HELPPAPA.TXT "Helping Papa" (Mf, cons, incest, pedo, !!!PREGNANT!!!)

     This story involves incest, and parents having sex with 
minor children.  It is completely consensual, but be warned:  It 
is NOT safe-sex.  Some people have been asking for stories about 
children who had sex with their parents, where pregnancy results.  
This story is the most extreme example, I have ever even heard 
of!  (With the POSSIBLE exception of "Her father's Daughter", but 
THAT story took 250 pages, to even hint at what this story covers 
in less than 10.)  If you are still reading by the end of this 
page, you must like such stories.


     The voice rose and fell, eventually becoming too big a 
distraction to overlook.  It was obviously a woman's voice, 
though you couldn't tell the age.  From what was said, you might 
figure out that the woman must have been over thirty, but whether 
she was thirty-five, or ninety wasn't clear.  She was obviously 
talking TO someone, though you never heard any response.  Whether 
this was because she was talking on the phone, or just that her 
husband was in another room, wasn't clear either.  She could have 
been talking to her therapist over the phone, or just making a 
point with her husband.  Perhaps she was just discussing life 
with her girlfriend.  Whatever.  In any case, her conversation 
through the thin little door separating two apartments in the old 
motel on the edge of the desert, was far more interesting than 
the single TV channel re-run available at 10 o'clock in the 
evening, in this sleepy little New Mexico town.  Interesting 
enough in fact, to tape, and later put down on paper. . .


                          Helping Papa
                         An Erotic Story

     People think that incest is such a big deal these days.  
Heck, when I was ten years old, my mother gave me the chore of 
getting my father off in the morning.
     Each of us kids had our assigned tasks to do each day.  Some 
of them were designed just to make it easier for our parents to 
earn the money that we needed.  For example, my older brother 
Billy had to get up each morning, and make the fire, before my 
sister Mary fixed breakfast for Mom and Dad.
     Since I wasn't strong enough to handle the axe very good, 
and wasn't a very good cook either, my duties became fixing lunch 
for both Mom and Dad, and getting Daddy off, before breakfast.  
Yes, that means just what you think it does.
     Daddy would wake up each morning with a hard-on, and Momma 
was too busy getting ready for work herself, to take care of 
Daddy, so she had me do it.
     I'd go into Daddy's room, climb in bed with him, and make 
him squirt his sperm in me.  Usually, that meant that Daddy would 
get on top of me, and fuck me.  Sometimes though, I'd get on top 
of Daddy, or he'd have me suck him off.  Once in a long while, 
Daddy would put his cock in my ass and squirt his sperm there, 
but not very often.  Daddy knew that I didn't like it very much, 
and he wasn't one to force his children to do things that made 
them uncomfortable.
     I know; you're thinking that having sex with your own father 
would make YOU uncomfortable.  That's because you weren't raised 
in a family like ours, where sex was considered just another 
thing you did, like eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom.  
You were expected to help any family member out, if they needed 
it.  That's why it was my job to get Daddy off.
     Daddy needed sex about 4 or 5 times a day, and even Momma 
couldn't keep up with him, so Momma had us girls help out.  Diane 
would usually fuck Daddy before lunch, while Mary would take care 
of Daddy in the afternoon, and Momma would usually be able to do 
the rest.  Not always though.
     If this sounds like an onerous chore, then I've given you a 
wrong impression.  I liked fucking Daddy.  I especially liked 
feeling Daddy get all excited when he was on top of me, and 
fucking his big cock all the way up inside my tummy.  The feeling 
of Daddy's cock jumping inside me, as he lost control, and 
squirted my little tummy full of his sperm was always a thrill.  
I may have been too young to get pregnant, but it was still a 
turn-on to know that the same sperm that Daddy squirted in 
Momma's womb to make me, was squirting in my little womb, as 
Daddy tried to get me pregnant just like Momma.
     Yes, I knew how babies were made.  And NO, I really didn't 
mind if Daddy knocked me up.  Another baby was always welcome in 
our house, and I had watched Daddy impregnate my older sisters 
enough times, that I knew how it happened.  Heck, it was one of 
the reason's I liked the job of getting Daddy off.  Just knowing 
that there was even a SLIGHT chance, that this time Daddy might 
actually make a baby in me, was usually enough to get me off when 
Daddy did.  Usually.


