Have you ever committed incest? #1

The Thoroughly Disreputable Incest Digest
Issue 1

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Even though incest is considered society's #1 taboo, it is likely
one of our best kept secrets...
It is my belief that if the real facts were to be known, in
proportion to other sexual behaviors, it is more likely that an
individual would have had sexual relations with a brother or
sister, than to have perhaps engaged in homosexual activities or
other shared experiences.
I am interested in hearing from individuals who have had sexual
relations with a family member, and what direct and actual impact
this type of an relationship has had on you.  I am not looking
for details of respective experiences, but just simply;
        ...with whom (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc.), 
        ...at what age,
        ...who 'wooed' who, 
        ...how you feel about your experience(s) today... 
You can be assured the confidentiality of any information
provided will not be compromised.
If you've had an experience you would like to share, please
direct your responses to:   RankAmateur@writeme.com
The following are stories I have received so far. Thank you.

I was seduced at an early age by an aunt and never regretted it
whatsoever. It made me into a great lover of women.

I had sex with my cousin when I was 16 and she was 17.  Before
that we had kissed but that was it.  I am now 23, we continue to
have sex whenever it is possible. We both feel it has helped our
sex lives extremely.  We can share with each other fantasies that
we are afraid to share with others.  I would say that it was and
has been the greatest sexual expearience of my life.  I love my
cousin dearly for sharing all our times together.

I recently had sex with my first cousin. We're both grown, I'm
married and she's divorced.  We've always felt an attraction, but
nothing happened until I took the initiative and seduced her
after a family get-together. We did it again a few weeks later.
It was fun when it was happening, and she said she enjoyed it,
but now she won't call me back. I'm afraid it's bothering her
now, despite the fact that she claimed she had no hangups about
incest.  See my recent posting to alt.sex.incest entitled
"Fucking my Cousin (M/F,true,incest)" for more details.

My cousin and I have had sex on and off for the last ten years or
so. It is  very casual and we both enjoy it. It is very
consensual since we were in  our early twenty's when it started.
We both see other people and have been  married before. She lives
in the midwest and I live on the west coast so  we  don't see
each other often enough to get bored with it.

Have had such experiences. Cousins, nieces, aunt, half-brother.
All enjoyable. I agree this is an under-recognized part of our
lives. Would like telling you about these, but do not totally
trust this distribution system.  Perhaps there are ways to work
it out. Let's talk. I can finance long distance call if

I had sex with a cousin who is 4 years younger.  As a matter of
fact, one of her children is mine.

I was adopted by my parents at age two.  My first memory of
incest was when  I was in preschool and as my mother drove me
home, she fondled my crotch as  she drove.  Sometimes she would
come to bed with me and fondle me there.  Full intercourse
started when I was eight and continued for seven more years.  It
also included my sister who was four years older and also
adopted.  Soon I was having intercourse with her and this lasted
for ten years, even after she was married.  My sister and I still
get together about four times a year and enjoy each other very
much.  I am now 41 and she is 45.
The experiences were very positive, both my mother and sister
were gentle and kind.  I always received positive reinforcement
when I pleased them. To say the least, I was trained very well in
pleasing a woman, and my wife can attest to that.
I cannot think of any negative results other than it took me 18
years after  I was married to tell my wife and I always felt
guilty of holding back with  her.  We fantisize regularly now.

I began having sex with my older sister, I was 8 or 9 and she was
16 or 17,  I really enjoyed it but she refused to let me touch
her when she began going steady. It was then when I turned to my
younger sister.  By then I was 12 or 13.  We continued haveing
sex all through my college years until I moved out of state. We
see each other infrequently but we do talk on the phone and
fantasize about our sex. When we do get together we have super
sex. I am now 44 and she is 37. I have also had sex with my
daughter. This  began when she was 15, she is now 20 and married
on her own .  We all lead  very productive lives now. Please let
me share the stories of others.

Hi, yes I have I've been with my mom, dad, brother, and both of
my sisters.  Since I don't live with mom and dad anymore they
are pretty much out of the picture, but I live with one of my
sisters and our brother lives close by. We all spend a lot of
time together if you know what I mean.  All us girls are
bisexual because of this and we love it.  I am the middle of 3
girls.  My older sister started having sex when she was 12. I
started with her at 10. I was 12 before I did anything with my
brother or father.  Same with the others. I guess 12 was the
decided age.  Anyway, the experiences we have all shared has
brought us all close together.  No regrets here.  We're all
glad we did it.  I hope this helped your survey.

Hi, I read your note inquiring about those who have had incest. I
am a 22 yr old college student and I have been sexually active
with my twin sister since 14, we enjoy our relationship very much
and are planning to live together after we both graduate from
college this summer. Our dad died from cancer just a few weeks
before we graduated from high school and a little over a year
later mom joined us kids in our lovemaking and it has been
wonderful making her happy. I am going to college close to home
and I am  home on most weekends.  Mom and I spend a lot of time
together in bed.