An Erotic Story

     I looked down at the cute little girl squirming underneath 
me.  Brown Hair and brown eyes framed a pixie-like little face 
that almost made you think of Tinkerbell in the movies.  Once, 
when she was about two years younger, I bought the little girl a 
green dress, and she looked the very image of the sexless little 
pixie; so sweet and innocent.  There was nothing sexless or 
innocent though, about the way the child's tight little cunny was 
wrapped around the thick cylinder that repeatedly vanished into 
the little girl's body, and then reappeared streaked with both 
her secretions and mine.  Above the obscenely spread little slit, 
was a smooth flat little tummy that bulged each time my thick 
prick slid inside her, while she humped back; trying to fit as 
much of her grandfather's swollen prick inside her body as she 
could.  The child was much too small to take such a thick cock 
inside her vagina, without it showing from the outside.
     Off to one side stood the 7-year-old's "big" sister, all 10 
years of her.  The older girl's hair was a slightly lighter shade 
of brown, and her eyes were blue, fading slightly to green.  
Marsha wasn't any picture of virtue either, as she watched me 
breeding her little sister with fascination.  The pre-teen seemed 
to be as turned-on by watching me fuck her little sister, as she 
had been to feel me fucking her, not ten minutes earlier.  Down 
below the child's barely budding titties, and smooth flat belly, 
with a navel that you just ached to lick, (and I had, many times) 
was a smooth mound that looked like a peach, and was just as 
hairless as her little sister's tiny little slit that was 
rhythmically squeezing my swollen prick, as it slid in and out of 
     Drooling from the older girl's crack was a gray glob that 
slowly oozed down her thigh; giving evidence that the child had 
been as thoroughly fucked as her little sister was being.  Well 
after all, I didn't want Marsha to feel neglected, when I fucked 
her little sister.  Having already cum in the older girl, I 
figured that Carol deserved to get as much of my sperm inside her 
cute little tummy, as her big sister did.
     The feel of the tight ring of the girl's vagina sliding on 
and off my tumescent prick was incredibly good; and I knew that 
both children enjoyed feeling my thick penis inside their tight 
little cunnies, just as much as I did, if not more.  I knew it 
wouldn't be long, before my prick exploded; sending jet after 
thick sticky jet of incestuous seed squirting into the little 
girl's unprotected young womb, where she wanted it so much.
     There's nothing like the feel of a little seven to ten year 
old little girl squeezing the heck out of your prick with her 
tight little cunny, the feel of her smooth soft skin under your 
hands, her pert nipples rubbing against your hairy chest, the 
sexy feel of your belly slapping wetly against the child's warm 
little pre-teen belly, and most-of-all, the sweet satisfying 
*spurt* of thick cum rippling through your engorged penis, as you 
send bolt after bolt of thick sticky baby-making seed squirting 
high into the child's developing young uterus where it belongs.


     Especially if the little girl is your own granddaughter, and 
the kid not only likes to fuck, she actually doesn't mind if you 
get her pregnant.  Mind?  Heck, Carol and Marsha were BOTH doing 
everything a little girl could do to reproduce with their horny 
grandfather; insisting that I do my best to impregnate each of 
them by squirting my seed as far up in their wombs as I could, at 
least twice a day.  With both parent's encouragement, I might 
     Mike and Marie seemed to be as happy about having me squirt 
my sperm in their little girls' tummies, as the two kids were to 
feel me squirting inside them.  No, Marie says she doesn't really 
EXPECT me to father a baby on each of her two little girls. . . 
She just expects me to TRY.  Just like HER parents allowed her to 
have her grandfathers try, when she was that young.  She doesn't 
want her daughters to miss out on the chance of getting pregnant 
by their grandfather before they hit puberty, even though the 
chance isn't really all that great.  Of course, she said it was a 
shame the little girls only had one grandfather to fuck and try 
to get them pregnant; unlike the two she and her sisters had 
shared when she was growing up.
     No, Mike and Marie don't really expect me to get their 
little girls pregnant.  They almost certainly wouldn't let me 
fuck either of their daughters, if they didn't think it was 
"safe" for both of them.  On the other hand, neither my son nor 
my daughter-in-law would be all that disappointed or annoyed if 
either one, both, or all of their kids got up one morning and her 
cute little panties were too tight.
