-===Part 2: Education===-
AP – COLLIER COUNTY, NM   We bring you a special series covering the shocking
tale of a 15 year old son who enslaved his mother.  Following is the second of
several segments.  Readers, BEWARE!  The interview with this young man was
very graphic.  We’ve chosen to print it verbatim, so it may offend and disturb
a great many of our readers.  Included in the article are also excerpts from
other parties involved, to flesh out the story, if you’ll excuse the double
          I let Mom stew for a few days after that first time.  Neither of us
had said a word.  She apparently had not told Dad, because I was still in one
piece.  I figured this was a good thing.
          Now, it was early June, and school had just gotten out for the
year.  I remember it was a Monday, because my little brother left real early
for two weeks at summer camp.  Dad worked in the oil field, like everyone
around here, so he always left for work real early.
          Mom was still in her robe when I got up that morning.  There was
nothing strange about that, she sometimes wouldn’t get dressed until noon. 
Being a housewife, and not having a whole lot to do, she’d sort of lounge
around and sunbathe, or work out, or whatever.  Anyway, I’m losing the story.
          I came down to breakfast to see Mom at the counter, in her usual
robe, a short, light-blue terry cloth job with the tie at the waist.  It was
this sort of crap that had set me on her in the first place: the robe barely
covered her ass, and she was always wearing that kind of revealing shit around
the house.  It had me hard most of the time just looking at her.  Anyway, as I
said, she was at the counter.  She was just finishing up the eggs and bacon. 
She set our plates on the table, and we ate in silence.  Our relationship had
been somewhat strained since that first day, but I was willing to let it go
that way for now.
          Once we finished up breakfast, she gathered up our plates, and
started running water in the sink to do the dishes.  I was sitting at the
table reading the funnies from the morning paper.  I just happened to glance
up, and got instantly hard at what I saw.  My mom had bent down to get the
dish rack from under the sink, and as she did so, her short robe rode up just
far enough to give a hint of her pussy.  I knew then and there that I needed
to screw someone badly.  And, since she was there, well, you know.
          I got up from the table quickly and quietly, and moved around right
behind her.  Just as she was about to stand, I reached my hand between her
legs and cupped her pussy.  She bolted upright, moving her legs together, and,
though I’m sure this wasn’t what she meant to do, trapped my hand against her
          “Sean!  Knock it off!”  she screamed.
          “Now, Mom,” I said, “Apparently, you’ve forgotten already.”  I
started rubbing my hand against her pussy, and pushed her against the counter,
trapping her body so she couldn’t move.  “I guess I’m just going to have to
remind you.”
          “I… I thought that was a one-time affair.  I would never have agreed
if I’d known you intended…”  Her voice trailed off as my free hand began
massaging her breast through the robe.  I grew tired of that, so I reached
down and untied the belt on the robe, allowing it to fall open and give me
better access.
          As my hand kneaded her now bare tit, my thumb slipped into her cunt,
sliding in and out of her slowly.  I whispered quietly into her ear, “Well, we
can stop, and I’ll just show Dad those pictures of you.  I’m sure he’ll be
real understanding.  But you don’t really want me to stop, do you Mom?  You’re
enjoying yourself too much.”  As I said that, my thumb slipped up against her
clit, and strummed it.
          “Nooooooooo.”  She mewled,  but there was no conviction in it.  I
reached out and turned the water off, and then I spun her around to face me. 
I pushed her robe off her shoulders, restraining her arms somewhat.  I ignored
the pleading look in her eyes as I plastered my mouth against hers, my tongue
pushing its way into her mouth, probing and dancing around, finally engaging
her tongue as she warmed up to the exercise.  I reached into my pajama bottoms
and pulled my dick out the slit in the front.  I don’t usually wear underwear
or pajamas to bed, and had just thrown on the pajamas to eat breakfast in.
          As I continued to kiss my mother, I rubbed the head of my dick up
and down her slit, getting it all lubed up.  When I was ready, I placed it at
her hole, and slid home.  Despite her protests, my mom was very wet.  I
slipped into her easily until I was fully impaled in her love hole.  She
moaned into my mouth as I began moving in and out of her.
