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			Letters To The Editor

[Reprinted from the Fall Issue of "The Wild Animal Revue" a
publication devoted to the "Beauty and the Beast" theme from Farm
News, P.O. Box 608039, Orlando, FL 32860. Send SSAE for details on
obtaining this publication.

Editors Note: We screen the letters carefully in order to present what
appears to be a true experience. Only the writer knows for sure. We
have rejected a large number which do not have the ring of truth, at
least to our ears. The following were sent in recently and we believe
you will enjoy them.]

		      Letter from Melody and Jim

Dear Editor,

	When we received your letter asking for experiences relating
to animal exhibitions, it brought Jim and me back to one of the most
erotic experiences of our lives. To relate this, I must start at the

	Donna and Karl and Jim and I decided to celebrate Donna's 27th
birthday by spending a week in Havana together (before Castro, of
course). Now Donna, who was (at this time) much bolder and freer
regarding sex than I, had been to Cuba before, Jim and I had not. They
told us about the fantastic live sex shows and of a special show with
a beautiful blonde and a Great Dane. When they told us this, I was
somewhat disgusted but still excited by the thought. I had always
wanted to be more like Donna and after listening to her stories about
Havana, I viewed this trip as my chance to let go and experience
pleasure without the guilt. Little did I realize the sensual heights
to which I would be taken.

	Donna, as is her nature, took over. She made the plans and the
reservations for everything: Hotel, (two bedroom suite), air, (first
class), and entertainment, (as erotic as possible). Then she started
in on my wardrobe which, at this time, was on the conservative side.
With her direction, I purchased clinging satin evening dresses, very
reveling swimwear ("to be seen in not swim in") and underthings
designed for an overactive libido. I bought filmy bras with holes for
my nipples to stick out, sheer lace and silk French-cut panties, and
cheek exposing shorts and night wear that screamed, "fuck me".

	After shopping, we stopped by Donna's to try on our purchases
and have a drink. While trying on some of the things, Donna noticed me
staring between her legs. She was completely shaved. I told her how
lovely I thought her pussy looked without hair, the deep coral of her
vulva standing in bright contrast to her pale skin. She told me that
shaving was first Karl's idea and she was now happy to have agreed,
because the shaved pubes had greatly enhanced her sexual pleasure and
intensified her orgasms. She said that my husband wanted me to shave
but did not know how to broach the subject with me. I said, "I'll do
it! It will be a nice surprise for Jim and I won't let him see it
until our first night in Havana". Donna got the shaving supplies while
I disrobed. We went into the bathroom and I sat on the edge of the tub
and spread my legs for her. She began by clipping my pubic hair with a
small scissors and then lathering me up for the razor.

	This was the first time that I had ever been touched so
intimately by another woman. At the start, I could feel an orgasm
building deep within me and by the time she applied a soothing aloe
gel between my legs I was whimpering with passion. When she said "You
have a very beautiful pussy", and ran her tongue up it's length to my
clitoris, I came with a soft shudder.

	She told me that this was just the beginning and that this
trip would open doors of pleasure that I could not even imagine. I
could only wonder how anything could feel better that what I had just

	Our flight departed at 7:30 in the morning so we really needed
a good nights sleep so it was easy to keep from Jim the hairless
surprise between my legs. On the way to the airport Donna and I
laughed and discussed "Jim's surprise" and how much he was going to
enjoy it. When he asked, I told him that I couldn't tell him what it
was, that I would have to show him; he asked if I could show him on
the plane and we joked and laughed about this until we boarded our

	I had worn a very short black leather skirt that showed off my
legs all of the way up and I found myself enjoying very much the
glances that I was getting at the airport. Donna and Karl sat across
from us and the first thing that they did was cover their laps with a
blanket and snuggle and stroke each other. Between watching them and
seeing the other men looking at my thighs, which I had spread
slightly, I was turning on. After two drinks, I asked Jim if he would
like to feel, at least, his surprise. Of course he said "yes".

	I told him to get a blanket from the overhead bin and to cover
us and pretend that we were asleep. We moved the seat backs down and
lifted the arm rest. I then took Jim's hand and placed it between my
thighs and guided his fingers under my panties to my smooth mound and
pussy which was wet with desire.

	As soon as he touched me, he opened his eyes and smiled the
biggest smile possible. I reached between his legs and lightly grasped
his erection. He leaned over and whispered, "I can't wait to stick my
tongue in you and suck your pussy and your hard little cIit!"

	I put my mouth on his ear and licked inside and said, "I'm
going to shave your balls and suck you until you shoot your hot juicy
come into my mouth!" I had never ever said things like this before and
I think I shocked myself more than Jim. I could feel his hardness grow
and throb in my fingers and I said that we had better quit before we
wasted an orgasm. By the time we reached our hotel, I was both in a
state of high excitement and very tired.

