Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 09:19:47 UTC
Subject: Family Rape (MFmfff, pedo, rape, viol, snuff)

			  Mom And The Kids

	I broke into their home early this morning. Surprised them as
they woke. Now I have them all, in the basement, tied to the wall with
their hands over their heads. mommy and her four kids. Dad's dead. Saw
it in the obits.

	That's why I came. Out here to the country. Nearest home miles
away. With my guns, of course.

	Mom. thirty-two years old. Had her first kid at eighteen. A
drop-dead redhead. Slender. Large firm breasts, slim waist, well
rounded hips.

	Junior, fourteen years old, muscular young boy. Sharon, twelve
years, red hair like her mom's, small delightful looking breasts
pushing the front of her T-shirt out, gorgeous rounded ass, slim
smooth thighs. Kathy, nine, boyishly straight body, small, very thin.
Sandi, six, short, blond, pixie faced kid.

	I walk over to mom. "Please, take what you want but don't hurt
us. Let my kids go," she pleads. I release her from the wall but leave
her hands tied, take her back to the table with me, make her kneel in
front of me. I loosen my jeans, pull down the zipper, drop them and my
jockeys to the floor. As my semi-hard cock pops into view I tell her
to suck it.

	"Noooo... not here, not in front of the kids! Please!" she
begs, tears in her eyes. I slap her once. "Do it or one of them dies,"
I tell her as I point my gun to the four tied to the wall. Crying, her
bound hands come up, grasp my cock. At her touch my cock stiffens to
its full nine inches. Her mouth opens, engulfs my cock head, her soft
lips surrounding my shaft. I grab her head in the back, force it deep
into her mouth and throat. "Use your tongue, bitch!" I tell her. Her
hot wet tongue glides around my cock head deliciously, strokes my
shaft. I move my hips back and forth, pumping her mouth as she sucks
me off. I feel my cock pulsate, that wonderful tingle begin as my
orgasm builds, finally exploding spurt after spurt of hot jism into
her throat. She gags at the volume, swallows hard. I keep her mouth on
my cock as the last spasm fills her, making her lick me clean.

	I release her head as my cock softens. "You're a great
cocksucker, lady," I tell her as I untie her hands, make her stand.
"Strip naked," I command.

	"Please, not here. Do whatever you want to me but just not
here!" she cries.

	I slap her again, point my gun at junior. "Strip or he dies."
Her hands hesitantly move up, unbutton her blouse, slip it off to the
floor. She steps out of her shorts. She unhooks and removes her bra,
her 36C breasts swinging free, firm with not much sag, large brown
areoles with hard half inch nipples in the center. She slowly removes
her panties.

	Bright red soft pussy hair covers her cunt but her slit is
plainly visible. She stands before me naked, her skin smooth, almost
translucent. I turn her around to face her kids, pull her back against
me, my cock nestling in her buttock cleft. I reach around, my hand
fondling her breast, squeezing her nipple as she whimpers, embarrassed
and afraid. Junior's eyes are wide, gazing at his beautiful naked
mother, wandering from her breasts to her pussy and back. My hand
slides down her stomach to her cunt hair, fondles her pussy lips, one
finger slipping between them. I massage her lips and clit. Despite her
fear I feel her cunt get moist, wet. I turn her side ways, gun in her
back, hand in her pussy, bend to nurse at her tit, sucking her nipple
deep into my mouth. My tongue plays with her hard protruding nipple.

	I force her forward, lie her on the floor, legs spread wide
for her kids to see. I bend between her legs, lick her cunny all over,
slip my tongue between her sweet lips, taste and smell her womanly
juices. I move up, my cock against her. "N... Nooooo... Pleeaaassee!"
she begs, crying harder. I plunge my cock deep into her cunt, my legs
outside hers so her kids can watch me fuck their mother. I pump hard
and fast, driving my cock in to its full length with each thrust. When
I feel my climax start I stop, pull out, force her to roll over, drive
my cock deep into her ass. She screams at the searing, burning pain as
I fuck her ass hard and deep, finally letting my body get its
fulfillment as I again squirt my hot cum into her body. Satisfied, I
pull out of her butt, roll her over again with legs spread, let her
lie there, naked, raped, crying, her body revealed to her children.