     Sometimes I had to get Billy to fuck me, when Daddy went off 
too quick.  Usually, it would be a quick fuck, and then Daddy 
would get up, while I lay there for a few minutes to allow 
Daddy's sperm to soak into my womb, before I got up as well.  By 
the time Daddy had shaved, and I had wiped myself and dressed, my 
sister would usually have breakfast ready for everybody.  No big 
     Besides, Daddy LIKED fucking me.  At that time, I was the 
youngest of the girls that Daddy was fucking, that he hadn't 
knocked up yet, and we both hoped that I would start early.  I 
     I remember it well.  As I said, I was 10 years old, when 
Momma first gave me the chore of getting Daddy off in the 
morning.  Previous to that, it had been Diane's, until she got 
too big with little Georgie, to fuck comfortably.  Daddy had 
fucked me a few times before that, but this was the first time 
Momma had him fuck me regularly.  My big brother Billy had first 
fucked me when I was six, but I hadn't really enjoyed it, until I 
was seven.  Before that, I had just done it "to see what it was 
like" and because all of my sisters did it, and I didn't want to 
be left out.  Daddy didn't fuck me, until I was about eight and a 
half, and then only because I begged him to.  Daddy was a LOT 
bigger than Billy, and he almost split me in two!
     After that first time, Daddy would fuck me once or twice a 
month, but it wasn't until I was about ten, that it got to be 
really fun for me.  Once Momma found out that I LIKED fucking 
Daddy, she figured that I might as well take over the job of 
getting Daddy off in the morning.  That way I got the extra sex I 
wanted, and Momma didn't have to take care of Daddy in the 
morning, as well as at night, and Daddy. . . Let's just say that 
Daddy liked it almost as much as I did.  For sure, he never 
     It was always so nice to feel Daddy sliding his big peter in 
and out of me, while he rubbed my little titties, and told me how 
much he loved me, and my cute little body.  Daddy always made 
sure we all knew how much he appreciated having sex with us.  
That's one of the many reasons we all loved him so.  He never 
made us feel unappreciated.  As I said, Daddy made love to me.  
He didn't just jerk-off in me, though I wouldn't have minded if 
he did.
     Of course the best part, was when I came.  Daddy almost 
always managed to get me off.  Sometimes two or three times even.  
It was almost as exciting, when Daddy came; to feel your own 
father jerking and shaking on top of you, while his penis spasms 
your vagina full of his thick sticky sperm is a thrill that every 
little girl should have.  Feeling your vagina get all slick and 
wet with your Daddy's semen; knowing that you might get pregnant, 
as his seed soaks into your womb, is a sensation that few girls 
get to enjoy these days.  It was like heaven to me.  I feel lucky 
to have been born at a time, and in a place where I could not 
only fuck my own father, but was allowed, and even expected to 
have his babies, before I got married.  To go through life never 
enjoying the feel of your own father's sperm inside your womb 
getting you pregnant, seems such a sad thing to me.  I'm glad 
that MY parents loved me enough to keep me from missing this.


