After being gang banged at Nick's Greek restaurant, Jane and her husband
Peter fall into a taxi to head for home......


The taxi sped through the night, the driver kept tilting his mirror
looking Jane up and down.  Her mini dress straps had fallen from her
shoulders and the dress had slipped to her waist, revealing her naked
breasts.  The bottom half had risen up and he could see, especially with
her legs splayed open, that she wore no knickers.   Jane & Peter where
both slumped on the back seat, exhausted and asleep.  Not to mention the
fact that they had both drank rather a lot of wine and had been given an
aphrodisiac by Nick.

The driver, Fred, got on his radio and as quietly as he could, he asked
control if there where any other cabs around where he was and if so,
could they come to his assistance.  He gave directions to a small car
park at the rear of a public park.  It took him a few minutes to get
there and when he arrived, there where 2 cabs already there looking for
him.  He pulled up and indicated for the other drivers to be quiet and
to look at his back seat.  He put the interior light on and when the men
got a look at Jane's lovely nakedness, they both got huge 'hard on's'.

"Fucking hell!" exclaimed one of them.  "She's lovely.  Can we fuck
her?" "I certainly hope so." said the second guy. The driver explained
how he had picked them up from 'THAT' Greek restaurant.  They knew about
the orgies that went on there and they had fucked girls from there
before. "Let's lift her out and put her in the back of your cab, Bob."
Bob was a 6ft 4in black guy, who readily agreed.  The men set about
moving Jane with care, so as not to awaken her or her husband.  They
laid her on the back seat of Bob's cab and as they where  Fred's
passengers, it was assumed that he had first fuck of the sleeping Jane.
They raised her legs and in so doing, her pussy opened slightly,  the
sponk of 3 men and her husband was still inside her lovely cunt and it
started to seep out.

"Oh lovely!" said Fred.  "She'll be nice and juicy, I do love fucking a
sponk filled cunt." so saying he brought the tip of his big dick to
Jane's pussy lips and moved it up and down to get it covered in sponk.
Then very gently he eased himself into the sleeping Jane.  She started
to squirm about as the sexual feeling started again in her cunt.
"MMMMmmmmm."  she murmured.   "Oh yes Nick., fuck me some more." she
said, still half asleep  "Yes!  Oh yes!  Fuck me.  I want your dick in
me.  Yes fill me with your sponk.  I'm yours, give me to anyone you
want.  Let all your friends fuck me.  Let them use me and shag me.  I'll
do anything you ask."  she continued.  The sexual feelings she was
getting from Fred's fucking was 'turning on' her fantasies.

The 3rd driver, Tom, had climbed in the other side and kneeling by her
head, he placed the tip of his cock to her lips, which she immediately
opened and sucked on it.  It was this that made her realise that she was
not dreaming, that it was really happening.  Her eyes shot open and she
looked up, but didn't stop sucking, at the man who's dick was in her
mouth.  She looked down, as best she could, to see who was fucking her.
The fact that they were complete strangers just turned her on even more.
Fred seeing that the lovely girl was awake and had made no effort to
stop them, started to fuck her harder.  Jane pulled her mouth off Tom's
cock and shouted "Yes!  Oh Yes!  Fuck IT hard, ram it. Shag my cunt till
it hurts."  Tom grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back onto
his cock.  Now he started fucking, fucking the back of her throat.
Shoving his long dick as far down her throat as he could.  It was too
much for him and he came.  Some shot down her throat.  He withdrew a bit
an d some went in her mouth and as he pulled his cock free from her
mouth, the rest shot over her face.

"Yes.  Yes, shag me you bastard.  Hard, ram it in hard.
AAAaaaaggghhh!!!"  she exploded in a climax.  Just them Fred started to
come and shot lots of spunk into her lovely little cunt. "Oh yes, that
was lovely but I want more, more.  Got to have more cock!" said Jane
whilst panting for breath.  Fred brought Bob to stand between her legs.
Slowly Fred wanked Bob's dick.  Jane's eyes widened as she watched the
dick, it seemed to grow bigger before her eyes.  It must have been at
least 10 inches long and easily the fattest dick she had ever seen.

"Oh yes, fuck me now.  I want that big black cock.  Fuck me with it,
NOW!" she demanded. "You want this?" asked Fred as he slowly wanked
Bob's big dick. "Yes of course I want it.  Put it in me." she screamed.
"Only if you agree to our terms.  You are to be our sex slave.  You will
come to the taxi office when ever we want you." "Yes, yes.  Just fuck me
know, hurry." "and you'll fuck anyone that we tell you to." Fred
continued. "Yes." "Say it." "Yes I'll fuck with anyone you tell me to.
I'll be your sex slave.  Now FUCK ME!!!!!!" "One more thing.  You will
NOT tell your husband." "Wha... Why not?" "Because you are ours to do
with as we want, to fuck when we want.  We don't want any husbands
getting in the way." "OK!  OK!  What ever you want.  Now Pleeaasssssssee
FUCK ME!!!!!!!"

Fred brought Bob's big dick to touch her cunt lips, as he slid it up and
down covering it with the spunk that he had shot into her cunt and
rubbing her clit, Jane let little mewing sounds escape from her lips.
The pleasure was visibly running throughout her beautiful little, well
fucked body.  As the big black cock started to enter her spunked up
cunt, Jane sat up and strained her neck as far as she could, so that she
could watch the black monster cock invade her lovely pink pussy. "Oh
yes!  Oh yes!"  she moaned.  "Isn't that the most beautiful sight in the
world."  Then she lay back and enjoyed the feeling of being invaded, of
being stretched as the huge fat dick spread her cunt wider and wider.
"Yes that's it.  Fill me up with black cock.  Skewer me!  Fuck me! Shag
me! Rape me!  Make me have it!  Use me!"

The cock withdrew, then in, then out, each time faster and faster.  Soon
Jane was screaming as orgasm after orgasm wracked her lovely body.  Jane
was thinking all the time how wonderful it would be if Peter could be
watching this but unbeknownst to her, Peter was watching and had been
watching for some time.  He had been awakened by Jane's screams early on
and had witnessed most of the action.  He had seen the men fuck his
lovely wife, had heard her screaming to be fucked, had heard her promise
to be their sex slave and not to tell her husband, him, she was to have
gang bangs behind his back.  This turned him on more than he had ever
been turned on.  The thought of her sneaking off to fuck with strangers
had given him the most terrific hard on that he had ever had.  He
couldn't wait for her to return from the taxi office and he would go
down on her and lick the spunk from her cunt.  He would say to her "You
have still got cum in your pussy from when I fucked you last night."
pretendin g that it was his own spunk when all the time he knew that it
was the spunk of many men, strangers who had fucked his lovely Jane.
Had invaded her most private parts.  Had used her for their own
pleasure.  Had shot all their spunk into her lovely pussy!   And the
best part was, that she loved it, loved all the strange cocks, being
fucked by all the strange men.  She couldn't get enough cock and he
couldn't get enough of her being used by strangers.

He settled himself back down to sleep, listening to the lovely sounds of
his wife coming and screaming whilst a strange black man filled her
lovely cunt with spunk for him to eat out of her later when they got