“Little Flowers”





Used by permission of the author's estate




Part One


I was happy yet tired as I pulled my boat into the marina (I felt silly calling her a ‘yacht’ even though, I guess, that’s what she was).  I’ve had the “Little Flowers” for about 4 years now.  I bought her at the right time:  prices were good; I was flush with cash from selling my Internet business; I was single and in pretty good shape.  Time to sail the world!  One of the places I loved to visit was fairly close to home.  I discovered a marina on Florida’s Gulf Coast that serviced a naturist beach community.  Whenever I “set my anchor” I was among the beautiful people showing off their assets day and night—and I didn’t mind showing mine off as well.


Let me tell you a little more about my background.   I’m a former college wrestler who, upon graduation, adopted two passions—the Internet, and bodybuilding.   My success in the former, and my refusal to use steroids to enhance the latter, meant my moneymaking career would be in the dot-com world.   Even though I did win many a trophy showing off my physique, I knew I’d never be Mr. Universe or anything like that; just a guy with a good bod (and a good chunk of meat between his legs too, I might add).  Remember what I said about showing off (wink, wink)!


Docking at my slip in the marina, I stripped out of my clothes, grabbed my duffle and a beach towel, and headed for the beach.  Ah, there were my two little flower petals, Aimee and Anna.  The girls were at their small sailboat near the beach, as beautiful as ever, magnificently tanned, smiling at me as I approached.  Aimee, 16, and her sister Anna, 15, came here every summer with their French parents to soak up the sun.  I guess they were rather liberal in their views, so the girls were growing up with a healthy outlook on life.  Growing up a nudist could help break down some old, Western hang-ups, I would think.  I’ve been friendly with the girls’ folks for a few years now, watching Aimee and Anna blossom into young women.  The girls have always teasingly commented on my 10-inch manhood, but the giggling and comments have always been of the playful, I-don’t-really-know-what-it’s-used-for-but-it-is-much-bigger-than-the-others variety.  Until today, that is.


Shit, were they something, I whistled under my breath as I got nearer.  Pretty, wonderfully thin, with nice asses, budding breasts and tanned to perfection; I needed all the concentration I could muster not to get a hard-on.  Spending a lot of time in a nudist community will cure most men of instant hard-ons (which were considered loutish bad form) even with all the beautiful naked women around.  These two were testing my willpower. 


Aimee, sitting on the small boat, waved and gave me a big “Bonjour, Monsieur Bill (it sounded more like “Beel” with her accent, but it was cute)…will you be staying for a while?” 


When I answered I’d be here for a few weeks, with a sheepish grin she said, “That is nice.” 


Her sister blushed.  What’s going on with these two, I wondered?  They were looking at me differently today.  I thought, “What have I done now?”  I know I’m a lot hairier than I was last summer since I stopped shaving my body (a holdover conceit from my bodybuilding days); maybe that was it.  I bid them adieu, and headed down the beach.  I faintly heard Anna say something about “cheval” and “gros”—big horse?  What did she mean by that, I mused, though I was starting to get the picture.  I looked back and smiled, letting my dangling member swing back and forth a little more than usual for emphasis.  They both giggled, and were they blushing?  I had second thoughts about the beach; everywhere I looked I saw nubile young ladies that were sure to cause an erection with my lack of sex lately, so I headed for the pool area with its usually older clientele.


As I was setting up my beach towel on one of the poolside lounge chairs, I was surprised to see Aimee and Anna had followed me.  Yep, they’ve grown up, and I thought I knew what was on their mind.  Acknowledging their ogling stares, I struck a bodybuilding flex pose, causing Anna to flush considerably.   Then I knew they had been discussing me for some time, thinking of my ‘equipment’ and me as only young girls would. 


Oh my, what would come out of this, I wondered, as I absorbed the way each of them was looking at me.  I invited them to lie next to me on a couple of adjacent lounges, but they hesitated, as if afraid of me somehow (or were they afraid of the inner urges?)  They just stood there with silly grins on their faces.  Oh, those lovely faces, and bodies, and—


They finally approached and, pulling their lounge chairs closer to mine, lay down with me.  We talked for a while—small talk mostly—school back in France; their folks; where I’d been sailing, etc.  This close to me, it was confirmed what they’ve been planning.  This was seduction.  I could see it in their faces, their flushed skin, the shallow breathing.  Got to get them back to the boat, I thought, before my cock responds and the whole beachfront figures out what we were planning to do.  When I suggested we take a walk to the marina and my boat, they quickly agreed.


While walking with the girls back to my boat, I started to get the feeling everyone was watching us.  Did the whole park know what we’re going to do?  Paranoia!  By the time we stepped onto the deck of my boat, we were all horny as hell.  My cock stiffened fast, and the sisters were both panting with that nervous energy of sexual expectation.  Were they virgins?  How was I going to manage this? 


I guided them below to my bunk, which thankfully was big enough to handle the activity level the three of us were about to initiate.  God, like dogs in heat, I could smell the lust on both of them!  My mind actually went blank for a moment—what do I do now?  They answered my mind-question by guiding me to the bed, one lying on each side of me.  They spent the next few minutes caressing my body, each exploring different areas.  Aimee traced my muscled legs with her fingertips, occasionally tweaking a particular muscle.  Anna was enthralled with my hairy chest and pec muscles, running her hands through my chest hair in dream-like swirling motions.  Their caressing journey met at my cock.  Both girls took turns touching, stroking and kissing my fully engorged member. 


While Anna remained mesmerized by my erect cock, Aimee slid up beside me and whispered in my ear, “I am not new to sex, so I want you to make the love to me first.  My petit …sister I want...to watch and learn…about making love,” Aimee murmured. 


Both girls were sweating profusely and practically panting with the prospect of coupling.  I vaguely heard Anna say something like “PWA-LOO” (?) when Aimee gently pulled her away from playing with my chest again.  I don’t know much French, but I thought Anna was excited about my hairiness.  Aimee, on the other hand, was excited about my cock. 


Aimee said something in French to her sister, who nodded slightly and backed away a bit.  Aimee greedily rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her.  Her legs spread widely as I entered her.  She was very wet, so I had no problem penetrating her, though she was very tight.  While I started to piston into her, she reached her arms around me to grab my ass cheeks, pulling frantically in time to every thrust.  While fucking away, I stole a glance at Anna to see she was enthralled with the sight before her.  Certainly her sister had explained the mechanics of the act, but seeing it unfolding in reality must have been both a shock and a wonder.  I could see, though, she did have one hand between her legs, touching herself.  Aimee had begun making kitten-like mewling sounds, which grew louder as she neared climax.  By now I was pounding into her so hard I could feel the boat moving.  I felt the spasms as she came, emitting low grunts of pleasure with each orgasmic flutter.  We both kept the frantic rhythm going for a few more seconds until I felt myself ready to cum.  I broke from Aimee’s grasp and pulled out of her.  Arching my back and clutching my throbbing cock, I sprayed prodigious amounts of cum all over her still-writhing chest and stomach.   While choking the last squirts of cum from my cock, I glanced over at Anna, who now was closer to me than before.  She looked wide-eyed, perplexed at what just happened.  I remained kneeling between Aimee’s spread legs as first Anna, then Aimee herself started rubbing my cum puddles all over Aimee’s upper body.  Aimee slowly gazed up into my eyes, languorously smiled, and told me there was no need to pull out (she used a French word like “retirer,” but I knew what she meant) since both her and her sister were on the pill.