     One day, I was lying on the bed, enjoying the feel of 
Daddy's cum soaking in my tummy, imagining his sperm wriggling 
its way up inside my womb, when I realized I was leaking.  I 
didn't want to get cum stains on the bed, so I cupped my hand 
around my sperm-dribbling snatch, and hustled to the bathroom.
     Once I got to the bathroom, I was shocked to find out that 
instead of Daddy's white sticky sperm, my little cunny was 
dribbling messy red blood!
     I let out a yell, that almost lifted the roof.  When Momma 
found out what it was, she calmed everyone down, and explained 
that I had just gotten my period.
     After that first time, Momma was a little more careful about 
when she had me fuck Daddy.  Up to then, I had been fucking Daddy 
every morning during the week, while my sister took over on 
weekends. (Momma said, "To give me a rest.")
     Afterwards, Momma counted the days, from my period, and made 
sure that I slept with Daddy during the middle part, even if it 
was on a weekend.  That way, I'd have the best chance of 
     Well, it took a little longer than I expected, but I missed 
my period again, about seven or eight months later, and had my 
first baby by Daddy when I was a little past my eleventh 
birthday.  Before I left home, I had three more kids by Daddy, 
for a total of two boys and two girls.  Momma and Daddy raised 
them like their own kids, and never expected me to do more than 
care for them, like any of my other brothers and sisters.
     Back in those days, if you lived on a farm, this was the way 
things were.  If you were a boy, you helped raise the crops, milk 
the cows, plant the fields, make hay, pick strawberries, feed the 
chickens, and all the other unending chores that constitute farm 
work.  If you were a girl, you sewed, made clothing, cleaned, 
tended the garden, cooked, canned, preserved and helped your 
mother with the babies.  When a girl got old enough, she was 
expected to help her mother take care of her father, grandfather, 
and any other male relatives such as brothers, who needed relief 
after working all day in the fields, as well.  Nobody ever used 
birth-control, and a man who would cheat his little girl of 
feeling his sperm inside her, was considered an unfeeling pig.  
If the girl got pregnant by her father, or even her own brother, 
then it was a cause for celebration, not grief.  Since the more 
people there were to help with the chores, the better we all 
lived, there was considerable incentive to have more children.
     In the area where I lived, a girl would try to help her 
mother out, by getting pregnant by her father or grandfather as 
early and often as possible.  She usually tried to give her 
mother two or three more kids to raise, before she got married 
and left to raise kids of her own.
     Boys on the other hand, unless they already had children by 
their mother, were expected to marry as soon as possible, girls 
who had already proved their fertility by their fathers.  The 
more kids the girl had, and the younger she had them, the more 
prized she was as a wife.  That's why my sister Mary and I, both 
of us having 4 kids by our father before we were 15, were 
considered prime catches.


     Not many girls were that lucky, or had fathers who loved 
them enough to give them that many kids.  Heck, I remember some 
horror stories the kids used to banter about in school, about 
parents who were so uncaring, that the wouldn't even fuck their 
kids, let alone get them pregnant.  Of course I never met anyone 
like that, so I didn't really believe it.  I mean, can you 
imagine someone being so cruel, as to turn his little girl down, 
when she's horny, and begging to be fucked?  Never mind getting 
her pregnant.
     I mean, I can just possibly understand the argument that 
your little girl will only have a few chances to have a baby, and 
maybe she should save those chances for the one she marries.  
(Just because I can understand it, doesn't mean I buy it.  I 
mean, If a little girl wants to have a baby by the person she 
loves most in the world, her own Daddy, how can you possibly 
justify refusing her?)
     These days it's different.  A poor girl is expected to wait 
until she's SIXTEEN, before she even fools around.  Then she's 
expected to go on the pill, and not have babies until she's 
married!  Ridiculous.  Especially, with modern birth-control 
     Of course, you never know what's REALLY going on behind 
closed doors, even in the city these days.  Take my next door 
neighbor, Joe, and the neighbor on the other side, Harry.  Who 
knows, right now Harry might be filling his little girl's womb 
full of incestuous cum, and Joe's little 10-year-old might be 
going off to school each day, with her own father's sperm 
wriggling its way up inside her tight little tummy.  I hope so.
     You never know these days, what with the pill and all.  
Heck, I could be completely wrong, and half the kids in the city 
might be fucking their parents.  As long as nobody complains, how 
would you know?
     Even when a girl DOES get pregnant, who's going to know 
whose baby it is?  These days, so many girls are getting knocked 
up by their boyfriends or cousins, who's going to notice if a 
girl gets pregnant by her own daddy, unless she complains.  I 
mean, if she likes her daddy, and wants his kid, she won't admit 
it's his, these days; and how is anyone going to find out it is, 
if she doesn't tell?
     Of course, it was different when I was young and on the 
farm.  Officially, Momma had 19 kids in 23 years.  Officially.  
(Actually, she did pretty good anyway.  Eleven kids in 18 years.  
Three by her father, five by Daddy, and three more by Billy.)  
Thinking about it, maybe it wasn't so different after all.
     My two sons started fucking their little sisters, before the 
little girls were six years old, and I understand that they are 
all married right now, and living in a townhouse together.  I 
haven't seen them for years, though we write each Christmas.
     Right now, I understand that two of my grandsons have their 
sisters pregnant, while one of my granddaughters is pregnant by 
her father.  All three of the little girls are under 13 years 
old, and one of them is only 10.  I'm real proud of my kids, for 
carrying on the family traditions.