	After we had unpacked, I decided to lie down for a few hours.
I knew that the night would be a long one and I wanted to be fresh. We
agreed to meet at the hotel's poolside cafe for an early dinner,
before leaving for the "Show Erotique" at Smoker's Club. I slept for
over six hours and then got up quite refreshed! I took a shower and
dressed in one of my new outfits: White nylons & garters, French-cut
silk lined lace panties, a sheer bra with cutouts for my nipples and a
white lace, scooped-neck dress with a high slit up each side.

	The bra cutouts had elastic around them and they squeezed my
nipples outward so that by rubbing against the silk lining of my
dress, they stayed hard and the tight panties against my bare slit had
my clitoris more sensitive than usual. As I walked down toward the
pool area, I almost came just from the movement against my clothes. I
suspected that Donna knew the effect this would have on me when she
chose this outfit.

	My group was sitting at a table with one of the most beautiful
women I had ever seen. Her blonde hair was cut in a short pixie style
and her jade green silk dress set off her large blue eyes. She had a
perfect mouth and large firm breasts and her large nipples were
visible through the material of her dress. Her slim legs were
perfectly tanned and perfect in every way. She was introduced to me as
Ilse, a friend of Donna and Karl.

	She told me that I looked lovely and complimented me on my
outfit. The five of us ordered dinner and discussed our plans for the
evening. I asked Ilse if she had ever seen the show at Smoker's and
she laughed and said, "Many times. I believe that you will find it
quite exciting." She then excused herself, stating that she had to get
ready. She kissed me good-by on my cheek and just the touch of her
lips and her scent made my vulva contract and moisten.

	I don't know, really, what I expected Smoker's Club to be but
certainly not what I found. Smoker's was a walled mansion about 15
miles outside of Havana on the Gulf. Guards at the gate took our
invitations (tickets) and checked our names off their list and let us
through. This was couples night and we were led into a large room that
looked as though it could seat 200 people on large curved couches
around a raised stage.

	Because there were only about 75 couples there, we had plenty
of room. Donna and Karl were seated to one side of us and an older
(40's) German couple on the other side. While drinks were being
served, the German couple introduced themselves as Albert and Martha.
She said that they were seeing the show for the fourth time and that
it was the most exciting thing that she had ever seen and that she was
getting very wet just thinking about it.

	She was wearing a low cut dress that matched the deep blue
couches and it was hiked up reveling her thighs above her stocking
tops. Her husband was stroking her thighs and running his hand up in
between her legs. Jim whispered to me that their foreplay was giving
him a hard-on and placed my hand on his cock to prove it.

	Just then, the house lights dimmed and two voices, one male
and the other female, began to address us: "Good evening lovers!"
"Welcome to what could prove to be the most sensual and erotic night
of your lives!" Then the women's voice: "Ladies, allow yourselves to
relax! Let yourselves be enfolded in pleasure, like the soft flesh
that enfolds the clitoris! Our first foray into this world of pleasure
is before you now! It is called Awakening!"

	The stage lights came up to show a young girl's bedroom; all
white and lacy with loads of stuffed animals. On the bed were two
young girls. As they began giggling over a sex magazine, I snuggled
closer to Jim and put his arm around my shoulder and his hand on my
breast. The touch of his fingers on my exposed, and already hard
nipple, caused a most wonderful feeling deep inside of me.

	The girls on stage were in tiny Baby Doll's and were talking
about how much they wanted to make love. They took out a very large
dildo and talked about how good it would feel inside of them. They
then began kissing and fondling and undressing each other. When Jim
and I saw that both of the girls were shaved, we smiled knowingly at
each other. Each of the girls had firm breasts, with cute up turned
nipples. As they began fingering each other and sucking each other's
breasts, I glanced over at Martha who had pulled down the top of her
dress and was pulling on her own nipples, while her husband was
rubbing her between her legs. On the other side of me, Karl was
sucking on Donna's nipples. I felt enveloped by sex.

	When the girls on stage got into position to lick each other,
I slipped off my panties and placed Jim's hand between my legs. He
touched me just lightly enough to cause quick plant-like contractions
of my moist vulva. Every couple in the place were caressing and
fondling each other. On stage, a boy of about eighteen joined the
girls on the bed; they undressed him, to much giggling, to show a very
large and hard penis.

	They both began sucking and licking this beautiful organ. One
of the girls licked his ass and eased her index finger up into it.