We lay together on the bed for a while, each of us letting our hands roam over the others’ bodies, keeping the mood going.  Occasionally, the sisters exchanged little whispers in French, which I assumed was either Aimee explaining to Anna what just transpired, or to prepare her for what she was about to experience.  Anna was getting so excited, I could see her ass was squirming and fidgeting about uncontrollably. 


Witnessing the palpable fire lit within Anna’s body, plus the fact her sister was now nibbling on my earlobe and stroking my cock, brought me back to full rigidity.  Aimee said something to her sister—positions?   Anna scrunched up to a kneeling position and got on all fours, pointing her ass at me.  I couldn’t believe the amount of female wetness leaking from her young pussy!  Aimee let me know she thought this was the best position for Anna’s first time.  Who was I to complain, I thought, as I edged closer to Anna, placing the head of my cock at her pussy lips.  I was completely amazed when I saw her swollen girl-labia dilate and (was this for real?) seem to reach out for my cock-head.  I grabbed her hips and slowly entered her. 


Oh, she was so super tight; I almost stopped breathing!  Though I was afraid to hurt this virgin girl, the sisters didn’t share my concern.  While Aimee murmured words of encouragement next to her, Anna thrust her ass back at me, impaling herself on my member.  I was momentarily puzzled (no blood?) at the nearly full penetration so early, but began to pump my cock into her tight channel.  Aimee was as much into this as Anna—she alternated between caressing her sister’s tits and rubbing my ass and balls.  I pumped harder and harder, Anna meeting every thrust with one of her own.  Anna came with a scream; grinding her ass into my pelvis with such force I almost fell backward off the bed.  I resumed my pumping rhythm for a few seconds and then came myself.  The excitement of it all—her tight pussy, everything—I thought I counted 8-9 shots of cum spewing deep into Anna.  Did I ever cum that much before, I wondered? 


When we finally came down from our orgasmic highs, I got out of bed, mostly to peer topside to make sure nobody heard us.  When I looked back, they were in a loving embrace there on the bed.  What beautiful creatures—and I just fucked them both!


We showered, then went back to bed and fucked some more.  The next session was more of a threesome, with Aimee riding my cock and Anna riding my tongue.  The fact we all came simultaneously was the most spectacular thing of all.  Before the afternoon was through, Anna and I did it one more time.  She was so fixated on my hairy chest that this time she lay on top of me moving back and forth, getting just as much pleasure from feeling my chest-pelt rub her engorged 15-year-old nipples than from my cock rubbing her clit.  She definitely was a screamer, this orgasm louder than before. 


We all showered again, then I walked the girls back to their cottage and said goodnight.  I hoped the folks didn’t see what I saw: two glowing, sexually satisfied teenagers.


When I saw Aimee and Anna on the beach the next day, they smiled and giggled and said hello—appearing not like horny creatures, but teenage girls again.  We chatted for a while, with no hint of what we all experienced yesterday. 


However, before the girls got up from their beach towel to go home, Aimee knelt down next to me and whispered in my ear, “Have you met our friends Brigitte and Sonia, yet?” 


I looked into those smoky eyes of hers and knew she wouldn’t be satisfied by another boy/man for a long time.  She pointed above the beach and said, “There are my friends now.” 


I looked up to see two gorgeous young teen goddesses carrying a beach towel and smiling at me as they walked toward us.  I guess I’d be busy for a while.




Part Two


I couldn’t believe another year had gone by so quickly, I reflected, as I maneuvered “Little Flowers” toward my slip at the marina.  I pondered how I was somewhat of an anomaly in this community.  Naturist (or nudist, if you will) enclaves tend to be family or couples oriented.  I believed I was the only unattached single guy allowed to be here, although there were a few single women staying here too.  Of course, they may kick me out, or worse, if they discovered my dalliances with the girls last summer. 


Oh, what memories—Aimee and Anna, Brigitte and Sonia—shit, I willed myself not to think about it, or I’d get an erection, and that wasn’t good form around here, was it?  I stripped off my boating attire, grabbed my beach towel and headed for the beach.


As a bodybuilder, I did my share of posing.  I guess I still liked to “pose”; strutting my still well developed musculature and good 10 inches or so of manhood as I walked down the beach.  Because of my physique, I was accustomed to the way women looked at me longingly, trying to hide their desire from their husbands if they were nearby.  Hey, what could I say?  It was gratifying to be a turn-on to the naked women I encountered, many much more good-looking than I was.  I saw the envy in the men’s eyes, too.  They sucked in their guts a little when I walked by.  (I must admit, I’ve seen a few of the men look at me with lust, their cocks stiffening as they pondered my equipment—it was tough trying to hide their gay inclination from their wives on a nudist beach!) 


Something strange was going on today, though, since it’s not the wives that seem to be ogling me but the younger girls.  Were they all staring at me, or was I only imagining it because of what happened last summer?  There were the teenaged Dutch sisters, Gisela and Brandie, ogling me from the dock.  There was the young Portuguese girl, Catarina (how old was she, 13? 14?) with her pudgy little sister, on the water’s edge smiling at me.  Over by the jetty, I saw the incredibly beautiful 12-year-old Ukrainian girl, Olena, sitting on some rocks gawking at me, unconsciously spreading her legs ever so slightly as I walked by.  And there’s another pre-teen girl (what was her name?) smiling and waving to me—and I hardly knew her.  What the fuck was going on?  Was it just my horny imagination at work here?  I am horny, I acknowledged.  It’s been a while since I’d had any sex, and I had to accept my subconscious motivation for being here—to get laid.  But I had to stop thinking about these young girls, I muttered to myself, or I will be fucked, and not the way I wanted, either!


I figured I better get off the beach before I got a massive woody, and there was no way to hide that if it happened.  Oh shit, they’re everywhere, and they were gawking at me!  Over by the small sailboats, even the prepubescent Danish cuties Grette, Aleksia and Kristen were looking at me funny.  Why, I asked myself for the umpteenth time?  Do girls that young think of sex?  Most of them had seen me before so I thought the novelty of my equipment had worn off.  A competing thought pushed to the forefront of my brain: they were the cutest little Danish pastries I’d ever seen.  I couldn’t help it—my cock swelled appreciably, causing the girls to twitter in laughter, a look of wonder on their little faces. 


I had to hide my ‘condition’ so I moved off to a secluded corner, spread my beach towel and sat down.  After my buddy was flaccid again, I got up and walked to the pool area.  Jesus, I was still getting those knowing looks from all the young girls.  At the pool’s edge, pretty Maria (14? 15?) brazenly appraised my dangling member.  At the other end of the pool, the cute little red-haired Texan, Maggie (12?) was ogling me with this magnificent come-hither look I’d seen perfected by only a couple of other women before.  When I glanced into the pool, I saw Anna’s friend Adriana lying on her stomach on an air mattress float.  When she saw me, she smiled and slowly spread her legs apart.  Screw this, I couldn’t take any more.  I was going back to my boat to jerk off!


On the way back to my boat I saw her, standing near one of the small sailboats on the beach.  What a magnificent, special creature Anna was!  Her pretty face, perfectly tanned figure and marvelously pert breasts were a sight to behold.  I vividly recalled all the glorious moments of last summer, when I introduced this beautiful then-15-year-old French girl to the joys of lovemaking. 


When Anna saw me her face lit up, and she ran to me, unselfconsciously embracing me in a big hug.  I realized how truly happy I was to see her.  We walked around to the other side of the sailboat, mostly hidden from view, where I lifted her into my arms and kissed her.  Her lips tasted as sweet as candy as our tongues touched.  As I hugged her close to me, feeling those luscious points rubbing against my chest, I couldn’t help but get another erection.  I felt the heat radiating from her; she seemed ready to faint from anticipation.


