By Stevesaint

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I remember my mother’s favorite line when I was growing up: “Boys will be boys!”  Her voice is still with me even though she’s been gone several years now.  The memory of that singular summer reverberates through me as much as my mother’s voice still does.  It was filled with soccer, camping, and boys being boys.  My name is Bruce, and I was thirteen, going on fourteen.

Soccer consumed me back then.  I couldn’t play the game enough.  All my friends were on the team that special year, and we shared many exciting victories and consoled each other when we lost.  Actually, the losses didn’t come that often since we were a quick, athletic team with a lot of dogged determination.  My mom said we had “spunk.”




Late in the season, my buddy Rick’s father rewarded us by taking the whole team camping up north for a week.  I think we spent more time organizing the trip than in preparing for any game we ever played!  Tents and sleeping bags were bought (if we didn’t already have them), along with other supplies we’d need.  We amassed plenty of food, thank God; even though Rick’s dad joked about all the fish we would catch and eat.  I hate fish.

Rick was at my house as I was packing my clothes into a knapsack when he cryptically commented on my swimsuit, saying “My dad says we won’t need those.”  I let it go, but wondered.

Thinking later of what it might be like skinny-dipping with all the guys made me blush a little.  I’m always embarrassed in the shower after games because I invariably end up looking at all the other boys’ cocks.  Ricky’s is especially interesting; much longer and thicker than mine even though we’re the same age.  A stray thought enters my mind: what will Rick’s dad and the other fathers who would go look like naked?  My father died when I was three, so I had no reference point to what an adult male body looked like.  My only reference was me, the guys in the post-game shower...and my imagination.

Vehicles packed and ready, the caravan began the long trip to the secluded lake campsite.  When we arrived we began the reverse of our earlier process: emptying the vehicles, setting up tents, and stowing the supplies.  Since it was late, we started a fire and cooked up some supper.  While eating we discussed the next day’s activities.  Campfire stories were told, with not one but two variations on the old “hook” scare.

“Hey, Bruce,” Ricky hollered over to me from across the fire pit.  “You gonna sleep okay tonight, or will you be scared without a nightlight?”

“Fuck off, asshole,” I answered.  “You’re the one who’ll be crying for your mommy the first time you hear a noise.”

“Watch the language, guys,” one of the adults said, more out of expectation than by any real offense.

The kidding was good natured.  We were set to share one of the smaller tents and I knew Rick would be teasing me all week—and I would give it back with equal relish.  When it was time for bed, Rick surprised me by taking off all his clothes before climbing into his sleeping bag.  Even in the dimness of our tent, I could see his cock wasn’t limp like usual (‘usual’ meaning what I’ve seen in the locker room) but slightly stiff and sticking out straight.  He’s such a good looking guy with his curly blond hair that all the girls in school have a crush on him.  Even with the very little I knew about the workings of sex, I would think they’d like him more once they saw what he had between his legs.

We talked for a while about what the next school year would be like now that we’d be in High School.  Soon we were asleep.  I guess I slept pretty well, considering I was in a tent in the middle of nowhere—I tried not to think of wild animals and such—and thankful for the moonlight that bathed the campsite in a soft glow.  Although my brain registered it was close to morning, it was still dark when I heard a strange set of noises near me.  In the pale moon-glow I could just make out that Ricky had unzipped his sleeping bag and was doing something with his pecker.  It looked hard, and he was stroking the long shaft with his hand until he grunted and several streams of liquid came shooting out of him.

I whispered “ okay...Rick?”

“Huh?  Oh, shit, of course I’m okay, stupid...I was just jerking off,” he mumbles back to me as he wipes up the mess with one of his tee shirts.

“Jerking off?”

“Dammit, Brucie...don’t you ever jerk off?”

“ I don’t.”

“Then what the hell do you do when you get a stiffy?”

“A stiffy?” was all I could mutter as I unzipped myself from my own sleeping bag.

“Geez, you’re hopeless.  Don’t you know ANYTHING?”

Rick proceeded to explain the mysteries of erections and masturbation—at least they were mysteries to me.  I often had a stiffy, as he called it, and on occasion I’d wake up after a strange dream and find my shorts and the bed all wet and sticky.  He was now off his bag completely and kneeling beside me.  I was mesmerized by the look of his big cock, as mine didn’t compare in the least with his, still fat and dripping from his recent ‘activities’.   I can’t help but stare at Rick’s naked body so close to me.  Being a blond, his body hair is light and soft looking, especially around his cock.  In comparison, my new growth of hair down there is dark and kinky and it embarrasses me somehow thinking about it.  Surprisingly to me, my cock is rock hard.

