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June 2003

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 Bound Babysitter (Chris) 
 Extreme RedRover (SB) 
 Now what do I do? (Ishmael)  
 Planned Out Extreme Redrover (Scott) 
 Southern Bondage (Cowboy) 
 Discussion on daughter getting tied by boyfriend (Daniel) 
 Taken by Surprise (David) 
 A Familiar Story (Double D and SB) 
 True Story (TW) 
 A Familiar Story part 2 A Traitor (Doubley D) 
 Taken by Surprise part II (David) 
 Babysitting (Laura) 
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 Weird Obsession (A simple victim) 
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 Tied up in a Cemetery (Jenna) 
 Part 3 (Colin Farrell fanatic) 
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Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 01:01:48 AM
Looking forward to the next installment. Can't wait!

Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 04:43:39 AM
REPLY TO ; PH Sweden's #1 Fan

I was surprised at first and tried topics in french but couldn't find anything really affordable..and I finally tried in english, but never did i think to use the word games...i once tied up my wife but it a "one night experience" and we never did it again i couldn't even imagine it could be such a turn on ?!

i thank you though for your help...even if you don't seem to be the right person, despite what you say, you're the only person who answered...and I thank you very much for this..


Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 01:03:37 PM
tie-up chats
for females on the board, interested in chatting about tie-up experiences give me an email-id love to chat sometime

Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 07:01:15 PM
come on! I want good stories!
LoaizaFan (aim

Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 09:39:43 PM
Canuck,the next time you archive a month,could you please delete all the duplicate posts?Some people post the same story three or four times,and it takes forever to scroll through.I really like your site-I just wish I had some stories to contribute.Thanks! Lurker45

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 01:03:22 AM
To Daniel
You said you never imagined that being tied up could be a turn-on, but I think it's possible that anything can be a turn-on, in a sense. I think it starts somewhere - maybe earlier in life, someone sees a TV show, reads a book, etc, that shows a rather detailed tying up, and becomes curious about what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that. Tie-up games might arise from that, or they might not (I have tied up very FEW people ever, and not even that well unfortunately). As for it being a turn-on later in life, I think that arises from it being a thrill earlier in life. Once a thrill, it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if the person you tie up, or who ties you up, is attractive or close to you.

I'm sure of that, because that's the type of story many people give. They read books, watched TV shows, etc, where the hero got tied up, and found it fascinating and exciting. They wanted to try it out...and so they did. And it just went on from there.

Unfortunately, since my few tie-up experiences are limited to a few simple "get out of this" games with only tying the hands, and very little more, I never experienced a full "tie up games" filled childhood or teenhood with which to learn about safety, how not to go too far, etc. I regret that I'm probably the wrong person to try to give advice, but there are others here who might help.

Can anyone else, particularly who has more experience than I do, help this guy? I'd really appreciate it.

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 09:52:38 AM
To Daniel
Hi dan !
I just finished reading your post.
Incredible that is an Hell of a situation !
If you wanna talk !
U've got my mail.




Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 05:26:59 PM
Ok, this story may not seem true, but I swear it happened! I was over in my friend’s house let’s say her name’s Lisa. We were just hanging around watching videos, when her brother’s came home. Lets call them Colin, and Mark! Anyway they’re both like 16, and Lisa and me are 15. I didn’t really know Lisa’s brothers that well at the time, so we never really talked. (Although, Colin was like so fine!) Lisa had to go to the bathroom, so it was only her brother’s in the sitting room and me. They were talking amongst themselves as if I didn’t exist, so I didn’t want to interfere. 

“God, Lisa sure is taking a long time, Colin!” 

I was intrigued by the way Mark said that. I pretended I didn’t here him. 

“Yeah, maybe we should go check on her, Mark!”

This time I looked over at Colin to see his expression, and he said it smiling. They left the room sniggering, and I was totally confused! I didn’t have a clue what they were on about, at all! I just sat there watching this film called Tiger land (concentrating on Colin Farrell he’s so fine!!), hoping everyone would come back soon! About 15 minutes passed by, no sign of anyone. I didn’t know what was going on, so I thought I’d go upstairs to see what was happening! I opened Lisa’s bedroom door, and to my horror, my friend was lying there on the floor, bound and gagged! I didn’t know what to do at first I was just shocked! I ran over to her to untie her, but she made a loud grunt through her gag. 

I released her gag, so she could speak.

“Don’t untie me, it’s a trap!! Colin and Mark are around here somewhere waiting for you!! Don’t let them know you untied me, then they’ll get you AND me again!! They said they’d come and check on me in a few minutes, so go!! Run and hide somewhere!!”

“But…. What…how?”

I was totally confused! I didn’t know what to do!! So I put Lisa’s gag back in as she told me, and ran!!! 
I closed the door behind me, and just paced around the hall, thinking of somewhere to hide!! Then I thought I’d go to the bathroom, and lock the door behind me, so Colin and Mark couldn’t’ get me! Big mistake!!! I opened the door slowly; to make sure no one was there. Suddenly, Mark appeared in front of me. I think he was hiding in the shower! I jumped back with fright, only to land in the arms of Colin! (Not that I could complain about that!! Ha, ha!!) I tried to get loose, but he was way too strong! I tried to scream, but I was quickly hand gagged!! Mark slowly walked towards me grinning evilly. 

“Well, well, well! What have we got here then? What will we do with you? I know! We’ll tie you up downstairs, so you can’t get to Lisa!!”

I mmmmppphhhd in despair, but it wasn’t much good! I didn’t want to be tied up! I was useless at getting loose and all of the shit!! So I had to face the music, and go along with them! I knew there was no escaping! Or was there…

Colin and Mark had to lead me downstairs, so I figured; I would run at my first opportunity! As soon as I had some space out in the hall, I wrestled off the two of them by stamping on the toes, (enough to make them let the fuck go!!) I ran as fast as I could downstairs to the sitting room!! I heard loud fast footsteps coming after me into the sitting room, so I kept on running, until I would run into the television, if I didn’t!!

I stopped, breathless, and slowly turned around, knowing they were there!! As I looked around, Mark and Colin were both smiling in such an evil way, I felt sick!! They were slowly coming towards me, but slightly far away from each other, so I wouldn’t be able to get away! I apprehensively looked around for somewhere to run, but it was no use. They were coming nearer, and I was cornered!! Oh fuck it! I thought. I’ll just run for it, I don’t care if I don’t make it!

I lept for the couch, hoping when they got there, I could jump off, but I was quickly caught! Just as I jumped on to the couch, Mark jumped at me from behind! He grabbed my legs, sending me crashing to the floor, no even giving me a chance to get free, because he grabbed me around the waist as well!!

To be continued! (If you like it!!)

Colin Farrell fanatic! ; )

Colin Farrell fanatic!! ; )

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 07:35:34 PM
ok, so Mark had like grabbed my waist too, so I couldn't get away! I couldn't even move, without feeling pain, he was squeezing me so hard! Colin ran over to help him, and held my lags down, so I couldn't get up! Mark let go of my waist, cos he knew I couldn't get awat this time. I started shouting at the top of my voice, but was silenced my Mark's hand!

"Now, you're really in for it!! You shouldn't have tried to escape like that, and now you're gonna pay!! ha ha!"

He had such a tight grip on my mouth, I could barely mmmppphhh in protest! Colin pulled out some rope, and started tying my ankles! Mark had to keep his hand over my mouth, until Colin was finished, so he could then tie my wrists toghether! I couldn't believe this was happening! I didn't like one bit, cos I couldn't break free, and I had no idea they were plotting any of this! I wondered if Lisa was stil tied upstairs, or maybe she got free, and would be down to my rescue any minute......yeah right!!

Colin finished tying my ankles together, and if I tried to even wriggle loose, the pain was excruciating, cos he ties them together so tightly!! Mark released his hand from my mouth, and grabbed my wrists behind me and crossed them over!

"Owwhhh, that hurt you bastmmmmmpppphh!!"

I was silenced once again, by Colin this time! (I have to adimit, I preferred him to Mark!!) 

"Oh Mark, she was about to call you a bastard!! ha ha!!"

I smiled through Colin's hand, hoping that Mark was embarrassed! Mark stopped tying my wrists, and walked over to me. He bent down to my face, and said, 

"Yeah laugh now, but believe you me, you won't be laughing in a minute, when you'll get your punishment for trying to escape!! he he!"

Ok, I thought. Now this puts things in a whole new perspective!! I better shutup, unless I'll be tortured!! Mark continued tying my wrists together, but this time, he was doing it more roughly! He was pissed that I tried to call him a bastard!! Colin still had his hand over my mouth, and when Mark was done with my wrists, he let go. Whenever I tried to move my wrists around, the pain was equally sore! Colin and Mark both stood up laughing at me try to break free, in pain!

"Fine, keep on trying to escape, if you want a broken wrist or ankle!! those ropes are too tight for you ha ha!!"

Mark was such an asshole, but I think Colin was just talked into going along with the whole thing, he never really said anything to me.They both left the room, for a second and then Mark came back with a blue bandana. he came over to me, and told me to open my mouth! Obviously I wouldn't, so he held my nose, until I gasped for air. He shoved the bandana in my mouth, and before I could spit it out, he grabbed three strips of duct tape, and slapped them on my face. I was completely helpless! He stood up laughing at me!!

"Now, for the torture.........ha ha!!!"

Colin Farrell fanatic!! ; )

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 05:37:06 PM
Bound Babysitter
I was lucky enough to have a lot of tie up experiences as a child, all of which were playful games, and a number of more, ahem, serious ones as an adult as well. I shall share one now.

- - - - -

When I was in my teens (14, I believe), my younger sister (5 years old) used to have a babysitter named Tash. This was mainly because I wasn't trusted to look after her ... and rightly so! Anyway, as you may have guessed, and as seems the norm, I had something of a 'crush' on Tash. She was a pretty average looking girl, average height, weight and figure with blonde hair - I can't remember any more details.

Anyway, one thing led to another - if I remember right we were watching a programme on TV as my sister was going to bed in which someone got tied up. I plucked up my courage, and suggested to Tash that we should play a tie up game. To my shock, and joy, she agreed and the games begun ...

We decided that Tash would be tied up first, and if she could excape in less than five minutes she could tie me up where the challenge could be repeated. We didn't really decide what would happen if someone failed to escape.

I races round the house, getting anything I could find to tie her up, and also got hold of a kichen chair. I sat Tash down on the chair (which had no armrests, and four legs with a bar across the front and back two) and crossed her hands behind her back. I had been studying bondage and had practiced tying up girls for some time, so I knew how to tie her fairly well. I bound her hands behind her back with a dressing gown cord ... I wanted her to be able to escape so our games could carry on, but not without some struggling.

I then pulled her ankles together, and placed them on the bar connecting the front legs before tying them to the bar with another cord. I then used my only length of rope to bind her body into the chair. After just a few minutes of struggling she escaped, and now it was her turn ...

If anyone would like to talk to me, or excahnge stories, just e-mail me.


Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 07:02:42 PM
Keep going, Colin Farrell fanatic!
To Colin Farrell fanatic, please continue your story! I'm very interested in what happens next!

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 07:06:26 PM
And Chris, continue yours as well! I'd like to hear how your babysitter got you back.

Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 07:56:56 PM
Keep going Colin Farrell fanatic! This story's getting interesting!

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 05:04:05 PM
I was just wondering, how long has this website been up? It's pretty kool! I may be able to pick up some tips on how to escape being bound and gagged, or even getting out of the knots!!
Colin Farrell fanatic!! ; )

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 05:51:17 PM
This site :)
I found this site pre 2000,98 or 99,and it had already been up for at least 2 years,I think.So you do the math :)

 I was going to say something else,but my brain went on a coffe break...sheeesh!


Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 06:06:27 PM
TV alert for wed MAY 4th
If you have basic cable here in the 'states' AMC (america movie classics) at 11:am (or so) Is going to show the movie dragnet 1969.This is where at the very star of the film a very hot looking woman is bound tightly hand and foot,and gagged,also near the end of the film,there are 'snap shots' of other women bound and gagged,IF it is unedited,TAPE it! The un cut version has not been seen in a LONG time.A lot of the other stations cut out the first part,and the thing is,iit is 'key' in seting up the plot of the rest of the movie.SO tape it if you can,because it is getin just as hard to find as the "incrediable 2 headed transplant" with pat preist,bound and gagged in her baby doll nightie, and she looks oh SOOO good strugling on the bed,,,,,,mmmmmm mmm, any ways,check it out and TAPE it if you can :)

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 06:21:21 PM
First post on this site...
...was in January 1988. I suggest you take your time going through the archives. There are a lot of really, really good stories there.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 06:38:50 PM
Good luck Colin Farrell fanatic. But could you also please continue your story? You're keeping me in suspense here!

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 09:03:48 PM
Extreme RedRover
Chapter 1

The kid in this story must be a genius. Belive me! He is 11 years old and made all of this happen.

One day, a kid named Brok, who is 11 years old, was bored. He loves this kidnapping, and holding prisoner ordeal.He got the group together. There were about 19 or 20 of us. All which don't want to be made mention of. One thing we liked to do was play Red Rover. So he made up "Extreme Red Rover" he had a 35 page contract, that no one felt like reading, and he made us sign it.

Brok is pretty fond of me. I'm one of the older kids that makes notice to him, let alone POSITIVE notice. He is one of my freinds.

So he decided that we would play the next day.

The next day came, and we all went to his house to play on his side yard. We played for a while about a half hour, me and him on opposite teams. Then we called it.

"Red Rover, Red Reover, Send Brok right on over."

He came charging over to me and my partner, who was called Chris. He jumped, his shins broke right through us.

"Alright," Brok said, "Scott is coming to my team with me."

We played for about 10 minuets when Brok said," Alright, I resign,"

"WHAT" we all yelled, "You can quit!"

"Actually," he said," It clearly says on the Contract YOU ALL signed. p. 10 last paragraph 'Any Single Person Can Quit AT Anytime'."

"Whoa, it does" Said Chris.

"Wait, theres more," Brok said " Read page.... 11 2nd to the last paragraph."

Chris read aloud. " Anyone a resigner had registered onto his/her team (meaning, anyone the person who quits takes and puts on his team) will be his prisoner for exactly 3 days."

"Yes," said Brok, "That means, you are mine... SCOTT!!!!!

Chapter 2

Brok ordered a few 8 year olds to get him a roll of duck tape and some rope and to follow him to his bedroom. He had his tightest grip on my arm, dragging me in to his room.

Once in his room, He dragged me onto a chair, Tied rope around my legs, and my arms. Then He stuck 2 of his huge tube socks in my mouth, and taped it to secure the gag. Then he dismissed the 8 year olds.

Brok then said," Well, what should I do now?"
"Well, I can 

ask and post to find out

Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 10:52:04 PM
Now what do I do?
Normally I'd bust somebody's chops for this, but I'm talking about a girl.

I posted earlier about my Neice, Amanda, and her half sister Amy, and the events that went on with their boyfriends one evening, All I did was help with the tying, my hand to God on that one. I did say Say Amy and her boyfriend split up after that one, and I really didnt blame her, there's a lot better things to do with a girlfriend than tie her up and ignore her; but I'm getting off the point.

Amy called her sister, Amanda, to see about my other bedroom, the house has 3, but I'd been using that for storage mostly, and wanted to know if I could be talked into renting it out. Amanda, who presumably didn't want her sister here at all, said $40 a week, but Amy'd have to be tied up once a week, Amy says "No way," gets off the phone and proceeds to call her Mom. After getting an earful of noise from my sister-in-law, which is the first time I hear about Amy wanting the room from Anybody, I get a call from Amy who I finally get to ask "what's this I hear about you wanting the little spare room?" She asks me if I'll take $50 a month and only tie her up once a month. She got the eviction notice yesterday, she can't afford a real apartment by herself on what they pay cashiers.

Of course I accepted the offer over the phone, being the total lout that I am. I can always pass on tying her up, probably usually will, as a matter of fact, its one of them things you cant write into a lease. Still I'm upset with Amanda for saying something like that, it almost makes me look as bad as my kid brother. The night Amanda showed up at my place she had 5 staples in her head from where she'd been knocked into a wall. I already asked What would Jesus do, as well as bunch of other people, none of whom would have gotten involved in this mess in the first place.

I wont see family, even by marriage, living on the street, if I can help it, and I'm sort of responsible for her getting in this mess. I gave Amanda a stiff talking to like I got, and hopefully that's the end of it.

I'm not sure I shouldn't be telling all these kids to find another place to live, but I'm not sure they can, So like I say, now what? 

Some people here, Dragon Warrior, and a few others inquiring about illustations have my real email, get it from one of them; if you want to mail me. The ones below are spam catchers. 

Nota Republic

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 04:47:40 PM
Boy Catcher? Where do you live? I'm a skinny high school boy. ;)

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 09:40:43 PM
Planned Out: Part 1: Extreme Redrover (Revised)
This is the revised edition of my story before. Me and Brok are writing it together. 

Chapter 1- Planning

Brok was really bored one day. He had planswith me, we were supposed to hang out, but I couldn't after all. He thougt, Why does he have to be so busy? I wish there was a way for just a little while. Then it hit him.

He had to think of a way to work it though. His plan was to play a game with more rules. What is a game that would tie in? Tag? Hide- and- seek? Redlight Greenlight? NO. One game could though, Redrover.

He started by making a contract of 18 pages. Then he made the list of people who would play. Everything was set. He called eveyone to meet at his side yard to play.

Chapter 2- The Game

When we all got there, he expalined we would play "Extreme Red Rover". It was me, and a group of about 9 others, plus Brok. 

We played for about 10 minuets when my tram called "Redrover, Redrover. Send Brok right on over." 

This was the moment he had waited for. He charged right for me and our freind Chris. He jumped up so high that his shins with high socks rolled down, on our wrists. We broke away.

Brok said, "Ok Scott, your coming with me." And he dragged me to his team. I would have walked, but he dragged me anyway.

As sonn as we got to the other team side, Brok pulled aside to 8 year olds.

"Go and get the duffel bag on my bed in my room." He said. "It has some duct tape, some rope, and a lot of pairs of socks."

"Ok" they said. They ran off.

5 minuets later they came back. We played for about 5 minuets when the other team called, "Redorover, Redrover, Send Scott right in over."

"HOLD IT!!!!" Brok yelled. "Chris, read page... 16, second to the last paragraph out of the contract."

"Any single person may resign at anytime."

"Right," Brok said, "Thats exactly what I'm gonna do."

They all said "Oh Man! Why?"

"Thats not all" He said, "Chris, Read page 17, second paragraph."

"Any person the resigner takes to put on his team and they are still on his team, with out any people at all that they brought over, is the person who brought them over's prisoner for fine days."

Blank Faces on everyone

Brok said "In other words. Scott is my prisoner for five days. Get him Aaron." I groaned, but didn't have much time to do it, because, Aaron, the biggest of us, pinned me to the ground.

Brok ordered Aaron to gag me with socks and duct tape. Then tie my feet together with rope. Then he duct taped my hand around Brok's shin. Brok dragged me and Aaron spotted him, holding on to my feet. 

if u want it, post and ask for it

Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 10:05:46 PM
Planned Out: Part 2- Gagged and Bound
Chapter 3- Kidnapped and Imprisoned

They carried me into Broks room, and set me on the bed. Then put me in a chair and tied me to it. Brok dismissed Aaron.

"Well, Scott. What am I gonna do now."

: Why are you doing this to me. Please let me go:

"I dont know what you said," He said," But, since your parents are on vacation, we should call your Aunt and tell her your staying here." I'll be right back.

When he was gone I tried to free myself, but I couldn't.

Je came back and saw me on the floor. Set me back up, tied my feet tighter, and hands. Then untied me from the chair. Then he Hogtied me.

"Brok!!" His Mom Called

"Yes, Mom?" He called while pulling me into his clean sock basket and burying me.

Then she came in. "I'm, running to the store, be back in a few, o and if ur gonna have someone over play in the clubhouse, not inside."

"Fine" he said. And she left.

Chapter 4- In the tree house

We went to the tree house. I went in a wagon, gagged and bound. When we got out there, he tickled me, or at least tried, I'm not that ticklish. Then it was night. He went to get two sleeping bags. As soon as I was in mine I fell asleep.

The next morning- Brok fed me. He gagged me inbetween chews. Then he told me.

"Listen, It's no fun for either of us, being locked up here. We are gonna go do things, but you are gonna stay by me. I will have the duffel bag at all times."

"MMMPPH" I said



First we went to the Fair in town. I thought about, and decided to run away. I was beating him, but I ran right into a pole and got knocked out.

When I woke up, I was gagged and bound in the clubhouse.

Brok said, "I can't trust you, but we are still going to do things. I again will have the duffel bag, but this time, we will be joined at the ankle with one of my thick socks.

"MMMPPPH" I said


Chapter 4- Getting along

The plan worked. We once went into an empty bathroom, where he had to gag me, and hold me while our freinds passed by, but that was it.
To Be Continued


Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 10:20:05 PM
Planned Out Part 3: Re-Kidnapped, Then Again
Chapter 1.

We woke up to a new day. Although I was still Broks prisoner, we were getting along like usual. We were still bound together when we went out that day we went to the carnival. When we were on our way to his house, we took the shortcut, and had to pass through a group of our enemmies "terrtory". There leaders were Carl and Tom. Carl was my age, Tom was Brok's. We went under a big tree, when out of the tree, a net came. We were trapped then hoisted up into a tree house.

"Well well well" Said a farmiliar voice, it belonged to Tom." It looks like we have a small batch of prisoners."

"And not just any prisoners. Brok and Scott." Said Carl.

"O great," Brok said. Then we were blindfolded, gagged, and bound. Then Carried. It was 5 people to carrying 1 of us. We were brought to Tom's house. 

That night, we were stashed, gagged and bound, in 2 laundry baskets right next to each other. Under Tom's bed. There were so many Dirty Socks and stuff, it was gross. we both decided, in our secret code, just for this kinda occasion, to escape. 

We escaped. I somehow got seperated from Brok outside. I being a clutz, tripped. Just then Tom realized we were gone. He had 5 people sleeping over. He found out when checking on us. 

I fell right on my knee, and it hurt like a mofo. I layed there holding it. Brok was Long Gone. Then the farmiliar voice of Tom came to me breifly. Then they put me in a big cloth sack that reminded me of a sock both in fell, and smell. I had nowhere to go. I was kidnapped by actual hostiles.

To BE Continued.


Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 11:42:44 PM
Mary, please continue your story. 

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 12:03:04 AM
And please continue yours, Colin Farrel fanatic!

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 07:07:01 PM
If anyone has aim, chat with me I'd love to talk about tie up expierences....
LoaizaFan (aim)

Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 07:28:14 PM
When I was young, I used to love being tied up or locked inside places where I couldn't get out. It doesn't happen anymore, so all I have is memories. I remember one time when I was about 10, my brother tied me up with a belt. It wasn't much, he just wrapped it around me, trapping my hands, and then tightened it as much as he could. Simple, yet effective. I walked around like that for a couple of minutes before I was let go.

