Date: Sun, 4 Jun 1995 21:06:35 UTC
Subject: The Wife and the Great Dane (f, dog)

			 Wife and Great Dane

	We live in a small neighborhood. We know most of our
neighbors, so when the young couple next door asked us to "dog sit"
for them for a weekend, we agreed. We already knew their dog, a huge
Great Dane named Igor.

	When Igor stood on his back feet with his feet on my
shoulders, his head was higher than mine. His owner told us that Igor
weighed nearly 180 lbs. Our only task was to let Igor out of his
kennel for a run in the back yard, feed and water him, and spend an
hour or so with him so he wouldn't feel too lonely.

	The first evening that we were to care for Igor, I suggested
that we both go over and watch TV at the neighbor's house while we
spent our time with Igor. After his run, we went into the living room
and Sandy and I sat on the couch with Igor laying on the carpet at our

	After a few minutes of watching a rather boring movie, I began
kissing Sandy's neck playfully. Things progressed from that to some
serious deep kissing. I unbuttoned her blouse, pulled her bra strap
down over her shoulder, and slipped her bra off of her breasts so I
could kiss and tongue her nipples. Sandy suggested with a giggle that
it might be fun to make love in the neighbor's bed, since they had
mentioned that they slept on a water bed.

	As our foreplay pressed toward that goal, I undressed Sandy
completely while we sat on the couch, and we continued to pet with her
nude. Sandy was sitting up on the couch, leaning back with her legs
spread as I kissed her breasts and stroked her very well lubricated
pussy. I noticed that Igor was standing, watching us alertly, head up
and sniffing the air. He was obviously aroused by the sexual woman
smell of my wife.

	Igor suddenly stuck his head between Sandy's legs and gave her
open slit a slurp of his long tongue. Sandy shrieked and pushed him
away with a laugh. He pushed against her hands to get his face back
for more.

	As he tried and Sandy resisted, I reached over and grabbed her
hands, holding them so she couldn't defend herself from the big dog's
effort. She clamped her legs closed and looked at me in astonishment.

	After a moment, she realized what I was suggesting and I
released her hands. After a further brief hesitation, she spread her
legs and leaned back.

	As Igor again shoved his mouth against her exposed vagina and
began to lick it noisily, Sandy closed her eyes and squeezed my hands.

	After a few seconds of licking her pink opening, I saw the big
dog's long tongue plunge deeply inside of my naked wife's cunt.
Sandy's eyes shot open for a moment, then with a moan, she closed them
again and slid further down so that her ass was resting at the edge of
the couch to give the massive Dane even greater access to her body. I
noticed that the dog's cock was erect and jutting out of its sheath as
dog's do when they are ready for sex. His cock was eight or nine
inches long, dark red, and very pointed. While it was not very big in
diameter, probably no more than an inch, its length and bright red
color were impressive.

	I shook Sandy gently to get her attention. When she opened her
eyes, I pulled Igor around so she could see his member. "Boy, is he
hot for your body", I laughed. Sandy's eyes widened at the sight, but
then Igor's tongue found its target again and she closed them and
smiled rather distractedly.

	After a few more minutes of watching Sandy's hips move in
response to Igor's tongue, and listening to her soft little moans, I
pulled Igor away.

	When Sandy looked at me with a questioning glance. I looked in
her eyes and said "Get down on the floor on your hands and knees." My
wife, who was very vulnerable now because she was so aroused, looked
at me in confusion, then did as I asked. Positioning herself on her
hands and knees on the soft carpet and bracing herself for what she
knew was coming, Sandy spread her legs slightly. I placed my jacket
across Sandy's shoulders to protect them from the big dog's claws, and
released Igor, who immediately and hungrily pressed his nose against
her exposed pussy for a moment. I sat back and watched the great dog
mount my beautiful naked wife. The alignment of the dog's thrusting
red penis wasn't quite right so I reached forward and guided it into
my wife's waiting vagina. Sandy gasped as the pointed red shaft
entered her.

	On the first thrust nearly half of the dog's cock slid into
her, by the third thrust, he was all the way in. Sandy's body shook
with the force of the dog's thrusting, her breasts swaying as she was
fucked by the huge dog. Igor settled into a fast rhythm, plunging his
cock all the way to the hilt with each thrust. Sandy's eyes were
closed and her head up as she was impaled time after time on the long
red member.