“Oh, Monsieur Beel, I miss you very much this last year,” she panted.  “I waited much…for your return…to me,” all the while running one hand through my chest hair and the other lightly fingering my stiff cock.


“I’ve missed you so much, too, Anna.”  My breaths were also rapid and shallow.  “Let’s go to my boat,” I whispered, taking her by the hand. 


As unobtrusively as possible we walked to the dock.  I draped the beach towel over my arm in such a way as to try to camouflage (I hoped) my erection.  Anna would have broken into a run if I let her; she was so hot by then I could see moisture in the cleft between her young legs as she walked.  When we climbed aboard, Anna impatiently pulled me by the hand and led me below to my bunk.  She fell to the bed and pulled me atop her.  Anna’s legs were spread wide for me as I entered her.  Whether the motion came naturally, or she was mimicking her sister from last summer, she reached her hands around my ass and pulled each cheek toward her, plunging all my inches of thick manhood into her tight but well-lubricated vagina.  My thrusting pace was immediately a frantic one, as we rocked our bodies in feverish coupling.  My cock was so deep inside her I could feel my thrusts assaulting her cervix.  She orgasmed so magnificently: bathed in sweat, her hips pounding into me, her pussy pulsating around the shaft of my cock, a loud squeal of pleasure escaping her lips. 


Oh, man, what a rush, as I came in maybe the most fantastic orgasm I’d had since I was a kid.  Most amazing of all, as I let go my first two shots of jism as deep into her as my cock could penetrate, I actually felt her cervix—I don’t know—open up (?), dilating in tune to her climax, my spray going deep into her womb as she was hit by a second orgasmic wave.  Somehow that feeling spurred a secondary climax in me as well, my cock spewing another couple of surprising ropes into her.


We lay in each other’s arms for a long while, basking in the glow of the superb lovemaking.  We talked for a while there on the bed, experiencing what I thought of as afterplay, each of us touching and tweaking the other’s most sensitive areas (of course, Anna spent a lot of time stroking my chest hair, which she particularly and mysteriously loved).  While we were talking, the day’s most pressing mystery was solved.  Anna, as most young girls were wont to do, told many of her young girl friends about our encounter last year.  Anna’s sexual heat must have elevated the story to high drama.  Of course, these young girls knew what I had between my legs, and they saw my muscled body on the beach all the time.  To them, I was probably the biggest and strongest male in the community.  No mystery there, however it took Anna’s narrative to fill in the blanks these little beauties must have had in their minds, overloaded with sexual curiosity.  I tried to make clear to her that telling everyone was not a good idea, even though the girls swore to secrecy, an adult would eventually find out and I’d be in deep trouble.  That scared her.  She promised no adult would find out, but I was thinking maybe it was too late already.


We showered and headed back to the beach.  With a look of love radiating in her eyes, and a slight brush of her hand, we parted.  I headed off to the beach for a dip, and Anna headed home.  I realized I’d forgotten to ask about her sister Aimee.  I was assuming she’s back in France, since the girls were always inseparable before.  Oh well, I would ask her tomorrow.


When I got to the beach, several of the young girls gravitated (best word I could think of) to me.  A few were—unconsciously, or maybe brazenly—ogling my cock.  One of the most beautiful was a sultry Italian girl named Luisa, who just stood before me, staring into my eyes.  She was probably 12 or 13, I surmised.  She had a thin, boyish figure, dark hair, small pointy breasts and puffy, dark pink areolae, as well as a small tuft of new pubic down.  I guess I was staring back, I thought to myself; I felt the stirring in my loins once again, as I began to thicken up.  She noticed and smiled a little half-smile.  Nervously, she sat down next to be on the towel.  As if a sign was passed, the other girls moved away.


“Hello, my name is Luisa, and your name is Bill,” she declared matter-of-factly. 


She momentarily looked around to see if anyone (translated: adults) were watching us, then reached over surreptitiously and touched my semi-erect member.  Our eyes locked, and I could see the fire in hers.  Did a young pubescent girl just automatically become a sexual creature, I wondered?


I leaned over and whispered in her ear: “This is not the place to touch me, not here on the beach.  “Do you know where my boat is at the dock?” I asked. 


She nodded and in a throaty whisper said, “yes.” 


I told her to come to my boat in one hour, and to be sure no one saw her climb aboard.  She got up from the beach towel and slowly walked away.  I wasn’t surprised to find the spot where she’d been sitting to be wet to the touch.  I sat around on the beach towel for a while until my erection subsided.  Don’t worry, the rest of the girls that were around me knew what was going on.  They’d seen my hard-on, their little wet asses quivering at the sight.  I eventually walked back to my boat and went aboard.  A few moments later, I heard footsteps on deck, and then saw Luisa at the doorway of my cabin, appearing as a nubile nymph before me. At the sight of her, my cock leapt to full erection.  The sight of my (to her) gigantic tool had her spellbound.  I walked to her and folded her into my arms.  Hugging her close, I was reminded how young and waiflike she was. 


I came to the realization I could not fuck this girl.  She was too young, I was too big, and I wasn’t going to hurt her.  I would have to satisfy her young sexual desires without penetration. 


I lifted her into my arms and placed her on my bunk.  Lying next to her, I gently asked her questions about sex.  What did she know of the act?  Had she ever been with a boy before?  What did she want me to do?  While I was talking to her, I began touching her in lazy and (at least I hoped) unthreatening ways: brushing my hand along her belly; slowly dragging my fingertips in circling motions around her tiny breasts, every so often touching a nipple; tracing a path down her belly again to her labia, just touching them with a soft, fingertip sweep.  She told me she knows nothing of sex, although Anna described to her (in great detail, I imagined) how good I made her feel.  My touching and stroking was having a big effect.  Luisa was turned on (even if she wasn’t intellectually aware of the concept), her breathing shallow, and her whole body flushed with excitement. 


I had to explain we couldn’t have sex because she was too young and I was too big for her. She seemed to understand—let’s face it, she was right next to a, what? —a 10-inch or more very thick and very hard, veiny erection.  She couldn’t help but be a little scared.  I kissed her gently on the lips, and then began nibbling on an earlobe.  I used my hand to ease open her legs.  My fingers parted her wet vulva, probing for her clitoris.  She groaned and involuntarily arched her back in order to open for me.  I continued to gently rub the inside of her lips and then concentrated on the little nub of her clit.  Hips quaking and quivering in response to my touch, her young body rushed full speed to climax.  Her orgasm was awesome.  Her pussy clenched onto the fingertip still in her.  I felt cum-juice spit onto my hand.  She emitted a loud moan that went on and on.


When she came down from her orgasmic high, she began to sob; her head nestled at my chest.  Shit, shit, shit, I thought, had I hurt her?  What was wrong?  She declared the boy she would really like to have sex with was named Andy, but he wouldn’t do anything to her.  I tried to get a mental image of Andy.  I thought I remembered him—good looking English kid, maybe 14.  Had good equipment too—5-6 inches or so, uncut—I could see why Luisa was interested.  My God!  She wanted me to somehow coach Andy in the ways of sexual intercourse!  How the hell was I going to arrange that one, I wondered in a panic?


  My erection long gone, I promised young Luisa I’d try to bring them together.  She smiled, wiped some tears from her cheek, and gave me a big hug.  Bill, old buddy, I guess you have some work to do.


