Cousins’ First Time



Used by permission of the author’s estate




11-year-old Tiffany was staying over her cousin’s house for the summer weekend.  13-year-old Mark hadn’t always liked his cousin, but lately was warming up to her.  She was what earlier generations called a tomboy, which was okay with Mark—she was getting to be fun to hang around with, since she didn’t mind doing “boy stuff” and wasn’t afraid to try new things.  After a late Friday afternoon of pick-up baseball (Tiff couldn’t hit at all, but she could catch, and she didn’t throw “like a girl”) and tree climbing dares, the pair returned to the house, where Tiffany, unbeknownst to Mark, promptly let out her golden hair from under her ball cap and jumped into the shower.  He was surprised when he entered the bathroom to see Tiff standing there, drying off.  Mark responded immediately to the sight of her naked body, his cock stiffening, tenting his pants. 


She turned toward Mark and smirked while letting him have a good look, before lifting the towel to her body.  Before she covered up, he saw the small cones of her budding breasts and their small, pink nipples.  He saw the soft, fleshy mound between her legs.  She saw the swelling in his pants.


“I, eh…I’m s-s-s-sorry for…coming in here,” he muttered, unable to shake from his mind the image of her nakedness, now hidden by the towel.


“That’s okay…you didn’t know I was, like, taking a shower.”


Trying desperately to cover his noticeable erection, he said, “I…I…you look real nice with no…no clothes on…I mean…”


She cut him off, looking at the front of his pants.  “My sister told me that when a boy’s penis gets real hard it means he likes her a lot.  Do you like me a lot, Mark?”


“ know I like you, Tiff…you’re my favorite cousin.”  He didn’t know what else to say, still trying desperately to hide his erection from her.


Tiffany shooed Mark from the bathroom so she could get dressed.


The next day they were outside throwing a baseball around when Mark’s mom hollered to them that she was going to be gone for a while to run some errands, and asked if they would like to come inside and watch a movie she rented for them. 


When inside, Mark looked at the video box, shook his head and said “This is a kid’s movie…my mom always rents these…I think she forgets how old I am.”


“Yeah, I like saw that one last year anyway.” Tiffany said, beginning to look through the cabinet where all the DVDs and videotapes are stored.  “Maybe we can find something else to watch.”  She reached into the back of the cabinet and pulled out one cassette that didn’t have a label. 


“What’s this one?” She asked Mark.


“It must be my father’s…I wonder what’s on it?”  Mark said, popping it into the VCR.


Both of them stared in amazement when the movie started with a teenage girl in bra and panties talking to a guy in what looked like a motel room.  In the movie, the guy said something to the girl about “the first time” and then unfastened her bra and started to rub her breasts while they kissed.  Mark and Tiff continued to stare as the action unfolded on the TV screen; the two participants completely undressing, then the guy started to lick the girl’s pussy.  With a solid erection stretching his pants, Mark grabbed the remote and stopped the tape.


“Were they having sex?” Tiffany asked, inexplicably (to her) short of breath after watching the video.


“I…I…think so,” Mark said, overwhelmed by what he saw, and the feeling of his stiff member begging for release.


“Why don’t we watch some more, OK?”  Tiff grabbed the remote back from Mark’s hand and restarted the tape.  “I can’t explain it, but watching it made me feel…like, tingly all over.”


Mark was much too excited to speak.


In the video, the girl was soon sucking the guy’s cock.  The kids didn’t quite know what to make of what they were seeing, but it sure looked to them as if the pair on the screen were enjoying themselves.  Mark and Tiff couldn’t take their eyes off the TV.  Before he got on top of the girl, the guy in the video said something about “breaking your cherry,” then put his cock into her.  At that, Mark started to rub the outside of his jeans.  Tiff was too entranced with the video to notice, her breaths coming in very short gasps as she watched wide-eyed.  The girl seemed to be uncomfortable at first, making little kitten-like sounds, but soon she was moaning in obvious pleasure as the guy was sliding in and out of her, picking up speed with each thrust.  The girl in the video cried out “I’m coming” just before the guy pulled out of her and squirted liquid all over her.  Tiff’s mouth gaped at the sight, feeling like she peed her pants as she felt the wetness soak her crotch.  Mark sensed his groin pulse as he ejaculated in his pants, uttering a moan of his own.  For many seconds afterward they didn’t know what to say, each of them caught up in the wonder of what they just witnessed, and experienced.