     I wish I had been there to see it, the first time my son 
knocked his little girl up.  Carol sent me an invitation, but 200 
miles is a long drive.  I understand that Daddy managed to make 
it though.  He told me later, that he wished that Momma was still 
around, so that she could have seen it too.  Even though Daddy 
has been married to Diane for 15 years now, he still misses 
Momma.  So do I.
     I remember when Daddy sold the farm.  A couple from the city 
had come out to look at the place, and I overheard the lady say 
to her husband, "Can you imagine that poor woman?  Having 19 
kids?  If my husband tried to do that to me, I'd cut off his you-
     I almost giggled.  She really believed that Momma had all 
those children by herself.  Obviously, she didn't know much about 
life on the farm!  I know it was the same with the neighbors, and 
most of my cousins and aunts.  When a farm couple has more than 
three or four kids, you can almost bet that some of the older 
girls are helping their mother.  And why shouldn't they? I mean, 
a farm needs lots of people to keep it going, and if a girl is 
willing to help out by having her father's babies, instead of 
making her mother do all the work, why not?  She gets practice, 
for when SHE gets married, her mother gets a break from having 
babies, and both she and her father get to have fun while doing 
it.  Everybody wins.  Of course, I understand that it's different 
in the city.
     I remember the first time our parents taught us kids about 
sex.  Well, not REALLY the first time.  We all knew something 
about how babies were made.  After all, we were farm kids.  We 
had all seen the animals breed.  From the bulls and the cows, the 
roosters and hens, to the cats and dogs.  Mostly the dogs though.  
Momma and Daddy usually kept about three or four dogs around the 
farm, both to keep down rats, and to help protect the place from 
intruders.  Usually, we had just one male, and two or three 
     When I was young, I remember the male-dog was always Sparky.  
Daddy bred Sparky to his mother, when he was 3 years old, and 
then kept the best females from her next two litters.  Daddy 
never had any trouble getting rid of the pups, or even Sparky's 
mother, as they were valued as exceptional hunting and guard 
dogs.  Besides, they were purebred.
     I was about 5, the first time Daddy had me help Sparky breed 
his little sister.  Daddy had me hold her, the first time, so 
Sparky could get inside her.  Daddy and I both made sure Sparky's 
cock was fully inflated in his little sister, before we let go, 
so that he could squirt his sperm inside her, and get her 
pregnant.  A year later, we helped Sparky do the same thing to 
his other sister.  When I was about 8, Daddy had me help Sparky 
again, only this time he had me do it by myself, when it was time 
for Sparky to impregnate his daughter.  I held the little pup, 
until Sparky had his dog-knot completely inside her, and I knew 
she would probably be having her father's pups in a month or two.  
Daddy had me keep breeding Sparky to his daughters, as long as 
there was demand for the pups.