          Our pace increased quickly, because I knew I didn’t have much for
her this morning.  As a typical teen, I woke up horny, and I didn’t have a lot
of control yet.  I started slamming into her, hard enough that I could hear
the impact she made on the counter.  I started groping her tits as we
continued our kiss, thrusting faster and faster.  She was bucking back at me
as hard as I was giving, so I knew she was into it, damn her words to the
          I felt the tingle in my balls, and so I picked up the pace even
further, plunging as fast as I could go.  Despite the fact that we were
liplocked, our moans were filling the kitchen with the sounds of passion. 
Finally, I let loose a flood of cum into her pussy.  She groaned, not getting
off until I twisted her nipples, and the extra sensation shot her over.  She
couldn’t reach my back because of her robe, but she scratched my sides pretty
good with her fingernails.  It took a good minute before she came down from
her high.
          As she came down from her high, I figured it was time to set a few
rules in our new relationship.  I made sure I had her attention by kissing her
on the mouth, and, with my dick still nestled in her tight little cunt, I
said, “Now, you’re going to call off your relationship with that little shit
you’ve been screwing on Thursdays.  Instead, you will make yourself available
to me on Thursdays now.  And, pretty much whenever else I want you, but
especially on Thursday afternoons.  Understood?”  As my softening dick slid
out of her with a soft “pop”, she lowered her eyes and nodded.  “Good.  Now
that we understand each other a little better, you can go back to doing the
          I spent the rest of that day just loafing.  I’d had my sex for the
moment, and I wanted Mom to think about what I’d said.  I heard her make her
phone call to the asshole she’d been fucking.  It sounded like he wasn’t real
happy about losing a regular piece of ass, but he agreed to it since he didn’t
have a choice.
          I decided to keep my distance from her that week until Thursday.  I
don’t really know why, it just seemed like a good idea.  Let the urge build
up, so I could really screw her brains out.  Anyway, by the time Thursday
rolled around, boy was I horny.  I got hard just glancing at her.  Around 1:00
in the afternoon, I was up in my room watching TV when she came in wearing her
usual jean-shorts and a T-shirt. As I turned off the tube, she closed the door
and said, “All right, Sean, let’s get this over with.”
          Now, it was her attitude that really pissed me off.  Like she was
doing me some really big favor, when really all she was doing was saving her
own fucking ass.  So, I decided she would have to do something I knew she
didn’t like.
          At my command, she stood perfectly still, hands at her sides, feet
slightly apart.  I moved around her, examining her body closely.  As usual,
she had no bra on.  She never wore one unless she was going out of the house. 
She wouldn’t go out in public dressed like she was, but to tease her own son? 
Oh, she’d do it alright.  

          I stopped behind her, and ran my hands from her hips up to her
gorgeous mounds.  I rolled her tits in my hands, rubbing them through the
material.  A quiet moan escaped my mother’s lips as I repeatedly brushed over
her nipples.  I had her raise her arms over her head, which lifted her tits
nicely.  I untucked her shirt and took it off, leaving her bare above the
waist.  I resumed my fondling of her chest, once again enjoying the feel of
her glorious titflesh.  I noticed that her head had tilted back, her eyes had
closed, and her mouth was parted in a silent moan.  I knew she was into it
again.  I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, reaching my hand inside them
to force the zipper down.  I massaged her pussy through her panties, causing
her to squirm and writhe with the feelings.  I pushed both her shorts and
panties down her legs, letting them pool around her ankles.  I inserted one
finger up her twat, just to prove that it was all nice and wet.  She was
hotter than an oven!
          I removed my finger and moved around in front of her.  I looked her
over appreciatively, admiring the whore I had before me.  Now, I don’t think I
made it clear to you that the pictures I had of my mother and the jerk were
taken in my parents’ bedroom.  So, I also had pictures of her and Dad doing
it, though those were of little interest to me except as research.  I knew
what Mom would and would not do in bed.  And I was going to make her do all
the stuff she would not do.