“Wow…that must be ‘sex’ my sister’s always talking about,” Tiffany finally said, breathlessly.


Mark stopped thinking of his leaking cock and the wetness in his underpants long enough to recognize the sound of his mother’s car entering the driveway.  “Quick, put the tape back where you found it,” he practically shouted.


The two of them mustered all the nonchalance they could when Mark’s mom walked in.  They thanked her for renting the movie, and then went outside to play.


“Why do you think your father has that tape?”  Tiff asked when they are far enough away from the house.


“I don’t know, Tiff…maybe my dad and my mom get…excited…like we did when they watch it.”


“Do you think your mom and dad still have sex?”


“Let’s not talk about it anymore, ok?”


They picked up their ball gloves and played catch for a while, each lost in the memory of how good they felt watching the videotape.


The following day, as soon as Mark’s parents left for their once-a-month Sunday church social/meeting, the kids raced to the VCR and rolled the tape.  The excitement of the previous day is intensified when they saw the next scene in the movie.  A different girl, dressed in a skimpy cheerleader outfit was talking to a nerdy looking boy in glasses.  She rubbed the front of his pants and said “ooh, you’ve got a big one…can I play with it?  She took off his glasses; then pulled off her top, exposing big, pointed breasts.  Soon his pants were off and she was sucking him.  She stopped to pull off her little skirt and panties, and laid down on the bed, spreading her legs.  “I’m so wet for you,” she growled.  “Come here and fuck me with that big cock of yours.”


Tiffany looked over at Mark when she heard him mutter a slight groan.  She’s amazed to see him furiously rubbing the bulge in his pants.  “What…what are you doing?” She whispered, surprised by the strange tone of her voice.


Mark is shocked out of his reverie.   “I, ah…I…oh, Tiff…I feel so funny watching this sex…my, ah…my, you know…”


“I know…I feel real funny watching this too.  But it’s sort of a good funny…you know what I mean?”  She stopped and thought for a moment.  “I guess I feel, like, I wanna touch myself down there too,” she added while staring at the front of Mark’s pants.


Mark didn’t know what to say or do, though he seriously wanted to rub his aching erection right now, keeping one eye on the TV action.


Tiffany moved closer to Mark and touched his bulge, just as the cheerleader did in the movie. 


“Can I see it?” She whispered.


Mark, breathing hard and blushing, tried to answer her.  “Ah…ah…I don’t know…I guess…I guess…so.”  But he didn’t move.


Tiff smiled at him and began unfastening his belt and pants.  Mark was close to cumming before she even got his pants off.  She was fascinated by this spike of flesh and placed her hand around the rigid shaft, moving closer to get a better look.  Just that one touch and one, two, three spurts of cum shot upwards, covering both of them.  Tiffany recoiled slightly as she got splashed by his cum, and let out a small nervous giggle.  While they pondered what just happened, their attention was drawn back to the TV screen, as the ‘cheerleader,’ now on her knees and taking it from behind doggie-style, noisily climaxed, and the guy pulled out, spraying all over her back and ass cheeks.


Mark uttered a “wow,” but nothing else.


Tiff alternated her stare from the spectacle on the TV to the cum-splashed boy right next to her.  “I guess that’s the stuff that makes babies,” she said, daubing Mark’s cum around his pubic area and then rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger, as if to judge its makeup and texture.


Mark broke out of his post-climactic stupor long enough to yank his pants back up, mindless of the muck around his now flaccid but still leaking cock.   Yet his eyes were still on the TV screen as another couple started to get it on.