	I tie her hands again, stand her up and take her back to the
wall. "Look," I observe, "junior's pants are bulging. Guess you turn
him on. It's not fair for me to have all the fun. Suck his cock, too,"
I tell her, pushing her to her knees in front of her son. "Nooooooo...
I won't... "

	I put my gun to junior's bulging pants. "You can get him off,
or a bullet will get him off forever."

	Momma reaches up, undoes his jeans and zipper, pulls them to
his ankles. His hard cock is almost bursting through his shorts as his
mother gently pulls them down. His prick springs free, stiff, sticking
straight out to his mother's face, a good six inches and quite thick.
His balls, larger in proportion due to his age, hang free. At the
touch of his mother's hands his cock spasms, he groans. Whimpering
again, she takes him into her mouth, her head moving his cock in and
out. Junior moans loudly, his pleasure obvious.

	"Ever had your cock sucked before?" I ask. "N... n...
ummmmm... no," he mumbles between gasps. It's too much for him. His
body stiffens, rocks convulsively as he cums in well under a minute.
His teen cum is too much for mom. She swallows hard and fast but a
great deal of his cum dribbles between her lips to fall onto her
heaving breasts. I make her lick him clean, too, then stand her up. I
reach around, lift one breast toward her son. "Doesn't your mom have
nice tits, kid?" I ask him.

	"Ye... yeah."

	"Bet you'd like to suck on them, huh?"

	"Unhhh... "

	I get a small box from the side, make Momma stand on it, push
her forward, her large breasts smothering his face. "Go ahead kid,
suck `em." He nuzzles his face deep into her cleavage, kissing her
smooth skin. I grasp her breast, guide her huge nipple to his mouth.
He sucks it in noisily, hungrily, nurses at it like there's no
tomorrow. I have to pull it free so he can suck her other tit too.
With the power of adolescence his just sucked cock grows hard again. I
push his mother's ass forward, his cock rubbing her pussy. She recoils
away. I shove the barrel of my gun into her asshole, making her cry
with pain as it tears her tender skin, forces her forward again.
"Standing on this box you're just the right height. Fuck your son!"

	"Noooooo... pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!" she begs. I pull the barrel
out and force it back into her ass. "Arrrrrrrrrrgh!" she screams in
pain. "DO IT!" I yell. Her hands grasp her son's rigid prick, guide it
to her cunt. She moves downward, his cock sinking into her pussy.
Crying, she moves her hips to and fro, her son's cock sliding in and
out of her pussy. Junior's head is back, eyes closed, tears streaming
out too, but obviously enjoying being fucked. He lasts a bit longer
this time but when his climax jolts through him it's more powerful
than before. I watch him cry with pleasure as his jism fills his own
mother's cunt, watch it leak out around his cock, dribble down her
legs. When he's spent I make his mother clean him again with her mouth
and tongue before tieing her to the wall next to him. She begs me to
let her put some clothes on, to let her son pull his clothes back up.
I just laugh, looking at her cum splattered breasts, my cum leaking
from her ass along with her blood, her son's leaking from her pussy,
his glistening cock slowly going limp with his mother's pussy juice
and his jism drying on his cock, balls, and legs.

	The three girls have watched all this, crying heavily, fearful
of what comes next. I leave them all alone for an hour or so as I roam
the house, looking for things to take.

	When I return they're all slumped against the wall, quiet. I
walk over to Momma, suck her tits and play with her pussy some more.
"Great body," I tell her. "Wonder if your girls are as nice?"

	"Pleeeeeeease... they're just little girls. Leave them alone.
I'm a woman, do what you want to me. I'll do whatever you say. But
please, leave my girls alone! Don't hurt them!"

	I walk over to Sharon, the twelve year old. She screams and
pleads with me to leave her alone as I reach up and cup my hand around
one of her pre-teen tits. So soft but firm, high on her chest. I rip
her T-shirt and bra off, revealing two of the sweetest little breasts
I've ever seen. The size of half a large orange, perfect mounds,
pliable, large and puffy areoles forming separate mounds on each
breast, hard erect nipples in the center. I go to each of the other
girls, rip their tops off too to see their flat chests and tiny
nipples. Staying at Sandi, the six year old, I pull off her shorts and
panties, then Kathy's. Two hairless cunts, little girl fat making
their pussy lips protuberant. Then Sharon again, her cunt with a few
strands of red pussy hair, her lips flatter with a prominent slit
between. I stand back to enjoy the view these three naked darlings
present. Junior's cock starts to rise, staring at his naked sisters.
Mom is screaming at me to leave them alone. I walk to her, slap her a
half dozen times, hard, until she's almost unconscious.

