STORY TITLE A Tricked Wife
AUTHOR Cuckster
CODES MF, Interr, Impreg, Reluc
DATE ADDED 24th February, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


I wrote this story under another pen name and had posted it on darkwanderer site a while back. I am wanting to post all my stories here as they deal mostly with impregnation.

To start with, my husband tricked me into this pregnancy. His damned obsession with me cuckolding him. I love my husband very much and did want to please him but where do you draw the line? My waist size I suppose is the final line.

A former size 6 at 5' 4" with long flowing sandy blonde hair and green eyes. my legs are long and slender with a nice golden tan. I have very ample breasts at 36c, they are quite ripe and now they are 37d with all this extra weight i.e. milk making.

My story starts 6 months ago when my hubby wanted me to get pregnant. I have always told him I would never consent to having kids. That devious little cuckie of mine..... he pandered to me and begged and did all the things a woman loves for her man to do. I figured "well if you will shut up about it I might try it". It worked, and he left me alone for about 2 weeks then I gave in and said just this once and thats it - and to never ask again. he was overjoyed with my acceptance.

I made out by getting to buy a whole new wardrobe. Actually I had to buy 2 wardrobes, maternity being the other. The plan was set for me to go out on Tuesday nite. I didn't know why then but I do now. He had been charting my periods and had been feeling my head for temperature. For 3 days he kept saying I looked flush and asking if I felt ok.

I told him I was fine and to just leave me alone but he insisted on taking my temperature and feeling my lower sides and asked me if that hurt or was sore. I had no idea he was checking for signs of ovulation in me. The cad! So I went out on Tuesday dressed to kill in my new red dress and red panties. Hubby was all worked up saying he was sure I would be making love tonight. All I could think about was getting it over with.

I warned him don't be so happy because I wont do this again it's a one off deal and I'll make you pay for your fantasy and all he could do was smile. I went to a bar not far from town checking out the meat at Hahira. I should have called them breeders or studs. I was chatted up many times and danced with many men but I was tipsy from all the free drinks that evening, and a black man asked me to dance with him. He was very nice, not too pushy and was very considerate to my tipsy state, but how passionate he was on the dance floor! Easing me back against his arm in a dip and then whirling me to the side during a fast song. Then during a slow dance he gently pulled me tight and I could feel the bulge of his cock rubbing deeply into my belly. His hands fell to my curvaceous ass and pulled me into that big hunk of meat. Wait a minute am I really going to do this? I thought, not sure of anything. My hubby at home waiting in our closet the thought burned me up. I'll show him! A!
nd besides I was very aroused by the size of that black cock and my hub would surely fall apart if I fucked this black man. ahahaha the debt he would pay for his fantasy.

I whisked my black lover to his feet and said lets go I want you now. he looked at me as if he were winning the prize cow at the fair. it was a short ride to the house we stopped at the door and kissed and hugged he fingered me with his large black hands thru my red clad panties. I was wet beyond belief. I was so horny and had been for 2 days. my side had been aching but that always happened about mid cycle for me. who knows just anther ache for a woman I suppose. I told my black lover to wait for a moment downstairs while I made myself ready and then to come up. I went straight to the bathroom and inserted my tube of spermacidal and went to the medicine cabinet for the condoms. I have never been on birth control and always make hubby wear these things. vie never had raw cock in my body before and I wanted to keep it that way. I called my lover to come upstairs. we hugged and fondled at the door just out of my hobbies site.

I dropped my clothes and led my lover by the hands to the bed where I laid on my back and looked to the closet and told my hiding hubby sees what you get. my lover wasn't sure but I said shah and pointed to the closet. I then whispered my hubby is in there give him a show .. he went wild with kisses eating my cunt tonguing my mouth kissing my flat belly I was so damn horny I would have fucked anything.. I slowed him down long enough to hand him a rubber he stretched it on and it broke. that big black cock was just too big.. he tried another and it broke too. I asked him to be careful as I wasn't on the pill and then there was a moan from the closet.. aha hubby getting off as wiry takes bare cock. I shunned the moan from his hiding place off.

Thinking only of that black cock and the fact I had spermicidal as a back up. our so I thought. my lover was very aggressive lunging forward to the hilt and he kept saying over and over how he would love to knock-up a beauty like me. he whispered don't you like to take chances I screamed noooooooooooo please don't I don't want a baby just fuck me. he did he fucked me so deep and the feelings on my body were on the edge of Cumming. his big balls kept dancing off my tanned thighs. my legs were putty I was Cumming. and then he did something that blew my mind and put me in my present state.

He pulled my legs up so that I could see his big black cock going deep into my lower belly. I watched in awe as my belly button rose up and down as he pumped deep into me. I wrapped my legs around his back and told him begged him to shoot all his black demon seed into my belly and make me pregnant...I came and came the white sperm from his balls fired deep into my womb I could feel it and see his shaft and my belly flexing together with each rampant volley of cum forcing It's way into my very fertile womb. the site was magnificent surly I thought all girls must get off at the site of their first bare fuck.

That shaft was hard still I pulled my lover to me bringing my legs up and knees bent in order to keep him there. I looked over at hubby and said you see I did it . now watch him take your wife again and see how his thick cock makes my tummy move as he fucks your wife. he drove in deep my legs still wrapped around his back I released for a moment so hubby could see him inseminate his wife again. my lover said as he put on his pants. you know I love the white ladies they are the best he looked at my pussy with his cum leaking from me and said I puts enough live seed in you to make twins I thinks... I only smiled.... he left and I went to the bathroom with sperm leaking from me everywhere. I only hoped the spermicidal was working... I yelled at my husband you dirty rotten bastard don't speak to me and don't bother wanting axe for some time.

I was afraid I had to wait the next weeks to see if I were pregnant. I couldn't have my husband's seed in me not even a chance I had to know who knocked me up. all girls want to know that. hubby skimped around For weeks beating his meat. I awoke sick to my stomach a week overdue for my period when I feared the worse. I think hubby already knew he had bought me this skimpy maternity nightgown as a joke rubbing in an already bad scene.

He had to know but I just shrugged it off and the morning sickness went away and then I was taking a shower and drying my hair. when I threw the towel up I was looking in the mirror and saw myself from a side view my flat stomach was slightly bulging. it had been 3 months since that niter and now I was sure. and wouldn't you know who was standing there looking as I stroked my belly hubby beating his meat and saying that black guy got you pregnant.

For sure ass hole and he admitted his whole scheme to me while I cried and reassured him I still loved him.