Tiff was watching again too.  “Sex looks like a lot of fun.”  She turned to look at Mark.  “I know you just felt good a minute ago,” she crooned, smiling.  “I saw yours…would you like to look at me?”  Without hesitation, or an answer from dumbstruck Mark, she hiked up her skirt and slid off her cotton panties.


When Mark looked at her, the sight of her bald, pudgy pubic zone and its mysterious cleft again mesmerized him.  His cock twitched and started to grow anew.  Tiff slowly spread and lifted her legs, letting Mark see more of her opening flower.  Mark got closer for a good look, using a finger he lightly probed then opened the folds of her pussy.  When he spread her pudgy lips wider, he was entranced by the wet folds of skin, which he explored by pushing a finger deeper into the center.  Silent up to now, Tiff let out a small gasp when Mark’s finger touched her hymen.


“Did I hurt you?”  Mark asked, his gaze worriedly moving from her pussy to her face.


“Ah…yes…no…it just, like, felt funny for a second…that’s all.”


“Can I look some more?” He eagerly asked, not wanting to hear ‘no’ for an answer.  When Tiffany nodded her head, Mark moved his finger back down there, unknowingly touching the little pink nub of flesh at the top of her opening.


She moaned “Oh.”  When he stopped again and looked up at her, she quickly added, “Don’t stop touching there…it feels good…like the tingly feeling I had before when we started watching the movie.


The movie!  When they again look at what’s showing on the TV screen, they saw an older man talking to a girl young enough to be his daughter.  She asked him to make love to her, explaining she always wanted him to be “the first.”  The actors were soon undressed and the man’s head was between her legs, putting his tongue in her.  Mark absently rubbed the front of his pants once more, while Tiff unconsciously substituted her finger for Mark’s.  They’re both hypnotized again by the action in the video.  The girl was moaning ‘yes’ over and over again as the man licked her.


“Will…will you do that to me?”  Tiffany asked, but didn’t take her eyes off the writhing girl on the TV.


Mark was a fast learner.  He quickly got his face down there, but then hesitated, wondering what it will taste like.  When Tiff panted “hurry up,” he’s surprised to see trickles of moisture seep from her opening.  Now unsure of himself (is this pee, he thought?), he nonetheless touched his tongue to the pink slit, the sweet-yet-salty taste of the liquid coating the tip.  On the upward stroke of his first lick, he brushed the nub of her clit as he did before with his finger.  Her reaction told him this was the thing to do.  The more he licked that little nub, mimicking the guy in the video, the more Tiffany groaned and the more she leaked that mysterious, slippery fluid.  Mark was surprised when she suddenly grabbed the back of his head and forced his tongue deeper into the crevice.  He couldn’t believe that Tiff’s moans were drowning out the movie-girl’s lusty ones!


When the older guy said “Are you ready for me?” and the skinny teenage girl answered with “Yes, take my virginity…pop my cherry!”  Both kids stopped and returned their full attention to the TV screen. 


“What does that mean?” Tiff asked.  “That’s the second time a girl said something about a cherry.”  She looked at Mark.


“I dunno,” He answered, not quite sure what that particular fruit has to do with the glorious spot between Tiff’s thighs.


When the guy got on top of her and put his penis in, she made distressed noises as if he was hurting her.  Both kids were taken aback, since up to now everything they’d seen made sex look pleasant and fun.  Not this.  The young girl whispered a pained “No,” which made the man hesitate for a second, but he kept putting it in nonetheless.  The man grunted, “That’s your cherry…but now that I took it…you’ll feel much better.”  And wouldn’t you know it, the girl started to make the same sounds of pleasure the other girls in the video had, making almost continuous “ooh” and “yesss” sounds.


Still remembering the touch of Mark’s finger and tongue, as well as what’s showing on the TV, Tiff asked Mark in a panting, breathy voice, “Do you want to try sex?”  She spread her thighs open for him.


