AP – COLLIER COUNTY, NM   We bring you a special series covering the shocking
tale of a 15 year old son who enslaved his mother.  Following is the first of
several segments.  Readers, BEWARE!  The interview with this young man was
very graphic.  We’ve chosen to print it verbatim, so it may offend and disturb
a great many of our readers.  Included in the article are also excerpts from
other parties involved, to flesh out the story, if you’ll excuse the double
          It had taken months for me to get to this point.  My plan was fully
ready, and I was actually going to execute it.  Let me start from the
          My name is Sean, and I desperately needed to screw my mother.  My
mom, Pam, was a knockout.  Jet black hair, beautiful face, ample tits, and a
tight ass.  She was just made for fucking.
          Now, I’m only 15, and my mom, of course, thought nothing of me in a
sexual way.  I’m not ugly, just sort of plain.  5’ 8” tall, average build,
sandy blonde hair like my father.
          Dad was a problem.  You see, he wasn’t just going to invite me into
bed with them one night and have my way with her.  I had to find a way to get
around him, actually get into her pants, and something to hold over her so she
wouldn’t get me into trouble.  As I said, it had taken months to put
together.  Most of that was spent just thinking about how to pull it off.
          What I came up with was elegantly simple, but also fiendishly
complicated.  The only chance I had was to get Mom away from Dad, and also
some way in which she couldn’t stop me.  I finally came up with… well, let me
tell you the story.
          I have two older friends, we’ll call them Tom and Jerry, because I
like that show.  These are, obviously, not their real names, but I don’t want
to get them into trouble.  Tom and Jerry are in college.  They live on the
other side of town, so Mom had never met them.  I knew them through my drama
club.  For whatever reasons of their own, Tom and Jerry had taken a liking to
me.  They’d take me out for sodas and to hang out at the arcade.  The three of
us regularly discussed off-color topics, and over the years, I’d come to know
what to expect from them whenever I’d suggest something risqué.  I was far
more creative in the ideas department than they were.
          One day, I suggested my idea to them, couching it first as a
theoretical exercise, then as a way to get “some girl”.  When I felt they were
in the groove, I told them the “girl” in question was my mother.  This set
them both off, in just the right way.  Though my Mom had never met Tom or
Jerry, they had seen her when she would come to pick me up from drama club. 
They knew she was a real knockout.  After some discussion, they agreed to help
me in exchange for…. “favors” at some future date.
          We spent several weeks, and over a hundred dollars, fixing up and
repainting an old junk car that Jerry had.  It barely ran, but the plan didn’t
need it to run, only to look right.  We’d painted it up to look like a police
car.  Since Jerry lived out in the country, it wasn’t a problem.  The guys
scrambled around to find clothes that looked enough like policeman’s uniforms
to fool the average person.  We got badges at a costume shop.  Our “police
officers” were now ready for duty.
          The plan required me to get Mom to a specified location, alone.  I
knew how to do this.  The other part was getting the van ready.  Wait, let me
back up.  My Mom normally drives the family van, which my dad had converted
into a camper.  It had a table that folded down into a bed, just like some
trailers.  It also had a curtain across the front, so that no one could see in
when you were sleeping in it.  That was a good thing, because it meant Mom
didn’t notice that I’d put the bed down in back.
          In order to get her alone, I told her that we were practicing for a
play over at an unnamed friend’s house.  This was a total lie, since the road
we were going to led nowhere, but to an old abandoned ranch house.  Normally
the road was closed, but Tom and Jerry had removed the sign temporarily.
          The drive was a quiet one.  Mom and I didn’t speak a whole lot to
each other.  Not that we were unfriendly, but we just didn’t have much in
common.  She was the athletic type, always working out or playing tennis or
volleyball.  I preferred drama, and my music, though I did stay in shape, more
or less.  Anyway, the only words spoken, really, were when I’d give her
directions on where we were going.  Luckily for me, Mom was unfamiliar with
this part of the county, so she didn’t question the deserted road.
          Mom slowed as she saw the police car in the distance.  She pulled to
a stop about 20 feet from it.  Two officers were standing behind the car, arms
crossed.  These “officers” were, of course, Tom and Jerry.
