1ST or FIRST First time. One or more participants are having sex for the first time.
ABORT Abortion. A fetus is terminated in the story. Do not read if this offends.
ALC Alcohol is consumed prior to or during sex, or plays a part in the sex
ANAL Anal sex. A male or female anus is penetrated during sex.
AUNT/NEPH Aunt/Nephew incest. An aunt has sexual relations with her nephew.
BDSM Bondage/Sado Masochism. Participant/s are tied up and mildly tortured during sex.
BRO/SIS Brother/Sister incest. A brother and sister have sexual relations with each other.
CAUT Caution. Readers should be aware that the story may shock.
CHEAT Cheating. One or more participants are cheating on their partner.
COUS Cousin incest. Cousins have sexual relations with each other.
CPIE Creampie. A female gets her vagina filled with semen. May or may not involve someone eating the semen from the vagina.
CUCK Cuckolding. A participant (usually male) is humiliated by his/her partner through the use of blatant sexual promiscurity with other partners.
DAD/DAU Father/Daughter incest. A father and daughter have sexual relations with each other.
DRUGS Drugs are used by one or more participants
EXHIB Exhibitionism. One or more participants exhibits themselves sexually to others, usually strangers or non participants.
EXTREME Extreme sex. Elements of extreme sexual actvity can be expected in the story.
f Female Under the age of 18
F Female aged 18+
FAM Family. The story contains sex between all members of a family. Usually coded with the INC code as well.
FEMDOM Female Domination. A female dominates the sexual activity.
FSUB Female Submissive. A female is submissive during sex.
GANG Gangbang. One person of a certain sex (usually female) has sexual relations with multiple members of the opposing sex in one sitting.
GROUP Group sex. Three or more participants have sex.
HIST Historical. There are historical elements in the story, or it is set in ancient times.
HUMOR Humorous. The author has added elements of comedy to the story.
IMPREG Impregnation. A female is impregnated during sex and this is explicitly confirmed in the story.
IMPREG? Possible impregnation. Hints toward pregnancy are contained however the pregnancy is left to the readers' imagination.
INC Incestuous sex. Sex between family members too closely related to marry.
INTER Interracial. Participants (usually white females) engage in sex with partners of a differing race (usually black). Can be reversed with black females having sex with white males. Other races can also be involved such as asian.
LACT Lactation. A female either pregnant or not pregnant expresses milk from her breasts during sex.
m Male aged under 18
M Male aged 18+
MAST Masturbation. One or more participants masturbates.
M/C Mind control. Hypnotism or some other type of mind control is used
MDOM Male Domination. A male dominates the sexual activity.
MOM/DAU Mother/Daughter incest. A mother and daughter have sexual relations with each other.
MOM/SON Mother/Son incest. A mother and son have sexual relations with each other.
MSUB Male Submissive. A male is submissive during sex.
N/C Non-consensual. One or more participants are initially not consenting to the sexual activity. Milder than the RAPE code, usually the partners end up accepting and/or enjoying the sex, but not always.
NO SEX No sex. The story does not contain depictions of sexual activity.
NOVEL Novel length. The story is large in length.
ORAL Oral sex. One or more participants sexually stimulates the genitals of other participant/s using their mouth and/or tongue.
PEDO Pedophillia. Underaged participants have sex either with other underage people or adults.
PREG Pregnancy. Usually means a pregnant woman or women are having sex, but can also mean a woman being impregnated during sex.
RAPE Rape. A participant is used sexually against their will and continues to reject the activity until completion.
RELUC Reluctant. One or more participants are reluctant to engage in sexual activity.
ROM Romance. Romantic activities are contained in the story.
SCIFI Science Fiction. Elements of surreal activity are included in the story.
TEEN Teenage. One or more participants are aged 12 - 18
TRUE True. The story is certified by the author has having happened, or based on a true occurrence.
UNC/NIEC Uncle/Niece incest. An uncle has sexual relations with his niece.
UNSAFE Unsafe sex. No sexual protection is used.
VIRG Virgin. One or more participants are virgins (never had sex).
VOY Voyeurism. Peeping on unsuspecting participants is present in the story.
W/S Watersports. One or more participants urinate on each other for the purposes of sexual gratification. Can include peeing on a partner, pee play or pee drinking.