Mark wordlessly began taking off his pants, revealing his once again hard member.  Tiff, seeing that Mark was taking all his clothes off, stood to strip as well, just as they heard a car pull into the driveway.


“Oh, no, my folks are home,” Mark shouted as they both frantically pulled their clothes back on.  Thankfully, Tiff had the presence of mind to eject the tape and return it to its spot at the back of the cabinet before Mark’s parents entered the house.


After nervous pleasantries, the kids went outside to play.  That afternoon not much was said between them on what they saw and felt this weekend, until Tiffany suddenly said to Mark, “Will you kiss me like that man in the video kissed the girl?”


Mark took a quick look around to see if anyone might be watching, before tentatively hugging her and putting his lips on hers.  As kisses go, it wasn’t spectacular.  They didn’t quite know what to do once their lips touched, but to each of them it didn’t seem to matter.  Tiff felt lightheaded and out of breath.  She felt Mark’s erection push against her, as her crotch grew moist once again.  Mark’s only thought was of release—that exquisite rush of ejaculation he felt earlier.  Tiff was thinking about the conversation she was going to have with her big sister about sex when she got home…and how she would have to finagle a visit to Mark’s house next weekend.


After Tiffany went home that Sunday evening, Mark took a bath.  While sitting in the soapy water, he remembered the look and feel of Tiff’s naked body, the taste of that amazing slit between her legs, and the sex they watched on the video.  His cock was rock hard and jutting from the bathwater.  He touched himself.  After a few luxurious-feeling rubs, his cock became a geyser.  Mark had discovered the joys of masturbation.  Before falling asleep that night, he dreamt of sex with Tiffany and stroked himself to climax one more time.


The following weekend Tiffany did indeed wangle another weekend visit to Mark’s house.  Both were very eager to see the other, to continue the discoveries of the previous weekend.  They were ecstatic when Mark’s parents announced they were going out for a few hours.  Both did a good job of masking their anticipation.  The car was barely out of the driveway when the VCR started playing the video.  Tiff wound the tape to about halfway through the “cheerleader” scene, and after she pushed the PLAY button, started to undress.


“My sister said you have to, like, ‘pull out’ when you ‘come’.”


“What does that mean?” Mark asked, stripping his clothes off, too.


“She says, like, the stuff that shoots out makes babies.”  Mark looked at her in surprise and puzzlement.  She added, “I don’t know if I’m old enough to have babies, but I don’t want one.”


He still didn’t realize what to ‘pull out’ meant, until he gazed at the screen and saw the guy spray his semen all over the girl’s backside.


Tiff answered for him.  “I guess that’s what she meant.”


Mark’s attention was drawn back to Tiffany.  She didn’t have boobs like the girls in the video, but she was still nice to look at.  Her skin was all pink, like her whole body was blushing, and he saw a hint of dew in the cleft between her legs.  His cock was as rigid as ever, quivering with anticipation.  He could hardly breathe.  He was going to have sex!


Aping the girl on the TV screen, Tiff reclined back and spread her legs for him.  Mark hesitated for a moment before he lowered himself onto her and awkwardly tried to hit the target.  His cock found the center of her pussy and began to slide in.  She was so wet, he hardly moved and he was partway in.  When her hymen ruptured, she yelped in pain and pushed him out.


“What happened?  Did it hurt?”  Mark worriedly asked, his once proud erection starting to droop.


“Yeah…I dunno…it, like hurt a little…maybe we shouldn’t do it.”


Both kids were lost in thought about what they just felt.  Mark was thinking of how warmly the head of his cock felt enveloped in the marvelous pink folds between Tiff’s legs.  Tiffany sat perplexed, trying to reconcile the jab of pain with the images of pleasure in the movie, and the memory of how ecstatic she felt last weekend when Mark’s tongue was down there.  As they had so many times, their eyes were drawn again to the sex on the TV screen.  Neither noticed the slight tinge of pink leaking from Tiff’s vulva.  When the scene played where the girl said, “Pop my cherry,” the kids looked at each other, and Tiff said, “Do you think what I felt was, like, you popping my cherry?