     Still, Marie says she doesn't expect any of her little girls 
to be that lucky.  She just wants her children to be properly 
raised in a loving family, and have the same chances she did; 
with their own horny grandfather's bare quivering prick squirting 
big splashes of incestuous seed in each of their cute little 
tummies whenever the little girl wants it, while the kid can 
still enjoy sex with her own relatives without the worry of 
actually getting pregnant; just like she, her mother and her 
grandmother had been raised.  And while most of the girls in her 
family already had boyfriends the first time their bellies 
started to swell, there were still a few who didn't.  Even 
knowing the risk, Marie didn't want to begrudge HER daughters the 
chance to practice making a baby with me while they still could, 
even if there WAS a slight chance that one of the little girls 
might "get it right" and actually succeed in her "practice."  At 
least this way my daughter-in-law could be sure that her children 
would be ready when they got old enough to have boyfriends of 
their own, and they would all know how to get pregnant as soon as 
they could, once they reached puberty.  After all, that was the 
whole idea. . . To practice making a baby with your grandparents 
while it's safe, until you got old enough to have a boyfriend to 
do it with.  That way, once you had a boyfriend, you would know 
what to do, to get pregnant as early as possible.
     Only Marie's big sister Jenny had ever been lucky enough to 
get pregnant by her grandfather, and even she had been having the 
old man fill her little womb with incestuous sperm for almost 6 
years by that time; as Jenny had been over 12 years old when her 
belly first got big.


     So, while the kids all liked to practice making a baby with 
their grandfather, it was mostly just that: Practice.
     But what fun they had practicing.  Not to mention the fun I 
was having, ejaculating my seed in their sexy little bellies.  
Well, if my son and daughter-in-law didn't mind me filling their 
little girls' wombs with babies, then for sure I didn't mind 
doing it.
     Mind?  Heck, as long as the two little girls were willing, I 
was going to do my best to plant a baby in each of their sexy 
little tummies as often as I could.  If they let me, I would 
probably try to father three or four kids on each of my sexy 
little granddaughters, before they got out of grade-school.
     My prick felt like it grew a foot longer at the very 
thought, while I blew yet another thick sticky load of incestuous 
cum inside Carol's sucking young womb.
     "Oooh Honey," I moaned; while my prick spasmed out of 
control, "your grandpa's going to make a baby in that cute little 
tummy of yours.  Feel it?  That's Grandpa's sperm squirting in 
you.  C'mon girl; squeeze me.  Take Grandpa's thick sticky cum up 
inside that tight little belly of yours, so you can feel your own 
grandfather's baby growing in your tummy."
     "Oh Grandpop," moaned the little girl; as I squirted yet 
another big dollop of warm sticky cum in her 7-year-old belly.  
The little girl's older sister watched with interest, as my seed 
slowly soaked into her womb as well.
     "Do it," squeaked the little girl; squeezing frantically on 
my prick with her incredibly tight little cunny, "squirt your cum 
in me, so I can have a baby."  We all knew there wasn't really 
much chance; but that didn't stop any of us from trying.  Feeling 
me spasming her womb full of baby-making cum was usually enough 
to get either of the little girls off; while feeling either them 
cumming around my prick was generally all I needed to get ME off.
     Just the thought that either or both of these sexy little 
girls wouldn't mind if I did manage to plant a baby in her flat 
little tummy gave me an almost perpetual hard-on.  It was a poor 
day, that I didn't breed each of the little girls at least three 
times; sending them off to school each morning and to bed at 
night with my seed slowly soaking into their wombs where it 
belonged.  Well, if the two little girls made it to puberty, 
where their mother expected them to shift their attention to boys 
their own ages, without at least once having a big tummy, then it 
wouldn't be from lack of trying on either of our parts.  Both 
little girls seemed to be as eager to feel my baby growing in 
their tight little tummies, as either their parents or I wanted 
to see it growing there.  Such a sexy thought.  I squirted one 
last sticky wad in Carol's slick little tunnel; draining myself 
into the child's 7-year-old womb, until I had no more to give.