Later, I walked the beach searching for Andy.  I spotted him with a group of other kids. Approaching them, I was thinking of ways to initiate the conversation.  The girls in the group had obviously heard the “Anna story” too, for they blushed and trembled in my presence.  I was surprised Andy didn’t exhibit the angry/envy look many of the young men had when they saw me.  I took it as a good sign.  I figured the direct approach was best, so I addressed Andy with the most non-threatening smile I could muster.


“You’re Andy, right?”


He nodded and answered me with a hesitant, “Yes, sir.”


“I’ve been told by a few folks on the beach that you like boats and sailing.  You know my boat, the Little Flowers, right?  How would you like to take her out and put her through her paces?” 


This approach was a gamble—I figured most teenage boys liked boats—and it paid off, as Andy beamed a wide grin, and said “sure.”  We agreed to set sail first thing in the morning (of course, “sailing” is a euphemism, since my boat is a motored yacht—no sails).


When Andy came aboard in the morning, he was flushed with excitement.  I guessed he really did like the idea of driving my boat.  I guessed wrong.  Andy stayed very close to me while I showed him the intricacies of putting the boat out to sea.  During my tutoring, I snuck glances at Andy.  He was very hyper and flushed around me, I noticed.  His cock seemed to swell and twitch, and his breathing shallow.  The thought hit me: my God, this kid was horny for me!  Whether gay, or just adolescently confused, Andy was acting just like the girls on the beach.  This complicated things, I considered, but a promise was a promise, and I made one to sweet Luisa.


We moved out to open ocean.  I continued my sailing lesson, but it’s another lesson I was thinking about, the one I was about to teach this young lad.  The sea was rather calm, so I wasn’t particularly worried about leaving the helm and just floating out there for a while.  I invited Andy out onto the foredeck for some sun.  We set out some beach towels and lay down.  I really didn’t believe what I was about to do; yet I was going to seduce this kid and see if I could “turn” him to appreciate Luisa’s charms.  We weren’t saying much at this point, just relaxing in the sun.  I shifted positions and slid over so our flanks were lightly touching.  He looked at me with a sexually charged smile, and I could see his cock blossom to full erection.


“Well, well, well, Andy…now that we’re out here alone, what would you like to do?”


“I, uh, I…” he stammered, but couldn’t get the words out.  I could see some pre-cum leaking from the head of his hard, uncircumcised cock.


I propped myself up on one elbow and leaned towards him, saying, “Have you wanted to play with this?” Pointing to my manhood, “Maybe you’ve wanted to touch this monster for some time, eh?”


Andy nodded, looking for a moment like one of those bobble-head dolls.  I gave my head a little nod as well, inviting him to come closer.  I realized my entire body was a mystery to him, just as with the girls.  He probed and explored every muscle before eventually arriving at my cock.  Mind you, I’m not gay and I’ve never had any such fantasies, but when this boy palmed my cock, I couldn’t help but get hard.  He stroked my big cock in rapt reverence.  His mouth moved down to envelop the head, which was all he was willing to try right then. 


I teased him a bit; “If you’re going to suck it, SUCK IT,” I said rather loudly, “Come on, you want it don’t you?  


He took me deeper into his mouth and started to head-stroke, one hand around the shaft, pushing me deeper into his throat (and not gagging!) with each bob.  I absently reached over and palmed his rock-hard and leaking cock.  Upon the touch, he grunted like an animal, moved his lips up and down on my engorged cock in a more frenetic pace, and then ejaculated in an almost steady stream of cum, coating us both.  The jerking of his body as he came mad him take me even deeper into his mouth; it had to be very deep in his throat, I marveled.  When I came, he made a little coughing noise but kept him deep, and swallowed all I spewed.  When he finally pulled his mouth away, I could see a small dribble of cum at the corner of his smiling lips.  I chuckled to myself—my tombstone will read, “He Fucked All The Kids In Camp.”


After cleaning ourselves off, we talked of sex.  Andy confessed he probably looked at the older, more endowed men on the beach more than the girls.  But he did look at the girls, he assured me.  He just wasn’t sure of himself, he said.  The girls he liked were all beautiful, but his cock was not as big as some of the men, and not even half as big as mine, he declared.  His hormone-riddled, mixed up mind kept him from comparing himself to the rest of the competition his own age, I told him.  Playing amateur psychologist, I explained that his growing manhood was causing him to somehow desire men’s cocks, even if the men themselves didn’t turn him on.  I knew down deep this was not so—his desire for men was real—but I had to get him back to girls, and especially Luisa.


Because of our closeness there on deck, he was getting horny again.  All the signs were there; beside the fact his cock was stiff.  I asked him if he liked any special girls, and he mentioned Luisa and a girl named Heather, who was closer to his own age.  He knew Luisa liked him a lot, but hadn’t got up the courage to initiate anything yet.  Luisa’s heat scared him, I believed.  Heather was a cute little thing, but if I were his age, I’d go for Luisa, remembering the orgasm she had in my bed just yesterday.  We were third down and long, I deliberated: do I go for the long pass to win the game?  Go deep!


“Luisa told me once that she wanted you, Andy.”  I continued, “You know Anna, don’t you?  Luisa told Anna just last week she wanted to have sex with you, but you won’t try it.” 


Andy blushed, his cock standing straight up, harder than before.  He confided he would like to be with Luisa, but I sensed from our conversation that I still needed to do something more to tip the balance.  I gambled one more time. 


“Let’s make a deal, okay Andy…If you make love with Luisa, I’ll make love to you right now.”  He was panting in anticipation, lusting for my cock one more time.  When he leaned down to suck me again, I surprised him by stopping him, saying, “No that’s not how men fuck each other, let me show you.” 


I rolled him onto his belly and lifted him up onto all fours, his body loose yet fiery hot.  Kneeling behind him, I spread his ass cheeks apart and appraised his pink hole.  The small, tight ass before me made me forget this was a boy.  I spit into my hand and rubbed the dollop on his anus, working it into him for lubrication.  I spit again into my palm and rubbed it along the shaft of my once-more stiff cock.  I placed my cock-head against his opening and pushed.  When I penetrated him, he yelped in pain and started to fight me, but I was holding his ass in a tight grip.  I inched further into him and could feel him relax considerably, warming to the sensation.  Involuntarily, my pace quickened.  Soon, my full length was penetrating deep into his rectum.  He was making dog-like grunts and moans as I continued to cleave his asshole. 


As I fucked him, I carried on a narrative about how “real men” fuck each other; how a girl’s hole was sweeter than a man’s but that “real men” need to “get dirty.”  I knew he was both loving and hating this experience.  With my 10 inch piston making full strokes in his little ass, I reached around and stroked his cock.  He climaxed in a geyser of squirting cum, covering the floor beneath him.  When I felt mine coming, I plunged deep into his rectum and let go streams of my own.  In my cum-induced stupor, I ruminated, this plan had better work.


Later, Andy and I showered, and then started up the motors for our return to the marina.  I could see it hurt for him to sit.  Good.  Maybe my lesson would “take.”  While sailing back, I made my proposal: he could keep his promise to me by inviting Luisa back to the Little Flowers tomorrow.  I assured him Luisa would not say no.


