A Polite Word of Caution:
               If you're too young or don't like it... fuck off.

                                  White Lady:
                      The Sexual Adventures of Colin Werth

        There's nothing like a coke whore. Especially since crack came along.
Lots of young women learn to love the White Lady. Mostly they first get
introduced to coke by their boyfriends. Helps get'em ready for sex, gets that
pussy all wet and slimy, makes 'em feel beautiful, sexually confident.
Adventurous.  Course now, true love seldom lasts and boyfriends tend to get
bored by the same old thing. After a while that leaves an awful lot of lonely
cunts around looking for a bit of powder to lighten up the night. What makes a
man like Colin Werth possible is that cocaine is illegal and expensive.

        Colin dealt coke. After a fashion. Meaning he had inherited an enormous
fortune when his father died from a heart-attack. Colin could afford to
bankroll real dealers. Picking out and supplying small timers with enough cash
to move start moving real weight was his specialty. Colin was a handsome man,
boyish looking, 22 years old, of slight build, brown hair to his shoulders and
usually wore a look most women interpreted as shy, tousled and retiring. That
look, which so many women found attractive in so wealthy a young man, concealed
a mind forever planning his next sexual atrocity.

        The beginning of his involvement with Lynn Hawthorn from San Francisco
and her mother, Mrs. Alicia Hawthorn, actually began one summer afternoon in
the upscale Marina apartment of a dime bag dealer that was hoping to move up in
the world on the skirts of Colin's money. The dealer was at work, actually had
a day job, and Colin was in the bedroom sitting on the stomach of the dealer's
wife. She was laying on the bed watching him masturbate as he looked down at
her. They were both still fully dressed, except for Colin's exposed meat, and
had shared more than a half gram of Rose cocaine in the last 15 minutes.

        Her name was Rachel, 27, younger looking than she really was, dark
hair, gray eyes, slim figure. In her marriage she was actually the one with
ambitions. Her husband, Roy, was a plodding sort who took himself far too
seriously and was way too confident of Rachel's faithfulness. Rachel intended
to trade Roy in on a better model at the first opportunity. As soon as Rachel
had set eyes on Colon she pegged him as her mark, more boy than man, an
effortless conquest whose money would come in handy.

        The three had met the night before at a party in the Potrero Hills
section. Roy was, as usual, trying to in his none too subtle manner to convince
his social betters of his superior connections. Rachel was dressed in a formal
black, fuck-me, evening gown slit up the side nearly to her waist. Her aloof
demeanor and arrogant beauty immediately drew Colin's attention. Intuitively he
knew the best way to use these two was assume the role of an unschooled dolt,
untutored in the ways of the world, easily impressed.

        Rachel picked up on the gossip about Colin's wealth within 10 minutes
after their arrival. When she pointed him out to Roy and mentioned Colin's
wealth Roy moved in.  And so did Rachel. Colin, wearing an awestruck look,
spent hours listening to Roy's boasts of huge, imaginary scores and famous,
imaginary clientele. Rachel spent the evening flirting with Colin whenever
Roy's attention was elsewhere. Colin, enjoying his role, had done everything
but stammer, "Aw, shucks, ma'am" and dug his toe into the carpet in response to
her attentions.

        Feigning being too drunk and stoned on coke and heroin to notice, Colin
let himself be taken to their apartment at the end of the night. Each of them
thinking of the keys of coke Colin's money could buy.

         Rachel loved cocaine and saw herself as the kind of woman who could
make herself rich on drugs, get out and live happily ever after. After Roy had
left for work, telling Rachel to show Colin around town and keep him occupied
in anticipation of a large score that night, she'd lured Colin into the bedroom
on the pretext of looking at an album of pictures she'd taken at a concert in
the park. It wasn't long before they were laying on the bed kissing, not much
longer before Colin rolled on top of her. She was mildly surprised when he
began touching himself, his hand between their bodies. When he'd sat up and
asked in his shy, downcast manner if he could take "it" out she'd thought,
"what a baby," smiled up at him and shrugged her shoulders.

        Rachel was wearing a dark green knit pullover with a plunging neckline
that clung to her body as if molded and set her pert little tits off to good
advantage. Sitting on her stomach Colin had to turn his head to the side to
see, in the wall length mirror to his left, her long legs encased in dark
garter-belt and stockings. Her short skirt had ridden up her thighs. She was
aware of his look at her reflection and stretched her legs further, showing
them off, proud of them.