     "Thanks, Grandpa," said the second-grader; looking down at 
where her cunny-lips were so obscenely spread around her 
grandfather's thick prick that was still leaking incestuous cum 
inside her.  "I hope I'm pregnant now," she added, wistfully.
     "Me too, Honey," I sighed.  "Me too."  We both knew that 
there wasn't nearly as much chance a girl as young as her would 
"catch", as there was with her 10-year-old sister, but there 
still WAS a chance.


     My prick finally slid out of the little second-grader, with 
a slight "slurp," followed by a dribble of white sticky goo.
     Well, if the little girl wasn't pregnant yet, we still had 
three or four more years to try, before her mother put her on the 
pill, or she got a boyfriend, so she didn't need it.  By that 
time, I would have been fucking her baby sister long enough that 
I wouldn't miss the child so much. . . Or at least, so I hoped.
     After lying there panting for about two minutes, eventually 
we all managed to get up and take a shower before breakfast.  
Three times either Mike or Marie had quietly passed the open 
door; checking to see that I was taking proper care of their 
little girls.  I was.
     I knew my daughter-in-law was also trying to make sure we 
got cleaned up in time for breakfast, without spoiling her 
daughters' sex-lives by interrupting them while they tried to get 
pregnant.  Damn!  I was almost ready to try planting a baby in 
either of the two little girls all over again, at the very 
thought.  The hardest thing about not doing it, was knowing that 
neither little girl would have stopped me, if I tried.
     Still, breakfast was waiting, and if we hurried, there still 
might be time for me enough to plant a baby in both little girls, 
before they had to leave for school.  If not, then not.  I had 
already left enough pregnancy-juice in both kids' sexy little 
tummies to keep them having babies for the next 20 years, if they 
could get pregnant at all.  <Sigh.>
     Looking at the two angels giggling over who got the soap, 
you would never suspect that they even knew what sex was; let 
alone that each one of them was carrying enough of her own 
grandfather's seed in her womb to impregnate half the school.  Of 
course, innocent little girls didn't wash up while naked in the 
same bathroom where their grandfather was sporting an erection 
either.  Innocent little girls also didn't climb into the shower 
with their grandfather, and help him "clean up" by sucking their 
juices and his sperm off that same erection, that had been 
ejaculating his semen inside their tiny little vaginas, not 10 
minutes earlier. . . No, their actions were far from innocent, no 
matter how young and fresh they both looked.
     Not to mention the dribbles of cum that oozed slowly out of 
their tight little slits; making an obscene drool down their 
legs; while filling the bathroom with the unmistakable smell of 
fresh cum.  I wondered what their teachers thought, when the 
little girls got to school smelling freshly fucked; with drools 
of their grandfather's seed running down their legs.  I knew both 
little girls didn't wear panties, as they would have just gotten 
messy when my sperm leaked out.  The notion of the little second-
grader and her big sister showing off their cum-dribbling little 
slits to the teacher, was quite a thought.
     At any rate, neither little girl had ever complained about 
any of their teachers trying to molest them.  And nobody had ever 
protested about either of the two little girls coming to school 
dribbling cum from their bare little cunnies.  Either they never 
noticed, or their teachers LIKED the idea of little girls coming 
to class with no panties and sperm dribbling down their legs.  
Personally, I have my own suspicions.


     By hurrying, I DID manage to fuck both of my granddaughters 
before they left; lifting their short little skirts and fucking 
them right there in the living-room, while their parents and both 
sisters watched with interest.  The older girl's swollen tummy 
just gave me all that much more incentive to try and produce the 
same result with her little sisters.  I bent the two little girls 
over the couch, then eased my already cum-oozing penis inside 
Marsha first.  There's nothing as riskily nasty and exciting as 
breeding a 10-year-old girl in front of her whole family; sliding 
your jizz-dribbling prick to the hilt in the little girl's bare 
little cunny, where it's leaking pre-cum and sperm into the 
child's womb, while everyone watches you.  Especially when you 
all know the pre-teen is fast approaching puberty, and you just 
might be getting the little girl pregnant, even as they all 
watch.  I was in the final thrusts of delivering my seed inside 
Marsha's sucking young womb; frantically rutting into the child, 
as her tight little cunny sucked the sperm from my balls; when we 
heard the rumble of the bus stopping down the street.
