"Daddy slid in bed with me"
                         An Erotic Poem
 (A little thanks to Angel Starr, for the indrect inspiration.)

Daddy slid in bed with me.
And slid his "thing" in my pee-pee.
Now the result is plain to see,
as my tummy's big as it can be.

It really feels neat to me
when Daddy slides his thing in me
I begged him show me how to suck
his big prick, and how to fuck.

Now Daddy fucks me every night.
Together we make up quite a sight.
I won't let Daddy pull it out,
'cause that's what sex is all about.

I've been helping out my mother,
have my sis or little brother
in my tummy, so I can be
Mom to Sis, just like MY mommy.

Mom was once a girl like me,
being fucked by HER daddy.
Then she had her little sis,
Once Daddy gave her that kind of kiss.

I've been helping Mom since eight,
and now my period's REALLY late.
Six months or more, to be sure.
That's 'cause I'm Daddy's little whore.

Daddy likes to cum in me.
and squirt his sperm in my pee-pee.
Those little wrigglers twist and squirm
up in my womb, just like a worm.

Daddy's sperm have joined with my
egg inside me, so that I
can feel his baby in my tummy.
Is there ANYTHING so yummy?

So while I'm pregnant with Daddy's kid,
we'll keep on doing just what we did,
to get my tummy in this way,
we suck and fuck the day away.

Mom says there's nothing like the fun
of having a brother as your son,
unless it all the fun you'd miss
of having your own little sis.


So Dad and I will keep on fucking,
or as they say, we'll "Keep on trucking,"
Until I can say to any mister,
"I've had my OWN little brother and sister!"

Dad keeps sliding in my bed,
and fills my tummy with the head
of his big prick, so it will spurt
me full of babies with each big squirt.

I like to feel my Daddy cum
in great big squirts up in my tum.
It feels so good to know that I
will have Dad's baby by and by.

So I'll keep fucking with my Dad,
and enjoy the good times that we've had,
having him fill up my belly
with thick and white incestuous jelly.

Now Daddy squirts his sperm inside
my tummy to make it thick and wide
with his baby deep inside
so I can be my daddy's bride.

Now fun like this may not be for you.
Not many girls their dads will screw.
But for me there's no more fun,
Than to feel my dad squirt in my tum.

To feel him jerk and shove and shake,
while in my tummy his baby he'll make.
For the biggest fun of all we did,
was fill my tummy with his kid.

I just can't wait to see the day,
when like my mommy I can say,
"Daddy loves you Little Sister too,
and wants to teach you how to screw."

So I can hear my daughter say
on that wondrous sexy day,
"Daddy slide in bed with me,
and put your 'thing' up my pee-pee."

She may be ten, or only eight,
but my daughter's period will be late.
When Daddy squirts his sperm inside
our child and makes her tummy wide.

She'll learn to suck and fuck and screw
without a care if her tum gets blew
up until she's twice the size
and about sex she's twice as wise.


Mom says there's nothing half as fun
as watching Daddy be the one
to make a baby in your daughter.
There's nothing else will make you hotter.

Just like me, Daddy will show
her how to make her tummy grow.
and just like me she'll help her mother
have her own little sis or brother.

If by chance she has a son,
then she will get to be the one
who shows him how to make a brother
or baby sister in his mother.

That's the way it starts all over
a son makes his sister in his mother
then his daughter in his sister
so HIS sister has HER own sister.

Thus the circle comes round again
until his daughters have more men.
Thus our family will remain
incestuously connected yet again.

So her son will fuck their daughter
and that thought just makes me hotter.
Hoping my girl will have a brother
So he'll be next to fuck his mother.

Just like me, if when I'm due
I have a baby that's male too.
I know it seems a little funny,
with your own son's baby in your tummy.

There's almost as much fun to be had
as making babies with your dad.
Momma says, so I know it's so . . .
if anybody does, then she should know.

I guess Mom's right, but for now I know
there's nothing like feeling Daddy blow
his potent sperm up inside my tummy,
slick an wet and gooey-runny.

It's been three years since Dad first slid
into my bed, and what he did
then made me just a little sore.
but soon I begged for more and more.

Of Dad's sweet prick up inside my tummy
filling my slit like he does Mommy.
With thick white cum in great big squirts
until it died to little spurts.


Now Daddy loves me every day
but he still loves to hear me say,
"Daddy slide in bed with me,
and teach me how to have your baby."

"Daddy please make love to me
and stick your thing up my pee-pee.
So I can feel you squirt your cum
into my tummy when you're done."

Daddy never turns me down.
He never even give a frown.
I guess that Daddy, just like mother,
likes to fuck his horny daughter.

And my daddy just to show
how he loves me, lets me know.
how it feels to HIS pee-pee,
when he slides it inside me.

Dad says it feels real good to him
when he's inside me to the brim.
And it feel even better
to know I'm slick and even wetter

Than a bucket of hot water.
God, Daddy loves to fuck his daughter.
Yes he really likes to be
snuggled up in bed with me.

But he likes it even more
when I am his little whore.
Sucking his sperm all slick and runny
where it belongs up in my tummy.

Sometimes I'll take it in my mouth,
to get it wet, though that's uncouth.
Or sometime right up in my ass
where it feels like I am passing gas.

But best of all is when we fuck
with him on top and I only suck
his prick to make it slick and wet
to slide in me so I will get

A gush of sperm up in my tummy
making ME just like my Mommy.
Have my own little baby girl.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.

To know Daddy loves me just like Mommy
and makes his baby in my tummy.
As I think of all the fun we had;
no one can fuck me like my dad.


Not Cousin Mike or Uncle Frank 
or even sexy Grandpa Hank.
Only Dad makes me cum so much
when he squirts his semen in my crotch.

I don't mean they're lousy lovers,
they're all quite good beneath the covers.
It just much better to feel my daddy
fuck his baby in my tummy.

To feel each thick incestuous squirt
in my tummy with each big spurt
that makes Daddy's baby grow in me,
makes me happy as you see.

So now you know why I'm so glad
to have incest with my dad.
'Cause I'm as happy as can be,
since Dad first slid in bed with me.