	He moaned and told her how good it felt. By this time, Donna
had Karl's erection out and was slowly stroking the head with her
fingers. I told Jim that I wanted to make love right there, but he
said,"No, lets wait!' "The best is yet to come!' The boy then placed
himself between one of the girls legs and eased into her. The other
girl sucked on her friends nipples, while the boy slowly pumped in and
out. The second girl then rubbed and squeezed his balls and licked his
ass. I was so hot that I almost passed out!

	The boy then removed himself from the girl's soft wetness; his
shaft was all slick and shiny with her juices. He then positioned her
on her knees and entered her bald slit from behind. The other girl got
underneath them and placed her mouth on her friend's cock-filled
pussy. The boy stopped his movements long enough to insert the dildo
into his lover's asshole. She cried out, "Oh yes! Fuck me, please fuck
me! I want to come!'

	At this, his movements became faster, until he withdrew his
spurting member and allowed the girl under them to taste his creamy
outpouring. His considerable output overflowed her mouth and ran down
her chin and cheeks. He continued to pump himself with his hand and
shot another full load on her shaved mound and vulva. The other girl
then licked and sucked this delicious male essence from her lips and
mouth and pussy, before sucking the last dregs from the boy's
softening penis.

	I stuck my tongue into Jim's ear and told him that I wanted
him to come in my mouth. He kissed me deeply and plunged two fingers
into my sopping wet pussy. He said, "I want to taste you!' As I looked
toward Donna and saw that Karl was on his knees between her legs,
licking her, Jim gently inserted his index finger into my anus. I had
never let him do this before. Now, I wondered why; it felt so good and
I was delirious with passion. I had already come several times, during
the show, and this was just the beginning.

	This act, before the main show, was followed by three others:
A women with four men; a very heavy woman with two midgets; and five
women with the "Superman of Cuba", a tall, thin man, with the largest
penis I had ever seen or heard about. It reached to just above his
knee. At this point, the entire audience was in the throes of passion.
The woman in front of us had straddled her husband (or date) and was
looking right into my eyes, as she moved on his penis and said "Oh God
I wish I had two in me!"

	The stage was again dark, as was the room. A women's voice
described the coming scene: "What you are about to see, is the reason
that you are all here this night! In other times, people believed that
the souls of men, after their death, in certain instances, passed into
the bodies of certain animals! Is this true? You be the judge! When
the lights came up, the woman, that you'll see before you, will have
just received notice that her lover was killed in battle! Before
leaving for the war, he told her that should he die, she should look
to their dog for a sign of their love and that his soul still lived!
My heart was pounding so hard, at this point, that I was sure it could
be heard across the room.

	Then, the stage was bathed in light. And there, sitting on a
brass bed with a huge tan Great Dane at her feet, was... Ilse! Donna
smiled at me and said, "Surprise!" Well, I surely was. Ilse was
wearing only a white bustier, that uplifted her breasts and exposed
her large pink nipples. She was reading a letter and saying to the
dog, "Oh Cesare, if only I could be sure!' She then sat on the edge of
the bed and spread her legs, giving us a view of her hairless sex; the
lips of her vulva, rosette and full, like deep pink camellias, already
wet, showing the paler interior bud. With this, the dog, who acted
more human than animal, got up and began licking between Ilse's legs.
She moaned, "Yes Cesare it is you! That's it! Suck my pussy! Make me

	When she called the dog upon the bed and placed him on his
back and began, lazily and slowly, stroking that huge, blood-red dog
penis, I had an orgasm that left me weak. The Great Dane's penis, when
fully exposed, was very large (it looked to be about 12 inches long)
and glistening and the knot formed by his come filled balls was about
the size of a large orange. The most lascivious and exciting thing,
that I had ever seen, was when Ilse leaned over and licked and sucked
that big red animal cock that was already dripping come from the tip.

	She opened her mouth and placed the dripping cock-head on her
tongue while slowly moving both of her palms along the shaft. At that
moment, all that I wanted was a dog dick in my mouth and in my pussy
and even in my ass. When Cesare flooded her mouth with his semen and
she let it bubble over her lips and chin, the sensuality in the room
was so thick that we could almost taste it. Ilse then swung her leg
over the dog, straddling him, and placed his still hard member in her.
With her head hanging down and doggie come still dripping and hanging
in tendrils from her mouth, she told Cesare (and us) how good it felt
to have him inside of her.

	She then slipped off and we got another look at Cesare's
beautiful penis, which seemed to have gotten bigger while inside of
Ilse. She removed her bustier, and positioned herself on her knees, so
that the dog could enter her "doggie style". Like a man, the dog
gently wrapped his front paws around Ilse's back and, with help from
her hand, eased into her wet pink slit. As he pumped her faster and
faster, she begged him to come. "Fuck me Cesare! That's it, oh yes I
feel your come! Oh I love it!"

