STORY TITLE Accidentally Cumming
AUTHOR John Tackle
CODES sleepy nc impreg
DATE ADDED 14th April, 2006


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


One of my favorite sexual pastimes is "accidentally cumming" in an
unsuspecting girl. The rush of knowing I could knock them up and the
hysterical sounds of them freaking out when they find out I
"slipped" is unsurpassed.
This little fetish started for me in highschool. Me and my girlfriend
Carol at the time had forgotten a condom so she agreed to let me fuck
her bare back if I pulled out before I came. We climbed into the back
seat of my car and took off all our clothing. I entered her for the
first time unprotected. It felt so good without that barrier between
us, all of the sensations seemed magnified didn't want it to stop. I
fucked her fast and hard till she came. She spasmed around my cock and I
knew that it was my turn to cum. I was going to pull it out and jizz
all over her smooth flat stomach. I was getting close but I wanted it
to last a little longer. 'I'll pull out' I promised myself. Soon
the pressure was becoming unbearable and it was a struggle to keep it
in. Just a few more stoke I told myself. I was gritting my teeth to
hold on just a few more seconds when it stated. It happened so fast I
didn't have time to pull out and started shooting off inside of her.
She felt my body tense up and realized what was happening and tried
desperately to push me off of her "No!!!Your not supposed to cum in
me baby!!!" she shouted. I couldn't stop cumming and every instinct
told me not to. She finally pushed me off of her and my last spurt
splattered in her neatly trimmed black bush . The orgasm I was still
having was intense. Carol ,though was pissed and alternated between
screaming at me and crying hysterically. I don't know why but this
turned me on even more. Maybe it was a power thing knowing I had to
power to do this to her and still get away with it by calling it an
accident. She sat there crying and trying to scoop my cum out of her
now leaking pussy, trying desperately to get it all out. I told her it
was an accident and that I didn't mean to do it. We cleaned her up
with some kleenexes and got her dressed. I apologized and drove her
home. She didn't get pregnant. After that she went on the pill and
let me cum in her all the time. It as nice but it wasn't the same.
The thrill of knowing I was going to cum in her without her consent
and the danger of knowing I could knock her up was gone. Eventually we
broke up for normal reasons and moved on.
It became sort of a hobby picking up girls and tricking them into
fucking unprotected. I once came in this sweet little brunet virgin
telling her she couldn't get pregnant the first time. One of my
favorite encounters was in a night club in San Francisco when I met up
with this rich little daddies girl. She was a little drunk and we found
this storage closet to fuck in. She was a looker, she had brown curly
hair tied up, weighed about 120, and stood around 5ft8. She had small B
cup breasts and very pale skin. We got into the closet and locked the
door. I secretly turned on the micro cassette recorder I always carry
.The thumping of the music was muffled. It was pitch black in there. I
pulled down her skimpy silk thong panties. She had a really neatly
trimmed but full bush. She fished my cock out of my pants. My head was
leaking a lot of pre cum "Ewe" she said and wiped her hand off on
my pants."You have to put a condom" she said."Why? Im clean, are
you?" "Of course I am!" she said in a pissed off tone."Im not
on the pill so you got to use protection." I heard some rustling
noises and I ft a foil packet being pressed into my hands. "Put it
on" she demanded. I opened the packet and rolled it on to my shaft.
She reached down between us and felt me to make sure it was
on."Good" she said and gave me a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms
around me and whispered in my ear"put it in and fuck me big boy. Fuck
me like you hate me. I like it rough."She ground her body against
mine. I reached down and quietly unrolled the condom from my cock."
just making sure its on secure" I told her. I positioned the naked
head of my cock against her tight opening and pushed into her tight
pussy. I pushed and eventually the head of my cock popped into her and
spread her cunt walls apart. I banged her hard thrusting in time with
the techno music outside. She made the most wonderful little mewing
noises as I fucked her. Soon she had her legs wrapped around me and was
begging me to make her cum. "She told me to choke her and slap her
lightly and tell her how much I hated her. This girl was dirty! I
wrapped my hands gently around her neck and stared calling all the
dirty names I could think of. I brutally pounded her for almost half an
hour. She kept clawing my back and asking how much I hated her. She was
really perving out on it and quicky began to cum hard on my dick over
and over again. She thrashed and convulsed and I could feel her juices
matting up in my pubic hair. Exhausted she eventually finally stopped
shaking. "Oh fuck, I have never cum so hard in my life" she gasped.
We cooled down for a little "That was fun. Now its your turn. What
do you want to hear?" she cooed in my ear " Do you want me to be a
little girl, or maybe the one that got away, a vigrin?, Did you like being mean
to me? Do you want to rape me?" Her pussy squeezed pleasantly around
me when she said this."You're a dirty little girl" I told
her."I know" she purred back. I was enjoying the sensation of her
