Subject: Mary and The Farm  (F, dog, ram, ...)
Date: 28 Nov 1995 04:56:15 GMT

		       Mary Becomes A Farm Girl

	Mary was the new girl at school. She moved into the small
rural community of Barns, late in the summer. She and her parents
moved into the area after her father had lost his job as an executive
for General Motors. Mary was a senior at Barns' High School and was
accustomed to a large school and the fast life. She was finding Barns
totally boring and its populace even more so.

	Mary was a very beautiful girl of seventeen years, with long
blond hair and a figure that turned all the heads in Barns. She was
the most attractive women in the area and she knew it. He would
purposely wear tight blue jeans and would laugh to her self as she
walked past a group of young men, hearing them make comments about her
well developed ass. Mary was becoming quiet the tease as she strutted
her stuff around the school.

	Many of the young men asked Mary out on a date and were soon
stood up at the last minuet. One such young man was Mark a seventeen
year old, who's father ran a farm just west of town. Mark's family
farm was adjoining the property that Mary and her family had moved
onto. Mark had lived in Barns his entire life and was just common
folk. He took an interest in the community and the farm life that it
had to offer. Mark had asked Mary out for dinner one evening and was
told that she would meet him at the local restaurant at seven in the
evening. Needless to say, Mary never showed and Mark was made a
laughing stock as were most of the young men.

	Mark was the type of person who could not forgive and forget
he vowed to get even with Mary. One day at school he and several other
boys were discussing ways to get even with Mary. One of Mark's friends
made a comment about throwing Mary into the pig pen for the hogs to
piss on. Mark hearing this, smiled and told the others that he had
discovered a way of making Mary more of a farm girl. He was going to
knock the chip off of her shoulder he told all the others. The others
asked what mark had planned and he merely told them that he must keep
it quiet and would tell them after it was done.

	A week went by and one day Mark was driving home from school
when he passed Mary at the end of her lane getting her usual stack of
catalogs from the mail box. Mark stopped and told Mary that he had
taken some liquor from his father and that she was welcome to come
visit him and they would share it. Mary abruptly ran over and jumped
in the truck telling Mark, "Let's go. It's been ages since I've gotten
fucked up."

	Mark and Mary drove to his farm just down the road and pulled
into the driveway. Marks parents were packing their van for a weekend
trip. Mark introduced Mary to his parents and soon after that his
parents were off for the weekend. Mark and Mary walked into the barn
and Mark began to show Mary his animals. Mary being the lady that she
was said, "Fuck those stinky things. Get the booze." Mark walked
around to the back stall in the barn and from under a pile of hay he
grabbed a quart of whiskey.

	Mark took a drink and offered it to Mary. Mary grabbed the
bottle and as she did wiped the opening with her shirt as to not get
Mark's spittle on her. She took the bottle to her lips and drank a
large amount before she handed it back to Mark. Mark looked at Mary
and asked her, "Where did you learn to drink like that?" Mary
stammered and said, "I can drink even better and put any of you
hillbilly's under the table." With that she grabbed the bottle and
slammed down an other mouth full. Soon Mary was staggered and acting
as if she had no care in the world. She flopped herself down lying in
the hay laughing at everything.

	Mary soon passed out as Mark was talking to her. Mark knew
that this was the time that he had planned, he was going to get back
at her for standing him up. Mark picked Mary up and carried her to a
stall that had a bench in it and some ropes. Mark placed Mary on her
stomach on the bench and placed her knees on the floor in a position
of straddling the bench. He then grabbed the ropes and tied her hands
to the boards of the bench and pulled off her shoes, pants and
panties, exposing the nice ass that all had wished to see.

	Next Mark went into the woodshed and found a two by four about
three feet long. He placed this between Mary's knees and on the inside
of her thighs spreading them wide apart. Once apart Mark tied off the
board so Mary could not remove it. Mark sat back and looked at the now
tied Mary. She was in a position that exposed her hairy cunt to anyone
who wanted it. Mark lay there watching Mary and soon fell asleep, as
Mary was tied there, spread eagle, for the world to see.

	A short time later Mark was awakened by Mary yelling, "Let me
out of here, you fucken bastard, You're a fucken pervert." Mark laughed
as Mary was helpless to do anything but stay there. Mark walked up to
Mary and said, "You are a fucken bitch and I'll show you what happens
to bitches in the country." With that Mark left as Mary continued to
scream at him.

	Mark returned to the barn with his German Shepherd at his
side. Mary, seeing this, screamed even more as Mark and the dog
approached. Mark walked up behind Mary and stuck his finger in her
cunt. Her cunt was hot and slimy and as he did this, Mary began to
struggle to get free. Mark snapped at Mary, "You're a fucken bitch and
we will treat you like the bitch you really are!" With that Mark took
the finger that had been in Mary's cunt and offered it to his dog. The
dog licked and became excited as he smelled the cunt juice. Mark lead
the dog over to Mary and pushed his nose into Mary's cunt. Mary was
now trying anything to get free including bouncing the bench around.