	Language is inadequate to describe what I felt when Ilse
pulled away from Cesare's penis, rolled on her back, grasped his wet
organ, urged him toward her face and began sucking, with loud slurping
sounds, his cock. We could, also, clearly see the come running out of
her and down her slender thighs. For this, the language of the senses
is required; that which only captures what the body feels.

	Ilse then pulled Cesare down and again placed that wonderful
piece of hard flesh inside of her. She crossed her legs above his
haunches and while he, like a human male, remained still, she moved
her pelvis very slowly up and down and around his penis. I could not
understand how, after coming twice, copiously, the dog was able to
stay erect. We had a very good view of Cesare's bright red penis,
being held in Ilse's sheath of pink wet flesh, the lips clinging as it
was slowly withdrawn and pushed inward. She talked to the dog, as if
they were long time lovers. She reached between them and held the
shaft in her tiny hand and murmured, "Oh Cesare I want you to come on
my nipples just like before! I know how much you like that!'

	"Come, come Cesare. Oh please, give me your come. I want to
taste you again", Ilse said, just before her urging hand caused the
dog to spurt his third load upon her breasts. She milked the dregs
from the dog's penis and, as he rolled off of her, she looked right at
me, as she smiled and held her come covered breast to her mouth and
licked all around her nipple. The last sight of her, before the stage
lights went dark, that I had was of her smiling eyes locked onto mine
and her full lips glistening with come.

	Before the house lights came up, Donna took my hand, leaned
over toward me and asked, "How do you feel?" I squeezed her hand and
told her that all that I could think about was getting a cock (human
of otherwise) in me. She smiled and said, "The party's not over, yet!"
As we prepared to leave, one of the ushers asked us to follow him. He
led us out a side door and up a large curving staircase, into a large
sitting room. He seated us on a white, nubby cotton couch, that ran
the entire length of the wall.

	In front of us, were three large round glass coffee tables,
upon which were pitchers of tropical drinks and a wide assortment of
cold fresh fruit. Our guide left us to the food and drink and our
thoughts. I could hear a shower running and I asked Donna what we were
doing there. She replied, somewhat cryptically, "You'll see!' Just
then, to my joy and surprise, from French doors that opened to another
room, Ilse, wearing only a red silk robe that reached to mid- thigh,
entered with Cesare. Both were fresh from a shower and slightly damp.
She laughed and greeted us and said to me, "So, Melody, did you enjoy
what you saw? How did you like my Cesare?"

	I was speechless for a moment, before blurting out that it was
the most exciting thing that I had ever seen, and, that I loved the
sight of Cesare's hard penis in her and in her mouth. "No need to be
ashamed, Melody", she said, "Many women have felt this way about this
great animal". Then, with the word, "Go!" she sent him to me. He sat
in front of me and gave me his paw to shake. Ilse came over and stood
beside him and petted his head. They both smelled of expensive soap
and cologne. She patted her chest and said, "Up boy", and the dog was
standing on his hind legs, with his front paws resting on Ilse's

	Standing that way, the dog was a head taller than Ilse. I
gasped, when I saw that his penis and exposed knot were still erect.
I could not believe that he could remain so hard, after coming three
times and I said so. Ilse said that he was well trained and could come
more that a half dozen times in a single day. I barely heard what she
was saying; my heart was pounding in my ears, from the closeness of
that red pointed doggie penis that I could not take my eyes off and
that held a drop of fluid at the tip.

	Ilse asked me if I wanted to touch it and I did. It was wet
and very hot to the touch. I don't know what came over me, but I got
down on the floor and licked the pre-come from the tip of that hot dog
cock. The next thing that I remember, is Donna and Karl sucking on my
nipples and Ilse rubbing the dog's huge penis on my clitoris and down
the wet lips of my vulva. My husband was stroking his beautiful
erection over my face and asking me if "it feels good!'

	They then placed me on my knees, with my butt up and Ilse
licked between my legs and then placed that dog penis in me. It felt
even hotter inside of me, than in my hand. He was so large and I was
so open and wet, that with his first thrust, I felt the tip of that
cock touch my womb. I was coming, from the first contact of my soft
flesh with that cock. He pumped faster and faster, rubbing my clit
with every stroke. The dog came, in what felt like, torrents of hot
come splashing against my womb and running out of my pussy and down my

	Ilse removed him from me and I rolled over on my back and felt
my pussy filled to overflowing with come. Ilse said, as she gently
stroked his still hard penis, "See, he has still more come for you!"
With this, she brought him up to my face. I opened my mouth, for at
that moment, I wanted nothing more than to suck on that big come
covered dog cock. Ilse continued to stroke him, while I sucked him as
deeply as I could. Ilse was saying, "Taste him! He loves a mouth to
come in! Suck my lover's cock! He wants to give you more of his hot
juicy come!"