          My eyes met hers and I said, “On your knees.”
          She knew what I was expecting of her.  “Sean, I don’t do that-“ I
slapped her across the face, only hard enough to make it sting, because I
didn’t want to leave any marks.
          “Goddammit! Don’t tell me what you are and aren’t going to do!  Get
the fuck on your knees!”  Slowly, unsteadily, she got down onto her knees.  My
dick was pointed right at her face.  “You know what I want.  Suck it, and
you’d better make it good.”
          Slowly she reached out and took my rock hard dick in her hands.  She
at first licked the tip of it, right across the opening.  I so much wanted to
shove it down her throat right then, but I held off, figuring the release
would be better if I waited for it.  She continued licking up and down the
shaft, slicking it up with her spit.  Finally, when she could tell that I
wasn’t going to wait any longer, she opened her mouth and slid my prick in. 
Damn, was that a good feeling!  It was nearly as good as sex!  She moved her
head in and out of my crotch, running her tongue along the underside of my
dick as her mouth slid over its length.
          As she continued, I knew I was getting ready to blow.  I grabbed her
hair, and plunged my dick all the way into her mouth.  I felt her try to gag,
but I didn’t stop until I was all the way in.  I warned her, “If you don’t
swallow, you won’t be able to breathe!”  Then I came.  And I came some more. 
It felt like buckets of cum were shooting out of my dick.  And she swallowed
it all, like the good whore she was.
          The rest of that afternoon is sort of a blur.  We screwed for three
solid hours before she gave out.  Well, I suppose we *both* gave out, but I’d
have been willing to at least try for more.  Although I fucked her almost
every way imaginable, I’d left her ass for later.  I wanted to savor it in a
session all its own.
          I also gave her one more bit of news she didn’t like.  I said,
“Since you were a bad girl, and didn’t do what you were told when you were
told to do it, *Mom*,”  I liked to emphasize her title, ‘cause it gave me such
a rush.  “since you were bad, you will be punished.  From now on, you will
wake me up *every morning* with a blowjob, and more, if I’m in the mood.”  And
I almost always was.  Again, she just bowed her head, and nodded.
When asked why she allowed this to continue, Pam said, “I don’t know why I
tolerated this from him.  What would Bob do?  I mean, sure the pictures were
bad, but it’s not like he’d….. well, yes, he would at the very least have
divorced me, and I’d grown so used to the life we had.  And, if I’m being
honest with myself, I enjoyed Sean’s attentions.  I didn’t like getting hit,
but it didn’t hurt that bad, and I suppose I didn’t do what he wanted right
away.  Maybe it was my fault.”
* *
          Sean continues: Over the next week and a half, I screwed Mom at
least once a day, except for weekends, since Dad was home then.  When I took
her ass the first time, oh boy, was she tight in there!  It was fun listening
to her plead for me not to ass-fuck her.  But I did.  And you know what?  She
came!  I knew right then that my mother really *was* a slut.  She just didn’t
want to admit it.  But I was going to show her just what she really was.  And
it’s only fair that those she teased became her masters.
          My younger brother, Brad, finally came home from his two weeks at
camp.  Brad’s a year younger than me, with curly dark brown hair.  He stays
fit, because he runs track at school.  He got along with Mom even worse than I
did.  He used to get into trouble a lot at school, and Mom seemed to revel in
punishing him for it.  I knew that, with him home all the time during the
summer, I was either going to have to bribe him, or I wasn’t going to get any
from Mom for months.
          The day after he got back from camp was a Sunday.  I got him alone
in his room, and closed the door.  I was carrying a folder with me.
          “Hey, Brad.  You meet any girls up at camp?”
          “Nah,” he said, “There weren’t none worth looking at.  And besides,
most of ‘em were older, so what chance did I have?”
          “So you still ain’t been laid.”  It wasn’t a question.  Brad and I
talked about this sort of thing a lot.  Brad wasn’t handsome at 14.  He had
acne pretty bad, and his face was just sort of plain.  Not to mention, he was
sort of anti-social, and didn’t like to hang out at teen places, so he had
some major strikes against him.