          They approached the van, one on either side.  They were playing it
to the hilt, and doing a good job.  _I_ almost believed them!
          Jerry, who was on Mom’s side, spoke.  “Would you step out of the
vehicle, please?”
          “What’s the trouble, officer?” my Mom asked.
          “Just step out of the vehicle, ma’am,” Tom barked.  Good cop, bad
cop.  Mom did as she was instructed.
          *What is this all about, I wonder*, Pam thought to herself.  The two
officers led her away from her van, and toward the patrol car.  

          “Assume the position,” barked the rude one, Tom, again.
          “Excuse me?” she retorted.
          Tom spun her around and shoved her forward.  Her hands naturally
landed on the hood of the car.  He kicked her legs further apart.  He kept his
hand planted firmly on her back at all times.  “Check her, partner.”
          Jerry did a preliminary frisking, coming up clean, of course.  “All
clean here.”
          “No, no, that wasn’t nearly good enough.  Do I have to show you how
to do this again?”
          “I guess you better, pard.  I’m just not getting the hang of it.”
          “All right.  Change places.”  Jerry placed his hand on her back, to
keep her in position.
          Tom started at her feet.  He ran his hands roughly up her legs,
wrinkling her slacks.  He moved his hands until he was just short of her ass
and pussy, then stopped.  He moved his hands across her arms the same way, and
then he placed his hand in the middle of her chest, right between her breasts.
          Pam was about to protest when he spoke.  “Partner, I think we’ve got
a problem.”  The pressure on Pam’s back increased, and she was stunned into
silence.  *What could they possibly have found?*
          “What ya got?”
          “I don’t know.  Something don’t feel right.  I think we’re going to
have to do a more thorough search.”
          Pam began to protest.  “What do you mean a more – “
          Jerry interrupted her, “Best to be quiet, ma’am.  You’re in enough
trouble already.”
          Jerry maintained his pressure, while Tom reached around to her front
and began unbuttoning her blouse.  Pam was stunned, but remained silent.  She
was worried where this was leading, and what these officers might find to
charge her with.
          Once her blouse was unbuttoned, Jerry moved his hand to the back of
her neck, allowing Tom to remove her blouse altogether.  Tom reached over and
unfastened her slacks, pulling them down to her ankles.  On Jerry’s
instructions, she stepped out of them.
          Pam was now embarrassed as well as worried.  She was half-naked in
front of two police officers, and her own son, not fifty feet away.  Little
did she realize he was enjoying the show.
          Tom unclasped her bra, and drew it off her arms.  He admired the
view for a moment, before proceeding to remove her panties.  Now, Pam was clad
only in stockings and heels.  Her breasts swung freely in her bent over
position, and her pussy was clearly visible.
          Tom grasped her tits and mauled them, kneading them like dough. 
“Hmph,” he said, “I don’t feel anything wrong here.  What do you think,
partner?”  Tom gestured to Jerry that it was his turn.
          Jerry grasped her tits, and pulled her upright so that her back was
pressed into him.  He also squeezed and groped her tit flesh.  “No, I don’t
think there’s a problem here.  Maybe the problem is elsewhere.”  Saying that,
one of his hands proceeded toward Pam’s crotch.  She tried to squeeze her legs
together, but his feet were in her way.  Jerry rubbed her crotch for a minute
or so.
          “I don’t feel anything wrong here either, partner.  Maybe a cavity
search is necessary?”
          “I think that’s our only choice.  Cuff her.”
          Pam didn’t have time to react to that as her hands were brought
behind her roughly, and handcuffed.  The two officers lifted her up onto the
hood of the police car, and bent her over so that her head was resting on it. 
This placed her ass high into the air, and her body in a very lewd position.
          Tom stuck his middle finger up her cunt as far as he could go, and
twisted.  Though Pam would not have thought it possible, and would certainly
never admit it, this treatment had made her wet enough that his finger slid in
          Tom pumped one finger in and out a few times, then slid in two, and
then three.  After several strokes this way, Pam’s cunt was dripping, and his
hand made squishing noises as it moved in and out.  Tom pulled his hand out of
her pussy, and motioned to Jerry.