	Just then, the dog panted and filled my mouth to overflowing
with his essence. Donna said, "I want to taste it", and stuck her
tongue into my mouth and licked the dog's come from inside my mouth
and from where it ran down my cheeks and chin. It tasted like salty
honey which, as I found out later, was the result of Ilse's special
diet for him.

	Ilse then led the dog into another room and Donna and Karl
began sucking on my breasts and nipples. I asked them to stop and told
them that I could not come anymore. Jim said, "That's what you think",
as he began licking and sucking my come filled pussy. While he did
this, he inserted his finger in my bottom. I had never let him do that
before; I never realized how wonderful it felt. Karl then placed me on
top of him and plunged his penis into me. It did not reach as deeply
as the dog's, but felt great, none the less. My husband, to my
surprise, then gently eased his cock into my ass. I had thought about
this act before and always thought that it would be painful. I was

	It was beautiful. I pushed both ways trying to get the two
cocks deeper within me. I could feel the two of them rubbing together
through the thin membrane separating them. The feeling was delicious
and I had seven shuddering orgasms, as these two cocks buried deep
within me, spurted and flooded my insides with thick, hot come. At
this point, I was euphoric and quite beyond saturation.

	We did not see Ilse again. When we said our good-byes that
night, we thought that there would be other nights like it. We were
dead wrong. After Castro, Cuba ceased to be a place of joy.

	I have not been with a dog since, but for Donna and Karl and
Jim and me, that night has become our personal aphrodisiac, and, in
the remembering and the re-telling of the experience, we have enjoyed
many times, of frenzied fulfillment with each other. Perhaps, you
could join us for one of our "Remember Ilse" parties. I promise that
you would not go home unhappy.

					Much love

					Melody & Jim

			  Letter from Texas

Dear Editor,

	A long time ago when I was a kid, me and my buddy used to take
rides out in the country on my horse. "Chucha" was a skinny, run of
the mill mare, that I think, also liked to go to the country and munch
on the scarce grass in this part of Southwest Texas. We, my buddy and
I, especially had two favorite places to visit. One was about two
miles outside the city limits, a cow pond. The other was the Rio
Grande about one mile away. During the week we'd go to the river so
"Chucha" could eat grass while we skinny dipped the river and enjoyed
ourselves. On these outings we saw a lot of hanky panky going on,
couples copulating or skinny dipping, and even homo acts, all from our
hiding places. But one time, at the cow pond, we saw something new and
perplexing to us. We were then about 10 years old and of course didn't
know about people having sex with animals.

	As usual on Saturday, we roamed the country on "Chucha". No
saddle, two astride, back bone jabbing our.perineum, glad to reach the
cow pond and change roles from "Indian Chiefs on the war path" to
"Tarzan". But this time it turned out different. We tied "Chucha" at
the fence by a shade tree where there was grass and proceeded across
the fence towards the pond, about a block away. Cautious, as always,
`cause we were trespassing, we made it to the pond and started to
disrobe to cool off in the pond. Suddenly we heard voices, girlish

	We hid in the foliage and soon there appeared two girls on a
horse, one about 14, the little one about 12. They dismounted and let
the horse drink. They were chattering back and forth, but we couldn't
make the words. We were scared to be discovered, because they were
probably the owner's daughters. We decided to keep still and hidden,
sweat pouring out.

	The big girl took her boots off and rolled her trouser legs up
some to sample the water. They said something to each other and the
little one took her boots off, and then her shirt (no bra), then slid
her trousers off and stood up in panties only. Holy Cow! What a
delicious morsel! There was more. Balancing on one leg, she reached
and yanked her panties off and jumped in the water.

	We decided to crawl closer to get a better view. Hearts
pounding, we got close enough to see everything and hear some words.
The older girl slid her trousers and panties off, then her blouse and
bra and stood up. Jesus Christ! What a sight! Proper little breasts
sticking out. She folded her clothes, then turned around to place them
in a neat little pile. What a gorgeous little butt! Our hands were
somewhere between our legs-of there own volition I presume.

	She joined the little one in the water and were having a great
time. At one time the little one squeezed the others breast and the
big one reached for somewhere under water. Just then, their horse
started to be restless and shifted and pawed the ground.

	"Oh look," the little one shouted! We looked too! The horse had
a quivering hard on, displaying about two feet or more. The girls
guffawed the spectacle. "Look Janey! Look!" The horse was sniffing the
air, nostrils flared, and looking the direction where my mare was
tied. "What's got into you, eh"? They walked out to pet the horse,
trying to calm it.