As you can probably tell from my name, I also liked being locked up. If it's appropriate to post "locked up" stories here, I'll do so. Also, stories can be posted at my dreambook listed below.

Trunk Fun

Friday, June 6th 2003 - 01:22:54 AM
Southern Bondage
Hello all! This is my first post ever.

I grew up in the south and it was not uncommon for the boys to get into rope play even when we got older. When I was in high shcool I competed in the High School Rodeo Association in the calf roping event. Anyway, my parents were out of town for thw weekend and a buddy of mine was staying with me and we of course got a hold of some alcohol and were drinking. We got to talking about things and ended up talking about the rodeo and calf roping in specific and somehow we got on the topic of being tied up. Now, I had been tied up before but never hogtied but, my friend had and was going on and on about how bad it was to be hogtied. I did not believe him and called his bluff about it. So he challenged me. He would hogtie me and I had 30 minutes to get free. I agreed and let him hogtie me. I laid down on the floor and he tied my hands behind me and tied my feet together. When he tied my feet to my hands I never felt so helpless in my life. Once he tied off the last knot he went to my bedroom and got a bandanna and tied it in my mouth and plopped my cowboy hat on my head and told me to have fun. So there I was shirtless in my jeans and cowboy boots hogtied in gagged in my living room trying to get free. I struggled and struggled and could not get anywhere. Plus, being hogtied with the same ropes that I used to hogtie calves with really turned me on. After 30 minutes I had not gotten anywhere with my bonds and had to admit that it was a whole lot worse that I had imagined. My legs were so sore from it I could barely move for a bit. I now know that whenever I am going to tie someone up at the rodeo that I will hogtie them nice and tight and now I have a new favorite way to get tied.

I have more stories from the rodeo. If you guys would like me to post them please let me know. 


Friday, June 6th 2003 - 07:22:58 AM
tell more cowboy

Friday, June 6th 2003 - 02:48:50 PM
You ever tie up any girls as well, Cowboy?

Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 08:02:06 AM
my daughter
it had to happen...i just write here a last time cause i think i have to make the choices my self

as i feared my daughter and her little boyfriend have made a step forward and to my great dismay it was a step too far. He used a gag and too much ropes, in places neither safe nor acceptable. and that damn gag was so much dangerous

the worst is that it was my sister who discovered her, alone, as he had gone to fetch up other tools for what he had in mind. my sister was horrified and she was upset about me i couldn't react on this situation

i was really surprised at the wicked way my daughters friend had tied her and how he treated her. The worst is that she didn't realise what it was to be in his hands, altough she trusted him she didnt realise what a "nice spot" she may have been!

i just am going to make a backup of all this and try to deal better with her, but its going to be difficult...thanks for support from few of you but i shall not repost here i assume as much


Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 12:42:25 PM
You poor, silly dear! Did you really think I would leave you up here for the night? Like some girl who doesn't really care about you, and is also an idiot, might do? 

If I did that, you would be in misery long before morning. I would never do anything like that to you. I would never, never, never, never, never hurt you! Not even a teeniest-weenie itty-bitty bit! Not even for the whole world! 

I LOVE you! Which is why you are here! 

Because, I've watched you, and talked with you, and listened to you, and learned about you! I learned that you, like most men, ever since you were a child (and like most men, you still are!), adore the fantasy of being completely helpless, under the care of a lovely girl. 

So that's where I have placed you. Securely tied to that beam, completely helpless, and under the care of the loveliest girl you've ever seen in your life!

How did I do it? The only realistic way that a girl, the "weaker" sex, can do it: by using my feminine power over you! Looking so pretty in my ultra-feminine dress, I said, "Honey, will you please come with me? I need to tie you up for a while! I'm going to be working on something secret from you, in here!" 

You were utterly dazed: captured on the spot! I came over to you and took you by your hand and led you, in helpless delight, up to the attic, and over to that beam, to which I quickly, and very, very securely tied you. 

I have studied this, just for you, and I know what I'm doing: you will not escape. You won't even loosen or 
move any cord out of its place one itty bit, where I've put it on you. I have left no untieable knot within your reach. I can tie up any man completely helpless in less than two minutes (but the only men I tie up are burglars I catch, and you!). 

All those stories about children playing games tying each other up and escaping are just plain silly. No one who has been correctly tied up will ever escape; and any six year old who has learned how to tie her shoelaces can easily learn how to correctly tie up her boy. 

I said "thank you, Honey!" and I kissed you; and left you there, locking the door behind me, and taking the key with me in my purse. 

Alone and helpless, you start to try to struggle. And then, it dawns on you: you are in absolute dependence on: . . . pretty little me! 

You will need someone to take care of you; no one but I can take care of you. 

You will need someone to set you free; no one but I can set you free. 

Your very life is in my pretty little hands!

And that's where your heart is, too! 

As my captive up there, you are just utterly adoring me, in your heart! It's growing inside you! You are as helpless to stop it, as you are to get free. 

After today, you will need me forever! I am going to make you adore me more and more and more; this is only the beginning. I am tying cord after cord after cord around your heart. It is already helpless, and I am making certain that it will remain that way.

Because I love you! And I intend to keep you forever! 

So, I will always be a lovely, loving, and feminine girl for you! 

Not like other women, who look absolutely hideous for their man, wearing the same kind of clothing he does and acting like he does. God put in man the need to have a lovely girl for his companion. But disobeying and spite-ing God, they defraud their husbands of that need. If a girl doesn't care how she looks for her man, she does not love him. And he knows it. He will be unhappy, dissatisfied, and soon stupidly looking for someone else to meet his need, which she has no intention of meeting, thinking that some other woman will be any better. That, of course, will result in just what we see going on all the time, everywhere, today. 

But for me, I love you; and I love and fear God, Who gave you to me! You are so precious to me!

Besides, I LOVE to be feminine, anyway! That's the way God made me --- for you!

I leave you to ripen a bit, up there, for awhile! Keeping watch over you on my monitor, to be sure that you're all right, I see you struggling, and wondering, and longing: for me! Finally, I come for you!

And there you are, helpless in front of pretty little me, completely at my mercy. Aren't you a little afraid what I might do to you? I might decide to give you a spanking! Or I might find another rope, and teach you how to play "I'm standing on my tippy toes!"

Oh, you sweetie! I would never do any of those things to you! (unless you get naughty!) Because I love you! But there OTHER things that I AM going to do to you. Would you like to guess what I am going to do to you?

I won't give you a spanking; nor will I make you play "I'm standing on my tippy toes." Nor will I do anything else the other girls we read about would do to you. Sadistic things, like: 

1. Fastening a "gag" on you. Filthy, ugly, painful, dangerous. How utterly stupid! Whatever for? I could never enjoy making you uncomfy. And why would I make you unable to talk with me? I love you: and that means talking with you! Sadism is the opposite of love (so is masochism; and you aren't a masochist; you also love me!): it wants to hurt you. That's nothing but sick perversion. And you and I are not sick perverts!

2. "Tickle torturing" you. Painful, stressful, dangerous --- again, simply sadism, the opposite of love. Of course, if something was to happen, and it does, the girl simply unties the corpse, and claims it was a normal heart attack, or shock. So sad. "The perfect crime!" Not even the victim realized that the girl was actually murdering him! But that's not for you and me: - - - I LOVE you! She does not. 

But I might just give you a quick little tickie! Just to let you see the power over you that lovely little girl has, who is caring for you! But you can trust HER, because SHE controls that power! SHE says, "That's far enough, power; you may stop right there! I won't let you threaten him, or hurt him, or give him any distress! I love him!" 

And now, Honey: I'll tell you what I AM going to do to you! 

I am going to love you up!! I'm going to thrill you to pieces! Right out of your skin! And you can't do anything to stop me!

To begin: I just cuddle you there, when you can't move a bit. I pull up a tall stool, and sit there next to you, tight against you. You see a bit of my beautiful slip, over my knees,

... and ... ohh!! ... Why, Honey!!!...

You're swooning! Tee-hee!!! It's a good thing I have you tied up, here, or you would have fallen on the floor!

Ooowee! I'm so thrilled, too! As much as you! 

But I stay in control, watching that both of us are all right. 

Little me and you, alone, together! I've separated you from the world. The world can't come in; and you can't go out, until when I decide to let you out! But I come in and I go out, in my pretty dress, whenever I please. 

And speaking of going out, I'm going to go and get our supper ready, now. Right after I've put your bib on you. 

Ooo! It's so CUTE on you! Bye-bye, Honey! I'll be back in a little while.

Oh, you poor dear! Are you humiliated? Silly! I would never humiliate you: any more than I would ever hurt you. This is INTIMACY! No one can see you but little me: and no one will ever know. So you might just as well relax, and let yourself go: and know that you are all mine; you are absolutely in my hands, and I'm taking real good care of you. 

There, now! All done! I wipe you clean, and take off your bib, and take everything out with our trays. 

I'm back! And now, you're going to get a haircut! I'm not going to let you look like you do, any longer. The Bible says long hair on a man is an abomination to God, just as it says short hair and men's clothing are, on a woman. 

Such a good boy! You don't resist me at all!

There! All done! You look so much nicer. You're adorable! I snuggle with you some more . . . 

But then ... "Oh dear! It's bed-time!" But your dreamy eyes are half closed, in bliss...

Suddenly, with a last little kiss, and a soft rustle of my dress, I've gone! Your eyes open as you hear the door close! Just in time to see everything go pitch dark, as I turn off the light switch outside the door!

You hear me open and close my purse, and funny rattling noises, and a snappie! I have padlocked the door!! And then you hear the faint rustle of my slip and nylons, with the tippie-tip-tip-tip of my little footies, fading away down the steps! 

I close and lock the door at the bottom of the steps, and turn off the stairway light. It is now actually as dark as in a cave, where you are; and you can see, or hear, absolutely nothing. 

I go out, and close the bedroom door.

Down the hallway, down the stairs to the kitchen, and out to the dining room. 

I sit down for just a minute 

(but not for long! I mustn't risk dozing off, and leave
my poor sweetie up there), 

smiling as I think about you. I had checked you just before I left. You poor dear! You were still very neatly tied: exactly the way I had tied you up this afternoon, after all your struggling. You hadn't even disarrayed my work on you one itty bit! 

You wait helplessly for me to come back for you. But you haven't the shred of an idea as to when I will! 

"Is it possible that she has left me here for the whole night? She would never do that to me. But, I don't know that, for sure! Who can know what a woman might do? Could I have upset her, somehow? Or maybe, since I didn't protest while she was locking me in, she was testing me, and deciding that I would enjoy being her prisoner for the whole night? And maybe, that DID upset her! . . She would want me to want to be with her, rather than just being tied up somewhere alone, away from her. Oh Janet, --- I DO! I miss you so much . . . Where are you? Please come back! Are you doing this to "teach me a good lesson?" --- But out of the darkness --- only silence. 

Of course not, you silly dear! I would never do that to you! I love you! 

If I ever do tie you up for the night, you will be nice and comfy in a bed, where the sandman will soon come! So you can go to work fresh in the morning, providing for your little bride! He certainly wouldn't come for you in that attic! And I will be right there, where I can watch over you. And maybe snuggle a bit. 

I finish the dishes, and shower, and get ready for bed, in my prettiest nightie.

And then . . . you hear the tinkle of my keys, outside your door! And I hear a little squeal of joy, from inside the room, right where I had tied you! Tee-hee! 

I unlock the door, and open it, just an itty bit! "Honey? Are you all right in there?"

THIS time you are ready! "Please, Janet, don't leave me in here! I don't think I could bear it! Won't you please untie me now, and let me be with you?" 


I turn on the light, and as your eyes adjust, there is your beautiful angel, standing by your side, her big brown eyes smiling happily up at you. You see her bunnie slippers excitedly nodding their little heads "yes! yes!" 

Why, ... certainly I will, you dear man! I will untie you RIGHT NOW! And let you out! 

But first: ---you must promise me that you will be very, very good.

You promise! You promise! 

A quick little tug on the last little bow I had tied on you, and your arms and body are released from the beam! I gently take the rope off you, and lay it over the beam, all ready for next time! Another little tug, on the next bow, and the ends from your wrist knots are released so that now I can untie your wrists for you. Another jiffie, and I have you all free! All in less than a minute! 

You joyfully grab me and hug me so tightly and passionately, yet gently, that the shivers go all the way down to my little bunnie slippers. And that's why they were so eager for me to untie you! 

Nightie-nite, everyone!



Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 03:20:46 PM
To Daniel
Ouch. I wish I could respond. I know adolescents have a difficult time understanding the concept of "too far" until they experience it themselves.

Well, consider yourself lucky in that she experienced it firsthand in a more "safe" manner (in other words, she was discovered), instead of worse. I've heard of people vomiting when gagged, and choking on the vomit, so it really could have been worse.

I can't help, but this site has a search engine. Do searches for "safety" and such in the old stories, and you will find messages that people have posted on that subject. I hope they help at least.

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 03:59:54 PM
"I'm back! And now, you're going to get a haircut! I'm not going to let you look like you do, any longer. The Bible says long hair on a man is an abomination to God, just as it says short hair and men's clothing are, on a woman."

As always Janet contributes so much to the forum. Geez, you're a wacko! 


Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 08:31:55 PM
And I Thought I Knew What Weird Meant...
...Janet. You surely posted some strange ideas. What you wrote was funny...

Saturday, June 7th 2003 - 11:51:20 PM
In the end, it is not well
I guess as a result of the odd goings on here at casa Ishmael, the neices found other places to stay today. I did get to tie Amy up last night, details of that are available on request, but its more or less like she was tied up the last time, the story would probably read like the reinvention of nails. 

What has happened, happened. I'm not exactly done kicking myself for my part in it, so if anyone wants to chump on in, feel free.

Nota Republic

Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 04:10:30 AM
Daniel & Safety; Janet's story style; Where's Richard?
Your post reminded me that it's well past time for me to repost the link to my Safety Tips for Tie-Up Games page on the Richard UK fan site.

Please believe me, if your daughter really wants to be tied up, she will find a way, with or without your permission or supervision. Obviously, without supervision would be far more dangerous than with supervision.

What I suggest is that you compromise: Allow them to have their games, so long as they follow reasonable safety rules (You may want to use my Safety Tips page as a base for your rules) and so long as someone else (like you) knows the game is being played and can check that it isn't going too far.

Janet's story style
The storytelling style used by Janet is known as "first person". It's not a common way of telling a story but, done correctly, it can be very effective. It is usually used for a fantasy where the reader would like to be the one addressed by the storyteller. It's not a style of story which I enjoy, but I won't knock it just because I don't enjoy the style.

Richard! Richard! Wherefore art thou, Richard?!
It's been ages since Richard posted his last story. Is he too busy with real life to write another story? Has he run out of stories? Has he abandoned this site because of the critics who thought his multi-episode stories were too long? If the latter is the problem, Richard is more than welcome to post his stories on Jason's childhood tie-up games site. For that matter, anyone who has a story may post there. I will also allow obviously fictional stories, although I would like you to mark the story as fictional.

Richard's #1 fan who is feeling the effects of Richard Story Withdrawal and wants his next "fix" of Richardism. :-)

Jason Masters

Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 01:18:18 PM
About the tie-able daughter
I agree, letting the girl get tied up by parents is the better choice than letting her tied up by some stranger- and before anything else, a boyfriend truly is a stranger. Let alone a non-experienced boyfriend with some strange ideas around his mind. But a parent should avoid any possible morbid situation or attitude. It must be only just a game. A good idea is, the parent should state the rules and enforce them without any looseness. I suggest that all the game should be put in a specific style- what about an "escape artist" contest? The idea of putting a game session as a reward for something. But I don't agree, since it would just make the game a "particular" thing and the girl will not see it as just a normal game.

Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 04:22:51 PM
Is Kurt H still here?
Back in March 2002, Kurt H wrote a story I really liked about tying up a girl who was 10 (I think he was 9) with her barefoot, followed by her tying him up and rubbing her soles in his face, and then having him kiss her feet.

Anyway, to Kurt, if you're still here:

You say you always made your friends barefoot when you tied them up. Was it both genders, or specifically just girls? That one girl did tease you about knowing you liked to look at her feet, after all. How did it start, and did she often tease you about liking her feet, or even tease you by showing them?

When she rubbed her soles in your face, was she standing up, or sitting on your back (since she did it right after she finished tickling you, if I remember correctly)?

Do you have other stories to tell? Even if they are simple, they'd still be welcomed here on the board. Oh yeah, did you ever gag any of your prisoners, or blindfold them? Or even hide them after you'd tied them up? Or was it more simple than that?

Your story is still a favorite of mine!

Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 07:02:15 PM
I have a awsome story
Loaiza Fan (aim)

Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 08:12:28 PM
Whatever Way Janet Tells Her Story... may be in first, second or third person, the views expressed were a little strange.

Everyone is entitled to an own view, so we should be patient with those slightly madder than ourselves...


Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 08:42:54 PM
Taken By Surprise
hello, I am back with a cool story that happened when I was 12 1/2 it was about this time of year some years ago when a bunch of kids from school came over to my house to play some game of capture the flag....
Capture the flag was a cool game at the time and so we added some duct tape and rope and bandanas into it. The probelm is it was a secret between the enemy so we didn't know that we could use that stuff...
Anyway me and my best friend Luis went out hunting for the flag. I said to split up and cover more ground BAD IDEA! because that meant if we were double teamed that meant we were deat (unless it was two of the five girls that played) but anyway I told Luis to meet me at our base at 2:30pm (it was 2:00 at the time) so I went out hunting for the flag when until 2:30 at that time I managed to escape trouble and retreat back to our base in one peace. Luis didn't come for 2 minutes so I'm thinking "maybe he is late?????" or something like that and so at 3:00 he still didn't show up. So I went out to look for him. I didn't want to get caught so I went to Luis's house (the lines are half and half of the neighborhood.) so then I walk in and first I decided to check his room. So I walk upstairs and go into his room. Well, I found Luis. He was tied up and gagged in a hogtie. I took off the duct tape that gagged him and asked him what the heck happened. first thing he said was "GO! THIS IS A TRAP GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!" 

to be continued

will I escape in time???? will I free Luis???? stay tuned for the next part coming Tuesday!!! June 10!

LoaizaFan (aim) or MaggsOrdonezFan (yahoo ID)
http://coming soon

Sunday, June 8th 2003 - 09:01:55 PM
A Farmiliar Story
Have you ever seen the show Ed, Edd, and Eddy on Cartoon Network? If not, than you most likely will not fully enjoy the story My colleagues and I act and dress like the charcters on the show. 

Introduction- My story is about a quiet neighborhood, just like in the show. There are three Outcasts, one named Eduardo (Ed) who is the brawn in the group. He wears Everything like Ed. The Gree outshirt, striped inside shirt, Jeans, th whole nine yards. Then There is Edward (Eddy) Who is the leader, he also has the street smarts. He also dresses like Eddy, the chain, yellow shirt. etc. Then there is me DuDley. I have two Ds in my name, so I am double D. I am a neat freak genius like him too. I wear the beanie shorts and shirt to. I even wear the big thick red tube socks!!!

Then there is SB, or Scottie Boreal, but there are so many Scotts writing these things I have to call him SB, Stops confusion. OK. Anyway SB is "The Little Golden Boy" as Eddy puts it of the neighborhood. Everyone is around 16, except him, he is 13, and small for the age. Everyone loves him. HE is also here to help me write his parts of the story.


One day, Eddy was on AIM he was chatting with his cousin. They are both very cunning and work on GET_RICH_QUICK schemes. The only diffrence was that his cousin, Daniel, always got his to work out. He said to Eddy

"Well, you know, kidnapping an important person always works."

Eddy loved the idea so much, he signed right off and called me to tell me to meet him at his house at 7:00 A.M. He told d the same thing.

The next day he told us
"Who is the one, who everyone in this neighborhood loves? Don't even answer, it's SB, we are going to stake out his house until he comes out, then we take him and hold him for ransom." We all agreed. Then we made up the plan, then, showttime!!!!

We waited for about 10 minuets when he came up, Eddie came up and said "Scottie, my little freind, come with me, I have to show you something." "Are you going to make me pay?" SB asked, "No, and I am hurt" He said. He pushed SB towards the bushes and ponted across the street. His head turned, and before he could do anything else, I stuck a pair of my large, thick, red socks in his mouth. Then I secured it with duct tape. Muffled Screams came through it. We tied his hands and feet, and Ed carried him to the place where we were going to keep him. Eddy left a note on Carl's door, one of the most popular neighborhood kids. It read:

IF You eveR waNT TO seE ScOTTiE AgAin, Pay aTTenTioN, More noteS will COme.

To BE Continued

Double D (Dudley) and SB

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 06:36:33 AM
my daughter and tie up games
well...i'fe read the topics about safety and all and i can say it is way more constructive than than a psy...

my daughter has told me that she liked it very much...i was surprised..i mean, for a parent, it's very strange to hear your young daughter say "dad i love to be tied up and gagged..." awesome feeling...just strange...

i've put some rules, and i assume it may work. the boys parents dont know yet about all this and i dont intend to do let them know...they are a do you say..."strict mannered" ? maybe does the little guy find tying up girlies some kind of escape from his parents influence...

other funnt event, i've been selecting correct gags ... well not really selecting but she asked me things and i tried to answer it the best way...

when i think about the one time i did with my wife, its strange to imagine myself now as being a kind of instructor for my daughter. I also fear that i could let the situation slip through my hand again and that i could be the one who acts wrong...she looks loke my wife so closely. 

As a matter of fact, tie up games are a bit dangerous for the mind, i mean it seems very addictive once you've tasted to it once for most people...

well thanks again for suuport...and if interested in evolution...just ask ill check sometime



Monday, June 9th 2003 - 10:01:29 AM
To Daniel
Daniel, I hope you keep us informed about any further events. I'd like to suggest some rules you should set: 1. You and only you will state when and how the games will happen, and that means the kids will have to ask you for permission whenever they plan to play such a geme; 2. This implies they cannot hide away to play, you can always walk in and check, but won't interfere once you know it's just plain fun and nobody's at risk, getting hurt or otherwise harmed. If you think the kids are playing on the dangerous side, the boy's parents and you'll decide how to manage the thing (and that'll be the best preventve discipline that'll work on a kid); 3. If you are the game master, that is if you are tying the girl up, you'll have to explain the basic safety rules to her (eg I'm hogtying you and that's why I'm tying your knees so loosely, blah blah). In any case, since we're realtively close (France & Italy), feel free to email me directly. 

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 12:35:33 PM
Ensnared, when are you going to post the rest of your week to never forget....been dying to hear how it tunrs out....

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 03:12:45 PM
To Jason Masters
What do you have against Richard UK?

What do you mean by "Wherefore art thou, Richard?!"?

The old English word "wherefore" means "why", and your question is, translated to modern English, consequently "Why are you, Richard?!" Isn't it a bit rude to ask a person why he exists?

The inward sense of this message is that "Thou shalt not use ye Olde English, if thou not knowest what you are writing."


Monday, June 9th 2003 - 04:55:45 PM
Darn, it looks like Colin Farrell fanatic isn't going to continue her story, is she? Oh well. The first two parts were a fun read.

Kurt H, are you around and did you see my questions?