	I walk back to the girls, go from one to the other, touching
their little bodies all over, feeling the flatness of the youngest
compared to the breast mounds of Sharon, her slimmer pussy lips with
fine strands of hair compared to their puffier bald cunts. All three
have firm rounded buttocks, varying only in size by age. All three
have the smoothest, creamy soft thighs. My cock hard, needing release,
I strip naked. All three cry as I walk to each, wrap my arms around
their naked bodies, pull them against me, kiss them as I rub my hard
cock against them.

	Back to six year old Sandi. I release her arms from the wall,
force her to her knees, force my cock into her small little mouth. She
can barely take my cock head and a little of my shaft, but her soft
tongue presses against me trying to force my cock out of her mouth.
She's driving me wild without even knowing it! I throw her to the
floor, lie down on her, my body pinning her nakedness to the floor. I
force her legs apart, rub my cock against her tiny pussy lips as she
screams and cries, trying to push me off. I reach down, guide my cock
to her virgin girl hole, press in a little. She stops, tense, in mid
scream as my cock head touches her cherry. I forcibly penetrate her a
little more, feeling her cherry bust as her eyes widen and she gasps
for breath. Her blood lubricates her little vagina, allowing me to
enter her more, her body taking about four inches of my cock. As she
gasps in pain, unable to scream now, I slowly fuck her little twat,
being careful not to push my cock in to the hilt. Her vaginal muscles
spasm hard from the intensity of the stretching pain, grabbing my
prick like a vise. I gasp and moan in extreme delight when my cum
fills her small void, leaking out, the increased wetness making the
sensation even better. I pull out, kneel between her tiny legs, look
at my cum and her blood dribble from her fucked cunt. Her chest is
heaving, her voice sobbing, her immature body limp.

	I stand up, turn to face the others. The girls are crying
loudly having witnessed the rape of their six year old sister. They
cry more at the sight of my semi-hard blood covered cock. I drag
little Sandi over to the table, leave her on the floor with her hands
tied to the leg.

	I walk back to nine year old Kathy, writhing against the wall,
trying to stay away from me. I kneel before her, force her legs apart
and back against the wall. I inspect her swollen pussy lips, slightly
spread in this position, showing me her miniature clit hood and clit.
I tongue between her lips, loving the velvety softness and little girl
taste and smell. I press my tongue against her hard little clit, lick
it, her sweet slit, her cunny lips. She's scared to death, the odor of
her fear mingling with the scent of her cunny. I release her legs,
raise my mouth to her flat chest and tiny hard nipples, sucking each
one in turn. I release her wrists from the wall and throw her to the
floor. She's bigger, stronger than Sandi, but I bang her head to the
floor several times until she's limp. I spread her legs, mount her
little body, plunge my cock deep into her cunt, feeling her cherry
burst around me, the pain reviving her and provoking a long drawn out
scream. Her vagina can take more of my cock and I pump every inch she
can take into and out of her genitals. I fuck her screaming body
faster and harder than her little sister until my climax erupts, my
sperm rocketing into her.

	Spent by two delicious fucks, I lie on her until my cock
softens, slips from her cunt. I drag her over to Sandi, tie her to the
table. Sharon is really crying now, knowing her pussy will be next. I
leave them alone again

	for a couple of hours, so I can recover, eat a little, store
some energy for my next rape.

	When I return I walk to Junior. "You're going to fuck one of
your sisters," I tell him. "Not Sharon. Only I get to fuck virgins
here. Pick Sandi or Kathy. If you don't pick one then I will, but
instead of a fuck I'll put this gun into one of their cunts and pull
the trigger. Now, pick."

	Crying, Junior mutters "Ka... Kathy."