	The horse kept on pawing and sniffing the air. While petting
the horse they unconsciously assumed several poses. We were treated to
a display of feminine charms this side of heaven. To be in heaven all
we needed was a heart attack. To get a better look at the horse's
penis, the little one squatted down, splaying her legs. She was facing
us and we were facing "it". Such a little beauty for a ten year old
boy to behold! Sweat was beaded on us like marbles!

	The horse was getting restless. They were talking, but we
couldn't hear the gist of it, just a word now and then. They continued
to pet the horse and the horse wouldn't settle down. But now, the big
girl, standing up, was crossing her legs at the hip, like as if she
was holding something between them. Both of them were blushing a
terrible scarlet. The little one had temporarily been shielded by the
big girl from our sight. Just for an instant, when we saw her again,
she was rubbing her cunny vigorously. Seeing this industry in the
little girls part, the big one did it too. They were being carried
away royally!

	Something possessed them, then, acting as if one,
simultaneously, they grabbed the horses penis with both hands and
proceeded to jerk it up and down hard! They were oblivious of being
stepped on or trampled down, it seemed to us. I think that we were
more chicken just watching. The horse's penis was now stretched full
out, maybe 30 inches. Wild eyed, huffing and puffing, the girls were
jerkin' like they were afraid to let go. Then spurts of gooey stuff
shot out every which way! Some got on their hands, too. The penis
started to go soft. The girls, laughing like maniacs, washed their
hands in the pond, squatting down where we saw right between their
legs, all puffed apart and glistening wet and red!

	They sat in the shade giggling, The little one spread out her
legs and rubbed her cunny, seemed to us that she was displaying to the
big one. Their horse now started up again, pawing and sniffing the
air, then let go with a neigh and we heard a return whinny from our

	The girls jumped up, in a hurry put their clothes on, crammed
their muddy feet in their boots, attempted to direct their horse in a
certain direction, the horse wanted to go towards our mare. They hit
it with a stick, the horse kicked back. After getting away about 50
feet, we too put our clothes on, shoes, and skeddadled out of there!
All excited we talked about our experience all the way home,
periodically looking back, expecting to see a horny stallion gaining
on us. We made plans to come back next week but we never saw them
again. This happened in 1946 on the outskirts of Laredo, Texas. I'm
male, 54, Chicano.

			  Letter from Ginger

Dear Editor,

	When I was 16, we lived out in the country and my dad raised
quarter horses and I used to hide and watch them, I also had a collie.
My brother was the one who turned me on to this, he took me out and
showed me a stud horse putting it to a mare. I was so turned on
thinking about how his big dick must feel to that mare! My brother
took my cherry, I think he set this up just to get me horny so I would
let him do it. Anyway, after this I used to spy on the horses and
watch for the stud to do his thing. One day when I was watching the
horses and playing with myself, the collie came up and started licking
me, it felt so good. When he stopped, I was so turned on and the dog's
dick was sticking out. I finally got him on top of me with some of him
in me and it felt good, but I never did get him to give it to me. I
have always wanted to try a big dog ever since.

			  Letter from Malton

Dear Editor,

	You asked about experiences concerning donkey exhibitions so I
will tell you mine, although it was a long time ago, the memory of it
is burned in my brain in an indelible way, I still get a hard on when
I think about it even though it happened over fifty years ago.

	My first experience with an animal/girl sex show I saw when I
was a boy of sixteen at a Carnival side show in my old home town. It
was out front a girly show which cost 50 cents to see, inside three
girls did a poorly done strip, never showing anything. We guys were
next hustled for another 50 cents to see more and most of us paid and
stayed, this time the three girls finally got topless, then came
another 50 cents hustle, and a few of us stayed and got to see the
three girls get naked. Then came a $2.00 hustle to see the sex show,
only about 6 or 7 of us paid to stay.

	We were taken behind a canvas curtain, and stood behind a rope
fence. There we saw a rack or frame, which was made for the donkey
(Actually a burro, but I didn't know what a burro was then) to service
a woman upon. The rack was made so the donkey couldn't thrust forward,
his hind legs were up against a frame which inhibited his movements.
It kind of looked like the sketch below from a side view.

	The top of the high part on the left was padded and the
donkeys front legs were over it. His rear legs were restrained by the
low frame to the right of the sketch. This was set up so that a woman
could lie under the burro, on the reclined part of the rack, her head
on the pad. It was set up so that she fucked the donkey, rather than
him fucking her.

