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August 2006

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Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 12:26:00 AM
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Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 12:41:35 AM
i thinks its time for canuck to explain the problems with the site.

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 02:55:23 AM
cory all ducttaped up
Hi my name is michael I am 15 this was my frist time tying my best freind Cory up .
Cory came over to stay the night at my house my parents and everybody went gone shopping. Me and Cory was watching a movie where the guy got tied up and gagged. So me and cory got to talking and we decided we should try it. Cory and I had never been tied up. Cory decied he want to be tied up frist but he didnt want to be tied with ropes he want to be taped with Ducttape. I showed him the ducttaped that I had. It was really strong and stick I had to cut it with my teeth. I told him it would leave stickness on his mouth, hand and feet he said lets do it. I have all was loved ducttape. So we went in to my room and cory laid face down. Me and him had own a pair of shorts and a tsirt and we both had own socks. I begain by taking his hands and putting them side by side behind his back I pilled back the ducttape and placed it on his hands and wrapped it 10 or 20 times and cut it with my teeth. Cory said I also want to be barefooted so take my socks off. I went to his feet and pulled his socks of there now are you happy you are barefooted. Then I said it is about time for you to shut your mouth you now what better yet let me shut it. I fliped him over. Then I pulled my socks off now I am barefooted. He said all man you dont have to put a sock in my mouth I will shut up. I said it will be better this way so I cramed one sock in his mouth and then wrapped ducttape around his head and mouth after words he said mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Now for his feet cory had really smooth feet. I graped his ankles and put them togeather. I wrapped ducttape and coverd hes heels and ankles. Then I wrapped his kness with ducttaped. Then I came back to his feet and notice he could move the bottoms alittle. So I started on the tops of his archs on his feet and went all the way around his feet with ducttape bottoms and all.
Then I torcherd him by putting my barefeet in his faces he trided to scrame but he was mufflyed by the sock and ducktape.
I hered somthing out side it was my parents I did not want them to now so I cut him loose. He had red marks on his feet and hands from the ducttape. My mom said cory what is wrong with your feet why are they so red I thougth you had on socks. She mad cory seat down she lefted his feet up in here lap why are they so stick. What have you had around your ankles. She said "Michael let me see your feet" I should her my feet "yours are fine" she said. Cory said " ok michael ducttape my hands and feet". She said " why never mind" then she told us to be careful and dont let your dad catch you using ducttape on your selfs. Now cory go put some socks on. That was the last time my mom said anything about it.

post comments if you would like to hire when Cory tied me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael & corey

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 07:00:23 AM
Canuck doesn't have to explain the recent problems because he didn't cause them. The fault was the same on all dreambooks.
Jason Masters

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 07:20:50 AM
Group Pressure, Part I
When I was 15 years old, in the good old 1990's, I had a friend called Nic, who shared my way to school. We had been best friends for years and were some kind of an odd couple- me rather small and a little chubby, with long hair and a brown skin- him, tall, slim, sportive, hair very short cut, grey eyes.
Now, which you might find shocking if you're from the US, that boy used to smoke cigarettes and, quite common, tried to persuade me to do likewise, which I wouldn't. Not becaus I was smart enough to stand group pressure or did give a sheet about how dangerous cigarettes are- no, simply because I had never smoked before and feared to choke or, even worse, cough. Now, on that day, Nic began like he usually did 
"Come on, now, try it", and so on.
"Ok", I said, "I'm gonna smoke when I may tie you up in response." 
My heart pounded.
"Yes, allright.", he said and gave me his cigarette.
It was disgusting. But sweets was to come...

We met at my place some days later and Nic was not nervous at all- in contrast to me.
He stripped his shirt and let me take off his socks after I asked him, but refused to take off his kneelong jeans. I was clad in a black T-shirt and shorts.
"So, how are you gonna tie me?"
"I'll start off by tying you to a chair.", I said.
"Allright.", and he took place.
I tied his feet to the legs of the chair and his hands behind the back-rest, fixing them to the wood. Now, that I had him kinda helpless, of course, I didn't know how to go on... he grinned at me.
"What you're waiting for? The holy spirit?"
I slapped his face. He grinned even more.
Then I started tickling him, his upper body, which was hold firmly to the back-rest, his chin and his neck. He moved around as much as he could, but I had done a pretty good job, with three white chords, by the way. When he saw that it was no use to bite his teeth, he began to giggle. I tickled his tummy and he began to breath heavily, slapping his knees to each other. I got down on my knees and began to work my fingertips on the upper side of his slender toes, upon which he was even more ticklish...
After about twenty minutes he was completely exhausted and surrenderd. I loosened his ties. He took a seat on my bed and rubbed his ankles and wrists. He took a drink from a bottle of soda we had bought earlier.
"Ok, you're relaxed anough... now, turn around!", I said.
"I'm going to hogtie you." 
"What's that?"
"Tying you like a little piggy."
"I think I ain't gonna like that."
"Why not?"
"I think I prefer being on the top end of the ropes."
"Ok, now, turn around."
He stood up grinning. I finally realised I might have made a mistake when I untied him. He was nearly 20 Centimetres taller than me. After no time I was the one lying facedown on my bed, Nic sitting on my back, holding my hands. I felt the ropes fastening around my wrists. Nic giggled.
"Yes, I defintly prefer to be the top part."


Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 01:12:50 PM
A Long Camping Trip (part 2)

Hello again everyone I am sorry for taking so long to continue my story. I have just had a lot going on in my life the last couple of days and I finally had a block of time to write down the second part of my story. I really appreciated all the comments I got last time. I guess everyone would like me to go on with my story. So, I will continue it today. 

After Scott finally let me out of the handcuffs and I finished eating, I told Mary that I was going to my room to change for the camping trip. I got up from the table and walked back down the dimly lit hallway to the room Scott and I shared. My return trip from the kitchen was much quicker than my first walk down the hallway. After all, it’s a lot easier to walk without your feet handcuffed together at the ankle. 

I arrived at the well-lit room in less than 2 minutes. In his morning state of mind Scott had left the door ajar with the light on. I slowly opened the door to the bedroom and found the temperature difference between the hallway and the room had diminished. The window was still ajar, but the fan had been turned off. The air in the room was beginning to turn humid with the warming midmorning temperature and the continuing rain outside. I decided it was a good time to change out of my footed sleeper and get into something a little more appropriate for the temperature and the camping trip. 

I walked over to the top of the dresser where I my outfit for the day was already laid out from the night before. I had chosen a light blue sleeveless sundress that came down to just above my knees. It had a large flower embroidered on the front. I had chosen it and Mary approved it for the day. I went over to the ajar door and shut it with a hard slam and locked it. I was only 8, but in a house with two older brothers, I still wanted my privacy when I changed. I removed my pajamas and changed into the light blue sundress. Next, I added two pink bows to my hair. I added a pink set of plastic sandals with flowers on top of them to my bare feet to complete the outfit. It was comfortable, and I like the way I looked in it.

I bent over to the floor and bunched up my pajamas under my left arm. Next, I went over and unlocked the door and proceeded down the hallway to the bathroom. When I arrived it was empty (a rarity in a household with six people and only one bathroom. I went in shutting the door behind me. Then, I deposited my pajamas in the clothes hamper and used the restroom. Next, I proceeded through my mourning routine; I washed my hands and brushed my teeth. About that time, I heard Sean knocking rudely and loudly on the door. "Jen, hurry up, I still need to take a shower and we are leaving for on the trip soon", he shouted through the closed door. I responded “ I will be right out and then you can have your precious bathroom all to yourself.” 

I hastened to finish my business and opened the door to find Sean waiting impatiently. "Took you long enough sis" he spouted sarcastically. I just gave him a quiet shrug and bounded down the hallway back towards my room. When I arrived, I wasn't surprised to see that Scott was still in the kitchen eating breakfast. I went into my room and selected a coloring book and a box of crayons along with my favorite teddy bear for the ride to the campground. Then, I went back down the hallway to the kitchen to ask Mary when we were leaving. She told me that we were departing in a little over an hour and I should entertain myself until then. I nodded and headed to the living room to watch some TV. I spent the next hour or so watching some cartoons in the living room while Mary and my brothers continued to prepare for the camping trip. 

The time finally arrived when we were going to leave for the campground. I forget the name of the place, but it was a long drive from our house because it was located deep in southern Ohio. I think the drive was three to three and half-hours, but we only went there once or twice a year during the summer and we were looking forward to it. We were going to be camping in my father's large RV for five days. The campground offered a whole bunch of activities, including swimming, boating, an arcade, ice cream, a playground, several sports and a miniature golf course. Our parents left Mary enough money to cover the cost of all the activities, all of the food, the campsite fee, and a little more for spending if we found something else we wanted to do.

When the time came to leave, the rain had let up a little and we went out to the driveway to board the Camper. It was a large white colored RV that was self-driven, not the type pulled behind a car. The camper was almost thirty feet from front to back. Starting at the front, it had two bucket seats for the driver and a passenger. There was a 19-inch TV between the two seats located just a few inches behind the center driving council. Above the front was a loft bed where Scott would be sleeping. Behind the passenger seat opposite the door, there was a small two-person sofa opposite the main entrance door. Following that, there was a small kitchenette with a fridge, propane stove, sink and microwave for cooking. Across from it was a booth style table that would seat 4 comfortably for eating. As the one continued towards the back of the camper, there was a small bathroom with a toilet, tiny shower, and a sink on the left side. Finally, the camper concluded at the back with a small bedroom that contained a twin size bed and another loft bed. Overall, it was a really spacious camper for the 4 or us.

Mary was going to be driving us out, since she was the only one of age to drive the RV at the time. Sean who was the second oldest was riding shotgun and Scott and I were going to ride in back. I should mention that both the sofa and the eating booth had lap seat belts that could be used while driving and tucked under the cushions later if not in use. Scott and I had decided the night before, which we would ride back in the booth, because the table folded down and would let us have more room for the trip. We all entered the camper and went to our seat. However, I was surprised to find my booster seat where I was planning to sit. 

(I suppose I should add another side note here. I want to share that my parents at the time were very, how should I put concise people. This will serve as a good example, even though I was 8 years old, they still didn't think I was old enough for adult seatbelts. So, they made me sit in a booster seat whenever I rode in a car. This continued until I was 9 years old and finally old enough to ride without one. Anyway, back to the story.)

Usually, my parents made me sit in a booster seat when I rode in the car because I was still too short for the diagonal strap on an adult safety belt to fit me properly. The seat added a few more inches to my seated position, so the belt would ride across my shoulder rather than my neck. The seat itself was purple and it was padded with soft cloth on the outside. It also had two armrest that the lap portion of the seat belt went under when I rode in the car. It was also one of those seats that grows with a child and changes from a child safety seat to a booster seat later in life. It used to have a five point harness that I had to wear until I outgrew it when I was seven. I was surprised to see it there because booth only had a lap seat belt and not a lap and shoulder belt. 

I asked Mary why it was there, and she said that I was so used to riding in it in the normal car. So, she though I would be more comfortable riding in it during the car trip down because I was used to it. Her reasoning sounded clear and made sense at the time; but I was soon to learn that it had been Scott who had made the suggestion to Mary in the first place. Being 8 I accepted her explanation and sat down in my booster seat and fastened the seat belt. Scott took a seat on the booth bench next to me and fastened his seat belt. I started coloring in my book on my lap and the Mary finally started the car and we were on our way. 

Well, the trip started out pretty normally. I was content to color for the first few minutes, but I was soon bored and changed my attention to the passing scenery and to Scott who sat on the seat to my left. His attention was distracted as he stared absently at the kitchen across from us. I gently poked him on the arm, and then I quickly turned and pretended to be innocently looking out the window. He retaliated by Turing towards me and pinching my left leg hard. Well, this quickly escalated like you would expect with two young siblings sitting next to each other in the back seat of a vehicle. There was poking, name calling, and other pointless actions we each fashioned to annoy each other. This soon annoyed Mary who decided to pull over at a rest stop along the highway to address the situation. 

She parked the car in the nearly empty lot and turned the engine off. Then she got up and came back to where we were annoying each other. "Jennifer, Scott either the two of you knock this off now, or I am Turing this camper around and calling the whole trip off." Mary shouted. "Now, I am going to go and use the bathroom here and pick up some maps inside. I will be back in about 20 minutes and I want this resolved by the time I get back. Got it?" We nodded silently, as Mary turned for the door and went out of the RV towards the rest stop, leaving us in Sean's supervision. 

Sean sat up and glared over the seat. He said, "knock it off you two, I have been looking forward to this trip all summer, and I am not going to let you two ruin it by misbehaving on the ride down." "You two will behave or I will just have to tie you up and gag you" He added with a sarcastic tone of voice. Scott just shrank back in his seat and quieted down. He stated that he would quiet down because he didn't find the idea of being tied for the next two and half-hours of the trip very inviting. However, I replied "that is a good idea Sean, if we were tied we wouldn't be able to annoy each other and Mary could just drive there in peace." I really didn't understand the idea of sarcasm yet and I always took the jokes too literally. Besides, I was getting bored from riding in the car and being tied up would give me something to do. I told my brothers that I thought it would be neat to be tied for the rest of the trip. 

Scott responded "well then, why don't we just tie you up for the rest of the trip Jennifer?" "That way you cannot annoy Mary and me will be able to drive in peace." I responded that it would be fine with me and that they should go ahead and tie me up before Mary got back. Besides, I wanted to be tied up for the ride because I had never been tied up in a car before. The whole idea sounded exciting to me. Scott undid his seat belt and headed for the door of the camper. He told Sean that he needed to get something and that he should tie me up real tight while he was gone. Sean got out of the front seat and headed over to one of the drawers in the kitchen. He opened it and removed a large roll of cotton clothesline we used to hang out our towels to dry when we went camping. I knew that it was over 50 ft long and Sean was one of the best tiers in the whole house.

Sean walked over to where I was seated and told me to get out of my seat and stand up on the floor of the camper. I unbuckled my lap seat belt and complied with his request. He asked me how I wanted to be tied up and I responded by turning my back to him. Then, I brought my hands around behind my back and crossed my wrists. Sean wasted no time and went right to work on my hands. He had been in the scouts and knew how to tie knots really well. I never seemed able to escape from one of his ties, I guess it just came with experience. He started by securing one end of the rope to my left wrist, and then he went in a weaving pattern. He went under my left wrist and over my right and repeated it several times. I would later learn this was a square lashing. After about three complete turns, he frapped the rope in-between my crossed wrists to tighten them. Then, he repeated the pattern alternating in the opposite direction effectively double square lashing my crossed wrists. 

Once Sean finished the initial lashings on my hands, he proceeded to bind the even more securely by tying them the way a person usually does over top of the lashing. First, he made several passes around my wrists horizontally and then a couple of vertical loops finished the hand tie. He secured the entire thing by tying a knot with the tail from where he first secured the rope to my left arm. The knot was completely out of the reach of my squirming fingers because it was at the top of the X tie. I squirmed against the ropes to test their security and I soon realized I was not getting out of this on my own. The entire bundle of ropes was very tight and offered no slack against my weak struggles. 

Sean then proceeded to secure my arms further by running the remainder of the rope up the middle of my back. He then proceeded to tie my arms against my sides by making several tight coils around my torso with the remainder of the rope. I loved being tied this way because it really secured my arms well and prevented me from moving my tied hands to my front. It left my arms completely secured and useless behind my back. Sean then proceeded over to the small bag he had brought with him for the ride down. He removed two short pieces of rope from an outside pocket on the bag. They were each about five feet in length. He lifted me back into my boost seat and told me to put my feet together. He took the fist piece of rope and tied my ankles together by making several horizontal loops and cinching it off if the middle. Then, Sean took the second piece of rope and repeated the process on my knees effectively securing my legs in two places. 

Now, I was really tied up tightly and securely. I strained hard against my bonds, but I realized that there was no hope of getting out of this without help from one of my brothers or Mary. I leaned back in my seat content that I was secured and couldn't annoy Scott anymore. Sean asked me if I was comfortable for the ride and I replied that I was enjoying my predicament. I said that all I needed now was to be gagged and strapped in with my seat belt and it would be perfect. Almost in response to my request Scott returned to the door of the camper and he was hiding something from me behind his back. Besides, he had a big grin on his face. 

He came over and handed two handkerchiefs to Sean and told him to gag me with them. Sean proceeded by wadding one up and shoving it in my mouth. He rolled the other up and tied a large square knot in the middle of it. Then, the placed the knot squarely in my mouth and pulled the tails of the gag behind my head where he knotted it tightly. I tested my gag by yelling, but all I got was a muphhh that was barely above a whisper. Sean stood back to admire his handwork, but Scott still wanted to add a finishing touch that I really didn't care for. He brought his other hand out from behind his back and showed me the mess of seat belts that he held in his hands. I knew what it was the minute I saw it. 

"Well Jen, you said you wanted to be strapped in, so lets get you secured for our long drive out to the camp site." He chuckled. In his hand he was holding the harness that came with my booster seat. The seat itself was one that grew with the child and went from a child safety seat to a booster seat. I had outgrown the harness from it when I was seven. I really didn't want to wear it all the way there. I tried to protest, but there was very little I could do tied and gagged the way I was. Sean and Scott came over and placed the harness ends into their respective slots. Then they attempted to buckle me into the five-point harness. It had two shoulder belts that came down to meet at the center of the lap seat belt. It also had a crotch strap to hold it low and tight in place, which ended up bunching up my sundress. Finally, it had a chest clip that pulled the shoulder belts together in the middle of my chest. 

With a great deal of effort, much to my discomfort, Sean and Scott managed to secure me into the child harness and buckle me tightly to the booster seat. I winced into my gag as they tightened the straps even a little more to completely minimize my movement. The straps drew me securely to the seat and pinned my tied arms even tighter behind my back. Effectively now, my upper body was tightly immobilized to the seat which prevented me from moving any part of my body more than a few inches. All I could do was move my tied feet up and down a little and I could turn my head side to side. I pulled as hard as I could against the straps, but they held both themselves and me snugly in place. I couldn't move at all. “There sis, just try to annoy me now” Scott teased me.

After another minute of struggling, I resigned myself to my fate and attempted to get comfortable as best I could in the situation. The harness kept me sitting almost at attention. The shoulder belts prevented me from being able to lean even an inch forward. Also, the crotch strap and lap belt resisted any attempt I made to slouch down in the seat. Basically, all I could do was sit completely upright with my back tightly against the seat. Finally, Scott and Sean fastened my normal seat belt to secure me to the bench and left me to struggle against my ropes.

There really wasn't anything I could do about my hands because they were pinned behind me, so I contented myself to trying to free my tied legs. I shifted my tied legs against each other trying to find the slack necessary to slip my sandals out of the ropes on my ankles. However, the cinches made it impossible. Also, the ropes on my knees took most of the strength away from my ankles. After about five minutes, I realized that I wasn't making any progress and simply gave up.

Well, about 3 or 4 minutes later, Mary returned from her errand, and she was a little surprised to see me all tied up in the camper. She looked at me sympathetically, "Jen, are you sure you’re all right with this?" I contemplated my predicament, then I nodded. I decided that being tied this way was better than having Mary untie me and risk not going on the camping trip at all. Mary just shrugged and went up to the driver's seat and we were on our way. She did make Sean sit on the opposite bench cornerwise from me, so that he couldn't reach me to pick on me when I was tied up. I remained this way for the next hour or so when the camper came to another pit stop to use the bathroom.

At this point, Mary came back and ungagged me and asked me if I wanted to be untied. I told her that I wanted to use the bathroom and that I was getting a little uncomfortable from being tied up. She nodded and undid the harness, much to my relief. I slid off of the seat almost instantly and landed on my tied ankles. Mary then proceeded to untie me starting with my hands. It took her almost 10 minutes to get me out because of all the ropes that Sean had used. Afterward, I stretched and worked the circulation back into my sore arms and legs. They I went ahead and used the bathroom in the camper and waited while Sean and Scott went inside the rest area to use the rest room. 

While I was waiting, I decided to get back in my booster seat, so we could go when they got back. Mary went back to the driver's position and turned on the radio to pass the time. Mary looked back at me and out of the blue she asked me, "Jennifer do you really like being tied up?" I thought about the question for a minute and answered yes. We talked for a few minutes about the subject, but then the boys returned and we needed to get back to traveling. We still hand an hour to go and Mary wanted to get going. 

While Sean and Scott were getting resituated, I looked down at the seat I was in and noticed that the harness was still attached. I decided to try to buckle it just out of curiosity of how it would feel. I buckled the shoulder straps into the waist belt and buckled the crotch strap. It was still a tight fit, but it really wasn't so bad when my hands weren't tied behind my back. I strained against the straps as they held me securely in place. I decided I like how securing it felt and left it in place for the rest of the ride down. My parents had always raised me with the idea that safety was important and the harness made me feel safer in the car. I also thought that it kind of reminded me of being tied up. From then on, until I finally outgrew the seat early the next year, I went back to wearing the harness over just a lap and shoulder belt in the car. 

I guess I am going to leave the story where it lies for now. There were several other instance I was tied up during the camping trip. Again I am sorry for taking so long to post this installment of the story, but I have been busy and this took a long time to type out. I will try to be quicker with the next installment. As before, comments are welcome and appreciated.


Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 04:12:43 PM
Sneaker Site
For those of you into sneakers and people tied in sneakers, there is a good website with non-porn pictures of sneakers and people tied in sneakers.



Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 04:16:48 PM
Tying Up My Cousin
A couple weeks ago, my two cousins came over for a sleepover. They are both males, ages 13 and 11. Because my brother is 14, he and my 13 year old cousin naturally get a long better, and the 11 year old, Jack, is not included in much of what they do. So, I usually hang out with Jack, just so he won’t feel left out.

Anyway, it was a Friday night and I had convinced my parents to go out for dinner and a movie (in preparation for my plan). My sister was gone at a party up north, and my brother and 13 year old cousin were in the basement playing video games all night long. Jack, who was wearing a brown and white striped Abercrombie polo, brown shorts, and Hanes socks, and I were sitting in the family room watching tv, when I asked:

“How can you watch this show?”

“I don’t know, I just do.” he replied.

“Well, I have a better idea for fun.”

“Really? What?” He asked.

“I’m going to kidnap you.”

“OK!” he said, eagerly.

Now, I’ve tied him up before, a lot, but just stuff like ‘sit down and put your hands behind your back.’, not actual role-playing (like kidnapping). This was going to be more fun than the usual.

We went upstairs to the guestroom, where I had stashed some supplies. There were others in my room and the attic. I had this all planned out.

I told him to wait by the bed, facing the wall, and I left the room. I slowly crept back in and pounced on him, forcing him onto the bed. I grabbed the role of duct tape that was sitting by the pillow, and quickly slapped a couple of pieces over his mouth. He mmmppphhhed for effect. 

I then wrapped his wrists and ankles in duct tape, just enough to hold him until I got him to the next destination: the attic. I carried him into the hallway and hoisted him up the pull-down ladder. It was extremely hot in there, about 100 degrees, so I said:

“It’s too hot in here to do this, so I’m going to take your clothes off. Don’t worry.”

He mmmmpppphhhed into his gag nervously. I started by pulling up his shirt, then removing the tape on his wrists, quickly pulled the shirt off, then tied his hands behind his back with shoe laces, cinching it off in the middle.

Then I unbuttoned and pulled his shorts down, quickly un-taped his ankles, whipped his shorts off, then tied his ankles with shoe laces, cinching them off in the middle. He was wearing nothing but blue and white checkered boxers and his Hanes socks. I tied his knees together with more shoe laces, and then put him into a hogtie. He’s not very comfortable with hogties, so he actually opened his mouth enough so the gag would pop open, and protested.

“I don’t wanna be in a hogtie.”

“I’m your kidnapper, and what I say goes.” I replied, impatiently.

I then shoved a sock in his mouth, and wrapped his head in duct tape. He now mmpphhed like crazy and squirmed about. I left the attic, because it was wickedly hot, and waited in my room for 15 minutes before I went back in.

When I went back up, he was sweating profusely. I undid the hogtie and lowered him back into the air-conditioned hallway. I dragged him over to my room, where I threw him on the bed. 

I untied his wrists, but promptly tied them to the bedposts. I did the same with his ankles, and gave him a fresh gag. When this was finished, I told myself that it was time for the torture.

* * * * *

I began his torture by ticking the soles of his socked feet. He starting laughing and tried to get his feet out of the way. I then worked my way to his sides, were he started laughing uncontrollably. After 5 minutes of that, I moved to his armpits, which he tried to close by pulling his arms down. Then I was finished.

As he panted heavily, I sat on top of him. Next came the painful torture. I grabbed both of his nipples and started to turn them. He screamed and moaned into his gag. I didn’t want to leave any bruises as proof of what happened, so I stopped after a minute of slow turning. Then I started again before he could get his breath back. He moaned into his gag for two minutes. Then I felt something move near the pelvic area, and quickly stopped and got off of him. 

He was very excited, and I could tell, even though he hadn’t quite hit puberty yet. After that was over, I untied his ankles and retied them to each other. I did the same with his wrists, tying them behind his back. I spun him onto his stomach, then lied down on top of him. I put my hand over his already gagged mouth, and used my thumb to close his nose shut. He had just drawn in air, so he lasted a couple seconds before he squirmed.

I released his nose, then closed it again before he could draw in air. He starting squirming frantically, and then I let him breathe. I let him breathe in a little before cutting off his air again, and he started to thrash around, but I held on tightly. I waited for an extra thirty seconds, when he started to slow down, and then let go. He was gasping for air, and I finally untied him. I gave him his clothes back, and he gladly put them back on.

He was sweating greatly, but he said he had really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again, maybe even the next night. It turned out that there wasn’t any time the next night to slip away for that, but we did work on more breathing control, for about 30 minutes.

Till next time. 


Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 04:42:54 PM
im sorry t-man but i think that was a little inaproprete taking advantage of your cousin for your own plesure. and who the hell likes haveing there nipples pulled!!?? 

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 04:50:16 PM
also t-man holding his nose so he cant breathe what a roll model you are to him. 

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 09:18:59 PM
Jennifer, that was a really cute story. I liked it! It was interesting, and quite different from a lot of the other tie-up stories I've seen.

I'd love to hear more about your continuing adventures on the camping trip!

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 09:32:10 PM
A quick tie-up
Hey guys Micah after a 2 month hiatus. 
Well here's the story. Just this past weekend I came from Virginia after competing in Table Tennis. I won first place in under 22 division. Im 16 by the way. Anyway a friend of mine Weiming Zhao or (Wayne). Stayed an extra night before going back to Tallahassee,(I live in Atlanta). During this time I kinda nervously showed him a rope handcuff I made. I asked if he would try them and if he wanted out just say so. Then I tied his hands up with the excess of the strings. He couldn't get out. Then I let him out. about 15 minutes later I reached over grabbed his ankles and tied them together with a robe belt from my stock right next to my bed. He didn't resist then I grabbed his hand and tied his hands with another robe belt and cinched it off. Then I took a jump rope and put him in a hogtie. But it didn't feel complete. I then took a karate belt and tied his elbows and pulled it tight as tight as I could. His elbows didn't touch but they were pretty close. Still no resistance from him. Then I told him to try and get out. However he couldn't. It was funny watching him struggle for the 10 minutes I had him tied up. 
If anyone wants to know Wayne is 11 years old. 
Everyone, great stories keep em' coming. I enjoy reading them. Thank Canuck.

Tuesday, August 1st 2006 - 09:32:13 PM
A quick tie-up
Hey guys Micah after a 2 month hiatus. 
Well here's the story. Just this past weekend I came from Virginia after competing in Table Tennis. I won first place in under 22 division. Im 16 by the way. Anyway a friend of mine Weiming Zhao or (Wayne). Stayed an extra night before going back to Tallahassee,(I live in Atlanta). During this time I kinda nervously showed him a rope handcuff I made. I asked if he would try them and if he wanted out just say so. Then I tied his hands up with the excess of the strings. He couldn't get out. Then I let him out. about 15 minutes later I reached over grabbed his ankles and tied them together with a robe belt from my stock right next to my bed. He didn't resist then I grabbed his hand and tied his hands with another robe belt and cinched it off. Then I took a jump rope and put him in a hogtie. But it didn't feel complete. I then took a karate belt and tied his elbows and pulled it tight as tight as I could. His elbows didn't touch but they were pretty close. Still no resistance from him. Then I told him to try and get out. However he couldn't. It was funny watching him struggle for the 10 minutes I had him tied up. 
If anyone wants to know Wayne is 11 years old. 
Everyone, great stories keep em' coming. I enjoy reading them. Thank Canuck.

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 10:44:11 AM
great story micha

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 12:45:52 PM
tying up Carol!!
This is the 1st time I've posted a story though I've been an avid reader for sometime. Like a lot of readers for aslong as I can remember I've been gripped by the site of a damsel in distress on the old TV shows.
This the 1st time I was able to experience it personally. When I was 15 I had a part time job in a local store to make some extra pocket money....even though I was just 15 I looked much older and was over 6foot tall! as a result the shop's owner used to ask me to close up for him on a Sunday as he used to go shooting. I'd wait at the store till his wife came over, we'd lock up together before we'd take the money to her house and she'd give me a lift home. The owners wife Carol was in her 30's and very attractive and I loved the way she always seemed to be dressed in a dress,tights and heels.....I'd had many fantasies about how she'd look bound and gagged!!!
Anyway this particular day we went to her house as usual and as we turned into the drive I noticed there was two young guys who seemed to be hanging about at the drive obviously up to no good.I hurried her inside and went to check to see what they were up to. When I approached them they backed off down the street and though they were older that me, I challenged them!! At which they got in a car a left.
I went back to the house where I found Carol a bit shacken and worried what was goin on! I told her everything was OK and that they were gone. 
" will u stay hear till my husband gets back, I don't want to be alone encase they come back?"
" no problem"
She made tea and told me to make myself at home. I went into the lounge and put the TV on and started flicking through the channels before she joined me.
"What's on the box?" Carol asked, " not much" I replied. " you calmed down, they won't come back" and I put my arm around her as she was shaking.
" Yeh I'm fine thanks to you!! ur my night in shinning armour, rescuing the damsel in distress!! god they could have done anything if you hadn't been there!!"
I have to admit her saying the phrase damsel in distress immediately made me think of her bound and gagged and I could feel my face goin red. 
Carol obviously seen this and asked " why he red face??" "Noth...noth...nothing I stammered" "tell me" she pressed!!
I don't know why but I just came out with it,the fact that the thought of her her like that turned me on!! 
" like what?"
" As a damsel in know tied up and stuff"
" REALLY!! and would you like to see me tied up?...and by "stuff" I take it you mean gagged?" I couldn't believe we were having this conversation!!! " come on you can't stop now, tell me what you have been thinking about" It all just came out...things I'd been thinking about and how I liked the way she dressed.....she sat and listened to all I had to say, once I'd finished I thought she'd go mental and throw me out....but she didn't!!!
" Show me" she said after a short pause. I couldn't believe what I'd heard!! "What do you mean??"
"Just think of it as a reward for what u did earlier,but that's all mind! you can tie me up gag me nothing else!"
"Are you serious??" "Yeh, I like being tied up, my brothers used to do it to me all the time when I was younger"
At that she got up told me she'd be back in a minute and disappeared. Carol returned a couple of minutes late carrying several pairs of stockings and couple of bandana scarfs.
"This will be our little where do you want me....hee hee" 
I told her to lie face down on the floor and put her hands behind her back.She did as I asked.
In an acsent straight out of Penelope Pitstop she said " Why are you goin to tie little old me up?? I played along " I'm afraid so my pretty now do as ur told and you'll be fine"
I tied her wrists behind her then rolled her into a seated position against the sofa to tie her legs, tying her at the knees I was just about to tie her ankles when she said to take her heels off as she wasn't "going anywhere" to need her shoes. I slipped off her heels and started to tie her ankles at which point I must have touched the side of her foot.....she immediately started to giggle! " hey watch it I so ticklish!! my brothers used to put me through terrible tickle torture when they tied me!"
" Really I replied!!!" I just smiled at her.
She must have known what was I was thinking about "don't u dare!!!" I ran my finger up the sole of her stockinged foot, she thrashed about giggling " please....not that!!"
" I think it's about time we gagged you my pretty!!" I turned her against me her back to my chest balled up a white hankie and told her to "open wide"....she tried to purse her lips together......" look open up or I'll tickle your ribs till u do!""
She yeilded and opened her mouth " I know your goin to tickle me once I'm gagged"" she laughed " I won't if you don't want me too??" " tickle me if you want I love it in a strange way....anyway what choice do I have I'll be bound and gagged""
I pushed the gag behind her teeth and secured it with a bandana....she lightly Mmmmmppphhed as it was tied in place.
I tickled her for about an hour on and off!!she struggled,Mmmmppphhhed and giggled before I eventually untied her.
That was the first time I tied Carol......but it wasn't the last.....but thats for another time. 

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 01:37:03 PM
Nice story I thought Tman :)
And it's "role model", btw. Is a roll model someone who shows how to fall down a hill?

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 01:46:15 PM
how can you not see how that was inappropreite he tourtured him and how do you not see how that is sextual im sorry but this time you have gone way to far.

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 05:43:00 PM
To Jennifer
I loved your story! You're one of the best writers we've had in a long time! All the details you write really bring your story to life, and it was great seeing the interaction between you and your siblings. You really brought the whole family situation - not just the tie-up, but the whole story - to life with your attention to detail.

I eagerly await your next story!


Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 07:17:48 PM
I am 15, "Scrawny" build at the time, 5'7, brown jacket and blue shirt, blue jeans. I was dating this girl Jenny, and she was 5'8, skinny but strong, Nice, pink T-shirt.

Jenny's dad is a dentist, and they can get they're hands on some gritty stuff; like chloroform. Now her sister(Amy) got a minscule bottle when she was young and forgot about it, then Jenny found it.

So one weekend she invited me over to her house after a trip to the movies for some "fun"(She wasn't that specific). So I came in and we watched a movie, then Amy went to her boyfriend's house, and Jenny's parents left for dinner; it was only 8 o'clock. Then I felt pretty tired as we walked up stairs to her room. She sat me down on her bed.

Jenny: Sit right here, I got a surprise for you. >;D
Me: Sure.

I waited for a minute, then laid down. I let out a pretty big yawn, when all of a sudden a wet clothe was shoved across my mouth and pull back tightly. I flipped out by squirming and twisting but another hand reached across my chest conceling my arms to myself. The gag held tight as I started to slow down my thrashing. The world seemed to get softer, and slower as the grip felt stronger, and I got dizzier. I wasn't gonna win this fight, but I didn't relize that. The grip on my arms loosened but the gag remained tight. I just stopped, fighting to stay awake. I had no fight left in me so I just became at peice and took a nice deep breath.

I woke up Saturday morning bound hand and foot, as well as gagged with black electrical tape. I was starting to gain feeling back in my legs.When I opened my eyes I saw the smiling face of Jenny staring back at me.

Jenny: Wake up sleepy head.(She said with an evil grin)
Me: Mmmmmmmmph! Mmmmmmph! Mmph! Mmph! Mmmmph?!
Jenny: Oh calm down, you slept like a baby, what are you complaining about?
Me: Mmmmmmmmmmph! Mmph Mmmmmph Mmph Mmmmph?!!!

She but her hand on my thy.

Jenny: Just calm down. What do you want for breakfast? Nod once for scrambled eggs, twice for over easy, 3 times for no eggs, 4 for no sausage.

I nodded once. She left and I adventualy got all my senses up and running, then decided to try my luck and hop down stairs. The sister slept over and the parents were out for an anaversery weekend, so we were all alone :\. I cautously Made my way down stairs onto the living room couch. She brought over two plates of what looked like a continental breakfast. She fed me and then she reapplied a gag.

She watched me squirm and struggle for over 30 minutes before I gave up. She would accasionalu poke or prod me for her amusement. So for about an hour I snuggled up next to her and we watched T.V. Then, when she saw her sisters car pull up, she helped me hop over to the closet where I waited a few minutes before Jenny francticly untied me and had my was the marks off my hands. I collected my stuff and made for the door. Before I exited, she grabbed my arm and looked deep into my eyes, then Smiled. I let out the faintest of a grin, and then next Saturday, I called her up for a second date

Little Scared Boy

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 10:39:51 PM
To Jennifer
Real nice one, Jennifer. The way you explain everything in order to give your story a more sound and fun tone makes it much more interesting to read. Furthermore, if people took your polished writing as example, we would have plenty of quality stories. I appreciate your effort. Keep it up! 
Nicholas H.

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 12:51:09 AM
good storie little scared boy

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 09:31:38 AM
Thank you
Littl e Scared Boy

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 10:30:00 AM
Senoir Assassin
Now at my high school we have this thing called senior assassin. Anybody in the high school can play; not just senoirs. But, you have a team, and you have to assassinate(Squirt or Soak) the other people on the other teams. Now for it to be creditable you have to have a wintness from the other team. So Jenny, her friend Kate and I were a team, and all we needed was to make to the quarter finals. At the quarter finals, if anybody on the team was out, that entire team was out. So we did make it to the quarter finals and all the big teams dropped, and we went to the finals. Team Overkill vs Team Underdog(<--Us, thoose were actual names)

I was exicted each day I woke up. You can't get people inside, on school grounds, and that cars has to be turned off if you squirt them, no drive by's.

So Jenny and Kate made thier way over to my house early before anybody got to us. We talked and talked about stradigies, and who to pick out and get when nobody was around. After about 10 minutes Jenny went to the bathroom, and I heard a knocked at the door. I walked over and opened to see who it was. My jaw droped in horror as an arm grabbed hold of my shirt and pulled me out of my house and onto the ground. Kate ran to get Jenny, as the door slammed and I stumbled to me feet, only to get knocked down again. This time I was pinned down to the ground. Keith pulled my arms behind my back, while somebody else started to gag me with some bandana.

(Keith, Eric, Nick, and Chris came that day, all from the remaining team)

My hands were cuffed and my feet were bound with rope. I was begining to feel scared, and nervous I was going to be assassinated. A water pistol was pulled to my temple as Jenny and Kate appeared in astonishment at the door. Before anybody knew what was happening Eric pulled the pistol back, and pulled the trigger as I closed my eyes in nervousness. I felt the cold water hit the side of my head as I fell to my knees and just stared into the lawn. They all hoped into a car and took off. This whole experience went down without a word.

I stared tramatized at the ground. I was just letting all this soak in as the car peeled out of the driveway. Kate and Jenny rushed over and esscorted to my room where I was unroped, ungagged, and eventualy the cuffs were bashed off with a rock. I sat on my bed feeling it was somewhat my fault. It took a lot of consuling, but after lunch at Panda Express I felt a little better. I'm always gonna hate myself for that :(

Little Scared Boy

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 12:24:13 PM

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am STILL in pursuit of foot!!! I must have it!!! OOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
The Land of Foot

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 12:51:55 PM
wow, I haven't been here in sooooo long!!!

You're all so lucky, I've been reading stories on this website for about 3 years now....and still....I haven't had an experience to share :(

Green Day fan

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 12:52:12 PM
wow, I haven't been here in sooooo long!!!

You're all so lucky, I've been reading stories on this website for about 3 years now....and still....I haven't had an experience to share :(

Green Day fan

Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 07:49:18 PM
Jennifer's stories are great, keep up the good work!

