STORY TITLE A Reluctant Wife
AUTHOR Cuckster
DATE ADDED 25th April, 2004


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


My sexy wife of ten years, lets describe her here first. She’s 5'6”, brown hair, 130 pounds, with blue eyes. 35-44-36.
This all started after our second child was born. She had informed me she wanted no more kids, so I had the op done. After that our sex life just wasn’t the same again. We would role-play, with me saying how I’d love to knock her sweet ass up again, and she’d get all hot and wet from the talk. Sure in her mind she would never be knocked up again. Even this game became old after awhile and then I whispered in her ear during our lovemaking that I was Ray, one of my buddies down the road who was fairly big with blond hair. Just to spice up our lovemaking. This really set her off. She began getting really wet, humping back at me with abandon. Then with my own perversion of wanting the ultimate thrill, I would add “Baby, he’s really in you and you’re not protected. He may knock you up with that big cock of his.” She went into multiple orgasms on me and then I’d blow a big load in her tight ass.

Well, Ray comes into the picture here a few months later ‘cause I had really been laying it on in bed with my wife about pretending to be him. I know she liked him but I never thought anything would come of it. To cut to the chase, Ray comes to the house and we go to the shop and start working on the truck. We have a few beers and in walks the wife in her bikini. Now Ray is all eyes on the lil’ hotty. And she’s eating it all up and swaying that ass to get all she can from it. As luck would have it I thought “Hell, lets see if they’ll go for it while I’m gone to the store for more beer.” So I left them and when I returned Ray was beside the wife and looking like he had just scored. The wife was all flustered and red in the face. Anyway, I said, "lets get this beer and head to the house.

Two hours later, after the kids went to bed and 3 six packs down, we are feeling pretty good. Then the wife decides to she wants to slow dance and play some of our games with Ray there. This is a first for me and I’m getting butterflies about where this will end up, but my wife has it under control, she says to me silently. I looked at Ray and said “Well buddy, looks like we are in for a treat here.” The wife puts on some slow music and proceeds to get Ray and dance with him.... Needless to say, I’m going.

They need to be alone and I head to get more beer and say my farewells as they are dancing. As soon as I was out, I ran down the street, just out of sight, and ran back to the window to get a peek at the action. The wife is wrapped with her arms around Ray and he is grabbing and pawing at her. She makes a few feeble attempts at playing hard to get but relents after a few more tight pulls of her ass to his engorged cock. I might add I later saw his cock at probably 9 inches, but thin. His balls were like golf balls too. This is all going down real fast, it seems to me, and I figured I’d stay gone for at least 30 minutes just to let things work into a frenzied passion. The song ends and the wife breaks the embrace for just a second to put on another CD. Ray grabs her by the bra strap and pulls her to the couch. She goes “woe buddy, I’m just doing this for my husband so he can at least think I’m going to do it with you.” Then she tells him about our sessions and he is really going “wow, for real? He really says that in bed to you?” She says, “Yes, it really gets him off, and me too. But it’s just our role-play in bed. I could never really do it.” Ray just looks deep into her eyes at her confession and pulls her top from her, exposing her beautiful tits. My wife tries feebly to grab back her top and Ray says “Baby, you deserve a good fucking for the tease you did to me today.”

The look on my wife’s face said it all. Her eyes were big and wide, her mouth making a plea for help. But no help was to be had and she was already very wet from the grind during their dance. Ray said “So, he really wants someone to knock you up, is that it?”. “No.” she says, “Its just a fantasy, but yes, I do get off on it in bed with my husband.” Ray says, “so you’re not on the pill then, I gather.” “No.” she says, “And tonight is a bad time for me.” “Now how often does a man get this opportunity?” Ray said to her. A beautiful lady like you in here with your top off and wanting a good hot fuck. “No” she says, “I don’t.” Ray then goes for her tits and starts sucking them for all its worth, trying his hardest to get to his goal, my wife’s fertile womb. The wife is trying to fight him off but relents to the sensations she is getting. Meanwhile ray had slid his hand down her thighs to her wet bikini bottoms. Slowly stroking them and then slowly kissing her mouth. Tongues began to exchange deep passionate kisses. I could see now she was going to give him what he wanted or so he and I thought. When ray pulled her bottoms down her legs she gave one last “nooooo, please nooo, I cant. I’m not protected. I’m married. Please stop.

