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Subject: {ASSD} Story Codes FAQ for authors.
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  Frequently Asked Questions
   v 4.1  - May-June 1998

     The need for *authors* is a prescriptive set of codes.  The need for 
*readers* is a descriptive set of what authors, past & present, have done.  
This is a what the authors need.


Added: "stroke"
Changed: "humo" to "humor"

                         Story Codes - Why bother?

     The story-codes are a classification of the contents of a story.  
They're written by the poster on the Subject-line as a courtesy to the 
readers of the newsgroup and are very helpful in deciding whether or not to 
read a particular story. 

     They serve two different purposes.  They are advertisements and 
warning labels.  If people are looking for your kind of story, then the 
story code will attract them.  If they are squicked by this kind of story, 
then the story code will warn them.  And if they are squicked by a 
different kind of story, then seeing a story code will reassure them that 
there are no land mines ahead.  Remember that simple *possession* of some 
types of story is a crime in some countries.  That makes people in those 
countries reluctant to download a story and decide if it is the right sort 
of story later.

     Unlabeled stories can, (and often will),  go unread due to unclear 
content - particularly by those paying per-minute connect charges and due 
to the large traffic in a.s.s. 

     Obviously, a reader will pick those stories first that are directly 
flagged with codes for his/her particular interest. Next will probably be 
stories with codes at least related to their interest or interesting titles 
and at the very bottom, the "unspecified" stories.

     On the other hand, the story codes are not the full description of the 
story.  You don't have to invent your own codes to communicate a nuance 
which is not covered by the standard codes.  The codes are not intended to 
convey nuances.

     These story-codes should be enclosed in ( parentheses ) after the 
story name.

0:   Sex age and number.
1:   Willingness or unwillingness.
2:   Dominance, submission, bondage, pain and violence.
3:   Relationships.
4:   Activities.
5:   Various kinks.
6:   Other particulars.
7:   Special codes for MM and interr stories.
8:   Musts.  It is considered brutally rude to omit these codes 
          if they apply.
9: Subject headers, the other clues in subject lines.

     All applicable keywords could (and should) be used to describe the 
story, regardless of the level of their inclusion. It would be a politeness 
though, if the code for the essential theme in the story appears early on.

                        ******   The CODES   ******

*It is considered viciously rude to include the categories that I have 
*marked with an asterisk (*) without warning of them in the story codes.


0:   Sex, Age, (and number)

M    An adult male (over 18)
m    Boy - Teenager (not yet 18)
b    Boy - Pre-teen (age 12 or less)
F    An adult female (over 18)
f    Girl - Teenager (not yet 18)
g    Girl - Pre-teen (age 12 or less)
MF   Heterosexual adult sex
mf   Young heterosexual sex
FF   Homosexual female sex
MM*  Homosexual adult male sex
ff   Homosexual, young female sex
mm*  Homosexual, young male sex
Mg* or mF  Permutations of this are an adult having sex with a 

+    2 or more of the same sex, that is
M+F  Several men having sex with the same woman
MF+  Several women having sex with the same man
MF MF     John has sex with Mary and Ted has sex with Alice.  
MF        John has sex with Mary and Ted has sex with Alice.  
M+F+      They all mix it up.

_-solo    Masturbation by M, m, b, F, f or g.
f-solo    e.g.   Masturbation by an adolescent girl.
group     More than 3 people having sex.
orgy      Large-group sex. When group isn't good enough.

When there are more than two persons involved or there is another reason 
for this practice, Dr. Bob suggested:
~ instead of / signifying "with", i.e. M~dog for male with dog.
This distinguishes M~FF where a man has sex with two women from MF~F, eg.

Generally, male homosexual activity squicks a fair number of men.  Lesbian 
activity doesn't seem to bother very many people.  However, some 
jurisdictions forbid the depiction of sexual activity which are illegal.  
So casual FF activity should probably be labeled as well, even if it is not 
a major theme.


1:   Willingness or unwillingness.

cons       Consensual Sexual Activity (including some non-intercourse 
               sexual activity).
nc*        Non-consensual Sexual Activity (including some non-intercourse;  
                including blackmail).
rape*      Brutal non-consensual intercourse.
reluc      (Also include the code "rape");  starts out as rape, but she
               loves it.
rom        Romantic;  Consensual Sexual Activity based 
               on the characters' love for one another.

*Consensual sex is, of course, the standard.  Technically, it need not be
*labeled.  Where there is both consensual sex and nonconsensual sex in the 
*same story "cons" is inappropriate.


2:   Dominance, submission, bondage, pain and violence.

_dom      Domination by member of sex/age "_"
Mdom      Dominant male
Fdom      Dominant female
Femdom         "    "

bd*       Bondage and Discipline
caution   Something is going on that is not covered by the story codes but
               which might reasonably be expected to squick a fair number 
               of people.
cbt*      Cock & ball torture
fist*     Fisting 
mc        Mind control
rough     Consensually rough sex, not always sm.
sad*      For "just" inflicting pain. Can be used with 'nc' or 'cons'.
sm*       Sadomasochism (inflicting pain)
snuff*    Killing
span      Spanking, Mild S/M 
tort*     Torture. Severe non-consensual spilling of blood-'n-guts
va        Verbal abuse. (Abusive and "dirty" language)
violent*  Violent, not always sm 

*Generally, "snuff" applies to killing in which the description of the
*killing is supposed to add to the sexual charge;  "violent" includes
*stories which are violent, even if the sex isn't.