        She was willing, she thought, to do whatever she needed to get the
backing of this sexy, monied young man. Roy could fend for himself.

        "Can I see your tits, Rachel?," Colin said in a lazy, little boy voice,
"I been thinking about 'em since Roy brought me over here last night. You sure
are sexy."

        Lowering her lids in what she thought was the come hither look of all
time she smiled up at him, past his hand moving back and forth along the length
of his cock. Sliding her long, red fingernailed hands up over her petite
breasts she tugged the neckline down till her breasts popped free. The nipples
hard, pebbly little rocks.

        "Nubbins," thought Colin, perfect. Perfect for clothes pins, vice
grips, piercing...

        "God, Rachel," Colin said in apparent wonder still stroking his meat,"
they're so beautiful. I wish you weren't married to Roy. I don't mean to be
crude but I'd love to fuck you. When I think about getting married I picture
someone just like you." Colin saw Rachel's eyes widen slightly for just a
fraction of an second before resuming her put-on sultry look. He knew she was
leaping to the very conclusion he had in mind.

        "It's OK, Colin. We can do it," she murmured up at him, visions of
wealth wrested from this tow-headed man/boy. "I don't love Roy any more. I
haven't since the moment I saw you. It's all happening so fast," she said
seriously. She was trying and succeeding in looking and sounding sincere,
laying beneath him, her tits exposed, Colin beating off in her face from inches
away. "As soon as I saw you I felt like I'd been waiting for you my whole life.
I know it's crazy.  I'm usually real slow about sex but... with you... I can't
help it. I love you, Colin." Colin picked up the pace on his meat as if her
words were thrilling him to the core.

        "Rachel, we can't. I've only known Roy for a couple of days but he's my
friend. You two are married. I couldn't..."

        Thinking the boy just needed some encouragement Rachel arched her head
up and put her lips around the tip of Colin's dick.

        "Ohhh... Rachel... Ohhh... that's so good." Colin couldn't actually
feel a damn thing. His hand rubbing roughly on his cock for 5 or 6 minutes had
by now made his dick a trifle less than excruciatingly sensitive. He looked in
the mirror again as she strained to get his dickhead in her mouth and saw she'd
brought her legs together, felt them pressed against his back to give herself
some leverage. Her skirt was up to her hips showing off her white bikini
panties. She put her arms around his waist to hold herself to him.

        "Ohhh, Rachel... Don't stop. Oh God, I can't believe we're doing this.
It's not like we're really doing it, is it, you know, not like I'm really
fucking you or anything. I mean, you know, Roy's my friend... Ohhh... God."

        Colin kept sitting straight up knowing Rachel would quickly grow tired
from the strain of her position. He continued beating his meat, now beating his
meat into her luscious red lips. As if he were simply growing more and more
excited he increased his rhythm. With every stroke his fist landed against her
mouth, a fraction harder each time till he was pounding her mouth as hard as he
was pounding his dick. Rachel's back and stomach muscles gave out just about
the time she began to worry about Colin's fist splitting her lips. Wanting to
convince him she was overcome with passion from sucking the end of his dick
rather than fatigue she let go of him, fell back on the bed with her auburn
hair cascading over the pillow and urgently whispered, nearly whimpering,

        "Do it, Colin. Please... Give it to me. Roy doesn't have to know. We
can run away together. I've never felt like this before about anyone, Colin.
Please. Make love to me."

        Colin arranged a puzzled look on his face and sat back heavily on
Rachel's stomach as if needing a second to figure things out. He looked into
her pleading eyes, reached into his pants, hauled his balls out and cupped them
so his cock was aimed at her, wondering how long it would be before he was able
to piss in her mouth.

        "You mean you and me... together... you'd come with me, Rachel?"

        "Yes, Colin. Together. You and I. Do it. Put it in me."

        "Rachel. We can't. It wouldn't be right. We'd never be able to trust
one another. We'd be wondering whenever we're apart if the other one was being
true. You know I want to... I want you so bad."

        Coke, greed, conceit and inexperience welled up in Rachel with these
words convincing her Colin was hers for the taking.

        "Let me show you I love you, Colin." Rachel gently took Colin's hands a
way from his meat, replaced them with her own and pulled him forward till he
was laying over her with his cock in her mouth. Putting her arms around him she
pulled him closer till his body covered her head. Placing her hands once again
around his waist she urged him forward till he was fucking her face.

        "Oh, yes, Rachel, ohhh, yes... Rachel, please... Put your hands under
us and take your panties off. I want to see you while we do this. I want to
look at you and pretend I'm in you down there. Will you, Rachel, please..."