	OK, on with the show! A girl came into the show area from
somewhere off to the side, wearing high heels and a robe. She had
black hair, and was nice looking, probably Mexican. She took off the
robe and paraded around, completely nude, except for the heels. She
then went out and brought in the burro. She got him quite easily up on
the frame, and tied his lead rope to the ring shown in the sketch.
She stood on the other side, and using both hands got the burro's cock
out and worked it up hard. It was about 12 inches long and maybe 1 1/2
to 1 3/4 inches in diameter. She then got down under the animal, on
the padded part, and got out some kind of lubricant, which she used to
lubricate both her pussy and the donkey's cock. The donkey never made
any sign of movement, or of being sexed up, except for the big hard
on. She then slid further under him and with her legs up, got her self
positioned and sunk the head of his cock in her. She then started a
rocking motion, taking more of him on each stroke until she was
getting about 2/3 of it. With the exception of her low talking in
Spanish ( I believe directed to the Burro), you could have heard a pin

	She was starting to breath hard, and was moving her hips
faster and faster, if she wasn't enjoying it, she was putting on an
incredible act! We 6 or 7 watching were guiltily shifting around,
trying to get a better look at the black haired pussy, all stretched
open by the big pole sticking out of the donkey. She kept this motion
up for some time, gradually increasing the speed and length of her
strokes until she was getting almost all of it inside. Then as she
started moving her hips more rapidly, the donkey made his first real
move, he hunched , she let out a loud moan and cum squirted out around
his cock. She let go of it and it came out, along with about a cupful
of cum. We saw that the end of it had grown to about 3 inches in
diameter. If she didn't come it was a very good fake. Then a canvas
curtain was pulled across, ending the show.

	We were then escorted out the back of the tent, through a
flap, rather than out the front where we came in. I found out the show
was only given at the end of each nights performance, and I had just
lucked out by going to the last show. I went to two more shows, but
since it was a 5 day Carnival, and I didn't start till the third day,
that's all I got to see. I have jacked off for years over what I saw
those three nights!

			 Letter from Illinois

Dear Editor,

	This is the story of how my now deceased wife, Anita, got into
animal sex. She, like me, was born on an old style farm which had all
the usual farm animals, dogs, cats, cows, horses, sometimes even goats
and sheep. She became sexually active at an early age, five or six,
and always got some level of sexual excitement from seeing the animals
breed. Anita found seeing the horses breed intensely arousing. By the
time she was 11 or so, she would always, when possible, hide in a
portion of the barn where she could peek at her father breeding
horses. This was up in the loft, where she could see out through the
large gaps between the boards. While watching, she would almost always
play with herself, rubbing her breasts and her young snatch, with it's
budding bush of black hair. As time went on, she would use selected
vegetables, carrots, young sweet corn, and even some small cucumbers.

	As time went on she got her routine down to where she usually
got naked, while watching at her #1 perch, usually placing her clothes
on a bale of hay, upon which she would kneel while she watched the
horse breeding and did herself.When she was 13 or 14, things really
picked up because her father was now a well known breeder, and a
steady stream of mares were brought in for the big stud to service.
She now had a lot more times to watch, get hot and have a nice come.
Up to this time she had never ever sexually played with a dog, even
though her father had a Border Collie as a cattle dog.

	On this one afternoon, for some reason, the collie had come up
the stairs to the loft area while she was naked, up on her knees,
masturbating and watching the prize stud, Big Tom breed a hot mare.
The dog came up behind her and started licking her cunt and exposed
ass, and she went off almost as soon as he started, and had a super
orgasm, better than it had ever been before. She thought this was
really good, and maybe she could get him to do it again, and maybe
even fuck her.

	She then started a program to work on this, and to get as much
sex as possible out of the dog, with the ultimate goal of getting him
to fuck her.

			   Letter from "M"

Dear Editor,

	I promised to tell you about my first experience, so here it
is. Soon after I got married my husband and I talked about my fantasy
about being gang banged by two guys with big cocks while he watched.
This was just a fantasy, but it always got me all hot to talk about
it. My birthday came along and Bob said he had a surprise for me. The
night came, which was a Friday, and he said that we were going out to
dinner. On the way he said he had one business stop to make, so we
stopped at this house. When we went in, some guy I didn't know said
for us to sit on the couch, he would be right back.

	As we were browsing through a book, we heard "Surprise!", and
turned, and two guys, naked with big hard ons, stood in the door way.
I looked at Bob, he had a big grin and said,"This is the birthday
surprise we talked about". Before I knew it, the guys took me in the
bedroom and stripped me naked, then both fondled my tits, getting me
hot and my cunt juicy. They took turns licking my cunt. Then my legs
were spread wide open and one guy crawled in the saddle, burying his
cock in me, while the other knelt near my head and fed me his cock. I
looked over at Bob and he was naked with a 9 inch hard on. The two
guys took turns fucking me.