“Uh…maybe that’s what that other guy meant later in the movie, too.”  Without thinking about it, Mark’s dick was stiff again from watching the video sex.


Tiff picked up the remote again and rewound back near the beginning of the movie, where the guy was licking the girl in the motel room.


Her voice cracking, Tiff pled, “Please…do that…to me…again!”


Mark was once again eager to get his mouth close to the wondrous place between her thighs.  He hesitated when he saw the blood, but looking up at Tiffany’s panting, flushed face, he soldiered on, licking that little nub of flesh like he did before.  Tiff was soon writhing and making little moaning “ooh” and “eeeh” sounds; that get louder and louder as he continued to lick her.  Suddenly, she shuddered, hiccupped a guttural “ugh,” and thrusting her vulva out to meet his tongue, squirted some of her juices all over Mark’s tongue and lips.  He pulled away sharply, confused by what happened until he realized—tasted, actually—that it was a good thing.  Tiffany’s body was still wracked by climactic shudders as her gaze turned to the TV screen.  Just as the girl in the movie, she lifted and spread her legs wide, beckoning Mark with outstretched hands.  Mark was quick to respond.  His cock was solid and twitching as he lowered himself between her legs, and like the guy in the video, entered the warmth of a wet vagina.  With one eye on the TV as guidance, he began to slowly thrust into Tiffany.  This felt a whole lot better than his palm, he thought, rushing headlong to a quick ejaculation.


Tiffany gasped as he slid all the way into her.  Though she’s splendidly well lubricated by now, Mark’s cock still strained the walls of her 11-year-old vagina.  His climax came after only a few thrusts.  Tiff made the connection between the look on Mark’s face, and the guy pulling out and cumming in the video, which she fortunately caught in her peripheral vision.


“No, don’t!” Tiff shouted as she pushed him out of her. 


Mark’s confusion was overwhelmed by his impending climax.  With the shaft of his cock now nestled between her pussy lips, he made one last upward thrust of his hips and shot spurt after spurt of cum into the air, coating her belly, chest, and finally, her bald pubic mound.  Although she’s somewhat consciously preoccupied with pregnancy worries (her big sister’s “advice” fresh in her mind), an incredible sub-conscious “switch” was thrown in her head:  She felt the shaft of his throbbing, ejaculating cock rub against her budding clitoris as she saw his pent-up, teenage jism fountain into the air…and her whole body convulsed in a stunning orgasm.  His groans and her whimpers combined in a crescendo of pleasure.  They fell into an embrace on the floor, oblivious to the warm goo squishing between their heated, satisfied bodies, but not oblivious to the TV, as each cast one last furtive glance at the onscreen action.


Luckily, they were able to break out of their post-orgasmic daze to get cleaned up, get dressed, and replace the tape before Mark’s folks got home.  His parents could sense something was amiss, but in no way did they imagine what had just transpired in their living room.


Mark and Tiffany would make it several more times that summer.  Their sex wasn’t always in conjunction with watching the secret video, but both admitted watching it did take their excitement to a higher level.  They experimented with different positions and acts that they saw on tape.  After one try, Tiff turned out to be an excellent cocksucker, eagerly swallowing Mark’s hefty 13-year-old load. 


One day, just before the beginning of the new school year, Mark was rummaging around in the video cabinet when he noticed the unlabeled, X-rated tape was missing.  Did his father know he’d been watching it?  He certainly wasn’t going to ask!  When he couldn’t be with Tiffany, Mark would enthusiastically masturbate to the memory of the video and the pleasure of penetrating Tiff’s warm and wet pussy.


Inevitably they drifted apart, as friends (and cousins) usually do as they grow up.  However, they would never forget that glorious summer, and what they experienced with each other.  Both grew and matured to bright, inquisitive young adults with upbeat personalities and healthy sex lives.  Who’s to say their positive, inquisitive attitude toward sexual love didn’t have a genesis in the moment they ran that mysterious videotape?





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