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 07:39:21 PM
To bondageguy
I think maybe you should check on your own english there buddy. 'Wherefore art thou' means 'Where are you?' Get it right next time dummy. God I'm so angry.

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 08:38:48 PM
Actully it means "Why are you" 

Monday, June 9th 2003 - 09:19:16 PM
Olde English
In point of fact. The word 'wherefore' does not, and never did exist - the word thou art seeking is 'whereforth' which indeed translates into 'where'. Read Romeo and Juliet by Shakespear (unabridged) that is where the quote that Jason used, almost, cometh from. 'Romeo, Romeo whereforth art thou Romeo'.. said by Juliet meaning, just as Jason did, Romeo where the hell are you :) 

Romeo said something like.. 'beneath the bloddy balcony you dumb bint, and when I get up there I'm gonna tie you up and tickle that fact into you' :) 

Trying to get back on topic :)


Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 01:44:41 AM
(of theater, meaning I'm well accustomed to script)
Good lord, lets just get back to stories, but I really wish people would stop insisting on things they know nothing about:

"Wherefore" is a word currently, and according Webster's Dictionary it means "why?". And this is an excellent reason why the the unabridged version isn't for everyone.

Regarding the quote from Romeo and Juliet, the quote is indeed "Romeo, Romeo/Wherefor art thou Romeo." And to clarify, it is a preponderance by Juliet as to why Romeo must be by name a Montague, not to where Romeo is. If you must cite the wonderful unabridged version, then perhaps you should read the entire unabridged verse and actually understand it in context.


Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 04:51:45 AM
Has anyone got any stories of a babysitter tying up a kid not the kid tying up the babysitter. 

Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 07:26:52 AM
to phil
i have that wait a few hours i write it 

Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 04:03:34 PM
I know what's what
You lot are dumb if that's the translation you got from Shakespeare. Someone please grab you lot and keep you bound and gagged in the basement of their condo. I've ripped someone off Ah ha ha.

Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 06:38:04 PM
Stories please!
Can we go back to posting stories please?!

Tuesday, June 10th 2003 - 07:46:43 PM
Then you post a story.

Wednesday, June 11th 2003 - 07:56:06 AM
True story
Ok a few basics about me,my name is Tw,and I am a male,and I love to see willing women tied up and gagged.Of course I like to tie them up to :)But as we all know that is not a easy thing to do.I hate to tell you it does not get easier as you get older,unless you 'pay' for it,which is another thing.
MY of them anyways :) :As all of you have done at one time or another,when I was in high school,I tried to figure out a way I could tie up girls,without giving away my secert.Once you are into jr. high,the "bet I can tie you up and you cant get free" bit just doesn't work to well.Plus it tends to give you away,so you need a more subtle plan. Which I did.It was some what involved but it worked EVERY time :)My goal was to tie and gag,my freind debie,but how to do it with out giving my self away? SIMPLE! Well sorta.Debie was a cutie,a bit on the short side,she had shoulder lenght burnette hair,and she loved to be the center of attention,this was my opening :) 

I wrote a small script,not orginal at all,but it didnt have to be :) It was the classic villian ties the girl to the rail road tracks,hero saves her,but with a small twist.Now the thing is,I told debie I was going to make a movie,and asked her if she wanted to be in it.She expressed intrest,so I showed her the scrpit.This is a very important part.I watched her as she read it.She saw that in my 'movie' she would be tied up and gagged.Since this had been done before countless times in real movies,as long as I kept my cool,there was no way she could know about my er quirk.

 She was up for it! COOL! I was to do the filming,so I got 2 of my buds to play the hero and the villian,and got one more to 'direct' the film and to tie up debie. I was afraid if I tied her,I would give myself away,if you get my drift.I had found a some what unused tracks. Debie and I went in my car,and my 3 buds went in another car.It was about a 15 min drive,the whole time my heart was beating so hard I thought for sure she would hear it.She smelled and looked so nice,in just minutes she was going to let herself be tied and gagged.We got there first.After a few minutes out of nowhere debie ASKED me if I wanted to tie her up! Well of COURSE I wanted to,but no one else was around,,and I didnt know how I would handle it,plus I didnt want her to know my qurik.So I chickened out! To this day I regret not taking her up on her offer.Minutes latter my 3 buds showed up. It was time for debie to get tied and gagged :) !

It was a cool and overcast sept day,debie was wearing sweater,jeans,and what looked like hikeing boots.I had a super 8 camera(this was a long time ago,but not as long as it sounds)I handed Jim two pices of rope,and without me saying a word he began tying up debie.She put her hands out in front and Jim tied them,next he tied her feet.Then I handeded him my dad's white hankerchef. He went up to her and said "open wide" and gagged her.There debie stood,bound hand and foot,and gagged!A dream come true for me,but I kept my cool. They placed debie on the tracks,and just when I was about to start filming,Jim started to ask me all sorts of useless questions,,,like how should the act,stuff like that,he kept this up for almost five minutes,all the time debie was boun and gagged and laying on the tracks.

Well she was getting impatient,because she took her tied hands,reached up and took her gag OUT,and told us to hurry up,she then put the gag back IN! Jim pretty much ignored her and kept talking,I do/t know how long it was,before Debie took out her gag again,and was like come on you guys.She then regagged herself again(I was loving every minute of it,but still keeping calm and cool,lest my secert came out)Well this seemed to make jim mad,,,,,not real mad,but it buged him that she kept taking her gag out,so he went over and regagged her himself!We finaly started filmimg,debie did a nice job strugling.Sudnely,we all heard a train coming! I was like no way,and of course we all fraked a bit,ran off the tracks,leaving debie behind,still tied and gagged.quickly though,my two buds ran back and picked her up and carried her off the tracks.As she was being carried she fraticly tried to get loose.I am not sure if she manged to loose on her own or if we untied her.About 2or 3 minutes later,a train came by!
We all were a little shook up,so we went back to our cars.On the way back,debie,almost teasingly told Jim she could have gotten untied at any time. Jim said no way.I am not sure what we all did after that,I drove debie home,and we had a nice talk,but she had a MUCH older b/f he was like24 or older.

At any rate I used this "plan" at least 3 more times,once with 2 other girls,who got tied up at the same time,one was gagged one was not,Rene and kim were there names,ahhh.Life was good back then,and fun too!YOU too can use this wonderfull plan,and now with video cameras,you can instant 'dreams'.if you dont own one,or your parents dont,you can rent them from camera shop.Minum investment for a lifetime of memories,and now they have it so you can put vhs tapes on dvds! of course you can always use a diff scrpt,just make it short,cops/robbers,spys,ect. Like I said it worked for me every time :)

If you use this idea,and it works for you,please share with the 'class' and evan if for some reason it doesnt work,please share also :)

Stay cool and Safe :)

Wednesday, June 11th 2003 - 11:22:00 PM
A Farmiliar Story: Part II, A Traitor
Carl called a meeting. He told them about the note and said.

"We must find then, then we might have to pay the ransom. The groups are...(No names wanted to be used). I'll look in the woods alone."

Carl came to Eds house. He knew thats where we were. He came up and knocked on the door. I answered and he had said. "I want in"

"NO" Said Eddy as he came up. " It's our scam!!!!"

"Fine," said Carl.

SB was to spend the night at Ed's, as was me and Eddy.

3:00 a.m.

Ed always left his back door unlocked, a mystery person, knew it. He snuck in, grabbed Scottie, put him in his car. Then he drove up to a fort of his. CARL TOOK SCOTTIE FROM US!!!!

Once at the fort in the woods, Carl changed Scottie's gag and bounds.

Continued by Carl, At a later date.

Doubley D

Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 12:22:57 AM
Taking Over
This is a Pick Up of DD's (Double D's) story. They are such losers.

I showed everyone there little note. They all ran around searching and etting the money. Scottie, (SB is a retarded name to call him) is really cool. He respects me and all, but he is afraid to befreind any of the older kids. Everyone likes him though. When they found out he was kidnapped, they had no idea who took him, and left the note. I knew just who did. I also really wanted to be freind him, so I was going to be "in on it".

I knocked on Ed's door and told them. "I want in" Eddy said "Get Lost, this is our, gag.... Hahahahahahahahaha."

I went away.

That night I went to Ed's house. The fool left his back door unlocked, I snuck in. I had thought about what to do all day. I went in and decided not to, free him so to speak because it would be a quick "thanks" then leave. I decided to take him already gagged and bound. I carried him out to my car in a large cloth sack. He only weighs like 100 lbs. so it wasnt hard. I packed a bag, and took him out to my parents log cabin in the woods.

There, I changed his bounds with ropes instead of those ridicuolous socks. I had on a ski mask, so he wouldn't recognized me. I tied him to a chair. Then I revieled myself.

I will continue this story later

Post to find out

Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 01:19:50 PM
Taken By Surprise Part II
Then I started to get confused about the it's a trap part. So then he told me to go. As I was walking to the door all of a sudden I see 5 players from the other team. "where is the flag?" one of them asked me, "I have no clue what you are talking about?!" I replied. They kept asking me that and I was replying "I don't know what you are talking about." so finally they got tired of hear the same answer. "I think we should force the information out of him" one of them said. "I know! let's tie him up then he'll have to tell us where the flag is!" another one suggested so they agreed on that. I start walking slowly backwards saying "I don't think you need to do that....." (by the way all 5 of them were boys) One of them tackled me and they all joined in. (I'd have to say myself I put up a good fight) I fought them off and was able to get to my feet. I again started walking slowly backwards until I reached a corner. I was then surrounded. one of them grabbed my legs while another one pushed me on the bed. They took out ropoe and started to tie my hands behind my back while they also tied my legs together. I was getting really ticked off and started yelling at them to let me go. one of them put their hand over my mouth. "You got one chance to tell us where the flag is if you don't you'll be tortured." Then he took his hand off my mouth and I replied "I HAVE NO DAMN CLUE WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!" then he put his hand on my mouth again to prevent me from screaming. Another person left the room and came back with a sock and duct tape. He stuffed the sock in my mouth and before I could spit it out he secured it with 4 strips of duct tape. Then one of them said "now for the best part the torture.."


LoaizaFan (aim)

Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 04:12:38 PM
This happened when I was 13. I was babysitting my cousin, Alex. He was ten at that time and on the strong side. His parents and my parents were on a vacation for 4 days, and I had to look after the brat.
On day one he was fine. He was pretty quiet and spent most of the time playing video games. I was able to do all my schoolwork at that time.
On day two he was the same way. But, on day three, he locked himself inside his room for half the day. It was around 10 pm and an hour ago I made him go to bed. I was watching TV and suddenly, a pillow case was thrown over my head, and I was thrown off the couch. 
A body sat on top of me, pinning my arms down. "I'm bored, so, we're gonna have a little fun." It was Alex. His grip was too firm and I couldn't move. Then, I heard the sound of tape being ripped off the roll.
In a few minutes, the pillowcase was removed from my head. When I looked down, I saw my body had been cocooned in duct tape. I looked up and saw Alex standing over me, with his devilish smile on his face.
"Alex, untie me right now," I frowned and Alex shook his head. I tried to untie myself, but I couldn't move. He took the duct tape, lifted up my hair, and wrapped the tape around my head four times, covering my mouth. 
He left the room and came back in a few minutes with a cloth. He blindfolded me, "Goodnight." I heard the door creak behind him.
The next morning, Alex ripped the blindfold off my face and smiled. "I'll let you out now if you promise not to tell anyone about this, or I can leave you like this for the rest of the day." I nodded and he let me go.
The rest of the day, he played videogames and I read a book. I knew I'd get back at him someday, and someday I might.

Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 07:20:49 PM
You mean you haven't gotten back at him for it? Darn. Thanks for the story though!

Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 07:22:03 PM
Tied Up After the Dance
This seems like such a guy site, but here it goes. This is a story about me getting tied up and kidnapped by my so-called friends at a junior high dance.

I was one of only a few Black girls at my school (I’m half African American and half Latina). Boys used to flirt with me a lot, but I never really got asked to go out much. So, I went to a junior high dance with a few girlfriends. We didn’t have to wear fancy dresses or anything, but it was one of the first times most of us got to go out wearing make-up. I was wearing a black leather jacket, a blue t-shirt and as short a skirt as my Dad would let me wear. 

The dance turned out to be one of those things where all the boys stood on one side of the gym and all the girls on the other. So, me and my friends decided to leave early. We were acting stupid and loud and pushing each other and stuff. In front of school Jenny and Patsy (two friends) tackled me on the lawn. They held me down, and one of them took the belt out of my leather jacket. They pulled my arms behind me and tied my wrists together. But, I quickly got loose and managed to get them off me. 

But, as soon as I thought I was safe, a few of the other girls came up behind me and grabbed me. They had taken the rope off the flag pole. Jenny and Patsy and another girl pulled my arms behind my back and tied me up again. Somebody was cutting the rope in pieces and they wrapped a long piece of rope around my chest and stomack pinning my arms to my side. Then they pushed me down again and tied my feet so they were crossed at the ankles. Finally, they rolled me over and tied my ankles to my hands, so my legs were bent and I could not stand up.

Some of the girls kneeled down next to me and started telling me they were going to leave me tied up and alone. Some other girls took a long silk scarf and wrapped it around my head a few times and then tied a big knot right in my mouth.

Being Black, I felt a little uncomfortable having White kids tie me up. I was a little scared too that they would just leave me there. I squirmed and tried to roll over and tried to get my hands loose. But the more I squirmed, the tighter the ropes got around my wrists. It was kind of scary fun. I really wanted to get away, but it was fun being a damsel in distress.

It didn’t take long for a bunch of boys to come along. I was embarrassed for them to see me like that. But they asked me if I wanted to get untied, and I shook my head yes. They pushed my friends out f the way and starting letting me loose. I knew they could see my panties when they were untying my feet, and I was like so pissed off at my friends.

The boys undid the ropes and let me go. I put my belt back in my jacket and fixed my hair and everything. 

Then came my big mistake. The boys asked me if I want them to walk me home. I said no because I would go home with my girlfriends, since we were having a sleep over at my friend Kelly’s house.

You can probably guess what happens next. As soon as the boys left, my friend jumped on me again and tied my hands behind me. They walked me around town tied up and pretty helpless. I almost fell down every time we hit a crack in the sidewalk or I had to go up or down a curb. My friends had a hold of my arms and they kept saying things like they were going to tie me to the railroad tracks, or throw me in the pool at the park and see if I could swim with my hands tied behind me. When we finally got to Kelly’s, I knew they didn’t want to let me go. But her parents would have untied me anyway. So, they undid the ropes on my hands and I was finally free.

That’s my story. If anybody wants to hear about the time I was tied up at night in the cemetery, I will tell that one. 



Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 07:23:10 PM
That sounds like a strange mixed experience Jenna. How did you make up with your friends after it?

I'd love to hear your next story as well.

Thursday, June 12th 2003 - 11:55:10 PM
"It's me Scottie Boreal" I said

"MMMMM" He said

"I would free you, and take you home, but you wouldn't appreciate it. We are going to do some bonding up here. But, if your a problem, I will tie you back up, and give you back to the losers."

"Fine," He said.

We were well for about 3 hours, we talked, watched tv, played video games, etc. Then I went to get some sodas from the kitchen.

When I came back, he was gone, and I wasn't TOO suprised. I went out, to retrive him. It didn't take to long, about 20 minuets. When we came back, I said.

"You cant be trusted. Your going to have to be bound, and snce we have neighbors now, gagged."

I pinned him, and went through my Duffel Bag. I forgot to bring ropes and only just ENOUGH Duct Tape for a gag. So, I had to use the thing I had, big thick, snowboarding/ Skiing socks to tie him up, and gag him. About 2 hours later, I decided to come to a compramise.



Friday, June 13th 2003 - 12:41:37 AM
Weird Obsession
Have you ever found out your freinds are really weird at the wrong time? Well this is one of those stories.

It was Summer, and I had to go on vacation. This left my best friend, Sean, bored. This is what happened, according to him, while I was gone.

Sean was on the internet a lot. Then he went on a chatroom where, there was a local group, meeting. He talked to them for a ittle while, and decided to join there club, called The Superly Obsessed Cool Klub of Socks. It was basically a group of 15 local guys from ages 10-14, obsessed with socks. He went to meetings, then became a dedicated member.

Then I came home.

The day I came home I went on AIM and talked to some of our freinds. They said that Sean was acting strange now, and that they went to that clubhouse, but got blasted with water.

The next day I went to his house, the day after I came back. His Mom said he went with some freinds, and she told me where to go. I went to a rather large clubhouse, or at least large for a tree house, in the woods. It was impressive! It had a crab pot to bring things up in, a good ladder, and it was huge, plus a water baloon cannon, and a water gun.

I approached it, and went up the ladder. I glanced in the window, and found a bunch of guys hangin out in a big circle, talking. They all were wearing red shirts, blue shorts, and each guy was wearing a diffrent colored pair of long, thick, kind of sock you would wear in the snow. They also had on shoes. Also inside, they had a chest, a big table, a small table, lots of chairs, some lights, and even a large dog kennel.

I went to get a closer look, to see if I could spot Sean. I leaned to close in and fell. They all looked up, and then ran to the door. I was dragged in, and was forced in a chair. They all called each other's names in code, by the color there socks were. The leader was named Red. Red asked me,

"What buisness do you have here."

I replied, "I was looking for my freind, Sean."

"Do you know this person, Green?"

"Yes, he is one of my freinds."

"Why did you sneak up on us?" Said the second in Command, Blue.

"I was just trying to look in first."

"Oh," said the one called Orange, "What should we do now Red?"

"I'm not sure," said Red "We could jus... no or we could... no, why dont we just le..."

"Can you hurry it up already?" I said annoyed, " I'm officialy freaked out, I am burning up, and your not even warm, even when you wear those ridculous socks."

Theay all gasped, Sean said, "We should let him go."

"That is a serious offence" said Red, "Get me my rulebook Purple"

"Oh my God!!!!" I said, "Just let me go, get out of this stench of SOCKS!!!"

I got up and Ran. 

Red Shouted, " Whoever catches him, and brings him back, will be honored."

They all ran after me. I got away, and hid in a hollow tree to catch my breath, footsteps ran by me, then silence. I ran right out, then, the biggest member, teal, looked behind, and saw me resting on the next tree over. He snuck over, grabbed my legs with one arm, arms with the other, and ran back to the treehouse. 1 hour later, all of the other members showed up. I was in the chair, whenever I tried to get up, Red pushed me back into it.

"We are going to honor teal," said Red "For getting the prisoner back. The way we shall honor it, is for him to sign his name and accomplishment on the wall. And, gag and bound the prisoner in teal.

They hog tied me, and gagged me with a pair of thick teal socks shoved in my mouth. Then, they taped duct tape all around my head. Then they put me in the Kennel. Then Sean ran to my house, and told my Mom, I was going to go camping for a while with some freinds. About a week. Then, she packed a bag for me, gave it to him, and he brought it back to the clubhouse. They took pictures of me, tortured me, fed me, let me change once a day, an go to the bathroom once a day.

Feeding was a complicated process. They removed my gag, took me out of the kennel, and Teal sat cross legged. They layed me down on the floor between teal's legs. They put a spoonful in my mouth, then Teal put the back of his legs up to my mouth to muffle my yells, if any came.

Mean while, on the internet.

My freind, Dan, was the one who told me about Sean. He was on the internet, in a private chat with our group of about 15. They talked of my disappearence.

"He is captive there now, and we are going to save him" Said Dan.

They made up a battle plan. Then it was showtime.

On the fifth day of my captivity, they came. They circled the tree. Then all put up Grapples with ropes. They climbed up, and challenged them to a duel.

We went out to a clearing. I was tied and gagged to a stake that was pretty easy to carry. Then The water/paintball game began. The fight was on for about 30 minuets when there was a huge mel`e. Then, the cheaters, Red and Blue, Grabbed my stake and ran. Luckily, Dan saw them, him and five others got them, retrived me, then we went home.

After that the Tigers and the SOCKS were rival groups, and we oftened played capture the flag, Red Rover, etc.

I have some Capture the flag stories that are interesting. I will post them later.

A simple Victim

Friday, June 13th 2003 - 01:08:32 AM
Jenna you have great stories, i would love to hear more.