	Then they piled up some big pillows on the floor and had me
lay on them, up on my knees with my ass up in the air. Bob and one of
the guys held me down, the other guy was behind and I heard the door
open. It was a very large dog! He came over and I felt his wet nose
against my cunt, and he began to lick my cunt and ass, and before I
knew it, he was up on my back, he had a big hard on and was trying to
get his cock in me. One of the guys helped the dog by spreading my
open my cunt lips and guiding the dog's cock into my cunt.

	His long wet cock was deep in me. I don't recall how long I
was fucked, but just as he came, his knot swelled up, and he came like
someone had stuck a water pistol up in my cunt and pulled the trigger.
He was so large that I thought he was going to split the partition of
skin between my cunt and asshole. The dog was held with his cock in me
for several minutes, and for the first part of it the knot got even
bigger. It hurt, but it was a sweet, sweet kind of pain. Then he
finally got small enough to pull out without killing me, and they let
him off. The guys asked me if I liked it, what could I say, I loved

		    Letter to the Editor from Joan

Dear Revue,

	When I was 14, one of my girl friends, Cynthia, who was a year
older than me, told me that one of the women in our neighborhood was
having sex with her dog. She wouldn't tell me how she knew, and since
I was just at the age where I was getting excited every time I got my
mind on sex, I just couldn't get this out of my mind. I was playing
with myself regularly by now, so every night, in bed under the covers,
I masturbated and fantasized about this.

	I kept pestering Cynthia to tell me about it, but she said it
was disgusting and wouldn't talk about it. This only made me all the
more curious. One day we were playing in the attic of her house and we
got to talking about sex and got around to showing each other our
pussies. We started playing with ourselves and when Cynthia got all
aroused she told me about Mrs. Smith and her dog.

	Mrs. Smith lived on our street, and took care of her husband,
who was crippled and used a wheel chair. They had a big dog, he was
part Shepherd and probably weighed 80 or 90 lbs. She walked the dog
fairly regularly, and I had seen them before but at the time I hadn't
even imagined anything like that was possible, let alone happening

	Their house had a big two car garage next to it, with an attic
above for storage. Cynthia lived close to them and when she was
younger used to go up into the garage attic to play. Now that she was
older, she would still go there to be by herself, especially if she
wanted to masturbate during the daytime.

	Cynthia said this one time she was in the attic when Mrs.
Smith took the dog for a walk, and when they came back, she brought
the dog in the garage and shut the doors. Cynthia didn't want the lady
to know she was up there, so she just stayed quiet, thinking the woman
would leave pretty quickly. She stayed real quiet and watched through
a large crack between the floor boards. She said Mrs. Smith had sex
with the dog. I begged her to tell me about it, but she said it would
be easier to just go watch her. We agreed to do it the next day. I
almost wore my pussy out that night, thinking about it while I played
with it.

	The next day, it was in the summer, we watched and right on
schedule she took the dog for his walk. We got up in the garage attic
and got ourselves good knot holes in the floor to watch through. Mrs.
Smith came in the garage, shut the doors, and petted the dog and
talked to him a little bit. Then she took her panties off and let the
dog sniff them. He seemed to get excited and started to run around her
and try to jump up on her.

	Then she pulled her skirt up above her waist, sat down in a
lawn chair and spread her legs. The dog started licking her between
the legs and she started to moan and buck her hips. She had to hold
the dog back by his collar because he kept trying to get up on her.
Then she got off the chair and got down on her knees on the floor, and
the dog mounted her.We couldn't see his dick, because we were above
and to the side of them, but he was really pounding her. She was
whimpering and moaning. He finally came and stopped and they just
stayed like that, the dog panting and her whimpering. Then he pulled
out and she screamed. We got a good look at his dick, no wonder she
screamed, the knot at the base of his cock must have been as big as an
orange, and she was hung up with that in there. I think she usually
let the knot go down before he pulled out but something spooked him
and he pulled out early.

	About this time her husband called, I think he heard her
scream, and she told him she was OK, she had just seen a mouse. She
then played with the dog's dick, jacking him, I guess until he went
limp, although we couldn't see it, she was along side of him with her
hand under him. We were both so hot we masturbated, facing each other,
and holding hands. We watched Mrs. Smith regularly the rest of the
summer. Then we started to school in the fall, got interested in boys
etc. and never did it again. To this day, though, I still get my
biggest and best orgasm, when I masturbate and think about Mrs. Smith
and her dog and that beautiful red dog dick with the huge knot, and
how she screamed when he pulled it out of her.