	Mark's dog immediately began to lick Mary's cunt with long
licks. As she screamed and squealed the dog nipped at her ass as if to
say shut up. Mark ordered Mary to keep still or be bitten. The dog
continued to lick sticking his long tongue up inside her cunt. Mary of
course soon learned to keep still or be nipped in the ass.

	Mary had now come to the understanding that she was Mark's to
do with what he would. She was tied and was powerless to do anything
but submit. With each lick of the dog, Mary's cunt grew hotter and
wetter. Soon she was tolerating the licking. Mary assumed that she
would let the dog finish licking and then Mark would have his laugh
and she's been a free women. Mary was wrong, Mark and the dog had
other ideas.

	The dog had stopped licking and Mary was turning her head to
see what was going on, when she noticed that the dogs cock was hanging
down from its sheath. Mark at this time, was grabbing the dog by the
front legs and placing them around Mary and the bench as if she were a
bitch in heat. Mary began to struggle violently and Mark let go of the
dog. The dog grabbed Mary by the back of the neck with his sharp teeth
and Mary stood still. The dog then began to trust his hips shoving his
cock at anything in front of him.

	Mark reach under and grabbed the cock, aiming it into Mary's
hot cunt. With one quick jab, the dog lurched forward and buried his
cock to his balls in Mary's cunt. Mary let out a scream and the dog
clamped down harder on her neck. Mary was terrified and froze as the
dog tightened his grip around her with his powerful legs. The dog then
began to hump in and out of her cunt and such a force that he bounced
the bench and Mary ahead with each stroke. The dog began to growl and
continued to slam his cock in and out of Mary's cunt. With each stroke
Mary gasped as he reamed her hot little cunt. Suddenly the dog jabbed
hard and Mary felt a large knot enter her cunt. Mary felt as if she
were being ripped apart and the dog gave a hard shove. She felt the
dogs balls slapping against her ass checks. She knew that the dog had
violated her cunt with his entire cock. Mary felt the cock begin to
grow inside her and as she did, she began to relax and enjoy her
position. Her cunt pain had subsided to pleasure and she was now
enjoying the size of the cock within her.

	She was repulsed at the thought of the dog, but the size and
feel of the cock, made her forget what it was. Mary closed her eyes
and tried to imagine that she was being fucked by the sexist man she
had ever seen. Suddenly, the cock within her expanded and began to
spill its sperm inside her. Mary could feel every spurt and knew that
she was being bred. Mary could no longer control her animal desires
and began to let herself go. She came like she had never came before
pushing and bouncing back on the dog and his cock. Wave after wave of
pleasure ran through Mary and then subsided. Mary opened her eyes and
realized that she was being dog fucked. The dog then turned and tried
to dismount but his cock had expanded within Mary keeping locked

	Mary and the dog were now turned ass to ass and the dog
continued to pump his hot sperm into his bitch. This went on for ten
minutes or so with Mark standing near by watching everything. Mark
looked at Mary and said, "You are a bitch and this is what dogs do to
their bitch." With that Mary began to shout obscenities at Mark. Mark
snapped at Mary, "You still haven't learned I guess we'll keep trying
to educate you!" With that the dog's cock popped out of Mary making a
loud pop. Dog sperm began to run down Mary's legs from her now dog
fucked cunt. With this sight Mark left the barn leaving Mary tied into
that position.

	Soon Mark returned leading a ram sheep into the barn. Mary
seeing this protested even more, but was told to shut up. Mark lead
the ram over to Mary and the ram took a long smell of Mary's oozing
cunt. The ram licked her cunt and with one mighty jump mounted Mary as
if she were the ewe for breeding. He began to hump his rear haunches
back and forth as his cock swung about. Soon, he too found her pussy
and with one jump was in to the hilt. Mary gasped for breath as the
rams cock entered her pussy. It was longer and hotter then the dog's
and seem to feel more like a human's cock. Soon the ram began to
thrust his cock in and out violently ramming it to the hilt and then
pulling back leaving the tip stick into Mary's cunt. Mary was now a
ewe ready for breeding and there was nothing she could do about it.

	The ram continued to pump his cock in and out of Mary's cunt
with more force then the dog did. As the ram humped away his large
balls slapped Mary's groin and if they were a punching bag. Mary could
take this no longer, she found herself growing hotter with each stroke
of the ram. Suddenly her cunt contracted and she was pushing back
meeting each of the rams strokes. The ram continued to fuck Mary and
she began to cum. Suddenly everything went blank for Mary and she
passed out. Soon the ram shot his cum into Mary and dismounted,
leaving her cunt leaking dog and sheep cum.

	Mary soon awoke to see Mark leading a billy goat, a boar pig
and a mini pony into stalls nearby. Mark told her that it was their
turn next. She knew that she could do nothing but take on her animal
lovers one by one as they were led to her. She had become their mate
or sperm depository so to speak. She was sore from her fuckings, but
she had come to the realization that she was no better then any of the
farm girls. In fact Mary thought to herself she was more then a farm
girl now. She was part of the farming community in more ways then one.