     Quickly I pulled out of the horny little 10-year-old, and 
hurriedly slipped my spewing prick as far up inside her 
7-year-old little sister as I could; so both girls could feel one 
last shot of incestuous sperm squirting inside them, before all 
three of the older girls were dashing out to catch the bus; Ginny 
with her swollen belly jiggling obscenely, as she ran.
     "No way was anyone going to miss it this time," I thought.
     Still, the bus driver had never said a word before when the 
little girls sat in the front of the bus, with their bare little 
cunnies dribbling white sticky cum, and their sexy little dresses 
hiked up so far that the man could probably see right up inside 
each child's little hole, to where the little girl's cervix was 
awash in a sticky pool of her own grandfather's thick white cum.  
(IF she spread her legs a little, that is.) I knew both children 
liked to tease other grown-ups at every chance.  And somehow I 
was sure that both little girls liked their bus-driver enough to 
do just that; neither one being the least bit shy about 
displaying her charms to anybody she liked, who was interested.
     This wasn't the first time I had sent both children out with 
no panties, and my sperm still oozing from their tight little 
slits, and probably wouldn't be the last.  Surprisingly, neither 
of their parents seemed to be the slightest bit worried about 
this; even when both girls deliberately sat in the first row of 
the bus, with their short little skirts hiked up almost to their 
navels.  Perhaps they knew something I didn't?  Nobody had ever 
said anything about Ginny, either; not even when her tummy first 
started to show with her previous boyfriend's baby.
     Whatever.  I knew that by afternoon, when both of the 
younger girls got back, they would both be so horny from feeling 
my slippery cum drying between their legs, that they would 
practically be fighting over which one of them got me first.  
Only when I had left at least one good squirt of baby-juice in 
each of their tight little cunnies, would the two horny sluts be 
calmed down enough to go out and play; at least until we went to 
bed together at night.


     I knew that their big sister would be similarly occupied 
with her current boyfriend at the same time.  Thank goodness THIS 
one didn't seem to be turned-off by fucking a pregnant teenager, 
like her previous boyfriend had.  Oh well, better for her to 
learn NOW, rather than after they got married.  That's one reason 
the girls' parents insisted that the kids fuck each of their 
boyfriends; sleeping with them for at least a year, before 
allowing them to get married.  By that time, the girl had usually 
been pregnant at least once, and they could tell how the 
prospective parent felt about children.
     Marie had done this when SHE was younger; actually sleeping 
over with my son when she was only 12 years old.  She had 
continued to do this for over a year; being almost six-months 
pregnant with Marsha, before they got married.  Many times her 
big sister had stayed over with Marie, when she had a baby safely 
tucked away in her own tummy.  My son would then fuck both girls, 
as Marie's big sister was "safe," and wasn't getting enough from 
her present boyfriend.  In fact, sometimes either Marie or 
Jennifer would sneak into my bedroom after Mike had gone to 
sleep, so she could get a "little extra."
     Believe it or not, Mike didn't mind, as he was getting more 
sex from both girls than he could handle.  This had continued 
right up until today, except I rarely fucked my daughter-in-law 
or her sister any more, as I was too occupied with my little 
granddaughters, ever since that day about four years ago, when 
Marie first had me "teach" her eldest daughter "how to make a 
     After three years "practice," Ginny got so good that she had 
only been going out with Charley for a little over a week, when 
she missed her first period.  Marie was so proud of the little 
girl, you'd think it was HER who was going to have another baby.
     Damn, I was going to miss Marsha when she got old enough to 
have periods, and her mother put the child on the pill; before 
moving the little girl into their bedroom, with her and her 
husband.  Still, by that time I would probably have been fucking 
her little sister Carrie for over a year, so it wouldn't be all 
THAT bad.
