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_CAMP: Ron's Journey_
__A young teen discovers that he has The Ability: mental powers to
control objects and people. He's not the only one, however, and soon he
is discovered by an organization full of such folks. And even they
aren't the only ones with the power, and some folks with the power just
aren't very nice. Ron must learn to deal with his power, and take on
more responsibility than any teen should have to, in order to deal with
it all. Can he win through? Read *CAMP: Ron's Journey*, and find out! 

(_Codes:_ *mf, mF, mf+, mfF,M+F,ff, fF, f+F, mc, teen, incest,
pregnancy, nc, violence)*
(To those seeking the newest portion of the story,
 the newly released chapters start with chapter 32.)
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