        Rachel struggled to force her arms between their bodies and Colin
watched as she arched the lower part of her body off the bed so she could pull
her panties off. Even looking in the mirror Colin could only see the profile of
her legs but that was enough for what he had in mind.

        "Rachel, I'm going to cum. Cum with me. Touch yourself. Let me see you.
I want us to come together. Ohhh, god, this is like I've never felt..."

        Bracing himself against the headboard Colin fucked Rachel's mouth and
watched her right hand in the mirror as it moved between her legs. Rachel, in
truth, wasn't actually turned on at all yet except from the coke and her own
conniving. Colin knew it. She thought Colin was cute but her tastes ran to
older men, powerful men with old money. Colin doubted she'd ever masturbated in
front of anyone before and knew she'd look back at this moment, regretting it.

        "I'll wait on you, Rachel, let's come together. Oh, I can see you...
you're so sexy doing that... .put your finger inside yourself like it was my
penis... ohhh, God... this is wonderful..."

        Rachel, stoned, feeling omnipotent and generous from the coke, decided
to give this boy what she thought would be the thrill of his life. She spread
her long legs just a bit, reached lower between her thighs and began to arouse
herself in earnest, easing her long middle finger into her cunt. Ignoring as
much as possible the dick moving carefully, gently, in and out of her mouth she
fantasized about being wrapped in the arms of an older distinguished looking
gentleman she'd met at a fund raiser for dolphin research the previous week.

        Colin was going on and on about how beautiful she looked and Rachel
found his constant blathering distracting her from her fantasy. She struggled
to concentrate on the feelings she was stirring up in her pussy. Soon she felt
herself getting wet and her finger slide in her hole easier with every thrust.

        It wasn't long before what she really wanted was to slide her finger
along the outside of her slit against her clit. But every time Colin saw her
hand raise from her mound slightly he surmised her intent and said something to
encourage her to keep fucking herself.

        "Yeah... do it, Rachel, just like your finger's my penis pumping you...
uhhh... my penis is fucking your mouth and it's like I'm fucking you in the
pussy... and your fingers are ramming up in you like it was my penis... this is
so sexy... oh, do it, Rachel..."

        After a few minutes of this Rachel's pussy had opened up and was
pouring juices as much from the frustration of not being able to give her clit
the attention it wanted as anything else. She angled her palm up slightly so
that with every stroke, as her finger entered her now oozing cunt, her finger
scraped along the lower part of her clit. Colin continued watching in the
mirror and saw what she was doing. Her breathing became more ragged and she
intermittently squeezed her thighs around her hand, now genuinely wanting an

        Colin pulled his cock out of her mouth and eased forward so his balls
were against her lips. Rachel's attention was more on her cunt and her fantasy
than anything else now but she opened her mouth dutifully and sucked one ball
completely inside.

        "Oh, jeez, I can't believe you're doing that, Rachel... no one's ever
done that for me... no one's ever taken my balls in their mouth before...," he
said looking down at her face which was tensed from her concentration on her

        "If you'd just shut the fuck up...," she thought, reaming herself,
"maybe I could get off."

        Pulling her mouth away from his balls she up looked at him, panting
from his weight on her and the rising of her own self-induced passion and said,
"Let's cum, Colin. No more talk. I'd do anything for you. I'm in love with you,
Colin, I want you come. You and I. Together."

        Colin sat back as if in shock, his weight on her forearm keeping her
from continuing to masturbate.

        "Will you marry me, Rachel," he said after a moment with all the
sincerity her could muster, looking directly into her eyes.

        It was Rachel's turn to be shocked. Genuinely. Did he mean it?

        "Right now, Rachel. Before Roy comes back. We could take my jet to
Vegas and be married today. Forever, Rachel. You and me."

        "Are you... Colin, what are you saying?" Visions of immediate wealth
war red with the coke and the hunger in her pussy.

        "I love you, Rachel. I guess I've loved you from the minute I saw you.
No one's ever treated me like this before. Every one just wants my money. No
one's ever wanted to do the things that I like. They want me to do their
stuff... treat me like a kid. I know I'm still pretty young and I don't know a
lot of stuff but... no one's been willing to do anything for me like you said.
That's how I feel about you. I'd do anything for you, Rachel. That's what love
is, I guess. Will you marry me? Right now? Today?"

