DADDYGRL.TXT (mf, cons, pedo, incest)

     This is another shorty, from Tammy's files.  It was 
originally intended to be longer, but neither of us could figure 
out where to go on.  Most of Tammy's stories (and mine) are MUCH 
longer, but it's a PAIN to break them up, to go over the net.  
(And you thought it was a pain to put them back together.)

     NNN   NN  OO    OO     TT        II     CC    CC  EE                  
     NNNN  NN  OO    OO     TT        II     CC        EE                  
     NN NN NN  OO    OO     TT        II     CC        EEEEE               
     NN  NNNN  OO    OO     TT        II     CC        EE                  
     NN   NNN  OO    OO     TT        II     CC    CC  EE                  
     NN    NN   OOOOOO      TT      IIIIII    CCCCCC   EEEEEEEE            


     And don't try this at home, these are trained professionals. 
You, or someone you love could get hurt, if this isn't done under 
expert supervision.

     Anyone doing anything, and trying to point to this, as an 
example, is full of horse-turds.  This is a story.  It is not a 
recommendation, of something to do.  In fact, I strongly urge 
anyone even contemplating doing the things suggested by this 
story to seek professional help.  In a hurry!

     Final warning!
     This story contains straight sex, between a man and a very 
young girl (his own daughter).  This is definitely NOT "safe-
sex".  It is, however completely willing, consensual sex.  
Absolutely NO force.  If this isn't your cup of tea, then stop 

     Now, after all this stupid editorial, ON WITH THE STORY!


                          Daddy's Girl
                         An erotic story

     "Oooh Daddy!" came the voice from the other room.  "That 
feels so good."
     Mary looked into her daughter's bedroom.  The little 8 year 
old girl was sitting on the bed facing her father.  Both family 
members were naked.  Mary could see her husband Dan, rubbing his 
little girl's budding breasts, while the child masturbated both 
of them by rubbing her father's cock up and down her slippery 
little slit.  Mary could see her husband's cock spreading the 
lips of the little girls tight little cunny, each time the little 
girl rubbed the head of the man's penis across it.  Each time 
Mary saw her daughter slide the big man's cock up, so that the 
tip was visible, she saw a bubble of clear liquid oozing from the 
head.  The little girl was using the slippery juice, to make it 
easier to slide her father's penis around her swelling little 
clitty, and hot little hole.  Dan, in the meantime, was busy 
feeling the little girls body, and running his big hands up and 
down her waist, and squeezing the erect nipples of his little 
girl's budding breasts.
     "Oh Diane!" said Dan.  "Daddy's about to cum!"
     "OK Daddy," said the little girl, "I'm ready."  She reached 
down, and pulled the lips of her tiny little cunt apart, so that 
her father could fit his big cock up against her tight little 
hole.  Dan fisted his cock, and forced the head up against the 
entrance to his child's vagina.
     Diane looked down between their bodies, where her father's 
cock was about to inseminate her.  "Do it, Daddy," she encouraged 
her father.  "Squirt your cum in me."
     His little girl's words were too exciting for Dan.  The man 
pushed his big cock up against the opening to his little girl's 
vagina, and started ejaculating his thick sticky sperm right up 
inside his own daughter's flat little belly.
     Mary was about to collapse, as she watched the incestuous 
duo on the bed.  Her husband gave one last push, as he squirted 
one last thick sticky dollop of cum inside his own pre-teenaged 
     "Thank you Daddy!" said the little girl, as her father 
finished squirting his sperm inside her.  "That always feels so 
good, when you cum in me."
     "Thank YOU, Diane," said the man, as his now limp cock 
stopped pumping cum inside his little girl.
     Mary could see the little girl's vagina, now with a bubble 
of white slowly starting to well up out of the little girl's 
tight little hole.  Dan got up off the bed, as his little girl 
sprawled out on the sheets, enjoying the feeling of her own 
handsome father's precious sperm warming the inside of her belly.