“I don’t believe it, you dumb’ve got a stiffy right now!”  He says, looking at the bulge in my shorts.  “Why don’t you jerk off now and see how good it feels?”  I’m a bit puzzled by the look in his eyes as he continues to stare at the bulge.


“Of course you can,” he answers, but something changes in his demeanor as he realizes that my erection came from looking at him.  After I don’t respond, he whispers “can I do it?”  And then he leans over and pulls off my shorts.  I don’t know what to do, but I don’t stop him.

He palms my cock and begins caressing and stroking me.  I’ve never felt this way before.  Without thinking, I reach over to touch his cock, and I’m amazed to find it hard and sticking straight up!  He makes a small murmuring noise when I mimic his caress by stroking him the same way.  Suddenly a feeling wells up in my groin and the most fantastic contraction happens as I shoot the liquid all over me and Ricky.  Wow, what an unbelievable feeling that was!

Rick moaned, “You shot [breath] a lot [breath] of cum [breath] for a little [breath] shit.”

He’s hardly able to speak as I kept rubbing his cock.  In a few seconds he bucked his hips forward and spewed all over me.  He called it “cum.” 

Is that what this milky liquid is called, I asked. 

“Of course, Brucie—shit, do YOU have a lot to learn!”

He used the shirt again to mop up the cum, before asking me to scoot over as he got into my sleeping bag beside me, though we really didn’t have much room.

“I still can’t believe you never jerked off,” he said. 

He was hugging me, and I was too shocked to move.  I liked it however.




Yes, that was the day our relationship changed.  I’m sitting here reminiscing about not only that week camping but all the other times we loved and pleasured each other, and I’m getting an erection.  Of course what I learned from Rick was only the beginning of my sexual education that week by the lake.

Later that morning the whole group of guys and two of the fathers went skinny-dipping at the lake.  We tossed our clothes at the lake’s edge and cavorted in the water.  As we emerged one by one we all seemed to become aware of our nakedness at the same time.  My eyes, as well as some of the others’ were drawn to Will Sr.  His son was a shrimp (even smaller in stature than I was) but the dad was another story.  He worked out a lot so he was extremely muscular, and his penis looked like a tree trunk to us boys who only had each other to compare against.  And compare we did, as we stood around in the water.  I had an erection along with three or four of the other boys.  The most spectacular one however was Ricky’s.  His cock stood tall, as I’ve related to you, much longer than any of us boys, though certainly no match for what Willie’s dad had hanging.  The rest of the guys noticed Ricky’s cock too.  We were, I guess, surprised by our own reaction as much as we were mesmerized by the sight of the each other’s swelling units, since nobody did or said anything for a long while.  After a few moments more though, the mood of arousal was broken and we went back to being regular boys playing in the water.

Ricky and I walked back together, still naked and carrying our shorts.  When we got back to the campsite, we caught sight of Will Sr., still naked and lying on a blanket near his tent, soaking up some late afternoon sun.

“Damn!”  Ricky exclaimed under his breath.  “Jesus, look at that thing...the dude’s cock must be a foot long!”

“So what...”  I meekly answered, then added, “Yours is pretty long too, you know.”

Ricky looked at me first with a quizzical expression on his face, then a big smile before returning his gaze to Will’s old man. 

“So, Brucie Boy, you like what I’ve got?” He said.

I whacked him one on the arm.  “No way, butt breath.” 

But he was still smiling that enigmatic smile as we kept surreptitiously staring at the naked man.  I say ‘surreptitiously’ since our vantage point was behind some bushes, though I’m sure he would have seen us if he looked.

While we were watching, Paul’s dad, also still naked from the swim, approached Will Sr. and knelt down next to him before rubbing his hand over the prone man’s thigh.  Rick and I looked at each other as we began to wonder about the encounter.  Paul’s dad quickly scanned the surrounding clearing looking to see if they were alone, then he leaned down and kissed Will Sr.  We were shocked, but not as shocked as when a few moments later Paul’s dad reached down and started stroking Will Sr.’s cock, which began to grow erect.