        "Yes, Colin," Rachel said solemnly keeping the surge of triumph that
welled in her stronger than any orgasm from showing in her eyes. "I'll marry

        With that Colin slid back a few inches and eased his dick back into her

        "Let's come now, Rachel. Both of us. No more waiting. I love you."

        Raising her head from the pillow Rachel took his dick into her throat
as deeply as she could and pushed two fingers up herself at the same time.
Colin began fucking into her mouth and she began pumping her cunt with her
hand. He was careful not to shove himself too far past her lips and she felt the
come rising in her quickly, her mind nearly blank with a confusion of thoughts
and plans.

        Just as the tide of her orgasm was about to engulf her Colin's dick
slid in just a fraction of an inch too far. It barely touched the back of her
throat, gagging her slightly, making her body spasm with tension and throwing
her orgasm off. But then immediately he was again moving just the right amount
inside her mouth and she was again straining toward her come, her fingers
moving openly along her slit dragging her cunt juice over and around her clit.
Pressing three fingers against the top of her mound she began to masturbate her
clit directly. Rachel felt her orgasm about to overtake her once again.

        Again Colin's dick brushed lightly against the back of her throat.
Again her orgasm was delayed. Forcing her left arm back up between their bodies
she grasped the shaft of his cock to keep it from entering her mouth again too
far. She wanted to cum. She wanted to get it over and fly to Vegas to be
married to this unsophisticated, rich young man.

        As soon as her hand circled Colin's dick she felt it pulse in her fist.
Suddenly his come sprayed out of it with the force only very young men high on
cocaine can muster. It shot into her mouth in geyser like pulses of the
thickest sperm she'd ever encountered. Her other hand flew away from her cunt
in surprise grabbing unconsciously at the back of his shirt as his cock
continued to spew in her mouth.

        The spurts hit the back of her tongue flowing into her throat filling
it. Inhumanly, he continued to come emptying his balls into her mouth as if he
would never stop. Forced to swallow to keep from drowning she felt a spurt
shoot past her tongue and down her throat. Finally she felt the pulses slow,
end and a stream of thin semen pour from his come hole in an oozing flow.

        At last he pulled out of her mouth and sat back on her stomach,
panting, regaining his breath. He had come so hard because of what he knew was
coming next. Aware of the difficulty she would have dealing with the abundance
of sperm he always shot had added to his pleasure. Rachel, to keep from sucking
his sperm into her lungs, had been forced to hold her breath during the entire
time he was shooting into her mouth. She, too, was panting, regaining her
breath, trying to deal with the acrid taste of his asparagus-enhanced cum
without showing her distaste. Cupping his balls as he looked down at her Colin
was finally able to say, although with still bated breath.

        "Rachel, that was the best ever. I guess it's because I love you."

        "Oh, Colin," she said, struggling to keep the disgust at his taste from
her face and voice, "it was... it was great."

        "Can we get married now, Rachel? Like we said?"

        The last doubt that this was really happening vanished from Rachel's
mind. She would marry Colin, spend as much of his money as she could get her
hands on then divorce him and take the rest. All for the price of one blow-job.

        "Yes, Colin. We'll be married. I love you."

        "I want you to come, Rachel. You didn't come yet. I want to see your
beautiful face when you come. Will you come for me, Rachel? Will you look at my
penis and tell me you love me and come?"

        In answer Rachel put her right hand back between her legs and staring
at his dick while thinking of the man from the fund-raiser she began to arouse
herself again. Her passion had cooled but if that's what this boy wanted she'd
do it and get it over with so they could leave for Vegas.

        Her concentration single-minded now that she didn't have a cock probing
her throat it only took a couple of minutes before she was squirming beneath
Colin's weight approaching her long delayed orgasm. The waning effects of the
coke seemed to add to her craving and she found she now wanted something buried
in her hole. Something big, bigger than the two fingers she was pushing in and
out of herself. Colin took her left hand and after kissing the palm placed it
softly on her right tit. Knowing what he wanted she began pulling at her
nipple, squeezing it hard enough for the sensation to travel to her pussy.

        Once again she was on the brink of orgasm. She could feel it spreading
upward from her midsection and knew she was about to begin the involuntary
humping motion that preceded it. Pressing her clit rhythmically toward her hole
as if to shove it in her cunt she stared at Colin's dick, her mind between her
legs and on the face of the man at the fund-raiser.

        Just as the damn was about to break Colin suddenly raised up from her
stomach destroying once again her incipient orgasm.

        "Rachel... I," Colin began.