3:   Relationships

cheat     married people having sex outside of the marriage, cheating on
          their partner, as distinct from swinging.
inc*      Incest
interr    Interracial
rom       See (1)
wife      Wife watching  (participatory cuckoldry) 


4:   Activities

anal      Anal sex
best*     Bestiality. Sex with an animal (see also zoo)
cd        Cross-dressing (Transvestite)
copr*     Coprophilia (Fun with feces)
enem      Enemas
exhib     Exhibitionism 
fist*     Fisting 
inc*      Incest
inf       Infantilism
mc        Mind control
nec*      Necrophilia. Sex with a dead person
no sex    There is no sex in the story.
pett      Heavy petting
safe      Safe sex 
oral      Oral sex
ped*      Pedophilia. Some participants age 12 or below. 
scat*     Scatology: Involving feces.
solo      Masturbation
tg        Transgendered (Transsexual)
toys      Generally, adult toys
tv        Transvestite - man dressing as woman
voy       Voyeurism
veg       Vegetable. Sex with food. 
wife      Wife watching  (participatory cuckoldry) 
ws*       Water Sports (aka golden showers, that is: people who like
          getting pissed on (as opposed to pissed off).
zoo*      Zoophilia. Caring and consensual relationships
          between humans and animals. (See also best)


5:   Various kinks.

bi        Bisexuality of one or more characters.
breast    Abnormally large breasts
feet      Foot or shoe fetish-story
hair      Hair fetish
hirs      Hirsute - natural unshaved genitals and/or armpits
lac       Lactation. Playing with (human) milk.
preg      Pregnant. Sex with a pregnant woman or impregnation.
size      Overdeveloped body-parts
tg        Transgendered (Transsexual)
toys      Generally, adult toys
tv        Transvestite - man dressing as woman
veg       Vegetable. Sex with food. 


6:   Other particulars.

1st       First time
bibl      Bible. Has a religious theme
caution   Something is going on that is not covered by the story codes but
               which might reasonably be expected to squick a fair number 
               of people.
coll      College-theme
dream     Sexual activity during a dream, (day or sleep.)
fat       Involves fat people
furry     Athropomorphized animals
giant     Abnormally large (tall) persons
goth      Gothic (dark) setting
hist      Has a historical theme
hs        High School-theme
humor     Humor. Funny
interr    Interracial
job       Place-of-work theme
real      Supposedly true
ScFi      Science fiction setting
slow      Where the sex doesn't occur in the first part of multipart story
stroke    Story is intended to convey only sexual charge without plot 
teen      Young teenagers 


7:   Special codes for MM and interr stories.

bear      Hairy male. Usually gay. (Grizzly Adams)
twink     gay male: Young and hairless-type (Tom Cruise)

BC        (with interr) Black Couple
BF        (with interr) Black Female
BM        (with interr) Black Male
WM        (with interr) White Male
WF        (with interr) White Female
WC        (with interr) White Couple


8:   Musts.   It is considered brutally rude to omit these codes 
          if they apply.  However, one may substitute:

caution   Something is going on that is not covered by the story codes but
               which might reasonably be expected to squick a fair number 
               of people.
          If particulars would destroy the story.

bd        Bondage and Discipline
best      Bestiality. Sex with an animal (see also zoo)
copr      Coprophilia (Fun with feces)
inc       Incest
nc        Non-consensual Sexual Activity
nec       Necrophilia. Sex with a dead person
ped       Pedophilia. Participants age 12 or below. 
rape      Brutal nc.
sad       For "just" inflicting pain. Can be used with 'nc' or 'cons'.
sm        Sadomasochism (inflicting pain)
snuff     Killing
tort      Torture. 
violent   Violent, not always sm 
ws        Water Sports 
zoo       Zoophilia. 

And generally any level of sex-related violence.  Of course, some of these 
terms include others.  If you include "tort" and "snuff" then "sm" is 
redundant.  "reluc" is not a required category BECAUSE it should always be 
accompanied by "rape."  

However, and this is new, we now consider it fair to use "caution" in story 
codes to indicate that the story might squick some people but saying why 
it might squick them might spoil the story for others.

     It is also rude to use any code to describe your work if it does not 
apply within these guidelines.  That is to say, "Hey, all those people who 
read romantic stories (yeah, right, both of us) should have their horizons 
expanded by my great rape-&-torture story, so I'll label it 'rom.'" is 
vicious.  So is doing the reverse.  

     If you have a story which appears, at some point, to involve one of 
these "must" labels, then you should use the label.  i.e. a story in which 
the man strangles the woman, she collapses in death, and then--at the 
end--she gets up and says: "That was the the most realistic game yet," 
should be labeled "snuff."


9: Subject headers, the other clues in subject lines.

     This is a suggested standard for subject headers:
{Joe Schmoe}"Special Love.01"( mf mc )[1/3]


{Joe Schmoe} new "Special Love.01"( mf mc )[1/3]
For new stories.
{Joe Schmoe} rp "Special Love.01"( mf mc )[1/3]
For reposted stories.
{Joe Schmoe} rev "Special Love.01"( mf mc )[1/3]
For revised stories.  These are stories previously posted which have been 
significantly changed by the author (even if only the grammar and spelling 
have been cleaned up).  

     This puts the author first.  The author is in {curly brackets};  the 
title is in "quotation marks";  the story code is in ( parentheses ) with a 
space between the parenthesis and any story code and the story codes 
separated by spaces.  The part number is in [square brackets].  Any other 
information is outside the separators.
     Note that various newsreaders have different limits as to how much 
subject line they will print.  

If you want Celeste <> to review your work, a <*> alerts 
her.  I believe that it can be put at the end of the subject line, however 
long (within the limits of what your newsreader will let you post).  You 
should know, however, that some people have suggested that others are using 
the asterisk in kill files.