But it was too late, Ray had a finger in her honey pot and she melted to the sensations of it all. Ray whispered lets take a chance, its fun to take a chance. Then her bottom sprang up and the bikini bottoms were removed. She lay there exposed on our couch, awaiting her first marital fuck other than me. Ray wasted no time in dropping his pants and pulling out his weapon. Quickly moving it to my wife’s pussy, precum leaking from its slit. My wife saw the monster cock as it made its way to her pussy and with a quick thrust he was in her. My wife realizing now for sure she was cuckolding me, became so hot she couldn’t stop humping back to Ray. The coupling lasted for 10 minutes; each thrust more rampant than the last. This wasn’t lovemaking, but raw animal sex, the kind that brings the biggest orgasms for a woman and a man. As Ray was ready to dump his load, my wife sensed it and begged for him to please pull out and shoot on her belly. Ray looking deep in her eyes said, “baby it’s gonna be in you. I can feel your womb opening up to me. Feel it, the head of my cock is deeply in you and besides, I’ve been leaking sperm into you this whole time. My wife grabs his head and stares deeply into his eyes then closes her eyes and yells “yes, in me, in me. Yes, in me” She explodes into an orgasm as Ray’s legs tense up and his whole body arches. My wife’s legs wrap around his body and she tilts her stomach up and gives the best angle for the mating to happen. The balls deep action suddenly becomes a freeze frame to me as his balls contract and shoot a wad of stringy sperm into her opened up fertile belly. Her flat taught stomach expands and rises with each inseminating shot of ray’s sperm into her womb. She opens her eyes and continues to shake and have more orgasms than ever before. Ray has just a few shots of seed left and then he slumps over her body. My wife strokes his head and kisses it softly. Yes baby it was great. I just hope I don’t get pregnant from this.

Ray gets up and pulls his cock from her with heavy seed strings connecting them. My wife sees this and knows she is definitely pregnant. Well that’s when I ditch and run for the truck As drag myself back to the house they are both sitting there as if nothing has happened. My wife gets up to go to the bathroom. As she was going I said “sorry, all the stores are closed. I’ve searched everywhere for beer.” Ray says “no big deal. I need to get going.” But before he leaves the wife comes back and Ray kisses her on the cheek while patting her belly. He says, “thanks for the beer and dance.” Later that night in her sleep I hear my wife silently pleading “no Ray, don’t come in me. Don’t, please don’t.” I reached over then and gently patted her belly knowing the deed was done.

Two weeks later my wife missed her period, though she said nothing to me about it. I figured it out from the fact there were no tampons removed from her stash in the drawer. I watched for the tell tale signs as the weeks followed. The morning sickness, each and every day for a month. She complained of being too tired for sex and would always blow me off. Then late one night I saw her get up and go to the bathroom. She took off her robe and then I saw it… The results of her cuckolding me. Her once flat tanned belly was protruding a good five inches past its normal size. Yes, the deed was done. I got up and she tried to hide her swollen belly.

I then went ahead and told her I had seen the whole thing on the couch. I said that she had fulfilled my fantasy and not to be upset that she was carrying Ray’s baby. She then embraced me and cried how much she loved me. Of course Ray hadn’t seen my wife since that night. She went to his house and showed him the results of their night of lust. He was overjoyed and ran his hand across his handiwork saying, “I always wanted to nail you and when I got the chance that’s just what I did too.”

Needless to say we are 7 months along and ray is back in my room right now having his way with my very pregnant wife...