one.

We were all naked except for our sandals. Aroon was waiting for me at my designated mat. They left nothing to chance. My necklace indicated Aroon was breeding me. He also had his necklace on. After a quick check by the door clerk I was ushered in. Connie and I made our way to our mats. Aroon greeted me. The whistle blew which indicated we may start. I was a little embarrassed by my nakedness at first. Yet I was incredibly turned on by it. Close up he appeared a more handsome boy than I had imagined. He was after all fourteen years my junior. I slipped off my sandals and stood naked before him. All the men of course were nude. This wasn’t a place for standing on ceremony we knew exactly why we were here.

He took my hand and drew me to him. Very soon I was almost wilting by his embrace. He had by now much practice at this. I wasn’t afraid of any diseases either. I knew he had already been checked out thoroughly that morning. A bioscan was mandatory for all the men. They wanted healthy babies. I felt his erection press against me. Even naked he was a full 2 inches shorter than I was. We began to kiss and fondle each other. I felt myself begin to lube up .I knew I was ready. Without much preamble we lay down on the mat. I wanted to dominate him first and in between kisses I spread myself and slid on top of him. This wasn’t unusual most women began their session by doing it woman on top. I eased my young lover inside me and began to move up and down. I was amazed at how good it felt. He was a big boy for a Thai. He filled me completely and began to respond and thrust back. After a few minutes I lay back on the mat in the “missionary”. He then raised my legs above his shoulders and began to thrust even more deeply into me. All the time he was gently whispering he was now making me pregnant. This I knew wasn’t a lie. I came shortly before he did. When he felt me coming he began to empty his seed into my waiting love channel. I felt him shoot his hot seed into my womb. All around me were the sounds of lustful matings taking place.

On the next mat Connie lay coupled with her boy. We lay coupled after the love act whispering words of comfort and love to one another. He didn’t make any attempt to withdraw from me .He just lay on top looking into my eyes and smiling. His brown skin was such a contrast to mine. After a while he started to thrust again. He was ready for round two. Without pulling out he began to mate me once more. Soon he was lining me again. This time my orgasms came gently one after the other. I imagined what my cervix was now doing had seen many films of the sex act. And knew my cervix was involuntary dipping down into his pool of semen and literally taking it into my womb. Very shortly they would begin the swim up to my fallopian tubes where my egg would be waiting. He made love once more that morning.

Very soon our first session was over. A bell rang to indicate this. It was always the same a whistle to start and the bell to finish the sessions. Very soon about 150 couples parted. Aroon kissed me one final time patted my bottom and walked away. I put my sandals on and took Connie’s hand. We walked to the cloakroom in this way. The clock said ten am .Had it really been two hours we had been here. We were now allowed a two-hour break before the next session began. They had slightly altered the timing, once again. They were always doing this seeking the best possible combination of rest time and mating. Still it would mean we would finish earlier. We now had to be back for twelve. Then we would mate for another 2 hours. All told we would have 3 two-hour sessions: 8 till 10; 12 till 2pm; 4 till 6 then an hours break and finally 7 until 8. That would be our daily routine for the next three days. All this would be done with the same partner.

We went back to our flat. Our l our respective partners had inserted vagina plugs once our mating had taken place. They weren’t unduly uncomfortable but had to be kept in place for an hour at least after the mating. This helped to increase the chance of conception occurring. We went to get our gowns then .The first thing we did then was go back to our flat for a quick shower. Then it was grab something to eat not much. That was about it the time passed so quickly. I felt sorry for some of the other girls who had to be bussed in . They had nowhere to go really whilst waiting in between breeding sessions. Then we went back for round two.

This time it was more leisurely. As we walked inn, naked, I had time to take in more of what was going on around me. I knew a few of the girls from having helped examine them before. Next to me was a 27-year-old civil servant, from the south of England called Christina .She had long auburn hair and was very slim with pert pointed breasts. I imagined what she would look like in a few months time. The thought only increased my desire for love and sex. Aroon was waiting. This time he came up to me and embraced and kissed me. I responded by kissing him back and pressing myself against his straining erection. He lay back on the mat as I eased myself into him once again. I began my dance with destiny. I proceeded to gyrate my hips. This only increased my young lover’s arousal. He began to thrust into me. We continued in this was for a few minutes. All around us mating couples were also in the same throws of love. Christina was on her back and gripped her partner’s buttocks .I saw him empty his seed deep into her. A little dribble indicated he had ejaculated inside her. Next to me Connie was riding Klahan. It was an incredible sight from down here .A hundred and fifty copulating couples all with one thing on their minds – procreation. I was now on my back my thighs wide apart as my lover bred me. Yes I knew I was being mated with the intention of him impregnating me. I clung and held him tight to me. I wanted any children to be conceived in love. Although we would only be allowed to keep them a short while I knew they would be going to good homes. That was also part of our job helping to vet couples.