Some words were exchanged between the two men before they arose and headed off into the woods.  We followed them.  They walked to (what they thought was) a secluded glade and started kissing again, oblivious to their audience.  Rick and I were engrossed by the spectacle of the men beginning to fuck right there in the woods, as Paul’s dad got down on hands and knees and offered his ass to the other man.  Will Sr.’s erection looked enormous to me as he first spit into the palm of his hand, then rubbed it all over the end of his cock before placing it at his lover’s anus.  When he started to slide it in, Paul’s dad flinched and groaned but Will’s old man held his ass firm and slid his cock in all the way.  Before long Will Sr.’s thrusts were long and increasing in frequency until he was literally pounding into the grunting older man.

Rick whispered, “Do you believe this? They’re fucking!”  I looked over to see that Rick’s cock was hard and leaking pre-cum.  No surprise though—mine was hard too.

Will Sr.’s grunts were getting to be as loud as his partner’s until suddenly he pulled his cock out and sprayed cum all over Paul’s dad.  We slipped away as quietly as possible.  When we were certain that we were far enough away from the men as well as the campsite, Rick stopped and asked the most amazing question.

“Do you want to do that to me?  I’d like you to...”  He didn’t even wait for an answer.  He got down on hands and knees just as Paul’s dad had done. 

When I didn’t move at first, he breathlessly whispers, “Do it now before you lose your stiffy...I know you want to, friend...”

I got on my knees behind him and placed my throbbing cock at his anus.  After pushing a few times, Rick reminded me of what Will’s old man had done with the spit. 

He said, “It helps it to go in” between deep breaths. 

I was feverish as I began to thrust into Ricky, mimicking the motion I had just witnessed in the other clearing.  Rick was making little “ugh” sounds which I could barely hear for the grunting noises I made as the exhilarating feeling grew, until the contractions in my groin signaled that I’d released into his bowels.  Rick could feel it too since he moaned as I ejaculated.

When I pulled out of him, Rick jumped up and declared it was his turn.  I obligingly got down on the ground as he had and he was inside me in no time.  When the head of his cock assaulted my sphincter my breath caught and I swear I saw stars.  His cock felt like it was splitting me in two.  I didn’t feel much else until I felt his cock throb.  He groaned “Ooooooooh, Brucie,” as he came inside me.

For a long while we lay there on the decayed ground-cover of that clearing deep in the woods, holding each other and lost in the thoughts of what we just did—and what we would do from then on.  I never felt warmer—and more wanted.




Later that evening, when we were sitting around the campfire eating fish we caught (yuck!) Willie’s dad moved closer to me and in a voice no one else could hear, he said, “I saw you watching earlier today.”

I didn’t know what to say, lamely asking “Ah…er…watching what?”

He leaned closer and whispered “You know what I’m talking about,” as he placed a hand at one of my ass cheeks and gave it a squeeze.

I couldn’t move.

“How about following me down to the lake in a few minutes?  I’ll let you touch my cock.  I know you want to,” he said.

First Rick and now Will’s father tell me they know what I want—yet they’re correct!  The memory of his huge erection makes my cock spring to attention.  Will Sr. notices—and smiles.  He excuses himself from the group, and wanders off.  After a while, I too leave the group and head to the lake.  The evening moonlight allows me to see clearly where I’m walking as I follow the trail. 

When I arrive at the lake’s edge, a disembodied voice says “Come here, Bruce...I’ve got a big present for you.”

I mutely walk toward the vague outline of the older man and find him naked, his cock already semi-erect.  He doesn’t say any more either as he helps me out of my clothes.  My self-discovery is complete: I realized then that I’ll always be enthralled by another man’s cock. 

He moans when I enthusiastically palm the shaft of his extremely large unit, muttering “Suck me.”


“Put it in your this,” he said, not waiting for any reply on my part, grabbing my head and guided my mouth to his cock-head.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but the proximity of his beautifully hard manhood took away any apprehension still remaining, as the helmet of his cock parted my lips.  I had to stretch my mouth open quite a bit to take him, but take him I did.  He began to swing his hips in tune to his hands, bringing my head forward and back; his cock going deeper and deeper into my mouth until I thought I would choke.  I must have made a gagging sound because he released the grip he had on my head and with a moan, slid his cock out of my mouth.

Some pale liquid was leaking out of the end of his cock.  “Damn, I almost came right there, but I didn’t want to gag you with a throat-full...what I really want is a piece of your tight little ass.”