Friday, August 4th 2006 - 02:11:28 AM
Group Pressure, Part II
After a while, Nic had me hogtied, although not very tight.
The game had started of with him as my tickle-victim, but if it turned out the other way around now, it was alright with me. I trusted Nic.
I struggled against my bonds and saw, that the ropes around my wrists and ankles were quite effective.
"Hey, you gotta gag me, too!"
I don't know why I said that.
"Gag you?"
"Sure. Take a scarf from my cupboard."
So he took a scarf with red/green patterns, made a knot in the middle, which he placed behind my teeth, and tied it behind my head. It felt incredibly, well, big in my mouth, and was a little rough, but that was ok. It forced me to concentrate on myself- I closed my eyes and focused on breathing through my nose, until my hearbeat slowed down.
Now I expected Nic to tickle and tease me, but he didn't.
"Damn it", he said, "Now it's time for Buffy, the Vampire Slaying chick." Indeed it was Saturday, half past three.
"Alright, Pat, you won't mind if I use your TV. You can come on and watch with me, if you ... can."
The he was gone.
He was joking, I thought. I hoped. I didn't really want to stay hogtied like this on my bed for an hour, without any fun or attention. I heard the Buffy-theme. 
After at least 2 hours, or 5 minutes in real time, I started to sweat and felt an itching at the most unconvenient parts of my poor body. Especially my nose, which I rubbed against the matress. That made it worse. 
I decided that this was not fun. Nic had not tied my knees and, as I said, the hogtied itself was not tight, so I might have a chance to conquer the floor and crawl over to the living room, to spend some time with Nic and/or Buffy.

I made it, jaa haa, I made it. I was nearly out of my room- me, elegant, sportive... I had just to put my knees over the edge of my matress and the rest of my body followed. Thank G I had a very low bed. The I turned to face the door and began to crawl. I lifted the right knee (damn, the carpet pulled in a different direction) and pulled and pushed with my right knee and I somehow made it. I reached the entree and already saw Nic, lying on my couch or on his stomach (depends on what you prefer- to think of people or furniture). He saw me to. He stood up and walked over to me.
"Oh, seams that I've forgotten something. Let me give you a lift!"
With that words he took my feet and pulled me back into my room, placed me on the carpet.
"Please don't do that to me. Or do anything with me. But, please don't leave me alone. It's so boring.", I thought.
"Hmmm hmm hama ma me. Mo Mu mamama ma me. Hmaa, hmm mo hm me hmama. Hma hm hmhm.", I said. Nic started to untie me. No, of course he didn't. He just loosened the connection between my ankles and wrists to re-tie them, this time I could reach my heels with my fingers. Then he blindfolded me with another scarf.
Padding my head, Nic said: "Just stay good and calm, I watch Buffy, then maybe I'll untie you..."
And out he was.
(To be continued)


Friday, August 4th 2006 - 01:26:11 PM
My first TUG with Cath the Babysitter
I’ve been a reader on this site for ages and think it’s a fantastic site. I’ve been particularly inspired by all of the “babysitter” stories as I myself have had a few decent TUG experiences in my childhood. I’m 20 now (and a guy) but the experiences happened from when I was 8 to 13 years old. Although the experiences are still very vivid in my mind the dialogue used has slipped my memory somewhat so I’ll use what I remember and improvise the rest.
A lot of the experiences were with my babysitter and family friend Cath who was a great sport whenever she came around to baby-sit me. Fortunately, as my parents are the social type they were always off to parties and couldn’t trust my mischievous self alone and so most of the time would call Cath to come around. 
The first tie-up experience with Cath was after she had been around quite a few times, and I had been plucking up the courage to engage in a TUG with her. (By the way Cath was around 20ish at the time, 5” 4ish, with blonde hair and very slim). I had an inkling she might be susceptible to falling into a tie-up trap as at a friends gathering she had clamped her hand over a girls mouth who had been playfully teasing her and said “anyone got any tape?” So I felt that approaching the subject of tying up would not be a problem and she had been a family friend for years so what the hell.
The night Cath came around to baby-sit I had planned to tie her up, as I had never played a tie-up game with Cath but had ensnared other babysitters and friends and felt it would be a lot of fun as I really got on well with Cath. My approach to the subject was already planned out: whenever Cath played games with us she would not be afraid to be rough, and so the old “I’ll stop you from being so rough” quote might lead to something- cheesy line I know but at 9 you think that using a line that sounds like it’s from a cartoon is more than good enough. “Subtle” wasn’t in the vocabulary yet I guess.
Cath came around at around 7ish, and my parent’s just said something like “be good” and that was it, Cath all to me for the whole night.
“Hey D, you alright?”
“Yeah great” etc, catch up chat
After around ten minutes of chatting and laughing Cath was looking to mercilessly tickle me as I had come to expect by now.
“You lot better behave tonight, or I’ll have to do this” and at that she grabbed me and dug her nails in, although a little ticklish it always hurt, fuelling the rage to get my revenge! At this stage I’ll say that Cath was wearing one of her usual strappy tops, pedal pusher jeans and she kicked her trainers off at the door and was barefoot.
We then set about watching TV for the night, I didn’t have a bedtime as it was the school holidays, and so had plenty of time to execute my plan. Cath and I sat next to each other chatting away whilst watching a film my dad had on video. I think it was Die Hard, no B+G I know but violence= urge for Cath to tickle me. I always got tickled numerous times and it would erupt into a war, when it would start only Cath knew, as I really didn’t enjoy being tickled and so was never the initiator of the war. As the night drew on I became more relaxed but was ready to spring into action. 
Die Hard came to its conclusion and I popped another movie in, this was Cath’s obvious moment and she pounced, digging those nails in, with me getting increasingly wound up, but enjoying the fact that tonight could be the one I got to tie her. After a few minutes I knew it was now or never, and decided against using the cartoon line and thought I’d use a more sensible one. In a break in tickling I grabbed her hands and pulled them together quoting 
“Where is the sellotape when you need it?” 
Cath laughed- yes good start
“Oh you think that’ll stop me!”
“Yeah once I’ve finished with you!”
“Oh you’re going to tie me up are you D, you’ll never hold me!”
She then snapped her hands from my grip and tickled me, things were going better than I hoped, and I got up off the floor, and staggered out of the living room.
“You off to get something to tie me with D?”
“Yeah this’ll teach you for being so rough”- oh well had to get the line in. 
In our house my dad had obviously not heard of duct tape and I had not had the chance to buy some (in future stories I did) and so had a supply of packaging tape to work with, good enough, I wasn’t going to complain. I grabbed two rolls and headed back, heart thumping.
“I’m not that rough with you am I?” Cath said sarcastically whilst eyeing the tape with a playful smile.
“Look at this” I lifted the back of my shirt to show the red marks from her lethal nails. “Right sit up Cath and put your hands behind your back”
Cath laughed, and turned around obediently putting her hands behind her.
“Oh please don’t hurt me!” classic line, I was loving it.
“I’ll tickle you so hard!” I said as I grabbed her wrists, crossing them. I proceeded to wrap the tape around Caths wrists more times than I can remember, going in between as well. She was chuckling as I was doing this. With her hands really secure I wanted to gag her before tying her bare ankles.
“But I can’t have you scream whilst I tickle you” positioning the pulled out tape in front of her mouth”
Following a gasp and laughter Cath said her last murmur
“Ahh! Nommmmmmmmmmmmmph” As I wrapped the tape tightly around her head a huge amount of times and bit off the last bit smoothing it over her mouth.
“mmmmmph” she looked great, her cheeks bulging and tape covering half her face. Continuing to make “gag talk” I lowered her flat on the floor so I could tie her feet. I held one foot and wrapped tape around it and then grabbed the other and wrapped the two together. More than good enough for me to tickle her without escape. I started ticking her feet to which she started laughing behind her gag and squirming. Then I moved up to her torso and did the same for a while until she looked like she could take no more. The “mmmphing” was less energetic which was a sign to stop. 
“I think that’ll hold you for a while”
“omgh yegh” which I translated to “oh yeah”
I then gleefully watched as Cath tried to get out of her predicament, and even though packaging tape is crap as a tie up tool, the amount of it binding her would hold her for a while. After about half an hour she became tired and showed the effectiveness of the tape gag by just moving it off her top lip by wiggling her mouth and managed to get out what sounded to me as “ok untie me now D”
I was overjoyed that the evening had gone so well and my aim had been completed and so was very quick in untying Cath and removing her very wet wrap gag. Once she was untied she still had the energy for one last digging sesh, but stopped when I held up the nearly used up roll of tape.
“No not again!” she said it sarcastically, but I really wasn’t going to blow any future chances and just left it for now.
We spent the next 15 or so minutes laughing about what just happened and I thought I would sneak in a “could we do this again” line as I felt it was appropriate.
“Oh I suppose so squirt,” she said playfully nudging me. The rest of the night was calm but the energy of the previous hours was still in the air and it felt great.
If you like this story I’ll post more about Cath and other victims but I’d like to say thanks to Canuck for hosting such a great site.

Friday, August 4th 2006 - 04:09:05 PM
If you like this story I’ll post more about Cath and other victims but I’d like to say thanks to Canuck for hosting such a great site.
... and thanks to you, WrapGag2006, for posting your great story. Hope we'll get to read the other ones soon!

Friday, August 4th 2006 - 09:51:42 PM
tying Carol part 2
Hi again. Don't know if anybody liked the 1st story I ever posted about my 1st real experience of tying up Carol?
This is the what happened when I met her after about two yrs.This is what happened.
The 1st story happened when I was just about 16 yrs old and I worked for Carol's husband at weekends for some extra pocket money.
I was now 18 and had not long passed my driving test, my dad had bought me a little car as a run around and on this particular day I had been to the local golf driving range in the next town.I was travelling home and as I was goin back along the motorway I noticed a car on the hard shoulder on the opposite carriageway with it's bonnet up and who was standing near the car but Carol!!!
I left at the next junction and made my way back. I pulled in behind the car and could see her sitting in the drivers seat on her mobile. I knocked on the passengers window and on recognising me she lent over and opened the door.She looked amazing!!!! a black business suit, white blouse,black knee length skirt,nude tights and black heels!!! 
She gave me a big smile though she was still on the phone....." look Im sorry I 've broken down and am goin to be late......I don't know how long I'll be, I've phoned for a tow truck...but they didn't give me a time...."
I mouthed to her "what's wrong??" I couldn't help but eye up her legs as the skirt had ridden up to the middle of her thigh.
" can u hang on one minute please?" she put her hand over the phone and started to tell me how the car had jst conked out and that she was late for interview.
" I'll take u! where is it?"
" COULD YOU!!" Then she went back on the phone..."listen a friend has turned up and is goin to give me a lift..........I'll be there a.s.a.p" and hung up. 
We got in my car and off we went after I got directions. It was only a 15 minute drive and we chatted away catching up as it had been about two yrs since we seen each other. Turned out that she had split from her husband as he had cheated on her, I couldn't believe anybody would cheat on such an attractive woman.
" If you stop hear this will be great....I can't thankyou enough ur a life saver!" she lent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"How you goin to get home??" I asked.
" I'll go and get the train or a taxi"
" Don't be silly I 'll wait on you and give you a long you goin to be??"
" Eehhh!! probably about 20 minutes or sure you don't mind??"
" Na, I'll go 4 a walk and meet u back hear"
"If your sure that would be great....I'll buy u a coffee as a thankyou"
" Well you certainly look the part"
" Thanks, that's sweet" she opened the door and swung her legs out of the car, as she did so her skirt slipped up even higher and I could clearly see the dark band of the top of her stocking....I tried not to make it obvious, BUT IT WAS HARD TO LOOK AWAY. 
She had obviously see me stareing " somethings never change!!" she said and laughed....I could feel my face burning with embaressment 
" See you in 20" and off she went. I watched her walk off admireing her legs from the back,she looked over her shoulder and caught me again!!!!! I could see her laughing as she went.
I never seen her coming back to the car, I jumped as she open the passenger door and started to get in.
" Well? how 'd it go" I asked.
" I'm not that bothered it wasn't what I though it was goin to be......but they'll let me know in a few days..."
" Bet you get it....."
We drove without any of us speaking for a few minutes I kept looking straight ahead encase she thought that I was eyeing her up again.
I eventually broke the silence....
" I'm sorry about earlier Carol.I didn't mean to stare"
" u mean you didn't mean to get caught stareing"
" Ehhhh....well...." I stuttered.
"Look I'm just kidding it's fine............I'm flattered it's not often that an eighteen year old checks me out these days......anyway you've seen my legs a lot closer up than that if I do recall"
I turned to look at her " How could I forget!"
" So you haven't forgotten that day then?" she put on the deep southern voice "Little old me tied and gagged while you tickled me" she pulled on the hem of her skirt "why...I don't know what might have happened if it had went on any longer"
" Your teaseing me"
" I daren't do that...who knows what you might do to me"
I thought back to that some two yrs made me horny just thinking about her that day.
"Can I ask you something?" I asked.
" Go ahead"
" That day at ur house? were you wearing stockings under your dress?"
" I never wear tights" she replied with a little smile.
I didn't want the journey to end as we turned into her street.
" Listen I promised you a coffee didn't I" Carol said as I turned into the drive in front of her house.
" I 'd forgotten about that......u could always just make me one?" I asked hopefully, turning off the car engine.
"Mmmmmm....can I trust you....for all I know you might have plans overpower me as soon as we're in the house. I mean I wouldn't stand a chance against someone as strong as'd have me bound and gagged in no time...... N that would be terrible,nobody to hear me call for help....I'd be ur damsel in distress"
I couldn't believe she was saying this.......she WANTED ME TO TIE HER UP AGAIN.
With that she got out the car and made for the front door. I didn't move I just watched her.
" You want a...... coffee or not?
I followed her in the house closing the door behind me. The house was silent except for the clip clip of her hight heels on the wooden floor. I'd been in the house loads of times in the past and new the lay out pretty well. It's now or never I thought.....
I closed behind her quickly grabbing her round the waist with one arm and hand gagging her with the other...she began to struggle lightly pretending to be scared like the herione in an old black and white detective film.
I spoke gently into her ear " u ok with this?" she nodded and immediately went back to squirming and trying to talk through my hand which was still over her mouth.
" Your goin to do what I want do you understand? I'm goin to have to tie u up!"
She moaned into my hand as I said this.
"I'm goin to take my hand from ur mouth don't call u understand?" she slowly nodded.
I gently took my hand away from both her waist and her mouth.
Carol immediately went into the act of the damsel in distress......." what do u want? what ru goin to do with me?"
"Interlock ur fingers behind ur head" I took hold of her hands and ran my free hand over her body in a pretend search.
"OK... walk up the stairs...and no funny business!"
" What are u goin to do with me?" 
" I,m afraid that I'm goin to have to make you a little more uncomfortable!! after that I'm goin to interigate you about ur job interview today" she gave me a little smile and giggled.
"Why I don't know anything..." she said as she climbed the 1st few stairs.
I took her to one of the back bedrooms. I began to feel confident that she was enjoying it as much as I was, so I pushed my luck a little.
"OK u won't be needing ur clothes take ur blouse and skirt off!!!"
She looked at me and smiled......" I wondered when we'd get to that" she said in her normal voice.
" Do u mind?? u don't have to if you don't want to"
Carol never answered......she unclipped her skirt n let it fall to her ankles then slowly undid her blouse before dropping it to the floor.
I had never seen anything like her before....she had on a white lace bra n matching panties with the hold up nude coloured stockings. She looked at me and smiled.
" I take it I'm to be tied up??" she said
" I'm afraid I have too.... encase you try and escape before I cam get the "information" from lie on the bed face down and put ur hands behind ur back"
" No point in struggling I suppose" she said and did as I had instructed.
I looked around for something to tie her with...a silk dressing gown! perfect! I removed the waste belt and got on the bed beside her and quicklyy tied her wrists.
" I need something to tie ur legs with?"
" There's stockings in the top drawer of the dresser u fiend"
I bound her knees and ankles and rolled her over sitting her up against the headboard of the bed.
"I'll never talk no matter what u do to me"she said
I couldn't help myself I lent forward and kisses her hard, I think it took her by surprise she moaned deeply into my mouth.
"Sorry....I couldn't help myself!!"
"It's OK I enjoyed it....but I'll never talk!"
"Oh I think u will!!my pretty" I ran my finger down hers side stokeing her ribs....she squirmed and began to laugh.
"I'm goin to remove ur heels in a minute....I think we both know what's goin to happen......." she bagan to move across the bed trying to get away...I pulled her towards me and handgagged her as she struggled underneath me....Mmmmmmmmmm!!!
" I'm afraid we can't have u making all that I will have to gag u" she continued to protest and gag talk as i got her to her feet. I sat her infront of her dressing table mirror, I kept my hand over her mouth as I opened drawers looking for something suitable... the 3rd drawer was full of panties and stockings of all colours. Carols protests got louder as balled up two pairs of clean panties and brought them up to her mouth.
"open wide!" she did, I packed her mouth with the material and secure it tightly with a silk scarf from another drawer.
I stood back and watched struggling about on top of the bed, I have to admit I was really turned on and she knew it.
" Tell u what if u can get loose I won't tickle torture just kidding!"
She was face down so I took hold of the stocking that bound her ankles and gently but firmly slipped off her heels.I ran my fingers up and down the soles of her stockinged feet she thrashed about Mmmmmppphhhing into the gag that packed her mouth.
After about an hour I removed the gag and got her a drink....I began to gently kiss her all got sexual after thet but I'm not goin to describe that, you can imagine.....
We became very close after that day playing many games....but it always ended up with her bound in some way or another.
Let me know if what you think and I'll tell u about them. 

Saturday, August 5th 2006 - 11:24:01 AM
Hi i am alex and i am 12
my mum and dad went away for a weekend for a bit of you know wot alone.I was left at home because they think i am old enough to stay by myself. I was getting a bit bored of playing vice city all day so decided to invite some of my friends round.

I invited 1 over but his mum said that he couldnt come unless his older bro came too. His bro was 13 at the time and we were 11. my friend suggested that we play a tie up game and i agreed. His brother asked if he could tie us both up, and we agreed. In my room there is i bunkbed with four posts, and he asked if he could tie us to it on both levels, and again we agreed.

First, he asked me if i had any rope but i said no, but i did have loads of karate belts and normal belts in my cupboard and a pair of plastic toy handcuffs.
In my cupboard i had a couple of hooded jackets that i had grown out of. he asked us to put them on backwards. When we put them on they were small, but he managed to do up the zip at the back.

Using a ball of string, he gagged us first, then tied the hood to the front of our faces so we couldnt see. then he told us to lie down on each bed, me on the bottom, my friend on the top. He did me first. He round one of the karate belts round the two end posts and then tied the ends to my ankles. Then he attatched a pair on hadcuffs to a post with a string short enough so that i couldnt undo my neck, and put them on me and asked, can you escape. I just pressed the easy release button and they were undone. Then he got some blutac and shoved it inside the easy release, then put them back on. Then for some wierd reason, he put some earplugs in my ear. Then he left me and i presumed that he was tying his brother. About ten minutes later i made an mmmmhh!! sound through the gag and waited to se if there was a response. none came.

there i was, bound , gagged, blindfolded handcuffed and earplugged on my own bed. I struggled for a long time but nothing happened. Then i just lay there waiting for me to untie me. Then here i must have fallen asleep as i cant remember. Then i woke up. i was still tied up with all the b lindfolds and stuff still on. i suddenly panicked, because i didnt know how long i had been there for. i could have slept for twenty minutes, a couple of hours, or maybe even the whole night. I struggled even harder and bent the handcuffs until they snapped. but then my wrists were in horrible pain and really bruised and my fingers were all numb. I waited a few minutes and then untied my neck and hood. then i undid my feet and looked on the top bunk

There was no one there. I went downstairs and found the m both watchinh the simpsons on sky one. When they saw me they both burst out laughing. Then i got really annoyed with them and told her to go home.

About a year later, at a theme park i found some toy metal handcuffs. Now I still recreate that time secretly in my room when my mums out, but i tie myself up before putting on the handcuffs and then just lie there tied up until i hear her car coming down the street.

If you want to tie yourself up look on ebay. and type in restraint in the search box and it comes with tie up kits and stuff. I once found a straitjacket. God i cant wait till im old enough to buy these things when i have my own flat and no one will find them.


Saturday, August 5th 2006 - 03:45:50 PM
A Random Date Gone Bad
Alright. This one happened a few months ago. The day was a normal Monday school day. So anyway, it was just after school and we were in the middle of football practice when I saw a girl I had been talking to the last few days named Claire. She was a cool girl, but she normally didn’t sit in the bleachers during football practice. But I couldn’t do anything about it, so I just continued practice with the other guys. After the coach dismissed us to change and go home, I let the other guys go and I decided to go up to her and talk to her. 
My friend Michael was there and asked “Hey, where’re you going?” 
“Oh, Claire is up there, I’m going to go talk to her. Go on ahead, I’ll be there.”
The conversation with Claire was pretty null (for you guys anyway):
“Hey, you pulled some great moves out there,” she said.
“Oh yeah, which ones?” I asked in a playful tone. 
“Umm….The one where you were passed the ball in the back field and gave it to the other guy..?” She said, trying to describe a play she saw, but had no real football knowledge. 
“You mean the reverse?” I said, gently making fun of her.
“Yeah….that one,” she said and then we both laughed. 
I was still in all my football gear and I sat down and talked to her for a little while. Finally, I got enough courage and asked if she was doing anything and if we could hang out after I got changed. And, if she just wanted to hang out socially, I could bring a few friends and she could too. She said, sure, after all that’s pretty much why she came. I was psyched and told her I’d be back in a flash. 
When I came to the locker room, most of the guys were already changed and showered and gone. Michael was just finishing getting dressed. We started talking as I removed my pads and helmet. 
“Hey, you wanna come over to my place?” Michael asked. 
“No thanks. I’m hanging out with Claire for a while.” was my reply. 
“You asked her out?” he asked inquisitively.
“Yeah.” I exaggerated.
“Oh, ok.” was his emotionless reply. 
We didn’t talk for the next few moments. I could tell that Michael was kind of upset with me. But I couldn’t quite place the reason. I heard him go in his bag and right when I was taking off my shirt Michael slammed me against the wall I was facing. Apparently he had grabbed a rope out of his bag and as he had me pinned to the wall started tying my hands behind my back. 
I was startled at first and then managed to say “What the crap!?!? C’mon Michael not now! I got to go!” 
“Shut up!” he said, and then tied a bandanna around my head to gag me. With my hands tied behind my back, Michael shoved me onto a chair and started tying my torso to it. I was trying to tell him that he could come to, and I had not really asked her out, but it came out all garbled as the gag did its work. 
I was struggling harder than ever, my date was on the line! But Michael was merciless, and continued tying me up. At that point, I knew that I could not escape without help. So I started making as much noise through my gag as I could, though it muffled my words. It was a lot of noise, so Michael, pulled my chair into a corner, and pulled my football pants down, revealing the jockstrap/brief that all football players wore under. I made a sharp noise, and then stopped as Michael said “Yeah, you really want to be found tied up in your jock?” I should have kept on yelling, cause next Michael gagged me with tape, over the bandanna. I was completely secured to the chair with duct tape and rope, with no shirt on, and my football jersey pants to my knees, leaving me in the brief/jockstrap. 
So Michael went away, satisfied with how secure I was tied to the chair. My arms were tied behind the back of the chair with tape. He ran rope underneath my armpits to strap my bare chest back into the chair. He also taped my legs to the legs of the chair. When he was walking out, 2 guys came in. Michael then decided he couldn’t hide me from them, and he wasn’t go to try and do something so stupid as to try and tackle both of them, so he decided to implicate them. So he asked them a question: 
“Hey, would you guys like to make $20?”
Puzzled, the looked at each other, and both said “Yeah.”
“Ok, follow me.” They did. “You see him? Could you make sure he stays tied up for the next hour and a half?”
They laughed and then asked “Why?”
“How about $30 and we forget why?”
“Ok,” one of them said with slight laughter still in their voice. 
“Listen, I don’t care what you do to him, just makes sure he stays tied up.” He threw them the rope and tape, and told them “Just in case.”Michael quickly packed a few things up, gave them there money, and then ran off.
At first the guys did nothing. And they were starting to change. But then one of them got curious, and came up to me and just looked at me. He said “So you’re really tied up, huh? Well, we can do anything we want with you for the next hour and a half.”
So he got his friend and went off real quick. When they came back, they had a cooler of Gatorade, and in true football fashion decided to dump it on me. I struggled at first sight, but in vain. They laughed at me more, and then decided to give me what our school calls “titty twisters”. Let me tell you, they hurt like crap. So naturally I struggled, but I couldn’t move or make much of a sound. They realized that they couldn’t do much else, given that I was tied up. They were going to put Icy Hot in down my brief/jock but fortunately, they backed down. However, they did give me quite a bad wedgie.
After that, they left me alone, soaking wet with Gatorade and a really bad wedgie. I’m fortunate they stopped there, and yet, as I was tied in a chair, gagged and blindfolded, soaked with Gatorade, and a wedgie up my butt….not so fortunate. However, I was alone, so I decided to try and escape. But there was nothing nearby to help me escape. And then I thought I saw it, some scissors! And so I decided that I would try for it. Unfortunately, my ankles were duct taped to the legs of the chair. So I could barely move the chair. It wasn’t fast enough, so I tried to move a lot, but I lost my balance, and the chair fell over. And I couldn’t even get up. They came back and found me that way and set me back up.
Anyway, after they got changed they said they’d help me get ready faster. So, still tied up and all, they dragged my chair to the shower and turned it on. They played with the hot and cold water, but eventually they stopped. 
I was surprised, after that, they said that my time was up. I was majorly relieved. However, as they started to untie me, the one guy said that they shouldn’t just let me go. So instead of letting me go, they just untied me from the chair. I was still tied with my hands behind my back, and ankles together, with my football pants pulled down. They pulled the chair away, and set the scissors on the clear other side of the room, on top of some things. They told me that I’d have to free myself with those scissors. After they set it up, they talked a little bit and then left. I “mmmpphhed” loudly because I knew it was dangerous for them to leave. But they did. At first, I thought I would crawl to it. But it was really hard, and I was hardly moving. So then I decided to try and struggle to break the bonds so that I could move quicker. After a few minutes of useless struggling, I gave up. I think that’s when I took a moment to get the wedgie out of my butt. But I kept moving, and inching towards the scissors, and after a while, like half and hour, I reached it. Only, they set it up a little. It was actually a little hard to get it off. I eventually knocked it to the ground with my face. And then fell in front of it and used it to cut my wrists. 
After I was free, I finished getting changed out of my football gear and didn’t bother with a shower. Naturally, I looked at the bleachers, and of course Claire wasn’t there. I realized that Michael either told that I wasn’t coming or went with her. And so after that, I decided to go to Michael’s house or wait for Michael when he returned. 

The End. Or is it

Mr. E

Saturday, August 5th 2006 - 08:55:25 PM
My surprise
I've been a reading this site for about little while and so far I love it so i'm going to post one of my storys today.

I was at home and was making my self a big meal because I forgot to eat lunch and it was 3:30. I was making myself a milkshake then eat alot more. my friend asked to come round so I said yes (she only lives a street away or so).I had just finished making my milkshake when mary came rang the bell I opened it for me and she came in and I wennt back to what I was doing. I wasn't happy seeing that I had been interupted so many times but now I when over to grab the milkshake when Mary came at me. I ran I went to my room and hid behing the curtains. Mary came in it didn't take long before she found me and I had nowhere to go so I came out Mary was haveing fun I wasn't. Mary told me to lie down on my bed I did that it. She tied my hands with some rope I could feel that she knew what she doing and then she tied my feet like a pro I asked why she was doing this but she stuffed my mouth with pair of panties and tied a scarf over it. I was madly hungry so kept mmmmppphhing alot but it never helped anyone. She knew I hungry so she went and got my milkshake and drank it in front of me then eat the luch that I had made. I was really mad now I didn't have much energy but I tried to escape. In a few min I had tired myself out. Mary was enjoying this. Mary untied my feet and she started to strip me down to nothing but my bra and panties when she was done she re tied my feet and she tied my hands to the headborad. Now that I was cold Mary was thinking of what to do. She played a game of how I was tie be tied up like she would spin around and of which side she stoped at I was tied up with that. first was my gag it was either socks, panties scarf or ball gag (i didn't know what that was) it was ball gag. next was what I was wearing either fully dressed, half, bra and panties or what Mary wanted me to wear it was bra and panties. next was what I was to be tied with either rope, duct tape, scarfs or handcuffs it was kina half half so Maary said it was cuffs and tape. next was how I was to be tied hogtie spread egale or both it was both. finally to be blindfolded or not i was( i think she had her eyes open). So now that was done I was first let lose for about 2 seconds and I was cuffed (i have no idea where she got them) then I my feet were taped and then she sorta put them linked them together. now Mary pulled out a ball gag and she un gagged me I all i could manage was a why before she gagged me with it. finally she blindfolded me with a bandana. I was left in darkness I felt Mary take out my hair tie for some reason. After what felt a lifetime. Mary took my gag off and I she asked me did I have fun I said yes a bit too fast you sure about that she replied and regagged me she really tightned the gag on me. I MMMppphhhed like nuts. now mary was tighterning all my bond. So I could really feel it. I kept mmmmphhhing and mmmpphing.
I had fair bit of energy now but was soo hungry so strugled a fair bit I think I was slowly escaping when Mary came back in and took my blindfold off/gag she said having fun I said yes agian you sure? mary said Yes i'm sure I said ok then I can tie you up even more than you are now then. and re gagged me then blindfolded me agian this time was badly blindfolded so I could see a little bit. She rolled me into the barth room and now she un tied my feet and sat me on the toilet seat then taped my feet many times so tight I thiught I was loseing curcilation in my foot. Then she uncuffed me then taped my hands and tied rope to the chair then wrapped rope around my front finally she saw me seeing out of my blindfold she came back with more bandanas she tied one over my eyes and on my hair. Mary said she would be back and closed the door. So now I was tied to a toilet seat. I went to work to escape but I was no master and couldn't escape I screamed the top of my voice but I got was MMMMMMPPPHHHH I was stuck. Mary came back in and said she had to go but to leave me she decided to tie my hair in a bun for fun and she also tighted all of my bonds all lot I gave a final mmpphh and that was it my parents would probly come home soon so I went back to work escapeing I was going nowhere when I heard my parents I mmppphhed for them to hear my mum say did you hear something dear. mum came into the bathroom and saw tied my she untied me and asked me who did this I told her it was a prank and not to worry mum understod that so gathered my stuff and went to my bedroom to stash the stuff ...

That was it for now watch out for the next episode of golden gal in hoodwinked....

Golden gal

Saturday, August 5th 2006 - 10:58:19 PM
Mr. E i have not been to this page in months and i come on tonight to find another classic written by you. i hope there is more thanks.
Jerry Burns

Sunday, August 6th 2006 - 03:21:01 PM
To Mr. E.
Nice to have you back.
Nicholas H.

Sunday, August 6th 2006 - 04:21:20 PM
Thanks all. But I apologize for odd format. I indented all my paragraphs, and yet it turned out like that. But thank you, everyone. 
Mr. E

Monday, August 7th 2006 - 07:52:23 AM
I didnt forget you guys ya know :D
Its been a long time since I clicked here, at least a couple of months.

This morning I went over to Mikes (who is now 19) and he told me he'd either tie me in leather or uniform. I'm not a big fan of leather so I had to go for uniform. Have some photos :)

Starting up simple (A bit fuzzy, enlarged for better veiwing)

Moving to stage 2



Then the battery went....


Monday, August 7th 2006 - 09:57:57 AM
good pics. would like to see some of you with the pants down. tied up in your undies

Monday, August 7th 2006 - 02:13:17 PM
never again
hi everybody, i'm Chuck, 19 years old, and i want to tell you what happend to me 10 day ago.
my mom said that she's going out to dinner with her friend and she told me she'll be
home about midnight. she went out, so i was home alone (my mom and dad are not living together)
i was watching tv iand was so bored, and then i saw some stupid soap where guy and girl
founds another girl bound and gagged in a closet. i was thinking it could be a cool prank, so
i decided to tie myself and wait mom to come. first i founded some rome and duct tape.
using rope i made something like cuffs witch was attached to a chair, it only needed to be pulled a little and it would
tie my hands. in bathroom if found moms make up, so i put some blue-pink powder on
my eye, so it looks like someone punched me. then i sat on the chair and put napkin under my tongue
, placing 2 strips of silver duct tape sealing my mouth shut. after that i tied my ankles together
using duct tape, and finally i tied my hands behind my back using rope with prepared
knots. i tried to opent my mouth or to spit out napking - can't do, same with my
bonds. cool, it was about 22:00 so i was waiting. but damn, i forgot to make my place
look like it was roobed. i tried very hard to untie myself, no use. i felt like 100%
idiot. then, about 23:15 phone rang, and answering mashine answered. it was mom telling me
that she is sleeping at her frineds house, and she'll be here about 10 it the morning.
oh god, i was scared. but also i forgot to close up the window (we are living on 2nd
floor). so i was hungry, i was feeling cold, i was scared, ... and i promised to myself
that stuff like this will not happned everagain. somehow i went to sleep.
i waked up, seeing window closed, and i was covered with a blanket, so i started to
moan under my gag. then my mom came drinking coffe.
"morning sweete, had a nice dream?" she said smiling
i was so embaressed. "you stay there while i make us some breakfast"
10 minutes later she untied me me leaving my gag. i started to take of tape, feelig like
ripping my scin off. quicklu i ripped it of leaving red markings on my cheeks.
during my breast i explained her that i wanted to make a joke, but i made a mistake.
my maom was laughing all the time, without taking look of red markings on my cheeks
and make up on my eye. in past 10 days she never mentioned it again, and i hope she'll
never will.

Monday, August 7th 2006 - 02:21:31 PM
I was just visiting the site today and I thought I would let you all know that I am writting the third part of my story out. I type them out and then I copy and paste them onto the post box here. That way, I can run spell check and read over them first. Anyway, I plan to post my next story in about a week. Thanks for the comments.

Monday, August 7th 2006 - 09:37:32 PM
Sounds great, Jennifer. Looking forward to it.

Monday, August 7th 2006 - 11:48:02 PM
Soccer ti up story part 2
Hi Keith here. I ahve been going to practice as usual. I have asked Sean to tie my hands behind my back everytime and he refuses because some of the parents are showing up for practice now and he doesnt think its a good idea. I've asked him to go camping and he says he's buisy. So I had about given up on him when he asked me to come home with him after pratice the other day. So when we get to his house we go up to his room. He say'd put your hands out in front of you and puts a leather belt with loops in each end that can be slid down on your wrist. TRhen eh hooked a rope to the middle of the rope and ran it to a hook on a beam in the ceiling (his bedroom is in the attic). He pullls my arms up over my head and ties off the rope. Then he ties my ankles and runs the dowl between my ankles and secures it with the rope "Ohya, You don't want me to forget to tie your shoes". Then he reachs down and ties my shoes real tight and runs the excess lace around my ankle and crossing the laces at the back of my ankle and pulling the laces hard causing the laces to pinch the flesh the he runs the laces around the front of my ankles and tie several knots. So there I am arms over my head ankles tied real tight and held about a foot and a half apart. Now he comes up behind me and puts a collar on me. "This is a dog bark collar if you make any noise it will shock you. I have set it at the highest level so you will get a good jolt." So with that he hoist me up so that my toes barely scrape the floor and give me a shove I start to swing and he give me a few more shoves. "I have a remote for the collar so that I can show you how well it works". I am still swinging real hard when he pushes the button and I get one hell of a shock worse that when you touch an electric fence. This sends me into spasms and I jerk violently from the rope. I am swinging real hard and can not drag my toes to bring myself to a stop. The belts are tightening around my wrist from the weight even though it is real extreemly tight it feels good because the leather straps are about two inches wide. So he leaves me. An hour passess and I am still feeling good the straps on my wrist are soo tight but its good my wrist hurt from the weight of my body pulling against them, they burn like an indian burn and its great. I know I can't get loose I can hardly touch the floor. Then Sean comes in and starts to swing me again and say's if you have had enough just sya so. I like the feeling of swinging it makes my wristt hurt even more and theres nothing I can do to stop him. Another fiteen minutes go by and he comes back and shooves me and anothrer fifteen. I have some ankle weights in my closet they weigh 10 pounds each I got them at Walmart told my parents I wanted them for excersize. Any way I am going to put them on your ankles to help weigh you down. So he puts them on and they are real heavy.He puts them on tight but they still slip down on my ankle and this causes the shoelaces around my ankles to pull and put more preasure on my ankles. So he gives me a shoove and leaves. The weights pull down on my legs and my arms feel like they are streaching and its a little difficult to breath with my arms pulling so hard over my head. So fifteen minutes go by and no Sean. Ny shoes are tight and my feet are tingly but not too much its just rite. It great I am hanging by my wrist and they hurt a constant reminder that I am totally helpless I can not get loose. I am starting to want to get loose its been about two hours and the fun is wearing off. Sean comes in the room "So you want down no I' be back in an hour and a half". I want to scream stop but the shock is to much so he makes go swinging and leaves. Now I am paniking I got what I wanted so bad and now I can't stop it and yet it is very exciting. I keep thinking he'll come let me go. O watch the alarm clock and he does'nt come back. Now he's been gone for an hour and foty five minutes is he coming back? Finally at an hour and fity minutes he comes in. "My parents called and there not comming home so you get what you want I'm going to leave you hanging for a few more hours the I will put you in a hogtie for the rest of the night. My heart lept oh no what have I got myself into. "I'm just kiding let me get you down." So he gets me down and takes the collar off. "Well how as it" "My arms are sore ,and my ankles hurt, and my wrist hurt I wish I could spend the night and be put in a hoftie." "Well I think I can go camping next week. I like tying you up. My other friends get upset if I tie then too tight or too long.
So I went home I had to put some of my moms make up on my wrist. My wrist have been sore ever sence then and everytime I think of how sore they are I remeber being hung up by ny wrist. I can't wait to go camping.

Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 05:40:07 AM
his revenge 
it all started when my perants went away for away for a week i was 15 at the time going to school my brother was 18 he had a job but he had booked the week off so he was at home it was my last day on the friday my perant went away on saturday

anyway i got home very hot from a hard day at school i had a bad day because teacher were complaining about my uniform which consisted of white t shirt all buttons must be done up navy blue v necked jumper and blue and silver tie i walked through the door to see my mum and dad but they were not there i looked at the table and i read a note saying the would be back late dont stay up and would not see me now untill they got back i walked upstairs and saw my brother in my room i yelled at him to get out he got up and i pushed him hard out the dooor and sat on my bed i heard the door bell ring i went down to get it and suddenly my bro gagged me and tied my wrist togther he had rang the door as a trick he got my wrist on a lead and lead me outside into our garden he then tied me to the tree he then gagged me with my own sock and blindfolded me then he wnet inside and got somthing and shoved it in my ears and tied tape around my ears i was very wierd bieng in complete darkness and in silence and unable to move after about 20 mins i felt my arms being untied and thought that was it so i did not think to struggle he re tied arms down to my sides and then pushed me over i fell into what i found out later to be a hole he had dug he had dug is right up to my chin he filled me i i could hardly breathe let alone move he romoved my blindfold but not my gag and ther tape from around my ears he then asked me could i escape i shook my head he then said ok and walked off i began to get very hot plus i really needed the tiolet he came back after five minutes and removed my gag i swore at him and demand he let me go he un did his watch from his wrist and put it were i could see it was now six he said sleep well and reaplied the gag and tape around my ears i could see it getting very dark when it got to ten twenty five i gave in and went the tiolet yes i wet myself like i had a chioce i fell in and out of sleep it was very difficult the next morning he came down with the biggest smile on ever and removed my tape from my ears and said did u sleep i shook my head but under the gag i was very unpleasent he had a camera and took pictures then he dug out just my feet and took off my shoes ect and socks and tickled me i tried to block it from my mind but i was no use i focused on the watch it was ten thirty when he started and and half one when he stopped i cant tell u what that was like but image hell then he un dug me and took me upstairs i will continue soon


Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 08:26:43 AM
The Prologue
1. The bench
2. The initiation 

note from Canuck At the author's request, here's a link to the site where the story was originally posted.