     Since almost all the animals on the farm were interrelated, 
(heck, it wasn't unusual to see the bull breeding his mother, his 
sister, his daughter, and his granddaughter, all on the same 
day.) it was no surprise to me to watch Daddy impregnate my big 
     The way it happened, was this:  When Mary got her period, 
Momma thought it was time we all learned about sex, before we 
started having kids by accident.  (If we WANTED kids, then OK.  
Momma just didn't want us to have any nasty surprises.)  As I 
said, all of us kids knew SOMETHING about sex, and how babies 
were made, we just didn't know the particulars.  Momma and Daddy 
showed us.
     Momma told us about how a man put his penis inside a girl, 
and squirted his sperm in her, to fertilize her egg.  Then, she 
had Daddy demonstrate, by fucking her, so that we all could see.
     She showed us the white-stuff that Daddy had squirted inside 
her, and told us how it could make a baby in us, when we got old 
enough to bleed, like our sister was.
     I remember Mary asking if she could try it, so that she'd 
know what it felt like to make a baby.  So Momma had Daddy 
demonstrate, by making a baby in her too.
     We all watched, as Daddy pushed his big cock up inside our 
sister, until he had it all the way up in her.  Then he slid it 
in and out, until he couldn't hold back any more, and gave our 
elder sister what she wanted: A baby in her belly.
     Daddy must have jerked and spasmed on top of our big sister 
for over two minutes, filling her womb with incestuous sperm, 
while Momma told us how he was getting Mary pregnant.
     Billy and Diane got so excited; they wanted to try it 
themselves.  I was almost excited enough to try it as well.
     When Diane and Billy wanted to try it, Momma told them they 
were too young yet to have kids, but that Billy could practice 
making a baby in Diane, until they got older.  So, the only one 
who didn't get fucked that day, was me.  Momma told me that I was 
still too young, and even Billy was too big for me.
     She was right.  Even a year later, when Mary was pregnant 
for the second time, and Daddy knocked Diane up, I was barely 
able to take Billy's big thing inside me.  Still, I insisted, as 
I felt that it was unfair that my two older sisters were not only 
getting fucked by Daddy, but getting to have his babies, while I 
hadn't even gotten fucked yet.
     I almost regretted it.  Almost.
     First, Momma had Daddy jack-off in me, before Billy fucked 
me, so that I would be slick inside.  She had Daddy put his big 
thing up against my hole and rub up and down on his cock, until 
it spit big gobs of sperm inside me.  Then, while I was oozing 
Daddy's sperm, she had my big brother push his cock up inside me, 
and take my cherry.
     Wow!  It's a good thing that Daddy didn't do it.  Even as it 
was, I squealed like a stuck pig.
     Billy wasn't old enough to really cum yet, but he still 
liked to practice making a baby, so Momma had him slide in and 
out, until he got his relief.


     I was sore for a week.  Once I got over being sore, Momma 
let me practice making a baby with Billy about two or three times 
a week.  Billy also "practiced" making a baby in Momma, and 
sometimes in Mary or Diane, until he got to be 13, and started to 
squirt sperm just like Daddy.  After that, Momma made sure he 
only practiced with her, unless we were either in the middle of 
our periods, or already pregnant by Daddy.
     Billy got to be pretty good anyway.  Momma had three kids by 
him, before he left for college.
     Daddy didn't mind.  With me and my two older sisters, Daddy 
was able to have as many kids as he wanted.  Before they quit, 
Momma and Daddy had 19 kids on the farm.  Daddy had five kids by 
Momma, (Me, Mary, Diane, Billy, and Jenny.) four by me, (Mike, 
Carol, Janet, Joseph.) four by Mary, (Judy, Tim, Colleen, Cindy) 
and one each by Diane, Jenny, and Colleen.  (George, Karen, 
Frank)  (Yes, one by his own granddaughter/daughter.  So what?)
     Billy had three daughters by Momma (Ginger, Marcia, and 
Kelly) and was fucking all three of them, before they were 5 
years old.  Strangely, they never got pregnant, even though they 
never used birth control, until the four of them had moved out on 
their own, after Daddy sold the farm.  Right now, Billy is living 
with Kelly, and they are expecting their fourth child, while 
their eldest daughter is expecting her first.
     By the time I left home, if you happened to walk into the 
house at almost any time of day, you would most likely have 
stumbled across someone fucking.  Of course by then we had the 
pill, and most of us girls were on it, as Momma and Daddy really 
couldn't afford too many more kids.
     The day I left, I remember watching little Ginny showing 
off, by taking her uncles big cock up inside her tight little 
cunny, and making him squirt his thick sticky sperm in her womb.  
She was so proud of herself.  You'd think the little 10-year-old 
had discovered sex, all by herself.  Actually, the whole family 
was like that.  I don't think any of my sisters, (or daughters 
for that matter) waited past her seventh birthday, before asking 
either her father, brother, or uncle to, "Let me feel what it's 
like, to make a baby."
     I was talking on the phone the other day to Kelly, and she 
told me that Joy (That's their youngest.) was so jealous seeing 
her mother and big sister both pregnant, and her father trying to 
impregnate her 10 year old sister as well, that the little 4 
(Well OK, almost 5.) year old girl insisted that her father 
squirt his sperm inside her, so she would have a chance to get 
pregnant too.  I got so hot at my niece's description of my big 
brother fucking his little girl, that I jacked off three times 
that afternoon; imagining that I was Billy's little girl, and my 
Daddy was getting me pregnant by squirting my slit full of baby-
juice, before I was even 5 years old.