The next morning I saw Andy and Luisa off to the side of the pool, talking and holding hands.  They were a cute little couple, I observed, smiling.  Later in the afternoon, on my boat, I heard footsteps topside.  Luisa led Andy across the deck as they called out to me.  I invited them below.  Luisa looked at me with the most amazing smile on her lips; silently thanking me for what she must believe is a miracle.  I excused myself to go topside, but lingered in the small passageway to spy on the young couple.  Luisa embraced and kissed Andy while her hands caress his back and ass.  She pulled him down on the bed, while reaching for something in a small bag she brought aboard.  Good boy, I thought, as he explored her body with his hands and lips—her budding little points, with their larger-than-usual areolae got most of his attention.  I saw what she reached for—holy wonders: a condom; good girl!—as she began to help Andy put it on.  I knew she couldn’t wait any longer. 


She pulled Andy on top of her and spread her legs wide for him.  He clumsily entered her.  Their young lovemaking was frantic and animalistic (was my first time like that?).  Andy was pounding away at Luisa’s pussy, her legs sticking straight up.  As I watched the magnificent natural spectacle from the doorway, I masturbated.  At the same time they both climaxed explosively, I came all over the doorjamb.  I listened in on their post-coital patter for a while, before I tiptoed away.  It was clear it had been great sex for both of them.  They finally came topside, hand in hand.  Of course they were a little embarrassed to have to walk by me to leave, but didn’t let on if they saw my cum-puddles or not.  Andy appeared pretty happy, I thought, but wouldn’t make eye contact with me.  Luisa was positively aglow, shining like the sun.  Our eyes met as she leaned in, as if to kiss me on the mouth. 


She instead whispered, “Thank you” and kissed me on the cheek.  If I gazed into those sexy, fulfilled eyes again, I’d be her slave forever, I daydreamed.  Andy, you’re a lucky bastard; you better stay hetero now!


After they left, I cleaned up a bit, changing the sheets on my bed (and yes, cleaning up the cum).  It was still early afternoon, so I headed back to the compound, thinking of an early dinner before retiring to my boat.  Just as I did when I arrived, I studied all the little flowers surrounding me.  Lisa, Kalie, June, Maria, Imelda, Susanne, Abril, Uta and Liesl—what pretty flowers they were.  Who will be first to smell their sweet perfume?  Who will first caress their lovely petals?  Who will experience their blossoming buds?


I saw my lovely Anna on a small sailboat, coming in to the marina/beach.  My heart skipped a few beats when I spotted her (am I in love?).  I waved to her and she waved back.  She needed to check in with her parents at their bungalow, so I didn’t wait around for her.  I knew deep down inside the real reason I didn’t wait for her was she stirred so much passion in me it scared me, and I couldn’t keep it hidden much longer in the compound. 


After dinner, I returned to the boat, brooding about my life, and my feelings for Anna.  For perhaps the first time in my life, I was unsure of what to do.  I moved below and sat there for a while, pondering the future.  I was surprised when I heard a smattering of footsteps first on the dock and then on deck.  Who was coming aboard uninvited at this hour?  I was even more surprised when Anna’s beautiful smiling face appeared in the hatchway.  I was on surprise overload when 6 or 7 young girls followed her into the cabin, all a-twitter like little birds.  I recognized redheaded Maggie, plus Grette and Kristen.  Ah yes, the skinny one was Liesl, the German girl with the pretty little puffy pubic mound.  The others I’d seen around the enclave but didn’t know or couldn’t remember their names.


Anna jumped into my arms and kissed me.  She whispered her plan to me: she wanted all the most curious (and therefore apt to talk) girls to “play” with me, to quench their budding sexual thirst.  Like a scoutmaster on a camping trip she pushed me toward the bed then herded her squirming little troop after me.  Lying on my back with the girls surrounding me, they explored my body with their young, tentative hands.  Needless to say, my erection was immense.  While the girls were conducting their anatomy lesson, Anna was explaining things to them—I can make out 3 or 4 different languages (any more surprises about this magnificent 16-year-old?)  Sex-ed class was in session! 


A couple of the older girls (sweet Jesus, 11 or 12?) were working on my cock, rubbing their hands up and down the shaft.  I knew I couldn’t take much more of this.  When one of them ran her lips against it I came, spewing my seed all over the assembled little bodies.  Anna must have explained the phenomenon to them; they chirruped and squealed and reveled in it, daubing the liquid all over themselves.  A teacher had no time to relax in post-orgasmic bliss, I thought—class was still in session! 


I started playing with their expectant little bodies, tweaking a tiny nipple here, stroking a thigh there.  Everywhere I looked on the bed, I saw little flower-bud pussies, parting for me.  I fondled as many of the little pink pussies I could with both hands, moving quickly from girl to girl.  Their arousal was sensational, each of them wet, flushed and panting as I touched them.  I focused on one girl at a time—parting her labia and stroking the rosebud of her clitoris—bringing each in rapid succession to climax.  Surrounded by all this sweet girl-flesh in the throes of orgasm, my cock grew erect once more.


I looked up at Anna and she smiled like some proud parent at a school recital.  It was obvious she’d become extremely aroused too.  Anna came to me on the bed, murmuring little commands to the girls who moved away from me to give her room.  Anna straddled my cock and took its full length in one pelvic thrust.  She humped me at a feverish pace, too soon cumming in a convulsive tremor, screaming her pleasure to the heavens. The girls were awestruck by what they just witnessed.  After Anna slinked off my still hard cock (I hadn’t cum yet), Maggie snuggled up to her and whispered something in her ear.  Anna stole a glance at me, and nodded to Maggie.


“Will you make love to me now?” the slightly pudgy red-haired Texan said to me in a hoarse half-whisper from the edge of the bed. 


I looked at Anna.  She nodded, which spoke volumes to me:  She considered me her lover, and was giving me permission; Maggie was ready for sex and was deemed worthy of the act; the sex would be safe (on the pill at 12 or 13?).  I moved off the bed and scooped Maggie into my arms.


“Are you sure, sweetheart?” I asked, “You know it’s going to hurt a little because it’s your first time.”


She nodded, so I lifted her to me and lightly kissed her lips.  Her lips parted to take my tongue, which I used to explore her sweet tasting mouth.  I felt the heat and pre-sex tension emanating from her body, fully aroused once more.  I placed her on the bed and spread her legs.  She stared intently and expectantly into my eyes as I knelt between her welcoming thighs.  I maintained the eye contact as I maneuvered my cock into position and parted her pussy with my cock-head.  She caught her breath at the contact; fully lubricated from this stimulation as well as her previous orgasm, she was ready.  I inched inward, a little at a time until I felt her hymen.  Her heavy breathing was punctuated by a little “oomph” when I hit her cherry.  As I broke it, I spent some time stroking her small breasts and rubbing her clit, still staring into her eyes to keep the spell going.  When her cherry popped, she emitted a little yelp of pain and a frightened look showed in her eyes for a moment, but the other sensations seemed to overwhelm her, driving away the temporary pain.  Her virgin pussy was stretched to the limit to take me.  I’ve never experienced so tight a vagina before. 


Knowing I can’t fully penetrate her, I kept my thrusting to short, half-strokes, maintaining good pressure on her bud of a clitoris.  As with all the other young flowers, she climaxed spectacularly: her back arching, her eyes rolled back, her already wet pussy noticeably wetter, clenching down ever so tightly on my cock’s last thrust.  I was taken by surprise when Grette’s little hand encircled the part of my shaft not in Maggie.  Could an orgasm feel any better, I marveled, as I shot load after load into Maggie, relishing both the squeeze of her snug, virgin vagina and the tight grasp of Grette’s hand.