          “Sure, rub it in, Sean.”  I sort of felt sorry for him, but my plans
for Mom involved him now, and so I knew his virgin state wouldn’t last much
          “How’d you like a guaranteed piece of tail?” I asked.
          “Who do I have to kill?”
          “Don’t you want to know who it is first?” I prodded.
          “She’s not an ugmo, is she?” he replied.
          “No, but… well, she’s someone you might not normally think of
screwing.”  I figured for sure he’d get it with that comment, but no such luck.
          “So?  If she’ll screw me, I’ll screw her.”
          “Okay,” I said.  I figured I was going to have to lay it out for
him, and just test my luck.  “You know why Mom makes us leave the house every
          “Never really thought about it.  Why?”
          Geez, was he dense.  I opened the folder I had with me, and handed
him one of the better pictures of Mom and the jerk.  “This is what she’s been
doing on Thursdays.”
          Brad’s eyes got wide.  “Fuck!” he whispered.
          “A very accurate comment.” I said.
          Finally, what I had in mind started to sink in.  “You’re not saying…
You want me to fuck *Mom*?”
          “She’s actually pretty damned good, now that I’ve got her to do all
the fun stuff,” I said.  “She was pretty uptight at the beginning.”
          “How long have *you* been screwing her?”
          “Since just before you left.  I showed her these pictures, and
basically told her it was either do what I wanted, or I’d give these to Dad.”
          “So, why you letting me in on it?” he asked.  

          “Simple.  I can’t get any with you here, unless you’re in on it. 
And I figure, the only way you can be in on it, and not narc on me, is if
you’re getting some too.”
          “Okay.  So, let’s call her up here!”
          “Aren’t you forgetting something, slick?” I asked.
          “What?  Oh, yeah.  Dad’s home.”
          “Right.  Here’s what we’re going to do…”  Over the next couple of
minutes, I laid out my plan for the following day.  Mom had been waking me up
with a blowjob every weekday, just as she’d been told.  Most of the time, I
left it at that.  I didn’t even unbury myself from the sheets.  She’d just
come in, move the lower portion of the sheets aside, pull out my dick and go
to it.  Some mornings, she wouldn’t even see my face during the entire
process.  This was part of my plan.
          I should mention that my brother and I are roughly the same size. 
Enough so that I was pretty sure my mom would not notice a substitution for
the morning ritual.
          We asked Brad to give us a little bit of his point of view that
          On that Monday morning, I set my alarm for 8:00.  Sean had said that
Mom would wake him at 9:00, and I wanted plenty of time to get ready.  Mom was
downstairs cleaning, so I had an easy time slipping into Sean’s room unseen.
          Sean told me to take off all my clothes and put on his pajamas.  I
guess he doesn’t sleep in his underwear, because he told me to leave mine
off.  He gave me really detailed instructions on how he slept, and what Mom
was going to do when she came in.  Finally, I laid down on his bed under the
covers, making sure they covered my face up.  I heard Sean making some noise
for a minute or so, but I have no idea what he was doing.
          At what I guess was 9:00, Mom opened the door to Sean’s room.  She
was real quiet about it.  I guess she didn’t want to wake Sean up, or maybe
she was trying to avoid waking me up in my bedroom.  Anyway, she shut the
door, but I didn’t hear it close.  After a couple of seconds, I felt a weight
on the edge of the bed, which must have been her arm.
          She pushed back the covers on the bed just enough to uncover my
woody.  My dick was so hard now that I worried I’d spoil the plan.  I guess
maybe Sean wakes up that way sometimes, too, ‘cause she didn’t even seem to
hesitate at all.  She reached into my pajama bottoms and took my dick in her
hand.  She pulled it out the slit, and gently moved her hand up and down the
shaft.  She did this a few times, and then started kissing the length of my
cock.  Some pre-cum started oozing out the tip of my dick, and she licked that

          Finally, she engulfed my prick in her mouth.  God, it was such a
feeling!  Her tongue slithered along my length as she tried to suck the cum
out of me.  Her mouth moved up and down on me, and I moaned.  I knew I
couldn’t last too long with this kind of treatment.