	I drag him by his hair over to his little nine year old
sister, force him to lie next to her with his soft cock at her head. I
grab her hair, turn her face to him. "Suck your brother's cock," I
command, pulling her hair harder. Crying, she opens her mouth, closes
it around Junior's cock. "Move it in and out, Junior. Fuck her mouth,"
I tell him. His cock stiffens at the feel of her wet orifice, his hips
moving as he fucks her. When he's hard from the stimulation I release
her head, grab her ankles, force her legs wide, my dried cum and her
dried blood a sharp contrast to her white skin. "Now fuck her cunt!"

	"Kathy, I'm sorry," he cries as he moves between her legs. As
his hard teen prick pierces her swollen sore cunt she screams in pain.
Both crying, he pumps his cock in and out of her now twice fucked
juvenile vagina, more blood oozing out of her slit. His cries turn to
moans as her cunt grips his manhood, milking it within its sweet
softness. He jerks spasmodically as he cums, his semen shooting into
his little sister's cunt. After he finishes I force her to lick his
cock clean again, drinking her own blood and his cum, before tieing
him back at the wall.

	Watching Junior fuck his sister is enough to get me hard. I
move to screaming Sharon. I grab her hair, force her to kiss me as my
hands roam her virgin body. I tweak her nipples, bend to suckle at
each while forcing my hand between her legs to her soft womanhood. I
kneel again, force her legs apart, lap at her cunny like a thirsty
dog. I turn her around, grab her ass cheeks, spread them wide, lick
her tiny asshole. I stand, press my steel hard cock to her virgin ass,
push into her. Her muscles resist but I'm too hard. With my hand I
keep my cock straight, force it deeper into her ass. She screams at
the pain as her skin tears, her blood making my penetration easier,

	Finally, all nine inches are within her tight bum. I pull part
way out, slam into her again, smashing her body to the wall. I pump
her hard as she heaves with pain. I pull out, release her wrists,
throw her to the floor, jump onto her. I force her legs apart, drive
my cock into her cunt, her cherry offering minimal resistance as it
ruptures. She screams in agony as I fuck her hard at first, then
slowly, enjoying the steady pressure of her clenching vagina and the
warmth and slickness of her virgin blood. I suck her tits cruelly as I
begin fucking her harder, harder, harder, until my cum bursts from my
cock, deep against her cervix. As the last spurt of pleasure fades I
pull out, make her lick my cock clean.

	I grab Sharon's hair, drag her over to Kathy, make her lick
Kathy's cunt clean of her blood and her brother's cum. I bend her to
little Sandi, force her to lick her littlest sister clean of her dried
blood and my dried cum. Next to Junior where I make her suck her
brother's cock, lick his balls clean. I twist her mother's nipples
until she spreads her legs, make Sharon lick her mother's snatch too.
Then back to her brother's cock, sucking him hard, sucking him until
he shoots another load of jism into her mouth.

	I drag her to the table, tie her next to her sisters. My cock
is hard again. I force Sharon's legs apart, fuck her a second time for
a little while, move to Kathy, plunge into her sweet pussy, give her
her third fuck of the day. Stop. Little Sandi will feel me again. I
move between her little legs, spread them as she screams, screams
louder when my cock pierces her tiny pussy again, spasming even
tighter than before, the swelling of her cunt from my first assault
adding to the pressure. This time I force all nine inches into her,
feeling the back of her vagina rip open, her blood gushing out. She
passes out from this pain as I fuck her torn body as hard as I can,
deepening her wound. My cum explodes into her, through the tears, deep
into her abdomen. As I pull out, blood pulses from her cunny, arteries
torn. She'll bleed to death in a few minutes.

	I take my gun over to Momma, put the barrel into her cunt,
squeeze the trigger. She's dead in moments. I blow Junior's cock and
balls off before putting a bullet into his brain. As I walk back to
Sharon and Kathy they're screaming, begging me not to kill them too. I
hold Sharon down, put the barrel to her left nipple, angle it toward
her heart, pull the trigger. Death is instantaneous, her nipple

	Kathy I knock out with the butt of the gun. I wrap her in a
blanket, carry her to the car, put her in the trunk. My basement is
ready for her. I intend to keep her for quite a while. I want to watch
her tits blossom, grow, watch the forest grow around her cunt as she
matures. Sandi was too young. Would have taken too many years to grow
up. Sharon, although pretty and sexy, had already developed. Kathy's
the best choice.

	Naturally I'll fuck her a lot. After all, opportunities like
this don't come around that often.