          “Take over, I gotta clean up.”  Jerry shoved his middle finger into
her pussy, stroking her clit while he did so.
          “Nothing here, but she’s got one more hole.”  Tom nodded, and Jerry
proceeded.  He pulled his finger out of Pam’s cunt, and placed his fingertip
on her anus.  Pam thought, *Certainly, he’s not going to do that…*  But she
was wrong.
          Jerry forced his finger up her ass.  Pam grunted loudly at the
penetration.  The lubrication from her pussy helped his finger slide in more
easily, but it still hurt.  Jerry continued this treatment for a couple of
minutes.  Pam was very hot now, though she was humiliated in front of her son,
and enraged at these police officers.
          After a while, Jerry grew tired.  He pulled out, and grabbed a towel
from off the front seat of the squad car.  He left Pam in her position while
he cleaned off.  Then he stood her up and leaned her against the squad car. 
The hot metal burned her ass, but she dared not move, for fear of what else
they might do.  She noticed that the ruder of the two officers was questioning
her son at the van.  Her face burned in shame at the knowledge of what her son
had just seen her do.
          Sean stayed put as Tom returned to the other two.  “All right,
lady.  Your son has convinced us to let you go, this time.  Next time we catch
you, it’s not going to go so easily on you.”  Pam stared at him
incredulously.  They had found nothing, yet he was acting as if she were a
wanted felon.  She had nothing she could respond with.  Tom grabbed her arm,
and Jerry grabbed up her clothes.  They led her over to the side door of the
          Roughly, they shoved her up into the back of the van, and down onto
the bed on her stomach.  In her state of shock, it didn’t register with Pam
that normally the bed would not have been down.
          Jerry raised her to her knees, facing the van window, and a special
locking ring that had not been there before.  He unlocked her cuffs, but held
her hands in place.  “Ma’am, when I release your hands, you are to bring them
up to eye level, and cross your wrists.”  Pam, still believing these were real
officers, did as instructed.
          With her hands in that position, Jerry ran the cuffs chain through
the locking ring, and then locked the cuff on her other wrist, twisting the
cuffs in such a way that her only comfortable position would be on her back,
once he let her move.  With that, he stepped back from her, and out of the van.
          The three moved away from the van to speak privately.

          “Great job, guys!” I said.  Tom and Jerry were pretty pleased with
          “Our drama coach would be proud of us.”  Tom replied.  I thanked
them, asked them to replace everything for me, which they agreed to do.  I
watched as they got into the “police car”, and drove away.  Now, I was going
to have some fun with my mom.
          When I looked into the back of the van, Mom had twisted around so
she was lying on her back.  This was the only comfortable position for her
hands, with the way Jerry had fastened the cuffs.  It took me three days to
find the right way to do that.
          Anyway, I paused for a second, and just stared.  She wasn’t looking
over at me, I think she was in shock.  Lying as she was, her tits were hanging
to either side of her chest.  They were still enormous, to me.  She had her
legs spread slightly, I imagine she was probably sore from her recent strip
          I have to admit, I almost chickened out.  I could’ve stopped at this
point, and just let her loose.  Mom would never have known, and there’s no way
she could have gotten a badge number to report, so it would have been safe.
          But, no.  I have gone too far to stop now.  If I didn’t do this, I’d
be kicking myself for the rest of my life.  I stepped into the van and moved
over to the bed.
          Mom still wasn’t focussing on me.  She was staring off into space. 
I examined her body more closely, and was surprised to find that her snatch
was sopping wet!  Well, I figured if she was so turned on by what had happened
so far, it was only right to give her the full treatment.
          As I grasped her left tit, her eyes snapped into focus on me.
          “Sean!  What the hell are you doing?  Get your hands off of me, and
get me out of these cuffs!”  Boy, was she pissed!
          “Um, no, I don’t think so, Mom.  You see, I went to an awful lot of
effort to get you *into* those cuffs, and I’m not ready to let you out of them
          “What in the devil are you talking about, Sean?  Let me out of
          “Well, Mom, you see, those two guys weren’t really cops.  They were
friends of mine.  They helped me pull this off.”