Mudboy's tie-up stories

Northern England

Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 10:35:53 AM
this story is very funny

Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 11:06:06 AM

I have been doing bondage modeling for a while now. If someone had told me some time ago that I would be doing that, I would have been quite sceptical. When it was first proposed to me, I was somewhat scared of all that stuff, but then a guy knew how to convince me to do it. 

I can say that there are some men that are very passionate about bondage, and they do it in a manner that is very intense, very strict, and totally inescapable. Some people have asked me why I would do such a thing, and I don’t feel like justifying myself to them. But who cares, as long as we both get something from it. 

As I said, I would have probably never done it if it wasn’t that someone knew how to convince me. I had to get something back from it. Someone might say it could have been a matter of money, but it was not. I just wanted to have fun. So the guy knew how to make it fun. 

Being bound by a man can be somewhat very exciting. It all depends on the kind of relationship you have with that man and the interaction that takes place. When I first got tied up, it was for more than just bondage. I was with my boyfriend at the time and it was part of our foreplay. But now, with time and water under the bridge, I came to do bondage for the adventure and the trill. I am not with the boyfriend any more, but I got to talk about bondage to some people, and they showed a very strong interest in playing some “games” with me. At first I had not envisioned getting tied without having sex, it made no sense. But some guys were so enthusiastic about doing just bondage, and they would go to great length to get me to meet with them. So little by little I caved in.

But not all the guys have what it takes to do good stuff. Not only in terms of materials, but in terms of skills as well. Some guys know how not to pinch your skin while tightening the ropes, they know how to be fast and efficient, and they bring some good humour to it. It is nice to play with them and they make you feel comfortable. I have to say, because of that I was willing to do it again, and again, and I ended up living some very interesting adventures. 

Now we are not doing just “bondage”. We do some role playing, and it is much more fun. I get to be tied in so many ways, in so many situations, it’s hilarious. Sometimes it’s tough on the body, but I can take it.


Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 11:10:05 AM
Imprissoned Self
Hi I am Kathleen. I am a girl and im 11 years old. I love reading this site its so funny. So im going to post my own story. I love to be tied up so one day I got out my one peice ski suit then i got out a set of handcuffs. I had kept my favoret pair of jeans from when i was 8 years old. I then put the very very tite pair of jeans on. I managed to get them all the up thebn I walked around and they were so tite that i had to take them off this is were i ran into a problme they were so tite that i could not get them off i tried every thig but they would not come off. I was now STUCK in my jeans. so i sayed oh the heck with it. then i put my one peice ski suit on then i took some super glue out and glued the zipper shut which ment that i was now stuck in my ski suit. I then nexed when into the closet and got out my straitjacket it is a preety pink i then put it on it one zipper in front and one zipper in back they both go from the neck down to the bottom. Then it has padlocks that all lock in the front of me on a locking belt and my arms are locked behyed me. Nexed i took the handcuffs and locked the straitjacket zipper to the ski suit pocket zipper then i took the handcuff key snd super glued it into my back jeans pocket. This mentthat i was now stuck becuase in order to get free i would have to get the straitjacket off then the ski suit then i would be able to get to the handcuff key but unfocanly that wasent going to happen i was STUCK there until my boyfriend came and got me out 



Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 02:59:32 PM
good pics. would like to see some of you with the pants down. tied up in your undies

i totally agree with whoever wrote this about buzz, would be great to see.


Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 05:52:03 PM

Punctuation marks, few (or no) typos, and even paragraphs!
You're really pampering us! :-))

And the stories are great, too.


Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 09:01:41 PM
Birthday surprise
Story deleted by Canuck: it just didn't fit with the other stories from this page. Sorry John.

Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 11:04:32 PM
John Great Story!
John are you getting tired of being tied the same way. I like to be tied one way for a few hours and then a different way for a few hours. You should ask to have your hands tied back to back it is more confinig and makes it even harder to move. If the rope is tied tight enough with several knots you do not need tape. You should get a ball gag and a sleep blind fold the plastic and rubber get hot to fast. I like the dog shock collar used in another story but your father may not like it. Swimming ear plugs would be nice so that you would not know if you where alone. If you have a pole in your garage you could ask to have your hands and ankles tied behind the pole or have an eyebolt in your ceiling so that your hands could be tied behind your back and your ankles could be hung from a rope to the ceiling with your back on the floor and your but raised just a little off the floor or you could stand with your arms tied over your head and your feet flat on the floor or if you could talk him into supended to where your toes just touch the floor so that you have to stand on your tip toes to take presure off your wrist. My brother hung me by my wrist for about 30 minutes it was great but I would not try it for any longer than that. My parents are not so cool that I would ask them for help!

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 02:34:50 AM
The Cold Night
Before I begin my story I must say this... Good God! Buzzbuzz looks to be no older than 14 years old... it is people like those unnamed posters who give sites like this a bad name...

Hello Everyone, I discovered this site recently and have just now plucked up enough courage to post. This story is one of my first experiences in bondage. It involves me and one of my best friends, Hayes.

I do hope you enjoy it.


I have been good friends with Hayes ever since we were freshamn, although the two of us couldn't be any more different.

Hayes is your typical jock: tall, strong and muscular, competative and somewhat violent with a tendancy to be arrogant and contolling, however, many people would agree that his case is worse than most. He has been known to totally stop a game so as to argue a "bad call" with the umpire himself... it's a good thing he's got talent, otherwise he'd be without a team... but thats another story.

As for me, I'm average height and, although thin, not exactly an athlete.

Since I'd met him, I knew how Hayes was, but I'd never been on the receiving end until this incident.


Hayes is what some would call "The Outdoorsie Type." He loved hiking, fishing, camping, all that kind of stuff. So when he wanted to go, we went. This time it was a crisp weekend in early October and we were camping in the woods that we usually do.

"Isn't it beautiful out here man?" Hayes asked me.
"Yeah, it is." I replied shortly. We had just finished the tasks one had to do while camping, pitch the tent, build the fire, and I was already sick of it. It was cold, and it had rained the day before so the ground was all wet too. This was to be a miserable experience.

"Come on, let's go for a hike." He said. I sighed and picked up my small backpack, following him through the same trail we hiked every time he got the whim to go camping. As we walked, he pointed out various landmarks and made a remark about each of them. I followed and pretended to listen, throwing the occasional "Yep" and "No, I didn't know that."

By the time we finished the 8-mile trail and got back to the camp, dusk was setting in. We built up the fire and started cooking our dinner. While sitting around the fire, I was shivering it was so cold. Despite the warmer gear I was wearing.

I looked over at Hayes and even though he was wearing shorts, he was still comfortable with the cold, he even took his hiking boots and socks off.

I guess I should work out more.

After freezing for two hours, night had arrived and the full moon lit our little camp site up. Hayes had been making small talk the whole time whilst I shivered. I, finally couldn't take it anymore.

"Hayes, I'm sorry, but I think I'm heading back. I'm freezing and I can't get warm, plus, I didn't get much..."
"No you're not." was his reply.
"Excuse me."
"Kael, you're not leaving. It's not safe for one of us to go off into the night and the other to stay here by ourselves. You're not leaving."
"Sorry Hayes, I can't take it." I said, getting up and beginning to pack my things.
"You're not going anywhere Kael, sit down."
"Sit down now."
Just as I began to walk away from the campsite, I felt his strong hand grab my feeble wrist and drag me back. "You're not leaving."
"Hayes! Stop being stupid, we've been out here so many times I know my way back by now."
My captor didn't listen as he continued to drag me against my will towards his backpack before pushing me down.
"Listen Kael, I said you have to stay so you have to stay. Sorry if you didn't brind enough gear, but thats too bad. We shouldn't seperate in the woods like that."

Before I could react, his bare foot was on my back, pinning me down, while he grabbed my hands and wrapped rope around the wrists. 

"Hayes! What the hell are you doing?" I yelled.
"Shhh, shut up. Theres other people around!" He whispered.
"No! Let me go right n..." I never got any farther in my speech as he firmly clamped his hand around my mouth. A moment later, he released his hand and just as I was about to protest again, he shoved a wad of cloth in my mouth and tied another around it. It only took a second for me to realize that he gagged me with obne of the thick long hiking socks he used that bad and a thick camo bandana.

He then proceeded to tie my ankles in the same fashion that he tied my wrists before finally putting me in a hogtie.

He watched me as I squirmed and laughed. "Serves you right for not listening to me." He then dragged me into the tent and said "It's 2 am. I'm going to sleep and your coming with me."

He put me in my sleeping bag, put on a clean pair of hiking socks and went to sleep.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night. Not only because of the uncmfortable position I was in but I was also afraid of choking on his sweaty socks while I slept, so that kept me up a while.

Hayed woke with the sun and untied me. Although it wasn't funny that night, we had a good laugh about it the next morning.

"That'll show you to listen to me next time I tell you, or next time it'll be worse."


That wraps up my first story. I welcome comments, both posative and negative so feel free to leave one.


Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 04:58:47 AM
To John and Kael
Glad to see your parents acknowledge your tastes, John. I just hope for you that your dad does not get across Bryan's advice before then even though I agree that for a whole weekend, he might use a little variety, just so you don't go completely numb. Thanks for the Youtube links.

Fine story, Kael, I hope you'll tell us more about your adventures with Hayes.


Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 07:40:58 AM
Nice pictures BuzzBuzz :)

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 10:32:18 AM
mudboygb and Kael, great stories, thanks for posting them.

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 11:55:52 AM
john your stories are getting harder and harder to belive. no parent in there right mind whould keep there child tied up for that long. if you whould have acidently choked on the ball and died what whould the police think if they found you laying naked on the floor. honestly john be a little more realistic.

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 01:22:22 PM
If you are tying someones hands behind their backs try putting a sock on either hand. It prevents the victim using their fingers to undo any nots. If anyone uses this method could they please post a story saying how it turned out? PS great stories everyone! PPS especialy the one about Cath the baby sitter, more please!

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 05:55:02 PM
im trying to stop all this tie up stuff because its ruining my life. does anyone know how to stop?

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 06:02:51 PM
get rid of all your supplies and try not to be tempted by it. i understand it can hurt you socialy and phisicly. try to do things outside of your house do phisical activites like riding your bike or playing a sport.

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 08:01:18 PM
for John, and notonerightnow
John, thanks for writing more your story again, and letting us know what happened this time. And I still think your Dad is cool.

Mr. notonerightnow.
I think you can believe what John and his Dad did is true. I know kids myself who have their fathers tie them up, when they ask them to. And just playingand for fun, not punishment or anything. Not for all night maybe, but long enough.
And Seth, my Uncle ties me lots of times, when I ask him to. He knows I like to be tied up. I don't get gagged like John did, unless he's right there with me, so it's not dangerous.
So, some parents do like to play tie up games with their kids. Maybe you just don't know.

John, please tell us about the weekend you get tied up again by your Dad, if it happens. And Happy Birthday!

Adam F. 

Adam F.

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 08:01:43 PM
That's right...

resist temptation and it gets easier

I'm trying to stop as well, we can chat if that may help...

add msn if you like


Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 08:31:47 PM
i just dont think gagging him like that and making him take all of his clothes is very appropriete or realistic and i dont think its right to ignore his crys to be untied. besides i whould not ask my dad to tie me up. its not that i think he whould be freaked out by it its just kinda inapprorpreite i whould whather ask some one my own age or a little older then me.

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 10:50:31 PM
Tying Steven
When I was a teenager I was babysitting the two neighbor boys, Steve, who was 10 and Mark who was 7. We we getting silly and Steve actually asked if I would tie his feet up. He always went barefoot, and had nice feet, so I said yes. Mark liked to tickle his brother's feet, but he was outside while I used some rope to tie Steve's feet, one on top of the other, then he'd try to get loose. It didn't hold, he kept getting loose, so I finally started tying his ankles instead. When Mark cam in, he started tickling Steve's tied feet as I held them and watched his toes wiggle and struggle as Mark dug his fingers under his brother's toes. It was a lot of fun.
Dan M.

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 11:21:52 PM
John is your dad enjoying this too much?
I think it is wrong for your father to tie you up nude! It wrong for him to take you to the resttroom. When you are blindfolded he could be pleasuring himself! It is surrly is against the law. I think its cool that he will tie you up but put on some clothes. If you require long term tie ups get a cather with a leg bag.

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 12:00:39 AM
totally agree steve. johns dad needs some help or he needs some help himself. 

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 01:00:31 AM
re; John's story
Maybe you guys are right, if that is what they're doing. 
I never thought of that. that would be wrong.
Adam F.

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 01:06:52 AM
Hey can anyone give some tips on selfbondage.



Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 01:18:25 AM
Regardless of whether John's stories are true or not - for we can't possibly know - they are very well written, despite some very typical "teenage-writing"(if there is such thing) typos. So John, as long as you get what you want, it's ok. I would only ask you to describe further how you felt throughout the experience. 

Oh, and Kevin man, there is no way out without repressing a part of yourself. It's so deeply grasped that it is not possible to just get rid of. It's like telling me to stop eating lasagnas, for example, lol. The only thing you can do is exercise control over that desire. If you - or anyone - want to talk about it, my e-mail address is below.

And Dann, please, you're once more making it look like cocaine.

Nicholas H.

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 01:19:09 AM
Hello. My name is Hank (wink wink), and this is a story that just recently happened to me. I just found this site, and decided I could contribute.

First, the backstory:
There is a girl at my school who is a bit weird, soft-spoken, shy, whatever, but through the grapvine I heard she has a crush on me. Fantastic, but she never showed any hints of it, so I ignored it. (She is kind of cute, and I consider myself not too great at dealing with women, so I assumed people were trying to get me embarrased or something.) She didn't do well in school not because she was stupid, but she just really didn't care a whole lot, probably because she grew up in a household where education took a backseat to, say, Maury Povich.

So she is currently attending summer school, and I missed the train to apply for a job anywhere, so I decided to go and see if I could get tutoring jobs. I got 4 kids, and the first 3 I've been hired by the parents. I was hired to tutor for this girl, but SHE hired me, not the parents. (Who can guess the ending now?) She said she wanted to get into a good college, so she needed to start paying more attention to her education so she wasn't living like her parents when she got older. Since her income was a bit slower than others, we worked out a plan that she would pay me 10$ at each session, and then a much larger sum if she passed summer school. And since I had nothing to do during the summer, I said, why not. It'll probably be the same amount of money in the long run anyway.


Finally, the story:
This latest time I arrived at her house, her mom opened the door and I went upstairs to her room, where she already had things set up. I dropped my stuff and we started to get to work. Now, I understand that some people like a description of the people in question, so the next paragraph will be describing myself and this girl, who we'll call Jen from now on. If you don't need descriptions to get a mental image, skip the next paragraph.

I'm probably average height and weight for my age, which is 17, I'm not particularly muscular, I have short black hair, and I was wearing white cargo shorts and a solid blue T-Shirt. In short, I'm nothing out of the ordinary. Jen is a little shorter than me, slim, but nowhere near the bizarre Lohan-Skeletor skinny. And for you guys, she's not exactly the "LOL HUGE CHEST AND BUTTOCKS" girl that seems to live in everybody's town, but I'd say she's doing well for her age, which is 16. She has shoulder length red hair. She was wearing a black tank top and camo cargo shorts. They weren't short-shorts, but they weren't exactly down to her knees either.

Well, now that that's over and done with, the rest of the story. Before we really got into the "tougher" subjects, she stopped and asked me a question; "Could I ask you to do something?"
- "Uh, sure."
- "If I do well this whole session, can I...*pause*....can I try something with you?"
- "What is something?"
- "You'll see."
- "Should I be worried?"
- "No."

So of course, I'm sure you all know where this is going, since she very well may have picked some tips up from the stories on here. She does well, and asks if she can tie me up. Just for a bit. I was skeptical, but I eventually said yes. Had I read anything on this site, I would have known to say no. She sat me in a chair and wrapped my wrists through one of the little supports on the back, and tied them together with duct tape. Quite a lot of duct tape. She then put a tennis ball in my hands and duct taped that there, so now I had no use of my fingers. She then went to work taping my ankles to either leg of the chair, then just below my knees to each leg, and then she starts wrapping the tape around my chest to secure me to the back of the chair. Right about there was when I really started to wonder if this was just for a bit.

" much tape do you need, exactly?" I asked as she finished one roll and fished another out of her dresser drawer, and continued wrapping it around my chest. Finally, when she was done, I heard he rustling around behind me, but I couldn't see what she was doing. She then swung around and sat on my lap facing me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and I was successfully uncomfortable. I tried not to let it show though.
- "(Name erased, just a random girl) told you, didn't she?" she asked me.
- "Told me what?" and I wasn't playing dumb, I was truly confused.
She leaned in and kissed me, and in the suprise of it I went to pull away, (told you I wasn't good with women, because had it been under less, duress shall we say, I probably wouldn't have pulled back.) and as I did I opened my mouth do yell something to the extent of "WHAT THE F***?" But around "WH-" she clamped her hand over my mouth, and I knew this wasn't going to be for a bit.

"Can we be quiet?" She asked me, and I sensed a new level of creepy/evil genius/Willem Dafoe in her voice that I either didn't hear or wasn't there before. I nodded yes, and she slowly released her hand, and I calmly and quietly asked her; "What the f***?"

She responded with, in this order, 1.)"You know now, don't you?" 2.)Another kiss, which I was a bit less thrown off by, and 3.) a sock in the mouth and duct tape wrapped around my head several times, though lovingly avoiding the hair on the back of my head. I tried to repeat my question, but it came out as "WmmMmmFmm?". I had never been tied up before, and this gag was suprisingly good. I struggled to get free and, you guessed it, got nowhere. She took a few pictures of me, which she assured me were only for herself and would not be used to blackmail me with, which I guess made me feel a BIT better, but it kind of weirded me out that she wanted my kidnap in her scrapbook.

In fact, aside from the whole 'decieve-and-kidnap' bit, she was fairly nice to me given my state. No forced make-overs, no blackmails, she just kind of enjoyed the new centerpiece of her room. She did do some little "romantic" things with/to me, but I think that doesn't need to be off the site, and I assure you it was in no way physically intrusive, and all of our clothing stayed on at all times, so if people really want the full rundown of what happened, just say so and I'll post it. It's not actually innappropriate, I just don't know where Canuck draws the line at "sexual".

Regardless, she kept me there for quite a while, and I have to admit it wasn't horrible. I probably would have enjoyed our time together more without the whole duct tape and chair and sock bit, but I'm still not complaining. I have another session with her next week, so we'll see if anything happens, but she showed me how being tied up can be fun under the right circumstances. I might even go so far as to say she's my girlfriend now, so I may even see her before her next session.

And that's that then. I'd appreciate feedback if anyone is giving it.


Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 01:31:25 AM
straight jacket
hey kathleen, the 11 year old girl, if you are reading this email me back and tell me where i can get a straight jacket, i have been looking for one and cant find any place that sells them, so tell me where to get them, and if anybody else knows, can u tell me as well

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 03:15:09 AM
John's stories...
thought John never in fact asked for any feedback,

it's amazing to see so many not hold their tongue.

John, you alone know whether the stories are in fact true, but yea, if they are, he's not a man you should be alone with.

Not that way,

and I'm sorry your Mom realizes, and doesn't interfere.


Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 09:51:15 AM
This is for a story leah posted a while back about being tied and suspended, i just did something like that and got stuck in my closet for forty minutes! Man I didnt think it through. :(

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 11:43:00 AM
john,at your age you should know that having a grown man make you take your clothes off and tie you up is wrong and it just seems there was a sextual tone in the story. i dont think your dad is the right person to ask to tie you up that way.

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 04:15:36 PM
The Cold Night

Your comments on Buzz are a little unnecessary. 

First/ why take the Lord's name in vain? Exclaiming "My God" is not helping your case.

Second/ Waddaya mean he looks 14? What's he doing that a fourteen year old shouldn't? On his own site where the pics were first posted, he claims to be 12!

Third/ Your statement "it is people like those unnamed posters who give sites like this a bad name " is tottaly unfounded scaremongering the like of which is rarely seen outside of the cheap tabloid newspapers. Sites like this do not have a bad name. To which particular "unnamed" posters are you referring? Ah, sorry, I forgot, you can't tell us 'cos they're unnamed! And which people is it who are like these unnamed posters.

The first part of your post is hardly worthy of a reply but I thought I would just for the laugh!

Not a bad story though, even though your friend is a despicable character with poor relationship values ("competative and somewhat violent with a tendancy to be arrogant and contolling, however, many people would agree that his case is worse than most.") Competative, VIOLENT!, arrogant, controlling and worse than most! A wonderfull role model for the young teen readers we have here, dontyathink?

Best regards



Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 04:19:24 PM
Sorry. Typo. "My God" should have read "Good God"

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 04:33:56 PM
also was john laying on the bed with his dad or was he on the floor. i hope he wasent on the bed with him becuse then something is terribly wrong

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 04:37:39 PM

I meant no offense to Buzzbuzz at all. I understand that pictures help better illustrate a story and that he, and everyone else, has a right to post them where he chooses.

My comments were adressed to those who left no name and left these comments.

"Monday, August 7th 2006 - 09:57:57 AM

good pics. would like to see some of you with the pants down. tied up in your undies"

"Tuesday, August 8th 2006 - 02:59:32 PM

good pics. would like to see some of you with the pants down. tied up in your undies 

i totally agree with whoever wrote this about buzz, would be great to see. 

The above posters, I do believe are out of line. If you disagree that is your oppinion. Again, I apologise for any confusion that may have caused, perhaps next time you will do further research and think before you post.

As for Hayes's personality... I can't say that I disagree with you, he isn't really a "good guy," especially in that partiular story. If you were offended by him, you are welcome to skip over my stories which involve him.

Thanks for the feedback.


Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 05:55:43 PM
harrowboy good god is not using the lords name in vain.

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 06:15:42 PM


you were absolutely right in the calls that you made...

thank you for a genuine concern for Buzz Buzz and his welfare.

He's only 12.


Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 08:18:41 PM
Hank, well written story but......

Lets see, she deceived you,lied to you,betrayed your trust & took advantage when you were helpless. What a great way to start a relationship bondage or otherwise. I wonder if they are her values away from the bedroom?

I did much the same with a new boy at school once, but I didn't need to lie or deceive him. We just agreed to some fun 'roll-play' & trust games & with no pics to be taken without permission.

We have remained great friends ever since.


Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 09:36:33 PM
hi im Travis and one i was at my brothers friends house to sleep over and my brothers freind Ethan had a lil sister and so her name is marry and i was bout 11 maybe but she was like 13 and i was talking bout a show and someone got tied up in tape to a chair and i was like i wouldint like that so she was like o well its ur lucky day i was like ops y did i tell her and i couldint say no and so she was looking for some tape and we went up to her room she hogtied me first i got out of it and then she grabed me and said sit on that chair and i did and she tied me up in some tipe of yarn she gaged me wit the tape my arms to the chair and she used all the rope so i couldint get out of that one she said she was gonna put make-up on meand i yelled thew the gag and said Noo so she didint and she lift me there for like 2hr and un tied me and at the end i did like it and she was gonna come down in the basment and tie me up wile i was asleep she didint but yea it was fun. 
but if any one in indianapalis want to tie me up plzz contact me on aim its Drummerguyrocks or email me at drummerguy84@cs.comand if any one wants to talk bout tie up stuff just say ok g2g

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 10:21:37 PM
Thanks for inserting spaces between the words. 

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 11:00:37 PM
Did anyone who was accusing John's dad notice the part where John specifically asked to be tied up without clothes all night? Where he showed him a link of guys hogtied and gagged saying "This is what I want," including one where the guy was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs?

It sounded to me like John's dad did exactly what John asked him to, and frankly the only "vibe" that I got was that he wanted to squash his son's obsession by giving him exactly what he wanted even when he recanted later.


Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 11:48:09 PM
z,there is something you need to understand as a parent you have a responsibility to set boundries for your children and tell them right from wrong. john is probly in the starting stages of puberty and is confused about things. as a father his dad has a responsibilitys to tell him that it whould be inappropreite to tie him up naked. unfourtuntly john dad didnt do this and now john will think that when he has children he can do this as well it is called being an irresponcible parent and not doing your duty as a parent. Its kind of sad how these days people have kids and raise them this way. 

Thursday, August 10th 2006 - 11:54:12 PM
I honestly wouldn't still talk to her or anything if I didn't completely trust her. She is totally commited to keeping her word in all other aspects except that little adventure, I could have asked to be untied and she more than likely would have.

Once I understood what was happening I'd say it became consensuel (sp.?), and I think she wanted to get me in it rather than just ask me so that I could see what I thought of it.

I understand that concern completely, but I trust her more than almost anyone.


Friday, August 11th 2006 - 01:11:22 AM
Something you need to understand is that John will probably seek out others to indulge his fantasy, and considering the dangerousness of his fantasy it's BEST that it happen in the presense of a trustworthy adult, and I don't see where there's any sign that his father is not one. Don't forget that the first thing that John's father did when John approached him was to do some research on the matter, specifically whether or not he should involve himself and how to do it safely.

Friday, August 11th 2006 - 01:23:39 AM
Z its not my job to say if these people he asked are creditible or if he realy did ask. all i have to say is that i whould tell him not to let him be naked at all becuse it whould add a sextual feel to the expereince which is both not healthy to john or his dad. besides he put tape over johns eyes what could he have been doing with his clothes off laying in johns bed naked. im sorry but it is just sick.

Friday, August 11th 2006 - 02:34:56 AM
'notonerightnow' is absolutely right...

there's such thing as 'ADULT JUDGMENT'

or there should be anyway...

saying 'no' sometimes to what a child thinks they want...

with a greater concern for their BEST INTEREST


Friday, August 11th 2006 - 03:05:23 AM
thank you dann

Friday, August 11th 2006 - 06:01:27 AM
To Dina
Ok I read a post of yours just now from febuary saying that you got into bondage when seeing small soldiers and its the same thing with me. Idk why it was interesting.

Friday, August 11th 2006 - 08:00:04 PM
my fantasy
hey me again. i'm in the middle of two long stories right now and thought that i would post one of my nice, quick ones.Anyway im female 15 and bi my gf is called chelsea and she is nearly 16 and normally really lovaly, but she has a bad temper, anyway i love her.

anyway im very strange and i keep a book of my fanfasys and most of them involve chelsea and some are very very embaresing and i won't let anyonre read them including chelsea.

Chelsae knows i like to be tied up and one day when i was just laying on my bed with her she took my wrists and started tying them tgether, them she opened my draw to get more to tie my feet up but she also took out my fantasy book which she just put on the floor and continued to tie my feet very tight. once she was done she grabbed my book and started reading it, and all i could do was watch her and beg her not to read it, it was so embaresing, i struggled like mad and managed to get my hands un tied then i was able to grab it off of her 

The end 


Friday, August 11th 2006 - 09:48:21 PM
A few Things
My name is no longer Erikalover. I felt I needed to change the name. 

Now where the HELL has this site gone. Every story written now gets negative feedback after negatvie feedback. They are good stories. Let me point out John ASKED to be tied up in the way he was for the time he was. Would you rather have his friends tie him up that way? The stories are still good on this site but the site seems to being turning into a forum about the stories more then a story board. 

Enough is Enough on this John Thing.


Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 01:43:07 AM
and BTW i am not sticking up for myself this time. i return to defend john. i dont read this page as much as i use to, but i came on the other day and read this great story from John and then here he is being attacked by the far-right thats says because someone is tied up naked it is "bad" thats a bunch of crap and you know it.
Jerry Burns

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 04:26:44 AM
does anyone have a story which the girls tie up boys?

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 05:45:17 AM
To Rae&SarahLover
I completely agree with you. I just found this site like five days ago and i noticed that as the months past there were way less stories and more feedback, im lucky to see one short story up here a day. I think we should get out of the feedback and into the stories. I'd post a story up but sadly I have yet to experience bondage though i have grown a fetish for it.

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 12:15:47 PM
Hogtieing cousin
About five years ago my cousin would come over and spend a night over at each others house. This time it was my house we were staying at and we would play games and watch movies. My mom went out and did some shoping and she be back in a little while. So me and my cousinate lunch and then decided to play a game of cops and robers she was the rober and I was the person she was going to steal from. we went to the oppiste sides of the house the first one to seen would be tied up. so after a mintue she cught me and lead me to the bag were we capt our tie up things. so she sarted to tie my hands and feet together then stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth and tied anther one wound my mouth to keep the frist one in but it wasn't very good sience i was still able to make a lot of noise but that was all we to use and that was all we do if we get free that would be the end of the game but this she had an extra rope in her bag she burght for the night but I didn't know what she was doing until it was to late. I was sturing hard but it was to tight and I couldn't move she left and I think she stated talking to someone on the phone I was thinking see planed this form the being if my mom left. After an hour i was geting pretty tierd and i just almost had my gag off when mom came in (they never knew of our tie up games) she came into the room I was in and when she saw me she had a horrifing look on her face she came and took off the almost off gag and ask what happened I said that me and alex were playing cops and robers and she clamed down. she looked at me and said that alex did a good job except for the gag but I said thats all we had and she said hold on and put the cleave gag back on while I was asking her to untie me but all that came out was mmpphh. after a minute she came back with bandans and duct tape she rolled the bandans into two balls and then took off the cleave gag and stuck them in while I was trying to say what are you doing but all that came out was mmmmmppppphhhhh then took the cleave gag and put it back on then took the duct tape tore off six or seven and put them over the cleave gag I couldn't even make any nosie just then alex came in asking my mom what she was doing she told her that she was improving the gag alex came over to look and said that was a good gag and asked were she know how to do it she said she play these games when she was young. I was trying to tell my mom to undo the hogtie but didn't get was I was saying. she saying to alex that she sould undo the hogtie but she said that I wanted to be hogtied mom looked at me and I shok my head saying yes because alex knew my tickles spot and I would still be tied up for her to tickl me and I didn't want to be tickled so mom left and alex took me to another room saying she would be back in 1 or 2 hours. So in three hours she undid every thin saying it was time for super as we were puting the stuff away I sowr I get revenge but never did. 

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 02:58:29 PM
To Eddie
Pretty cool story dude, i enjoyed reading it. I wish my mom were into bondage. Shes like 49 so he doesnt really like to do anything but sit around all day.

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 04:01:01 PM
Hank -
Twin remarks -

1. Girl should have come clean; non-consenting, yet at same time,

2. You did fail to find out just what she wished to do if the tutoring session was 'especially good.'

Please be more careful, and now that all is done, I'm happy, it was fun, for you. It could as easily have been, tragedy.


Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 04:01:57 PM
RE: John
John I wrote that you should not have your father tie you up naked and got alot of flack from other readers. I did not say that you should not have him tie you up. I think thats great I just think you should have a little clothing even if its just a g-string. Bryan suggested you wear a dog shock collar and I thought that was barbarick another reader said she hoped your father did not read it. Well I went to utube and typed in shock collar. People play with them alot. Maybe its a good idea. If you don't talk you won't get shocked so its not really a torture and a gag can choke a person. Also you said you made alot of noise to get your father up. With the collar you won.t make any noise. Bryan also suggested variety you could have your father run a rope around your neck tied very loosley and knottted so it wont tighten up then run down to a rope around your waist and tied to a rope around your waist then have your hand tied up high on your back rather then low on your waist.

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 05:15:34 PM
Tying up naked is bad
... and that's not "crap" as some people suggested. There's no reason why John's father couldn't have tied him up with clothes on — at least underwear. An adult tying a kid up naked is molestation, even if it's a parent. It's just wrong, and I pity those who are incapable of seeing that.

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 05:53:57 PM
Dorain you fail to see the point still. He asked to be tied up NAKED. He wanted itso thats why his father did it. Im not him or his father, but my guess is he did it for that reason not to get pleasure from it. Dman leave it to some people to take everything and put it into the worst possible thing.

Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 07:08:18 PM
i've commented before that your pictures are not in the sense you make them out to be. Yes sure its you, but its not someone else who has tied you up. You are in the same room you were in before, any shots of your hands are only simple ties which anyone could do and they are always by your side, any other shots your hands or wirsts cannot be seen behind your back.

Its self bondage and i just hope im not the only one who noticed. Before you used the tape on a bed post in order to bind your arms to your side, simply by spinning around roatating the tape around your body.


Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 09:48:54 PM
you need to understand something. i belive if there are two adults with eachother then it is fine but when a child is envolved there should be no nudity once so ever it is just inappropreite and not healthy for the child you can tie him up fullly clothed that is fine. this is why i am starting to belive that this storie is fake becuse i dont think any parent in there right mind whould do somthing like this.becuse a parent understands what a child always wants isent always in there best interest.

Sunday, August 13th 2006 - 05:10:24 AM
I agree with "whatever". BuzzBuzz's pictures were selfbondage photos and none of his stories ever happened. 

I noticed the roll of tape on the bed post and noticed the scissors conveniently lying next to BuzzBuzz on the floor. In addition in most of the ties BuzzBuzz was placed in were very flimsy and could be broken free with brute force. 

His stories and pictures are entertaining and I’m sure he meant well, but I’m annoyed that BuzzBuzz claims that his stories and pictures are fact and chooses not to tell the truth.


Sunday, August 13th 2006 - 03:53:08 PM
Check out my story "Unexpected Restraint" from July I think...

Sunday, August 13th 2006 - 08:54:30 PM
Steve -
Steve, it's fact, that the lowest of electrical shocks, can stop a person's heart. "That's a fact, Jack." Don't believe me? Ask any M.D. / EMT. Your counsel on this is therefore, dangerous and, foolish.

Also foolish, and dangerous, is your assertion that, a "loosely" applied, knotted in place noose poses no hazard. Ligatures of any form in any way about the neck are an absolute NO. Don't believe me? Read LORELEI's horror stories of all-too-frequent Auto-Erotic Fatalities at:

Not knocking you Steve. Only wanting you, John and everyone here to be ALIVE for the next Happy bind.

- Laz

Sunday, August 13th 2006 - 11:03:10 PM
paint ball battle summer of 2006
well i think i will be the one to start things up with a storie:

this storie envolves ten people:team tom which includeds:me{15},nick{16},steven{15},and phil{16}.

team joe:joe{16},seth{15},derek{15},and chris{16}

i am 15 and i am a big paint ball phanatic and alot of the kids in my school have started up teams so on the last few days of school some of the guys on my team and i decided we should have a big summer tournament between a rival team {we will call them team joe} in the school and our team {team tom).

we whould play on a wooded property that nicks dad owns its pretty big about a three-forths of a mile long and about a half a mile wide. it whould be a game of capture the flag each team got there own base which whould be messured out evenly then in between there whould be free land whitch if you were shot any were in the free land by the oppisite team you whould be forced to serender and taken into captivity by the other team. the team can tie you up however they want to with tape,rope, or anything and you may be gagged and blindfolded and if you are able to get free or your teammate frees you you may leave at your own risk.and of course whoever gets the other teams flag first wins. 

On the last day of school i approched the captain of the team joe who the team is named after. and told him about the tournament. I explained the wooded area were we whould hold it and the captivity rules at first he was a little bit hesitant about the rules but he finally aggreed that on july 15 the tournament whould begin.

on the day before the start of the tournament me and nick went to the hardwear store to get some of the supplies we needed. we got 10 jumbo rolls of duct tape,about 25 good zip ties and a large roll of twine rope,about 25 bandanas and of course plenty of paint.

that night we all got together at my house to plan our battle and to distribute supplies and equipment. we each got 2 rolls of tape,5 zip ties about 20 feet of rope and 5 bandanas and we were ready for battle.

will coutinue tonight or in the morning............ 


Sunday, August 13th 2006 - 11:41:54 PM
talk to aaron_catella on yahoo messenger and ask for his older brother. tell his older brother (named jared) to tie aaron up in his high school wrestling uniform on webcam.

post pics if u see him


Monday, August 14th 2006 - 02:52:46 AM
Shocking and playing with ropes
I will say this now, and remind people here of the case where someone shoved a gob stopper into another persons mouth and they died, it was all a practical joke...

Do not, and I repeat, do not play with your lives or even think to suggest that type of thing to another person. Playing with electricity is dangerous. Alot of people believe that an Automatic External Defribilator starts the heart so small voltage of electricity couldn't be a bad thing. You are very, very wrong.

An AED stops the heart in hopes that the heart will restart itself. It is only used when a patient has ventral tachycardia or ventrical fibulation. Not like you see in the movies. The heart has to be actually beating or have an bioelectric signature. People playing with a shock collar are risking causing death. First and foremost, children's hearts and cardiac systems are far more prone to causing irrepairable damage by this type of play, even playing with a tens machine, than they know. This is not suggested, nor encouraged. You may have seen it on YouTube, but alot of the cases not shown on YouTube end in the Morgue for children and adults. Anyone here hear about the kid who died at Disneyland recently because of a Congenital Heart Defect? Do you know what would happen to someone who had one and then got shocked by a dog shock collar? You'd kill them. Do not, and I repeat, do not ever suggest this. In fact, I hope your post gets removed because I guarantee you, the results will play a part on your conscience for the rest of your natural life that you contributed to someones death.

As for making sure someone can't really speak or say anything. Bad idea...the more you restrict their ability to talk, the more you cut off a breathing passage and encourage the choking reflex. Yes, some people can learn to breath through their nose, but in actual fact that will only keep you alive for so long. A whole night of just breathing through your nose and you'll be suffering from moderate to extreme oxygen deprevation. Your body breaths in, through your mouth, about 16 percent of the Oxygen in the Air, it needs about 8 percent of it to live, per breath. Through your nose, that is lessened by quite a bit. A proper gag or playful gag, should allow for some air to enter the lungs through the gag and the nose so as to give enough air for the victim to live a bit more comfortably.

As for the neck, I will tell you this, mistakes happen. What if it did tighten on John, do you really want to play that game? Did you even think of what you typed...Basically, have him bound, with a gag that provides him little to no air circulation, or ability to show or emit real distress calls, a shock collar and a noose? no, John, do not ask for this at all. If you value you life, stay away from this type of "play". You are playing with your life and you would also be potentially sending your father to jail for first degree murder. Do not play the "what if" game in Tie-ups. NEVER play it. Tie them to a bed, and play it safe. Give them a way to make sure that if there is an emergency, proper messures can be taken.

Trust me, this is comming from someone who does know the body and biological systems as well as the medical aspect of things. Please do not cause needless damage to your body, it was given to you for a reason, don't abuse it.


Monday, August 14th 2006 - 02:52:56 AM
Shocking and playing with ropes
I will say this now, and remind people here of the case where someone shoved a gob stopper into another persons mouth and they died, it was all a practical joke...

Do not, and I repeat, do not play with your lives or even think to suggest that type of thing to another person. Playing with electricity is dangerous. Alot of people believe that an Automatic External Defribilator starts the heart so small voltage of electricity couldn't be a bad thing. You are very, very wrong.

An AED stops the heart in hopes that the heart will restart itself. It is only used when a patient has ventral tachycardia or ventrical fibulation. Not like you see in the movies. The heart has to be actually beating or have an bioelectric signature. People playing with a shock collar are risking causing death. First and foremost, children's hearts and cardiac systems are far more prone to causing irrepairable damage by this type of play, even playing with a tens machine, than they know. This is not suggested, nor encouraged. You may have seen it on YouTube, but alot of the cases not shown on YouTube end in the Morgue for children and adults. Anyone here hear about the kid who died at Disneyland recently because of a Congenital Heart Defect? Do you know what would happen to someone who had one and then got shocked by a dog shock collar? You'd kill them. Do not, and I repeat, do not ever suggest this. In fact, I hope your post gets removed because I guarantee you, the results will play a part on your conscience for the rest of your natural life that you contributed to someones death.

As for making sure someone can't really speak or say anything. Bad idea...the more you restrict their ability to talk, the more you cut off a breathing passage and encourage the choking reflex. Yes, some people can learn to breath through their nose, but in actual fact that will only keep you alive for so long. A whole night of just breathing through your nose and you'll be suffering from moderate to extreme oxygen deprevation. Your body breaths in, through your mouth, about 16 percent of the Oxygen in the Air, it needs about 8 percent of it to live, per breath. Through your nose, that is lessened by quite a bit. A proper gag or playful gag, should allow for some air to enter the lungs through the gag and the nose so as to give enough air for the victim to live a bit more comfortably.