All too soon the second session was over. It was now 2pm. The routine was pretty much the same .We went off for a quick bite to eat to keep up our energy levels. Breeding was a high-energy activity. We needed to keep our strength up. We knew also that during a breeding session of 3 days a girl could lose anything between 7 and 14 pounds in weight. When we arrived back at 4pm the boys were waiting as usual. By now we all had become used to the routine. Unseen by most of the girls the “watchers” kept an eye out for any violent activity. They wanted the girls pregnant not beaten. I took more in again this time. Next to me was Astrid a Norwegian beauty of 36 .She had been caught smuggling drugs, She was of course innocent but that mattered little. Her partner was in stark contrast to her pale Nordic skin. What a contrasting pair they were .She was obviously older than he was .Yet the main difference was in their skin tones. Although he wasn’t any darker than any of the other boys her light skin made it appear much darker. She indeed was a beauty. Indeed she would in all probability be a very pregnant beauty shortly. I found their mating together particularly erotic. I was almost lost thinking about Astrid as Aroon emptied himself into me once again. I clung to his back and held him tightly. Very soon the session was over. Then we had an hour’s break and back at it. The last session was soon over. When Aroon parted and inserted “the plug”. He kissed me as we finally parted. He was proud of his accomplishment.

The evening was passing. Connie and I went and changed .We first had a quick shower together. We were still aroused but only petted and kissed, as we stood naked together in the cubicle. I could see it being a problem in our later stages of pregnancy. Still we would pass that hurdle when we came to it. We then donned our light track tops and bottoms on and went to the canteen. That was the beauty of this place it was open 24 hours a day. Even before we had never made many meals here. We had mostly gone to the canteen. It was an early night after that. We were both a bit tired. We made gentle love to one another that night before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

For the next couple of days it was very much a repetition of the previous day’s events. Aroon was a careful and considerate lover. I showed my affection to him, even though I still suspected he was complicit in our being here. He was after all going to be the father of my babies. The next couple of days flew by. I noticed more girls that I knew as time progressed. There was Daphne, the French girl, she was 31. She was tall and lithe her partner again was in marked contrast to her. She towered over him by more than 5 inches. I was glad when tit was over .Now only time would tell whether we had taken.

We fitted back into our old routine at work. Mostly it consisted of helping the girls to deliver when their time came. Interspersed with this was our duty as “watchers”. It was satisfying work in a way. It was also a sad job because all too soon the babies went for adoption. The girls did however hand over their offspring to their new parents.

Instinctively I knew I was pregnant when I didn’t come on. 4 days later they did a test to confirm it. Your typical HCG test showed positive for Connie as well. Harold was well pleased for almost ninety five percent of our batch had taken. I saw Christina crying in her friend’s arms a few days later. She too was with child. We really loved it as our bellies started to swell .I could hardly believe how Connie and I were readily accepting our new found status as breeders. It was incredible to watch our little bulges getting bigger. I made a weekly photo shoot with my digital camera of the whole event. The weeks flew by. After 2 months we started putting on weight. My standard dress was pinching a little. Connie and I were glad when we were handed our maternity clothes after 3 months. Another months later and the ultrasound showed we were both having twins. After a little nausea in the first few weeks, which soon passed, we felt fine. We continued with the multi vits and folic acid. By 6 months we were really bulging. During this time we found comfort in each other’s arms at night. By 7 months we were huge. I was afraid we would have extensive stretch marks and sagging tummies afterwards. I knew from experience the techniques they know employed using dermal collagen and elastin enzyme replenishers would leave us with minimal marks. By eight months we were waddling around.

For the first few months we continued in our normal jobs delivering babies. Added to this our time acting as watchers during the mating sessions the time just flew by. In the last month we just watched, in the delivery room, as well .We were too big to be of practical assistance there. Our time came around and almost nine months to the day since our first mating we were induced. Connie went first and I held her hand and comforted her while she underwent a 4-hour labour. She gave birth to a healthy boy and girl each weighing just less than 7 pounds. The next day I was induced and I gave birth to 2 girls each weighing 6 pound 9 ounces. Neither Connie nor myself could bring ourselves to give a name to our babies for we knew they wouldn’t be with us for long.