          “When your father hears this, he’s gonna kill you!”
          “Well, now see, there you go getting ideas.  But you’re forgetting,
Mom, that I’d have had to think of that, wouldn’t I?”
          Mom was slow to pick up sometimes, and it hadn’t sunken in yet. 
“Just what are you saying, Sean?”
          “Look at it this way.  You go home and tell Dad I raped you.  Okay,
that’s fine.  Except that I will tell him that you raped me.  I’ve been taking
drama classes for three years now.  I can make him, and a judge, and a jury,
believe it.  They will send you away to jail for a long time.”  All the while
I was explaining things, I was mauling her titflesh, and running my hands up
and down her body.
          “And, what’s more, Mom, if you think that won’t be convincing
enough, maybe Dad would be interested in hearing about what you do on Thursday
afternoons.”  My mother had a semi-regular engagement with some jerk she met. 
Most Thursdays, she would be in her bedroom screwing while us kids were told
to do our chores, or go to a friend’s house.
          Mom feigned indignation.  “I have no idea what you’re referring to.”
          I pulled a couple of photos out of my pocket.  “Then maybe these
will refresh your memory.”  The color drained from her face.  “I’ve got lots
and lots of these.  I used them as motivation while I was planning this little
          She was beaten, and she knew it.  She closed her eyes and bowed her
head in shame.  She had no fight left in her.  This was just what I wanted.  I
plunged my hand down onto her cunt, slipping my middle finger all the way in
with no effort at all.  She let out a gasp of surprise, but little else.
          I used my free hand to continue kneading her tits while my fingers
danced across her pussy.  I used my thumb to stroke her clit as first one,
then two, and eventually three fingers plowed into her wet cunt.
          Despite her lack of willingness, Mom was moaning now.  She was
really getting into the rhythm of things.  I leaned over and pressed my mouth
to hers.  In her shock, she returned the kiss, even running her tongue across
my lips
          I broke the kiss and stood up, removing my hand from her pussy.  She
was panting from the attention, and she kept her head bowed as I undressed.  I
nearly tore off my clothes, not wanting to waste any time.  As my underwear
fell to the floor of the van, my dick popped free to stand at full attention. 
I crawled onto the bed with Mom, maneuvering between her already parted legs.
          I looked down at her body, and my lust overtook me.  I placed my
cockhead at her opening, and rammed it home.  God, it was the sweetest thing
I’ve ever felt!  Mom gasped, and her eyes finally opened.  For just a fraction
of a second her eyes met mine, before she averted her gaze.  I started rutting
into her like an animal.  I wasn’t interested in tenderness, I wanted to fuck.
          Though Mom wasn’t into the act, her body sure was.  Soon her hips
were bucking up at me just as fast as I was pummeling into her.  I was
twisting her nipples, and she was moaning and groaning in pleasure.  I leaned
down and planted a kiss on her.  Her body was so aroused she responded by
forcing her tongue into my mouth, and proceeding to suck my tongue back into
hers.  She was hot, and damn was she good!
          We continued like this for a while, and I was ready to explode.  Mom
had already had a few minor orgasms, having been prepared already.  I started
really pounding into her, so hard her head almost hit the side of the van. 
Soon, I exploded into her cunt with the force of a lightning bolt.  I was so
exhausted after that, I collapsed.
          When I woke up a short time later, Mom was, of course, in the same
position she had been.
          “Well, Mom?  What’s your choice?  Is this ‘our little secret’, or
are we going to tell Dad our own versions of what happened today?”
          Mom was totally defeated.  “You win, Sean.  I can’t risk your father
finding out what I’ve done.  I won’t say anything about today.”
          I’m sure she had some hope that this would be the end of it.  Maybe
she thought I had made my conquest, and would move on to other things.  I had
thought about it at first, but the more work I put into this plan, the more I
realized that once just wouldn’t justify the work involved.  I was going to be
‘getting some’ on a regular basis from now on.
Our next segment will tell how young Sean began to turn his innocent mother,
Pam, into a willing sex slave.  Keep your eyes on this column for further