As for the neck, I will tell you this, mistakes happen. What if it did tighten on John, do you really want to play that game? Did you even think of what you typed...Basically, have him bound, with a gag that provides him little to no air circulation, or ability to show or emit real distress calls, a shock collar and a noose? no, John, do not ask for this at all. If you value you life, stay away from this type of "play". You are playing with your life and you would also be potentially sending your father to jail for first degree murder. Do not play the "what if" game in Tie-ups. NEVER play it. Tie them to a bed, and play it safe. Give them a way to make sure that if there is an emergency, proper messures can be taken.

Trust me, this is comming from someone who does know the body and biological systems as well as the medical aspect of things. Please do not cause needless damage to your body, it was given to you for a reason, don't abuse it.


Monday, August 14th 2006 - 03:06:50 AM
dude, drop the act there is no "Jared". We know you're just doing self bondage on your webcam.

Monday, August 14th 2006 - 04:07:50 AM
what a night!
One time when I was 13 to 14 years old I was at my friends for the night so his mom could babysit me even though I felt having a babysitter was unnecessary.

well anyway,me and my friend were just messing around making a load of noise and his mom asked us to be quiet and we decided to talk back,at that time his mom told us"its time for bed"so i began my protest saying"its only 11:00 iam not going to sleep yet"she told me to "go now or I would regret it later" I just brushed it off and went to bed in the guestroom.

Later that night,I woke up with a hand clamped tightly over my mouth i quickly realized it was my friends mom,she had duct taped my hands together and was straddlig my chest handgagging me,i mmmphed but her hand was so tight on my mouth it barely made a sound,i was trying to scream to my friend for help but later found out he was already tied up.

At this point she just shushed me and took her hand off my mouth I was gonnaa ask her to stop but she quickly forced a dish rag in my mouth and said"dont even think about spitting that out"then she used belts to tie my ankles and thighs together and secured my hands to the bed post with more duct tape.

She then said "dont move i will be right back"i gave a few quick mmmmphs and she was gone,so i spit out the rag and started to struggle against my binds,at that time she came back in the room with a blindfold and a gag,it was like a ballgag with a leather strap that covers your mouth,she looked at me and said you dont listen well do you,i started to yell"please somebody help"she jumped on the bed and covered my mouth again with her hand.

i was screamin as loud as i could and she told me to be quiet and she would take her hand away so I nodded so she took her hand off my mouth i begged her to let me go she just said"i told you to go to sleep but you talked back so this is your punishment"i went to ask her again to let me go at that point she put the gag in my mouth and said"boy you talk to much"i couldnt utter a sound the ball filled my mouth and the strap muffled all other noise.

Then she put the blindfold on me I tried to squirm and mmmmph but i was completely helpless,she untaped my hands only to re tape them behind my back so she could lay me on my stomach so i wouldnt choke or nothing,she then told me to keep it down and go to sleep,i spen most of the night trying to get loose or work my gag out but i wasnt going anywhere,oddly enough i really enjoyed being gagged and tied up a lot and i felt the punishment was alot better then getting hit or stuff like that.

In the morning she came in and took off my blindfold and untied me,but she wouldn't let me remove the gag she said"you have to wear that until I feel content you won't talk back to me"i stayed gagged for about another half hour and then she took the gag off which even though I loved it I was relieved because my jaw was strained a little.

I yelled out to my friend that i was about to leave but his mom just laughed and said"oh thanks for reminding me i forgot to untie him"once my friend was untied i asked does she do that often and he told me"thats how he gets punished for talking back and since I talked back i had to get the same punishment as him"

Before i left I apologized to my friends mom for acting up but deep down I was kinda happy i did because i really enjoyed the punishment....


Monday, August 14th 2006 - 09:24:02 AM
To anonymous
Great story whoever you are, I wish my mom punished me like that, it would be great! 

Monday, August 14th 2006 - 12:59:37 PM
Hey, if anyone lives in the upper michigan or wisconsin area or in wisconsin and is interested in some TUG's get ahold of me. IM a 16 year old, pretty fit male, blonde, blue eyes and like tugs. My AIM is joeyloves17, my Yahoo is niagara2009 and my MSN is 
Hope to chat to some of you guys soon.



Monday, August 14th 2006 - 02:39:55 PM
paint ball battle summer 2006 part 2
the 15th had finally arrived and we were ready for the battle.

we had to walk about a two miles from nicks house to the battle site. it was about 8:00 in the mourning but the battle wasent sapouse to start until about 10:00 but we wanted to get are base set up so we had plenty of time.

we had volentered three officials for the battle.


when we got to the battle site we tied our flag on a tree branch at our base. we then got out our head sets which was the type that the marines use there expencive but there worth it.

we also had a officials radio that was used by the offials to call time outs and to call the start of the battle.

at about 9:50 we were given the ten minute warning so we loaded our guns. and ten minutes later we were given the go.

me,steve and phil were on the first offenceive team.and nick and shane were on guard.

we started walking together but as soon as we reached the free zone we split up steve went to the left. phil went to the right and i went down the center as they started walking at an angle we started to hear something coming from straight ahead and i radioed for both of them to look out and hide behind the trees.

as i looked ahead i saw two members of team joe and radioed for my men to be ready to fire on my camand as they got closer they started to trash talk telling me to just give up and that it whould be over soon. but right as they got next to the tree that steve was behind i yelled out "fire"!!. and no more then a second later one man was down.

the other target had ran off as soon as he heard the shots but that was ok becuse we had our first captive.

as we approched him we had our guns drawn becuse we didnt know if there waws anyone behind us but suprisingly he gave up with out a fight.

we had hit him on his side. i then took his helmet off and found it was chris.

i said "well that didnt take long" i then asked if was ok he said he was. i then gave him some water.

I then forced his hands behind his back and taped his wrist with duct tape and pulled out a bandana and put it throght his teeth. i then put some tape over that to seal it. and then i put some tape over his eyes.

as i walked chris back to the base the others guys followed but made sure nobody ws behind us.

when we got to base i put chris on his knees then used a zip tie to connect his wrist to his ankles and put more tape around his chest.

i then told steve to stay back and nick to come with me and phil on the out team and told the other guys to keep a good eye on chris and to make sure he dosent mess with his bindings.

will continue tonight...................... 


Monday, August 14th 2006 - 07:06:25 PM
Is Jennifer still around?
Is Jennifer still around? Her stories are cute, clean, and innocent fun.

If you're here, Jennifer, just know that there are quite a few people who would love to know what happened next. I for one really appreciate your stories.

Monday, August 14th 2006 - 07:16:13 PM
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter if the kid asked his father to tie him up naked. His father should know better. Consentual or not, that's molestation, and will get his father arrested if he continues it. Rae&SarahLover, people are making a big deal because it IS a big deal. We're talking felony, here.

Monday, August 14th 2006 - 11:03:52 PM
Dorain- you don't actually know what molestation means, do you?

Monday, August 14th 2006 - 11:12:06 PM
yes it is true it may not be molestation but john may have not told the whole story but it could be child endagerment or unlawful restraint becuse john did tell his dad he wanted to be untied.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 08:47:36 AM
Can Someone help me out I'm looking for pages that tell you how to tie yourself up.
I saw a good one a while ago with a boy who showed how to do complex hogties, simple hogties, chair ties and all of these had pictures if anyone is kind enough to tell me of this site or other sites it would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 08:47:47 AM
Can Someone help me out I'm looking for pages that tell you how to tie yourself up.
I saw a good one a while ago with a boy who showed how to do complex hogties, simple hogties, chair ties and all of these had pictures if anyone is kind enough to tell me of this site or other sites it would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 10:33:40 AM
go there for the self bondage
hope that helped

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 11:49:08 AM
hogtied cousins part 1of 2
I have another story for everyone so if you liked hogtieing cousin you will like this one. It was a nice spring day in has been four weeks since my cousin alex has been over and I was having her over today were I get my revenge on her. she got there in the moring but my mom dad and sister were home and decied not to do but insted to play out side. that night mom and dad were going out leaving my 16 year old siter babysitting us at the time I was 7 and alex was 8. Now my sister was very hot she was in cheerleading and softball and on that night she was wereing one of those shirts that shows her belly and wore jeans she had brown hair and eyes. I was wereing a tshirt and jeans and my cousin wore the same. Any way my mom and dad made us super then went out to a friends house so my sister said keep it down you two your you be sorry so we said ok and she went into living room and probly listen to music so we thought this be a perfect time to do a tie up game. so we grabed our stuff and went up satirs scence mom knew of our tie up game she got us lots of things that we could us to tie each other up. we went to each side of the house frist person to get cought gets tied up. Yet agine alex cought me and had tied me up agine but with out the hogtie as she was turning to leave I herd her fall to the ground to she my sister tieing her hands and feet togerther and cleave gaged her. it wans't till then that we were in my sisters room and sighed into my gag. as she was chaking our bonds the phone rang and she went to answer it if we were lucky that it was one of her friends she would be on for hours so me and alex scotted togetherto untie our hands then I herd her put down the phone and walk back to the room when she saw as like that she pulled us apart after that she told us that mom called saying there satying over night and won't be back till tommore after noon she also said she was leaving us like this till then and we both began to mmmppphhh loudly and she said you to are to jumpy to go to seelp and went to get somthing me and alex were to far apart toget each other and after a minute she was back holding a white cloth and went tords alex then put the cloth over her nosie see was trying to get her off and couldn't do it then after a mintue she fell to sleep then I relized she had chlorform she then said your turn I manged to take a breath and hold so I didn't breath it in and she saw it to and put it up to my nosie and tickled me leting all the air out after a couple of breth ins I got grogy and went to sleep.
to be contnued.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 12:53:47 PM
A Long Camping Trip (part 3)
A Long Camping Trip (Part 3)

Well, I guess its time for me to continue my story I got a good deal of positive feedback last time. So I am going to continue the story today. I am sorry that I am progressing so slowly, but it takes a lot of time to type out a story of this length with all the detail I prefer to throw in. Anyway, enough chitchat, on with the story.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

(This line of dots is what I use to mark a passage of a significant amount of time in my stories. I am picking up at the next experience I had relevant to this site over the next five days. We arrived at the campground, checked in, pitched camp, ate lunch and dinner, and did some other activities that I really don't recall all that well. If I included all the details it would take me several more post just to get to the next experience I had relevant to this site. I am posting my childhood tie up game experiences here, not writing a novel about my camping trip when I was 8 year old. Well, time to move on.)

Night drifted in slowly over the horizon as the sun sank low behind the treetops surrounding our campsite. Our site was situate on the southern side of the campground in a secluded wooded area set aside from the main camping area. This place was out of the way and reserved for long-term campers who would be staying anywhere from a week to the full season. It was close to some of the activities, but the lake and the main concession stand were on the other side of the park about a 10-minute walk away. Since it was early in the week, the area was not crowded and we were at least 4 or 5 sites away from the closest other campers. 

The rain had come and gone as it pleased throught the day. However, the clouds had finally made their way from the sky allowing leaving a clear open summer sky. The sun set open the way for the stars and moon that blanketed and lit the cool summer sky brightly. The rain had left a cool chill in the air. I felt it distinctly as a light summer breeze blew the cold dank air against my cheeks. It was a cold night for summer, I think it was someplace between 50 and 60 degrees. 

I drew my arms folded against my chest to guard from the cold as the focus of my attention shifted from the sky to the campfire. It had been burning strongly since we cooked dinner over it several hours ago. Mary and Sean had continued to feed the fire at regular intervals in order to keep it burning strongly. I looked down at the ground towards my feet, which were fairly warm despite the cold air. I yawned and shifted my attention back to the fire and then around the circle at each of my siblings. Mary and Sean were talking about their plans for the fall. Scott looked bored and tired just as much as I did. It was already half an hour past our normal summer bedtime. I was already dressed for the occasion as was Sean. Mary and Scott were still in there day clothes. 

I still like to wear pajamas to bed when I went camping at that age. Scott preferred to sleep in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Sean was wearing a set of flannel pajamas with pants and long sleeves and a set of flip-flops. It was weird, he didn't usually wear pajamas at home, but he did when we went on camping trips and vacation. I guess he just like to relax in them when he was on a break. Mary was still dressed in her jeans and T-shirt from earlier in the day. I knew that Mary had brought pajamas too, but she didn't like to change into them until she was ready for bed. I was dressed the warmest of all of us. 

I was dressed in another set of footed pajamas very similar to the ones I wore in the first part of the story. They were a one-piece cotton garment with a front zipper down to the waist and built in feet. They were identical to my other set except they were a solid pink rather than the blue snowflake print. I often wore pajamas with the built in feet at that age. (I still have a set that I sometimes wear on cold winter nights.) I had the sandals I wore earlier during the car ride down strapped over my pj feet because I was outside and didn't want to get my pajamas all dirty. I was sitting in my camp chair watching the fire burn slowly. 

In addition to my pajamas and sandals, I was also wearing two other accessories to guard against the cool night air. Overtop of my pajamas, I was also wearing a hooded sweatshirt that belonged to Scott. In my hurry to pack for camp, both Sean and I had overlooked the fact that it might be cold despite being August. Scott had thought a little better ahead and packed himself a sweatshirt just in case. He let me borrow it when I complained that I was cold. The sweatshirt was gray in color and you could easily tell that it was several sizes too big for me. Scott was big for his age and I was small for mine. The sweatshirt fit me loosely and baggy, the bottom almost came all the way down to my knees. Also, the sleeves were almost six inches too long for my arms, but this allowed me to pull my hands inside against the cold. Despite being too big, I was glad to have it. It was the kind that you pulled over you head with a hood that could be tightened with a string. Scott had tightened the hood snugly against the outline of my head to help keep me warm and tied the string off securely in a bow. 

Finally, I should mention that I was weaning one other article of clothing that I had found accidentally earlier in the night. Earlier despite my best efforts to keep warm in the sweatshirt, my hands were still cold from the night air. So, I decide to stick them into the sweatshirt's pocket to warm them up. To my surprise, I found that Scott had left a pair of mittens that he wore in the fall and winter in the pocket. The mittens were made soft blue fleece and had a second layer that lined them internally for added warmth. I decided to dawn them as an added ward against the cold. They were a little big and bulky but they were warm. I put them on and tucked the open ends of the cuffs into the ribbon trim on my pajamas to keep the heat in and tighten the fit down a little. Scott had laughed and said "Boy Jen, you look just like a big bunny rabbit, all bundled up for Halloween." I remembered the rabbit costume I had worn last year he was making reference to.

I shook the teasing off with a quiet laugh and told him that I didn't care what I looked like as long as I was warm. I thanked him again for the loan of his jacket. I had also folded my legs Indian style up on the chair and attempted to cover them with the bottom edge of the sweatshirt as best I could. Between that and the fire I had warmed up and was enjoying the evening talking with my Mary and my older brothers. .............

I woke up groggily, I must have dozed off for a few minutes, and Sean had already gone to the camper for the night. Mary and Scott were still sitting by me next to the fire. Mary Said "Well Jen, if you two are really that tired maybe you should go to bed, its well past your bed time anyway." "We have a big day tomorrow and I want you well rested. It was likely a little after nine thirty by now. Scott and I nodded and headed for the tent we had pitched earlier. Mary took a last look at the fire and knocked it down; so, it could not burn outside the fire ring. Then she looked our way to make sure we reached the tent. Then she headed for the camper for the night. Sean and Mary were going to sleep in the RV, while Scott and I shared a tent. It was a 4-person dome tent and had plenty of room for the two of us to sleep. The tent was white and red in color and had a single zipper door situated to the left side at the front. I had trouble with the zipper because of the mittens on my hands. Scott opened the door for me and I entered followed by him. Then he zipped the door behind us. Little did I know that I was in for a night to remember.

Once we were inside the tent, Scott and I talked for a few minutes excitedly about our plans for tomorrow. It was a nice change from the listening to Mary and Sean's boring conversation outside. Scott had always been fun to talk too because of the close proximities of our ages. We shared several of the same interests until I reached my early teen years. After a few minutes I realized that I was getting a little cold in the absence of the fire, but I thought my sleeping bag would compensate that fact. Again I thanked Scott for allowing me to borrow his sweatshirt and mittens. He replied that I was welcome and he was glad they were going to good use. Then , I asked Scott "Do you think it would be okay for me to wear your sweatshirt to bed?" He nodded and affirmed my request verbally "Sure Jen, its' all right with me I wasn't planning to use them anyway." Then he asked another question that I wasn't expecting but I should have foreseen.

Scott asked me casually, "Hey Jennifer, do you want to sleep tied up tonight?" I pondered my response for a moment. I had been tied up during the night before (see the first section) and Scott always made sure I was comfortable. "I don't care" I responded. "as long as my hands are in front" I added. I had spent one night with my hands behind me when I was seven, and I knew from that experience that hand behind the back would be uncomfortable for sleeping after about an hour. Scott nodded accepting my condition, and we set about trying to find something to tie me up with. We soon realized that we were short on supplies. The rope and handcuffs that Scott had secretly packed were in his other bag in the camper. All we had in the tent was Scott's clothing bag and the small bag that contained my swimsuit and beach equipment for tomorrow. Still, this didn't even seem to phase Scott. I had to admit my brother was both resourceful and inventive at such a young age. 

Scott stare at the oversized sweatshirt I was wearing and an idea of how he could secure me entered his head. "I have an idea" he said with a little smirk on his face. He told me to sit down and turn around. I complied with his request, leaning forward on my mitten hand for support. I asked Scott what he was going to tie me up with and he replied that he was going to use the sweatshirt I was wearing. I stared at him curiously and he replied to just watch. He came around my left side and took hold of my left arm at the wrist. Next, he pulled the cuff of the sweatshirt sleeve down past my mitten hand and lifted my arm off of the ground. Then he proceeded to bend my arm at the elbow and he drew my left forearm through the single two-sided pocket on the front of the sweatshirt. He pulled my arm all the way through, so that my hand came out the right side of the pocket. He told me to leave my arm where it was and proceeded to repeat the process with my right arm. This left my forearms crossed over each other in the large pocket located over my tummy. I told him I could pull my arms out of this easily, but he told me that he wasn't quite finished yet. 

Scott the walk around and seated himself squarely behind me. The Scott grabbed the sweatshirt's loose cuffs and pulled them so that the sleeves tightened up. They stretched tight leaving about a foot and a couple of inches of sleeve past my mitten fingertips. He finished by bringing the ends of the sleeves together and knotting them securely behind my back. Between this and the pocket, it kept my forearms folded tightly together across the front of my tummy. I strained against it a little to test the security of the tie and it held very tightly. It surprised me that he had been able to come up with this idea, but it prevented me from moving my arms at all. I like being secured this way, because it would keep me warm and comfortable for the night while preventing movement. I told Scott that it was a neat idea, but that I could probably slip out of it if I wanted to. However, Scott had other ideas and wanted to ensure I couldn't escape. 

Scott went over to the bag that contained my swimming gear and removed something from it. Scott came back over to where I was sitting with my arms bound like a straight jacket in the sweatshirt. He was holding my life jacket that he had take out of my swimming bag. I had taken swimming lessons for the first time when earlier during the summer. I was ok at it, but I still preferred to have either a life jacket or water wing when I was out over my head. Also, my parents always made me where one when I was on a boat. It was a yellow vest that had blue straps on it and a collar to support the head with a grab loop behind it. The life jacket a kid’s model that had two holes for the arms with the bottoms closed under them. It had four straps that buckled in front and a strap that buckled low between the legs to keep it from coming over my head in the water. It was usually a snug fit, but I like it because it was secure and made me feel safe because I wasn't all that good of a swimmer yet.

Scott took the life jacket and placed it around me. My arms were inside of the jacket because they were tied up in the sweatshirt. Then, he proceeded to tighten each of the four front straps securing the jacket to my body. He then released one of the straps and tightened it as much as he could and rebuckled it securely. He repeated this process with all of the other three straps. Then he tightened the crotch strap up as well and fastened it between my legs. The tightly strapped life jacket restricted my arms even more by securing them to my sides in the sweatshirt. I struggled up and down against the sweatshirt and the life jacket, but try as I might I couldn't get my arms out of the sleeves. The life jacket pinned my arms tightly against my sides and tightened the shoulders down, so that I couldn't wriggle any slack against my predicament. The crotch strap kept the jacket low and snug on my body and kept me from pulling it over my head. Overall, I wasn't going anywhere. 

I tested the strength of my new confinement, but I already knew that I wasn't getting out of this without help from Scott. I pulled my arms away from each other, but the tight life jacket removed any slack I had to work with and rendered me helpless. Still, it felt neat to struggle, this was the first time that I had been tied up without any rope or handcuffs and I was enjoying it. I laid down on my back and rolled around against the tight straps. They offered no weakness or slack to my weak squirming. I laid there and tried for about five minutes, but I knew I couldn't get out. Finally, I sat up and looked over at Scott. He had been observing my vain attempts to escape this situation. He was smiling at watching his handy work in action.

"So Jen, what do you think? " he asked. "Well brother, I don't think I am going to be able to get out of this." I replied as I shot him a shy smile. "You really like being tied up like this don't you sis." I blushed and continued smirking back at my brother. "Well are you ready for bed yet?" Scott asked as he yawned tired from the day's long activities. I nodded, "I guess so, but don't you think you should do my legs too?" Scott took my cue and began looking through his bag for something to restrain my feet with. I always preferred to have my feet tied if my hands were. It just seemed to be more natural and besides, it made it a lot harder to escape from a situation if you cannot walk or use your legs. 

Scott found what he was looking for and removed a pair of pajama pants from his clothing bag. Mary always packed pajamas for both of us, but unlike me, Scott didn't like to wear his to bed when we went camping. Scott instructed me to put my feet together and I complied with the simple request. Scott wrapped the legs from his pajama pants around my ankles several times and cinched it off in the middle. Then he knotted it in back to prevent me from fighting with the knot, not that I could with my hands in mittens pinned tightly under the life jacket. It was a trick that he had learned from Sean the hard way. I tested the new restraint, and it held quite snuggly against my struggles. I tried the whole situation and attempted to free myself. 

Scott gave me a few minutes to struggle and enjoy my predicament. The pajama pants weren't as tight and didn't dig in as much as rope would. Still, they were secure and after a few minutes of struggling, my pajama feet were going to be spending the night tied together. "All right, Jennifer, its time for bed" Scott added mimicking Mary's best parenting voice. "I think this will teach you to go to bed on time" he teased with a smile. Scott slid me into my sleeping bag and zipped it all the way up to my chin. Well, he said, "I will see you in the morning, sweet dreams." With that, he placed my pillow under my head and fluffed it up, so I would be comfortable. Finally, Scott pulled the string on the hood snug, so the hood would keep me warm for the night and tied it in a secure bow under my chin. Then, Scott climbed into his own sleeping bag and turned off the flashlight we had been seeing by. He fell asleep in a few minutes. I was on my own because Scott was a deep sleeper. I could have run a train through next to him, and he wouldn't wake up until he wanted too.

I laid back and tried to fall asleep, it always took me a little while when I was tied up for the night. Even with my hands in front of me, I was still a little uncomfortable. When I used my handcuffs, at least I could change the position of my arms if they got uncomfortable. This time, the life jacket kept my arms pinned folded across my tummy. It was about that time that I realized that I still had my sandals fastened over my pajama feet. I had forgotten to ask Scott to take them off. "Oh well", I thought to my self as I shifted trying to find a more comfortable position. There were times, during the winter where I would often wear a set of normal pajamas over top of one of my blanket sleepers when it was very cold. Sometimes I wear a pair of slippers over pajama feet or even add a pair of mittens. So, this really wasn't that big of a deal. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep quietly. 

When I woke up the next morning, the temperature had risen from the night before and it had gotten pretty muggy out. Needless to say, I was pretty warm all tied up in my sleeping bag. I was wearing a footed sleeper and I was wrapped in a summer sleeping bag. My sandals drew my pj feet tight; combined with the Scott's pajama pants tied around my ankles, my feet were getting pretty steamy. My hands wrapped in mittens and the sweatshirt were in a similar predicament. Luckily, Scott was already awake and I asked him to help me out of my sleeping bag. He unzipped my sleeping bag and scooted me out of it. Next, he untied my feet and removed the life jacket, much to my relief. I was already starting to cool down as he removed the knot from the sweatshirt sleeves and helped me unfold my arms. I took off the sweatshirt and mittens and allowed my hands to vent. "Thanks, I was really getting hot in there" I offered. Scott smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed my night. I replied that I had and that we would have to try that again sometime when it was cooler out.

A few minutes later, Mary came out to check on us and told us that breakfast would be ready soon. She looked at me and told me that she thought it was a little warm for footed pajamas this morning and that I should shower and change. I went to the camper and took a short shower why Mary fixed breakfast. After I finished, I changed into a pair of cotton shorts and a T-shirt for the day. I added my hair ribbons and sandals to complete the outfit. Then, I went to the table to have breakfast with Mary and the others. 

I guess I will conclude this part of the story here for now. I will begin typing the next part of it when I get a chance. Hopefully it won't take as long. As always comments are appreciated. I had a few more tie up experiences during the trip. I will continue to share them if you are interested.


Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 01:03:30 PM
Just a quick comment, 

I know that it has been a little while since my last story. I have been busy putting the third and fourth parts of it together. I just posted part 3 and I am still working on typing out part 4. However, it takes a while when I need type out 5 or 6 pages and proof read all of them. I type my stories out ahead of time and copy them into the browser. This way I can read over them looking for mistakes and rund spell check. I am about half way through part 4 and I hope to post it in the next week or so. I hope you all enjoy the thrid enstallment. Thanks for all the comments I will have part 4 coming Soon.

Also, I have noticed that the first part of my story got overwritten by all the posts. Some of my later stories make reference to the first ones, does anybody know if they are completely deleted, or are they just archived on a server somewhere until canuck puts them in the archive? If the later is the case, should I repost the first part of my story not? I just wanted to ask everyone


Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 03:17:20 PM
Yes, I do know what molestation is.
Do you? It's performing any sort of sexual-oriented activities with a child, and guess what? Tying up a child naked is included in the legal definition. Check the laws yourself before you criticize.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 03:24:17 PM
I love your stories, Jennifer. Looking forward to reading the next parts.

Also, I have noticed that the first part of my story got
overwritten by all the posts. Some of my later stories make
reference to the first ones, does anybody know if they are
completely deleted, or are they just archived on a server
somewhere until canuck puts them in the archive? If the later is the case, should I repost the first part of my story not?

I save the stories every few days, I'll put the first parts of your stories in the archives over the next couple of days. No need to repost them.

Thanks for posting!


Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 03:31:04 PM
i dont have a msn or email adress (i dont even know if those r the same thing)
i have a screenname though, we could talk on there if you have one
its videogames46

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 03:31:09 PM
i dont have a msn or email adress (i dont even know if those r the same thing)
i have a screenname though, we could talk on there if you have one
its videogames46

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 04:08:53 PM
Hey, anyone from the central New Jersey area or lives in New Jersey that wants to talk about tie ups with a 15 year old guy, average body and height, blonde hair? IM me at mundomaui1 or e-mail the e-mail address below.

I <3 Cartel

I <3 Cartel

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 09:03:12 PM
That was very unique, Jennifer. I'm also glad you were safe while you were tied up for the night. 

Definitely looking forward to your next story!

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 10:40:20 PM
hey my name is Travis i want to be tied up or tie someone up but i dont have any friends who like it, i live indy and if any one who wants to get toghther then im me my aim is Drummerguyrocks and i love to talk to ppl bout tugs ill ttyl bye and again my aim is

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 10:56:08 PM
travis, i live in Bloomington, and go to indy on a regular basis

Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 11:15:13 PM
All I'm saying is that, before you tell someone that their dad is a child molesting pervert you should have more information than we currently have here, and should resist the urge to supplant information with supposition.

The absolute worst thing you can say in this situation is that he made a mistake.


Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 12:16:58 AM
k, mistake, whatever, regardless...

Can't we all agree that we don't want to see John hurt??

Is there actually anyone here that would want to see that??

All of this is out of concern for him, and his father,

to say nothing is to an indication to John that he may as well go on with this,

he shouldn't.

Yes, men can feel temptation too,

and it's helpful when that's kept in check.

Yea, it'd be better that John do this sort of thing with someone his age...

How someone becomes sexual is not nearly as important as who they become sexual with.


Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 02:01:34 AM
Doesn't matter anymore, everybody managed to scare John away.

Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 08:06:48 AM
Hey I <3 Cartel,

Why is it when you do a search on myspace for your E-Mail address, it comes up as 30 years old living in CA? Rather than 15 in Jersey?

Just wondering!

Wondering why

Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 11:33:36 AM
hogtied cousins part 2 of 2
when I stoped my sister tied up alex who tied me up then got up to answer the phone who was mom saying there staying over night and me and alex didn't like that my sister was leaving us tied up and got chloroform to get us a sleep. 
After while I finally woke up to be blindfolded and hogtied yet agine and my gag seem diffent because alex used a sock in my mouth but this was softer. I made a couple mmmpphhs to see if alex might wake and I herd nothing back she was either not there or not a wake tied to stuggle to free my slef but could not get free. after what seem to be hours the I herd the door open then and stated to mmmppphhh a lot hopeing it is someone other that my sister the person took of my blindfold to revale my sister than I sighed behind my gag. she asked if I had a good night sleep I did not answer because I noticed that I was in my parents bed room and the claok said some time after 7:30 see then picked me up and took me down stairs to see alex hogtied to and trying to get free but she was wasting her time see set me down then went into the kitchen see came back with a piar of scissor and cut of the hogtie after that see said we can't tell my or dad this or see do somthing worse to us next time we both agreed to get untied see then picked up alex then me and took us down stairs were two foldup cahirs were back to back and she set us in them she then prodced a very large roll of ducttape then went over the rope that binded our hands so we have an even hard time free our slefs see than took the whole roll of ducttape and wraped it around us we couldn't move an inch see than took tow banadans and blindfoled us than took another roll of duct tape and wraped it around our bildnfold 10 or 20 times then said have fun then left. we must have stugled at least three hours befor some one came back down but I noticed it was three people coming down and then I herd mom and dad chukling saying nice present to my sister then they came over untaped us and untied us and took off our gags and spiting out the panties that was in our mouths then look at a sing saying hears our present which was us then I relized that it was moms bithday. she my sister explianed that mom and dad were invited to there friends for the night but my sister told them not to tell us then she expilaned that when she told us that mom called it was just her on her cell phone so we wouldn't expect a thing then try to stuggle so see could use the chlorofrom on us which we gussed she wanted to do mom and dad said somthing to her but we couldn't hear them because we both had to use the bathroom and there was only one in the house. 

Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 01:01:25 PM
1st real tie-up
Hi people, I'm a 23 yr old guy. I've been a fan of this site for ages but have never posted any stories, however I have decided to post a story of my first proper bondage experience. 

I was 13-14 at the time, going through my 9th year at school, it was during the half-term holiday after easter that I was out with a friend of mine in some woodland next to my home, bored out of our minds. I won't reveal his real name, we'll say his name is Sean. Now at the time I had no idea Sean was gay but it turned out that he was, but that doesn't have much to do with my story so we'll leave it at that. I had never been tied up before though it was something that had interested me a little, seeing tv shows like the power rangers, where the good guys sometimes found themselves tied up and I would think to myself, 'wow I wish that was me'.
So Sean and I were in this woodland next to my home, it has like a small forest next to a hill, which hardly ever has people roaming around in it because some of it is quite dense and overgrown, but sometimes you get the odd few kids in there, like this particular day. We were both dressed in t-shirts, jeans and trainers. We both had backpacks with us as we'd been into town on the morning.
We had been climbing trees and larking around but soon got bored and it was only early afternoon. We soon got onto the conversation of tie-ups.
"Have you ever been tied up before?" he asked out of the blue. At the time I was a little surprised at the random question. "Um no, I haven't. Why?"
"Just wondering. I have though and I think its cool."
Instinctively I started to have an inkling of where this was headed and decided to test my theory.
"I guess I wouldn't mind trying it though." Then I grinned at him and said "I won't bother asking you though, I'd only escape straight away from your weak knots."
Sean stiffened at the challenge and looked at me determinedly "So you let me tie you up huh?"
"Yeah I guess" I replied. I'd started to get a little excited now but didn't want to show it. I wanted to tease him into doing it properly and not just some half-hearted attempt that I would actually be able to escape from.
"Ok I'll bet you that you can't untie yourself if I tie you up. If you can escape then I'll let you tie me up."
That sounded good to me! "and if I can't get free?"
Smiling wickedly, Sean said "if you can't get free then I'll go home to get a camera, come back and take pictures of you, and you'll be left for about 45 minutes alone, struggling in the meantime." In a way that also appealed to me but I was leary about being left alone and tied up, even if it was for less than an hour. However, I decided that I want to do this so I said "you're on Sean. And when I escape prepare to be tied up yourself."
"I don't think so mate" he shot back. It was only then that I noticed a lack of stuff to tie me up with. "Um, Sean, how exactly are you going to tie me up?"
Sean then reached into his backpack and pulled out some lengths of rope and a roll of ducttape, still grinning. I'd be damned if he hadn't been planning it! "Will this do?" he asked sarcasticly. I shook my head at him in consternation and said "ok, this is your show, how do you want to do it?" I stood with my hands crossed in front of me. 
"No Chris, not like that" he moaned. Having my hands tied in front of me would be too easy, but then again I don't think I really expected him to do it like that anyway. He pushed me against a slim tree and pulled my arms behind me and around the tree. "We'll be doing this my way mate" he said as he began tying my hands behind the tree. He had my hands in an x and was tying a knot one way, then wrapped the rope around some more before tying another knot, then began tying the rope around vertically before cinching it off, tying the rope off out of reach of my fingers. I tested my bonds and found to my surprise that it was really tight, I couldn't budge my wrists.
"Don't start struggling yet Chris, I haven't finished" he said. 
"I'm not," I lied, "just get on with it, it'll be your turn in a minute." Sean paused to glare at me before crouching down to tie my feet, then my legs around the knees. Then he tied my legs to the tree.
Then to finish me off he took another length of rope and started tying it around my body, tying me to the tree. It went around my chest and my waist and again it was really tight. I knew I wouldn't get out of this, which started to turn me on, not Sean himself but the fact that I was tied up tightly. I hoped he wasn't looking down.
"There, now just one more thing." he declared. I didn't get it, there wasn't much more he could do to tie me, I was pretty much secured and going nowhere. Then he reached into his backpack again and took out a sock. Then it dawned on me...
"No chance are you gagging me," I nearly shouted, "especially with one of your cheesey socks!"
Sean cocked his head in amusement and picked up the ducttape, then rolled up the sock. 
"Can't have you calling for help now can I?" he drawled. He held up the sock to my mouth and reluctantly I let him stuff it in, then he wrapped several lengths of tape around my head, keeping it in. I tried in vain to dislodge it but it was stuck fast. It was far more effective than I'd have thought, I could barely make any kind of coherent sound.
Sean stepped back to admire his work. I started struggling frantically but had no luck. It felt great being tied up, I was loving it but I didn't want him getting the best of me. 
"Come on then, untie yourself from my weak knots" he teased.
"Mmmmpphhhh!" "Mmmphh mmmpphhh!" Thats all I could get out, and even that was quite muffled. The ropes were really tight and I was getting nowhere. Eventually Sean shrugged and said "well I guess you lose the bet, so I'm off home to get my camera. This will make some cool pictures to pass around at school." 
My eyes bulged at this, I didn't consider that he'd show any potential pictures and wasn't eager for him to do so. 
"See you in a bit mate!" he called as he walked away. As much as I was enjoying being tied up, I wasn't going to let Sean embarrass me in front of everyone at school. I began struggling furiously.....

Hope you guys like my story, theres a second part to it that I'll finish at some point later, I'd like your feedback though. 


Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 01:19:20 PM
john come back! i dont think there was anything wrong with your story. you asked to be tied like that and your dad did it for you. please post your next story as soon as you can

Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 01:42:32 PM
Chris UK
Cant wait to read the next part it sounds great.

Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 02:14:24 PM
It's like that so I don't get murdered or meet an untimely death or something. And I don't think many 30 year olds would love, let alone know, Cartel.
I <3 Cartel

Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 07:21:47 PM
to "Z"
When did I say "pervert"? You are putting words in my mouth that I never said. I merely said that if his father indulged in such behavior, he could end up getting arrested for child molestation. It was a warning for the father and the son.

And no, telling them that they made a mistake is not the worst thing I could say. It's probably the best thing I could say, so they don't make that mistake in the future.


Wednesday, August 16th 2006 - 11:24:50 PM
I deleted John's story, as I feel it didn't fit with the other stories posted here. I rarely feel comfortable when adults do the tying, and the whole nakedness thing only made it worse this time. So I'm not judging the quality of the story, only its relevance to this page.

Sorry I took so long, but late is better than never, isn't it? 

Now, can we please move on to other things? Good stories have been posted recently, let's continue the trend.

Thanks everyone.


Thursday, August 17th 2006 - 04:06:10 AM
1st real tie-up 
Hi Chris. 

Now [b]THAT'S[/b] what I call a tie up story!

Great stuff Chris, make sure you post the rest 'cos we all wanna know what happens next!

england - N/W London

Thursday, August 17th 2006 - 04:07:50 AM
DOH! HTML not working!

Thursday, August 17th 2006 - 01:26:32 PM
To Chris
Great story. Please post more of your stories.

Friday, August 18th 2006 - 02:46:19 AM
Thank you for all of the kind feedback from my last story. This one takes place the very same week.
I try to take a walk every evening right before I go to bed, not only to get some exercise after dinner, but also to clear my head. This evening was no different. It was about 10:00 on a Thursday in October. I was, of course, wearing a jacket, jeans and a pair of my Osiris. I was thinking about what I was going to do the next day, it being some sort of day off from school, and when I finally decied I would go to the mall to begin Christmas shopping, a hooded figure jumped in front of me on the road.

This figure was wearing a dark blue "hoodie" or hooded sweatshirt, with red basketball shorts and a pair of white athletic socks worn cuffed around the legs, which he was wearing without shoes. I was, of course, terrified as the assailant grabbed my arm and dashed off into the woods with me toward a house. After we ran a few yards, he quickly clamped one hand over my mouth and another over my eyes as he led me some place I, of course, didn't know.

After a moment of terror as I was being half-carried half-dragged to God only knows where, I felt the rush of warm air one usually feels when going into a house. It was then I was pushed on the ground and the kidnapper took his hood off.

It turns out, my captor was Matt, the younger brother of Hayes who was only younger than s by abot one year, and I had been taken to his bedroom which was in the finished basement. Matt practically worshipped his brother and would often do about anything to please him. Like Hayes, Matt was taller and stronger than I.

"I scared the shit outta you, man." He said through bursts of total laughter.

"Yeah, you did. What the hell Matt, you little psycho?" I exclaimed angrily. Matt often did stpid things on the spur of the moment, because of which I wasn't his best friend.

"Well, it's like this. Our parents are out, and Hayes and Marcus (one of his other friends) are upstairs drinking and playing cards. I wanted to hang out with them but they wouldn't let me. So, then I got to thinking, how could I get them to let me play, and I remebered the story he told 'bout me last weekend. Then, I saw you coming down the steet so I figured if I kidnaped you and brought you to him as a prize, he might let me play."

I flushed slightly. I had hoped Hayes wouldn't tell anyone about that story, let alone is practically sociopathic brother.

"So, now I'm gonna tie you up and bring you to Hayes." He finished.

I had really no choice but to let him do it. The boy had at least 20 lbs. one me, and he would have done it anyway. Not to mention the fact that I kind of liked being tied up after my first experience.