Sean told us he was watching from the closet. 

I knew that Brad didn’t have much control.  After Brad had laid down, I set up
the video camera to record the action.  As soon as I knew the camera had
gotten enough, I turned it off with the remote.  I didn’t want the next part
on camera, I just wanted enough to show she’d done it willingly.
I silently opened the closet door, thankful that I had oiled the hinges last
week.  I crept up behind her, and placed my hand on her ass.  Startled, she
let Brad’s dick fall from her mouth so she could look behind her.
“Sean!” she yelled.  “But then, who is…”  She looked back to the covers.
“Okay, you can come out now,” I said to Brad, who pulled the sheets off his
“Hi, Mom!” he said.  “You’re really good at that!”
“And you need to get back to it,” I reminded her.  “Finish what you started.” 
She gazed at me pleadingly for only a second before returning her mouth to his
The extra time had allowed Brad a chance to cool off a little, so he could go
a little longer.  I started fingering Mom’s pussy, getting her nice and wet
for her next lesson.
Pam told us: I never expected that Brad would get in the middle of this
horrible thing.  That morning when I first sucked him off, I just thought it
was another day with Sean.  When I found out it was Brad, well, there was
nothing I could do about it.  Had I known beforehand, maybe I could have
talked Sean out of it, but somehow I doubt it.
After Sean ordered me back to sucking Brad, I lowered my mouth back onto his
rod.  My blowing technique had gotten better with practice, but it suffered a
little when Sean started fingering me.  I figured he was just trying to get me
off with Brad, so I started sucking Brad even harder.  I don’t think Brad had
much experience with girls, because very quickly he was ready to come.  Though
back then I hated it, I knew I had to swallow every drop of Brad’s come, or
Sean would find a way to punish me.  As Brad’s spunk started spurting from his
cock, I swallowed it all, gagging at the taste, but forcing it down anyway.
Figuring we were finished, I stood up to leave.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Sean asked me.  “We’ve just started here. 
You can’t just blow the kid, and then leave.  He’s got to have the full
treatment.  Now get back there and fuck him.”
I looked back at my other son, who had removed his pajamas by now.  The idea
of having sex with my youngest son did not appeal to me, but it must have been
okay with him, because his dick was already back to full hardness.
I turned back to Sean.  “No.  I can’t do this.  I *won’t* do this.”
“Okay,” he sighed.  “Do you have Dad’s number at work?  Or would you rather I
wait until he gets home tonight?  Hey, maybe I could fax the pictures to him
at work!”
I knew I was trapped.  Sean knew I was trapped too; I could see it in his
eyes.  Looking back at the expectant face of Brad, I could tell even he knew I
was trapped.
As I was deciding, Sean had removed my robe.  I wasn’t wearing anything
underneath, so both sons now had a good look at my naked body.  It was not new
to Sean, but it was Brad’s first look, and something I’d rather he not see. 
But I was defeated, and I had to give them what they wanted.
Moving over to the bed, I straddled Brad’s young body.  I gently took his dick
in my hand, and placed it at my hole.  Closing my eyes, I sunk down onto him,
letting him slide all the way into me, until my pussy lips rested in his pubic
hair.  I stopped for a minute, to allow my son to adjust to the new feelings
he was having.  I was worried that this would scar Brad for life.  My fears
were short-lived, though, because he quickly reached up to my tits and started
twisting my nipples.
I began to ride up and down his cock, gripping it with the walls of my pussy. 
I leaned forward slightly to shift his cock inside me.  My boobs hung down
enough that he leaned up and sucked one into his mouth, suckling at it as he
did fourteen years before.  He continued to twist and pinch my other nipple,
and soon he began to bite down on the tit in his mouth.  Not hard, but enough
that I felt his teeth.  I didn’t want to admit that it turned me on, but my
pussy got hotter and wetter the more he did it.