I was bewildered but ready to do anything for this man.

He lifted me into his arms like a baby and carried me to the strip of sand at the water’s edge.  He laid me down on my back and had me lift my legs into the air.  Spitting into the palm of his hand, he then coated the shaft of his cock with the impromptu lubricant.  I was captivated by the immense spike of flesh looming before me.  Wow, I had that in my mouth, and now I’m going to have that in my ass—I’m nervous, but I want it, I want it!  He looked delirious as he raised my ass from the sand and hooked my legs in the crook of his elbows; only then did I realize that my cock was rock-hard and aching as his must be.

He positioned the head of his cock at my anus and pushed it into me.  He was barely in an inch but I felt like I’d been invaded by a two-by-four—not pleasure, but not pain either—somewhere in between the two, I remember.

He slid in further and groaned, “Oh God, you’re so tight...” 

He moaned again as he entered me inch by amazing inch.  After a few seconds he began his thrusting rhythm, slowly at first, pushing his entire length deep into me.  His pace quickened at about the same time I got some feeling back as my sphincter began to relax.  Twice he muttered something about how tight I was.  He made little grunting sounds on each thrust until he pushed all the way into me and at the same time wrapping a palm around my aching erection.

“Ah...Ah...I’m gonna cum,” he groaned 

I felt the spasms of his orgasm as an amazing warmth spread through my bowels.  He pumped shot after shot of his cum into me, so much so that I thought it would never end.  The pulsating of his cock combined with his hand on mine brought me to climax, my cum splashing over me.  Spent, he hugged my thighs to his body, letting the last of his ejaculate ooze into me as his cock slowly lost its tumescence.

“Bruce, that was tremendous.”  He smiled and added, “I think you liked it too,” running his fingers through the cum-puddles on my belly.

I couldn’t help but stare at his now flaccid cock after he pulled out of me, glistening wet in the moonlight and still dribbling cum.  This sight plus the feel of his fingers touching me resurrects my erection.

“I see you still want some more of me.”  With that, he lifts me to my feet. 

I feel runnels of liquid dripping from my ass and along both thighs. 

“Let’s go clean off...and then I’ll take care of…problem,” he said.

We walk into the cold lake.  He splashes water over me to wash away the remnants of our sex.  He then ushers me to a shallower spot before dropping to his knees in front of me.  He leans down and mouths my still-hard cock, practically swallowing it whole.  It doesn’t take much sucking to get me to cum once again.  He takes every drop into his mouth.  I’m surprised when he rises to his feet and then lifts me off the ground so we’re face to face.

“Are you ready for a snowball?” He cryptically asks, before kissing me.  His tongue parts my lips just before the gooey liquid transfers from his mouth to mine.  It’s my cum!  I melt into his arms and touch my tongue to his.  Another surprise—I feel his cock grow and twitch against my lower body—he’s hard again!

“Would you like me try you some more?” 

Did I really say that?  I must be hooked.

“Oh, yes,” he moans, as we fall back to the small sandy area. 

He lies on his back and I get next to him and begin sucking his turgid cock.  I instinctively know he wants as much length as possible to be in my mouth, so I take him into my throat, surprised I’m not gagging this time.  As he slides in and out of my willing mouth, I can hear him moan between sharp intakes of air.  When he came it’s thankfully not as much as before, but it still choked me a bit as I swallowed what I could.

We remained in each other’s arms for a while lying on the wet ground under moonlight at the water’s edge.




The next morning, a smiling Rick leans out of his sleeping bag and says, “Hey sport, did you really like last night as much as it looked to me you did?”

“What you talking about, dick-head?”

“Shit, I watched you and Willie’s pop get it on by the lake.  I even jerked off while you were getting stuffed by him.  Geez, it was amazing!”

I was shocked, my mind a jumble of questions with no answers.  “Please, please don’t tell anybody about it.”

“Don’t worry, buddy, it’s our secret.  But now you got to tell me all about it.”

I gave Ricky a play-by-play rundown of how it felt.  As we talked both of us grew hard.  Rick snuggled closer and before long he was fucking me hard.  After he came, he sucked my cock until cum was dribbling down his chin.

We must have made too much noise since when we emerged from our tent some of the other guys were looking at us funny.  Rick’s expression never changed—he didn’t seem to care.

I fell in love with him then.  Of course, this fact didn’t get in the way of what happened the next day.