After he removed my jacket, he tied my hands tightly behind my back with a bit of white cotton rope. He then took his sock off and held it up to my face.

"Please, Matt! I'm cooperating, must I be gagged?" I asked.
"Yeah, it'll look more like I kidnapped you." He replied.
"Then can you at least use a fresh sock?"
"Oh, yeah. Why not."

He put his sock back on and rolled it down again before going over to his top drawer and rummaged around until he pulled a pair out. They seemed a thicker pair of socks and were red instead of white.

"Open up!" He said with a smirk as he shoved the thick bulge in my mouth and then grabbed a black football sock and tied it around my mouth so as to secure the gag. I probabally could have spit it out had I wanted, but I kind of liked it and knew he would make it tighter and more to his liking has I showed one iota of uncooperative behavior.


When he was done, he grabbed my tied wrists and led me up the stairs and into the dining room. Sure enough, Hayes and Marcus were up there, quite a few empty bottles of beer between them. The both of them cracked up lughing as they saw Hayes's little brother leading me into the dining room.

"Man, Matt! I can't believe you did this! That hillarious dude!" Hayes said after laughing.
"Yeah, Bro! You outdid yourself." Marcus then added.
"Ha! It was noting from this weakling!" Matt said as he showed off his trophy.


This continued for a few more minuets before the both of us were invited to play a few hands of poker and Matt untied me whispering in my ear, "Thanks man! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

A tight smile crossed my lips as I thought, "At least as much as you did."

The End.

Feedback is appreciated, both posative and negative.


Friday, August 18th 2006 - 10:10:42 AM
Does anyone know of a flash online game that you can tie a girl up in. If you do post thew link thanks.
Alex A.

Friday, August 18th 2006 - 11:30:33 PM
Sorry, for that last story I mixed up my name with the story title.



Saturday, August 19th 2006 - 12:23:09 AM
it was a good story Kael,



Saturday, August 19th 2006 - 08:05:56 AM
1st real tie-up-part 2
Hi guys, I posted a couple of days ago with my first story, I'd like to finish off with the second part. Thanks for the compliments by the way.
Once again, the names are changed for privacy reasons.

Ok to recap, my friend Sean had bet that he could tie me up so that I couldn't escape; if he won the bet he would leave me while he went home to get his camera to take embarrassing pictures of me all trussed up. If I escaped then I got to tie him up. 
Well it seemed I had lost the bet. He had me completely bound to a tree in some secluded woodland next to my home. After he went I began struggling furiously to get out. It was difficult going, my wristd were rubbed raw and it took me almost 30 mins (but seemed like hours) but I managed to free my hands. 'Great!' I thought, if I were untied when Sean got back I'd be able to tie him up. 
Struggling out of the ropes tying my body to the tree had been a bit of a problem as well and I ended up tearing a bit of my t-shirt, which my mother went ballistic about afterwards because it was brand new. Eventually though, I got free. It had been a great experience and I really wished I could have seen myself bound and gagged like that, struggling and mmmppphhing!
Not long later Sean eventually returned with his camera. His face fell when he saw me free, leaning against the tree that I had been tied to.
"Hey!" he exclaimed, "how did you get out of that?" He dropped his backpack and strode over to me. "That was my best tie, you shouldn't have escaped."
I winked at him and said "I told you I'd get out of your weak knots." Seeing him about to bite back I said quickly "now that I got out its your turn."
Sean pondered that for a second then smiled slightly. 
"I guess that was the agreement. Have no choice I suppose..." A lie of course, he was loving the idea. He probably would have asked me anyway had I escaped or not. Plus having enjoyed my bondage experience so much I was quite excited and was relishing the prospect of tying him up.
"So how do you want to tie me?" he asked. I'd never tied up anyone before and wasn't sure what to do at first, so I decided I'd just make it up as I went along. 
"First of all I want you to lie on the grass," I said, pointing down. I looked around for all the rope that he used to tie me up, straightened them out and loosened some of the knots still in them.
Sean got down and lay on his front. "This is pointless," he sighed as I pulled his hands behind him, "I almost always get free when I get tied up." 
I started tying his hands up, tying a knot afer every couple of wraps around his wrists. Then I tied his ankles together. Then I began to think what to do next. 
"Is that it?" Sean asked. 
I picked up the roll of ducttape and the sock he had stuffed in my mouth. "You know what Sean, you talk too much. You need to shut up." 
I sat on his back and put the sock in his mouth. Sean bucked in protest an tried to shake me off but I was too quick and started wrapping tape around his mouth. Just as effectively silenced as I was, I decided I would hogtie Sean I'd seen it on tv once but had never thought to try it-now was my chance. I passed some rope through Seans legs and pulled, bringing his feet up to his ass, then tied it to his hands, finishing the knot away from his hands. Inspiration struck, I then started to tape his fingers together. Sean howled behind his gag as now he wouldn't be able to grip the ropes anyway.
I'd been pretty silent whilst tying Sean, but after standing back to admire my work I said "Ok Sean, get out of that."
Seans huffed behind his gag and started to struggle. He really went at it, strained for all his worth and rolled around the grass. After about ten minutes he hadn't made any headway and seemingly gave up, lying on his side. I was strangely turned on watching him. I'd never thought of myself as gay, never looked at another guy in that way but at that moment I thought he loked so hot all bound and gagged. He looked rather forlorn as well, having not been able to escape his bonds. His overconfidence had been his downfall.
"Ok mate," I said, "I'll untie you in a minute. First though, theres somethng I need to do. It was actually your idea." I walked over to his backpack and picked out his camera. His eyes nearly popped out and he began struggling again. Grinning like a kid in a candy shop, I started snapping him while he struggled. He wasn't impressed and had he not been gagged, I'm sure the language that was being mmmppphhed at me would have turned the air blue. 
After taking about 7-8 pictures, I put down the camera and took off his gag and began untying him. 
"Thanks mate" I said quietly. "For what?" he asked.
"For doing this with me. It was fantastic." I meant it too. We did it a lot more often, and with other guys too. And you know what?
I kept the pictures. 

I have other stories to post another time. I'd love some feedback guys. Thanks.


Saturday, August 19th 2006 - 09:12:03 AM
Hi all! i have not long ago found this site and I am already in love with it. The stories are bringing back so many memories of my 'adventures' in TUG's when I was a child and beyond (I'm now in my 40's).
When I get my thoughts sorted out I will post some stories.
Meanwhile let me say great site. Also if anybody wants to drop me an email (particularly any Aussies) please do.

Bound to be tied too. 


Saturday, August 19th 2006 - 02:33:36 PM
Great Story Chris! Thanks for posting. Love to hear more.

Saturday, August 19th 2006 - 04:23:49 PM
yea, another good story Chris,



Saturday, August 19th 2006 - 09:42:12 PM
very great story chris! loved it. could you post some of the pics you kept? thatd be great.
keep up the great work.

Sunday, August 20th 2006 - 12:35:07 AM
To Chris
Loved both of your stories. Cannot wait to hear more.

Sunday, August 20th 2006 - 11:02:49 AM
@ Kael and Chris, I like your stories and I would like to read more.

Monday, August 21st 2006 - 12:39:16 AM
To Chris
Amazing story, Chris.
I'm impressed that you were able to get free, because it sounds like Sean did everything right when he tied your wrists. Whenever I've been tied like that I've never gotten loose. Not even close.
Then again, I usually quit struggling after 5 or 10 minutes. You've got me wondering if I'm giving up too easily. Have you escaped other times, or was this the only one?
Please post your other stories. And if you have any more thoughts about escape, I'd love to hear them!

Monday, August 21st 2006 - 02:45:02 AM
Buzz is indeed a faker
He convieniently removed the pics from his forum, so no one can see that they are fakes.

Plus the camera battery seemed to die very conveniently just before he could take a decent picture.

The boy claims he cannot get a hold of rope, but travels the world with a laptop..

Stop believing this guy please.

And I am sure many can come up with more examples...

As for the guys defending him: They are playing his game with him...

And his forum is full of semi clothed bound kids pics.

Nuff said?


Monday, August 21st 2006 - 04:04:01 AM
Capture the Flag- The White Team
Thanks for all of the feedback from my stories so far.

This one is a bit longer.

Several weeks had passed since Matt had kidnapped me for his brother's amusement, and the incidents were forgotten in the minds of most.

Since I had met him, Hayes had really been into Paintball, and after that weekend in which he tied me up for the first time, he was eager to implement it in his paintball games. In no time, he convinced the other teams to use bondage to make the game a bit easier. 

The game they played the most was capture the flag, in which each team would have a designated "flag" which was a person who would be captured by the other team during the game and brought to the team base where he had to be held for 20 minuets. In order to capture the flag, one would have to phsically take the flag to their base instead of the old method of shooting him. The flag was armed like any other player in order to better defend himself, although they are usually the worst player on the team.

The game would run like most capture the flag games. When a player was shot he went to the jailbox (with the exception of the flag). Every 8 minuets the jailbox would empty out at the referee's whistle. At this time, everyone in the jailbox was free to go. Every time a person was sent to the jailbox, the opposing team would gain a point. 

Capturing the flag would end the game and give the team who did the deed 30 bonus points. Whoever had the highest score at the end won. Referees were needed to keep track of the points, and these scoresheets were kept secret until the game was over. Referees were usually members of the other teams "scouting out" the other matches. It was quite an intricate system...

Before Hayes introduced the aspect of bondage, the flags would be captured by being shot which made for a confusing game and a lot of cheating, often these games would have a bit of money attatched to them and cheating is common when dealing with money...

For years, Hayes's designated flag was Matt, his younger brother, but that ended soon after bondage was introduced because Matt didn't like to be tied. This sparked an argument between he and his brother and Matt eventually left to join some other team in the unofficial community league.

Sorry for all of the background infromation, now on to the story. :)

"Dude, I know you'd be good at it." Hayes said over the phone, "Please? Theres a match tomorrow."
"Alright, fine!" I said. Hayes had been trying to convince me to be his new flag for nearly 20 minuets. "But I need to borrow one of your rifles."
"Thanks man, I really owe you one! Just remember, being the flag is an honor."
"Yeah, yeah." I said hanging up the phone.

Mist hung thick in the air on the chill November night. I walked to the woods in which they played these games and got to the "Meeting Tree," a huge pine tree roughly in the center of the playing field. I was wearing a pair of tight old jeans, a white t-shirt under a sweater and a jacket, with a pair of beaten old tennis shoes.

I was the last to arrive, so the teams bid each other good luck and the referee blew his whistle to signify that the 10 minuet preperation time was beginning.

Hayes's team color was bright red, so all of the members wore a bright red bandana somewhere on their bodies with the exception of me who had to wear a sky blue one to signify that I was the flag. In order to avoid confusion on misty nights like these friendly fire was ignored. Most of the red team were friends of Hayes and classmates.

The team we would be facing in tonights match was the White team. The White team was a team of mostly Hispanics in the community. They were led by 19 year old Alejandro Sanchez and their flag was 14 year old Oscar Soto, a pudgy freshman that went to my school.

"Kael, get over here." Hayes beckoned to me. "You've got to stay hidden. The Hispanic team is really good at keeping the flag once they have him. Even if you are good at escape, lets keep caution this time."
"Of course." I said.
"Here, I'm gonna boost you into this tree, its better to keep your path open and up top, just in case you need to run."
"Right." I said, finding a comfortable place to perch.

The Whistle Blew.

"Good Luck!" I said to the team as they took their places in the battle at hand. I cheked my watch. 7:30 pm. Just as planned.


As is standard in a paintball match, I heard a lot of popping and shouting, and the continuous whistle for the jilbreak. Luckily, most of the combat was happening quite a ways away from me, so I didn't have to worry too much. After about a half an hour into the game, Hayes came to check on me.

"You alright?" He asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied. "No close calls yet."
"It looks like they're trying to rack up the killpoints. We've already sighted their flag. He's gotten away twice but it won't be long. You need water or anything?"
"Nah, I'm good right now. Don't worry about me. Go one out there and win that money."
Hayes nodded and dashed off.


Another twenty minuets passed before I heard someone speaking Spanish. I froze up as adrennalin was pumped through my heart and then to the rest of my body... the voices were getting closer... A few seconds later I saw them, three of them. Each of them bigger than me. I licked my dry lips and watched doing my best to conceal myself.

They got to the middle of our camp and started looking around. After a few painstaking moments one of them caught sight of me and informed his friends in fast Spanish.

They smiled at each other before one of them said, "I'll go up there and get him." in accented English.

My throat felt like it was filling up and I couldn't swallow. I jumped down out of my hiding place and was about to tear off when I felt one of their strong arms grab my wrist and pull me to his body.

"Help! Hayes! He!!!" Was all I got out before he held his hand over my mouth, a thick white cloth between. He then grabbed my wrists with his other hand and led me away from the red camp and into uncharted territory.


A few minuets later I was taken to where the white team kept camp. I was released and pushed gently to the ground while my wrists were being bound and I was sat down next to a tree. The thich white cloth was then shoved into my mouth and a white bandana was used to secure the gag. 

I looked around and noticed my surroundings at the Hispanic camp, the first thing I saw were my captors in full.

One of them, the one who climbed the tree, was quite skinny and seemed to be about my age. He was wearing a pair of old jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt and work boots. He wore his bandana as I had it, tied around the top of the head.

Another, the biggest one who carried me over here, was a powerfully built man wearing jean shorts, a black hooded sweatshirt, work boots and thick thermal socks pushed down. He seemed to be in his early twenties.

The third one was a bit on the pudgy side wearing black pants and a black jacket with tennis shoes. He seemed to be in his mid twenties.

My captors offered me a sip of water before celebrating their great accomplishment.

I have to get out of here, I thought to myself as I toyed with my coarse rope bindings.


Do I escape? Does the white team win?

You'll have to find out in the next installment of Capture the Flag-The White Team.

Feedback is much appreciated. ;)


Monday, August 21st 2006 - 09:29:16 AM
great storie kael keep going.

Monday, August 21st 2006 - 12:23:49 PM
Kael, you make me curious. I want to read the continuation soon. Please don't let us wait too long.

Monday, August 21st 2006 - 12:28:24 PM
Aaliantide is wrong in some points...(Oxygen and Breath)
@ AalianTide

I´m Voulenteer Firefighter and have a Advanced medical training course for Firefighters.(That a bit more than normal First Aid.

What you wrote about the Air is Dangerous WRONG !

In the Air is:

78% Nitrogen
21% Oxygen
1% other gases

A Human need 17% Oxygen minimum for breath.Under this you can get very fast Pass out.Special an not trained Person.Because this we can only enter an room when we are sure that the oxygen is over 17%,then we can wear Gasmaks with filter.when we are not sure we need independent respiratory protection. 

If you make revival on a person and giving the Person your Breath,you beath out 17% Oxygen ,that the other takes.That´s enough to let a PERSON stay alive,but 8% is deathly ! 

Only a very very few Persons can stay alive with low air.(Extrem hill Climbers in mountens up the the Mt.Everest.).But if you get set out the fast you don´t live long there.The Hillclimbers there must also Acclimate on this highs.

So never under 17% AIR !

Greez Musstika


Monday, August 21st 2006 - 08:11:20 PM
I like tying myself up but I know I need to stop. Got any tips?

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 12:29:04 AM
Mr Tie Up
start by talking about it...

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 02:05:01 AM
Capture the Flag- The White Team, Part II
Thanks again for those who responded to the last part of my story. It is always appreciated. :)

And for those who haven't, don't hesitate to drop a comment. Whether it be posative or negative.

There is not much left to this story, so I plan on beginning my next one right after it while I have time.


Both teams, as well as the referee, have to be made aware when a flag has been sucessfully captured and taken to the enemy base, and this was done by using one of those obnoxious horns people use during a sporting event. Each team had one that they kept at their holding area, and when they felt that they had a secure grip on the other team's flag safely in their base, they would blow it and the referee would start his stopwatch.

If a team managed to reclaim their flag and get him safely back to their own holdings, they would, in turn blow their blowhorn and the stopwatch would be reset.

After my captors finished tying me up, they blew their horn and waited for their team to come and help them defend the base.

They began to worry when no one came to the base after the horn was blown. It could really only mean one thing. The red team was so far ahead, the 30 bonus points didn't even up the score. 

My three captors spoke to each other in animated Spanish (most likely arguing as wether to let me go and buy them more time or keep me for the bonus points) before tying me tightly to a chair, and gagging me with a thicker darker cloth which I was sure was one of their socks...

They then dashed off to get themselves more points sheerly by shooting members of the Red Team.

I did my best to escape my bonds but it was impossible... I simply had to wait out the 20 minuet jail time before the game was over.

After what seemed an eternity, I heard laughter and animated discussion coming toward the White Team's holdings. They had apparently gained enough kill points in that 20 minuets to win the match when added together with the bonus points awarded for capturing me.

The game had been over for over 10 minuets before Hayes finally came to liberate me, although the white team didn't mind me being their, they apparently liked the thought of a living trophy.

"I ought to let them keep you." Hayes said angrily as he untied my hands and ripped the gag out of my mouth. He then offered the winning team a cold congratulations and gave Alejandro Sanchez an envelope with the prize money ($200, $10 from each member of the red team) before stalking toward the red team's holdings.

As we walked back to get our things Hayes said, "You know that was the first time we ever lost to them? And we only lost by two! We would have won if you'd been more careful."

"Look, Hayes. It was my first time. Next time it won't be so easy for them. Only through experience can one become better." I replied.

"Yeah, whatever. I hope you do better next time or I'll sell your ass to some other team."

We walked to his truck in silence and I checked the clock. We had played for nearly 3 hours.

Although, I thought, I do suppose it was fun.


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 02:52:23 AM
Capture the Flag- The Green Team
After my first game, I did get better. We won the match against the ones who called themselves the Blue Team after that, and I didn't get captured once.

The game I am about to describe was another very close one against Matt's new team, the Green Team, and all I knew about them was that they were the youngest team, led by a 16 year old and full of Freshman and Sophmores from my school, Randy Carmichael and that their flag was a skinny freshman named Alex.

This match was in the dead of January, and there was light snow on the battle ground that night. Again, the game began at 7:30, and them team took their places.


Hayes let me pick my own hiding place this time and assigned a couple of guards having known how aggressive the Green Team is. My bodyguard were to be Steven Kane and Marcus from one of my previous stories.

I chose to hide in a sort of hollow in the ground right next to an uprooted tree, knowing that it would be uninhabited by bugs in this cold winter weather.

The match began, and we waited with only light conversation for news from Hayes.

After about a half hour of waiting, Brad Vettor a member of our team ran to our holding.

"Matt's discovered where Kael is hiding. Hayes wants me to move him discreetly to another good hiding place we found, but he wants you two to stay here to confuse the other team."
"No, Hayes specifically told us to watch him, and until I hear from him otherwise I'll watch the flag. You do know the bets double tonight don't you?" Marcus asked.
"Fine, Marcus you can come, but only you. If we have two guys standing somewhere else it'll be obvious."
Marcus looked at Steven. "He's right. You'd better stay here and make it look like he hasn't moved. Alright, lets go."


Brad led me to a new clearing I hadn't seen before. "This is it." He said. Although I didn't realize it at the time, it did seem a bit louder and more forced than usual.

All of a sudden, 5 men stood up, each wearing a green bandana and quickly shot at Marcus and Brad.

"Brad! What the hell?" Marcus said through his teeth as he walked toward the jail cell on the other end of the woods.
"I don't know! It was an ambush! They must have heard Hayes!" He said following him, although he turned his head around and gave a nod to the guys in green.

"That was too easy." A voice I recognized said. I turned around and found that the voice belonged to Matt, Hayes's younger brother who quit the team right when I joined on.

Not a second later I was grabbed and forced to my knees as my wrists were tied tightly with thick cord.

"You see, Kael. This match is more to me than the money. It's to prove to my brother that I am something better than just a stupid flag boy. Because of that, you're not going to our base quite yet, we want to rack up the kill points and make sure we beat Hayes by over thirty. You'll have to be staying here."

"But thats cheating!" I protested.

"It's not in the rules that I can't keep you away from my base. Brent, Wyatt, you make sure that our friend here behaves himself. The rest of you come with me."

And with that they were off.

Brent tied me as tightly as he could with the cord that was left and forced what seemed to be a long, thick balled up sock inside a long sock through my teeth and tied it tightly around the back of my head. He then took a roll of duct tape, pulled a generous portion off and slapped it ontop of the cleave gag, I couldn't make a sound.

Wyatt simply sat there quietly, occasionally peering through the trees.

As I had the last time, I viewed my surroundings so as to find myself a somewhat unseen advantage.

The first of which was to examine my captors. Brent was wearing a snow hat thick gray hooded sweatshirt and dark shorts, even in this weather! He claimed he was never comfortable in long pants... he also wore a pair of black and pink Osiris and long white socks. Brent seemed to be the archetypal eager youngster with a short attention span.

Wyatt, on the other hand, was prepared for the weather. He wore a thick coat, water resistant snow pants, snow boots and gloves as well as a snow hat that seemed to dub as a ski mask at the whim of the wearer. He seemed frankly pissed that he had been given this task instead of a more offensive one.


Do I find any lead to help me escape? Does Matt win this battle? And perhaps most important, what happens after the match?

That is all I currently have time for. I will post the rest in do time.

Again, feedback is key. :)


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 03:23:14 AM
back on line
Binding Truth is back up. It really was only "down" for a short time after the hack early in July. There have been changes made with more security. A later version of the software applications are being installed to make it more secure. I have made some modifications and did not want to make this announcement until I felt the "old" site was ready for general use.

Visitors are limited to a few features and must register. Registration is no longer automatic: the link once used has been disabled. Instead those desiring membership must go to the "feedback to owner" module with their handle and e-mail address. Those who do use the link will have to wait. I generally get the rejected error message with the info via my email from the site. If you do not get assigned a password within 24 hours kindly send me another feedback if you wish. I will then use a random password generator to issue a password that will include upper and lower case letters, numbers and possibly symbols. Unless I am out of town I will try to set up accounts within 24 hours or shorter. In some cases email addresses will be checked via a reverse DNS utility. Simply follow the instructions on the centre section for registration. Also some members may have been purged if they only signed up and never used the website. If you can not get on or forgot your password follow the same procedure and send me feedback which goes to my e-mail address.

We now have close to 1,275 pictures in the 21 galleries (members only) and a new chat room feature under "Links, etc." that was just installed. The site may be down from time to time as I migrate more files to the updated applications for the site. 

Once the newer version is ready for membership I will then add additional information concerning changes. In the meantime, while there is no total guarantee about getting hacked (and we know who and where it is coming from) we will hope that any such disturbances can be either avoided or minimized. A pity that a few rotten eggs have to make all of this necessary but I guess it's the kind of world we live in now.

CapoLarry - play hard but play safe and enjoy!


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 06:05:41 AM
Hi everyone. I've been reading this site for almost a year now and this is my first post. It's not a story.. Just wanted to tell all of you about a website with videos of guys and girls tied up. go to and search "Tied-up". Also wanted to say i love the site and to tell you to keep posting.

- Pyrogamer


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 10:15:34 AM
tied by dad
i just felt that i had to say something to all those who wrote negative comments about john n his dad has been tieing me up since my mom and twin sister left.i had gotten dressed in some of my sisters clothes that she left behind, and hogtied myself up with rope and duct tape i had also gagged myself with a pair of her panties and taped my mouth shut with multiple strips of duct tape. i got so engrossed in wriggling in my tight bindings and mewling through my tape gag that i lost all track of time. when i heard the door open i struggled furiously to get loose but alas i had bound myself too dad laughed he instantly realized that i had done this to myself. he un taped my mouth an removed the panie packing from my mouth and asked how long and often that i did this. i told him the truth and he understood. he told me that if i wanted him to that he would tie me up rather than me going out and meeting someone that may harm me. so far it has worked out quite well. my dad ties me up as often as i want and never said anything negative about it, quite the contrary he actually seems to enjoy tieing me up and gagging me and lets me do all my inside chores dressed in my sisters clothes.
stacie from new jersey

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 11:12:55 AM
Re:About air
Your deadly wrong, bud. You breath in 16% of the oxygen, and only need half of it. If you did need all of it, what you breath out wouldn't be 8% because your body would have absorbed it. And second of all, we are a first aid organization, but I am trained to Medical First Responder Advanced Level 1 which is a bit beyond your firefighter training.

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 11:23:30 AM
BuzzBuzz Forum
For god sakes will you shut up already? You talk, and talk and talk. Let's take in for a moment, that maybe his pics were of self bondage...HE IS POSTING PICS OF HIMSELF! God, you arrogant, self-righteous, pompous fool. He's trying to do something to be productive to the Tie-up community and all you can do is ramble on about how bad he is, how evil his forums are. Your absolutely dispicable, and furthermore, your actually detracting from the tie-up communnity by posting your unwanted and moronic comments on this forum. Your so selfish and arrogant so shut up and get lost.

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 11:45:53 AM
calm down
lol raged.

do you not think that maybe it would be better to tell stories of self bondage then to feed us aload of bullshit.

And for the record on his forum its a little worrying to see SO many images of under aged boys and girls bound and gagged... Somthing i don't particully want to see... or get arrested for.

You can say its harmless all you want but look at it in the eyes of the law, alot of people who visit sites like this are over 30, alright i know there are alot of younger people who visit as well but when you get someone of that age with those sort of images on their hardrive, its not gonna go well in your favour considering the nature of the pictures and how you would view them.

Also i do question the logic of Buzz posting images of himself, becuase i'd lay money on it he has lied about his age and he doesnt look much older than 15, which in my country is under aged...

each to their own.


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 03:11:07 PM
To stacie from new jersey
Dear stacie: 
You need to stop what you're doing with your dad.
I know it's fun now but you could get really depressed about it later. How do I know? Because that's exactly what happened to me! I'm OK now but it took a lot to get thru it.
Just tell your dad it was a phase you went thru and you're done with it now. If he doesn't stop, you'll have to tell someone what's going on.
Just do it, please!

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 06:23:58 PM
She said he's not touching her, Heather. So don't assume he's a rapist; that just makes you look stupid. I agree that it's weird, but again it's not like he's "feeling her up" or anything like that. 

I'm gonna sound sexist, but to be honest, but that's a totally typical female reaction. You never see anyone coming in here gonig "Oh my god your mom tied you up?! You better get her to stop because she just wants to rape you!". But a father does it OMG HEZ A RAPIS1!!1.

Honestly, people - get over it. You're not going to get ANYWHERE in life if you're so distrusting. 

The Lurker

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 06:39:40 PM
Good to see someone showing concern for someone else and letting the benefit of your experience help another,



Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 07:02:38 PM
Question for Canuck:
I was looking at the Archives just now, when something struck me:
This site has been going strong for EIGHT years; thousands and thousands of people have posted their experiences, ... and you've read them all! That's got to make you like a world-expert on tie-up games!
So I'm wondering, have you ever thought of writing a summary of your thoughts and reactions to it all?
Questions like: What are the most common scenarios that interest people? Why do people get so worked-up about the subject? What is it, really, that makes being tied-up so exciting? Why are people stimulated in a situation where they have no chance of stimulating themselves?
I'm sure there are plenty of people, like me, who love to read something like that.
Anyway, I hope you don't mind me asking. And thanks for the great site!
Long-Time Fan

Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 09:27:29 PM
To Everyone
I usually don't like to enter into the various quarrels and arguments amongst people, but this debate about parent/child tie ups and BuzzBuzz has got to stop.

Quite frankly, it's none of our business what these people claim, dictate, or demonstrate. It's not our business if someone's dad ties them up or not - it's strictly between the author of the story and their parent. Sure, some people such as Heather try to offer advice for the protection of others, but that should be done in a private email to the person, not on this board. I'm not taking sides here or anything, but leave these people alone. If you don't like their stories, then don't read them, especially when the title includes something like 'tied by my dad'. Give 'em a break, would ya?

And on the topic of BuzzBuzz, who cares if his stories are true or not? If you've been a long time reader of this board, or have read any of the archives, I'm sure that you could easily find a bunch of b.s. that's never happened before, yet it's been left uncommented - AS IT SHOULD BE. It's perfectly within the author's right to post their story, whether true or not, and to be left alone about it, especially in BuzzBuzz's case, when he isn't even posting most of his stories on this board, but on HIS OWN FORUM. And I'm pretty sure that we've established the fact that BuzzBuzz is 12 years old, unless I'm incorrect. In any event, take a look around the MSN groups that are out there. Many of the people in those pictures are mere children, most are visibly under the age of 13. Again, I'm not taking any sides here, but you really need to leave him alone about this. He's only trying to share.

Basically, everyone would be better off if they were to mind their own business, and leave their rude remarks and aggression at the door.


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 09:53:24 PM
Lurker so very true. You r not sexist, guys r quite entitled to defend their gender without being labled 'threatened by women' or 'sexist' or anything else.

While they are not hard to find every independent professional non-feminist study into childhood abuse of ALL its various types clearly show are committed by women in similar numbers to that of men yet the general media refuses to report such findings.

Hence the 'double standards' & 'reverse discrimination' you so honestly pointed out. It's ok for Mom to tie-up the kids but not for Dad.

Simply put; for every rotten,good Dad, there is an equal rotten,good Mom out there.....but you would never know...


Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 12:13:49 AM
T-MAN sometimes stories make people uncomfortable and they belive they do not want them on the board so they state there mind and the have the right to do that. T-Man one example of this was when put up a storie about how you tied up your little cousin and tourtured him. you said you were going to kidnap him not put him in pain. that made me very uncomfortable. so i stated my mind and im proud of that.

Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 12:35:12 AM
About posting comments...
Yes, posting comments is nice and all, but there comes a point where posting comments and bashing mix. Alot of what's said here are good comments and [b]Constructive[/b] critisicm...the other junk like "He is a liar" or "She's making it up" is bashing. It's an assult on somoene. When that happens, their comments do affect the other individual.

From what I've seen of Moderation here, comments are acceptable, bashing and that junk, is not.


Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 01:37:24 AM
Hockey Tie-Up
Me, john, 14, live in a small town in canada, and i am a hockey player. so one time i was playing hockey and the boys thought that after the game they would tie me up, for what i have no idea, i am not that horrible of a hockey player, oh well, so after the game, we lost 2-4, we went into the change room, without me knowing the hockey team was hiding when the jumped out with a huge roll of duct tape and i think that there must have been about 20 meters of rope in there hand, so still with all of my equipment on, they grab my gloves behind my back and tape them to the sleeves of my jersey and then they viciously tie them together i guessed about five times with the duct tape then they got my feet(skates). they ductaped it several times until i fell down on the floor due to poor balance, after that they took off my helmet, and shoved my mouthgaurd and a sock that was sitting in my show into my mouth and wrapped duct tape around my head three times so i could barly make a noise, without me knowing they have taped the guard on my helmet again with the ductape accept for a few little holes, then they placed it back onto my head i could barly see anything after this they left me for a little while to see if i could get out i am still in full hockey equipmet i could barly move but to make sure of that they took my hockey stick and used the rope to tie my legs to end of the stick and my spine to the upper part of the it was impossible to move as i struggled one of the hockey players have found some sarran wrap i figured out later they started to wrap my already sweaty body with this sarran wrap they wraped my body upto my head after this i think that they left i was getting so much more sweaty it was really hot i wanted them to come back and untie me but i had a feeling that they werent coming back i "mhmmphhed" as loud as i possibly couuld but i dont think that anyone could here me about ten minutes later i relized that it has gotten at least 20 degrees warmer how i do not no,, i could stop sweating.. i must have been tied up for at least an hour until they came back and took off the saran wrap and untied the hickey stick and completely untied me..luckily my hair was so wet from the sweat it didnt hurt as much as susspecteed almost immediately i changed out of my equipment and they told me that that was for missing an open net in the game we all had a good laugh and i had a long cold shower after they later told me that when it got alot hotter it was aculally a raidiater and they were all in the change room with me..after we all when to macdonalds and they bought me a big mac to make up for "torturing me"..

for some reason i found it very arousing

John Marcus

Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 02:34:46 AM
new membership
There seems to be a little confusion about registration for The Binding Truth.

Do NOT go to the normal registration but, instead, click on "freedback to site owner" and submit your email address and handle. I will issue the password that is generated from a utility I have. I will then e-mail that information back to you. Should you have a problem thereafter getting on the site please use the same feedback feature to let me know.

The chat room instructions have been posted on the first page. While I may moderate it from time to time I will not tolerate trolling or flaming to any other member. The discussion should be regarding bondage. Members can open private rooms as well. If I am going to have a general chat I will announce it on this site. To be on the chat you have to open an account with your handle and a password. Members can go to "Links, etc." and click on the appropriate link to get to this feature.

We also welcome stories but like we will have certain guidelines similar to this site. 

Have fun!

CapoLarry, owner
The Binding Truth


Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 02:52:47 PM
i have been shadowing this sight for aproximatly 2years 3 months and 5 days.
my time is extremly limited on this sight so do not post anything directly to me.
i will post my story soon.

Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 03:49:21 PM
tied by dad follow up
when i wrote about my dad tieig me up i was only trying to offer a little support for john an his dad.iwas not looking for well intended people to lecture me about my role with my dad,which by the way came about as a result of my behavoir. my dad could fo told me to leave home or condemed me.he is very helpful an understanding an does not touch me cept to tie me n gag i have read here of all sorts of tie-up relationships brother sister cousins moms n sons n daughters an occasional dads friends and you have its.i thought the common denominator here was being tied up!!! i have read of sisters dressing boys in girls clothes an g/friends doing the same to their b/friends an never heard any disapproval for those that it is not clear to i am a boy,now that should really get everyone in a tizzy.however i am just having fun being tied n gagged like evryone else that stops here does
stacie from new jersey
newjersey usa

Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 05:49:23 AM
Here forever
Now I've closed my forum I'm here on this one forever :D

Hopefully I'll have a new story for you upon my return from Cornwall next week.

http://Gone now - Real shame :(

Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 12:25:17 PM
Took Myself Captive
Hello there my name is Katie I am 15 years old. I just love to do bondage. Im a tall blonde sexy female and all the guy at school think im so HOT I love getting all of the attachen. On whith the story my parents went to work one day and all of my frieds were buzy and I would be home alone all day for about 12 hours or so. This was the perfect obertuntiy to do some quity self bonding. I went to my closet and got out my gear. I had a one-piece ski suit,two sets of handcuffs,one pair of jeans,a one-piece bathing suit,one straitjacket, and last but not least one simple handcuff key. I first put my very tigt pair of jeans on which they were for a 9 year old i been saving howerver I was to find out they were so small and tight that i could not get them off so I was stuck in them for good there was no possable that they were ever coming off. I then put on my one piece bathing suit on nexed put my sexy sraitjacket on and locked it on I could not get it off now but i could still move my arms then I put on my One-piece ski suit all preety purple on backwords and zippered it up then I had an idea I got out some super glue put all the glue inside my ski suit which it glued it self to the srait jacket. I then took the 2 sets of handcuffs and cuffed both of my hands to the bult in belt in the ski suit then I took the other set of handcuffs and cuffed both of my legs around a pole. Lets not forget the handcuff key i took it and chuced it out the window now i was being held cavtive by myself and I was stuck like that for 12 hours until my parents came home and got me out. I enjoyed it so much that that night I slepped handcuffed in my ski suit. I also never got the jeans off so I just had to deal whith it.

The End


Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 12:29:33 PM
A Long Camping Trip (part 4) 
Hello again everyone, I am finally posting the 4th part of m y story. Sorry that it took so long.

We sat down to a large breakfast that Mary prepared while I was taking my shower. She made pancakes, eggs, and sausage. We also had orange juice and milk to drink. Food was always one of my favorite parts of camping. The conversation at the breakfast table darted from one subject to another including Sean's upcoming high school in the fall and Mary's return to college as well. Scott and my game from the night before never entered the discussion. We kept some of our tie up games a secret from the rest of the family, especially when we did several of them in such a short amount of time. I don't think Mary would approve of me spending so much of my vacation tied up. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was going to have another time later that day. 

Finally, the focus of the conversation switched to our plans for the day. Mary wanted to take some time off just to relax and read a book she had brought from home. She didn't get much time to read for fun when she was in college. So, she focused her leisure reading during the summer and Christmas break. With her removed from our plans we discussed what Sean, Scott, and I wanted to do for the rest of the day. I suggested that we go skating around the park this mourning. Scott was also excited by the idea; we usually went skating when we came here at least once. Mary asked Sean if he would go with us and keep an eye on us so that we didn't get lost. Sean just shrugged his shoulders and went along with the idea. He was going through the teenage phase where he didn't care what he did as long as it was fun. Then, it was settled we decided we would go skating after breakfast for the better part of the morning. 

When breakfast was finished, we cleared our plates from the table and began to unpack our skating gear. "Make sure Scott wears his helmet" Mary reminded Sean as we were walking out the door. Scott gave here a deep and annoyed look as he stomped out the door of the camper into the waiting campsite. I was still at the age where I thought it was cool to wear skating pads if they matched my outfit. Scott on the other hand hated wearing any of the safety-oriented stuff when we went skating. He said that it made him look like a baby. Still, our parents always made us wear helmets when we skated, even at the local rink. I guess they were just concerned with our safety. We went outside of the camper where Sean was already unloading our stuff from the underneath luggage compartment. While, Sean was sorting out the pads and skates, Scott rummaged through his personal bag looking for something, which he pocketed upon finding it.

I ignored him as Sean came over with my skates and pads. I asked him to help me get ready because he did a better job that me of putting my pads on correctly. Plus, he usually did the straps tighter that I did and they would stay snug rather that fit loosely, which made them less comfortable for skating. Sean began with my kneepads. They were the types that had a mesh wrap that wrapped completely around the leg, so they had to be put on before the skates. They also had two Velcro straps that tightened them down even further. Sean slid them on over my legs and fastened them securely in place. He repeated this process with my elbow pads, which were similar to the kneepads, but only smaller. Next, he added the wrist guards, which wrapped tightly around the had and secured with three Velcro straps. Then, Sean added my skates. I still used plastic training skates, the adjustable kind that fastens with several straps over top of your shoes. They were roller blades, but they had an option where the back wheel would split in too to allow easier balance. I didn't use it any more, but my parents told me that I could get real roller blades when I outgrew these. Sean fastened them snugly over my sandals. 

I glanced over at Scott who already had his skates on and had his bike helmet on without the chinstrap fastened. He stood there impatiently waiting for Sean and me to get ready. Finally, Sean added my helmet to the outfit. Unlike the bike helmets Sean and Scott, I wore a full-face hard shell helmet that my mother had bought for me. It looked like on of those helmets that a race car driver would wear without the visor. It extended down from the top and covered both my ears. Also, the helmet came around in the front and completely covered my mouth all the way down to the chin. It was pink in color and had a blue stripe decaled on the side. When I had outgrown my last helmet at six, I saw it in the store and I asked my mom if I could get it because I liked the design on it. My parents, as I stated earlier were quite safety conscious and they also made me wear a mouth guard when I skated. I didn't care much for it because it made it difficult to talk especially around my friends. I would often take it out, so that I could speak clearly which my mother thought was a safety concern. I later learned that my mother bought it for me because I couldn't take the mouth guard out while it was fastened. I wasn't allowed to remove my helmet standing with skates on, so I would have to leave it in. So, both my parents and I liked the helmet.

I inserted the mouth guard and Sean pulled the helmet on over my head and face. I could feel the inside padding tightening around my head as Sean buckled the chinstrap neatly under my chin. Then he told me to wait while he got himself ready. Sean then proceeded to put on his own skates and pads. He was wearing kneepads, elbow pads, and wrist guards the same as I was. He also added a helmet and a mouth guard of his own. His was open faced unlike mine, but it still provided him with enough safety. Sean had always worn pads when he skated and never thought much of them. When he was 10, he had gone to just a helmet, but about a year ago he went back to wearing the full gear. When I asked him about it, he said that if he was going to look childish wearing a helmet he might as well wear the rest of the gear. Or, maybe he wanted to set a good example for the two of us. Either way, both Sean and I were all padded up for the day. 