The babies stayed with us for a little over a week. This was standard practice to help them acclimatise to their new parents. We handed them over to the respective parents with tears in our eyes. We found comfort, once again, in each other’s arms. We made up for it after they had gone by nursing and breast-feeding other new-born babies. After a month of this we had to stop .We were given various treatments to help us from producing milk then. After that they concentrated on us getting our figures back by a regime of rigorous exercise. They wanted us in tiptop condition for our next breedings. Connie and I were pleasantly surprised by our appearance after the births. We only had a few very minor marks from the experience. And by the time we were ready to be mated again we looked almost like our pre pregnant selves. Our breasts were a little larger but that was to be expected.

After the births we were off work for only 4 weeks. We were then gradually weaned back to work .At first they put us on light duties. This mainly comprised acting as watchers newbie girls were bred for the first time. After a month of that we were gradually introduced to the delivery room helping the girls deliver. We had become firm friends of a few of the other girls who had been bred with us at our first mating sessions. Christina, the young civil servant, had even accepted her role in the place. She was even looking forward to her next session with her new chosen partner. Like us she had delivered 2 healthy children. We met up with Astrid, the Nordic beauty, she had given birth to triplets.

By the time our next session came around international pressure was mounting against these forced breeding, as they called them at home. A statement was due shortly to be made by the King. Here his word was virtually law. We realised that whatever was decided it would probably come too late for us to escape being inseminated again. This time I was to become pregnant to Klahan and Connie was to be mated with Aroon. The liked to alternate a girl’s partner to enhance genetic diversity. It really made little difference to the girl in question she ended up being pregnant just the same.

This time I was more relaxed as I entered the breeding room naked. It had only been 3 months since I ad given birth to my girls. Now their sweet little faces were becoming a distant memory. I would have given anything to go home to England with them. Klahan was as gentle a lover as Aroon had been. We began by kissing and petting. Shortly we ended up by mating with me straddling him. Of course we finished in the missionary to ensure the best possible chance of conception. I put my all into my second mating with him. Again I wanted my babies to be conceived in love. I was determined to make my best effort. I partly did this so that any subsequent girl he bred would be an anticlimax for him. There were a few new girls this time. I noticed a mother and daughter from Leicester being bred by a pair of brothers nearby. The mother was called Alice and the daughter Emily. They were 30 and 18 respectively. Again we were bred for 3 days. I put my most effort into the last session with my boy. By the time it was over he was yearning for more.

Again after a few short weeks it became apparent both Connie and I had taken again. We weren’t afraid anymore of any congenital abnormalities .The risks had been kept to a minimum. We had been taking our folic acid and multi vits to enhance the chances of conceiving healthy babies. After the test was done we knew for certain we were pregnant again with our boy’s babies. We continued to work in the delivery room .We even were moved occasionally to other delivery rooms around the camp to show them how we did things. All the time though Connie stayed with me. By our second month our little bulges were beginning to show. This only indicated that we were both carrying more than one infant inside. It came as a complete shock that when we were 3 months gone the King announced he was holding an amnesty for about half of the European girls here as a gesture of good will towards foreign governments. In reality he didn’t want for them to stop imports of vital supplies. Connie and I were to be released and we would be going home very shortly. Of course we were both showing by then. Abortions were offered to all the girls due to be released .I didn’t here of any girls accepting this offer.

A special charter flight was arranged for the girls to go home to England the following day. Our flight would fly directly into Manchester from here. It was with heavy cases and swelling bellies that 300 girls and women in varying stages of pregnancy waited in line at the airport that morning. We cleared customs without being stopped for our bags to be checked. Some poor unfortunate girls in another line awaiting a flight to London weren’t quite so lucky. About a dozen girls were taken out of the line and their bags showed the tell tale packages of them carrying drugs. This time I had video evidence that these packages had been planted in their bags whilst they were left unattended. I couldn’t do anything there because I knew the evidence would only go missing. I boarded the flight without saying anything. However once home the footage I had shot would find it’s way onto the Internet and also be sent to the foreign office. The outcome of this was all the girls were released 4 weeks later. They arrived home shortly after that carrying little presents within each and everyone.

As for all of us we all arrived home safely. Family members at the airport greeted us. The Thai government also agreed to pay a limited amount of compensation to us for wrongful imprisonment. It seemed photographic evidence had turned up which indicated that quite a few girls who had been arrested had been set up also. This included Connie and I. This evidence had been readily available here in Britain for over a year now .

It was the Thai judiciary which refused to accept it at the time which resulted in our wrongful imprisonment. So Connie and I are now living together. At the time of writing we are both five months pregnant, Connie with triplet sand me with twins again. So all I can say is beware any women of childbearing age who should venture to the Far East. You may end up coming back with more than you bargained.