Friday, June 13th 2003 - 01:26:08 AM
Big Blue Monster
When I was very little, my sisters used to play a game with
me. They'd chase me all around the house with a big blue blanket, saying it
was the Big Blue Monster come to get me. Eventually, of course, they'd
catch up with me, as I was laughing with delight and a little fear as they
ran just barely behind me. When they did catch me, they'd wrap me all up
nice and snug, just like a mummy, with only my head and my feet sticking
out. One sister would hug me real tight, nice and close like I always liked
to be hugged, and the other would pin my ankles between her legs so I
couldn't see my feet. If I was wearing any shoes or socks, she'd slowly
peel them off until my bare feet were showing, and by then I was giggling
like crazy because now the *real* fun was starting...
See, I've always been hyperticklish. Everywhere. If I'm in
the right mood, some people can just point at me and I'll laugh. But my
weakest part of all was anywhere near my feet. My sisters knew this, of
course, and played it up to its fullest advantage. Especially since I've
always had large feet for my small frame, long and thin feet with small,
rounded toes that were always painted my favorite shade of yellow. So that
meant I've always had long, huge soles...
"Heeere comes the big blue monster to eat you!" my sisters
would say as the one pinning my legs would start slowly bringing her
fingers close to my feet. My toes would wriggle nervously in anticipation
and I'd start squirming like crazy. "No, no, no! No coochie! Pleeease no
coochie!" I'd beg, but she'd very very slowly start tracing her fingernail
up and down the soles of my bare feet, causing me to squeal and giggle. I'd
try to escape, but all I could really do was writhe about a bit and kick
helplessly from the ankles down as my sister's whispery touch softly
tickled the tops of my feet, under my toes, around the ankle and especially
on my soles. "Hee hee, no! hee hee hee I can't take it! Please no!" I'd
laugh and laugh for what seemed like hours as they coochied my exposed
little feet, and even though I protested often, we all knew I really loved

Friday, June 13th 2003 - 11:51:31 AM
The Box and the Magic Rubber
I remember when I was about fifteen I had this really huge cardboard box. It had been discarded after packaging our huge TV and no lie it was big enough for me to live in. I used to see how long I could last in there. I think the longest time was about three hours. Holidays were spent killing time really so that's why that may sound a little strange. 
Anyhoo I had this really good friend from school called Rob, who lived just down the road from me who I would walk home from school with. It was a beautliful summers day and we decided to play round my house. It was so hot though, must have been in the thirties, (Centigrade that is) that we figured it would be a good idea to get out the little paddling pool. If you've ever done this you'll know it takes about an hour for the hose to fill it up adequetly, so we hung around for a while in our swimming trunks waiting for it to fill. We then started talking about what we would do when we could go in. Eventually we decided on hide and seek/grab the ball and take it to your den game. So we got in, splashed about a bit and then prepared for our game. I saw the perfect oppurtunity. 
"So what do we get if we win?" I asked.
"We could play tie up game afterwards. Whoever wins gets to tie the other up and he has to try and escape."
"Allright then."
I felt very glad. Even though he was a great guy he was a bit naive at that point so I assumed he did it because it was something to do. So we played, and I had to find Rob and pin him down for five seconds, while he had to grab the ball that was in the pool and take it back to his den. Naturally I won, not that I was stronger it's just that I had a stratedgy. I hid in the bush and just waited for him to emerge, then I lept out and pinned him down. 
"I win."
"Okay so what now."
"You go into the shed and I'll go grab the ropes."
I went and grabbed my collection of neck ties, shoelaces and duct tape, oh and one sock. I got in there and he was waiting on a chair in his swimming trunks with the water from the pool glistening on his chest. I started tying his hands behind his back. 
"How long do I have?"
"When I've finished, you've got...shall we call it half an hour?"
"Okay. What happens after?"
"If you escape you can say what we do."
"What if I don't?"
"Then I decide."
"No fair."
By this time I had his upper body bound good and tight, with ties around his wrists, elbows and chest. I then picked up the sock. 
"You know I think that I've had just about enough of your talking."
It was just like something out of a movie, as I forced a sock in his mouth. He pulled away. "Come on Brian, you know I can out of those well easy." 
"That sounds like a challenge to me."
With that I inserted it as far as I could without choking the poor guy, held it in with the duct tape wrapping it disfiguringly tighly, and then further wrapped a dressing gown tie around his head to hold it in. "Is that too tight?"
I think it was the tightness that only allowed him to utter, "Mmmph." 
I then put more ties round his kness and ankles, also putting a shoelace tie round his big toes to make sure he wasn't going anywhere. He started struggling and I said, "Oi I'm not done yet." At which point I grabbed hold of what was accompanying us in the shed, THE BOX. I pulled a few cushions away from the old chairs and sofas in there and put them on the bottom of the box. He started to twig as to what I had in mind and he started mmmphing. "Not so good at taking the gag out know are you?" I grabbed one of his long socks and used it as a blindfold. He was writhing and trying to yell as I lifted him up and put him in the box. There was more than enough room and he looked like a slighlty curled up puppy, albeit wrapped in my ties. 
"Right you have half an hour. I'm going to watch TV." I shut the lid and pretended to close the door making it seem like I'd left. Eventually after a while he started to think that maybe I had left and started to yell. Eventually really trying to scream but, all modesty aside, my gag was just too good. 
I stared through the hand holes in the side at him writhing and getting no where. Eventually it got to the half hour mark and I pretended to walk back in. I opened the box and he was no different to how he was when I'd sort of left. 
"Well you lose. And it took me a while but I think I've worked out what happensto losers in this game. Torture."
I then lifted him out of the box and stood him up. "Now don't move or you'll fall." I quickly through the cushions back on the settee and grabbed him just before falling and lay him down. I pulled the blindfold off and let him readjust his vision. I then sat at his side and pulled out a magic rubber, which basically consists of a rectangular rubber with 'Yes' written on one big side, 'No' written the other and maybe wriiten on all four thin sides. 
"The magic rubber will decide your fate Rob. Should I tickle Rob?" I knew how ticklish Rob was and he edged away from me with fear in his eyes, fixed on the rubber. I flicked it up at it landed on 'Yes'.
"Yes but how long for? Shall we say three minutes?" It came out 'No.'
"Well how's about five?" Again, 'No.'
"I'm afriad to ask but...ten minutes?" It came out 'Yes'.
"Third time lucky I suppose." Rob began mmmphing through his gag desperatley trying to tell me something. I moved toward him and he tried to move away, but shuffling his ass along was all he could do at this point and he couldn't exactly go far on a settee. 
"Blindfold off or on?" He frantically shook his head fom side to side meaning no. "Your decision. I then got on top of him, sitting on his stomach, putting the pressure on my kneesand then with him still pleading I launched into a violent tickling spree, with him writhing like you wouldn't believe. It was like a rodeo. Eventually I grew bored and decided to turn him over. Even at this point five minutes in his totally exhausted flopping like a fish occasionally making grunts underneath the mouth of cloth and tape. So anyway I grabbed my last length of rope and pulled his legs up putting him in the hogtie position, loosening the ties round his knees so it didn't hurt to much. He made pitiful attempts at writhing when I got back on the rodeo and once I started tickling his feet his was right back on moving all over the place. Eventually fifteen minutes were up and I decided to untie him. His skin didn't look that sore but but he was completely exhausted. I carried him out and lay him in the pool to sooth the wounds where the ties had been, not that it left any marks. It was like it was asleep. Eventally we chilled and talked for the rest of the day, with me apologising and him saying it was kind of fun until the tickling. I told him he could do it to me if he wanted and he abliged. But that's another story...

Please tell me what you thought. 


Friday, June 13th 2003 - 04:53:57 PM
A plug and a few catch up coments
My goodness,where to start? Well lets start with roadkill(?) cool name,BUT.. I dont like boy tie boy stories,but no bigie,just scroll past them.I myself like the boy ties girl the best,but I dont mind girl ties boy stories either.No need to get all worked up ya know :)

JANET I know her ,sorta,and have read her stuff on other sites,as a matter of fact a site I made.but lost the url to it,but she posted some nice stuff.I also did enjoy her post,yes a bit diffrent,but not werid,by no means :) Just her style.and the little bit I do know about her,well I may not see eye to eye on her ideas on bondage,but reread her story,it was all about LOVE,with tie ups as an added bounus :)Janet if you are still here,please send me or post the link to my old board :) and please feel free to check out the new discuss board.

Well I did it! fiigured out how to post pics on my board,,there is 2 new pics,one is on the 'welcome' page.and the other is in a post. I will keep wensday as picture day.ALSO I did find out,you do NOT have to log in or register to post.You CAN post as a guest if you dont want your name on the board.but you can also make up a name if you want to be a member :)
AND another thing,yes there is word/languge 'filters.but NOT on dreambooks.On my board,I can make a list of "bad" words,but,I wont and didnt,however,in one of my posts I wrote word for word.."I cant bitch" well when it was posted it came out "I cant pregnat dog" I swear I thought I was losing my mind.So there are filters on some of the boards,but not drambooks.SOOOO....


Friday, June 13th 2003 - 06:06:55 PM
Nope, that is one weird freak.
Amish User

Friday, June 13th 2003 - 11:26:33 PM
Hi. It’s Jenna again. Here is my story about being tied up in a cemetery at midnight. 

It happened one night when I went home after softball practice with another girl on my team. She invited us to stay overnight. Usually, my Dad says no to such things, but to my surprise he told me I could. One reason was probably that I was staying with my friend Ashley. Her parents are as strict as mine. We rented a movie (Erin Brocovich – BARF) and Ashley’s mother made us snacks and some kind of fruit punch. Her mom is so cute. They live in a house that is right on a golf course.

Anyway, you probably want to hear about the tie up part. I was really bored watching the movie with Ashley and our other friend Lara. I started wandering around this big house Ashley’s family has, and I saw her brother and one of his friends were playing video games in his room, so I asked them if I could play, too. Her brother is really smart. Even though he is two years younger than me, he was in some of the same AP classes with me at school. (If you are older or not from America, AP classes are Advanced Placement for smarter kids.)

While we were playing, we started talking about this story that was going around about some other kids from our school who had a séance in the local cemetery and got chased by a ghost. I told Ronny and his friend Dirk that I didn’t believe in ghosts. One thing led to another and we agreed to sneak out at midnight and check for ghosts. The cemetery is right on the other side of the golf course from their house. Ashley and Lara said they would not go, so it was just the boys and me.

We ran across the golf course and crawled through a whole in the fence. Surprise, surprise. We didn’t see any poltergeists (spelling?). Pretty soon, we were just like running around and jumping out from behind grave stones to scare each other. While I was running, I tripped over a pipe coming out of the ground in the middle of nowhere. It was a water pipe with a hose attached. I told them I hurt my ankle and needed them to help me. When the came within range, I let them have it full blast with the hose. I could outrun both of them, so they chased me around for a long time without catching me. But, then I tripped and Dirk caught up to me. 

I don’t want to sound butch, but I do like to fight with boys. Not real fighting, of course, but just wrestling around. I am not slutty either. I am a good girl, just with a little wild streak sometimes.

Anyway, I was fighting off Dirk and got him in a headlock. When Ronny tried to jump on my back, I ducked out of the way and he ended up on the ground with only the bandana from my hair in his hand. For a minute I thought I might get away. But Dirk grabbed my legs and Ronny jumped on me again. We all went down with me on the bottom.

“You’re so dead!” they kept saying.

They rolled me over on my stomach and pulled my arms behind me and tied my hands with my bandana.

“You’re so dead, Jenna. You’re going to pay for this.”

It was summer and a hot night, so I was wearing just a tank top, shorts and running shoes. The boys were pretty soaked to the bone from the hose.

They picked me up and started leading me around trying to figure out what to do to me. They decided to take their belts off and strap me to the iron gates of one of the crypts. Ronny’s belt went around my chest and arms, and Dirk’s bound my feet. I felt like I was going to be able to slip out, but no matter how much I squirmed and wiggled, I couldn’t get free. I also have to give them credit for doing a good job on my wrists with just a bandana. 

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked them.

They kept whispering their plans to each other. First, they tried to squirt me with the hose, but they tied me up too far away for it to reach. I guess I was acting like a real brat and started teasing them. Not smart for somebody tied up. Dirk took his shirt off and used it to gag me. He was wearing a t-shirt underneath, but I still didn’t really like having somebody’s sweaty shirt in my mouth.

I tried to ask them what I had to do to get untied and let loose, but it came out as a bunch of “hrumphing” from under the gag.

“O.K.,” Ronny said, “We’re going home. See you in the morning.” They walked off into the shadows.

I tried to get my hands free for a few minutes, but it seemed the more I struggled, the tighter the bandana was around my wrists. I also tried to reach the buckle of the belt of holding my arms to the gate, but I couldn’t get it undone. I was getting a little nervous. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I was afraid some Freddy Kruger kind of guy was going to show up. I wasn’t left alone, though. I could see the boys’ shadows sticking out from behind a grave stone and everyone once and in a while I could see their flashlight snap on and off.

Oh, oh. I have to go. I’m only about halfway done. I’ll finish tomorrow. Sorry.



Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 06:03:05 AM
To "anonymous":

Yes, I'm still around...I just don't check in every day.


Thanks for remembering my lone contribution to the site...I'm flattered that you consider it to be a favorite of yours. I think that's great.

You had a lot of questions, and I'll do my best to answer them...if I miss any I apologize.

"Linda" (not her real name) was actually younger than me.

As far as stripping my victims of offending foot coverings, that was primarily (although not exclusively) for the girls. At the time of this incident, I'd never made that specific request of my (soon-to-be) captives...but I'd also never been one-on-one with a "girl" victim. My interest in bare feet was just then emerging, and was exclusively female in terms of interest.

When I'd played similar games before with playmates of both genders and it would be always be "shoes off", but I wouldn't insist on "socks off" because it didn't really matter to me. When it was just the two of us in my house I just decided to "go for it".

I used to hide the white leather sandals she wore in the summer when she'd take them off to go barefoot. She eventually found out I'd been the one who hid them, and when I made the request I think she was old enough to finally put "2+2" together.

As far as how she rubbed her feet in my face, I'll never forget it. She sat down right in front of me on the floor (I was lying on my side tied up) and extended both legs. My head/face was at approximately a "two o'clock" angle, and she got her moneys worth. Both of her soles (left foot/right cheek and vice/versa) covered my face as she rubbed them..she pinched my nose with her toes a couple of time...the works. 

There wasn't anyhing I could do to stop her. It was humiliating and exhilarating all at once...I'll never forget it.

I never gagged (or was gagged myself) until I was in college... and well outside the realm of this forum. The same holds true for blindfolds. It was very much a simple and playful thing back then.

The reason I haven't related other stories, was that the one you fondly remember was the best and most vivid one. I sincerely appreciate your invitation to share others, but while they are equally innocent they are nowhere near as intense and I quite frankly don't recall them in as great of detail...many of them are/were(unfortunately) "boy-boy" and I quite frankly don't have any great interest in posting them here.

The majority of my most memorable experiences occurred later on in life and therefore fall outside the boundaries of this forum. I may share a short "vignette" in the future, but there's a good reason that I've not posted anything since 03/02...the simple truth is, is that I've already shared my most vivid and memorable experience...the rest of them pale in comparison (IMHO).

Thanks again for your kind words.

I do have one small request, however.

You've asked me to share more personal details regarding the experience which I wrote about, so I don't think it's at all unreasonable to request that you come up with at least a "screen name".

No one will know who you are, but I'll at least be able to thank you by name....I can also assure you that "Kurt" isn't my real first name BTW.

My two cents.

Kurt H.

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 02:14:06 PM
Thanks Kurt. I don't know what screenname to use, so how about this one? I post here anonymously a lot, but I guess I'll adopt this name for now. 

Did you know if you specifically had a prefernce for soles? After she put "2+2" together, did she ever tease you with her feet after that? Or was the "rubbing her soles in your face" thing pretty much the only time she did?


Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 03:04:09 PM
Dragon Warrior..are you there? I would still like to see more stories from you 

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 04:52:51 PM
Eh yeah, sorry i haven't posted the other part of the story, I was studying for my exams!! (*BORING!!*)

It's real long, and I haven't got time now, but i promise I'll post it as soon as i can, if you want!

Thanx ppl!!! ; )

Colin Farrell fanatic!! ; )

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 07:13:04 PM
Sounds great, Colin Farrell Fanatic! I can't wait!

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 11:39:48 PM
Don't make promises...! 

Collin Farrel's Fanatic Rocker Chick; Don't ask for more feedback, just post, there are probably dozens of drooling guys awaiting the continuance of Your adventure!


Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 12:14:36 AM
yeah we spend all day on here waiting for the story to finish...(rolls eyes)

Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 08:41:41 AM
Ok, part 3!!! Sorry it took so long!

So anyway, I was about to be tortured to death by Mark! He began to tickle me all over, and I squealed and squirmed like mad! I was really tickilish! It was hell, and I knew mark was getting enjoyment out of it! Then Colin joined in, which made it 100 times worse!!! Eventually they stopped, and sat down pissing in tmeselves laughing at me all helpless on the floor!! Then they started slagging off Colin Farrell and Justin Timberlake, cos they knew I liked them!

"Oh, Justin and Colin are fags!! Justin sings like a girl, and he thinks he can dance, when he's so gay! And Colin can't act, all he does is fucking curse, all the fucking time, and fucking smoke and drink! Ha ha!!"

I was going mad, trying to kick them with my bound legs! I hate it when people slag who I like, and they did it deliberatley!! 

Suddenly, there was a loud crash from upstairs, and I knew it was Lisa! Hopefully she'd gotten free!

"Fuck, what was that?! Colin, go up and see what that was!!!!"

Mark stayed down with me, but he wasn't paying any attention to me at all, he just kept concentrating on the ceiling,as if he was trying to listen in to what had happened, and was waiting to see what would happen! Colin came running downstairs, in to the sittingroom.

"Mark, Lisa's gone! Dunno where or how she escaped, but she's gone, and hiding somewhere! We've got to find her!"

They both immediatly ran upstairs, and I quickly started going to work on my bonds! It was very painful, cos they were tied so tight!! Eventually, I picked and picked at my ropes, and I got my hands free. I was then able to free my gag, and my legs!

but then, when I was free, I didn't know what to do, in case I was caught! So I hid in the garage, behind alot of old boxes, hoping they wouldn't find me! So I was hearing the footsteps running around upstairs, and then I heard people running down the stairs! I had to be really quiet, if I didn't want to get caught!! I heard Colin cursing, guessing, because I got free, and then he shouted to Mark, to help him look for me!!

My heart was about to jump out of me, it was beating so fast!! I had to stay still. Suddenly, the door flew open, it was Colin and Mark! I crouched down even further, praying they wouldn't find me!!!!

Colin Farrell fanatic!! ; )

Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 03:39:55 PM
Hmm...the suspense builds. I'm dying to know what happens next! Did you get caught? Or what happened?

Did they tickle your feet as well?

Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 11:36:11 PM
An Argument
I was at home one day, just chilling, when my freind, Dan who is 11, calls and asks, 
"Can you come over for the weekend, I am really bored," 
"Sure," I reply
As I get ready for that, my friend, Jake, who is 14, my age calls, "Hey, can you come and spend the weekend with me"
"Sorry," I said " I already got plans, but if something goes wrong, I'll come over."
"Okay" He said, "Later"
"See ya" I said.

When I got to Dan's we talked for a while, then we invited some kids over for capture the flag. This was a strange game, instead of capture the flag, they decided to play, everyone gang up on Scotty, and kidnap him. But thats another story. We had fun.

Then we came inside, and I got something to eat. Then I met up with Dan in his room. He was playing Video Games. I watched for about a half an hour, getting blamed for his deaths, then I asked for a turn. He said in a minute. Then the same thing happened, another half hour. I was fed up with it, and I told him, "Thats it, I'm going to Jake's." "Wait," he said, "I'll be right back." When he was gone, I grabbed the controller. About 5 minutes later, he came back. He grabbed my arms and tied them together, quickly, but well, then he grabbed my legs and tied them, I didn't move, I was in shock. Then he tied my wrists and ankles together, and hogtied me. "You aren't going to Jake's now" He said. Then he played again. The WHOLE time, I threatened, and complained. When he got tired of it, He went out, and came right back in. Theb he said, "Stick a pair of socks in it." Then he took his biggest pair of socks stuck them in my mouth, and taped my mouth to secure the gag. He played video games for a while and said, "I would untie you, but you would leave, so.." He got cut short, he heard a knock at the door, and pushed me under the bed. Under the bed were so many of his thick socks, it wasn't funny. He said "Come in" It was his cousin, Raymond. Raymond was 16 really loved this stuff. They carried me, and took me to his car. Then they took me to his club house, they called some of his freinds. Before they could I released myself. Then Dan grabbed me with his ankles, before I could get out the door.

What will happen to me?

United States

Monday, June 16th 2003 - 03:51:13 AM
Bound by Charlene
I just came across this site. WAS RECOMMENDED BY A FRIEND.
Interesting material although the little boy stories are both dull an ridiculous.

Now for my first bondage experience:

I had the hots for my next door neighbor. Her name was Charlene. Dirty blonde hair, a cute little plug nose, very pretty and hot lips.

We played with each other since she was around 3 years old. Basic kids stuff. I am male and older by a few years.

One day Charlene (Sheeney) invited me over to her house. She said her parents would be away for several hours. Her dad was very involved with local politics and very active socially. 

I was around 13 at the time. Sheeney was around 11. We went down into her cellar and she played some records, one was of her dad singing at his wedding. We both laughed.

Then Sheeney asked me to sit down on an old four post wooden chair. She looked at me and said "It's play time."

Sheeney walked back reached over some boxed and had a handful of rope, actually several pieces of rope.

"Hands behind your back" she commanded.

Stunned I asked what she had in mind.

She simply responded that this was a kids thing, all kids do it. Her older sister had done it to her. She had been to her girlfriends house and her girlfriend did it to her younger brother.

"Why don't you try this on your younger brother" I protested.

"Chuck is to young for this. Besides he'll tell Mom and Dad."

"Okay, let's do it. But wait, how long is this going to last."

"Oh, I'll let you go fairly quickly, just like my girlfriend did to her brother and like my sister did to me."

Intriqued, I reluctantly agreed.

I put my hands behind my back and felt the twirling of rope around my wrists which were crisscrossed behind me.

Sheeney then made a loop and tied around my chest. Out of rope for the time, she grabbed somemore rope and starting tying my feet, stopped, then started tying one leg to one post leg and the other leg to the other post.

"Try and get out of that." 

I wiggled around but couldn't believe how tight these bonds were. Sheeney had done a good job. One of the reasons I agreed was becuase I didn't think that Sheeney, a girl younger than me could tie me in a way that I could not escape.

Boy was I surprised!

I had to admit that the ropes felt sensual. This was my first experience. And being at the mercy of a very good looking young girl was a definite turn on for me.

"Do you give up." 

"Yeah, you win. I can't get loose. So is the game over now?"

"Over! Hey we're just starting." 

Then I started thinking to myself what in the world does she have cooked up.

Then Charlene puckered up her pretty little lips and started to kiss me. I had never been kissed before and it was along time before I got kissed like that again.

Then she started tickling me in just the right spots. She knew them from our being together.

Then she took my shoes off and went to work tickling my feet. I about pissed my pants. Then she came back to my mouth and started kissing me all over again.

"That is how my older sister Rose does it. I saw her with Eric the other night and I've been dying to try it."

Next she picked up a bandana and blindfolded me. "Cindy did this to little Pauly the other day and I have to try it too." (little Pauly was Cindy's little brother.)

At this point I started to freak out. I had never been blindfolded in a cellar alone with only one person before.

She put her hand over my mouth and told me to relax. This chick was very mature for her age.

When she removed her hand I started to panic again and blurted out how I had to be untied right now.

Sheeney apparently had another bandana. This one went over my mouth. I was now securely tied, blindfolded and gagged.

Next I felt something going into my ears which turned out to be earplugs. Total sensory deprivation. Couldn't move, see, speak or hear. What in the world would be next?



Monday, June 16th 2003 - 12:21:31 PM
cmon scottie continue
Gang up on scottie and kidnap him sounds like an awsome story I'm dying to hear it and the story u started sounds cool too CONTINUE!!!!
Loaiza Fan (aim) LoaizaFan (msn im)

Monday, June 16th 2003 - 04:34:49 PM
Please continue, Gary!

Monday, June 16th 2003 - 08:22:38 PM
To Gary

Actually, the "little boy stories", as you put it, are quite on topic, and very appreciated by many people here. If you read Canuck's Posting Police above the posting form, you'll see that posting things of a sexual or pornographic nature is not allowed. Innocent, playful (even if in a playfully vindictive manner) and non-sexual are the topics of choice here. While these things tend to be limited (although not unheard-of) between adult friends, the instances are much more likely among childhood-age friends.

So they're hardly "dull", nor "ridiculous".


Monday, June 16th 2003 - 08:49:36 PM
And please continue Colin Farrell fanatic!

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 09:27:53 AM
Tim please continue i would love to know where your story goes. And to Loazia Fan, a little maturity please.

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 03:43:01 PM
I tied my daughter up
well things moved quicky thoses days and finally the great day happened...i tied her was safe and fun, surprinsgly a new way to look my daughter at...

Laurrie's little friend moved away for holiday and as we had talked about various subjects together (safety, consensual "bondage" and other details) she was very disapointed when she was left alone...i was fearing she might ask me and i prepared myself for that. 

well two days later she came to me after dinner and she very shyly asked me if i wantted to play with her. i knew what she meant and i agreed.

we tested a few ropes, knots and positions, but never did anything last more than a quarter. i tied her hands once behind her and altough she asked for it i didnt agree to hogtie her...this position she'll try with him u assume, or myself...i mean, just to know how she feels with it...

just one loose gag too and she giggled all the time 

those moment were unique. Never did i have such moment with my daughter like that.since my wifes death, i always sensed a misunderstanding with Laurrie...And i have found a way to change that...


Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 06:08:10 PM
Hey you guys! It's summer, but I STILL DON"T HAVE A STORY!!!! :( Well, I would like to ask that since it's June, shouldn't the May be posted? Also, the February and March ones aren't on there. I was just wondering when those would be posted.

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 06:37:18 PM
Damsil in Distress
When I was little Me and my friends used to role play a lot. One of my friends, Natalie decided to do a stpry where she was tied up and me and a friend had to rescue her. My friend went to his house and grabed his skiping rope, prior to tying natalie to a lamp-post. I became interested in Natalie being tied up, and was dissapointed when I had to go into my house for dinner, as I couldn't stick around longer.

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 07:27:33 PM
Roger, how old were you at the time? It would help put the story in perspective.

Did you ever get to see Natalie tied up, or was that it?

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 08:03:05 PM
my link

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 09:45:30 PM
Sorry, Roper, not Roger.

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 10:08:14 PM
Hi. .A little while ago some guy named Frank posted a story about Alex and his sister Eileen and her friend Mary. Could anyone please point me in the right direction on where I can find this story, or was it deleted?? Thanks

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 10:30:40 PM
My Worst Nightmare
It was Memorial Day weekend and my parents went out of town. So I was left alone with my three brothers; Josh (13), Jon (18), and Paul (21). My names Rachel and Im 13. Anyway, one night Josh and I were sitting on the couch watching The Drew Carey Show, and all of a sudden Jon came tumbling over the couch.

Me: "What the hell are you doing?"

Jon: "Just getting closer to my baby sister."

Once he said that I had a feeling him and Paul were planning something. So I was keeping an on them. Then I whispered into Josh's ear, "Watch out for Paul." Then Josh got up saying he needed a glass of water. I didnt think Josh would be invovled with this because he was with me all night. I was wrong. Then all of a sudden Paul and Josh shot to the couch with a boxful of things. Jon layed on top of me so I couldnt move, then Josh and Paul opened the box and took out some rope. It wasnt really thick but not thin. Anyway Jon held my upperbody down so Paul could tie my feet and knees together, then Jon moved down to hold my waist down so they could tie my arms. 

There I was tied on the couch screaming HELP!!!!

Jon: Now what do we do with her.

Paul: Youll see.

Me: Why are you doing this to me??

Paul: Cuz its fun. Josh bring me the box.

Then Josh went and got the box for Paul. Then I saw Paul motion something to Jon. All of a sudden Jon grabbed Josh. Paul quickly tied his arms and feet together. 

Josh: Why are you doing this to me, I thought we were working together.

Paul: I just used ya to help me get to Rach.

Then They put Josh and I side by side. Then I saw them go by our feet. Then they opened up the box again. The pulled out 4 feathers. Me and Josh looked at each other and started screaming. Then Jon pulled off Josh's socks and took one feather and started moving it up and down his bare sole; and took the other feather and started going in between his toes. Josh instantly started laughing. 

Jon: Whats the matter Josh, are your feet ticklish?

Paul tried started taking off my socks, but I was wearing tube socks, because I play soccer, and he had a hard time getting them off cuz the rope was over them. About a minute or two later he finally got them off. The he started tickling my barefeet with the feathers. At first he use both feathers to go in between my toes. My feet are super ticklish, especially between my toes. 


They carried on tickling our feet for almost an hour, it felt like hours though. Then they told me and Josh, "If you tell mom and dad, youre dead. Of course once mom and dad got home, we told. Then they both got grounded from using the car. When we told mom and dad, we exagerrated what they did to us which got them in alot of trouble.
Me and Josh should have never done that. 



United States

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 10:43:46 PM
Feedback at my email
Ive been reading for a while now, this was the first thing Ive ever posted. The stories are so good here. 

To tell a little about myself Im kinda short I have a little past my shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and thankfully Im thin. I have a nice year round tan (Dont know how I get it, my whole family except for me, Josh, and Paul are all pale), and I play soccer.

My brother Josh is has brown hair, blue eyes, thin, a tan, wears his pants down on his butt, and tries to skate but cant.

My brother Jon is kinda pale hes really tall with blonde hair, and is really thin.

My brother Paul always has cool looking hair, I dont know what is natural hair color is, hes a bum who still lives at home, everyjob hes had hes been fired from, and hes got a tan and is muscular.

Can you guys please give me some feedback on my story. My email is

United States

Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 10:46:51 PM
Im 14 not 13. Sorry
United States

Wednesday, June 18th 2003 - 12:15:53 AM
the joke was on me
I started teaching in a small midwest town when I was 20 and had an amazing relationship with some of my students. I had the approval of parents to let their kids join me on camp outs or trips because they knew I was very anti-drug and alcohol abuse. They knew tht I enjoy Houdini like escape things and had no problem with my introducing their kids to some of it as they knew it was not meant to be harsh bondage just something fun for everyone. This continued until we merged schools with the neighboring town and the new folks took offense at kids being at my own. All of a sudden headlines read teacher ties up children and my job and career was finished. Much to the disgust of the 300 kids and parents that backed me at a hearing. But this is all water over the dam as I stayed in the community, got a sales job that payed three times what I was making and love it. Since that time 25 years ago we have nine suicides and the drug problem is out of control. Who got punished by my firing as the kids begged for my job? Sorr for the rant but you needed a little background for this story to be understood.
I was holding a camp out for the kids that made my summer baseball team. There were 15 of them and they were from 12 to 15 years of age and some rather big and strong. We went to an area park and some of the kids said that they were going to explore the park across the road. I trusted them because they were great guys who had never given any concern. As we got ready to eat our barbeque meal there was only about 8 of the original 15. By now it had grown dark and we all called out for them to return. But no one came back. 
I was starting to get worried and I noticed about three strange vehicles parked at the far end of the park. I sneaked up to one of the cars and saw four of my players hog tied and gagged in the back seat. I asked what was going on and one guy told me that he thought it was cheap of my to set up this joke on them. I told him quickly that I had set up nothing and as I opened the call to untie them I was grabbed by two large guys by both arms. I never was a muscle guy or anything but I think that they were suprised by the rush of adrenalin that flowed. Both of them were thrown clear and I was ready for war even if it wasnt good odds. Just then I realized it was two guys who had graduated about four years before and this was their way of playing a joke on me. Like I said they had tied and gagged half the team and some friends were getting the rest back at the camp fire as I was searching. When everyone found out what had happened it was a good joke and the captors were invited to the barbeque. But for just a second I thought how ironic it would be if a guy who always like to play practical jokes on people whould have seen his whole team driven away in cars tied and gagged.

Wednesday, June 18th 2003 - 04:49:19 AM
To Rachel
Were your hands tied in front, or behind you?
William F. Somebody

Wednesday, June 18th 2003 - 08:58:02 AM
Bro's having fun
Hi everyone. My name is Rachel and I've been reading this site for awhile and I wanted to post a story of mine. First some info about myself. I'm 21, I go to college in California. I have long blonde hair with pink streaks, blue eyes, and really nice curves. So now, here's the story.

I was at home recently just after I got home from a friend's house.My parents were going to be gone all day so I thought I'd just slack off today. But my 3 brothers had something else in mind.

My brothers names are Josh (18), Jake (16), and Mike (16). I was sitting watching tv when Josh came over to the couch and sat down next to me. He told me that Jake and Mike were looking for me and they were down in the basement. I proceeded with caution because I knew they had something planned.

I got downstairs and Jake and Mike were no where in sight. I went farther into the basement when I was tackled onto the couch by Jake. (Jake watches wrestling) I managed to push him off for a second but only for a second. That's when Mike came up from behind and grabbed me. Josh came down to assist them and I found myself being attacked by all 3 of them. Jake and Josh held me down while Mike left.

Much to my dismay, Mike came back with many lengths of rope, duct tape, and a homemade ballgag (made out of a tennis ball with a strap running through it.) This is how they tied me up.

I was wearing a really tight white t-shirt and tight blue jeans. My shirt has a lot of cleavage too and I guess my bros liked it. First the wrapped duct tape around my stomach area with my wrists behind me. Then they wrapped the tape around my thighs and my calves. At this point I couldn't really move at all. To make matters worse, they crossed my wrists behind my back and tied them together with rope in a cross formation. Then they crossed my ankles the same way and tied them together the same way.

They stood me up and held me straight. They tied more rope around my shoulders and pulled the rope down and did a very tight crotch tie. Then they tied more rope above and below my breasts. Now with the rope around my body they hogtied me very tightly by tying the rope around my ankles and pulled the rope through the rope around my body then pulled it tightly so my hands were touching my ankles.

"What the hell are you guys doing!?" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Josh answered me. "I have this friend that likes you that's coming over in a minute. He wants to see you like this he said."

"Well let me out now or MMMPPPHHH!!!!" They put the ballgag in my mouth and then I heard the doorbell rang.

Josh's friend Matt (18), came downstairs and he was in complete awe when he saw me bound and gagged so nicely. My brothers left so it was just me and Matt. I tried asking Matt to let me go but all that came out was MMPPHH, MMPPHH!! Matt started tickling my sock-covered feet. I was very ticklish so I thrashed uncontrollably and fell onto the ground with a large THUD! Now I was on my side but I wasn't hurt from the fall.

Matt proceeded to just keep looking at me. I couldn't move but I still tried to get myself free. I told my friend before I was tied up that she could come over. With me bound and gagged though, I could only imagine my friend would suffer the same treatment.

If anyone wants to hear the rest just tell me and if anyone that has Excite chat wants to chat, you can find me most nights under the sn with the same name as my e-mail. Thanx for reading.

Rachel H

Wednesday, June 18th 2003 - 12:23:43 PM
My hands were tied on my sides. They just wrapped rope around my waist.
United States

Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 12:02:42 AM
Nice story. I bet you look great whether your hands are tied in front or behind you! 

Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 04:47:10 AM

I've been out of it for a while but I have been keeping up with this post (although there has been some disappointment in story quality for my taste) as much as possible. This second installment in "A Week To Remember" will be posted by the first of July, and there will more ropes, handcuffs, tickling (long fingernails, the ultimate female weapon) and underlying heterosexual themes than you'll be able to shake a stick at! So keep your saddles on little doggies, and fret not, just give me the next few days to get my memories straight!



Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 02:56:30 PM
Bound and gagged for Pete Mac!!!!!!
Finally Pete Mac has returned to Canuck's stories!! Anyway I'm pleased to say I got my first tie today. It's not much but it goes out to help all teenage guys out there looking for tips on how to get girls tied up.

Use Drama! Everyone has to do a play in school at one point and so use this to your advantage whenever possible!

My story begins in my drama class in which we were told we had to come up with a play involving a hostage situation at a post office (Yay!)
So anyway I was already forming a plan in my mind, my target a petit little cutie named Lolly (4 the benefit of this story) although i didnt know how to go about it. What made matters worse was the fact that we had to follow a script. 
I was cast as a police officer and as luck would have it she was cast as a hostage (great!). Even better was the fact that I was put in charge of my group. Anyway Lolly was supposed to be this hostage that the bad guys were going to take to the Airport with them (so the cops couldnt do anything etc) To my surprise she came up to me and said "I guess my hands need to be tied for this" 
I was completely taken aback but jumped at this open oppourtunity. She took off her tie (I go to a catholic school and we wear your typical uniform) and gave it two me before placing her hands before me. 
"Ive got a better idea" I said and jumped behind her bringing the tie up to her mouth
"But what about my lin...MMMPPPHHHHHHHH" she said as I quickly tied her cleave gag in place. Before anything else could happen I whipped off my own tie and tied her hands behind her back. She seemed a little startled at this and tried to run but I lifted her over my shoulder (fireman style!) and carried her back to the group. Laura did really well during the play and she actually 
"MMMMPPPHHHHHHHHED" her lines which our teacher said was very realsitic! 
After the play it seemed she had finally managed to loosen the gag and she came up to me and said how good it was to be able to talk again. I wasn't quite finished yet though and promptley shoved the gag back in her mouth tightening it again. Lolly responded with a series of "MPPPHHHHs" but I once again picked her up and carried her from the stage all the way back to class were I told her how cute she looked all small and helpless. (this sent her into a fury of blushing)
Her friends came over and untied her and I leff to go talk with my own buds. Suddenly we received the news that a handful of us had been selected to do another version of the play for the lower year! Me and Lolly were both picked so we shall soon see if I can add the tied and gagged scene into the full version and will report back in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Want to comment on my writing plz make comments (dont be too mean!)
Want me to tie you up coz you also live in the UK! E-mail me! 

Pete Mac

Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 05:14:06 PM
2 Rachels,COOL :)
Nice to see more women/girls posting :) I have to say while I liked both womans post,and there was some similar themes,I liked Rachel H,just a tad better,but only because she is 18.Though this is a pretty clean site,I just have a problem,with 13-14/girls or boys posting heree. ,it just makes me feel uncomfterable(sp)But that is my problem,and I wont hassle anyone,but I just feel funny reading about kids under 16 posting here.Now which is kinda funny,A adult (over 18) posting stories about when they were 13 or younger,doesnt bother me in the least.Again my problem,just wondering if any one else feels the way I do?

 BTW see what I said about this site going in cycles:Lately there has been a lot of boy tie boy stories,but just recently there have been some nice storie of girls/women getting tied up,MY fav :) Again I like the short stories the best(long ones are nice to)They just seem to be a bit more real,or at the very least 'feel' real. :)to me at least.


Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 06:09:06 PM
Tim and Gary, please continue your stories... We are all eager to hear more!

Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 06:53:09 PM
Mac,I think the story you are reffering to is "Slumber Party Home Invasion" which can be found (11 chapters so far)on "Rob's Damsel in Distress Site".I don't have the URL,but you can access it from Red's or Bedroom this helps. Lurker 45 P.S.:Angie,where are you? Please post more of your stories!!
lurker 45

Thursday, June 19th 2003 - 09:38:47 PM
hey 'simple victim'

I would love to hear your capture the flag stories. i have one myseelf


Friday, June 20th 2003 - 01:57:15 AM
Find your playmate here
Here here is place for your to find your playmate...


Friday, June 20th 2003 - 04:21:07 AM
Bound/Gagged Babysitter
First of all,I'm 20 yrs old story takes place in the summer of 1993,& now my story. 

Amy would be my babysitter in this story.She was 15-17,5'5" tall,slim,she had a tan also.So,the day was pretty boring & then I thought maybe she would let me tie her up,but I was nervous about asking,finally,I did.I walked in the living room & asked if I could tie her up,she asked why.I told her I was bored,OK Amy said....which surprised me,I expected a no.I looked around the house & found some rope & clear electrical tape.I then told her I was ready,so I knelt down at her ankles & wrapped the rope around 4or5 times & tied it.She held her wrists out in front & like a dumby I didn't notice & went on and tied them together in the front...mistake!.Amy then asked if I was done,I said no,"what else is there" she said.I said "the tape","your not going to put it over my mouth are you" she said.I told her yes I am...she couldn't stop me,she was tied.I grabbed 2 pieces of the tape & gagged her,as soon as the 2nd piece went on she let an "mmmmm".I told to see if she could get out of it.Unfortunately,after about 15 mins. she was free.She then told me that she would get to tie me,I told her we never agreed to didn't work.She tied my wrists in front of me and my ankles with the exact same pieces I used on her,then she conected my ankles/wrists which made it look like a semi indian style tie.It took about 30-45mins. for me to get out of it.After that,it ended & Amy eventually left when my dad came home.Amy would find another job & Amy's younger sister Kelly took over babysitting me.I asked Kelly a # of times if I could tie her up & I was told no every time....that's alright,Amy was way better looking anyways.Well,there's my story,I know it's not much but I hope you enjoy it.I'll try and post my other story tomorrow,until then,see ya. 


Friday, June 20th 2003 - 02:42:02 PM
tied by good friends
this is my first post here. Also, be warned, I'm horrible at spelling! anyways, this is somthing that happend to me not to long ago...
I live in Vancouver, Canada. Despite what anyone thinks, we do actualy have summer here and the past few days have actualy been really hot! This is great for me b/c 75 percent of my freinds are girls and watching everyone walk around in bikini tops is awsome. People are always haning around my house... probably because its the best (being that it's very large and has a pool). 
This perticular day I had three girls over with me but everyone else was out of the house. Nicole is about 5'8" with brown hair and a killer figure, Sarah is maybe 5'6" (i think) with the most amazing curves and Angela is about 5'8 as well. she doesn't have the body of a supermodel but she has the most beutiful lips and eyes. 
We were all hanging out by the pool in the shade under the porch. the three of them decide to go into the house to get somthing to drink, but instead they came back out with a duffle bag and a stereo. i was a little puzled but thought nothing of it. 
then they flip on the tunes and start dancing around, dragging me up with them. "count this as your early b-day present" sarah said. my birthday was in just under a week. after a little "suggestive" dancing with the three of them Nicole and Angela had to take off, saying they'd be back later (or somthing to that extent).
"this is were the real fun starts" sarah said from behind me. we'd always been kinda liberal to eachother and i had mentioned that i enjoyed bondage to her a little while earlier. she asked me to do her a favor. she handed me a speedo with a thonged back and wanted me to put it on. "No way!" i said "You'd have to kill me first". 
She's a crafty one though, and using every dirty trick she new actualy managed to get me into it... though to this day i'm not really sure how!
When i finaly came back out I was beet red. She told me if i wanted to be tied up this is the way it has to be. TIED UP? Are you serious? "oh yes" she said. "now put your hands behind you". i did so eagerly. she opended the duffle bag and brought out a long piece of rope. securing my hands tightly behind my back. 
"get on the ground" she comanded, really getting into the role (she is and actress after all, or at least thats what i keep telling her). she then tied my feet together and followed with my toes for good measure. she then said "open wide, birthday boy" and popped a large red ball gag into my mouth, securing it behind my head.
next she took another piece of rope and did a very secure crotch tie. i wasnt so enthused about this but didnt really have a say in it! finaly she pulled my legs up and put me into a hog tie.
right at that moment nicole and angela cam back in. i was so embarrased. even more so when i saw the camera they had with them! 
throught the day they teased me and put me in various positions. it was a very great day all in all...
Ethan J.

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 03:09:02 PM
Lurker 45
When you said Mac in your last post did you mean me coz if you did I havent a clue what you mean about Rob's Did site.
Oh I have another Drama related story if anyone wants me too post (Id like to get the people's opinion first) 
Pete Mac

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 11:46:44 PM
Celebrity Pictures
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of celebrities bound and gagged. I know of two good movies: Head above Water w/ Cameron Diaz has some great pics & Excess Baggage with Alicia Silverstone. If u find more contact me or if u have pictures of GIRLS bound.
Senator C

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 12:04:28 AM
This site is about stories... It's normally clean. Please let's get back on track. For example, the story Colin Farrell Fanatic was posting was perfectly clean and in good nature.

Canuck, when you come back, please clean up the place?

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 01:44:10 AM
Bound/Gagged Babysitter 2
Here's my 2nd story as promised.First though....Lori would be my babysitter in this story.She was great looking,she was 20 or 21 yrs old,she had straight blonde hair(shoulder length),green eyes,a dark tan,also she was 5'5" tall & slim/petite.This takes place in the summer of 1995.Now the story:

Mainly trough the day we watched t.v. because Lori forgot her swimsuit,which wasn't good...considering how good she looked.Now, Lori was laying on the couch reading a magazine & I walked towards her and asked if I could tie her up.She asked why & I said there was nothin' else to do,suprisingly she said OK.I wasn't expecting a yes,I immediately left the living room & grabbed the roll of silver duct tape & went back into the living room.Lori is still laying on the couch looking at the magazine,I told her I was ready.I told her if she got loose on her own she could tie me,if she gave up,it would end & I wouldn't get tied.So,I went to where her legs were,Lori bends her knees giving me room to set on the couch & then, plop!.She puts her feet(size 5,toenails were painted pink)right in my lap!....which told me start tieing & I did.After her ankles I tied her at the knees above & below,then she put the magazine down & I tied her wrists behind her back.I then tied her below the bend in her elbow & finally I tied between her elbows & wrists.She asked if I was through yet,I told her almost.I tore off 3 pieces of tape, but before I gagged her I told her to wiggle her toes to let me know if she was giving up or had to use the bathroom.Lori said"Why do you want me tmmmmpphhhhh....I gagged her with the 1st piece of tape,then I added the 2nd & 3rd pieces & told her to try & get loose....which I knew wouldn't happen.Honestly,I had tied her pretty tight,I even surprised myself.After about 20-25mins. of struggling she started wiggling her toes & I asked if she was giving up...she did.I untied her & I took the tape off her mouth last & when I did she leaned over & kissed me on the cheek & said "thanks babe",she picked up her magazine & looked at it as if nothing happened.I was still stunned she kissed me,much less thanking me.Eventually my dad got home from work & Lori left.She wouldn't babysit me again because she found a full-time job.Well,that's it,I hope you enjoyed it,I don't have any stories to post in the future right now,but if I do get to tie a girl up in the future I will definitely post it.Until next time,see ya.


Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 11:50:23 AM
girl's feet in control
i like the idea of girl's feet being in control of me so i tried to think of ways to make it happen. the best one i thought of involves an blanket and anything to tie my ankles. first you tie your ankles together, then you wrap yourself as tight as you can in the blanket so the only way you can get out is if you unroll yourself. the girl puts her legs on your chest or back (depending on if you're on your stomach or back) which prevents you from rolling over and getting out. 

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 12:02:18 PM
younger niece in control
this is a short story where allowed my 11 year old niece try and tie me up. well she couldn't do it so i started thinking of ways to do it without rope. i used 2 belts. first i adjusted one belt so it was loose enough to go above my elbows and where i could lay on my stomach and have my arms at my sides. i put that aside and tied my ankles or knees together. i layed on my stomach so my arms would be stuck at my sides as long as i couldn't roll to the side. so i had my niece sit on my back and i absolutely could not move. all i could do was bend my knees and she grabbed my feet and tickled them. let me know what you think of my 2 stories

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 04:17:22 PM
They do indeed have global word filteing, but only for one word. I'll give one hint, its between rapacious and rapid in your English dictionary. Its no big deal, and easy to work around, but there are far worse ones, and why you'll see no dreambooks for survivors of that particular horror. On the other hand, its a good word to filter out of this one, and I'd like to see some others not used here, but that's probably just me.
Nota Republic

Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 11:40:56 PM
Hey Cowboy USA! Great hogtie story! Definetly tell us more adventures about the rodeo!