We remained on the bed for about another half-hour; all the wet, pink, flower petals cuddling and fidgeting around me, Anna sitting in the corner chair with an approving smile.  Some of the little flowers even climaxed again from my touch.  Their young bodies (and imaginations) sated, the girls said goodbye and followed Anna back to their cottages.  I was still worried.  The parents would have to be blind not to see the glow emanating from their young daughters.


Later, I opened a beer and headed topside to admire the approaching sunset.  The colorful early evening sky mirrored my elation over what happened today.  Lost in thought, I didn’t immediately see the young teenager staring at me from a nearby boat.  What a beauty, I thought.  She was cute, with raven-dark pleated hair, nicely upturned breasts and a slim waist.  I smiled and waved, but she didn’t reciprocate.  She just kept looking at me, one hand absently covering her pubic mound.


Under the late evening sun, I contemplated the lessons still needing to be taught to my flowers.




Part Three


“What a great summer this has turned out to be,” I said to no one, lying on a blanket on the deck of my boat, enjoying the late afternoon sea breezes on my naked body. 


My thoughts turned to Anna, as they often have lately.  The 16-year-old French girl was special indeed, beautiful inside and out.  She not only had awakened something in me, she had awakened the entire enclave’s population of teen and pre-teen girls to the pleasures of sex.  No, she wasn’t plucking the little buds herself—she had given that job to me.  This summer, it’s been the little ones who have been chasing me, with many of the pubescent girls learning about joy on my boat.  Anna lit the spark, telling all the younger girls about how it felt to be loved by me, and the fires of sexual awakening were ablaze in each of them.


My reverie was broken by a voice above me saying, “You know, you should be shot, you fucker.”  I glanced up to see Lucie Bayeaux staring down at me.  Lucie was still a good-looking woman: youthful face, smallish yet firm breasts, full pubic bush, small tummy bulge, but hey, she’s had 3 kids.  With a hand resting on one hip, she smirked, “Oh yeah, Susanne told me all about your sexual escapades.” 


I didn’t know what to say; I guess it was inevitable someone would find out. 


She continued, “If you had hurt her, I would have killed you myself…luckily for you, she’s been as happy as a clam since your, er, ‘sex-ed’ session.”


“I can explain….”


She cuts me off.  “You don’t need to explain anything to me,” she said with a wry smile.  “I know you didn’t fuck her…you just helped her to orgasm like you did with the others.”  She hesitated, then added wistfully “Do you know that’s all she talks about, those orgasms?”


Shit, what could I say?   A scene played in my head of someone leading me to a jail cell.


Lucie surprised me by descending to her knees next to me and asking, “You’ve fucked half the women in this camp over the past 3 or 4 years, why haven’t you ever tried anything with me?”  She reached over and palmed my cock.  “What’s wrong…not young enough for you?”


“Lucie, for one thing, I haven’t ‘fucked half the women’ here, and for another, you are desirable, but I wasn’t going to mess up what looks like a happy marriage.”  The ‘desirable’ part was evident by my cock growing stiff in her hand.


She got close, gazed into my eyes, and said, “Oh, Bill, just kiss me and fuck me and let me worry about the rest.”


We kissed, our tongues darting and probing.  I broke the embrace to warn her we shouldn’t do it on deck where anyone could see us.  She didn’t care.  I shifted her onto her back, and putting my head between her legs, began to probe her clitoris with my tongue.  What the doctor ordered, I surmised; she moaned as copious amounts of wetness built up in her pussy opening, her dark brown pubic hair glistening.  After a few minutes, she pushed my head away, sat up, and went for my cock.  She ran her hands over the full length, transfixed by its size; then went down on me, sucking greedily. 


Pulling my cock from her mouth, she looked up at me, panting, “I’ve wanted this big fella for a long time, stud…so fuck me like a stallion.” 


She quickly got on all fours and stuck her ass out to me.  I got behind her and penetrated her.  She grabbed a boat rail, arched her back, and thrust her hips back to meet mine.  Her urgency was obvious.  My rhythm was fast; sensing that’s what she wanted, I pounded into her.  When she climaxed, she put a fist at her mouth to stifle the scream.  Though not anywhere as tight as the girls (she’s had 3 kids, what would you expect?) I still felt her pussy walls clench down on my buried cock, squeezing the cum from me.  I snuck a glance around the marina—good, nobody was watching!


We lay there on deck for a while in afterplay.  She told me not to worry; her husband was at the other end of the compound—he wouldn’t find out, she said, and warned me other mothers knew about my liaisons with their girls.  Would they want to fuck me, or kill me, I wondered.  With a parting kiss of thanks, she left my boat.


The next morning, I strolled along the beach before heading off to get some breakfast.  I was getting the picture on which of the mothers knew, gauging by some of the looks I was getting.  I saw Catarina’s mom looking at me strangely.  Was it anger, or heat of a different kind?  Walking by the pool, I saw Luisa’s fantastically fit, beautiful, dark haired and sultry mother coming up the ladder and looking back at me.  Did she know about her 12-year-old daughter’s visits to my boat?  There was Camilla sitting on the grass, looking at me too.  I saw anger in her eyes.  Was she angry about my awakening of her girl Sophie, or about the time I rebuffed her own advances?  I ate breakfast alone. 


Where would Anna be right now?   Damn, I can’t get the girl out of my mind.  How ironic; all these women who want me, and I’ve never felt so lonely.  With breakfast eaten, I headed back to the beach with my oversized beach towel.  I’d been lying there for maybe 10-15 minutes when I sensed someone standing over me.  I glanced up to see Ingrid, Liesl’s mother, scowling down at me.


“You’ve been a busy bastard, or so I’ve heard.”


I checked her out, measuring my response.  She may not be the prettiest blond on the beach, but she was still lean after 2 kids, with good tits and her shaved pubic area exposing an unusually puffy vulva.  “Okay, what are you talking about,” I asked.


“You know damned well what I’m talking about, you bastard.  All my little Liesl will talk about is the ‘funny feelings’ and your ‘giant,’ as she calls it.  You’re lucky my husband hasn’t heard about this or he’d kill you.”  After an exaggerated exhaling of breath, she continues, “Are you a pedophile?  You get my daughter to cum on your boat, but you won’t even look at me twice…what’s the matter, not young enough for you?” 


Didn’t I just hear that question? 


She didn’t let me answer, saying in a clipped tone: “This is what’s going to happen, Bill.  I’m walking back to my cabin…I want you to follow me there…my husband won’t be home for a few hours…the kids are at the rec hall…you’re going to fuck me senseless…I better be satisfied when you leave…got it?”


Could I to say no to a lady in distress?  I followed her to her cabin.  When she drew me inside, she breathlessly told me she “liked it rough.”  She practically dragged me to the bedroom, where we got right down to it.  It was clearly about her needs, not mine.  She wouldn’t suck my cock, yet opened other orifices up to me.  I took her from behind, punishing her pussy.  I’d seen her husband’s equipment; it was clear she’d never been with anyone as hung as me.  Her bucking and twitching was feverish, grinding her hips into my pelvis as I bottomed out deep inside her on each thrust.  I gave her ass cheek a big slap simultaneously with one deep thrust and she climaxed, howling “I’mmmm cummmmmmminggg ooooooooOOOOOO!” 


In the throes of her orgasm, she didn’t realize I’d pulled out of her pussy and punched into her anus, going halfway in on the initial push.  Rough, indeed.  She moaned loudly but didn’t try to stop me.  I pounded into her ass without mercy, giving her all of my 10+ inches, stretching her tight anal opening to the limit.  She was in heat, sweating and grunting like a pig, as I continued my assault.   She emitted loud “umph-umph-umph” sounds as I pumped her ass hard.  When I reached down with one finger and stroked her clit between thrusts, I heard, “Oh Godddddddd” in an extended moan escape from her lips, her whole body clenching and convulsing on the second orgasm.  I ejaculated deep inside her pulsing bowels.