     I looked over at where the little 5-year-old was frigging 
herself with a finger, after watching me impregnate her big 
sisters.  It would be two more years yet, before the kid was big 
enough to take my thick prick up inside her tight little hole, 
but we both knew it was going to be fun when I did.  Carrie gave 
me a big grin, before reaching over and scooping up a big glob of 
sperm that had dripped out of her sister's crotch, while I had 
been fucking the older girl on the couch.  Still grinning, the 
horny child spread her legs and slid her cum-dripping finger up 
inside her tight little hole.
     I almost wasted a gallon of sperm down my own leg, at the 
obscene sight of the little five-year-old trying to inseminate 
herself with her my cum.
     "Damn, she's a horny little shit, isn't she?" remarked my 
daughter-in-law, as she watched her sexy little daughter frigging 
herself with a finger dripping with her own grandfather's sperm.  
Marie giggled, and looked down at the matching dribble seeping 
from my swollen prick.


     "Hmmm," she said, "maybe you WON'T have to wait until she's 
seven years old to slip that nasty old thing up inside the kid, 
if she's THAT horny."
     My prick was aching-hard, at the very thought.  I couldn't 
though.  Carrie was just too young.  I mean. . . Five years old?
     Marie looked down at me, and then over to her obscenely 
occupied little girl.  "Just THINK how tight she must be inside," 
she observed; obviously turned-on by the prospect of her 
husband's father molesting yet another one of her daughters.
     I already WAS thinking about just that.  Damn.  The thought 
of even accidentally hurting the little girl was enough to make 
my prick wilt, while the thought of her tight little hole 
squeezing the sperm out of my prick and up inside her cute little 
body was enough to make my balls ache.  I didn't know how to 
     "Why don't you try it?" suggested Marie.  "If it hurts her, 
you can always take it out.  At least with HER, you don't have to 
worry about accidentally getting her pregnant."
     I looked at my daughter-in-law to see if she was kidding.  I 
mean, ten years old is quite young for a girl to start fucking.  
Seven is (if you'll pardon the expression,) "stretching" things.  
At five, I would probably split the little kid wide open.  
Still. . . I had thought the same thing about Carol two months 
ago; but the horny kid had not only managed to take my thick 
prick up inside her hot little hole, but the cute little girl 
seemed to like feeling me squirt her sexy little tummy full of 
baby-juice, even more than her older sister did; actually BEGGING 
me to get her pregnant, each time I ejaculated yet another thick 
spurt of life-giving sperm into her squeezing little crack.
     Marie was right.  If Carrie objected, or if it hurt her, we 
didn't have to continue.  I almost snickered at another 
thought. . . True, there was almost no chance that a girl as 
young as Carrie, or even her big sisters would ever get pregnant, 
but if any of them did, it certainly wouldn't be an "accident."  
At least, not on MY part.  Together we both walked over to where 
Carrie was frigging her bare little slit; seeming not to notice 
any more, that her mother and grandfather were watching her.
     "Uh, Carrie?" asked Marie; interrupting her daughter's 
concentration on getting herself off, "would you like your 
grandpa to help?"
     Carrie looked at her mother, then looked at my prick.  No 
way did it look like the thick sausage would fit in that tiny 
hole.  A white drop at the tip, left over from squirting my sperm 
in the little girl's older sisters, just emphasized the obscenity 
of her mother's suggestion.
     Obscene or not, too big or not, Carrie was too horny to 
care.  "Please, Grandpa," she said; spreading her legs so far she 
was practically doing the splits.  "I get so horny watching you 
make babies in Marsha and Carol.  Momma always said I would have 
to wait until I was seven to have you get me pregnant, but I 
can't wait any more.  Please, Grandpa?"


     "You're sure about this," I asked, as I rubbed the swollen 
head of my prick against the child's slippery little hole.  Maybe 
I wouldn't be actually able to slip it inside her tiny vagina, 
but we could still have fun with me rubbing her off with the head 
of it, and then squirting my sperm up inside her that way.
     "Uhuh," said Carrie; beaming up at me, once she realized I 
was really offering to do it, and not just teasing her.  The 
5-year-old looked like she had just been told she could open her 
Christmas presents two days early, and there would be another set 
waiting for her on Christmas day.  "Please?" she repeated.