     Kelly told me how Billy put his big cock up inside their 
little girl, and fucked her until he came, filling the child's 
womb with squirt after thick sticky squirt of incestuous seed.  
She said she hadn't gotten so excited, since Billy first got her 
pregnant, knowing her big brother, who was also her father loved 
her enough to squirt his sperm inside her, so she could have his 
baby.  However, once she saw her father slide his cum-dripping  
penis up inside their youngest daughter's tight little slit, and 
pump the child full of the same baby-making sperm that made her, 
while the 4-year-old little girl begged him to get her pregnant, 
Kelly knew that anything else would be an anticlimax.  Even 
though Billy was only able to get about half his cock up inside 
the little girl; knowing her father was squirting his potent 
sperm inside their daughter's flat little tummy, was enough to 
make my niece climax without even being touched.
     Kelly told me that Little Chrissie has been fucking their 
father for the past week now, and is now able to take almost 
three-quarters of my big brother's penis in her tight little 
cunny, before he gets too excited, and squirts his sperm inside 
her.  Her older sister is beginning to complain that their father 
hardly has any cum left to squirt in her anymore, now that he's 
started fucking Chrissie.  Kelly says she's going to have to put 
our brother on a schedule, so that they each get a fair chance at 
getting pregnant by their father.  After all, it wouldn't really 
be fair, if Chrissie got pregnant, before her 10-year-old sister 
did.  Still, it's almost as exciting for Kelly to watch her 
father impregnate their 4-year-old daughter, as it was to feel 
him make a baby in her own womb.   (OK, so she's almost 5 years 
old!  It's STILL more than three years younger than I was, the 
first time Daddy fucked me.)
     We're all pulling for the little girl, even if there isn't 
much chance.  Just think:  Not even in Kindergarten yet, and 
having your own father's baby growing inside you.  I'm getting 
hot again, just thinking about it.
     I understand that Ginger and Marcia are now living with 
their sons, both of them expecting, also.
     So you can see, that incest isn't really that much of a big 
thing to me.  Heck, I used to do it all the time, when I was 
younger.  Of course, I haven't done anything like that since we 
got married, except for a "quickie" or two with my big brother, 
or Daddy, when we were over to visit for the holidays.
     When you hear about incest nowadays, you'd think the younger 
generation had invented it.  HA!  So now you see why I'm really 
not surprised to learn that our son was caught "sticking it" to 
his little sister, and the little girl not only wasn't fighting 
him off, but was doing everything a girl can, to get her big 
brother to reproduce inside her, by filling her tight little 
cunny with his warm greasy sperm.
     Kids these days!  Think they invented everything.


     The next day, looking out in the motel parking lot, the big 
black sedan is gone.  The manager isn't there to ask who was in 
the room next door.  There's not even a hint as to who she was, 
or even what state she was from.  If it wasn't for this 
transcript, you might have a hard time believing she really 
existed.  Rereading it, you wonder if maybe she doesn't.  Or 
maybe she does, but it was all just a fantasy of hers.  For sure, 
it will always be one of yours, from now on.