When she finally came down, she assured me I’d fully satisfied her requirements.  She also warned me never to touch her daughter Liesl again.

The following morning sitting at the pool’s edge, dangling my feet in the water, my attention was caught by a stunning woman staring at me from the pool.  Her hands were up behind her head squeezing the water from her pulled-back, strawberry blonde hair, accentuating firm, round yet not-too-big breasts.  Probably 40, I guessed, with full hips, nicely flat stomach, and a shaved pubic mound.  She waded toward me and I saw the steely cold glare.  Another mother, I feared.


“So, you must be the ‘Big Bill’ Maggie and her friends keep talking about,” she says in her Texas drawl, giving me the once-over, appraising my body as she spoke.  “I should turn you in, you bastard.” Her gaze focusing on my dangling member, she lowered her voice so as not to be heard by the others around the pool.  “I can see why the girls were all aflutter about you…I hope you appreciated Maggie giving her virginity up to you, Bill.”  She stopped and looked away, “You know, she told me it was the best thing she’s ever experienced…I got to hand it to ya, she said you were gentle with her, and the others…” Looking up into my eyes again, she asked, “Is it just the little girls you’re gentle with Big Bill?” 


Duty called: another invitation to another cottage.  Our coupling was as intense as could be.  A sexual tigress, she took my cock in every opening.  She was an athletic woman, active in life, and active in the bedroom, I soon learned.  She straddled me and gloriously rode my cock to quick climax.  To my surprise, and without hesitation, she switched holes and impaled her ass on my rigidity.  She rode me again with equal relish, taking me completely up her ass with each bounce, with one hand feverishly stroking her clit.  The follow-up orgasm must have been exhilarating: her back arched, her legs bucked against mine—and her scream!  Knowing I was about to cum, she jumped back off my cock, grabbed it with both hands and pumped jet after jet of my spunk all over her chest and stomach.  Still straddling me, her hips writhing to match her orgasmic waves, she rubbed my cum juice all over her tits and stomach before rubbing some between her pussy lips with a last shudder of pleasure. 


Fully spent, we silently lay there for a while in bed, until a noise at the door startled us.  12-year-old Maggie was staring at us from the doorway.  Her face showed equal parts surprise, horror, and something else (need? jealousy?)  Mom’s got some ‘splainin’ to do, I imagined.  She slinked off the bed and went to Maggie.  They spoke a few moments in whispers; then both turned to me, and nodded, as if to say, “you can go now, we’re okay with this.”  Before I left the cottage I glanced back at mother and daughter, in deep discussion on the sofa (real life, grown-up, birds and bees stuff, I was sure), holding hands.


By the next morning, I was almost afraid of walking anywhere in the compound, for fear another mother would either kill me or fuck me.  The only woman I wanted to see right then was Anna, but I hadn’t seen her in many days.  I searched for her on the beach and by the pool, but I was afraid to go to her home for fear of her parents’ reaction.   I gave up and went back toward my boat. 


Unfortunately I couldn’t escape “The Ladies’ Club.”  The ‘Club’ was a group of seven childless women in camp who hung around together to run social functions in the enclave.  I ran into the group at the rocks near the beach as I was returning to the dock.  They waved and asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking a picture of the group.  Of course, it was probably a ruse to get me near them so they could ogle, and play their teasing games of brushing against my cock.  They were all good looking women of various ages, but I hadn’t slept with any of them, thank you (but the petite hardbody, Jennifer, and I have ‘danced’ around the act, sexually teasing each other a few times).  Today, the teasing is verbal.


“Oops, no little girls around here.”


“Don’t worry, girls, we’re too old for him.”


“Yeah, he only likes cherries.”


I was pissed off by their banter.  I snapped their picture and started to storm off before I snapped at them.  Jennifer and the buxom Mary stopped me with, “We’re sorry, Bill.” 


Jennifer added, “We know the girls came to you, not the other way around.”


I looked away and said, “I never would hurt any of them…they’re all so sweet.”


Jennifer said, “We know you didn’t hurt them…they all love you, Bill.”  She walked up close to me and touched my shoulder.  “We girls in the Club were just wondering why you don’t try to teach us new things,” she murmured. “We know you have the tools to teach us things our poor husbands can’t,” sidling closer to me, rubbing a firm breast against my chest hair.


What could I say?  “If the Club wants a group lesson, maybe it can be arranged,” I offered with a sarcastic smile.


Donna twirled a small key hanging from a gold chain encircling her waist.  “The Club meeting begins at 10 o’clock…we expect you there…the door will be unlocked,” she said to me, coming closer and fondling my dangling cock. 


They dispersed, looking back at me with silly little grins as they went.


At ten, I opened their clubhouse door without knocking.  They were indeed waiting for me; mattresses were spread out covering the floor of the main hall, with the ladies all in various poses on them.  Mary and Donna jumped up and came to me.  Mary pulled me toward the mattresses, her big tits bouncing, while Donna locked the door behind us.  Mary pulled while Donna pushed me down amidst the pile of tanned women, who immediately began working on my cock.  Sweaty tits, wet mouths and even wetter pussies assaulted my body from every angle.  Some hierarchy of womanly needs had been set, with Mary going first.  She straddled my cock and started to bounce wildly, her big tits slamming up and down with each thrust of her hips. 


The fullness of my large manhood pushing up inside her triggered her climax.  “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCK-FUCK-FUCK…” she screamed in a building crescendo. 


They wouldn’t give me a chance to cum.  No sooner had Mary climaxed, Joanne forced her off and straddled me herself.  Petite Joanne’s pussy was as wet as any I’d ever felt, my slippery cock easily going in to the hilt.  On her first thrust, my cock-head poked hard at her cervix and she let out an “oop” sound.  She obviously liked the feeling because she pounded herself onto me, violently bottoming out each time, the “oops” and “oomphs” getting louder and louder. 


The self-made attack on her cervix brought a quick but super-powerful orgasm.  She groaned, “I’m cummmmmmmmming” in a long drawn-out moan of pleasure. 


The pulsing of her vagina walls and the pressure of hitting her cervix was too much—it was my turn to cum.  However at that exact moment, Donna pushed Mary off me for her turn, so ropes upon ropes of my pent-up jism sprayed into the air, coating all the wet, sweaty bodies.  The women were like small children splashing in a wading pool.  They giggled and squirmed, rubbing my cum all over their bodies. 


Donna was the first to start working on getting me hard again.  She sucked my limp and leaking dick deep into her mouth while Jennifer and another woman played with my balls.  Michelle mounted my face, her copious natural lubrication quickly coating my mouth.  I worked her clit with my tongue as the others worked on me.  When their ministrations got me somewhat hard again, one of them mounted my cock, though I couldn’t see who it was since Michelle’s writhing pussy was smothering my face.  I felt and heard whoever was riding me climax.  Michelle then came, squirting her woman-juice onto my tongue and into my open mouth. 