We skated off together down the paved Blacktop Street that wound its way through the campground. It connected all of the campsites to all of the other places in the park, so we could pretty much go wherever we wanted to. We moved along the same path variable paces to one another. Scott and Sean were wearing real inline skates, which allowed them more speed than my toy one. Scott kept out in front testing both the limits of his speed and his older brother's patients. I complained that I wanted them to slow down because I couldn't keep up easily. "Sorry Jennifer, I can't hear you what do you want me to do? Scott replied. Scott's response was half the truth and half his teasing attitude towards me. It was tough to hear what I was saying at the distance that separated us and my mouth guard and helmet made it more difficult to understand what I was saying. "She says she wants us to slow down" Sean shouted as he reduced his pace to mach mine. 

While we skated together over the dust covered black top; Sean asked where we wanted to go skating for the morning. He explained that we could either just make laps around the campgrounds various avenues, or we could look for a place that had a large amount of open area. Scott said he was open to either suggestion as long as he could skate all morning. I asked Sean if we could find a more stationary area to skate, since I wouldn't have keep up if we stayed in once place. Sean nodded at my suggestion and said he knew a place that might work if nobody was using it. "Scott slow down and follow me" he instructed. Scott came to a stop and waited for the two of us to catch up. "I think there is a basket ball court on the other side of the park we could skate there if nobody is playing." Scott nodded his approval to the suggestion. We fell in line behind Sean who set a moderate pace that I could match comfortably as he led us across the campground. 

We skated to the other side of the park and found the court that Sean had mentioned deserted. It wasn't much of a surprise, it was in the middle of the week and most of the long-term campers were senior citizens up from warmer climates for the summer. Most of the kids only came camping on the weekends. I asked Scott what time it was and he checked his watch. "Around 8:30" He replied. We weren't do back until around 11:00 so we had plenty of time to skate around here. The area was deserted except for the three of us. The courts it self was full size with two hoops, one on each end. It allotted us plenty of room to circle and have a good time. We skated around for about half and hour or so and then we became bored with just circling the lot. Scott and Sean decided to try some simple tricks, like jumps, skating on one foot, skating backwards and a random assortment of other cheesy moves. Both of them were pretty good at them and I was starting to get jealous of their talents. I complimented them, but they ignored my I tried to mimic some of there moves, but I ended up falling on my butt more than succeeding. Still, with all the pads I had on I was safe from any real risk of injury.

After about half an hour of fooling around, we were still having a good time, but the level of excitement was beginning to deteriorate. I looked up at the clear blue sky. It was dotted irregularly with small white clouds amongst the bright sunshine. It was a perfect day to be outdoors having a good time with my brothers. Little did I know that our morning activities were going to take a strange turn. I shifted my gaze back to Scott who was opening the hip pouch he had worn for the trip this mourning. Its contents were different from the game boy or book I had expected him to read. Instead, he pulled out six small coils of cotton clothesline, three handkerchiefs and his set of handcuffs. Scott piled the rope and handkerchiefs off to one side neatly, and then he slipped the handcuffs over his wrist in front of him. "What do you think your doing?" Sean asked with a perplexed look on his face. "I am getting bored with just skating around, besides I wondered what it would be like trying to skate with handcuffs on." Scott replied, as he eased himself to his feet. 

Scott began his experiment with a few short strokes. At first, he had a difficult time keeping his balance with the handcuffs on, but after a few minutes, he got the hang of it and was skating around like it was no big deal. I watch my brother skate confidently around out of both boredom and curiosity. Scott became a little bolder and tried a simple hop that he landed well. Next, he even tried to skate backwards, which he could do rather easily. I was still skating around while he was trying this, but my attention was fixed on Scott rather than what I was doing. The more I watched him, the more that I wanted to try it myself. Still, I was a little scared at the idea of skating with my hands tied. I still had a little trouble with balance from time to time, and I didn't know if I would be okay at it. Yet the more I observed Scott, the more I wanted to try it. Finally, I worked up the nerve to ask Sean and Scott.

"Scott, could I give it a try" I asked sheepishly with a look of reluctance? Scott stopped skating and looked at me with perplexed by the request, but he knew that I looked up to him. He relied "sure if you really want to" with a quiet smile. I smiled back at him, not that he could see it with my helmet covering the lower part of my face. Scott went over to where he had piled the rope and picked up the hand cuff keys and let himself out. Then, he came over and handcuffed my wrists together in front of me. After I was secure, he nodded and told me to give it a try and I did, it was a little awkward at first, but I soon got the hang of it. I remembered that I could keep my balance by keeping my hands together pushing down in front of me from when I first learned to skate. It was kind of neat and a good way to spend some of the time before lunch. I was having fun when a slightly larger group of kids came over towards the court. There were 8 boys ranging from probably 11 to 15. They were dressed in shorts and t-shirts, and the oldest was carrying a basketball. 

The oldest boy introduced himself as Todd and gave us a warm smile. He said that he was surprised to see some other kids at the campground during the middle of the week. Sean explained that we were just here on vacation for the week, and that the three of us had just been out skating for the morning. The conversation continued and Todd told us that the eight of them lived here during the summer with either their parents or grandparents. They usually hung out together and were looking to play some basketball this morning. They asked us if they could use the court and even invited Sean and Scott to play. Sean replied, "Thanks for the invitation, but we really aren't dressed for a game of basketball, but you can have the court anyway." He said looking down at his skates. It was then that I realized that Sean and Scott didn't have Shoes on like I did. Todd nodded and thanked Sean for yielding the court. The he had an idea. 

"Hey how about you guys come back this after noon, and we could have a roller hockey game?" Todd offered. "It will be nice to have some new players." Sean nodded "Okay, I think we can manage that, but what about my sister Jennifer here?" They had almost forgotten about me, but in an instant all eyes shifted to me, ask Sean threw a glance my way. It was then that I realized that I was still handcuffed in front of me. My face lit up beat red with embarrassment, I was glad that my helmet helped to hide it. "She can play too if she wants to" Todd replied, "By the way, why is she handcuffed." Scott burst his way into the conversation and began to explain how we like to play games involving tying each other up from time to time. He also explained that I had wanted to see what it was like to attempt to skate with my hands cuffed together. Todd just showed me a strange shrug and told us to come back around 1:00 for the game. He also suggested that Scott add more skating pads for the game and that he would bring the sticks. 

Afterwards, we waved goodbye to our new friends and skated back to the campsite where Mary had lunch waiting for us. (Scott removed the handcuffs before we left and put them back in his pouch.) When we arrived, lunch was ready and we consumed it quickly because of the appetite we had worked up during the morning. Mary inquired about our plans for the afternoon, and Sean filled her in that we were going to play hockey at the basket ball court with Todd and his friends. She said it was okay as long as we were careful and that we were back in time for dinner. She told Sean to make sure that the others took it easy on me because of my young age. I told her that I would be careful and she finally gave her approval. After lunch, we went back outside leaving Mary to clean up the mess. She didn't mind, besides we were in a hurry to make it back in time for the game. Scott reluctantly added the rest of his skating pads, but only after Sean threatened to leave him behind if he didn't. With that, we skated off to the basket ball court to begin the game. 

It took us about 15 minutes of skating at a reasonable pace to reach the court. However, as we got closer to the court, I was beginning to have cold feet about playing a game of hockey with kids almost twice my own age. When we arrived, Todd and several of the other kids were already they’re waiting. They were all dressed in inline skates and had on helmets and pads. I looked down at the toy skates that I was wearing and finally decided that this was going to be too ruff of a game for me. I announced to Sean and Todd that I wanted to just watch the game rather than play in it. He told me to take a seat over on a bench by the side of the court and to just watch the game from there. I skated over to the bench and had a seat on it. Todd explained that it would be a few minutes before the others would arrive and that they should warm up before the game began. They skated around a little and each took a few practice shots at the two garbage cans that would serve as the goals in the game. 

I watched them for a while and took off my helmet because I was sitting. After a short while, I got bored with waiting for the game to start and I stood up and began skating a little ways down the sidewalk to pass the time while I waited for the others to arrive. When Sean saw what I was doing, he put his stick down and skated over to me. "Where are you going Jennifer, I thought you wanted to watch the game?" I replied that I did and I was just waiting for it to start. Then Scott came over to see what was going on. "You can skate around a little if you want to Jen, but I want you on the bench during the game so, I don't have to worry about you wandering off" Sean explained. "Also, you know the rules, you aren't allowed to skate without a helmet." I had completely forgotten that I had taken it off on the bench. "Yeah Jen" Scott chimed in teasingly "perhaps we should tie you up so that you cannot get up during the game." He said it jokingly as he patted the hip pack he had brought from earlier. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was just kidding, but then I thought to myself that it would give me something to do during the game. "Why don't you" I replied, "that way I would have to sit still and I could pay better attention to your playing."

Scott smiled; "you really like doing this don't you Jennifer?" I nodded and smiled back. "Right this way my fair lady" he said jokingly as he bowed pointing at the bench. I skated back over to the bench and sat down, Scott followed close behind me. Sean just shook his head and went over to see how Todd was coming on organizing the game. Todd told Sean that everyone other than Michael was here and that they were going to start picking teams soon. Sean explained that Scott would be right over and that he was just helping his sister get "situated" for the game. 

Meanwhile, over on the bench I had seated myself and Scott was unpacking the rope from his pack. He had six coils of white cotton clothesline each between 10 and 20 feet in length. He asked me how securely I wanted to be tied up. I replied that I didn't want to be able to move at all, in case the game got boring. Scott came around behind me holding a piece of cord about 12 feet in length and asked me to place my hands behind my back. He asked Sean if he would come over and help with my hands. I folded my hands behind me in an X pattern at the center of my lower back. Sean proceeded to do a double square-lashing tie of my hands with both horizontal and vertical wrappings around my crossed wrists. (He did it the same way he did in the second part of the story.) I loved it when he did my hands this way, because I never managed to escape from it and I couldn't bring my hands to the front. Next, Sean came around to the front of the bench; and much to my dismay, he removed my roller skates from my feet. "Sorry Jen, but I don't want you to fall if you try to stand up because you have wheels under your feet." He explained. He told Scott that he could take it from there.

I leaned forward on the bench and tested the security of the ropes. I loved the way this felt because I knew I couldn't escape, but I still like to put up a struggle. Scott told me he agreed with Sean about the skates, then he asked me whether or not I wanted my pads off too. I shook my head and explained that I thought they would make it harder to escape because they tightened up my joints. "Fine with me, it’s your afternoon" he said. He bent down and began tying my ankles together with another short piece of rope. He tied them together with several loops and cinched the tie off in the middle. I squealed a little as the ropes tightened and dug snuggly into my bare skin. Scott asked if the ropes were too tight, but I told him that they were just right. "Well, then Jennifer, now that you’re secure, do you also want to be gagged so that we don't have to listen too your complaints?" I replied that I did. 

Scott took one of the handkerchiefs that he had brought and wadded it up into a small ball. Then, he told me to open wide. I suddenly realized that my mouth guard was still in and that I couldn't remove it without the use of my hands. I was about to ask him to take it out when he cut me off by stuffing the rolled up handkerchief in my mouth. Then he proceeded to tie a knot in the center of a rolled up second one. He inserted the knotted part into my mouth and tied it off snuggly behind my head. This forced the balled up handkerchief to be pushed farther into my mouth. Then, Scott took his third handkerchief and tied it securely over top of the second one to secure it even tighter to my face. I tested the gag, but between the mouth guard and the three handkerchiefs, my ability to speak had been reduced to a muffled whisper of an uninterruptible grunt. Scott asked if I wanted any more ropes and I nodded. He proceeded to use the longest piece to tie my arms to my sides and another 10-ft piece to reinforce my legs at the knees. When Scott tied my knees, he always did it right over the kneecap and directly behind the joint. I was glad that my kneepads were on, because they prevented the rope from digging in behind my knees. 

About that time, another boy, maybe about 12 or 13 was coming over to the court caring a cardboard box with him. Sean looked at Todd with a blank expression. "Ski goggles" Todd explained, "We usually wear them when we play in case a puck comes aiming at the face. We have plenty, because Michael's father works at a plant that manufactures them and gets them for free. Your sister should probably wear a set of them too if she is going to sit so close to the court. Especially because she is tied up and can't block them if they come her way." Todd said as he looked over at me with a look of pity. Sean nodded in agreement and went over to get a set of goggles for me. Then, he came over and placed them on my head. He tightened up the strap so that they wouldn't come loose, even if I tried to remove them. I tried to protest, but I was bound and silenced, so I just let him put them on me without a fuss. Scott asked me if I wanted to be tied up any more than I was and I nodded. I had seen Sean tie up Scott in a position I had never been tied and I thought this was a good opportunity to try it. 

I tried to stand up on my tied legs, but I fell forward and landed in a kneeling position. Thankfully I was wearing kneepads and they semi broke my short fall. I didn't know the name of the position, but I hope that if I showed it to Scott that he would tie me in it. I fell forward onto my stomach and then I bent my legs at the knees bringing my bound ankles up to my tied wrists. Scott caught onto the cue at one and asked me if I wanted to be "hogtied". I nodded hoping that was the name of the way Sean tied him up; I wanted him to tie my feet to my hands behind my back. Scott took the last piece of rope and wrapped it several times between my wrists and ankles. Then he took the tail and cocooned the loops by wrapping it around the eight inches of ropes connecting my hands and feet. He finished by knotting it off in front of my legs we outside the reach of my fingers. "Better" Scott asked? I nodded. Good, now for one finishing touch. 

Scott walked back over to the bench and picked up my helmet. He knelt down and held it up to my face. I began to moan into my gag and tried to squirm away, but it was useless as tightly as I was restrained. I didn't want to wear my helmet all afternoon tied up like I was. "Sorry Jen, but its for your own good" he said as he placed the helmet over my head. He was careful to position it, so that it didn't reposition the goggles or my gag. Then he tightened the chinstrap as snuggly as he could, just to annoy me, and went off to join the other. The helmet really added to my discomfort, because it drew the goggles tighter to my face and it tightened the gag significantly. Secondly it wrapped tightly around my face. Usually I only did the chin strap snuggly, but Scott had done it very tightly. Also, the goggles covered the majority of my open face, so there really wasn't much room for heat to escape around my head. I shook me head to see if the helmet would come loose, but the chinstrap tight under my jaw told me that I wouldn't be able to remove it without help or freeing my hands. The hogtie pretty much guaranteed the impossibility of the later, so I decided to switch my attention to the game and trying to struggle against the ropes. This was the first time I was hogtied and I was beginning to wonder if I could get out of it. 

Sean and Scott were on selected to be on the same team as Michael, Todd, and another boy named Sam. The game began on neutral ground with a face off. However, after the other team took control of the puck, they scored without too much effort. Next, Sean gained control of the puck and took a shot, but it was intercepted by the other team's goalie. This fashion continued for what seemed like forever to me, but it was probably on 10 to 15 minutes and the score was 4 to 0. Time seemed to pass really slowly when I was hogtied on the ground. With the game turning one sided, I decided to divert my attention from it and focus on trying to get out of my predicament. Which was a matter easier said than done. 

I began by struggling and pulling against the ropes as hard as I could to see if the would allow me any slack. I also wanted to test the current limitations on my movements. I found out that both options turned out pretty bleak. Whenever, Sean tied my hands in this fashion, it was always impossible to reposition them more than a few inches from their starting location in the middle of my back. The fact that my legs were bound and anchored to my hands on compounded my problem. Next, I tried to see if my hands could reach any of the knots, but this also proved impossible. Scott and Sean had made sure that the knots were well out of the reach of my straining fingers. I struggled, squirmed, rolled around and moaned into my gag, but I couldn't really make any positive progress against the hogtie. 

After about 20 minutes, the game came to a short break as Todd called a time out. Everyone looked like they were tired from giving the game all that they had. Still, I think I was the most exhausted of everyone from trying to roll around in the hogtie. Sean took a minute to skate over and check on me. He asked me if I wanted to be untied yet, and I nodded in response. Being hogtied was fun for a little while, but I didn't want to stay this way much longer. My arms and legs were already becoming sore from the tension on them. Sean leaned over and untied the rope connecting my feet to my hands. Then he helped me to sit up and took off my helmet, which I was grateful for. He proceeded to remove my gag and let me spit the wadded up handkerchief out of my mouth. 

"Thanks Sean, it was getting a little stuffy in there" I said. "You’re welcome sis" he replied. I asked Sean if he would help me back up onto the bench. He went around behind me and lifted me upward by the waist and sat me on the bench on the side of the court. "Do you want me to untie you the rest of the way?" Sean asked. "We could use your help in the game; we are really getting creamed here." He offered. I contemplated his request; they were really losing at 5 to 2. "Todd already said you could join our team Jen, it would help to even things up a little. "All right, I'll play" I replied. Sean called Scott and the rest of his team over to help with securing my release. It only took them a few moments and I was finally free of my ropes. Todd said they needed to get back to the game and that I could join in when I was ready.

I took a couple of minutes to get the circulation restored in my sore arms and legs. Then, I leaned over and picked up my skates. I strapped them back on over my sandals and grabbed my helmet off the bench. Next, I picked up the stick that Todd had left for me next to the bench and skated onto the court ready for my first attempt at joining the game. We continued the game for the next hour and a half or so. Most of the older boys were rough and bumped into each other trying to gain control of the puck. However, they were careful to make sure that they didn't push me down or risk hitting me hard. Sean had made it clear that they were to take it easy on me. It took me a while to catch onto the strategy used to play the game. But I got the hang of it after a while and really started to have a good time.

The game continued late until the middle of the afternoon. I even managed to score two goals on my own, which improved our score. Still, when the game was ended around 3 or 4 (I forget which) we lost the game 15 to 12. Scott, Sean, and I still had a good time, and we even made some new friends that we played with until later in the week. Todd told us that they were going swimming tomorrow afternoon, and that we were welcome to join them. Sean said that he would have to see what Mary had to say about it, but he though it looked like a hopeful possibility. With that we parted company and skated back to camp. Scott collected the supplies that he used to tie me of course. 

When we got back to camp, Mary asked us if we had fun that afternoon. We told her that we had a good time and the specifics of the game. Sean relayed the request to swim tomorrow and Mary said it was fine with her as long as she could go with us. We agreed. We changed out of our skating pads and skates and washed up for dinner. We were going to do a cook out with hotdogs that evening and Mary already had the fire built and burning brightly. We ate a full dinner, and afterwards we planned to spend the evening sitting around the fire and talking about tomorrow’s plans and maybe even share a ghost story. It had been a day full of tie up games. I liked playing them with my siblings, because they were interesting and offered new surprising experiences. 

I think this is a good place to end part 4 of this story. I will continue to write about my experiences on the camping trip. My stories have been well received on this site so far. I still have a couple of other experiences from that camping trip to share. I was tied up again later that night during the stories, and again in the mourning during the swimming session. I wasn't tied up in the water or anywhere near it, but it was still a neat experience. So, it looks like it will take me at least two more installments to finish this collection of stories. 

I am sorry for taking so long to put part three up and this part up. However, they are more that 15 pages together and it takes a long time to type this much from memory. One of the main things that I am getting feedback from on this site is that everyone likes the level of detail I put into my stories. I prefer to write out everything this way because I think it makes the story more real and interesting. It will likely be a week or so until part 5 is done. Also, I have many other stories from growing up and I am debating whether or not to share them here when I am done with this series. I wanted to use this set of stories to see how they would be received and whether people on this site enjoyed my writing style. So far, all the comments I have received had been encouraging. 

I think some thanks are do to a few people here. First, I would like to thank my brother Scott for encouraging me to place these here. He thinks I am a better writer than he is and I have to agree. We both enjoy reading this site. Secondly, I would like to thank Canuck for operating and maintaining this great site. I would also like to thank him for allowing me to post my stories and offering to place them in the archive for me. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for keeping your comments. Keep them coming. Until next time, 


Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 03:40:27 PM
Response to The Lurker, Clayton and stacie
For me the bottom line is that a tie-up game is a turn-on. People get aroused simply by being tied, even if nothing else is going on. That's how it is with me.
When I was into bondage with my dad we didn't do any sexual stuff. He'd ask me to put on my school uniform, tie me, then sit there and watch me struggle. He'd say it was important in life to never give up so I should keep trying to get loose. (Of course I never did). At first I found it really exciting, but later it felt creepy and I got confused and depressed.
I still play tie-up games, just not with him. I don't think a relationship with a parent should have anything sexual about it. And that goes for mothers just as much as for fathers.

Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 04:47:39 PM
keep up the good work jennifer.

Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 06:29:30 PM
My first night alone
Hi, I’m Christy, 19 year old girl from the UK I only just stumbled upon this site recently, I’m really into bondage however I’ve never really had anyone to play with, one night I found myself watching a film in which a female character ended up bound and gagged, I found myself so turned on I ended up fantasizing about what it would be like to be totally helpless struggling to get free.

Few details about me, I live alone in a one bedroom flat. I’m quite short with medium shortish blonde hair, blue eyes, quite a slim figure, I’d say my breasts are about average size, but hey if you don’t like my appearance just use your imagination.

I was so intrigued about what I was feeling I felt the need to be bound and gagged, but with not many supplies around the place all I really had was a small role of celeotape, which I could barely bind my legs with, so I gave up and went to bed, but I could not sleep, just thinking about it, how much I really wanted to be tied up and gagged, helpless at the will of someone holding me captive as I struggled to break free. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it, so much I even dreamed about it.

The next day at uni was no different, I could barely keep my mind on my lectures and studies that day all I thought about was who could I trust to tie me up, I wasn’t in a relationship at the time and didn’t have a friend that I could share something SO personal with so my mind wondered even further… could I do it to myself? I thought about all the possibilities of attempting it, I was no good with knots, so I couldn’t do it with rope, but then it the thought of different sorts of tape came to mind, celeotape proved to be useless, so it would need to be something more, heavy duty. I quickly thought to myself that I shouldn’t be thinking about these sorts of things.

I got on with the rest of my day but unable to concentrate I left early, skipping my last lecture, on the drive home I got to a key round about, I had to go straight a head to get back to my flat, however I found myself signaling to turn left, towards town, almost with out thinking I was heading towards town, it was going to happen and I couldn’t have stopped it even if I wanted to. I went to the local DIY supplies shop and pulled up in the car park, next thing I know I’m searching high and low for duct tape, I found it and picked up 4 silver rolls of duct tape and paid with my debt card and made my way home.

When I got in I was so excited I could barely stop my hands from shaking, I began to cook myself a meal as I thought and prepared for what I was about to do. I set up my sky+ box for an evenings viewing, set a few shows up to record, put them on auto view, so I wouldn’t have to struggle to reach the remote, all the way up until midnight, it had just gone 5, which left me with around 7 hours to have some fun, I hoped to free myself around midnight, as I didn’t want to risk falling asleep in that state.

The plan was that I would tie myself to a chair, it was a basic metal frame chair, its hard to describe, it had an ‘X’ frame with 2 separate arms which linked down to the legs, it only had 2 legs, but with the metal ran along the floor. (Like I said hard to describe).

I set the chair up in front of the television with a mirror opposite; I wanted to be able to watch myself struggle!

I was dressed in a black evening dress, my ‘little black dress’ with matching black stockings and a pair of black high heels, I did my make up as well, I wanted to feel beautiful.

It was time to get started; I’d had this planned out in my head all day. I sat in the chair and began taping my left ankle to the left leg of the chair and then the same for my right, wrapping the tape round 7 or 8 times to make sure it was tight and secure. I then put my knees together and taped them together again making sure they were secure. I then wrapped tape around my thighs and the seat of the chair, securing my bottom half to the chair. I then did the same around my waist area securing myself to the back of the chair.

This was the tricky part, I balled up one of my socks and placed it in my mouth and wrapped tape around my head about 7 or 8 times effectively covering the bottom half of my face, I couldn’t get my mouth open if I tired and it insured all speech came out as a muffled sound. This was now the hard part; I placed my left arm on the left arm of the chair and securely taped it down. Then using my right arm I wrapped the tape around the right arm of the chair a few times making sure it was attached, then rather awkwardly I placed my arm down on the arm of the chair and attempted to flick the roll around, after a few attempts of twisted and turned tape it began to feel slightly secure, then using the slack in my wrist and my face to push the tape around a few more times until it felt tight and secure enough.

I had done it! And boy was I pleased with myself, I was able to bind and gag myself leaving me utterly help less, I looked at the clock on my VCR it had just gone 7.20, I had around 4 hours and 40 minuets to enjoy myself. For the first hour I was having a blast, I really got into it, struggling and MPHHHHing like crazy in attempt to get free, but just after 8, things started to get really complicated…


Self Tie Student

Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 07:27:53 PM
Your stories are really fun Jennifer. The details of the camping experience itself add a lot of context to the stories, making them more than just a series of tie-ups. Instead, the stories rise far above that, and feel more like excerpts from a novel about life.

Keep up the fantastic work! It's very much appreciated!

Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 07:33:55 PM
To Self Tie Student
Christy, I'm going crazy imagining you in your sexy clothes, all tied up and helpless. Please...please...CONTINUE!

Friday, August 25th 2006 - 10:18:43 AM
Yet, even though it goes "just as much for mothers", you ironically never posted her before about that and only posted NOW about a father.

I'm sorry if your father was using you to beat off to his bondage fetish; that's obviously wrong. But just because someone else's dad does the same thing doesn't mean he's automatically as perverted. Tie up games don't have to be sexual. Especially when you're a kid.

The Lurker

Friday, August 25th 2006 - 12:56:00 PM
Hi Christy,

im a bondage photographer,why not get in touch an earn a few quid,students usually need a lil extra £s.



Friday, August 25th 2006 - 08:44:53 PM
My second tie-up with Cath the Babysitter
Hello again people, I’ll post another story for you this is my second tie up with Cath my babysitter. Again dialogue as close as possible to original as the old memory banks are rusty. 
After my first tie up game with Cath I was so pleased I had managed to tie her up without completely bombing and looking like a freak and as I said before, I had asked her if I could tie her again and she said yes which was another ten points to me. It had been a few weeks after Cath had babysat me that I would get a chance to tie her up again. She had been over a few times since, but that was to hang out with my parents and no way was I going to ask her then! Anyway, again my parents were in a social mood and had gone to some friend’s house for the evening, and again, I was still not to be trusted alone at home (you kind of loose your parents trust when you have friends over and smash a glass cabinet with a football) so Cath was called upon to come over. 
I started to think about tying her up again when a knock at my bedroom door stopped my daydream.
“D, Cath’s going to be over much later tonight, she’s got to drop by P Tomlins house to finish a bit of work so you’ll probably be in bed when she gets here. We’ve got to go now so I’m trusting you alone for a while. We’ll be gone until tomorrow- no friends over and if there’s any nonsense whatsoever there’ll be trouble do you understand?”
“ Ok dad see you tomorrow”
Shit, shit, shit! A perfect night again and my damsel wouldn’t be here until late! As I didn’t have a bedtime I wasn’t too annoyed after a while but how late was late? Coffee to the rescue, and as I took every sip I was praying Cath would come before I dropped off in front of the telly. It would be a wasted opportunity if I fell asleep. 
Ten passed on the clock and I was still full of energy from adrenalin and caffeine pumping around me but at this time I was starting to feel hope slipping away and continued to watch telly becoming slowly grumpier. 
But dear readers I had not to worry as the inevitable happened. The doorbell rang and my parents’ quote of much later was a little exaggerated as Cath was here. I ran to get the door and think I bashed into the doorframe of the living room on my way out, yeah smooth I know. 
As I opened the door I was greeted with Cath’s lovely smile and a hug.
“Alright then squirt, sorry I was a bit delayed”
“That’s ok I can wait”
Cath giggled and then as predicted jabbed me with her fingers causing me to recoil in annoyance.
“Oh I’d better be careful tonight or you’ll tie me up again,” she said sarcastically jabbing me ruthlessly again. She was rough at times. After she jabbed me I think my brain clocked that she had mention the T word and that sent my knees a bit weak, courage son, courage.
“ Yeah well you said I could do it again, so watch out!” I said probably biting my lip in the realisation I could have blown it.
“Jesus, let me get in the door first! Ha Ha!”
Acting the cool man (or so I thought) I walked off into the living room, strategy to let the air settle I think, I heard Cath hanging her coat up and the tell tale sound of shoes being kicked off and then Cath came into the living room grinning. (An appearance update would be good now, so along with her lovely figure and pony tailed blonde hair, Cath was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and was as usual barefoot). She sat herself down next to me and the usual chatting started with me trying to calculate a way of popping the could I tie you up question in without sounding desperate (but at my age then tying up an older, beautiful woman you got on well with was just about the coolest thing going). 
About half an hour passed and Cath had not tickled me once! She was deliberately avoiding her inevitable fate but I loved the tension building up but at the same time realised time was against me, and acting quickly was the best thing to do. I think I cracked some lame ass joke about something she was blabbing on about and she giggled (I think it was polite laughter) and jabbed her foot into my side.
“Shut up D, I’ll not have cheek directed at me!”
“Yeah what you gonna do?” was far too obvious and I said nothing continually played it cool whilst running out of ideas.
“Ok D the film’s finished better change videos”
I obliged, and as I lent over to grab another video, I was tackled to the ground by Cath who then proceeded to rib me painfully for a ridiculous amount of time, and I knew this was my chance. But it seemed Cath knew her fate all too well and left me half paralysed from the tickling and ran off laughing. Picking myself off the ground I stumbled off to where I heard her running. Sprinting upstairs she had shut herself in my room and was holding the door.
“Oh you are gonna pay!” Becoming slightly irritated I grabbed at the door. But twenty odd verses feeble boy doesn’t pay off in the strength department and my efforts were futile. After a few more minutes my luck changed as Cath opened the door and I grabbed her arm “Got you now Cath!”
“Yeah you got me” Sarcastic as Cath could say it.
I led her downstairs and into the living room again, and I said gingerly
“Can I tie you up now like you said I could?” heartbeat rising.
“It’s getting late now D, your parents would probably want you in bed now” 
I couldn’t believe it, giving me the cold shoulder was not a good idea!
“Oh come on you left red marks on me again, and I don’t have a bed time so that’s no excuse”
(Chuckle) “Alright, I think you like tying me up don’t you D!” She said with a knowing grin spreading across her face. “Just not for too long, and not too tight”
“Yeah right, sit on the chair” Cath sat on one of the wooden chairs we had in the living room. It had a cushion, four legs, and an M shaped back with a piece of wood across the top of the “M” with space for her to put her hands through. 
“You’re going to tie me to the chair?” I walked out to the kitchen where I had stashed a tool that was a new addition to my house- duct tape. I had bought some from a hardware store a few weeks back. You should have seen the cashiers face when I plonked two rolls on the till, and also some cardboard so I wouldn’t look too obvious! 
I walked back to the living room clutching a roll and Cath looked a little uneasy about being taped to a chair. 
I moved behind her and pulled her arms behind her, and through the hole in the chair, and said, “Right Cath put your hands together!” she obeyed, and I taped her hands criss-cross whilst noting how sticky the tape was- much more superior than brown packing tape! 
After I finished her hands I tickled her side, which she started laughing. I knelt down in front of her and then asked her to put her foot up against the chair leg, which she did and I began wrapping tape around her ankle and the chair leg. As I moved onto her other foot, I grabbed her foot and positioned it myself then taped it.
“I can hardly move D!”
“This is revenge Cath it’s the only way I can get you back without you overpowering me and digging your fingers in (cue fake crying)”
“It’ll make you a man!” enough talking I thought, and stretched the tape out in front of her.
“No don’t wrap that stuff around my head D you’ll never get it off!”
How disappointing, but pushing my luck was not an option in my book, so instead I ripped off a long piece and moved that towards her lips.
“You promise to let me go if I get uncomfortable? mmmph”
“Yeah, now tickle time”
“nnnnnnnnphgg!” I dug into Caths sides whilst she screamed with laughter. I stopped after a few minutes and then I said to Cath “ well now you’re comfortable I’ll put on another film”
“hmphh” I proceeded to put on a film (which one escapes my memory) with full intention of tickling Cath again but after a few minutes Cath looked stressed and then looked at me mouthing what sounded like “Ow” 
“Do you want me to untie you?”
“mmmm hmmmph”
After un-taping Cath she let out an “Ow” and grabbed her heel.
“Oooh look at my foot man!” It was red where it had pressed tightly on the wood of the chair. The appeal of the chair tie had gone completely but she started laughing after a while and I said, “well that wasn’t much of a revenge”.
“I suppose not,” said Cath looking at me evilly I knew she was going to lunge me again and had to do something quick
“ I’m not letting you get away with it that easily! Put your hands behind your back Cath” She looked at me kind of weirdly and reluctantly.
“Ok but this is the last time we do this for a while D, let me lie on the sofa and untie me when I say so, I promise not to tickle you so hard in future. For a while anyway” with that she laughed, and half-heartedly put her hands behind her. I knew I had blown it really. But was going to relish in the time I had left. I taped her hands as before and then she laid on her front on the sofa and put her feet together. I taped them together and then tickled them, which I got a lot of laugher for; she seemed to be enjoying this more than the chair tie. Only the gag was left for a home run, and I asked her to lift her head up, giving into pressure she obliged and said “not too may times” I went for the wrap gag, only wrapping it around two or three times. Satisfied with my prisoner I decided to tickle her lovely feet some more, which was her most ticklish spot and then moved up along her sides for a few minutes. Cath stayed tied up for over half an hour and seemed content with the fact that it was just me getting my just revenge for hours of pain at her hands. She eventually looked down at me on the floor, and mumbled “untie me now” which I did. We spoke about our two games for a little while and she said to me “If we do this again D it’s only fair I do the same to you but as I said, we will leave this for a while, so I promise not to tickle you for the time being.” If being tied up meant having the chance to tie Cath again I guess I could compromise, knowing full well she would be as rough with me as I had been with her. We settled down to watch the rest of the film chatting normally and not talking about the tying up, although Cath would rub her heel every now and again, which would attract a little tickle from me. Nothing much else happened, and that was it with Cath for well over a few months, with her few subsequent baby sittings being “normal” but after a few months the tie-ups continued, which will probably be my next story, or maybe another victim. Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 25th 2006 - 08:54:22 PM
Hey, Christy -
Why did you post here in the first place?
To share your story with us? Or to get work?

Friday, August 25th 2006 - 10:26:40 PM
I <3 Cartel,

Where in central Jersey do u live? I'm a 16 year old guy from New York.

tasty 48

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 02:14:17 AM
My first post
Heya everyone. I think it's great to find a site like this with no sexual stuff on it, where you can just have a good laugh at other people's usually hopeless predicaments. When I was slightly younger(we were all around 15-16, though Jose was 18-19), me and my five friends used to play heaps of tie up games so I hope to post some of them. My friends were Alex(cool guy with blonde hair), Ryan(shy sort of guy with black hair), Jose(the oldest. At the time he had a girlfriend but now they are happily married and he is a pharmacist), Sam,(tall guy with jet black hair), and Gatesy(short guy with brown hair). I am normal height with dark brown hair. We are all in the same diving team(that's how we became friends) and we used to go in for comps all around the world. Of course in this time we got into tie up games. I would like to say the NONE OF US ARE HOMOSEXUAL. Most of us now have girlfriends, so there. We’re just really good mates. Anyway sorry for the long intro, I have to go now but I’ll come back and post some stories soon. 

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 02:18:50 AM
I'm confused.
Does anyone know what fetish means? How is it pronounced anyway?
look above

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 04:04:57 AM
Re: Straight Jacket
Dear Malissa,
i saw your post that your interested in finding strait jackets you can find some for sale at. (beware may contain somethings we dont want to see) (they specialize in this)


Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 01:27:34 PM
Welcome Stewart
Looking forward to your stories...I find it interesting that guys who post on here always have to remind us that they're straight when they post a story about "roping up" with buds....
First off: Who cares? Samll minded people have no place on a website about bondage!!

Secondly: This site is not meant for sexual encounters to be shared anyway. It's all about getting caught, wrapped, tied, tickled(hopefully),bound and otherwise restricted.

I, for one, don't want to hear about sex on this board. Let us all enjoy and process these great stories in our own minds without adding an element that doesn't belong.

With that said...Write on everyone!


Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 02:11:27 PM
This would be my first post - so here goes:

Canuck - RE: John - good call
Malissa - try - they are the worlds leader in straitjackets but beware they are about $200 dollar each

about me: Im an old fart with lots of experience and some storytelling ability so hopefully as I prgress from first to most recent you will enjoy my efforts.

with all that said, let us begin:

Patsy (not her real name) was 14 and I was 8 years old. My mom was going to college twice a week and Patsy was a neighbor girl who was watching us for a couple of dollars an hour. My sister was upstairs and Patsy was watching something on television. Being 8, I had NO idea how I was about to affect my life or hers for that matter. What started it I am not sure, but Patsy was stretching her arms behind her, you know, holding her hand together and stretching. I will never forget that image (even if I didnt know why). I got one of my sister's jumpropes and asked Patsy if she would do me a favor. As soon as she saw the rope, she said no. I explained to her that it was just a test to see if I could tie this special knot I saw in a book the right way (I did not even have a book on knots, but she did not know that) I was thinking on the fly. Reluctantly she agreed and the games began.

If I had been better at this from the start, it may have also been the last time. However, being only 8 I did not know what a cinch was, nor did I really understand the words loose, taught, or tight. I wrapped the bight of the rope around her wrists 5 times (I remember that number because it has become a staple in my wraps) then around her waist and upper body (again, 5 wraps). I finished off just below her shoulders and tied a knot. I do not even remember if it was a square knot or a fools' knot but no matter.

What did matter at the time was, Patsy sucked in her gut and wiggled for just a few minutes before, to my dismay, the rope slipped off and fell to the floor.

I tried two more times to tie her correctly, even wrapping the rope around her elbows before going around the body. All was for naught (sorry for the pun) since nothing was cinched and I seemed to be afraid to tighten anything.

It had only been a couple of hours, but Patsy was getting bored and I was getting frustrated, so we quit, but not before she said she would "probably" let me do it again. This actually was not the first time she had sat with us, so I had no reason to doubt her word. I was right, we played again the next week.

You, the reader however, will have to wait for another day for that story.

Remember: If it is not fun for both of you, it is not fun.

Mister Lee
US of A

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 02:14:28 PM
I forgot
For those of you into that sort of thing (which I am also)

patsy was wearing a pair of bluejeans, white (or pink, I forget) tennis shoes and a green t-shirt she had cut just to the top of her jeans.

Mister Lee
US of A

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 02:54:37 PM
Good start Mr Lee. Welcome aboard, and thanks for posting!

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 05:53:19 PM
costume party
hi, i'm chris, 17 old. and this is a stroy that hapened me 2 days ago.
i'm long time reader, but this is the first time that i hav something to write about.

my friend mark was having a costume party, and he invited my girlfriend and me.
btw, my girlfriend is make up artist. so i was thinking what to do about party, when
jess (my girlfriend) called me at her place.
when i arrived, she told me that she was thinking about costumes & stuff, and told me 
that she have great idea. the, she told me to come in her make up saloon, and sat there,
she'll be there in a minute. so i went there (saloon is in her house), and sat in front of the
mirror. so i was waiting, and waiting, and after 10-15 minutes, someone grabed my hand behind 
my back. i tryed to fight, but no use. i felt that someone is tying my hand with rope, and
then heard jess's voice and voices of her firends 'hold him' 'tie that knot faster'..
and then they tied my whole upper body, totaly preventing me from moving freely.
i started to shout:' what the f*** is going on?!' and one of jesses frendsgagged me with
a 2-3 strips of white tape.
and the jess said:' look honey, we're going on that party, and i dont want you to go
around and chit chat with other girls, so i hope you'll like you costume'
and then she took some black make up and put it around my eyes (later she said it was
because of costume - to look better), grease my hair and then put some net to hold it,
and some powder,..., and finally she draw my lips on the tape using a lipstick (yuck)
after that, she pilled some mask from the closet putting it on y head. my god, it was most horrible mask i ever saw.
then, they brought some home made straitjacket. they untied me and hold me, while jess and
1 of her frends dressed me. so, there i was, tottaly helpless, dresed like a monster.
after finishing with me, jess masked herself in witch of somekind or something.
they put me in back seat of the car and we went to a party.
what can i say? it was a cool party. jess and i were all night together, we even danced once.
but the worst part was that i was sweating and i was pretty thirsty.
there was funny moment when someone ask me something, and i just couldnt say a thing,
wich some people found it funny, some found it freaky.
in the morning, we came back in jess's saloon where she removed straitjacket and makeup.
after 12 hours of restrained and gagged, i didnt know what to tell her. first, i was pissed off,
and later it was pretty cool, so i forgived her.


Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 07:10:46 PM
Politics and Handcuffs.
This past school year I had a girlfriend who was into bondage games. We had a pair of handcuffs and each of us had a key; I had a second one hidden in my desk drawer in case of emergency. We took turns capturing each other, and loved it.

The only trouble was, we had political differences. She belonged to the university chapter of the NDP, which is the Socialist Party here in Canada. I've always been a Conservative, which meant we had our share of arguments.

Last January we had a federal election here, and Lois spent a lot of time helping her party. The Saturday before Election Day she teasingly said I should come with her and help out at the party rally. When I scoffed at this she said, "You forget, it's my turn with the cuffs." She snapped them on my wrists, took my key off my key-chain, and said as she was leaving, "Call me on my cell if you change your mind."

I burst out laughing. The joke was on her because she didn't know about the second key. I'd never been left alone in cuffs before, so to see what it was like, I didn't free myself right away. At first it felt cool to be shackled and alone but then it got frustrating, so I went to my desk drawer.

The key wasn't there. Had I forgotten where I'd put it? Had Lois discovered it? Either way I was stuck. Maybe the superintendent could get me out, but we'd had some arguments over the apartment so he probably wouldn't help me. Getting tenants out of handcuffs wasn't part of his job description.

I felt a wave of panic and knew I absolutely had to get free. I called her. 
"Lois...I have a confession...I thought I had a second key..." It was her turn to burst out laughing.
"Yeah, I found it in your desk last week. Don't worry; it's safely hidden somewhere else in your apartment."
"Lois, please tell me where it is. This isn't fun anymore."
"Sure. I'll just need your promise to come down and help us out for the rest of the day!"

I slammed the phone down in anger. This was the first time our politics had intruded into our games. I started searching for the key but quickly realized there were too many places she could have hidden it. The anxiety just kept getting stronger; I was learning how it felt to be a real prisoner, not just a playtime one.

I capitulated and called her back. I promised to come to the rally and she revealed where she'd stashed the key. I spent the whole day making calls for them, helping with Election Day plans, and listening to speeches about Workers' Rights and Socialized Medicine. From time to time Lois caught my eye and gave me what I can only describe as a Mona Lisa Smirk.

When it was finally over we walked home in silence. Once inside she darted behind me, then whispered softly in my ear, "I so totally whipped your Conservative ass!" This got me wild with excitement and we passed a night of intense "romance".

On election night the Consevatives won a modest victory. I taunted her mercilessly, saying Canadians weren't going to fall for Socialism anymore. I got way too carried away, and after a week she broke up with me. Looking back, I realize what she she did to me made me aroused and humiliated in equal measure. I simply couldn't handle the humiliation part.

It's now been seven months and I still miss her. I haven't been able to find any girl who's interested in bondage games. I hate to admit it but if I could find another handcuff-girl like Lois, I'd join the NDP tomorrow!

The Whipped Conservative

Saturday, August 26th 2006 - 11:44:45 PM
First Post
Hm? Oh, excuse me for a second, I've just noticed my watch has a small rhino imprinted on it. I will investigate further while tapping the full stop button.............................well don't ask me why it's there. The brand name is Lorus. Ah well, on to my first story. It was a Friday night and Me and Jose(the big one) were at Gatesy's(the short one) house. We were watching an episode of Superman(that's how mature we were). It came to a part where Clark as a teenager was tied to a chair by some gangsters. Gatesy responded by saying he could easily get out of those knots. Jose and I were pretty surprised, since Gatesy didn’t usually join in with our games. He agreed we could tie him to a chair and see if he could get loose. I think his parents were at some conference(Jose was 19 at the time. You can relax, it was legal.) So we taped both his legs to the chair legs, tied his upper body to the back of the chair, and tied it so his arms were pinned to his sides. Of course, being the cruel teenagers we were, Jose and I started walking out the door. He called back to us, and Jose just smirked and said “We’re going for a walk.” We went for a walk round the street, with the house in full view (bear in mind that we would never have done this if he was gagged) and came back to the house. Gatesy still wasn’t free, and had tipped himself on his side, but somehow, DON’T ask me how, he had turned the T.V on and was watching it sideways. Jose and I cracked up and went to watch it with him. Eventually we untied him and after that Gatesy was a lot more participating in our future games.

That was my first post, I hope it was ok. 


Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 12:11:44 AM
Tying Alex
Yeah, it's me again. This is something that happened during a diving comp in London. All of my five friends were there, and since we were in the same team, we were in the same room. There was a T.V in the room but unless you like watching quality static it wasn’t much good. Ryan had brought his PS1 along so we hooked it up and started playing Final Fantasy 8(we are most of us avid FF fans). If you know anything about FF8, there is a part where Squall (the hero) is chained to a wall and tortured by his rival, Seifer. Alex said that would be a cool way of being restrained, so we decided to take him up on the offer. Ryan said he should do it in his speedos, but Alex was a bit apprehensive. We had done tie up games in speedos before(I’m getting to them. I can only do one story at a time) but this was something new. Jose suggested he could do it with his shirt off. Alex still had doubts, so we lowered the offer( going once, going twice) and said he could do it in just a singlet(translated from vest for other nationality readers) and boxers. He agreed, so we got some rope(we always took it on these things) and tied it to the roof rafters. Then we got him to stand on a chair and tied the rope to both of his wrists. We took the box away and left him dangling there, supported only by the ropes. It was a rather comical sight, considering what he was dressed in. He got kind of annoyed when we started poking him with stuff(FF8 lay forgotten) but he laughed anyway. After that we all had a turn so a fun time was had by all. We never did do that again, considering it hurts your arms after a while, but it was fun while it lasted.

Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 12:48:11 AM
Tied up by Jose
Yello, it’s me again. I have yet another story to add. Too much time on my hands I guess. Anyway this one happened at the diving competition in London again. It was after the first day, when we had just arrived. We came back and we all went to bed early, even though we were just being shown around tomorrow. Little did we know, Jose had brought along his Chloroform. Yes, Jose actually made his own Chloroform. It wasn’t strong stuff but it was enough to make you zonked out of reality for a few minutes. Anyway, when we had all fallen asleep, Jose got to work (I’m just going from what he told me). I woke up in the night (around midnight) and found that I was in a strange position. Then I realised that I had been tied spread-eagled to the bed. When my eyes got used to the dark, I saw Jose doing the same to the others. I couldn’t do anything since there was a piece of tape across my mouth. I couldn’t struggle since I was so tired, so I went back to sleep. When early morning came, I woke up and found everyone else in the same position as me. It wasn’t so bad for me, since I was wearing my pyjamas, but Ryan was only wearing boxers and Sam only briefs. Jose woke up and started grinning like a shark, pleased at his handiwork. Eventually, when we had to leave, he untied us, but we were already making plans to get him back. Well, I’ll post the story of our revenge later. 

Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 01:22:22 AM
Our Revenge on Jose
Okay, now for a fourth one. I’m on a roll today. As said in my previous story, we were all looking to get Jose back for his midnight prank. A few days later, as we were coming back from one of the diving rounds, we made a plan. That evening, Sam, Ran and Alex would look through our room until they found Jose’s chloroform. Gatesy and I would stall him when he went out. Eventually, when he went out for something, we put our plan into action. Me and Gatesy followed him and stalled him for as long as we could (I can’t quite remember how we did it.) When we came back, Alex gave me the signal that he had found it. The next day, after another round (we actually did quite well that day) we went back to the hotel. Gatesy went downstairs with a pre-planned story. Sam told Jose that Gatesy wanted him downstairs. When he came back, we all leapt on him. We used the chloroform to subdue him, though he wasn’t out for long. We didn’t want to put too much on so we put too little. Anyway while he was out, we stripped him to his speedos (when we want revenge we GET revenge), carried him to the middle of the room(he was SO heavy. This guy had so much muscle it could be used to stop world hunger) and put his arms by his sides. Then we bound him from head to foot in duct tape, so only about half his body was visible (kind of like a zebra). We were also careful to gag him with plenty of tape so no sound came out at all. When he came to his wits he was furious that he had been outwitted. To be honest, I think he kind of expected something like this since he did it to us. It was a shame he didn’t have any chest hairs. I heard they kill to pull out. When night came we put him on his bed and left him there. We had had a fun time poking him and tickling him occasionally and making his life miserable but it was time to give him a break. We untied him in the morning and he agreed that he deserved it. So that was how we got our revenge

Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 05:55:08 PM
Part 2 in the BABYSITTER saga (not to worry, last one)

Two weeks after our first encounter, Patsy thought she would slow me down by purchasing a book on knots and hoping I would spend my time reading it, instead of bugging her. Bugging her is right, I spent every day I saw her (she lived in the same apartment complex - for an 8 year old I guess I was stalking her?) I would ask her if we could try the rope game again. Every day she told me we might do it again.

Anyway, Patsy bought a book "Ashley's Book of Knots", which I still have to this day, at our local bookstore. I was happy as an ant on a pile of sugar, however, my mom had bought me a book (long since forgotten that title since it was lost long ago. I had learned a few things from it though.

As soon as my mom was gone and even before my sister left the room I asked if Patsy was ready to play again. To which she replied something along the lines of "let's get it over with". My sister, whom had never fallen victom to my, uh... her jumprope, went upstairs and hid in her room while I drug out a brand new package of clothesline I found in one of our many junk drawers. I was going to do this right! 

Since it was winter in Texas, (ya'll know - not even close to real winters), Patsy was wearing jeans and a dark blue or purple sweater (not the pullover kind) over a white tee shirt or tank top (never found out which - I just remember the white showing at the top, a look I still find attractive). She also had on the same tennis shoes. Thinking back I believe they were indeed pink. No matter, I took them off right after tying her hands behind her.

Yep, That's where I started. I wrapped the bight as before around her wrists and as the ends crossed I turned them sideways and wrapped between the wrists, cinching them together nicely. Carefully, I tied a constrictor knot and again upon itself to hold everything (Constrictor is a simple overhand knot rapped one or two extra times. When pulled tight, it holds temporarily better than the overhand knot). I used a pair of blunt nosed (never forget having to "saw" the cord) to cut the excess loose.

She pulled for a miniute or two and said something about not being too sure about this. I was sure. Off came her shoes and sox... socks (baseball fan - sorry). The only thing I did different about her ankles was I started with a short end of the cord and wrapped the long end around her ankles. and then between then between them to cinch that up with the same knots (Ill quit describing them - Im sure everyone has a pretty good idea what they are). 

There she was, bound hand and foot, sitting on the couch. The only problem was what to do with all that excess cord. I was reaching for the scissors when I had the great flash that probably defined the beginning of my "favorite positions" list. I had Patsy stand up and turn sideways to the couch. Then I pushed. she fell on her stomach on the couch and bounced enough for me to get her legs onto it as well. I snatched the cord trailing from her ankles and yanked much harder than she expected. I fed it beteen her wrists and pulled it back to her ankles. Back and fourth three or four times. Then i wrapped the rest around the strands that reached between her ankles and wrists, tying it off at the wrist. 

Now I was happy with it. Patsy on the other hand immediately started wanting to know how long she was going to be tied like that and my first answer (unrembembered now) was probably "as long as I want you to", which are my stock answer these days. I do add nowadays that that is "only a few minutes longer than you want to be". 

Whatever the reply, she did not seem to mind that much, because it was a scramble to untie her two hours later, when my mom came home early!!!

This was my first tie with at least some knowlege of how to really secure someone. The hogtie most likely came from something I saw, on tv or at the movies, and like I said, is definately on my "favorites list".

I got to tie her up several more times over the rest of the semester, but after that, she stopped sitting with us because she was too busy with school activities, but we all, (including my sister) kept in touch with her, and I did have an opportunity to tie her again. Technically I was still a teen so Ill tell it later. 

Be sure to join us next time for the "Handcuffs from Heck" story (aka - the only time I ever got my sister)

Remember: If it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
U S of A

Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 09:14:00 PM
Hey, I’m a first time writer LONG time viewer. Well at least for me. I’m 16 years old and am lonely because I have no one to share the tie up thoughts with. I want to, and will if others are up for it, build a yahoo group for people lets say 10-19. I don't know, the age doesn’t really matter as long as it’s in this age range. No offence to you adults this is just so WE can talk to each other in groups like teens should do. In order to make sure that no pedophiles or rapists try to join. We will have to make a photo joining in system. In other words, In order to get in you have to send in a picture of at least your face, screen name and the name of the group when I make it. Usually for this someone is holding up a card or something with the screen name. So ill think of something like that, but I’ll try to make it more unique to the group ;)
I hope you guys AND girls want to do this. Send me emails or write back on the board
I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts
Hopefully soon to be your friend
Houston, Texas

Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 11:03:37 PM
Since high school I've had this big-time fetish for penny loafers. I got it as a result of being tied-up, and this is the story of how it happened.

In the summer before Grade 9 I was walking in the woods and heard someone crying. It was this little kid Andy, tied to a tree. He was a pathetic sight and I untied him right away.
"It was Joey," he said thru his sobs. Joey was the neighborhood bully, only in Grade 7 but a tough little bugger. A couple of times he had beaten up boys bigger than himself.
"Look out, there he is!" cried Andy. Up came the bully-boy wearing his usual smirk.
"Why don't you mind your own business?" he sneered at me.
"Look Joey you shouldn't do things like this. You really hurt Andy."
"You think you could take me, do-gooder?" I hesitated, thinking of the boys he'd beaten up. "Just as I thought - chicken. Now get lost while I re-tie this brat."
I thought to myself, I'm older and taller than he is, so I should be able to take him. "If I pin you, will you promise to stop tying kids up?" I asked.
"OK but if I win, I tie you. Shake?"
"Shake," I said and held out my hand. He grabbed my thumb, bent it forward and squeezed. If you want to know how that feels just bend your thumb forward right now and squeeze it. Then imagine your worst enemy is doing it and you'll understand the position I was in. 
"Joey, you're hurting me! I give, I give!" He forced me down, twisted my arm behind and made me give him the other arm. He told Andy to bring him the rope and I was soon in a tight hog-tie.
"I got you," he said as he stood over me, his dirty shoes in my face. "If you want to get loose, lick them clean!" The thought was disgusting and I refused. "You just bought yourself two hours in that hog-tie. I'll leave my shoes here and they better be sparkling when I get back, or you'll stay tied." He slipped them off and disappeared, leading Andy away.
Now I was alone with Joey's Bass Weejuns. I knew I had to lick them because I couldn't stand being hog-tied for more than two hours. I started slowly, trying not to miss any spots. The stink and foul taste were nauseating.
But an hour later I felt differently. I was starting to...LIKE them. After all, they were my one and only ticket out of the hog-tie. "These are the shoes that winners wear," I said out loud. I suddenly wanted to do as good a job as I possibly could. The leather tasted good and the funky odor was marvellous. I had fallen in love with his penny loafers.
"Having fun?" he sneered on his return as he slipped them back on. Without being told I started kissing his feet and was never so turned-on in my life.

That September I started high school and to my joy found many classmates wearing Weejuns. I'd stare at them in class and later get myself off, fantasizing that I was bound and forced to lick them. Later I started "borrowing" them for my private sessions - (I'd always return them so I wasn't found out). Having the actual shoes in my mouth made the fantasy so much more real and intense.

Since I've come to university I've had two girlfriends who agreed to tie me up. Unfortunately they were disgusted by my love for their loafers, and broke up with me. So now I'm back in my private world of fantasy. It's harder to "borrow" shoes in university compared to high school but I've managed it a few times.

I've often thought back to that fateful day with Joey. If only he hadn't left me helpless with his loafers I wouldn't be stuck with this fetish for the rest of my life. My advice to you kids is, - enjoy your tie-up games, but if someone tells you to lick their shoes, don't do it. Once you start it's impossible to stop.

Shoe Lover

Sunday, August 27th 2006 - 11:58:24 PM
NACHOOOOOOOOOOOO oooooooo........
Ya, im new. I hate the name Nacho, and i couldn't think of a good title for my story, not like that stuff matters anyway, but hey, i'll do better next time.

Anyways, me and my friends have been tieing each other up for a couple of years now, but i have only just begun to be brave a search the internet for sites like this (stopping here, it's somewhat clean). And about 2 weeks ago was the first time me and my friends actually used duct tape! See we used only rope and stuff before because we wanted to see how fast the person could get out, and if they couldn't, we would untie them, and tie someone else up, but that has grown boring, as everyone is able to get out, and it takes so much time to tie them up, the time is wasted when they get out in a short time. So, i bought a roll of duct tape, and decided to change the rules a little bit. Well, i created the game, RANSOM, which since thier was 5 of us, it was fun. 3 ppl are the kidnappers, 1 is the victom and the other one is the FBI agent. Well first the Kidnappers force thier victoms to write some stupid note, then they tie you up somewhere and leave you until the FBI agent finds you (don't worry, since we had gags, every 15 minutes we would go and check on the victom to see how they were holding up, saftey stuff ya know). 
Well it was my turn, and also my game, ha, no wonder.....anyway, i wrote something dumb like, come save me im scared, and then they began to tie me up. Well i had never been tied with duct tape before, and man, it hurts like crap, any suggestions? Anyhow, they picked a cubboard just my size, (im a small 15, and short, so it works), they first tied my ankles together and made me sit down, I didn't mind, it wasn't that dirty in thier. They wrapped my legs up to below the knee and made me curl up to them, so i did, then they tapped my hands to the above part of my knees (again it hurt like crap pulling on my arm hair, i was wearing pants), then they tapped the upper part of my body to my knees also, making it to where i could not move, except to fall over had the cubboard not been a small space. then they stuffed my mouth with one of those ski masks (you ppl who use socks are sick! j/k, lol) and taped my mouth, and my head....wrapped it around and all that jazz. and then lifted me a little, stuffed me in, and left me. It was dark, i couldn't move, i couldn't speak, i had to pee, and i could have sworn something was crawling on me, maybe i just had an itch, anyway....something i had never expierienced before. Usually with ropes and such, i am able to escape in no time, but i was rendered completely helpless! For the first time we used gags, and i couldn't make a sound, now that was the scariest part, but thank the Lord God Almighty we made the 15 minute rule (we later shortened it to 10, i know, we're panzies, but at least we play it safe) 
Well, it didn't at all feel like 15 minutes, it was an eternity! I couldn't move, speak, and had no form of entertainment, except to try and escape, which didn't work, i was poo out of luck, if my friends believed in torture while you are tied up, that would have been crap, and i would have peed, anyway, TMI, i know, im sorry. Anyway they came to check on me to make sure i was allright, i blinked yes (we made a code so as not to waste tape). They said okay and shut the door again after they had told me that the FBI was no where near close to finding me, it was a 2 story house, i realized how long i might actually be in thier, and i siged. Did i also mention that the house was completely dark and the agent get 0 clues, and the worst part is, i don't get untied, until he:
1) Gives Up
2) Finds me
3) Or until its morning and i have to leave
"Well that's great" i thought to myself, "Im going to wet my pants, and i am going to have no cerculation" lol
Quit? Signal to quit? Your crazy, if i did that, my friends would untape my mouth, ask why, and when i told them, they would laugh, put my gag back on, and leave me that way! (probly not, but it's a man's pride i guess, well, 15 yr old man, ha!) 

It was about 11:30 when we started, and i was informed that i had been tied up for just about 2 hours when they came in a couple of times later (my friends really can't tell time, lol, not really) You see, the guy looking for me, me and him were friends, but only.....well it's complicated, let's just say i think he was getting me back for something i did to him that i won't go into, im already ADD enough, lol. But luckily, i never wet myself, and my hands were not completly purple when he found me...3 hours later, least thats what they told me, i think it was longer, but ill trust thier word on that. Did i mention that the FBI agent has to sneak you out or else you are released, and he is captured? Well anyway, as he was taking me to the "safe house," I made sure to make it alot of trouble, and make as much noise as i could, he was caught, i was finally released from my sticky, cubboardy prison, FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST!! Anyway we played the rest of the night, but i lasted the longest, hope to have another story soon.

Anyway next time i'll try not to be so ADD when i type, i know you want a story, not all the extra crap i have to say, anyway sorry bought that. God bless you!

Republic of Texas

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 12:15:44 AM
To Nacho
Great story Nacho

Duct tape and panty hose. Use an old pair of stockings or pany hose to cover that area which is to be taped. it works great!!! So well in fact, you can even buy stockings cheap at Walmart. The little packs that look like they came out of a vending machine are the ones I use.

Also, as a side note Michaels/MJDesigns now carries colored duct tape in LOTS of colors.

I like your safty first idea also.

Remember: If it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
U S of A (aka The Republic of Texas)

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 02:07:36 AM
Re: Does anyone know what fetish means?
An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment.
How is it pronounced anyway?
It is pronounced (fet-tish) i believe.

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 04:12:39 AM
nacho great story, their was nothing wrong with it so don't kick yourself ok? I liked the way you got revenge on the FBI agent. What does ADD mean anyway?

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 07:33:01 AM
Thanx Mr.Rachel and Sarah lover.

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 11:43:36 AM
STOP ARGUING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this sight is falling apart everyone is arguing about what is aproperit and what is not so pipe down and just post storys

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 01:07:41 PM
To Shoe Lover
I'm confused. You say you love your fetish.
So why are you upset for being "stuck with it"?

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 01:14:23 PM
Tasty 48
I live in Middlesex county.
I <3 Cartel

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 04:51:25 PM
Hey I have been into bondage for i'm guessing 4 months now and though I have never done or experienced it I would like to learn how to do it. So if anybody has any links to sites where I can learn how to tie good it would be very helpful. Also if someone can could you explain to me what a cinch is and how it works, I really dont want to look like a total idiot if I ever do this in the future.

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 05:24:16 PM
adding on to the whole creating a yahoo group post i posted yesterday, which btw ive only gotten 1 comment on (write me even if u think itsw a bad idea and why please). I just wanted to say that the topic of the group can be many things from posting past stories like this site, meeting people online (THE GROUP WILL NOT PROMOTE MEETINGS OUTSIDE OF THE SITE) that is your choice, posting pictures of past experiences, posting pictures and writings on how to tie someone or yourself, how to make things, anything you wnat, and just funny shit.
so please reply to this even on the smallest things. i want to gere your ideas
houston texas

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 07:21:56 PM
this happened yesterday, and it my first tie up experience. i'm 17, male, and i'm in bondage for a long time, but i never had a chance to be tied up by someone, so i was only gagging myself sometime. but yesterday, i was at my friends luke home. we was so bored, so we played poker. after some time luke asked me:" what we are playing for, theres no bet?" and then i came up with wonderful idea:" look, if you win 10 games in a row you can tie me up, if win i tie you up" (it sounds stupid, but...). so we played, and i loosed 10 games. yes! "now what?" he asked, smiling at me. "do what you want" "sit there ill be right back", and after a sec luke returned with a roll of brown duct tape. "put your hads behind your back" and then he tied my hands. but he didnt gagged me, and i wanted to bad, so i said "like in movies, i cant free myself" and luke said "but in movies victims are gagged, too" and then he gagged me with 2 or 3 strips of tape. "there now what shoud we do?" then i pointed with my head at dvd player and tv so luke played some crapy sf from early 90'. so we were watching the movie, when door bell ranged. "shit, its my mom, try to free yourself!" luke said and runed to door. i tried to free myself but i failed. then i hear his mom "what is going on luke, how was at school"? "fine mom, C is here too and we was just..." and they entered the living room. and luke's mom said "playing tie up or something?" "yeah mom, you see..." "let's see what C has to say" and then she ripped tape of my face & i said "hi mrs. D how are you, luke and i was just playing..." "whait a sec" she said and then ripped of 2 new strips of tape and gagged me. "you 2 was just playing, huh? luke come over here and bring that chair" "but, mom!" "now luke" then she placed that chair behind my back and said :"sit down luke, make company to you frend", she the tied & gagged him as he tied and gagged me. "look at you, you 2 darlings" she said. after that, she went to another room, i thinks she was making a phone call. 20 minutes later, my mom arrived, adn started to laugh seeing 2 of us tied and gagged. in next 1-2 hour luke's and my mom were chating and drinking coffe, while luke and i were just sitting there. then they comed to living room fith camera, "smile boys, we are going to post you pictures on the net", and we started to make sounds & struggle. "just kiding", and then they untied us, and told us that tie up games are for kids and it is best,if we really dont have, play this kind of games.

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 07:42:13 PM
Hey Michael
For what it is worth, you should go for your Yahoo group if you want to do it.

I myself would need a personal invitation to join, inasmuch as I am well over 40 years old!

Good luck though, (If I was still that young, I probably would not have had the guts)

Remember: If it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
U S of A

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 08:35:23 PM
yahoo group and Mr. Lee
thnx for the comment on my (hope to be) yahoo group. I am guessing that when you said, "If I was still that young, I probably would not have had the guts" u were saying that because youd have to post a picture. If not please tell me what. but i was thinking about this and the way i figure it is that since you could only join by photo. You would know everyone was into it, and then you would know your secret was safe. Think about it. Everyone there is into tie up games sooo, if u join and u see someone you know u dont need to be afraid cuz they joined cuz theyre as excited with the subject as u ,so u dont need to worry about them freeking and telling people. U dont need to worry about it being an older reletive because they wont be allowed into the group. SO DONT WORRY. Now think of the plusses. If you meet even just one person who enjoys it as much as you do. and you become relaly good friends and you can talk to them and share whatever u want or teach and learn from eachother.
As i see it nothing can go wrong.
if anyone sees anything that can go wrong besides people getting into little fights which is there problem.
please tell me and i will try and find a way to fix it
PS: i cant beleive i havent said this,
I'm 15 5:6 have hazel eyes and im 125 pounds last i checked
houston, texas

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 09:29:54 PM
Re:???'s stop arguing.
Yeah, I agree with Mr.???'s complaint about the arguing. It isn't what people come on this site to see, and it annoys the heck out of people.

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 09:48:32 PM
Reply to GK -
Yes I love my fetish, but I'd also like to have a girlfriend. The chance of that happening seems to be just about zero at this point.
Shoe Lover

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 11:14:03 PM
Hi Anybody wanto to talk!!!
Hi. I am new and I love this site. I have never been tied up before anybody have any ideas about self bondage or anyone in the Summerland BC area to hang out with. I am trustworthy and I dont trust my friends because we are in a big group.
Gina 13 years old going into grade 9

Monday, August 28th 2006 - 11:33:08 PM

Speaking as a teenager, i don't think the yahoo group is a good idea, first of all because it requires one to register and sign up which i dont really want to do. Second, im not really fond of putting my picture on the internet. And third, its so easy for and older pedophile to just post a picture of one of his grandchildren or someone random in order to gain access to the site. I think the website is a great idea, but the details need to be worked out more, and i dont think Yahoo is the best place for it. 

tasty 48

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 12:19:27 AM
Yahoo Group
tasty is completely correct. theres nothing i find more uncomfortable than posting my picture on the internet to people i don't even know and having that picture linked to my most uncomfortable secret. theres no way anyone would feel comfortable doing that if there was a good chance that a pedo could look at us. Your idea may have been a good one, but most of us wouldn't feel right doing it.

Pictures are a terrible idea because theres always the thought of "Is there some guy [insert term here] to me?" However without pictures, there's absolutely no way to screen.

It's a Lose-Lose situation, unfortunately. :-/ 

ducttapefreak (15)
US of A

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 12:19:58 AM
Yahoo Groups.
Tasty 48 

You bring up interesting points I did not consider when I encouraged him. It does require more thought. Maybe there could be a basic posting area for everyone and a registration for chat? Would that peak your interest Tasty 48? Just a thought. I by no means claim - or even want to be an expert on yahoo groups :).

As a side note, the same can and has been said about I would, if I had the power, reccomend young people did not use that sight for the same reasons you stated.

Michael, one thing I have learned over the years is this. No matter what you do, you will get some kind of bad element. Even some of the youths you get may be "problem children". Also, if you start the sight, you will get people to join. There are too many people in the world for that not to happen.

This is way too long, but Gina, Email me if you want to talk (keep in mind though, I am 30 years older than you - I'll understand if you decide not to)

Remember: If it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
U S of A

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 12:58:59 AM
yahoo group
Thank you so much for the feedback keep it coming
as i had said to mr lee on email earlier and i planned on posting later.
the pictures dont work like that. they must have u showing ur sn in some way. each site that does this does it differently. making it impossible for peds to post pics of grandchildren. Also, the ppic will not be taken from grandchildren because the pics will have rules, undefined yet, but they will be osmehting like u must be holding up your pinky and have ur sn written on ductape or something. I will comeup with something.
Also, noone will see this pic except for me. u will send the pic to me and i will make sure ur of age, its not a fake, so on, and then ill delete it IMMEDIETLY, and let u into the group. noone will see ur photo unless u let them. SO DONT WORRY. Lastly, if u dont wnat to get a membership to yahoo. thats not my problem. itll be ur loss and u wont join the group. it takes about 3 minutes to create a new acount. so now i dont see anything wrong with the group.
the main problem was people dont want others to see theyre faces and no theyre into it, but they dint have to worry i will always delete photos.
keep commenting
houston, texas

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 01:18:21 AM
My first time
Stewart here, and this is the story of how I was first tied up by my friends. It was at a school camp we had for all who wished to be involved in sport that year. Can't quite remember why, but school doesn't always make sense. Everyone was put into cabins according to the sport they would be participating in. Netballers were put in a cabin, footballers in another ect. The divers also had their own cabin, and I was in there with five other guys. I had seen them around, but I hadn't talked to them much. Sometimes, in our free time, they would play tie up games, since most of them already knew each-other. I would just watch with incredulity, seeing as I had never been tied up before. I think on the second-last day, they asked me if I would like a go. I was slightly apprehensive, like I said, I didn't know them too well, but I accepted. They had obviously done it many times before, and they were very fast tyers. I sat in a chair, and put my arms on the armrests. One of them tied my arms to the armrests, while another tied my legs to the chair legs (I wasn't too good with names at that point). Then they looped some rope around my chest and stomach and secured me to the chair. Though not entirely necessary, I was gagged with a piece of tape. They watched me struggle for a while, then started to give me pointers on how to get free. Using these, I managed to free myself after much hard work. Then they taught me how to tie knots myself. After that, introductions were made all around (I was a shy sort of person at the time and didn't mix too well). I managed to tie some of them up in the time we had left, and that was how our tie up games really got going. Gotta go now, but I'll post some more later.

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 06:44:50 AM
Hey there. I haven't been on here in while and I was looking though some of the old posts and couldn't seem to find any of my storys. does anyone know what happen to them (I forgot to save my storys). I need help

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 10:10:38 AM
Well Michael,

You are obviously not a teen yourself.....

Do not try to lure innocent kids to your group please.


Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 10:31:05 AM
hi..been watching this site for sumtime an this is my first post...sorry....Michael..your idea sounds cool but i dunno bout the pic thing...every time i go into a chat room an people find out im 13 i get lottsa guys asking for my pic..i did that a couple of times an then figured out that mostly people ask for your pics an then you never see them again...all they wanted was your not sure id join a site that makes you send a said you'll delete them but so do sum of the guys who ask for your pics in caht rooms...also on sunday u said you were 16 and then on monday you said 15???..don't think you can be i siad before, your site sounds cool but if i gotta give sumone my pic an not really know whats gonna happen to it or whos gonna see it then im not gonna do it...but like you said...thats gonna b my loss...good luck...tucker

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 10:31:19 AM
hi..been watching this site for sumtime an this is my first post...sorry....Michael..your idea sounds cool but i dunno bout the pic thing...every time i go into a chat room an people find out im 13 i get lottsa guys asking for my pic..i did that a couple of times an then figured out that mostly people ask for your pics an then you never see them again...all they wanted was your not sure id join a site that makes you send a said you'll delete them but so do sum of the guys who ask for your pics in caht rooms...also on sunday u said you were 16 and then on monday you said 15???..don't think you can be i siad before, your site sounds cool but if i gotta give sumone my pic an not really know whats gonna happen to it or whos gonna see it then im not gonna do it...but like you said...thats gonna b my loss...good luck...tucker

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 01:18:20 PM
Hi everyone, its me Jennifer again and I am planning to post a story in a minute here. I know you guys have been waiting for me to continue with the camping series but I have a few items that I would like to address here before I continue. First, I would like to apologize to everyone for taking so long to write my stories out. I know it's a long wait, but I think the details are worth it. I am starting to find out that I am a pretty good writer, but it takes a lot of time to produce my stories from memory. It takes several hours to type out each draft and another hour or so to fix all the grammar and spelling. I still miss things once and a while so please bear with me on that note. 

The second thing I need to state is that I have been reading quite a bit back through the archives on this site and I have seen some interesting stories and a great deal of comments. Originally, I thought some of my experiences were a little strange, but I have seen some far out things buried back in the archives. Canuck has done quite a job maintaining this site for so long and keeping it running so smoothly. I know from coding html sites, that it takes a great deal of behind the scene's work to get everything just right. Canuck again I would like to thank you on the awesome job you do keeping this site up and running. I hope it continues for many years to come. 

That said I need to let everyone no where I am in my current story construction. I have decided that the camping series will come to a close with two more post pars 5 and 6. I have parts 5 almost done and about a third of six is ready to go. I have been jumping between the two over the last week and a half but they’re still not done. I am having a case of writer's block on how to word the two and I have something I am debating on adding to part six. It is relevant to the story, but I am wondering if the adding the two pages it will take is worth it. I am still posting a story today, but it is from a different set of stories. Originally, I was going to wait to post it until after the camping stories, but recent newspaper article reminded me of it and I started typing it out. Well, I finished all 8 pages of it in one sitting, so I am going to post it since it is done. It happened in December the same year as the camping stories. I hope it won't throw anyone off the time frame. I have another couple of stories that happened between them I also want to post. I will try to keep everything in a relevant order. Any advice on this would be appreciated. 

Just a fair warning, I grew up in a weird family by most people's standards. I have seen some stranger things on this site. For example, my parents were very over protective of us as children. The fourth story shows it a little, but the one I am posting today illustrates it better. This wasn't necessarily a good or bad thing; it just made growing up interesting. It has a different scenario from a lot of what is posted here but I think it will go over well. Would you guys please take a minute or two to let me know what you think of this one? I am trying to decide where to go in my experiences, but I need some direction so please take a moment to post a comment.

Finally, I would also like to let you all know that I have decided to put my own site together to serve as an archive for the stories that I post here. Some of my stories make reference to earlier ones, and I need them to be available for that reason. Also, I wanted a place where I could post my older stories so you can read them in case you missed one or are new to the site. I am not trying to compete with Canuck here; my site will only be for my stories and they will only be added there after I post them here. Canuck does a great job of keeping the stories together in the archives, but the current postings seem to eat my stories every week or two. I need to have them available for reference so I am posting this here. A link to the site is below; I threw it together in about an hour and half. I just needed it to be functional. Let me know what you think.

One last thing, (I know this is getting pretty long) I have noticed that many of you put out your email addresses and IM names for contacting. I am sorry, but I would prefer to remain at a level of anonymity here. Jennifer is my real name, and the stories I post here were true events from my childhood. However, I use fake names for the rest of my family and friends because I want to protect their privacy as well as my own. The girl you know as my sister Mary from my stories had a bad experience meeting someone online that I don't care to comment on here. So, I am just being careful. You can still post messages to me here and I will try to respond. I might even add a message board to the site below if you guys want. But, I don't fell comfortable giving out my personal information on a message board or dream book based site. 



Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 01:21:26 PM
Winter Vacation at Grams (part 1 Christmas Morning)
Hello again everyone, its Jennifer as usual. I thought I would let everyone know that I am still alive and ready to post some more stories here. I have another smaller series of experiences that I would like to share with all of you. These stories took place during my winter vacation when I was 9 (my birthday is in November) at my grandparent’s house with some of my cousins. Let me know what you think. Here we go.

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was sturing not even a mouse. (especially not me) ...The children were nestled all SNUG in their beds while the waiting morning hung over their heads. Okay bad start, but I couldn't resist. It was Christmas morning the year that I was nine years old. We were on winter break from school and had just started our second week. Our School started a few days early and didn't let out till the second week of June. But we got several other perks, like being able to take three weeks off at the holidays beginning the week before Christmas to the week after new years. My family had a tradition that every year we would celebrate Christmas morning at home and then we would drive to my father's parents farm in Pennsylvania for Dinner that evening. Then we would stay there for a few days with our cousins and extended family. Little did I know that it would be a holiday for tie up games with them. 

I had fallen asleep late Christmas Eve after we got home from the evening church service. I hadn't fallen asleep until around 10:00 which was past my usual bedtime. I looked over at the clock on the dresser, as I opened my eyes for the first time that morning. It showed that it was still a little before six. It was a tradition in our house that we didn't open presents until around eight o'clock. I sighed in disappointment and rolled back over on my side closing my eyes again. Still, I couldn't sleep a wink that morning. I was too excited with anticipation of the presents. I was warmly dressed against the cold December cold. In addition to my blankets, I was dressed in a blue fleece footed sleeper with a snowflake print on it. Additionally, I was wearing a pink nightgown that went down to my ankles with a lacy trim around the neck and wrists. Finally, I had on a pair of white slippers that looked somewhat like ballet slippers. They were low cut and had a strap that ran over the center of the foot to secure them 

I waited anxiously for 8:00 to arrive, but no matter how hard I tired I couldn't sleep at all. I was just too excited with the matter that we would be opening presents in a little under two hours. About 10 minutes later, Scott woke up because he had to use the bathroom. He climbed down from the top bunk and left the room. He came back about 5 minutes later. "Good morning Jen, what's wrong can't sleep?" He whispered. I nodded and explained that I was just too anxious about opening presents to go back to sleep. I told him that I had to sneak out for just a peek. Scott shook his head, "You really shouldn't, you know that mom and dad will be mad if you get up too early." "I know" I replied, but I couldn't help it. "We'll just have to fix this for you" he said. Scott walked over to the dresser and opened the bottom drawer. He took out two short pieces of rope and walked over to me. 

"Jennifer, could you turn around please" he instructed. I sat up and turned around, I needed something to take my mind off the presents in the living room. I put my crossed my wrists behind my back and Scott began to wrap them horizontally with five or six loops of rope. Then he made a couple of vertical turns and knotted it off in the middle above my wrists. Then he continued and began to bind my legs at the ankles with the other remaining piece of rope. He looped it around my legs a few times and cinched it off before knotting it. “There we go that should hold you for a while at least he said.” With that, he turned the light back off and climbed back into bed to sleep until 8. 

I rolled onto my stomach and squirmed against the ropes that bound my hands and feet. They were snug, but not all that tight or elaborate. I probably could have escaped by bringing my hands to my front if I really wanted to, but I decided to just leave them alone. I struggled for a few minutes and then I relaxed my efforts and fixed my eyes on the clock on the dresser. I assumed Scott would let me out a little before it was time to go get presents, which left me about 45 minutes tied up. Eventually, I must have dozed off, for a little bit despite the ropes, because the next thing I remember was waking up to my mother's voice. "Merry Christmas, time to wake up". I opened my eyes and looked over at the door to see my mother standing there with a surprised look on her face. I glanced over at the clock and it was about 7:30. 