     I did it.  Rubbing my prick against her already sperm-
slickened little hole, I pushed.  At first, it was too tight; as 
the little girl's hole spasmed shut against my rubbing prick.  
Then, at her mother's direction, Carrie relaxed and suddenly the 
head of my prick vanished into the little girl's body.  I 
couldn't believe it. . . Only five years old, and the little girl 
was taking my penis up inside her cunny, just like her big 
sisters did.  The exquisite feel of the child's tight little hole 
squeezing on the head of my prick was too much. . . I came again.  
Only this time into my five-year-old little granddaughter.  I 
couldn't help it.  Spasm after spasm shook me, as my balls 
emptied themselves through the meat-pipe connecting me to my 
granddaughter.  Squirt after thick sticky squirt spat into the 
child; throb after throb.  With each jet of incestuous seed into 
her tight little slit, Carrie moaned with excitement.
     I guess knowing that her own grandfather was squirting the 
same sticky white seed in her tummy that had created her father 
over 30 years before, was extremely exciting to such a young 
girl.  Marie seemed to be happy too.  Watching me breed her 
little girl seemed to bring out the best in her.
     "That's it, Honey," she encouraged her sexy little daughter, 
"squeeze Grandpa's prick.  Make the nasty old man squirt all that 
nice baby-juice right up inside your cute little tummy, so you 
can feel what it's like have a baby; just like your big sisters."
     Marie looked up at me, her eyes glazed with lust, while I 
ejaculated the last sticky drops of sperm into her little girl's 
belly.  "Do it good," she said thickly, "I want to see you make a 
baby in my baby.  Carrie wants to feel HER little belly getting 
big with your baby, just like her big sisters do."
     Well, I did my best.  Still, I was only able to slide in and 
out about two inches or slightly more, before bringing squeaks of 
pain from the little 5-year-old.  On the other hand, those two or 
three inches squeezing on my prick felt unbelievably good.
     I ejaculated squirt after thick sticky squirt into the 
little pre-schooler while the child's mother watched closely, to 
be sure that Carrie didn't get hurt, and that I didn't "cheat" 
her youngest daughter out of the best part, by pulling my prick 
out of her vagina, before I filled the little girl's immature 
young womb with my incestuous baby-making cum.
     I guess the thought of her little 5-year-old girl with a big 
belly was just as exciting to Marie, as it was to me; even though 
the chance of getting the little pre-schooler pregnant wasn't 
really there, like it was with her older sisters.  (Or at least, 
just a tiny bit, with the 10-year-old.)


     When I finished, she told me, "I guess it's a good thing you 
didn't break her 'cherry' right now.  At least THIS way, Carrie 
got to feel you squirting the stuff that makes babies inside her, 
so she knows what it's like.  Maybe tonight you can take her 
virginity while the whole family watches.  That way Carrie can 
show everyone she's a BIG girl now, and can take a real man all 
the way up inside her vagina, while she practices making a baby 
with her grandfather, just like her big sisters do."
     My prick sent yet another splash of sperm squirting in the 
little girl's body, to join the millions already seeking refuge 
in her tiny little womb, at the very thought.  If it had been 
exciting breeding a 10-year-old, what can I say about trying to 
impregnate a little girl who was only half that old?  Just 
knowing the child had my sperm in her womb, was almost enough to 
give me a permanent hard-on.  Thinking of the little girl with a 
tummy almost as big as she was, was enough to make me ejaculate 
more sperm inside her tiny little body than I normally would have 
believed I had; especially after having already left quite a few 
generous helpings of my seed soaking into the wombs of her older 
     Thank goodness girls her age couldn't really get pregnant.  
Even her older sisters Carol and Marsha weren't having periods 
yet, so it was fairly safe for them.  Still, it was an incredible 
turn-on to just THINK about getting a girl this young "in a 
family-way," by squirting my rich seed in her tight little slit.
     Not only was she tight, but the little girl was SO tight, 
that it almost wouldn't come out.  Towards the end, Marie had to 
reach down between our bodies and strip my prick with her hand; 
milking the last few drops of my seed into her little girl's body 
where it belonged.  It felt sooo GOOD, each time another thick 
curd of incestuous cum oozed through my prick, before being 
forcefully injected into the little girl's welcoming young womb.  