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 03:50:37 AM
My Strange Babysitter
This happened back when I was about 10 years old. My parents still felt that my sister, I'll call her Becky, and myself still needed a babysitter. They often used one of their friends daughters who was about 18, and pretty good looking to me. 
Anyway, my parents were going away for the weekend, and had not been able to get our usual babysitter to watch us, so another friend had suggested this other local girl who was around 20. (Keep in mind, this was back when you could trust pretty much any neighborhood person to watch your childeren.) So, this girl showed up on friday night just before my parents left and got the usual tour of the house, and told what not to give us to eat, or what not to let us do. After they had left she told us that she had a little work to do for her college classes, and that we could go upstairs and play for a while.
After about a half an hour Sally(not her real name.)came upstairs and told us that we were making too much noise. She asked if we wanted to play a game that would keep us quite for a while? Becky and I said we would try it. Sally then asked us if we had ever heard of "bondage"? I aske what it was, and she said it was when you got tied up for fun. Of course we had played the usual 'cowboys and indians', and 'cops and robbers' games, so we knew what she meant, and agreed to play.
We all went downstairs and sally went to the garage and came back with a roll of my dads duct tape.
"I didn't find any rope, so I'll have to use this instead." She said with a smile on her face.
She had us follow her to the kitchen and stand infront of two chairs. She had us cross our wrists in front of us and then taped them together. Then she wound the tape around our bodies just above our elbows a couple of times.
After she was done with bothe of us she had us sit in the chairs and wrapped the tape over our wrists and thighs, and under the seats. this trapped our hands in our laps. She then taped our legs to the legs of the chairs. and wrapped it around our upper bodies and behind the char backs effectively holding us to our seats.
"Ok," she said, "now the game is, if you can get free, you can have anything you want to eat in the house, but if you can't, you have to stay here until I let you go. Ok?"
We jumped at the chance to get whatever we wanted to eat.
"Now I'm gonna gag you so you don't make any noise."
I thought she was going to put rags over our mouths, but she went to my sister and told her to put her lips together. She unrolled the tape a little bit and stuck it to my sisters lips and proceded to wrap it around her head about four times! I couldn't see any skin from just below her nose to just below her chin. Becky "mmphhed" quite a bit, and I could tell she wasn't too happy about this. Then Sally turned to me and said "Your turn big guy."
I asked her if she could just put a towel over my mouth or something, and she replied " That wouldn't keep you very quiet, now would it?"
So I put my lips together and she wrapped the tape around my head a few more times than she did my sisters.
"Ok, have fun. I'm going to be over there studying. Let me know when you get loose. If you do."
She turned and walked to the living room which we could see from the kitchen, and started reading on the sofa.
I couldn't move at all, and Becky wasn't having any more luck than I was. We sat there struggling for what seemed like forever until Sally came back in.
"Still not loose, huh? Well you two aren't very good at this game. Maybe you need more time to practice. It's a good thing we have all weekend. But since you have been trying so hard, I'll give you each a cookie, then it's time for bed."
I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was almost 8:30. We had been tied and gagged for almost 2 and a half hours!
Sally untied us and took the tape off our mouths.(that wasn't too pleasent!) She gave us each a cookie and a glass of milk and told us to go change into our pajamas and call her when we were ready.
She came upstairs and told us that since we hadn't gotten free that we had to be tied up for the night. After we went to the bathroom she taped our wrists in front of us again, and then around our bodies to keep our hands down. She took Becky to her room first, and after a few minutes, came back and took me to my room. She laid me down on the bed and taped my ankles together, then just above and below my knees. She then covered me up to my neck with my blanket and went to the door.
Turning around she said "I told your sister the same thing, if you make any noise other than for an emergency, I'll have to gag you for the whole night. Sleep tight."
She turned off the light and left the door open just a crack.
Neither of us made any noise the entire night.
Sally took us shopping the next day so she could buy more duct tape. Becky and I spent a lot of time 'practicing' the game that weekend. We were tied and gagged a lot of different ways, but never got free to enjoy anything we wanted to eat. But we did get milk and cookies every time we were let go, just for trying so hard. We also spent every night tied up in our beds. We all decided that no one would tell our parents about the little 'Game', and Becky and I decided that the next time Sally babysat for us, we would ask if we could tie her up instead.

If you liked it, maybe I'll write some more.


Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 06:31:43 AM
"Semi-bondage" From A Beautiful Librarian
I have been entertained by a number of these stories and wanted to contribute. Sorry I do not have any total bondage experiences but something happened back in the eighth grade (early 1970's)which might qualify as a "semi-bondage" experience. It involved me and our school's replacement librarian. Our regular librarian was on leave and her replacement was a beautiful blonde in her early thirties who looked like Marilyn Monroe. She was not only beautiful, but also very nice. She was always there to help students. 
Since this was the early 1970's it was normal for students to get the strap and occasionally get their mouth taped. Since I knew this beauty would never tie me up, having her gag me (with tape or cloth) would be the next best thing. But I was afraid if I just got loud in the library she might throw me out rather than gag me. I had to think of something else. Since I knew she liked helping students, I decided to take that route. 
I showed her a boy's adventure book one day (when nobody else was around) which had an illustration of the hero bound and gagged. I asked her if they forget to draw the mouth. She politely explained what a gag was and what it was for. I pretended to be confused as I cupped my hand to my mouth and told her I could still speak. I asked her if she could show me how to be gagged properly. She then got up from behind her desk but instead of getting something to gag me with, she clamped her hand quite tightly over my mouth. She stood there smiling as I mumbled through her hand. I politely said thanks (after she removed her hand) and she said "your welcome". Our real librarian returned shortly after, much to my disappointment. I never saw her beautiful replacement again.

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 01:38:54 PM
in the woods
A group of us were bored one night and decided that we had to do something to have some fun. We were all pretty good kids so we did not consider drugs or alcohol but needed to get some kicks. It was decided that we would play a card game (hearts) and who ever lost would have to do a penalty. Everybody dropped a piece of paper with possible penalty into a hat and we started to play. Tom was about 16 and was a good looking blond kid who drew all the girls. Unfortunately he was the loser. We looked at the pnishment and told him it started with him being blindfolded. We then went to the car and took him to a county park way out the in the boondocks. He was 10 miles from the nearest person. Still blindfolded we tied him securely to a tree and told him we'd see him in the morning. We got in the car and left but parked some ways away from him and snuck back. He was woldly trying to get loose, but could not. We left him there for about 45 minutes and then snuck in quitely. All together we growled at him and he about broke the rope. When we untied him he was all cool and said that he was not scared. Later in the evening he admitted that his imagination was going crazy and that he kept hearing people sneaking up and he could even feel them touching him. After that we all wanted to try it but never got around to it. 

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 01:42:50 PM
That was a really neat story, E.S. Strange but neat. I'm curious about hearing more.

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 03:29:34 PM
Bradmans (sp) story
Evan though no one got tied up,I still liked it.Why? 'Cause it had a feel to it of being toaly real. as much as i would have liked the sroy to go:she tied me up and then gagged me.." I like the true stories,because we know they realy happened,or it could have happened. Again just my fav type of stories :)

Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 09:05:52 PM
Forced to Smell while Tied
This happened when I was 16 years old and my sister and her friends were 15 years old. It was around mid July and she had about 8 friends over to spend the night for her birthday. My dad was away on business and would be gone for the next 3 days and my mom was not feeling well but she still allowed for the sleep over to continue.
My mom had gone to bed really early around 8 and as mentioned before she was sick. All the girls were laughing and running around the house. I found some of the girls to be pretty attractive. I had just watched a magic show and have been exploring selfbondage for about a year. I had never gotten caught because it would be too embarrising for my parents to find me tied up.
I got out a long jump rope, a D-ring, and handcuffs with a key. My door didn't have a lock on it so I closed it and figured no one would bother me. I layed on the floor and securely tied my ankles together and connected the handcuffs to the jump rope by a D-ring. I rolled over on my stomach and cuffed both hands. I was now in a tight hogtie with the key about 4 feet away from me. 
All of a sudden I hear two knocks on my door and I froze. My heart raced and I tried to get the key but no luck. Two of my sister's friends named Sara and Rachel were standing over me and laughing. They asked if I did this to myself and I told them I did. They then left and came back with another girl named Kace. They closed the door and started whispering to each other.
Kace grabbed the key and put it in her pocket and said "We will let you out if you treat out feet well." All three of them then pealed off their socks and stuck their feet in my face and ordered me to sniff. I smelled their feet for about 10 minutes. Their feet were pretty smelly but were clean. Two girls left except for Kace. She said to me "I will let you out in an hour." She then demanded that I lick her foot which I did and I had to suck her toes for 5 minutes. It wasn't that bad at all. She closed the door and left me there helplessly hogtied.
My wrists throbbed with pain but about 20 minutes later Rachel, Kace, and Sara released me and I begged them not to tell anyone about this because it would be too embarrising. They agreed only if I would pamper their feet any time they wanted to and I agreed. They then said "Smell my feet".

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 12:31:32 AM
Tell us more E.S.

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 01:47:14 AM
The Biggest Freak, EVER to be a leader
This is a LONG stroy that is a little similar to SBs.

This Happened when I was new in town.

I was about, 13, and at my old town we did none of this bondage. When we first came here, my first freind was an 11 year old kid, I will call Mike, (Not his real name). He told me who to look after, all of the groups of guys, there members, and leaders, and so on until he came across wars. Wars were between groups, there were over 10 groups, each with about 10 people. They played a series of events like Red Rover, Manhunt, and capture the flag. 

He took me to HIS leader, we will call Dan, (Not real name) He was about 15-16 at the time, and seemed normal. He let me join in his group, called The Dragons.

My next door neighboor was what we will call Matt, (14 and bigger than me) spied on me, he found out many things too. He was on a rival group, The leader, we will call Lance, Lance (15-16) was OBBESESSED with Socks. In the winter, he wore long socks cuffed down over his pants, in the summer, he had long socks pulled down to look ruffley. He also changed colors. He seemed to think I was important through Matt's spying, for SOME reason. So he challenged Dan, and wrote a packet of War Rules.

We got ready for war, we got a neutral Referee first Red Rover. We played a while, and I was almost ALWAYS called over or a target. (The way WE play is that if a team breaks through, you are there prisoner in Jail by FORCE. Then, if a member from YOUR team breaks loose, they can either take a prisoner, or realease a team mate. Well, being new, I only got released once, and then Recaptured.) We played like this Until TIME ran out. 2 hours. At the end, I was still in their Jail. They had won because I was the only capured one.

A few hours Later we played Manhunt. We played teams. You broke teams off in pairs. I was apired with Mike. We split up for a little while, when I was bagged. Someone brought a fishing net, and I was in their prison THE WHOLE 2 HOURS!!!!!!! Tied Up and watched this time. 

We had more, so we won. The next day, we played capture the flag. We set out, some of us finding others defending, I was finding. Obviously, Lance told the TWO biggest on the team, MATT and CARL to get me,. They ofound me and carried me over to their Jail. Then they both held me by force.

We Lost, they got the Flag. Lance Aporached Dan and said, "Well we will be taking him (Pointing at me) and Leaving"
"What do you mean?" asked Dan
"You signed the contract, before reading it, it says 
'whoever is in the other teams jail ALL three times at THE END of the game, is the other teams captive for however long the other team wants' so, he is mine for as long as I want."
"You A**, you cheater!!!! FINE!!! Dont worry, ______ I'll get you back!!!!!!!"
"Don't count on it _______" Said Lance.
They carried me to their clubhouse.

There, Lance Gagged me with a pair of his Gym Socks and secured it with Duct Tape, Then he tied my wrists behind my back with rope, and my ankles the same. Then he sat me in a chair, tied me to it, and told me.
"Welcome to The Socks clubhouse. Although your not here on your Own Free Will. I want you on my team. You get a complementary Uniform, (A Red Shirt, Black Shorts, and a few pairs of Socks, some color he choses, that you use at wars.) and a high ranking position."
I shook my head, thinking, not for THIS lunatic.
"Sigh, Have it your way, you are our prisoner for now, and will be FORCED to be on our team in a low rank position, now, take him to his cell."
My Cell was a dog Kennel. I was still tied and gagged, but now with higher security.
Lance spent all of his time in the clubhouse, he even slept their in the Summer. He told Matt to go get me a bag of clothes and such from my house. Matt had a way with words, and convinced my Mom it was some kind of camp.

The next day, I was released of my bonds and gags, but was still under high security. If they saw me trying to leave, they would do it again. After 3 attempts, I gave up.
The next day, we got a declaration of war from The Snakes. He made me dres into the shirt, and had to force the socks on me. Then tied my shoes so tight, I could pull them off.

At first we played Red Rover, I was called over there alot, and again, they always went for me. When I got captured, I was tied up, and later gagged with digusting Gym socks. We Lost it. When we played Manhunt, I was Forced to be tied to Carl by a socks, our ankles joining. We Lost IT Too. Then we lost Capture the flag. Lance BET me. I was captive of ANOTHER TEAM!!! They basically gagged and bound me and used me as a trophy. He, he wanted to be called Snake, also 16, held me for a While, Then, I finnaly tarted liking him. I was on their team for a while. Then I was kidnapped by Lance again.
I was Gagged and Bound the whole time, as if a pet. I was just a trophy.

The Rest Coming Soon!!!!!

Actually Sane

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 09:54:49 PM
The BIGGEST FREAK to ever lead people Part 2
After a while, Lance forced me to be on the team again. This time, we beat Dan's team again. They got Mike. 

Dan LOST it. He freaked out. The next day he sent a force over to get us back. We were free and Happy.

The End.

Actually Sane

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 04:44:15 PM
I hope this response isn't too unwelcome, due either to its being a bit late ( I'm responding to Karen's much earlier post ), or a bit eristic. I thought her story was charming, not weird ( nor in the first person, for that matter, to be accurate, but rather second person [in addition to being in the first, though first person tales are extremely common, and second-person not only uncommon but, as the fellow mentioned, generally undesirable ] ). She encapsulated, magnified, and twisted the feelings that plenty of girls feel when they tie up a boy, or just want to. The twisting ( spooky Christian theme ) and the magnifying ( outre`, flamboyant tone of writing, cutting of hair, long periods of bondage, padlock, threats, repudiation of threats, co-dependency, stereotypical ultra-feminine toe-headed giddiness ), by use of their alteration of the more common, more mundane desires of girl-ropers everywhere, puts in contrast a more universally identifiable set of archetypical motivations for bondage. That said, Karen, your style is a bit unrefined, but I liked it--and this coming from a guy who prefers to do the tying. Post more.

Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 10:06:09 PM
Visit because it is a really cool site and it has games (that you tie up people). 

May peace prevail on earth!!


Bob Whisnonski

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 04:15:29 AM
Tribe Warz!!!
I have’nt been posting for a while ‘cause I have’nt been tied up lately. But I was in a similar situation to that of Actually Sane…Here goes…

There are about 5 “tribes” in my neighbourhood : The Dragonz, The Hawks, Heatwave, The Snipes and my gang, The Magi.The leader of the Dragonz was Lance and his sister (Cheryl). His team of 5 are based in a little cave in the side of a very steep slope. Their base faced the field, which was covered in trees and long grass (no 1 bothers to maintain it!) The Hawks were led by Chris and had 5 members too, they camped on the rooftop of the dumpster block (smells quite okay actually). Heatwave’s leader was not in town so they chose to skip this “war”. The snipes only had 3 members and had a kind of joint leadership, they camped on the scaffolding upon which they built a small clubhouse. My 4 guys camped at the BBQ pits (which is well hidden on the slopes of the hill covered in trees and directly opposite of Lance’s place, we can see him, he can’t see us) 

We play a kind of dodge ball game for the war. We buy our own balls and those who are hit can only be saved if their teammate rescues them before nightfall. We camp at our bases and if the captive cannot take it anymore he can say that he has to quit and we let him go. If all members of an opposing team is caught that team is eliminated. We play for 10 days (and our parents are cool with it, because they think were having a group camp). On the first day, we captured all of the snipes members on the very first day! WOW! That’s a record, no casualties on day 1, 9 more days to go…

On day two we were caught by surprise, we saw 3 members of the Hawks sneaking up the slope just as we woke up…luckily we fended them off and captured Cody. We tied him to the Y-shaped tree in camp using rope and some vines. We tied each hand to a branch and tied some rope around his chest and waist. Then we tickled him like crazy! Tickling his pits under his shirt and his bare feet which were 7 inches off the ground, then we tickled his sides and belly. He was screaming with laughter too loudly so we gagged him with duct tape. Eventually we stopped and he told us that he wanted to quit, so we let him down and told him to buy us some quick snacks and drinks using his cash. He did as he was told, then we let him go home… …


Stay cool...CHILL! :P



Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 05:54:55 AM
No no no..sheesh...Listen up.......
First this site is NOT just for kids,though there sems to be a lot here now.If you go back a few months and READ the 'rules',it is/was for telling stories of tie ups you played WHEN you were a kid.Most of the posters were adutls,now however there seem to be more kids than adutlsbtw there is nothing wrong with that as long as they stay within cancuks 'rules'

As I said before I feel a bit uneasy with so many kids,here,but again my problem,but here is one of the reasons: Jason just posted a ADULT story that should NOT be here,it volilates(sp) every thing this site stands for.I am sure it will be removed,or put on the collage site.As for Gary his story was fine,though his coments were not to nice.One other thing for people who do NOT like comments,when you go to post,take a quick look to your left,what do you see? "stories/comments" :) and think about this,when you post you don't like to read comments,YOU are making a comment,heh heh,double edge sword?Food for thought.Also if you dont like one type of story(boys tie boys) just scroll past them.They are my least fav,but I dont rag on the writer,plus there are some women/girls here who like to read them,so try to go with the flow,and mellow :)


Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 08:05:58 AM
Weird Tie Up
One day, my friend invited me over to his house and I said sure and went over. We went up to his room where he really surprised me! He grabbed a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Then he crossed my feet and tied them together and then tied my upper body securing my arms to the side. After that, he gagged me with duct tape and put a blindfold over my eyes. I couldn't see where he was leading me, but I eventually figured out he was putting me in the closet. There he took another pair of handcuffs and handcuffed me to a pole inside there. He slammed the door shut and said, "See you later" and then left. To be continued...

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 06:11:14 PM
I Get Andy Again
Hello all!! Sorry I haven't had anything to post lately, but now I do! Andy is the person in my story today. He is about 5'2" with short curly brown hair. He is very skinny. He also wears braces. I am about 5'5", in shape, but I'm more built than Andy. On with the story.

Andy and I were having a sleepover yesterday. He and I were chillin, it only being 9:30 when we were sent to bed, I was sleeping in my normal clothes, and he was sleeping in shorts without a shirt with headgear that he has to wear for his braces. We talked until around 12:00, then we became bored. Both of us were not tired the least bit, and he was really wanting to go onto my new computer to go online and mess around. I grew annoyed, and knew that if my mom saw that the computer was on, she would kill us both. I made him a deal.
"Andy, How bout if I let you onto the computer, you have to let me tie you up."
"Aw man....."
"Do you want to just go to sleep now?"
"Ok, first, you're gonna have to take the headgear off."
Andy took his headgear off while I took out the materials. I brought out 2 20' ropes and some duct tape. I told him to stand up and put his hands behind his back. I crossed them, and tied the rope around them twice, then pulled the rope in between them in an x form, then went around again and tied it off. I then tied it vertically twice. At this time, he began wandering around the room.
"Andy , stop moving!"
"But I just wanna see this picture...."
"Stoppit, or else...."
He kept doing it. I then tok the remainder of the rope, told him to stand still for a sec (which he did), and I brought the ropes in between his legs.
"No! Dude, that's gonna hurt."
"I told you to stop moving...."
After I brought the ropes in between his legs, I wrapped the ropes around his stomach, pinning his hands behind him. I then tied it off on his stomach. Then I helped him lay down on the bed. I took the other 20' rope and tied his feet in the same fashion as his hands, only they were side by side. After I knotted that off, I took the remaining rope and pulled him into a tight hogtie. He was still shirtless thru all this. He was now crotch hogtied without a shirt. I put a piece of duct tape over his mouth as a gag, then looked over his bound body. He treid to mouth me off thru his gag. I responded.
"Don't you DARE talk to me like that!" I said with a smile. With that, I started to relentlessly tickle his sides. He writhed and bucked, then I moved to his feet. I tickled those, then went to his armpits and neck. I decided that it was enough after that. I untied him and he used my computer.

Hope you guys liked it! Please give me some feedback!


Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 08:09:29 PM
The Return of Mike's Little Sisters, or, Dealing with the Annoying Twosome!
Way back in August of 2002 (check the archive) I posted a story about how me and my friend Mike bound and gagged his then-ten year old sister Tiffany to a chair to get her to stop bothering us during an anime movie. Well, almost a year has passed and I expected that to be my last story, since, the disadvantage of telling true stories is that, of course, one runs out. However, the events of last weekend are still fresh in my mind. 
It was a Saturday afternoon, the early afternoon and is was about 1 p.m. when I gave my friend Mike a call. His working/living conditions ever since he returned from New Jersey were hectic to say the least. He'd grabbed and lost 2 jobs and was living at his aunt's house, along with his uncle, mother, and three siblings Tiffany (now 11), Christine (now 9), and Mikey (now 5). His mom was unsure of whether or not to move back to NJ but Mike was determined not to go with her. To round out the bunch, I am 21 and Mike is 20, will be turning 21 in a few weeks. 
I called Mike on his cell phone from another friend's house to see if he could drop by, and he told me that he couldn't, he was stuck alone in the house with his two sisters since his mom took his litle brother to the doctor's for some kind of ear infection. He asked if I wanted to keep him company, something that wasn't uncommon as I used to do that back at their old apartment, and being as my other friend was busy on his computer and thus all I was doing was playing video games, I said sure, thinking nothing of it. I had some new anime DVD's to show him, anyway, and off I went to his aunt's apartment, which was on the bottom floor of an apartment complex many blocks away (about half a mile but I could be off). 
I buzzed the bell (after having to use a payphone to ask, I hate forgetting details sometimes) and went inside, and Mike and I exchanged the usual "s'up" type nods, and I entered the apartment, which was a little bigger than his last but not by much, and cramped with all those people who currently were out. The kitchen beside us, there was one bedroom and one living room, with a sofa that had a sheet on it, in front of the TV. The place was messy but not insanely so. 
His sisters were perched in front of the TV watching some cartoon show, I've forgotten which one it was but something on cable. Tiffany, or "Tiff", was clad in a yellow t-shirt and pink shorts, her sister Christine or "Chris" clad in a white t-shirt that bore a flower design at the chest, along with deep red shorts. Both girls were barefoot, the floor wooden but smooth. They had clips in their hair but most of it was loose, going past their shoulders and onto their backs, brown in color, although Chris had a lighter shade of brown than her sister, and had a rounder face. Strewn about them were various barbie dolls and half-colored coloring book pages from a book of Chris', along with some sheets of homework half-done and such. 
"Okay, turn that off!" Mike said coldly. 
"Awww!" they both complained, as it was some long thing. "We're watching this!"
"Too bad!" Mike retorted, never being very compassionate for an older brother, especially during these last few years.
I never cared much for his sisters, I only saw them when I visited and they were usually running around and being noisy brats, I was Mike's friend, not there's. Besides, while I knew Mike could be mean to them in return, he'd never hurt them or anything. I wanted to watch my anime so I wasn't too compassionate about their show, either. Part of being part of the food chain, I suppose.
"You're a jerk!" Tiffany shouted as Mike walked in front of the TV and changed it to another channel for us to begin. 
"Watch your mouth!" Mike barked back.
Chris kind of made a whining sound and stuck her tongue out, because grunting a "Yeah!" to agree with her sister. This resulted in a breif shouting match as I flipped the DVD into his PS2 and was about to play it. Mike grew annoyed very quickly and turned back to the pair, who seemed to be retaliating the loss of their show by being loud and annoying. "God, quiet down or I'll make [Zorro] play 'Hostage' with you again!" Mike grunted, almost at his last nerve. (My name is not really Zorro, I just inserted it) 
"Yeah, right!" Tiff dared, sneering slightly. 
"What's Hostage?" Chris asked, as she wasn't there at the time. 
"I told you, that was when they taped me to a chair that time," Tiff replied, as if they'd gone over it at least once.
"Oh. Okay." Chris nodded. 
"You don't have stuff here, so, nyah!" Tiff showed her maturity by sticking her tongue out at him. 
Mike smirked and looked at me. I smiked back and nodded. While I don't believe in ESP, some things can be said without saying. "I'll be back," I said melodramatically as I left, leaving my bag there. 
I went down several blocks to a Genovese drug store, as it was the closest, seeking white adhesive medical tape, as it's sticky without being uncomfortable and usually makes the best type to gag someone with (I was never one for packing, it's dangerous and uncomfortable). I took a while finding the right tape, it had to be sticky and also wide enough to cover their lips, I even asked an employee which one was the stickiest, making up a friend's injury story! I was gone about 20 minutes and had bought three rolls of the adhesive medical tape. My hands were almost shaking as I came back. My "liking" was a well kept secret and I couldn't believe I was doing this again. It's not like some pedophile thing, not at all, it just felt odd to do it again. 
At any rate, Mike had never answered my buzz quicker, he even had the door slightly ajar for me. I came in and locked it behind me, smirking as I shaked the bag for them to see. Tiffany looked at it and started to run, but she got up from her seat too slowly and Mike was able to grab her by the arms quickly. Christine didn't budge an inch, turning back and forth from the DVD screen display of my anime and her older sister being held.
"Lemme go!" Tiffany hollared, obviously she wasn't quite in the mood. 
"I bought all this tape, unless you pay me back we're playing," I joked. 
"This can be easy or hard." Mike added defiantly. 
Tiffany sighed. "Fine, just leggo!"
Mike let her go and she stood there and looked up at me, fixing her hair into a ponytail VERY slowly, on purpose to further waste our time (as it was unknown how long his mom and the others could be, it could've been in 5 minutes or two hours) and annoy us, as an 11 year old girl can, and then smirked sarcastically and held out her hands, wrists together, to be tied. I shook my hand, "Turn around," I said, getting her back to me. She grunted and turned so her back faced me, and without me telling her, she put her hands behind her back, obviously being keen on this, probably from TV (I guess). 
I crossed her wrists and told her to keep them that way, which she did with a nod. I wrapped the tape around her crossed wrists many times. I did it tightly but as it was tape it was tight without biting and thus she did not complain. I then wrapped the tape between her crossed wrists, around them and the last binding, as sort of a plus-symbol type of tie ("+"), so that she couldn't uncross her wrists. When I was finished she tried wriggling free from that, but the tape held firm and she gave up after a few seconds. I wound the tape around her arms and chest many times, ruffling her shirt a little and sticking her arms to her sides, nothing complicated but firm enough. I asked her to sit down on the couch, which she did with a plop, dangling her feet as usual when kids sit on a couch. I put her ankles together and wound the tape around them many times, her shaking her toes at me in a last attempt to be defiant, giggling. At that, the first roll was spent and she patiently waited for me to retrieve the second to wind the tape around her knees, slightly above them but below the legs of her shorts. She did make a note to taunt me with a "Hah! Ran out, genuis!" beforehand. 
The tape was about 1.5 to 2 inches wide, give or take, which I felt was sufficent to hold her lips together, and as I peeled a long 6-7 inch strip to gag her with, I remembered that her proportions were smaller than someone my age being 11, so I was pleased further with my choice. "Put your lips together."
Tiffany puckered her lips as if to lean foward and kiss me, obviously not what I meant by what I said, but I didn't take a chance. Holding the edges of the strip, I placed the tape over her lips firmly, smoothing it onto her face and lips carefully with a pass of my palms. "There."
"Mmmmmffff!" she grunted, struggling with the tape, which held firm, being fresh. I was pleased that it held so well.
Christine started giggling at her sister's state, to which Tiffany turned her head and probably tried to say, "Stop laughing at me!" or "What're you laughing at!?" but with her mouth taped shut it came out as "Muut mmmmrr muuuu mmaafff-mmm mmmppphh!?" This caused Christine to chuckle even more. 
"Yuck it up, Chris, yer next!" Mike giggled, looking at her. She shook her head and got up quicker than Tiff had, and was able to sidestep Mike, but I was able to grab her shoulder with my hand and hold her for Mike, who grabbed her arms. Christine was smiling but for some reason, maybe fun, wasn't allowing us to tape her up as easilly as her older sister had. 
Because getting her to put her hands behind her back was a chore that required Mike tickling her to get her on her chest on the floor and then holding her arms behind her, I could not cross her wrists so I just wound the tape around them many times, probably 1-2 more turns than Tiffany got, and again wound many times between her wrists, forming another "+" type tie (just about a medical tape handcuff), and her hands weren't going anywhere. Christine was thrashing and giggling in earnest, but Mike was able to get her ankles together for me to wind tape around them many times, and then afterwards, I was able to wind some tape around her knees/upper thighs, like her sister (once I changed rolls, of course). Once this was done Mike lifted her up onto her feet so she could stand, and I wound the tape around her arms and chest, the tape going further as she was 9 and thus smaller (duct tape would have thus covered more face and maybe her hair so I was glad I didn't buy it). I knelt down before her, Chris standing but with Mike holding her shoulders in case she lost balance. 
"Any last words?" I asked, supposing this site has altered me in many ways. 
"No," she giggled, as that itself was a word. She smiled but put her lips together properly without being asked, and I stick a strip of tape firmly over them, it reaching the backs of her cheeks as did Tiffany's. 
"You alright?" I asked. 
"Mmmmm." She nodded.
Mike lifted her up off her feet, which kicked in their bound state, and plopped her next to her sister. This made the couch shake and Tiff grunted in annoyance. Christine's hair was messed up a bit from the struggle but I was nice and moved some out of her eyes, which she thanked me for with a nod an another "Mmmphh." 
"God, I should have thought to shut them up like that a long time ago!" Mike gloated, tickling Tiffany's foot briefly, her letting out an few muffled yelps. 
With that, we pulled some chairs close and began watching the DVD, another newly dubbed "Lupin the 3rd" movie from FUNimation. As I had seen it before, I caught some glances back at the pair of sisters neatly bound and gagged on the couch merely a foot behind us. Christine was struggling with undoing her wrists while Tiffany was trying to move her lips and get the tape off of them, both to no avail, and soon they gave up. They sat still for a little whil before Tiffany got the idea to try to hop off the couch. They probably didn't have a clue as to what to do, as nothing sharp was in the area to cut the tape with, but Tiff probably wanted to at least get back at us somehow. With a few muffled grunts and some pumps with her bound feet, she hopped off the couch. I paused the flick as Christine started to follow suit, Tiffany getting in a few muffled giggles and hops before we grabbed them both. "Oh, no you don't!" 
Mike took Chris and I Tiffany, and we held onto them as they hopped to where we wanted them, a space on the floor several feet away, and seated them down gently. Mike grabbed one of his uncle's belts as I held the two sisters back to back, which wasn't as easy as it sounded, and then he buckled the belt around both of their bodies, sticking them back to back on the floor. They both looked at us and gave out some "Mmpphh" sounds in protest, looking up at us. 
Without giving them a second thought, although I kept an eye on them, we maybe watched another 20 minutes of the movie before the girls were able to coordinate their struggles so that they were able to slide closer to us by Tiffany pulled foward by bringing her knees to her chest and then back down, and so on, as Chris did the same, only pushing backwards to give her sister momentum. Soon both girls had managed to get near our chairs and interuptt our movie a second time. 
"Oh my god, enough!" Mike vented, annoyed. 
I was more amused at their efforts but admitted personally that it was getting annoying. Mike grunted in anger as he undid the belt binding the two together and slung Christine over his shoulder like a sack of wheat, the sudden action getting a startled "Mrrrrpphh!" out of her. 
"C'mon, we'll put them in the other room!" Mike said, as I picked up the belt and slung it over my shoulder. 
I heeded, Tiffany laying upon her back, on her bound wrists, struggling but the look on her eyes said she was enjoying herself despite herself. I was able to heave her onto my sloulders with a grunt and slung her there, her face flopping near my back and her feet upon my chest. The girl tried to chuckle and shove her feet into my face but I was about to avoid them, holding them firm with a hand. We walked them into the adjascent bedroom, where there was a cot at the foot of a large queen size bed, as well as a few smaller mattresses, as if taken from futon's, strewn on the floor for the others, a cramped way to sleep at best. We plopped each girl onto the bed, not hurting them but rough enough to get them to grunt in protest. We sat them upright against each other's backs again and Mike buckled the belt around them to hold them there. They were at the center of the bed, their feet barely near the ends of it. 
"Don't struggle too much or you'll tip over, alright?" Mike just about ordered. 
Christine nodded but Tiffany kind of glared at him as we left. We left the door open and sat in the living room watching our movie, knowing that we'd hear something if they fell or something. In any case, I kept getting up every few minutes (during lulls in the action of the movie that I knew were coming) to check on the girls. Without us to annoy, plus the fact I don't think either wanted to be on their side or fall off the bed, they kind of sat there, their own muffled grunts barely loud enough for me to hear. Tiffany, as she was the one who could see out the doorway from her position, would look up and "mmmphh" every time I went by. 
We had barely finished the movie when we heard the buzz of his bell, his mom or aunt/uncle returning. Mike mumbled the "s-word" as he leapt to answer it, I nodded and raced into the bedroom. The girls looked up at me as I searched the drawers and found a sewing scissor. Their eyes were as big as moons at the sound of the bell. "Be quiet, I'll untie you," I ordered, to which I got nods from both. They had been bound for about 2 hours. I undid the belt and then cut their feet free, as it was the easiest to do, and they both hopped to their feet. I undid the chest tape and when I was finishing peeling the severed strands from Christine, Tiffany jumped up and down in nervousness as we heard footsteps near the apartment after Mike buzzed them in (although he took his time). I also figured Tiffany had enough of being gagged so I took an end of the tape and peeled it off slowly. She licked her lips and moved her jaw a bit as I peeled the tape off her sister's lips. I was able to cut their wrists free and bundle all the tape into a call and toss it into a trashcan as the apartment door opened. The girls exitted, and before there were many words exchanged, Mike kissed his mother good-bye, and I grabbed my things and we left. 
Even as we joined my friends back at Mat's house, I didn't forget the experience, wanting to remember it vividly. In retrospect, it was probably mean of us to turn off their TV show and tie them up to get them out of our hair, but as they were all smiles afterwards I assumed they enjoyed the game. Mike's later told me that he expected his sisters to rat him out to his mother and they haven't. Interesting...
That's it. My last story to date. Some good reads above, and, like the Marvel Movie Franchise, I shall return. Ciao.
US of A

Tuesday, June 24th 2003 - 09:56:13 PM
To: Newbie
So happy to know that you've finally posted a story! You ARE one of the best posters around...keep it up...Really enjoy you stories....

Stay Cool and Chill :P


Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 01:12:39 AM
Heya guys...I would really like some feedback...thanx

Stay Cool and Chill :P


Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 05:46:40 AM
Nice to 'see' a familar face.Your story rocked.Hope to see you around more.I feel for your bud mike.I use to tie up my younger sister a LOT :)Not that she bothered be,because she would let me.Most of the time any ways,when she said no that would be the end of it,until I asked her the next time,a day or two later.One of the reasons I dont post them,there is no "story" I would just tie her up,and gag her,then after 1/2 hour or so I would untie her,thats it,no real game playing.Though I do have 2 stories where I came home to find my sister tying up her freind,and one of those times I er 'offred' to help :)

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 03:04:48 PM
That was an awesome story, Zorro!
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Wednesday, June 25th 2003 - 03:06:26 PM
Well Tw, if there is any variation on those events, or anything interesting did happen, could you tell it? Or even just the origin story. Those are usually interesting.
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 05:36:14 AM
My sister :)
Ok well I use to tie up my younger sister all the time,well seemed that way :)We never played'games', I would just ask her if I could tie her up.Most of the time she said yes :).I use to tie her up with rope,but she would get out of that pretty easy,but it wasnt always around.I began using masking tape,we always seemed to have plenty of that around,good thing to,because I would use a LOT on her each time :).She would also always let me gag her :)

One of the times that stand out in my mind,I was in my first year of jr high Amy(not her real name)was7,8 or 9,not sure,I think 8.It was sumer and early in the morning,my parents were gone,work I guess.I asked amy if I could tie her up,she said yes!My heart started pounding.I had her put her arms to her side and began wraping her in masking tape,I used the whole roll.I started at her shoulders and went all the way to her feet.As I did this she watched me the whole time,and when I gaged her she looked me right in the eyes the whole time I was gagging her.One of the reasons I liked masking tape was I could tie her up quickly,however untieing her took much longer,which was not a bad thing :) except if I needed to untie her in a hurry.

There amy stood tied and gagged,what to do next?She never struggled to much,I think she liked to be tied up,or at the very least she didnt mind,after all she let me tie her up a lot :)I remember we were in the kitchen,I asked her if she wanted to watch tv,she shook her head yes.I picked her up and carried her into the living room and sat her on the couch.I told her I was going to get some ceral,and left her tied and gagged in front of the tv.I went back to the kitchen got my ceral,now I could see amy from the kitchen,I never left her out of my site than for more than 5 mins,max.

I had a few bites of my ceral,then I had this idea.The niight before I had saw some movie,where the woman was tied and gagged and the guy was talking to her,while he was doing 'normal' stuff,this is what also made me want to tie up my sister:) I went back into the living room,picked her up and carried her back into the kitchen and sat her in a chair that was right across from me.I went and sat down and began eating again.There was amy bound and gagged sitting across from me,while I ate,all she could do was watch me.Then me trying to be funny I held my spoon up yo her taped mouth and asked her if she wanted some of my ceral,she 'mffed and gave me semi dirty look.Right about then I felt kinda funny,her being all tied up while I was eating.I could have untied her,but well you know :)So I picked her up and took her back to the living room,put her back on the couch,then I went back to finish my ceral.After I was done I went and untied her,well untaped her :) Which took at least a good ten minutes.I left her gag for last,:) which I did almost all the time,ahem only er fair,since when I would tie her up the gag would be last most of the time :)After she was free,she finished watching tv,and I started doing chores,after I gathered up all the masking type and throwing it away.
I tied my sister many more times,until my Mom found out...


Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 02:20:38 PM
Reliving History

This is a great page, and some of the stories have brought back many memories.

To start off, when I was twelve and my younger brother was ten, our parents were killed in a car accident. So Jeff and I went to live with our older half-brother. He was our father's son by a previous marriage, and he was a little older than we were at the time. He was in his twenties, and had finished college and was married. So Jeff and I went to live with Rob and his wife. They were good to us, and became like our parents.

When Rob was in college, he belonged to a fraternity. Sometimes some of his college friends would come around to visit, have a beer, and "shoot the bull" Jeff and I loved listening, especially when the stories were raunchy, which they often were. I was just sorry we couldn't go with Rob when he went out with his friends, but of course, we were too young.

Anyway, one evening Rob and two of his friends were talking, and one of them asked, "Do you remember our initiation?" 

"I sure do," said Rob. "I didn't think they would ever untie us."

"I didn't either," laughed the third man. It seemed to go on forever."

At this my ears picked up. I was especially interested in watching TV programs and movies where people were tied up. I fanaticized about how it would be to be all bound up, but never thought it would ever actually happen. So I butted into the conversation and asked, "Did they really tie you guys up?"

"They sure did," said Rob's friend. "Eight of us I think - it was the finale of our initiation. They said it would 'bind us' to the fraternity."

They all laughed, and I let it drop. But a few weeks later some of Rob's friends were sitting in the living room talking during a football game. I was talking more privately with one of the men, and I asked, "Did your and Rob's fraternity really tie you guys up for initiation?"

"You bet they did," he laughed. "And kept us tied up too."

"Oh, for how long?"

"All weekend. They tied us up Friday afternoon, and didn't let us go until time for classes Monday morning."

"Did you like it?" I asked naively.

"Well, I wouldn't say that," he confessed. "But it was something we'll never forget. That's a long time to stay bound and gagged."

"They gagged you too!" I blurted out.

"Oh yes, we were tied and gagged and kept that way."

Then someone asked a question, and the conversation shifted, so I dropped it.

A few times I tried to question Rob about his initiation, but he usually brushed me off with short answers, moving on to something else.

Again, it was a while before I managed to bring up the initiation with any of Rob's friends. But one Sunday afternoon, again during some sports event that they were watching, I asked one of the men, "When the fraternity tied you guys up for initiation, what happened when you needed to go to the bathroom, or eat?"

"Well," he said, "We were naked, so going to the bathroom was no problem, and two or three times a day they would just untie your legs and let us go to the bathroom. Every evening they removed our gags, and let us squirm around to dog dishes where there was food and water. Then they replaced the gags."

"You let them replace the gags?" I asked.

"Didn't have much choice," he laughed. "They had painful ways to make us open our mouths, and then in went the spongy balls, and on went the duct tape. Not much we could say after that. Hey, Rob," the man shouted suddenly, "Your kid brother here is all interested in what it's like to be tied up. You should tie him up some time so he'll know."

As my heart started beating rapidly, I wondered what would happen, but Rob just laughed and said, "Not likely." And that was that. Oh, I asked questions whenever there was an opportunity, but they didn't say much more. All of this went on over a period of more than a year.

I was fourteen when it happened. I came home from school one Friday afternoon. It was the start of a three-day weekend as Monday was a holiday. I dropped my backpack, and headed for my bedroom. Jeff had gone to do something with a friend, so I was alone. As I walked down the hall, suddenly someone grabbed me, and slapped something - turned out to be tape -- over my eyes. There was a hand on my mouth, and a whisper said, "Be quiet."
The hands pulled me back into the main room, patting down the tape over my eyes so I couldn't see who it was. I was terrified to say the least. There was more than one person - I was sure of that. They held me, and said they were going to undress me, and I shouldn't resist. Overpowered, I let them take off my jacket, my shirt, my undershirt, and then unfasten my belt, drop my pants, remove my shoes, and sox, then my pants came off and finally my jockey shorts. I was naked.

Someone pulled my hands behind my back, and I felt rope on my wrists. Someone else tied my legs in three places. Rope surrounded my upper body holding my arms in place, and then they laid me down on the floor and pulled my legs up in back and tied them to my arms making a hog-tie. Someone whispered that I should open my mouth, but I refused, so suddenly someone pinched my right tit and I yelled, and in went a soft ball of some sort. They said I should close my mouth, and I did. I heart tape being torn, and my mouth was sealed with multiple wraps of tape. And there I was - bound, hog-tied, gagged, and blindfolded. I couldn't believe it. Terrifying, yet my fantasy come true. But who?

I lay there on the floor for a while, squirming around not hearing anything. Finally, I heard laughter, and then, "Should we let him see us?"


Hands began pulling at the tape over my eyes, and when it was gone, and when I could focus and adjust to the light, there was Rob and one of his friends. 

"How you doin?" Rob asked.

I made sounds into the gag. 

"Well, we decided to let you relive our fraternity initiation. How about that?"

I moved around as much as the rope and tape would allow. Rob and his friend watched me, and then the friend said, "Have a great weekend kid. You've been asking for it for a long time."

Well, I couldn't believe that they would keep me tied up all weekend. So I would just wait until they decided I'd had enough and they would let me go. Later Jeff came home and found me in the living room still bound and gagged. He thought it was wonderful. "Can we keep him that way?" He laughed. "I like it when he's tied up."

"Well," said Rob, "We'll keep him tied up until Monday morning. But we can't just leave him that way forever."

I protested in the gag. Not the whole weekend. This was more than I had wanted. Rob's wife came home and started making dinner, and everyone went about their activities as if there was nothing abnormal about having someone tied up in the living room. And I began to realize just was it was like to find myself restrained, unable to move much, unable to communicate. And nobody showed any inclination to untie me no matter how much I protested. They watched television, walked around me, and generally ignored me.

Dinner was late, and they ate without me. Then Rob came into the living room and released the hog-tie, and helped me stand. He told me if I needed the bathroom, to hop in and go, which I did. Then he guided me into the kitchen, and laid me on the floor, re-hog-tied me, and removed the gag. There was food in a dish, and I was to squirm around and eat if I was hungry. I had fifteen minutes. 

I protested, saying I wanted to be untied. I begged, and Rob said I had better hurry and eat as the time was going fast. So I managed to get my mouth over by the food, and I positioned myself, and I ate what I could. Rob then took a damp cloth and washed off my mouth, and then told me to open my mouth again. I refused. Again, the punch on my tit, I screamed, and shortly I was gagged all over again. And I spent that evening, until bedtime, hog-tied and gagged in the living room.

At bedtime, Rob released the hog-tie, let me go to the bathroom, and then took me to my room and put me in my bed where he tied me in place. He removed the gag after making me promise not to make any noise. He said that while at the fraternity they had remained gagged the entire time, there was always someone with them, and that he thought it a bad idea to leave me both tied and gagged while alone. So he took off the tape, and then he left me, and I was tied that way all night.

The next morning I went to the bathroom, then to the kitchen (still hopping as I was still tied) and had breakfast on the floor. Then Rob guided me to the living room where I was again hog-tied and gagged - and I stayed that way all day with only one bathroom break. That evening they again ate dinner, and then let me eat. I spent Saturday night again tied, but not gagged. Sunday they repeated the program with only one change. That afternoon about four of Rob's friends arrived. They were delighted to find me all tied and gagged. And they all agreed that I had indeed asked for it. Of course, nobody paid any attention to my protests - they just laughed at me.

Sunday night, for some reason, Rob left me hog-tied as usual, but also gagged. I don't know why - he didn't explain. Monday morning he freed me completely.

At breakfast my "experience" was the main topic of conversation. What had I thought about it? Did I enjoy it? I did I said. Was I ever in pain? No. Did I feel stiff or sore after being tied up for so long? I sure did. Did I want to do it again ever? I didn't know. Maybe. Jeff said he never wanted to be tied up. I was less certain.

Well, to finish the story, a few years later I went to the same university that Rob had attended, and I pledged his fraternity. Sure enough, as part of the initiation, seven of us spent a weekend bound and gagged in the recreation room in the fraternity basement. And to my surprise, there to tie me up was Rob. He said he wouldn't miss it for the world. I survived. And two years later, I was there when Jeff pledged. And I got my opportunity to tie him up. 

It was a great experience so many years ago. I wonder if that fraternity still does the same initiation?



Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 02:21:47 PM
Nice story Tw. I'd like to hear about other times if they were any different - like did you use rope instead? Were there any close calls? What was it like when you got caught? Did you ever use blindfolds, or even try to make an "adventure" out of the situation?