I didn’t know what Sean was up to until I felt his hand on my back.
Sean filled in the rest:  While Brad had been fucking Mom, I’d been preparing
for Mom’s new lesson.  Teaching her to fuck her other son wasn’t much of a
lesson, but the next part would be.
After getting myself well-lubed, I approached the two, fucking furiously on my
bed.  I put my hand on Mom’s back to get her attention.  She stopped for a
second to look at me.
“Lean over.  Lay almost completely flat onto Brad, but make sure he can still
breathe.”  I’d only told Brad that we were both going to have fun with Mom at
the same time.  I didn’t tell him how.
Once Mom was laid over, I climbed onto the bed, pushing her legs further apart
so that I had some balance.  As I placed the head of my cock at her asshole,
she realized what I had in mind.
“No, Sean!  Not both at the same time!”  She tried to rise, but I had my hand
on her back, holding her in place.  I slid slowly into her, feeling the extra
tightness because of Brad’s cock.  Mom let out a deep moan as my cock intruded
into her ass.  Soon, I was fully into her, and my mother was as full as she
had ever been.
Hanging on to her hips, I began to slide in and out of her slowly.  As soon as
I thought we could do it, I told Brad, “Now start pumping her again.  It’ll be
tight, but you can do it.”  Well, needless to say, Brad was willing, and he
started rocking into her.  Soon we were in sync, and both of Mom’s holes were
being fucked energetically.
I ordered Mom to kiss Brad, which is something I’d noticed she hadn’t done.  I
watched as their mouths met, and I could tell that Brad quickly got his tongue
into her mouth.  Now every hole in Mom’s body was busy in the act of sex, all
at once.  And the thing was, though she kept saying no at the start, her body
sure as hell said yes once we got going.
Not having had my usual morning blow, I was quickly on the verge of coming.  I
felt my balls tighten, and then shot my load deep into her ass.  The two of
them barely noticed when I pulled out, so engrossed were they.
I had them stop, and I pulled Mom up and off Brad.  He began to complain, but
I told him they weren’t done, but I wanted to show him another position.  I
had her get on hands and knees on the bed, and told Brad that he was now going
to fuck Mom in the doggy position.  “Screw her like the bitch she is,” I said.
Eagerly, Brad kneeled behind her and inserted himself back into her hot
pussy.  I could see the look of pleasure on Mom’s face, and I knew she
wouldn’t be satisfied now until she came again.  Wanting more, I presented my
dick to her mouth.  She turned her head away with a look of disgust, knowing
where it had just been.  I took hold of the back of her head and turned it
back to my cock.  “Suck it, or I can think of something worse.”
Since she knew that I *could* think of worse things, she took it in.  I could
see the look of nausea on her face, but I didn’t care.  Her mouth worked over
my cock, cleaning it and making it fully hard again.  As Brad continued to
pound her from behind, she slurped up my shaft, licking around the head and
then running her tongue along the underside as she plunged me back into her
Soon, Brad was ready to shoot his load, and I felt myself nearing that peak as
well.  Brad came first, shuddering as he poured his seed into Mom.  With that,
Mom’s orgasm hit, and her body was wracked with spasms.  She moaned around my
dick, and the extra vibration shot me over the edge, so I loosed a flood of
sperm down her throat.
When we came down from our passions, Mom crumpled to the bed, exhausted.  Brad
and I looked at each other.  Brad smiled.   I held up my hand, and we
high-fived each other.  Now I knew I’d be getting Mom when and wherever I
wanted.  I looked down at her, seeing her crying on the bed.
“Just remember, Mom.  You belong to *me*.  You’ll have sex wherever and
whenever I want, and with *whoever* I want.  I don’t care if it’s some
goddamned bum off the street.  When I say ‘fuck’, you should ask ‘how long?’ 
Don’t forget that!”
In our next article, we’ll see how Sean started using his mother to repay
favors done for him, and how he started to turn her into a sex-craved