"Well this is a pleasant surprise; it looks like you'll have to sleep in for once Jennifer." She said jokingly. "I hope you weren't tied up all night, were you" I shook my head no, and explained that Scott had added the ropes to keep me from sneaking out about an hour ago. She gave me a quiet smile and walked over to where I was laying on the bed. She reached down and undid the knot securing my hands and untied them. Well, were going to get started a little early this year so come to the living room when you’re ready. I began to work on the ropes around my ankles. My mother stood up and shook Scott gently awake. "Time to get up and open presents sleepyhead" she whispered. Scott sat up and yawned and rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes. Then he slowly climbed out of bed and headed for the door. He looked my way to see if I had been untied remembering an hour ago. I was already sitting up coiling the ropes on my bed. Then I got up and followed him out the door. 

(Our parents never really treated our games as weird or anything. I guess they assumed that they were a phase Scott and I were going through and would grow out of. Sean and Mary had played similar games when they were younger. So, they left it at that. They never really participated directly in them other that allowing them to occur. They allowed us to keep rope around the house and they had gotten us each a set of handcuffs last year as a joke present. Sometimes my mom would untie me if she found me bound, but our parents never really initiated the situation.)

We got to the living room to find the rest of the family already assembled for the morning. Sean and Mary were seated on the sofa and my father was in the easy chair on the left side of the sofa. Mary was dressed in a white night gown wearing a blue robe over it. Sean and Scott were each wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt. I took a seat on the other high-backed padded chair across the way from my father. Scott seated himself on the floor in front of the coffee table. My mom went over to the tree and began to pass out the presents to the rest of the group. Scott and I got a fair number of smaller packages, while Sean got a five or six around the same size. Mary only got two packages this year and they weren't very big. Our parents exchanged their usual gifts as well as the things we got them from our school shop and a few things from Mary that turned out to be college sweatshirts. 

We went around in a circle opening a present each in turn by age. Sean got a new portable CD player and quite a few CD's. Scott and I both got clothes and a few toys. He also got a few new games for his play station and I got my first game boy that year with a game. I had asked for one for a while, but my parents had put off buying one until now. Mary received a few gift certificates that she could shop with down where she went to school. The other package was a portable computer that my parents had gotten for her. She was really surprised and thanked them for it. It took us about an hour to work our way around through the presents and we had a good time doing it. We flashed a few smiles around the room and wished each other a Merry Christmas. We knew that we would be leaving in a few hours for our grandparent's farm. It took roughly 4 to 5 hours to get there depending on the weather and traffic.

"Hang on, I still have one more surprise" my mom said. My mother went over to the closet over by the door and opened it and rummaged through the top shelf removing two more presents. Thy first two were about the size of a shoebox and the others were a little smaller but still square in shape. They were all wrapped in shiny red wrapping paper. My mom came over and gave one of them to Scott and the other to me. "I picked this out especially for you Jennifer, go ahead and open it." She said. "Start with the big one", Sean offered. We tore the wrapping paper away excitedly. Underneath was a box that said in big bold letters "Men's Work Boots size 12". Scott and I stared over at my mom with a look of strange curiosity. "Um gee ... thanks I guess" I offered sarcastically, reading the box. "I needed a big box Jennifer, and that one was the closest size that I had available" she said "Open it up".

I opened the box slowly wondering what it contained. When I saw its contents, they were even more confusing than the label on the box. The box contained what appeared to be a wad of seat belts and two small rectangular pieces with a zipper on each side of them. Scott looked up and said "what in the h___ is this?" "It's a safety harness for in the car Scott." My mother explained. "I found out about them online on a message board about a month ago when Jennifer asked me if they made car seats for bigger kids." I thought back to about 5 weeks ago just after I turned 9 and had outgrown the booster seat I was in. Up to this point in my life, I had always ridden in a car seat that later became a booster seat for an older kid. It began with a safety harness for when you were four to seven and then switched to a booster seat afterwards. There was a time on a camping trip where I got tied up in it in our camper. (See A long camping trip part 2) Anyway, Scott had also brought the old harness that went with it and managed to squeeze me into it. It was weird, but it still fit me up last summer. I had gone back to wearing it up until to about two weeks before my birthday when I had outgrown the seat altogether. 

I liked the way it felt because it reminded me of being tied up by forcing me to sit still and upright. I told my mom that I felt safer with it than just a seat belt, so she let me where it until I outgrew it. About a week later, I had asked my mother if they made car seats for bigger kids, and she told me she didn't think so but she would try to find out. I guess she had found something pretty close online. I set the first mess of seat belts down on the sofa and found a second one in the bottom that had one long belt with four little belts coming off of it that ended in clips. I picked them up and looked them over trying to figure out how they work. "How does it work mom?" I asked giving up staring at it. "Here, I'll show you if you want, but you need to take off your nightgown first, otherwise it probably won't fit you." I stood up and pulled the nightgown off over my head, I was getting pretty warm with two layers of pajamas on anyway. This left me dress in my sleeper and slippers. 

My mom came over and grabbed the seat belt with the four little ones coming off of it. "This goes around the back of the seat in the van" she said. My mom demonstrated by wrapping the long belt around the chair I had been sitting in. Then she came around and buckled the belt behind the chair and tightened it up snuggly. Then she pulled it down so two of the shorter belts were at the back of the chair seat and the other two were about two thirds of the way up. My mother gave the main belt a pull to make sure it was tight against the chair back. "Now" she said, "the main harness goes onto your body and attaches you to this belt on the back of the seat." She picked up the main harness and attempted to fasten it to me over my pajamas. I will describe it as best I can. 

It was burgundy in color and the webbing was about the width of a normal car seat belt. It began at my waist with a standard belt that looped around me just above my hips. The waist belt had two metal D rings located on each side at the hips that were fixed in place on the vest. The harness also had two shoulder straps that came up over my shoulders and connected to the front and back of the lap strap. The shoulder straps each had an embedded D ring at the top of their arch and a sliding clip to adjust them. My mother tightened the shoulder straps down to fit me snuggly. It also had a strap that came around just under my armpits and wrapped around connecting in the back and to both shoulder straps in the front. They all came together in the back where the center of the shoulder straps connected in the small of my back with a zipper to close the harness. Finally, it had two smaller inch thick straps that were sewn in near the D rings in the back. They came up between my legs and met in the front; where they buckled with a fatex buckle. When fastened, they snugged the harness tightly down against my body. 

(I did some research and learned a few weeks ago that a company called EZ-on made it. The specialize in school bus restraints but they make similar products for family cars. If you want to see what it looked like, their site is here but this was several years ago. )

I could see why I had to remove my nightgown, there was no way the leg straps would fasten over a gown that went down to my ankles. My mom picked me up and seated me against the back of the chair where the securement belt was. She took each of the clips on the smaller belts and attached them to the D rings on the lap and shoulder straps. "There we go Jen, what do you think." I pulled against the belts hard and wiggled around a little. But, the straps held me tightly in place and forced me to sit up straight. I tried sliding my arms and legs around a little, but there was no way I could wiggle out of the harness. I jerked forward hard, but the harness held me securely against the back of the chair. I had to admit, it proved to be very secure and completely escape proof. The best part was that it closed int the back, which meant I couldn't get out I told my mom that it was perfect and that I liked it quite a bit. "I figured you would Jennifer" she replied. "When I saw them online, I thought it was exactly what you wanted and I liked it because it looked safe." My parents were very safety concious.

I sat there strapped securely to the living room chair; I was the immediate attention of everyone in the room. My mom explained that the two rectangles with the zippers were to expand the harness in the back as I got older or added winter clothing. Scott looked less enthusiastic than I did about the whole idea. He was still ten at the time and probably thought it made him look childish. However, the next gift changed his mind slightly. My mom handed me the second package which, I had almost forgotten about. I opened it up and found a smaller box that contained another interesting accessory. It contained a set of two small loops of seat belts each about 3 inches in length with a fatex buckle to close them and another attached strap with a clip on it. I stared at them curiously and then I looked up at my mom. "Wrist straps," she commented "I know you guys play tie up quite a bit, and I thought why not when I saw them. Mary gave me the idea when she told me how well behaved you were tied up in the camper last summer. Do you want to try them out?" She asked.

She came over and wrapped one of the loops around my left wrist and secured it with the buckle. She repeated the process on my right hand, then she clipped them to the D rings on the lap part of the harness. I pulled against them to test the limits of my new confinement, but they held pretty tight. My arms were now pinned at my sides and allowed only an inch or so of movement. The straps hugged my wrists tightly and prevented my hands from touching or doubling back to unclip the straps. Now I really couldn't move my upper body at all. Scott looked over at me as I struggled unavailing against the straps. "Nice touch mom" he offered as he looked down at his own set. Scott's harness was identical to mine except they were brown in color. I guess they color-coded the sizes. He thanked mom for the present and said he would wait until the ride down to try it out. My mom came over to let me out, but I asked if I could stay like this a little longer. She nodded, "Until breakfast if you want to, in about half an hour". She also explained that the hand straps were just for a fun joke and she didn't really expect us to wear them in the car. 

Sean stood up and walked over examining the seat belts I was secured with. "That's pretty neat Jen." He offered with a quiet smile. "It's too bad they don't make them in my size" he joked with a snicker. I laughed in agreement with the idea of my teenage brother all strapped in like I was in a car. "Actually" my mother trailed off; "they do make them in teenage and adult sizes. Would you wear one if I got you one?" She asked. Sean looked at her for a moment and realized that she was serious. He thought about it for a minute and gave his reply. “Sure, why not.” As long as it’s just for family trips" he offered. I guess that Sean like this kind of stuff even at his age. I shouldn't have been surprised, he still wore safety pads when he skated and he even wore a helmet when he went sledding in the winter. However, what happened next really surprised me. My mom went over to the closet and pulled out a brown cardboard box. 

"I ordered one for you too" She explained. "I didn't want to give it to you until I knew how you would react. If you thought it was too childish I thought I would just return it, but if your serious here you go." Sean looked at the box in front of him as if he was having second thoughts. But, then he opened it and looked at the harness inside. It was the same as mine and Scott's except it was bigger. It was also black in color and didn't have the straps that go between the legs on it. My mom explained that the leg straps only came on the smaller sizes, but she could order him some if he wanted. He shook his head and said it was fine as it was. Mary made an affirmative bid that she didn't think she wanted one. I stayed in the harness until breakfast when Mary came over and let me out so we could eat. Overall, it was a pretty interesting morning. 

After we ate, we all took some time to bathe change our clothes and get ready for the next few days that we would spend at our grandparents. My dad our bags and toys in the back of the van and got the seat belts that secured the harnesses in place in the van. While we got ready, Scott and I talked about what we wanted to do while we rode down. Originally, I had planned to play my game boy, but Scott suggested that I try my new present instead. He offered that he would if I would for the ride down. I said okay to the idea and we ran it by our mother. She said it was fine and that she would look forward to a peaceful ride down for a change. So, I went to my room to finish getting ready to go. I packed my game boy instead of taking it in the car with me. It was a very cold morning out at only 10 degrees, but I was dressed well for the weather.

My base layer consisted of a T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Next I added a blue sweater with long sleeves and a picture of Rudolph on it over the shirt. I was wearing a pair of white socks and a pair of black T-strap Mary Jane dress shoes with a flat bottom. Next, I added my outer layer to the outfit. I had a pink one-piece snowsuit that covered me from head to toe. It was bulky and closed with a zipper that ran up the front from my waist to my chin. It also had snaps that closed over the zipper to keep the cold out and a belt to snug it up at the waist. It had an attached hood that had a drawstring to secure it. Also, the wrists and ankles had cuffs that you could snug up with a strip of Velcro. Overall, it was very bulky and warm, perfect for playing in the snow or a long car ride without much heat reaching the back. I also had on a wool stocking cap under the hood and a set of earmuffs. My hands were also covered with two layers of mittens. The first was a set of fleece mittens to keep my hands warm. I covered them with an outer layer of waterproof mittens with extended cuffs to keep my hands dry. I had Sean help me Velcro the snowsuit cuffs overtop of them. I was well bundled up, but it was necessary.

When I went out to the van, my mom was there loading the last of the cousin's presents into the car. She told me we would be leaving in about 10 minutes and asked if I was ready to go. I told her that I was and asked if she could help me into the new harness because of my mittens. She helped me into the harness and secured it snuggly to my body. It was really a tight fit with the snowsuit underneath it. I asked her if she could do my hands too and she replied that if I really wanted her to she would. I told her that I did and she wrapped the straps around my mittens and secured them to my sides. About this time, Scott and Sean came out ready to load up. Scott was dressed similarly to me except he only had a coat on and was wearing tennis shoes. Both of them were already in the vests. My mom asked Sean if he would help us while she went inside to get dad and a few more things. Sean said he would and she went back to the house. 

Sean helped me into the back seat of the van. I was seated next to the wall opposite the side door. Sean removed the mittens he was wearing and secured my harness at the four clips. Scott climbed in on the seat next too me, and Sean went to secure him as well, but he told him to wait a minute. Scott asked me if I was comfortable, and if I wanted to be a little more secured for the trip. I told him I was fine, but I didn't care if he added a little more restraint, after all I was secured to the seat and my hands were already off limits. He reached into his coat pocket and produced my set of handcuffs. He bent down and secured them around my ankles just below the cuffs on the snowsuit and locked them in place. This effectively immobilized my feet. Then he reached into his other pocket and pulled out a large wadded up handkerchief. He asked me to open my mouth, which I did. Then he stuffed it inside and filled up my mouth. Finally, he took a scarf out of his pocket and wrapped it over my mouth and around my head three times before knotting it off. He made sure not to cover my nose, and I could still breathe through my mouth anyway. But I was still gagged very effectively and no one would be the wiser. 

Then, Scott pulled out another handkerchief and added it to his own mouth and secured it with a scarf. Next, he took out his pair of handcuffs and connected his feet at the ankles with them. Finally, he put his fleece mittens back on and sat down on the seat on the opposite side. Sean clipped him into the seat and then secured his hands with the wrist straps. Then Sean sat down and secured himself to the seat in front of us with the four clips. Then he reapplied his green waterproof mittens to his hands and waited for our parents to return. I guess I will mention that Sean was dressed in a green winter snowsuit and tennis shoes. He sat there and folded his hands neatly on his lap. We just sat and waited for about five minutes until our parents came out and joined us. The finished packing and boarded the van. My father would be driving and my mother sat in the front passenger seat. Mary would be driving down separately. 

I sat in the back seat pretty still because of the wrist straps and handcuffs on my feet. Scott and our parents talked quite a bit on the ride down, but I couldn't really hear what they were saying. After all, I was sitting in the back seat and I had on earmuffs, hat and my hood. Not that it really mattered, because I couldn't talk anyway. The scarf wasn't all that tight, but in combination with the hood that was neatly secured with a bow it worked. I couldn't work the handkerchief out of my mouth at all. I spent most of my time looking out the window at the scenery because there really wasn't anything else to do. From time to time I would struggle or reposition myself a little, but it was nearly impossible to move. We stopped twice, once for lunch and the second for a bathroom break at a rest stop. Both times it took an extra 10 minutes just to get us out and back in, but my parents didn't mind because it was the quietest we had ever been in the car for them. Even though Scott and I were only two feet apart, there was absolutely nothing we would do to annoy each other. 

After lunch, Scott and I decided not to have the hakercheifs back in because they hurt the jaw after a while. But we still had the scarves and pretended that we couldn't talk. At the second stop, Scott decided he wanted his hands and feet free for the last hour of the ride. My mom said that the quiet was nice while it lasted, but she thought we would get tired of it sooner or later. I still wanted to wear mine for the last hour of the ride, which I was allowed to do. My mom told Scott that if he bothered me he would regret it. That seemed to do the trick because he didn't bother me at all. At one point my nose started to itch from the scarf right below it. I asked Scott if he could get it and he reached over and scratched it with his mitten hand for me. 

I had to admit that it was a peaceful and interesting ride. The wrist straps were designed for long-term wear and I hardly felt them through the snowsuit and mittens unless I pulled hard against them. Overall, it was a comfortable ride down to my grandparents’ house. I'll share more on this in the next installment. 

I guess I should wrap this one up around here. I have already put more time in than I originally intended to. Oh well, I ended up wearing the harness in the car until I was about 14 years old. My mom bought me the next size up twice in there as well. Scott wore one until he was 12 and once in a long while afterwards. Sean gave his up when he started driving. They were just part of my growing up that I remember in conjunction with tie up games. I guess our parents were a little over protective, which is not always a bad thing. I wore mine on the school bus for a couple of years as well until I got to junior high. Our mom let us wear the wrist straps from time to time in the car. But only if we were going on a long trip and only if we wanted to. She never forced us to if we didn't want to. I never really considered it tie up gear, unless my hands were strapped. It was fun once in a while, but I certainly didn't want them tied down all the time.

As for Sean, he was always a good older brother to Scott and me. I asked him about it recently and he told me put up with all this safety stuff for three reasons. First, he did it because it reminded him of when he was a younger kid and he missed that. When Mary moved to college, he lost his favorite sibling to play and joke around with. Secondly, he wore safety stuff because it was what he was used to growing up and he just felt better with it. Finally, he did it to set a good example for Scott and me. When Mary left, we became the kids that he played with most and our parents made sure we were safe. Sean put up with it because it helped to shorten our age gap. For example, because he wore the harness that our mother got him, Scott and I didn't feel like little kids compared to him because we did. We just accepted it as part of life. 

I have a few other incidents where I got tied up using the harness in the car. However, they aren't as memorable or well suited as this one. Still, if you guys want to hear them let me know and I will take some time and put them together. I didn't know if this was appropriate for this forum, because most of the stories here involve using ropes more than things like this. Still, I thought it was something different to share with you guys and it didn't contain any inappropriate material. So, I posted it anyway. Let me know what you think. I'll continue the series later. I've decided that I will just bounce around a bit. I will finish my camping stories later. I a week or two. I am just deciding whether to include a particular incident or not in part six. There is nothing inappropriate with it, I just don't think it will add that much to the story for the space I have to waste telling it.


Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 04:26:07 PM
i like your stories tommyo.

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 04:57:41 PM
To Jennifer
Jen, sweethear, (and anything else to butter you up, PLEASE do not stop writing your stories. I was so involved in this one that I half expected your parents to bring Mary out in a hogtie and toss her in the back of the van!

It appears your parents cared for you (as well as loved you) very much. My parents were aware of our games but never participated at all. I do not even remember actually getting "caught" by them, but that was more because I was too afraid of how they would react, I did however, live in a different generation.

Keep up the great work! Im looking forward to your next installment.

Remember: If it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
U S of A

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 06:39:34 PM
Michael's site
One question should spring to your thoughts all you teens out there thinking of joining such a site.


I am not directly pointing a finger Michael, but for all we know, and the teens you are trying to attract, you could be the biggest 'problem' they could have. What an excellent way of contacting teens. Pretend to be one setting up a site for them, lure them in, get their pictures in shall we say, 'secret' situations. Bingo! You have quite a few available for blackmail or worse.

TEENS do NOT join such a group. Your far safer in public groups and NEVER post your pictures to some stranger who claims that he/she will destroy it. NEVER give your address/phone number - Better still don't even give your real name.

I am sure that many on this site will back up this post.


Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 06:51:19 PM
yahoo group
first off - doubtfull - i dont know where u got the idea that im not a teenager. but watevor i am
and to the other guy, sry forgot ur name. Im suprised someone caught that mistake about my age. If u really want to know, online i say im 16. Why, not to lure lil kids. Im NOT a pedefile. but because im very close to 16. My birthday is in september, and because i feel as though u get more respect if ur 16. because u have more responsiblities at that age. But watevor. Anyways, i REALLY wnated to do this because most teeens are too shy or afraid to talk to others online and meet people into this same fetish, games, or watevor u want to call it. Me being one of them, but becuase im getting such negetive feedback, i will not host the site unles i get a few more emails saying they want to do it. Very upsetting. If any of you figure out a way to host this without pictures. which i still have not found. then i will Gladly host it. meanwhile. if any girls want to talk about this that are around my age. Please tell. 
i will do it even if its just a few people. this way, i can at leest meet you and, u can write back when it turns out great if u want to saying that im not a pedephile. hopefully this way we cxan post stories here and chat and meet firends onlline to share things that nobody else seems to understand and thinks is just some weird fetish.
please email me if u want it
btw- i am shy, so i will not be posting my picture online
but thsoe in the group will see it i swear. I feel taht the reasson noone posts on this site is cuz theyre afraid someone might comeupon it they no and might think its weird but this is a closed group, so
thnx again
please email me
ithink it will be great
houston texas

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 06:54:10 PM
hey someone just posted something right b4 mine
i would like to say, yah i would think the same thing
that brings an idea
if anyone alse wants to host it please do and email me
i would love to join
houston texas

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 07:15:57 PM
To Jennifer
That was quite a different story Jennifer. I admit I'm more into the "ropes" stories, but I thought it was very cute.

Thanks for putting up a website of your stories as well! It's great to be able to read your archive of past experiences; especially since they are sometimes referenced by the later ones.

And don't worry about how long it takes to write a story. The detail is worth the wait. It's what really brings them to life.

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 07:43:47 PM
Hey Janafear I love you christmas story of how you got the car seat Harnass. I also loved how you had a one-piece snowsuit I love snowsuits so much that on dress up day at school I were it all day even when I go to bed. I love your story becuase your STUCK in the car in your snowsuit.Please do more stories of you in a ONE-piece snowsuit. 



Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 08:01:49 PM
To Jennifer and Self Tie Student
Jenifer well done story. Adding in all that detail makes it all worthwhile. Great job! 

Self Tie Student could you please continue your story! I really want to know what became complicated. The suspense is killing me! :(


Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 08:48:31 PM
Really enjoying your posts, Jennifer. As someone who's been on the board a while, I've missed the sort of long-winded narrative style of some of the classics. You'll make a nice addition here. 

Keep up the good work!



Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 09:54:09 PM
self bondage link
people caught in self bondage

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 10:39:13 PM
yahoo group

I echo the point about who watches the watcher - anyone sending you a pic has only your word that you are who you say you are, and that you will delete the pic. Not that you aren't who you say you are, or the age (more or less) you claim to be, but there's no way for any of us to know for sure.

Not to overstep the bounds of this group, but just by way of example, you could require that anyone joining send you a pic of themselves hogtied in their birthday suit with their screenname written in black marker across their stomach, plus a video of them in that position spelling the name of your group in ICAO phonetics, and still you wouldn't know it was really the person joining. 

All it would prove is that they're somewhat crazy, and have a friend crazy enough to tie and film them. Or they're behind the camera, and they know someone crazy (or trusting?) enough to let themselves be put into that position.

I have a few friends who would probably agree to doing something that just because they were getting around your rules (not that I'd go that far, in case this gives you ideas). 

Surf youtube a bit and see what crazy stunts some young (and some older) idiots are capable of, and I think you'd have to agree that unless you're casting for Fear Factor, the only sure thing would be for you to meet every member in person. And even so, you could be meeting a stand-in. 

Philosophically speaking (and with a passing reference to a musical piece that might give a clue as to my age), does anybody really know who anyone is, much less what time it is?

stops at nothing (almost)

Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 11:07:08 PM
Pestered by Mario
“A boy’s will is the wind’s will, and the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.” — Longfellow

This happened in 1952 or 1953 when Mario and I were either twelve or thirteen. I remember most of the images and events vividly. The dialog contains a number of phrases that have stuck in my mind, and the rest is a reconstruction of what we might have said. 

One morning I was in my back yard building a box trap to catch a skunk that had been terrorizing our neighborhood at night. The beauty of a box trap is that a skunk won’t fire off when it’s inside, as it has to get away from its own smell. Once I had caught it, I could put the trap with the skunk in a wheelbarrow and cart it a mile or so out of town to release it.

The day was humid and sweltering hot: one of those days when cicadas sing in the trees and puffy clouds hang on the horizon or drift overhead but seldom hit the sun. Even though I had taken off my shirt, and was barefoot, wearing only a pair of cut off jeans, I was still hot. I had one knee on a sawhorse holding a twelve-inch wide board in place while I cut it with a handsaw. That was hard work, and I was sweating and not in the best of moods. 

While I was sawing the board, Mario came by looking for something to do, and he stood beside me with crossed arms watching me work. He had a lean tanned body and the dark hair, eyes, and skin of his Italian ancestry. Like me, he was shirtless, and he wore a pair of khaki shorts, low cut sneakers without socks, and a Red Sox ball cap with the bill pulled low on his forehead to keep the sun out of his eyes. (In those days kids were savvy enough to know what the visor on a ball cap was for, and that it only worked when you had it in front.) 

“What’s that going to be?” he asked.

“A skunk trap,” I said. “I’m going to catch the one that’s been prowling around here after dark.”

“How does it work?”

I showed him how I would nail the top and front into a single unit that would be hinged at the back with a couple of pieces of leather. I would tie some bait like an old steak bone with a little meat still on it to a stick. Then I would poke the end of the stick thorough a hole in the back from the inside so just a little bit protruded. The top would be held open by a string that went over a tall lathe nailed to the back of the trap and down to the protruding stick. I had tied a metal ring at the string’s end, which I would hook over the protruding bit of stick. 

The skunk would go into the trap and as it tugged on the bait it would pull in the stick. That would release the top, which would slam down and trap him. I had already made a spring catch out of a bent tine from an old broom rake that would hold the trap shut once it was tripped. 

“Pretty smart,” Mario said. “Did you think that up all by yourself?”

“No. Dad told me how to build it.”

“That’s not fair.” 

“What do you mean?”

“Your father and you are ganging up against one poor little skunk, and it’s only got about a teaspoonful of brains to begin with.” I studied Mario’s face, and saw a certain impish look that I recognized well. It usually meant he was contemplating mischief. Sure enough, he picked up one of the boards I had cut and started to walk off with it.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I shouted.

“Skunks have rights too,” he said with a laugh. “I am the great Mario, protector of all God’s little creatures.”

I trotted after him to get the board. “Come on!” I said. “It’s us that need the protection. Not the stinking skunk.” 

I took the board from him and went back to building the trap. He followed and watched me work for a bit, then picked up another board and started to trot away with it. “The Magnificent Mario strikes again,” he said with a laugh. I chased him down and got the board. I was hot enough just from working on my trap without having to run after him too, and I was getting more annoyed all the time.

“You do that once more,” I said, “and the Magnificent Mario is going to be in a magnificent heap of trouble.”

I went back to my work, and he followed me. Sure enough, he swiped another board and ran off. I caught him at the edge of the lawn, but instead of retrieving the board I grabbed Mario’s elbows and held his arms behind his back.

“Okay, Mario. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it looks like I’ve got to take care of you before I can finish my trap.” I gripped his arms so tightly that his shoulder blades stood out beneath his tanned skin, and his elbows almost touched behind him. I forced him to walk with me towards our cellar hatchway. He laughed and put up a halfhearted struggle, but I was stronger than him and I brought him down into the cellar without much effort.

I had a pair of real handcuffs in the cellar that I had inherited from my older cousin Gilbert who had grown beyond the age of cops and robbers. I steered Mario to the shelf where I kept them. While I held his elbows locked behind him with my left arm, I clicked one of the cuffs on his right wrist with my right hand. 

A steel jack post stood in the middle of the cellar, and I dragged Mario over to it and cuffed his other wrist behind the post. All the while Mario was still laughing and struggling, but not too hard. “No handcuffs can hold the Magnificent Mario, Master of Escape,” he said. “And when the Magnificent Mario escapes and strikes again, he’ll run so fast you’ll never catch him.”

He had a point there. Although I was stronger than Mario, he could run faster than me. I figured I had caught him that last time because the board he was carrying hampered him. But maybe he really wanted to get caught.

“Well then, I’d just better chain you to that post a little better.” I got a thick leather dog collar with a chain leash on it, buckled it loosely around Mario’s neck, and tied the chain around the post behind him. It was really more for looks than anything, as I didn’t want to run any danger of choking him. I also got a pair of leg irons that I had made for our games when we used the cellar as a dungeon.

“What do you say now, Mister Magnificent? The handcuffs, that collar, and these leg irons should keep you here until I finish my trap. I told you you’d be in deep trouble.”

“Oh well,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “At least it’s cooler down here than out in the sun.” 

I knelt at his feet and attached the leg irons to his ankles with the chain going behind the post. I had hammered the irons out of pieces of an old barrel hoop. Each shackle consisted of two semicircular halves with drilled flanges that were held together by nuts and stove bolts that I tightened with a screwdriver. The inside bolt on each shackle went through an end link of a 12-inch chain.

“Okay protector of skunks, lets see you get your butt out of that!” I stood up and slapped him hard on his behind, and he laughed. I left Mario chained to the post and went up into the yard to finish my work. All that remained was to cut the final board, assemble the top, and hinge it to the rest of the trap. Mario would only be chained to the post for ten or fifteen minutes.

I peeked in through a cellar window a couple of times to see how Mario was doing. The first time I watched him squirming around, trying to squeeze out of his handcuffs. Even though I had not cuffed him tightly, I knew Mario was engaged in a hopeless struggle because he had quite narrow wrists compared to the size of his hands. The second time I peeked in he just stood very relaxed against the post while his lips moved continually. I couldn’t hear, but I think he was singing a song to himself.

When I finished the trap a short time later, I brought it down into the cellar. I unbolted the shackle from Mario’s right ankle and untied the dog chain from the post, but left the collar still buckled around his neck. Then I got the keys from the shelf and unlocked one cuff to release Mario from the post, but I immediately cuffed his hands behind his back again. “Okay, I’m taking you outside now.”

The leg irons dragged along behind Mario’s left foot and clinked on the cement steps of the hatchway as I led him by the dog leash out into the light and heat of the lawn. There I had him lie on his stomach on the grass and I put the leg iron back on his free ankle, passing the chain around the one on his handcuffs and drawing his feet up close to his hands. 

My Aunt Denise was in her back yard hanging out a load of washing. When she looked over and saw me chaining up Mario like that, she called out, “Hey Mario! What are you going to do if your nose itches?”

Mario laughed. “Don’t say that!” he called back. “Now it probably will.” 

I returned to the cellar and locked the hatchway door from the inside so Mario couldn’t get at the trap once I released him, and then I went up through the house and out the kitchen door to the yard.

I looked down at Mario as he lay quietly on his stomach on the lawn with his wrists cuffed behind his back and his feet drawn up behind him by the ankle chains. His head lay to the side facing me, but his eyes were closed as though he were sleeping. I knelt on the grass beside him and unbuckled the dog collar from his neck. “What’s the matter?” I asked, pinching his nose. “Can’t the Magnificent Mario escape?” 

“Of course I can,” he said, opening his eyes and grinning at me, “but it’s too hot to make the effort. I think I’ll just lie here till the chains rust away.”

“Or until I let you go?”

“That would work too.”

I took the chains off Mario’s ankles, and then uncuffed his wrists. He tackled me to the ground immediately and grabbed the handcuffs. “You have thwarted the Magnificent Mario in his quest for justice,” he shouted. “And now you must be vanquished!” 

“You read too many comic books,” I said as I grappled with him lazily, for I was too hot and tired to wrestle with him strenuously. But Mario kept it up and shortly I felt a steel bracelet circle and lock onto my left wrist. Then he dragged my shackled hand behind me. At that point I gave in, and lying quietly on the grass I let Mario cuff my hands behind my back. 

“Gotcha,” he said as he buckled the dog collar around my neck. “I’m taking you down to the river where it’s cooler.” He helped me to my feet and then picked up the handcuff keys that I had dropped on the grass and put them in his pocket. He also got the leg irons and the screwdriver. 

He led me by the dog leash as we walked across the back lawn to the path that led through the narrow strip of woods to the Lemon Fair. On our way we passed close by where Aunt Denise was just finishing hanging out her washing. “Look, Mrs. LaBrake,” Mario called. Her head poked out between two hanging sheets. 

“Like this.” Mario scratched his nose. I held my cuffed hands out to my side so she could see them as I grinned a little and shrugged my shoulders.

She smiled and shook her head, then went back to her work. As she disappeared behind the sheets, she muttered something in French that I didn’t quite catch, but it had “boys” and “devils” in it. 

Mario led me down the trail by my leash. As I walked behind him with my hands cuffed behind my back, the damp earth in the woods soothed my bare feet, and soon the breeze that drifted off the Lemon Fair cooled my body. 

We came to where our canoe lay overturned on the bank. It was a secluded spot hidden by the undergrowth and covered with thick grass: a place that smelled wonderfully of mud and river water and ostrich ferns. 

I sat on the grass in the shade and Mario fastened one of the leg irons on my right ankle. I watched him bolt the two iron halves together, with one of the bolts going through the end of the chain. He tightened the bolts with the screwdriver, and the shackle was just as good as locked onto my leg. Without a tool, I could not get it off. 

Then he pushed me over so I lay on my stomach and he shackled my other ankle, linking the chain over my handcuffs so my legs were drawn up behind me, just as I had done to him.

“There,” Mario said. “The villain is in chains and Marvelous Mario, nemesis of all evil, has saved the world again.”

“I thought it was the Magnificent Mario.”

“That too.” He flopped onto the grass on his back, knocked his Red Sox cap off, and stared up at the sky. Fair weather clouds drifted overhead and he pointed out the shapes of all the animals he had saved by capturing me. I rolled onto my side so I could look up at the clouds too. 

I felt the chain from my leg irons tug down on my handcuffs. I was stockier than Mario and not as flexible, so my bent legs pulled harder against my wrists. 

I lay there in the shade, collared and chained hand and foot, Mario’s helpless prisoner. We talked for a while about the clouds, and then about baseball: Piersall and Parnell and Williams, and what the chances were of the Sox winning the pennant that year, (not very good if I remember rightly), and why every Yankee fan in New England was a traitor. Then we argued hockey. I was a Canadians fan and idolized Butch Bouchard, but he was all for the Bruins and claimed Schmidt was the greatest. Finally I noticed a tingling in my fingers. “I think my hands are going to sleep,” I said.

Mario rolled over beside me and unlocked my handcuffs, then tumbled back to his former place on the grass. I had to use the screwdriver to get the leg irons off my ankles. We continued to lie in the cool shade by the river, sometimes talking, and sometimes in those long periods of silence that are never awkward between good friends. Then the noon whistle blew at the factory and we had to go home for dinner.

Those were innocent times, and we enjoyed our rough and tumble games where being held captive by a friend was fun and exciting. We knew deep down that although we were helpless, we were as safe as houses. 

I think I can still get back into my head from that time, but the time itself has vanished.


Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 01:18:09 PM
Praise to David
Another nice story, David!

Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 02:35:50 PM
Hello all. nice to see you, to see you... *crowd cheers: NICE!* Anyway, enough with the Bruce Forsythe impressions that no-one will get.
I have been a long time reader of this site... a whole year now.. doesnt time fly. 
My friend (female) and I have been talking about tie up games etc for a while now, but have done nothing as yet... any tips on getting one started? Or how to get the parents away for a while lol. 

Thanks a lot in advance

Hobo Joe

Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 06:47:13 PM
to stops at nothing(almost)
dude calm down
there is no sure way to find out
ur right
calm down
i know that if someone really wanted to they could get in, but im trying to stop most. its simple. its kindof just how the security people at airports know they cant stop everything, but they still try to get most people so that they stop 99% of what could go wrong.
ill give it another week
ill need atleest like 10 people toa sk me to make it b4 i make the group
right now ive had like 3 requests
not many for this group so im guessing u guys dont want it
any suggestions that arent (dont do it ur a pedephile) or (u cant be sure of this) woulod be very nice
houston texas

Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 10:25:24 PM

I like the idea but not the way ur planning on doing it. If you change it a bit, i might be up for it.

Tasty 48

Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 11:12:39 PM
Hi Everyone
I have been reading these stories for a while. I would really like to post one. I want to know if any of you guys/girls have any ideas on self bondage. I am clueless. Should I get someone to tie me up?

I am open to suggestions. 

Gina 13 years old

Thursday, August 31st 2006 - 12:01:02 AM
To Much Drama.....
I love the stories on the board, but good lord, the arguing, and the fighting over little stuff is annoying...I would say something about it, but it would start another arguement, so i'll stand over here in the corner, with my mouth duct tapped. Anyway, God bless.
Republic of Texas

Thursday, August 31st 2006 - 11:13:02 AM
perhaps someone should tie ur hands behind u too, in case ur tempted to peel the duct tape off and speak :-)

Thursday, August 31st 2006 - 01:21:59 PM
thanks stewart
what i was trying to say in my last post is that i whant people to spend there tiem posting storys and no arguing. please dont reply i wont be on this sight for a few months. my parents think i'm a goody goody kid they would freak out if they knew i was on sights like these.

Thursday, August 31st 2006 - 05:39:51 PM
Franklin's Story (Issue 1)
Hello my name is Franklin. Here's my stories.

One day I was at home on Monday. My mom was gone, so I invited friends to my house. When they got here they asked if I wanted to play a tie-up game! So I said "Sure." Bad idea. They pulled out pink duct tape, took of all of my clothes except for my underwear. Next they duct tapped my hands to my bed post. Then they tapped my legs together and finally wrapped duct tapped my till I couldn't talk the tiniest bit. I tried yelling but it sounded like "Mmmmmphh!!" They said their going to wrap my whole body in duct tape. I screamed and struggled frantically but didn't get anywhere. Soon , after 3 more rolls of duct. They covered my body and face except my nostrils could so they could breath and my eyes so I could see. They said it was torture time. So they grabbed my nipples (did I mention I'm overweigiht so I've got man boobs basically. So it hurt like crazy!Next they took some pictures to use for black mail. Soon they said they were leaving and were going to leave a note for my mom. They left my room and I heard some scribbling and the door opening and shutting. The window was shut so no one could see me so I wasn't embarresed and couldn't get help. And my mom wouldn't be home till 10 P.M and it was 3 P.M. so it was going to be a long time so I tried to get free, no usIe. Soon I passed out from exahustion of stuggling. When I woke up it was 10 P.M and my mom was looking at me.She told me the note my friends left was from me and I wanted to be tied up for the week so I invited some friends over to tie me up because I felt wanted to learn a lesson. And to not untie me till next week. And to occasionally take off my gag to feed me and to retape it with the tape by my bed post( there was some left by my friends). It also said I might want to be let go when she ungags me but to not do it, I need a lesson. So she said she'd laeave me.



Thursday, August 31st 2006 - 09:24:34 PM
Hi everyone im new here and i have mostly read the archives
so i have yet to have time to read the new stuff. Im sorry 
that dont realy have any stories to tell. It's mostly becuase i didnt realy have anyone to tie or be tied by as a kid :( so i hope i dont feal like a mocher because i dont post i hope you all keep to canucks code that why i like this page. talk to u later so i can read a few stories peace out.(uuuummmm just in case it doesnt auto post my name here it is Mr.bighuge

Thursday, August 31st 2006 - 10:51:06 PM
Gina Gina Gina
>Should I get someone to tie me up? <

>I am open to suggestions.<

1. See the movie Excess Baggage with Alicia Silverstone.
2.1Get you some rope and practice (dont tie yourself to anything just yet)
3. If you use Duct tape, get you some old stockings or pantyhose to wear under the tape (wont hurt coming off)
4. If your parents are cool, tell them you are taking a nap and to wake you in an hour, that way if you do get stuck, it wont be for very long.
5. Keep your clothes on at first too. You will like it just as much as without.
6. Lastly if you let someone else tie you up, be ABSOLUTELY sure you trust them COMPLETELY. (Prefereably not an adult, at least until you are one.)

Oh, and please post your story. That is exactly what this board is for.

Remember: if it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
U S of A

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