Either way, thanks for your story.

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 04:51:57 PM

I think you must be talking about Janet. Don't know how it got changed to Karen.

I think your evaluation of "charming" is the world's record understatement. Sure wish I was whoever that "second person" is.

Wish you weren't so far over our heads. What the heck is "outre`"? I guess I can look up most of the other words in a dictionary. But even the dictionary can't handle 
"stereotypical ultra-feminine toe-headed giddiness."


Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 07:19:38 PM
my story part, er, 4???
Ok, so I'm like scared shitless, that I'll get caught by Colin and Mark!! They flung open the door and started searching around for me!! The two good things about Lisa's garage are, that it's HUGE!!! and the light bulb is currently not working (Her Dad kept saying he'd replace it, but I think he just wasn't bothered!) I had more of a chance of escaping, than I wud if the light was working, cos they'd see me for sure!!

So I was trying my best to stay really really quiet, and they wouldn't hear me. I could hear their voices getting nearer, so I decided to try and get out of there!!! I stumbled around different bits n bobs on the floor, but not loud enough fot them to hear me. It was literally pitch black, except for the light at the top of the garage, where they left the door open, so light could get in.

I quietly, crept nearer to the light, feeling great, cos their voices were getting softer, they were right down near the back of the garage!! Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy appeared at the door, giving me such a fright I screamed!
(That sounds so stupid I know, but I was so nervous that I would make a loud noise, that I noticed the slighest thing!)

Colin and Mark suddenly stopped searching around all the boxes, and there was silence for a second or two.

"What was that?" 

They were both listening out for any sudden sound.

"Hey guys, what's going on? I just came in the front door cos no one answered and, who are you???!"

The guy in the door was pointing at me. He was about Colin and Mark's age, tall, and had short brown hair. I recognised him. It was Jason, Colin and Mark's like best friend!! I knew I was done, cos by the time I could get past Jason, Colin and Mark would get to me!!

"Hey there she is!! Stop!! Don't let her get away this time! Jason! Grab her!!" 

Mark was really desperate to get me!! Dunno why, I never did anything to them!! Jason was a bit confused, but when he saw me trying to squeeze past him like mad, he grabbed my shoulder, and held me back!! I punched him in the shoulder to get free, but as I released myself, history had repeated itself. Mark jumped me from behind, and grabbed my legs. Colin jumped asewell, landing on Mark, who was lying on top of me. Painful!!! Jason was totally confused!!

"Don't mind us Jason, just go in to the sitting room, and we'll be there in a minute".

Mark was holding me down at the same time, so it was a vit difficult to hear what he had said. Jason just left the room shaking his head in confusion.

"Hey, get off me nowwwwmmmmmppppphhhhh!!!!!" 

That was all I got out. Colin shoved his hand over my mouth, while Mark pulled my ankles together. They already had their supplies with them, it was just a case of finding me, which they did!!!

"Ha ha, you know, you're never gonna escape us! I kinda get the feeling you like getting tied up, cos you keep trying to escape, and you know we're gonna find you and tie you up again, so why do you do it?????!!"

I so knew that was a retorical question, cos how could I speak if I was handgagged?!! Eventually, after much tying, my legs were securely bound together, and this time, Mark tied my knees together aswell!! I wasn't getting out this time!! I was still handgagged, mmmpppphhhhing away, trying to get away, when Colin released his hand. I heard the ripping of duct tape, and I shut my eyes in hope, that it wasn't what I thought it was for!! Obviously I was wrong. I squirmed a bit, to dodge the duct tape, but it was very tightly secured on my face, before I could even open my mouth! Colin wrapped it around my head about four or five times, and it was really tight!!!

Then, he went to work on my wrists. He pulled the, backwards and crossed them. Then he wrapped the rope around them alot of times!! I was completely trapped! I couldn't get out at all, and they knew it!! They stod up, but thakfully, no tickle torture this time!! Cos Jason was in the other room, and they had a bit of elaborating to do, cos he was totally confused!!

"Ha, Don't go anywhere!!" 

They thought they were hilarious with that comment, but I just rolled my eyes! They walked out of the room, and shut the door behind them! I was in total darkness, except for the litle crack of light under the door. I immediately tried to release myself, but being in the dark, it was hopeless. I knew I wouldn't be able to get out, and if I did, I would just end up getting tie up again! So I just lay there on the ground, thinking how long will it take before the come back!! Aswell, I was thinking where was Lisa?? 

Colin and Mark went looking for her upstairs, but I'd say they got her again!! I just had to wait until they came back! If it wasn't for stupid Jason, I'd be free!!!!


Colin Farrell fanatic!! ; )

Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 10:47:06 PM
Weird tie up (pt. 2)
When I left off, I was tied up in the closet, which my friend locked.

It must have been at least half and hour until my friend returned. He opened the closet and found me still handcuffed to the bar. I had made no progress at all. I had struggled a lot, but he tied me up very well.

After he untied me, I told him that I should get to tie him up. He was surprised, but quickly agreed. I had learned of a tie up called the hog tie, so I decided to use it. I tied his hands behind his back, both horizontally and vertically. Then I did the same with his feet. I took a short rope and tied his feet and hands together so that they were touching. Then I stuffed a handkerchief in his mouth and sealed it with duct tape.
To be continued...


Friday, June 27th 2003 - 04:47:11 PM
Wierd tie up (pt. 3)
After I gagged him, I took a scarf and tied it around his head, blindfolding him. All this time he did not struggle at all, so I was surprised. Then I put him in the closet and locked him in it. I hopped and his bed and began to read some magazines he had in the room.

After about 5 minutes, I began to hear movement in the closet. 5 minutes later, he opened the closet door. I was shocked! He smiled at me and said, "You need to get better at tying up people.

I wasn't that surprised. I had always wanted to be tied up or tie someone up, but I never had played one.

Then he said, "You know, we have all weekend together (his parents were out of town). And we're gonna play tie up games the whole time."
To be continued...


Friday, June 27th 2003 - 01:21:37 PM
To Tucker
Tucker! Your story is really great so far. I, and many with me (I presume), would really want you to proceed.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!


Friday, June 27th 2003 - 03:43:09 PM
do all these stories HAVE!!!! to be true??? cos I have loads of made up stories that involve tying up n shite! 
~*some_ dude~*
ya think I'd give u dat???!!

Friday, June 27th 2003 - 04:56:27 PM
I don't think that this site is for advertising at all. Especially if the advertisment is lying. The icehouse posts are not helpful on this site.

Friday, June 27th 2003 - 07:46:01 PM
Good post! I really liked it. Nice to have you back on board.

TW & Colin Farrell Fanatic, good ones too!


Friday, June 27th 2003 - 10:47:36 PM
UK yes

Johns, can you just finish up the story, I mean reading little bits at a time sucks, just finish typing the whole thing, who cares if it takes a week it justs stupid to post a thousand parts to one story.(For those of you with no sense of humor, I do not expect a thousand parts, figure of speech.)

Saturday, June 28th 2003 - 02:19:48 AM
To ~*some_ dude~*
Canuck's site is intended for true stories only. If your fictional stories aren't too sexually explicit, you're welcome to post them to While I'm here, I may as well say that Frank's story about being tied for a long weekend just might make it to the "Other Stories" area of my site soon... ;-) I think Frank could have described his feelings in just a bit more detail, but other than that it's a good story.

Richard's #1 fan who is pining for the return of the wonderful Richard.

Jason Masters

Saturday, June 28th 2003 - 02:30:40 AM
Blast! It did it again!
Let me retry that:
Canuck's site is intended for true stories only. If your fictional stories aren't too sexually explicit, you're welcome to post them toJason's childhood tie-up games site's Dreambook
I allow fictional (not true) stories and stories with a touch more erotic content than usually considered suitable for Canuck's site. I do ask that you label the story as fictional. I've made it easy for you to label stories by providing a category field.

While I'm here, I may as well say that Frank's story about being tied for a long weekend just might make it to the "Other Stories" area of my site soon... ;-) I think Frank could have described his feelings in just a bit more detail, but other than that it's a good story.

That's the trouble when embedding html in a post; one tiny error and the whole thing goes kablooey. :-P

Richard's rather-disgusted-at-himself #1 fan :-(

Jason Masters

Saturday, June 28th 2003 - 05:38:58 PM





Saturday, June 28th 2003 - 06:45:18 PM
My brothers
One Saturday 3 months ago, I was at home with my brother's John and Jeff. (they are both 21, and they are twins) I'm 14, and I was just upstairs listening to music, when Jeff called me from downstairs. I went to the top of the stairs, and asked him what he wanted.

"Er, your friend is on the phone!"

I was wearing my zip up jacket and baggies with the long stringy things coming out of them. I proceeded downstairs, and went in to the kitchen. the phone was sitting on the table, and I picked it up.

"Hello? Hello? Wait, there's no one here! Very funny John and Jeff!!"

I went in to the living-room, to ask them for an explanation for why they told me to come down.

"Hey, why did u guysmmmmpppphhhhhhh!!!!"

Jeff silenced me with his large hand from behind. I was totally caught off gaurd, and I didn't know what was going on!!

"We just wanted to have a bit of fun with you!"

John appeared in front of me, carrying lots of long pieces of cotton rope, and he was grinning evilly. I was led over to the couch by Jeff, and he ordered me to sit down. Obviously I decided to make a break for it. Just as I was about to sit down, and Jeff was losening his grip on me, I suddenly shoved away from him, and tried to run away. That got no where, cos I ran right in to John, who sort of tackled me to the ground. I landed with a thud, and before I knew it, Jeff was on top of me, holding me down.

"Go get the duct tape, quick!! I can't manage her on my own!"

John ran to get the duct tape, while Jeff quickly silenced me with his hand once more, before I could speak!

"It's alot more peaceful around here, when you're not talking!!"

I was held down by my 21 yr old brother, and I was handgagged asewll!! A few minutes later, John was back with a roll of duct tape in his hand. He came over to me, and ripped off a strip of it and placed it over my mouth.

"No wait, that's not enough, cos I saw this movie, where a girl was gagged with duct tape, and she was able to get it off, there was only one strip of it! We don't want her getting out of it!"

Just great!! I never wanted to be tied up1 I had never been before, and had no idea my brother's were into all this stuff! John ripped off more duct tape, and put about 3 more long strips around my mouth! Jeff was tying me up in the meantime with the cotton rope. He grabbed my wrists back, crossed them, and tied them together very tightly. Then he went to work on my ankles, with the aid of John. They both crossed them, and tied them tightly aswell. I was so f***ed!! I couldn't get out of the knots at all!!

John and Jeff both stood up to admire their work, and smiled evilly! I just looked up and glared at them. Jeff left the room for a second, and then came back clutching something in his hand, but I couldn't see, until he came in to a closer view. It was a feather!!! He hald it up, and examined it. He knew I was very tickilish, and then John laughed.

"Hhhhhhhmmmm, what will we do with this, Jeff??? ha ha!!"

"Lets just wait and find out, shall we?"

Jeff said, looking at me. I was squirming like mad at this stage. I didn't want to be tickled!! Jeff and John both walked down to my feet, and removed my skate shoes and socks. I felt the open air circulating around my feet, and I could feel the butterflies buzzing all over me, I really didn't want to be tickled!! 

Suddenly, I felt the light, tingling, soft feather rake up and down my feet. I squealed and squirmed around all over, and this went on for a good 10 mins. Jeff and John just laughed at my predicement!! I couldn't believe I was being tortured like this!!

Finally, when they finished tickling me, they left the room, me still bound and gagged and in my bare feet. They dissapeared for about 45 mins. I couldn't get loose whatsoever!! They eventually came back and untied me, but there were no hard feelings. I was kool about it in the end, and I assured them, I wasn't going to tell mom and dad, but I was really plotting revenge behind their back. I told mu friend Susie about it all, and she really wanted to get revenge with me.........


Saturday, June 28th 2003 - 10:21:32 PM
Going Away For a While... my vacation is just up.

I hope the stories I like may come to conclutions while I'm away, preferably without too many hickups such as double-postings. (I can't understand how these things can happen???)

I wish all and others a good summer!

Take care, be safe and enjoy!


Saturday, June 28th 2003 - 10:48:37 PM
Weird tie up (finale)
Then he tackled me. I was so surprised, I didn't struggle. This time, he put me on the bed and took my right arm. He tied it to the corner of the bed, continuing with my other arm and feet. I was lying spread eagle on the bed. I tested my bonds and saw that I could not move my arms mor than an inch. After that, he took a pair of handkerchiefs and stuffed them in my mouth, then sealed it with duct tape. He then took a beanie and pulled it over my face. I was still able to breathe, though it was a little difficult, through it.

He then shut the door and left. I began to struggle, but got nowhere. I then heard the door open and close. I was able to rub the beanie off of my face. Then I saw it. My friend was there in the room with a video camera. He was filming my struggles the whole time! It was then I decided to stop my struggles. My friend asked, "Finished? Okay, then I'll torture you!" Without stopping the camera, he climbed onto the bed and began to tickle me. With me tied spread eagled, my sides, stomach, and feet were very vulnerable. After about 2 minutes of tickling, tears began to form in my eyes, despite my best efforts to hold them back. My friend kept the tickle torture going relentlessly for about 10 minutes. After he was done, I was too tired and out of breath to struggle with the ropes anymore. He left the camera running and left the room. It was half an hour later when he returned. He stopped the video and untied me. But before I could stop him, he grabbed the tape out of the camera and ran out of the room.

I chased him all around the house and finally caught up to him. He had already hidden the tape somewhere. Then I grabbed him by his shirt collar and he stopped. Though I was slower than him, I was still stronger than him.

I tied each of his hands with a seperate rope. I took each of these and pulled him into the closet, where I tied each to a seperate side of the closet. Then I duct taped his feet together. I wrapped duct tape around his mouth several times, and pulled the beanie over his head. I then applied a tickle torture. It was about 5 minutes until he finally told me where the video tape was. I found it, put it in the camera and began filming him. He had nothing to rub the beanie off with, so he was completely blindfolded. After another half hour, I took the video tape and put it in my overnight bag. Then I untied him. He seemed to have completely forgotten about the tape. We decided to declare a truce and did not play anymore tie up games that weekend. However, I did have the video tape!


Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 12:49:54 PM
Tucker, plz continue, your story is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 04:57:39 PM
Did you tickle the guys feet while tied in the closet, excellent story

Sunday, June 29th 2003 - 11:20:34 PM
hi thisi s my first time posting. I'm kinda into light bondage i guess and into tickling. i don't ahve any bondage stories but i do have a few(very)ticling stories. I enjoy reading your however and it's cnei to be here.

Monday, June 30th 2003 - 02:58:04 AM
Pretty good story Skate_Chick

Monday, June 30th 2003 - 04:36:04 PM
Attempted Revenge
Ok, so in my last post, I was telling my friend Jenny, that Jeff and John tied me up, and she was really surprised! I really wanted revenge, and for some reason, so did she! But we both knew, that we were no match for the two of them! They were too strong for us. That was like two 14yr olds against two 21year olds!! So, Jenny and me thought of a better plan! We decided revenge on one of them would be enough! So we decided to try and get revenge on John, and try our best to tie him up!! We picked John because, Jeff was at work anyway, and John didn’t really work out as much as Jeff, so we knew he wasn’t as strong!

Jenny and me were over in her house working out the whole plan, and a backup one as well just in case!! We went over to my house at about lunchtime (lucky my parents were at work) and John was down in the basement, practicing on his base guitar. (The basement is soundproof, so Mom makes him practice down there!!) Anyway, just as we walked in to the house, John was coming up the stairs of the basement.

“Hey John!” 

Jenny was pretending to act normal. John just responded with a simple nod. He was heading in to the kitchen, and I wanted to make sure Jeff was at work, that our plan would work out smoothly! 

“Hey, is Jeff at work, yeah? What are you doing today?”

“Yeah, left bout an hour or so, ago. I’m going down to practice my guitar, so don’t you two me bothering me. ok?”

I just said all right, and Jenny and me went in to the living room to work out how we were going to come about the whole thing.

“Hey Laura, are you sure this plan’s gonna work out? I mean, it’s a bit risky, don’t you think? He looks as if he could easily fight us off!”

“Of course it will work! If we sneak up behind him quietly, and then jump on him and send him to the floor, he won’t know what’s going on, so then we can tie him up!”

I was determined to get revenge on at least one of my brothers for tying me up and tickling me the previous day! We were about to go up to my room and gather the supplies, when John called us.

“Hey, Jenny hasn’t seen my new drum kit, has she? Do you wanna come up and see it? It’s pretty cool!!”

John had got a new drum kit about a week and a half before for his birthday, and he was determined to show it to EVERYONE!!! Jenny was really into playing the drums, and she begged me could she go up and see it.

“Er, ok, but be quick, cos we have to get ready for the thing!!”

She nodded and promised she’d be quick. They both went upstairs, and I decided to get a quick drink. (all that planning made me thirsty!!) I went into the kitchen, and filled my glass up with water, and sat down for a minute, and my eyes caught sight of an interesting magazine article about some punk festival being held in Chicago! I didn’t even notice that 10 minutes had gone by, and I rolled my eyes, cos I knew Jenny would probably have her eyes glued to the drum kit!! I made my way up the stairs, and was a bit confused, cos I didn’t hear any noise of the drum kit whatsoever! There was just silence! I opened John’s bedroom door (even though he always had a “Do Not Enter” sign on it!) His room was the biggest room, and he was so lucky, cos he had a double bed! His room was really big though, cos his drum kit could easily fit in the corner!!

I went in anyway, but to my horror, I saw my best friend bound and gagged on the ground, and being tickled by John!! She had her wrists tied behind her, and her ankles tied as well!! She was gagged with a bandana. I slowly walked backwards, but only to land in the arms of Jeff!!!! Before I could say anything, I was quickly hand gagged!! I couldn’t believe it!! They completely set us up!! Just when I thought our plan would work!!!

“So, you thought you could plot revenge on us then??? Never try that again, sister!!!!”

Jenny!! She must have told John all about the plan when he tickled her or something!! 

“Hey, do you want me to tie her, Jeff?”

“No, it’s ok, I want this one, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t get loose!!!”

Jeff brought me over beside Jenny; still hand gagged, and made me lie down on the floor. I protested, and squirmed, but there was no way I was getting away!! He took a roll of duct tape, and tore off about 4 long pieces, and placed them over my mouth. Then he brought my wrists behind me, and tied them with cotton rope, very tight, so there was no way I would escape!! 

John continued to tickle Jenny, and I couldn’t help but laugh at her predicament behind my gag. (even though I was in the same situation!!)

“I don’t know what you are laughing about sister, you’re gonna get yours soon enough, for trying to plot revenge!!”

Gulp!! I thought! Jeff had an evil grin on his face, and I knew that meant trouble!! He finished tying my wrists, and then went to work on my ankles, which were again, very tight!! When he was finished, he stood up, and whispered something to John, looking at me! John went over to Jenny, untied her ankles, and then led her out of the room. Where was she going??!! Then about 5 minutes later, John came back in to the room, without Jenny!

“I just put her in your room, Jeff. Just thought I could give you a hand with what you have in store for our darling sister here!! Ha ha!!”

I immediately started to squirm and try to get free, but it was no use. I wasn’t going anywhere. Not until they untied me anyway!!

“What’s the matter sister? Don’t want to know what we have in store for you? We know how much you enjoyed being tickled yesterday, so what’s the problem?!”

I swear Jeff could be so evil sometimes! John bent down to me.

“Yes, unfortunately, your friend squealed on you, when I tickled her! I knew there was something going on, so I had to find out!! I lied and told you Jeff was at work!! It was for your own good though!”

I attempted to kick John, but he just laughed at my poor effort! I couldn’t have made it any worse for myself; I was about to be tickled to death!! Jeff pulled out a very large feather, and I squealed, and tried to get loose, yet again!

I knew they wouldn’t show any mercy for me, older brothers don’t do that!! They just laughed, and removed my socks! (I wasn’t wearing any shoes) I was squirming like mad, it was terrible, not one, but TWO older brothers tickling me!! Jeff began to slowly move the feather up and down my left foot! I was nearly dying!! Then John must have pulled a feather out of his pocket too, because then, I felt that slow tingling feeling of the feather on my right foot!! They kept this up for ages!! 

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me!! I was in hell! I couldn’t stop laughing through my gag, I was crying with the laughter! It wasn’t fair; Jenny wasn’t getting half of what I was getting at the moment!! She wanted revenge too!!! About 10 minutes went by of this, and then they both finally let me go! For some reason, as the last time, we laughed it off. They let Jenny go, and she really laughed it off! I thought she’d be really pissed off, but she took it as a joke. And she confessed to me, that she loved being tied up by my brothers! I wouldn’t have gone that far! I never would have asked for it, but I didn’t hold a grudge about it! It was only a game! I still would try to escape if it happened again, though!!

Jenny wanted to make this into a continuous game!! She thought, if we were really careful next time, and learned a thing or two about knots, then we could take on one of my brothers, and then lure the other one to us, so we could get him too!! I knew we didn’t have any chance, but Jenny was determined to get back at them! (as a game!) 

“Ok, but let me remind you, we got tickled cos of what we TRIED! to do today, so just think what will happen if we actually manage to tie one of them up! Then they’ll really kill us!”

“Oh don’t worry, we won’t get caught by them this time! We can play their little game asewell! Thy caught us off guard that time, but if we work out a plan, then we will be ok!”

I still wasn’t convinced. I didn’t like this, and I knew we would be caught. Jenny obviously didn’t know my brother’s capabilities! We decided to go for it again, but we wanted to be more alert this time, and not to fall into any of their traps!!

The next time we tried to get John and Jeff was an interesting turn out……………………..


attempted revenge!!

Monday, June 30th 2003 - 10:37:47 PM
Pool (the game)
I've posted here a couple of time before, but under a different name, and today I'm going to call myself Brad. I'm about 6 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes. I'm about 150 pounds, or around that. On to the story.

3 days ago, one of my friends came to my house, I'll call him Tim. He's about 6'2" and black hair, brown eyes. He weighs the same as me. We played a game of pool and I won. Naturally, I was feeling pretty cocky, and challenged him to a second game. He asked if I wanted to bet, and i said sure. I hadn't even thought about tying up the loser, but he brought it up. He said that he had resentlly bet his brother that the loser got tied up. My heart started to bet fast and stuff, just thinking about tying him up. I said sure, like it was natural, and racked the balls. He broke, and eventually he won. I was kind of disipointed, because i wanted to tie him up, but hey, I like being tied almost as much. He asked if I had anything to use, and of course I did. We were the only ones there, but we both knew another friend was coming over. I pretended to dislike that and asked him to tie me up when we were anole, because I knewhe wouldn't. I said, "O.K., you won the bet and went to get the rope. The kid coming over, I'll call him Ted, looks a lot like me, with blond hair. Tim told me to stand by a support beam and cross my hands behind my back and around the pole. He wrapped my hands criss-crossed and tied the knot. he tied my feet together and to the pole, and already I couldn't move, but he wasn't done. 

U.S.A. (Michigan)

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