We went skinny-dipping again the following morning.  Some of the guys must have figured out what Rick and I were doing in our tent, since they sort of kept their distance from us, as if afraid to catch a virus or something.  What Rick noticed though was the way Will Sr. stared at us as he walked over to Andy’s father, whose name is Phil, and began talking to him in, looking like two conspirators plotting some dastardly deed.  So far Phil hadn’t been to the lake with us so we haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate his physique.  He was a fitness freak who had more muscles than Will Sr.  It wasn’t until he undressed at the water’s edge today that we got the full measure of his body.  Though not quite the tree trunk of a cock Will Sr. had, Phil’s was still impressive.

“Wow...take a look at Andy’s old man.  He’s beautiful!” Rick mutters.

“Yeah, and take a look at how they’re staring at us.  Do you think they want to do it to us?” I asked.

“I think they do, Bruce my man.  You know what it’s like to have Willie’s dad’s muscled arms holding about Andy’s dad?”

“Let’s do it,” I replied as we both began walking toward the two gawking men.

The men didn’t have to plead or even ask; they could see the look in our eyes.  We were theirs.  After some small talk, the four of us slipped away from the group as stealthily as we could, following a path through the woods that paralleled the lake’s edge.  When we were fairly certain we were alone and that no one trailed us to this spot, the men took us.  Will Sr. lovingly lifted Rick into his arms and kissed him full on the lips.  Both the older man’s giant cock and my buddy’s splendid unit were now fully erect.  In the meantime, I was running my hands along Phil’s muscled arms, chest and flat stomach before caressing his beautiful manhood.  He moaned softly when I leaned down and mouthed his rock-hard and pre-cum-dripping cock.  I was surprised when in only a few seconds, he bucked his hips and shot his load down my throat.  Phil amazingly still had the look of lust in his eyes and his cock remained rigid even after he came.

“Oh,’re so beautiful,” he whispered.  “I can’t believe we’re together...and...”  He left his comment unfinished.

Beautiful?  Jeez, he’s the beautiful one, with all his muscles and his big, hard cock.

“I need you,” Phil said, before kissing me, oblivious to traces of his cum still on my lips.

I got down on my knees and offered my ass to him.  I was facing toward where Ricky and Will Sr. were fucking; Ricky enthusiastically impaled on the big man’s spike and bouncing up and down, a dreamy smile on his face, his erect cock bobbing.  Our eyes met just as Phil entered me from behind.  Phil was too intent on getting off in my tight ass, so I rubbed my own cock in rhythm to his manic thrusts.  

The next few moments were a blur; my memory not very clear on the exact sequence.

Will Sr. groaned “God...Oh...” as he must have cum inside Ricky.

With his last thrust, Phil must have hit something in me while he climaxed, this plus his spasms make me cum...and cum...and cum.

Ricky miraculously squirts shot after shot of cum into the air without once even touching his cock.

Did he get off by watching me, I wonder?

The four of us spent the next hour or more entangled in a flesh pile there in the woods.  We sucked and fucked as often as we could get it up, in any combination, with any partner.  By the time we wandered back to the sandy beach where we left the rest of the gang, everyone else was gone, but as we rinsed off in the lake Rick’s dad came storming up and he pulled the two men aside.  Rick and I couldn’t hear all of what was said, but heard enough to figure out that his father was pissed at the other fathers for taking advantage of us boys.  It was clear Rick’s dad was surprised at the two men’s gay inclination.  We could hear what sounded like a warning to Will Sr. and Phil that they would be turned in to the cops if they touched us again.  Rick looked at me and smiled—little did his father know that we initiated the sex and enjoyed it so much—and OUR inclinations.

Later that evening, Ricky told me about the talk he had with his father.

“I lied a little by telling him they touched us, but nothing else happened.  I think my old man knows I’m gay.  He warned me about men wanting to ‘play with boys’ and that I should be careful.”

“Wow,” I said.  “Do you think he knows about us?”

“Maybe he suspects it, but we’ll play it safe the rest of the week and after we get home.”

“Think he’ll tell on Willie’s and Andy’s dads?”

“Naw, he’ll just let it slide unless they piss him off again sometime soon.”

It wasn’t until the last night at the campsite that we quietly loved each other again in the solitude of our small tent.




Like I said, it was an amazing summer: soccer, the camping trip, memories of warm, inviting flesh, and spraying cum—just boys being boys.





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