naked pussy gently pulsating around my shaft. She still thinks im
wearing the condom, good. "I like that last idea" I told her."I
knew you would" she said. "Lets make it a little more fun though"
I said. "Pretend Im not wearing a condom and your terrified of
getting pregnant by your rapist." I could feel her getting wet
again. "I like that" she said. I pushed her to the floor and took a
second to calm myself down. I slowly entered her savoring ever inch of
her tight wet tunnel."Take your time, enjoy yourself" she
said."You earned it"
once I was all the way in her she started her act." Don't. Stop
it."she wined. Please don't rape me. I'm not on the pill,
you'll get me pregnant. Stop it!"In my minds eye I could imagine
the precum leaking out of the tip of my dick leaving slimy tails in her
as I would pull out slightly before thrusting in. I fucked her slowly
for about ten minutes enjoying the experience of having a real
victim who I was actually going to impregnate. As I fucked her she sort
of actually began to believe her part and her pleading was becoming
more and more realistic as she begged for me to stop. I could actually
feel tears running down her cheeks as I pumped her."please I don't
want to get pregnant" she sobbed. "I cant have an abortion. My
family would kill me if I got pregnant. Please stop." She was crying
openly now. I was in heaven. "Im getting close. I'm going to cum
soon" I warned her. "Im going to cum in your fertile little pussy
and knock you up you little cunt. Im not wearing a condom and im going
to flood you with my baby making sperm soon. How do you like that?"
Please don't. I don't want to have your baby" she sobbed. "Can
you feel my naked cock stuffed deep in your pussy. Can you feel the
slimy precum leaking from the tip? Soon you'll feel my potent
hot seed pouring in to you. You're a dirty little slut that wants to
be raped, but you dont want me to cum in you do you?" I was getting close.
I could feel the tingling in my testicles that told me I would be at
the edge soon. I pushed myself in deep until I could feel the tip of my
cock press against the opening of her cervix. I pushed a little harder
forcing her cervix open a little more. She let out a little yelp of
pain. "Pleas I'm begging you, pull out. I don't want to get
knocked up, Im on the most fertile time of my cycle. If you cum I will
get pregnant, I know it. Please don't do this!"
"Your going to make me cum in you like a good little cunt"I
ordered her"Because you deserve to be raped and knocked up. I want
you to lie perfectly still and rub my nipples. I want to feel extra
good when I cum in you." No" she whimpered. "Do it!" I ordered
her. She hesitantly began to rub my sensitive nipples and I could feel
the cum boiling in my balls. "Do you know why I want you to lie
still? I want you to be able to feel it as I shoot my load into you."
She kept rubbing my nipples as I held perfectly still deep inside of
her. The sensation was like trying to hold back a tidal wave. She kept
saying "please don't cum in me" over and over I could see the
tears in her eyes in the darkness. I was so close. "Im going to cum.
Can you feel it?!!" Her eyes got really big as she could feel my cock
start to get fatter in her and she started to beg frantically for me to
pull out. I could feel the cum rushing along the length of my cock and
I looked her right in the eye and let go. The orgasm hit me like a
lightning bolt as I felt the first thick ropes of cum shoot of my cock
and splatter against her sensitive uterus. "OH MY GOD, YOU REALLY
AREN'T WEARING ONE!!!!!!" She shrieked before a hard orgasm hit
her. ."NOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was all
she could wail as I emptied my seed deep into fertile womb. It felt
like I was going to cum forever as my cock throbbed and continued to
blast my load in her. She just lay there sobbing and shaking(From her
unexpected orgasm) as I finished. "You fucking
Bastard!!! I thought you were playing!!! Now what am I going to do?!!
She collapsed back down again and started gently crying." This
isn't what I wanted. It wasn't supposed to be like this god damn
it....." I pulled my now softening member from her tight slick hole
and the cum began to pour out almost immediately. She just lay there as
I got dressed. I took my micro recorder off the shelf and fished my
small digital camera from my back pocket. I snapped off two quick
pictures of her lying on the groung, her mascara all run from crying,
lying naked with my now cooling sperm running from her tight little
"You're a real bastard" she sniffed. I held up the tape recorder.
She glared at me. I knew I would probably never another chance like
this again so I wanted a memento. I took her drivers license from her
ridiculously small purse and pocketed it along with her silk thong
panties. I tossed her clothes and left.

I went back to the same club about a month later and she was there
dancing. She had dyed her hair red. I was surprised. I made eye contact
with her. She danced her way over to the bar where I was and pretended
not to notice me. she ordered a drink and when she reached into her
purse to get some cash, A pack of birth control pills "accidently"
fell out for me to see. She smiled at me and wandered back to the dance
floor. I followed her back in to the dimly lit employees only area and
slipped into the storage closet. I entered the closet and she whispered
in my ear"Im not on the pill, put this on" and pressed the little
foil packet into my palm.