When those two eventually fell away from me (and I got to come up for air!), I looked around and inspected the “damage.”  Two pairs of women were kissing, fondling and finger-fucking each other; while Jennifer lay there on a mattress, legs wide, staring at my glistening erect cock.  The baton had been passed to the anchor runner, I mused.  They all must have known about the sexual tension that’s been building between us.  I’ve always had the hots for her.  She looked a lot like her namesake, the actress Jennifer Aniston.  Jenn, probably the youngest in the Ladies’ Club, was an aerobics instructor with a great, hard body and nicely up-turned, firm breasts.  I’d always wondered about her attraction to her husband: a skinny, non-physical, nerdy guy (worked in a science lab nearby), with not much meat hanging.  As I said before, she had definitely been attracted to me ever since the first time we met.  The attraction was about to be consummated. 


Jenn reached out in an open-arms gesture, inviting me between her spread legs.  Instead of mounting her, I eagerly went down on her well-lubricated pussy.  When my tongue flicked against her engorged clit a second time, she orgasmed.  As the climactic quivers undulated through her, she grabbed my hair (ouch!) and pulled my head up towards hers.  Without any hesitation on my part, I knelt between her thighs, cupped her beautiful ass cheeks in my hands, lifted and penetrated her.  Her reaction was no different than a virgin’s: shock at being stretched so much, new sensations of friction and fullness never before experienced, and animal desire for more. 


At first, my pace was slow, since she was so surprisingly girl-tight around my stiff cock.  Overwhelmed with the sensation of it all, she began to buck, meeting my thrusts with her own.  Our pace quickened as we both rushed to orgasm.  Her stomach, ass, and vagina suddenly clenched in a massive spasm.  Her scream of pleasure was ear shattering.  At the height of her orgasmic convulsions I shot into her.  My ejaculatory spasms seemed to match hers, which somehow caused her whole pelvic region to scrunch up in one more massive new spasm, as she screamed again.  With the sheer magnitude of her orgasms, a stray thought ran through my brain: the child would never look like her husband.


I was able to get it up one more time and the ladies took full advantage.  For another hour or so we were one, writhing flesh pile, pleasuring each other in any way we could.  Later we cleaned up and went away in post-coital bliss.  Jennifer was the last to leave my side, saying “Thank you, Bill” and kissing me in passionate embrace.


During the next two weeks, I fucked many more women in need.  More mothers came to me, as well as some of the other married women.  More of the young teens came to my boat too.  I deflowered 13-year-old Lisa the day she showed up on my boat unannounced, leaving her breathless, glowing, stretched, and coated with my hefty ejaculate.  When 14-year-old Megan propositioned me by the rocks one day, I couldn’t say no.  We slipped down out of sight in that remote location, where I took her virginity from behind, stretching her tight pussy to its limit, leaving the seawater below our feet red from her shattered cherry.  One of the women I fucked was Andy’s mother, a full-bodied woman who would never know I had fucked her son earlier in the summer.  I buried it in her ass too.  Another escapade was with a very promiscuous, 17-year-old Diane, who had set out to screw every man in the compound.  I had managed to avoid her for a while, but my turn soon came (pardon the pun).  A lithe girl with nice pointy breasts, she was an insatiable animal in my bed, but left tired and sore when we were finished.


Even though I was getting more than I ever could imagine, I still missed Anna.  I hadn’t seen her in more than two weeks.  Where was she?


One day, while walking on the beach, I waded into the light surf and enjoyed a quick dip in the brisk ocean water.  When I emerged, I noticed brunette Katia, the newcomer to our community, at the waters edge.  Obviously a natural sun worshiper; I saw well-developed tan lines that would soon disappear now that she was here.  I contemplated that she was at least one woman in the compound who didn’t have some hidden agenda with me, so she was “safe” for now.  When she spotted me, however, I recognized the body language of desire.  She drank in my deeply tanned, muscled body and my dangling pal, and began the flirting dance of sexual attraction.  We were pretty much alone at that spot on the beach. 


While I stood and watched, Katia knelt in the lapping water and looked back at me for approval.  I gave my head a slow nod, as if to say, “I like what I see.”  She reclined in the shallow water, the wavelets lightly splashing against her prone form.   When she got back up on her knees, she was facing me straight on, her legs spread apart.  I couldn’t help but respond, my member swelling at the sight of her display.  Seeing my building erection, she flopped onto her side in the water and lifted one leg into the air, showing me everything she had.  Was this just a tease, or an invitation?  Wordlessly, I pointed to the marina while jerking my head in the same direction, and began the walk to my boat.  She got the message. 


She made a show of gathering her towels and things without looking my way, but eventually started walking in my direction.  Seconds after I stepped aboard, Katia followed me on deck and we went below.  The moment we were out of sight, she was all over me.  We flopped on my bunk, and without any foreplay (I guessed that was what the cavorting in the water had been all about) she climbed on and starts to hump me.  Her arousal amazed me (a nymphomaniac, always aroused?) as she rode my cock at a furious pace, her untanned tits bouncing and her pink nipples swelled and taut. 


“Oh-oh-oh-oh-OH-OH-OH-I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmmmingggg” she moaned as her body was wracked by her climax. 


She rode the waves—and me—for a few more moments.  Before I could cum, she leapt off me, spun and swallowed my throbbing cock in one thrust—the word ‘swallow’ truly applying, since she shoved all 10+ inches down her throat!  I came and came, and she swallowed every drop in deep-throated splendor.  Spent, our bodies drenched in sweat, we talked.


“Thanks, man,” she moaned.  “God, when I saw you today, I knew I had to have that big hunk of meat in me.”


“Damn, we’ve fucked and you don’t even know my name, do you?”


“Who gives a shit?”  She laughed, “I talked my husband into joining this club, and he’s too stupid to realize now I can just walk around and pick out all the best dicks to sample as I please.  Good Lord, it’s like a Disneyland of man-flesh out there…this is going to be great!”


I wondered, is that what I’ve been doing?  ‘Sampling’ all the women in camp?  Shit, have I been that dim-witted?  It didn’t take long for me to usher Katia off my boat.  After I showered, I headed for the compound looking for Anna.   I looked in a few spots before locating her near the recreation lounge.  When she saw me she began to cry, not wanting to look me in the eye.


“Oh, Beel, my heart is broken,” she cried. “You make love to all women in camp, but you don’t look to make love to me again.”


“I am so sorry, Anna.  I’ve been a stupid old fool for not realizing something…I love you.”  She hiccupped a little half sob, and finally looked at me.  “Yes, Anna, I do love you…you are the most extraordinary woman I have ever met.”


“But Beel, I am not a woman, just a girl…you can not love me.”


“I do love you, beautiful woman.  Yes, you are a woman…more of a woman than most of the women in this camp.”  I paused to gather my thoughts—my decision was the right one, “Anna, will you marry me?”


My proposal caught her completely by surprise.  “We cannot get married, I am but a girl of sixteen,” her voice trailing off.


“If you say yes, then we will get married.  I will ask your father and mother to allow it, and they will say yes.  We will marry in France, and live anywhere in the world you want to—”  Those dark, mysterious eyes lit up like a hundred suns.  She leapt into my arms, repeating “Oui” over and over again.


Later that year, we married in a small church in a small village in central France.  We will live there, my new bride and I.  While Anna pursued her dream of a teaching degree at a nearby university, I’d started a small computer consulting business, learning French on the side.  My French was getting passable—I didn’t think I sounded like an idiot anymore. 


Anna told me one night while making love, that she thought she was pregnant.  I knew she was; her radiance was unmistakable.  My “little flower”—the girl who offered herself to me, and wanted to share that feeling with the world—will have a little flower of her own.  I thank God every day that I woke up and realized what I needed most.  I will never be with another woman the rest of my life.  Anna completes my soul.


The End




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