	Finally, with a growl and snort, the dog shot his load of
semen deep into my wife's body.

	As he pulled out and turned to lick his red cock, I realized I
had been hoping that they would end up tied together like a male and
female dog do after sex, but it hadn't happened.

	Sandy had not climaxed under the fucking she had just
received, and of course neither had I. I turned her over on the rug
and mounted her as eagerly as Igor had, feeling the dog's slippery
come in my wife's body even as I took her. After just a few moments,
we both had massive climaxes. We spent the night in the neighbor's
water bed. We didn't make love again, we just cuddled in each other's
arms, thinking about what had happened.

	When I got home from work the next evening, I kissed Sandy and
looking into her eyes, asked "Shall we both go over and take care of
Igor tonight?" After a moment Sandy gave an almost imperceptible nod.
I took her hand and led her to the house next door. After I had
released Igor from his kennel to romp in the back yard for a few
minutes, I went into the house with Sandy. We kissed long and deep, I
could feel her trembling. I stepped back and looked at her.

	After a brief hesitation, she began unbuttoning her blouse.
She slipped it off and tossed it onto a chair. Her bra followed,
followed by her shorts and panties.

	When she was naked, we kissed deeply again as I caressed her
breasts. Then she slowly walked over and she sat down on the couch,
again sliding forward so her ass was at the edge. She leaned back and
closed her eyes, waiting for what she knew was coming.

	I went to the door and called the big male dog. As Igor came
into the house, he stopped and smelled the air. He went directly to
Sandy, and walked back and forth in front of her for a minute or two,
smelling the air and becoming aroused. Then he sniffed her exposed

	After the first few licks, Sandy reached down and opened
herself for his deeper exploration. After a few moments, Sandy's hips
were moving in response to the tonguing she was receiving.

	As she began to emit a series of moans, I pulled the big dog
back, and without a word, Sandy got on her hands and knees in front of
us. Again she braced herself for what was coming, legs slightly apart,
head up, waiting. I held the dog back for a moment while a pulled a
small tube of KY jelly from my pocket and spread some on my index

	As Sandy waited for her dog lover, I slid my finger into her
anus, lubricating it with the KY. She grunted in surprise, and looked
back at me with a question in her eyes. I released Igor, and his
tongue distracted her from her question as it caressed her for a
moment. Then he mounted her.

	As the big dog's thrusting member sought its target, I again
guided it, but this time I aimed it at her tight brown anus. Sandy
cried out as the pointed red rod entered her ass.

	On the first stroke it entered about an inch, the second
stroke two inches, and the third stroke plunged to its full depth.

	After a few moments of the dog's hard fucking, Sandy again
began to meet his thrusts and moan with the sensation of being ass
fucked by the Great Dane. The dog settled into a fast rhythm as he had
done last night, the intensity and strength of his thrusts causing
Sandy's body to buck.

	As I sat there and watched my naked wife being fucked by the
great dog, her head up, eyes closed, breasts swaying, I thought it was
the most erotic sight I could ever imagine.

	Soon, as he had before, the dog came with a grunt and a growl,
but this time when he began to dismount, he could not. My hope had
happened. My wife and the dog were "tied" by the dog's cock nuts which
had expanded inside of her tight passage, trapping the cock inside
until the swelling subsided.

	As the dog swung around so they were connected ass to ass,
Sandy looked at me in confusion, then the realization of what was
happening dawned on her and she gave a gasp. she had not climaxed and
her eyes were pleading with me for release... not from the dog, but a
sexual release. I reached between her legs and massaged her hard clit
as I kissed her, plunging my tongue into her mouth.

	After a few moments she came in shuddering gasps, still tied
to the big dog by his swollen cock in her tight ass passage.

	After a few more minutes the big dog pulled loose, and I
carried Sandy into the water bed, where I entered her and brought her
to another climax as I reached mine. Again, we spent the night in each
others arms, not making love again, just thinking about what had just

	That happened several months ago, and Sandy called me this
morning and said that the neighbors had asked if we could take care of
Igor this weekend. I wonder what I should say?