And surprisingly, Carrie seemed to like feeling my cum squirting 
inside her cute little tummy, just as much as her mother and I 
liked having me squirt it in there.
     When I finally pulled out, (I really didn't want to, but I 
couldn't remain sexually connected to the little 5-year-old all 
DAY, could I?) the little girl's cunny snapped closed, trapping 
my sperm up inside her, so that only a dribble escaped.
     I think my daughter-in-law was as excited about the prospect 
of having me impregnate her little 5-year-old girl, as I was at 
trying to do just that.  "Now I think it's time for you to take a 
nap," instructed Marie.  "That way, your grandfather's sperm will 
soak in, and you'll have a better chance of getting pregnant.  I 
want you to practice doing this at least once a day, from now on, 
so that when your body is ready, you won't have to miss out on a 
chance to make a baby. . . OK, Honey?"
     "Yes Momma," yawned the child; already sleepy at the 
     I picked up my cute little granddaughter; enjoying the feel 
of her naked skin in my arms, while she rested her head on my 
     "Grandpa?" she said, while I carried her into her bedroom.
     "Yes, Honey?" I said; slipping the little girl under the 
covers, so she could snuggle down.


     Carrie looked SO adorable.  I wondered how I had ever even 
thought of such a little girl wanting sex.  Still, she hadn't 
complained, and the child had even seemed to enjoy feeling my 
thick prick sliding back and forth inside her tight little cunny, 
before I filled her cute little tummy with incestuous cum.  At 
least, she wasn't hurting.  "What do you want?"
     "Grandpa," repeated Carrie, after a kiss; as she snuggled 
even further down in the bed, "I know you think I'm too little 
for sex and everything, and even Momma says I'm too little to 
have babies like the older girls."
     I was about to reassure the little girl that she didn't have 
to worry about getting pregnant, but she didn't wait; rattling on 
with her explanation before she fell asleep.  "But I'm NOT too 
little," she complained.  "I get just as horny as Marsha and 
Carol do.  So promise you won't stop. . . Even if I DO get 
pregnant. . . I like feeling you make a baby in me, just as much 
as they do. . . Please?"
     I tried to explain that her father might object; no matter 
HOW much she wanted it. . . After all, she was only five, too 
young to get pregnant, and her big sisters were a lot older, and 
bigger inside too.  Carrie just looked at me.  "Please?" she 
     I guess we both knew that since her mother didn't object, 
whether we continued or not was up to me and her. . . Mostly me, 
since the little girl seemed to want it so much.  Still, it's 
hard to feel guilty about screwing a child who not only enjoyed 
her first fuck, but was pleading for you to keep on doing it.  I 
finally shrugged, and gave in.  If Carrie wanted me to, and her 
parents didn't object, I guessed I could add the five-year-old to 
my already crowded sexual schedule.
     I took one last horny look at the pre-schooler's pouting 
little slit that was still drooling my seed, and sexy little 
tummy that already had over two teaspoons of my potent sperm 
wriggling up inside it.  My prick was already semi-erect again at 
the very thought.  I hurriedly pulled the covers up over the 
little girl, before I got carried away and climbed into bed with 
her.  Carrie needed her nap, NOT another thick helping of her 
oversexed grandfather's baby-making seed inside her cute little 
tummy.  While these obscene thoughts ran through my head, I 
pointed out to the child that I still had her two older sisters 
to "take care of" sexually.
     "Tha's OK," the little girl murmured; settling down to rest 
while she enjoyed the comforting feel of her own grandfather's 
potent seed slowly soaking into her tiny little womb, once she 
had been reassured that he wouldn't stop fucking her.  "It's jus' 
I get so itchy between my legs, 'specially 'bout a week after I 
stop bleedin'; like right now.  Feeling you squirt that white-
stuff up inside me, seems to make it feel SO much better.  Thanks 
Grampa."  Carrie was asleep.
     Oh shit.  No. . . It couldn't be. . .
     But it was.