     Mary caught her husband's eye.  "I see that you two are 
having fun," she said approvingly.  "When are you going to fuck 
her properly?"
     Dan shrugged.  "Whenever she's ready.  I don't want to hurt 
     Mary snickered.  "She looks ready enough now!  Next time, 
why don't you just push it up inside her?  If it hurts too much, 
you can always stop."
     The thought, almost had Dan cumming again.  He turned to his 
daughter, lying on the bed, with his sperm still oozing slowly 
out of her vagina.  "Would you like that?" he asked.  "Would you 
like Daddy to try and put his cock all the way up inside you?"
     "Oh Yes, Daddy!" replied Diane.  "I've been waiting for 
years!  Could we try it now?  Please?"
     Mary snickered again.  "See, I told you so!" she said.  
"Honey."  Mary turned to the little girl on the bed.  "You'll 
just have to wait for Daddy to get ready again.  He can't cum 
like that, and still be able to fuck right away."
     "Oh Yeah?" said Dan.  "Just look!"
     Mary and Diane stared.  The talk about actually fucking his 
little 8 year old girl had made Dan's cock as hard as a brick.
     "Oh Daddy!" said the little girl on the bed.  "Are you going 
to fuck me now?"
     "Uhuh!" said Dan, as he pulled the little girl around to 
face him.  "Now spread your legs Honey, and let Daddy put his 
prick up inside you."
     Mary watched, as her little girl spread her legs, and her 
father pushed his big cock up against the little girl's vagina.
     "Oof!" said both people on the bed, as the head of the man's 
cock vanished up inside the little girl's belly.
     "Oh Look, Mommy," said the little girl.  "Daddy's got his 
cock inside me!  Put the rest of it inside me Daddy."  She 
     "This may hurt a little!" he warned.
     "I don't care," said the little  girl.  "Do it to me Daddy.  
Fuck me, and cum in me.  Please Daddy?"
     Hearing his little girl begging to be fucked, was too much.  
Dan pushed his cock up inside his little girl's belly, popping 
her maidenhead, and burying his swollen penis to the hilt in his 
little girl's womb.
     "Ow!" exclaimed Diane.  And, "Ow!" again, as her father's 
cock not only went through her hymen, but on up into her vagina, 
and through the entrance to her uterus, until the man's prick was 
buried all the way up inside the child's belly, and was leaking 
his pre-cum inside the little girl's womb.
     "Ow!" said Dan also, as he felt the tight ring of his 
daughter's cervix slide over the head of his penis, and squeeze 
the glans, like a vagina within a vagina.
     Seeing his cock buried all the way up inside his little 
girl, and feeling her uterus squeezing the head of his penis, was 
too much for Dan.  The man let go.  He couldn't help himself.  
Dan had barely gotten his cock inside his little girl, when he 
started cumming.


     "Oh Diane, Daddy loves you so much," he said.  "You make 
your Daddy feel so good!  Daddy's cumming inside you.  Daddy's 
squirting his sperm right up inside his little girl's womb.  
Daddy's going to make a baby in that cute little belly of yours, 
Diane.  Would you like that?"
     Spasm after spasm shook the man as he emptied his balls in 
his own daughter.  Diane was gasping too, as the stimulus of her 
virile father pumping his potent sperm right up inside her 8 year 
old womb, made the sexy little girl climax, like she never had 
before.  Knowing that her own beloved father was squirting the 
thick sticky white stuff that made babies right up inside her 
unprotected young womb, as he tried to get her pregnant, was so 
thrilling to the little girl, she couldn't believe how good it 
     Finally, the two incestuous lovers came down from their 
high.  As Dan's cock slipped out of his daughter's uterus with a 
slight popping sensation, they both stopped to catch their 
breaths.  Dan rested, with his cock still stuck up inside the 
little girl, and the last potent drops of his incestuous seed 
still leaking from the tip, into his daughter's tight little 
belly.  He looked over at his wife, who had been encouraging him 
to fuck his little daughter.
     Mary was in the throes of a climax herself.  Watching her 
husband impregnate their little girl had been too exciting.  Now, 
knowing that their child was carrying her own father's potent 
seed inside her developing young womb, was almost too much for 
the woman to bear.
     Finally, Mary relaxed enough to look over at where her 
daughter and husband were still joined.  Both the girl, and her 
father were enjoying the pleasure of being mated, as the pre-
pubescent little girl's vagina kept squeezing on her father's 
cock, and the man would respond by sending another little dollop 
of sperm into his little girl's belly.  Dan felt like he could do 
this forever, but finally his penis had no more to give, and slid 
out of his daughter's vagina.
     "Sorry Dear,"  He said, "but, I guess, that's it."
     "It's OK, Daddy," reassured Diane.  "I don't mind."
     The cute little 8 year old girl looked down at her tiny 
little slit, as she enjoyed the soothing feeling of her own 
father's sperm warming her inside.  The thick sticky liquid 
slowly dripped out of the neck of her uterus, down into her cum-
slippery vagina.  Even now, except for a trickle of white, slowly 
leaking out of the puffy lips of her hairless little cunny, you 
would never know that the underaged little girl had just fucked 
her own father, and right now, was carrying the man's sperm 
inside her flat little belly.  Diane wondered, if she had her 
father's baby growing inside her belly yet, or how long it would 
take, before she did.