        "What, Colin!" she answered, completely unable to keep the frustrated
irritation from her voice.

        "I've, well, I've... got to pee."

        Regaining control over her voice, at least, Rachel said,

        "Colin, I'm so close, darling..., can you wait just for a minute?" Her
fingers moved roughly over her cunt, her thighs squeezing around her hand, her
hips moving in a fucking motion.

        "Rachel, I... I gotta go NOW. I can't help it. Could you... I mean...
could I... well, you know..."

        "Colin, what is it?" Rachel said tartly, her frustration betraying her
loving veneer once again.

        "Well, you know... I mean I've heard sometimes people... if they're in

        "Colin. I DON'T know. What is it?"

        "Well... what if I did it here. Right here in Roy's bed. Just you and
me. I've never done that."

        Rachel's hand drifted away from her pussy and she looked up at Colin in
total disbelief.

        "You want to pee here? In the bed?"

        Colin put on a crushed look of utter hurt.

        "But, I thought you said we could do anything for each other."

        Trying to think quickly, feeling like things were slipping out of her
grasp, in disbelief, Rachel stammered.

        "Of course we can, Colin. But we don't have to do that here. You can go
to the bathroom. I'll wait for you."

        Like a petulant little boy denied the very thing he wanted Colin turned
his head away, looking at Rachel's hand in the mirror still poised above her

        "No. You said we could do anything. That we would both do anything for
each other. That's what love is. You don't love me do you, Rachel? You just
want my money like everyone else."

        "Colin, I do love you. I don't care about the money. You could give it
all away and I would still love you."

        "Then why can't I pee here? Is it so bad? What if I ask you to taste
it? I'd taste yours. I WANT to taste yours. Because I love you."

        "You filthy little pervert," Rachel thought. "You vile, immature... No
wonder you're still single, you little asshole."

        Still looking at the wall Colin mumbled,

        "It's OK, though, Rachel. I understand. We don't have to be married. I
like you, a lot. Don't be mad at me, OK?"

        For the space of a few seconds Rachel lay there looking up him, turning
things over in her mind. They could be married in 2 hours in Vegas and divorced
almost as quickly.

        "Colin... if we do this, if I show you how much I love you, will you
promise me this will be the only time?" Rachel's voice had involuntarily taken
on the tone of a doting mother to her spoiled child.

        Colin's face spun around like a happy boy who'd gotten his way.

        "I promise, Rachel. It would be so great. Just this once!"

        "All right, Colin. But then we have to hurry and leave for Vegas before
Roy comes home."

        "Will you still come for me, Rachel? Will you still look at my penis
and make yourself come while I watch? I can wait a minute more. For you, I

        And so Rachel, staring at Colon's dick replaced her hand over her pussy
and began playing with herself once more. Her nervous revulsion of what was to
come hampered her ability to stimulate herself but she knew she didn't dare try
to fake it. Colin's reaction if she wasn't sufficiently convincing was
something she didn't want to deal with. Soon the feeling in her cunt began
again to spread outward and she knew, really to her surprise, that she would,
indeed, under these bizarre circumstances, succeed in giving herself an orgasm.

        Pushing two fingers far up inside herself she massaged her mons with
the flat of her palm and knew she was getting close. Clenching her thighs
around her hand there appeared to be very little actual movement going on
between her legs. In fact, the rhythmic applying and release of pressure was
bringing her to the point of no return. Determined this time to reach her goal
she took her left hand away from her breast and forced it between their bodies
and down to her join the other at the juncture of her thighs. With the first
two fingers of her left hand she filled her hole the best she could while the
fingers of her right hand worked frantically on her clit.

        Colin alternated between watching her hand between her legs in the
mirror and looking down at her as she stared at his now soft dick. As her hips
began moving involuntarily Colin asked, "Are you getting close, Rachel? You're
so beautiful. Are you about to cum?"

        Looking directly at the cock inches from her eyes she could only


        He knew she on the verge of her orgasm. Leaning up just a small bit he
said, "Please, Rachel, just as you start to come, open your mouth for me so you
can taste it. This is...I've never done this. I never knew anyone could love me
like this. You don't know what this means to me."

        And cum she did. With a cry and spasmodic arching of her lower body.

        Moaning, writhing beneath him, "Ahhhhh...," her nipples sticking
straight out in ultimate arousal, her whole hand gripping her pussy and she
remembered to part her lips for him.

        He placed the head of his dick in the opening of her mouth and
unleashed a torrent of urine. The shock of it cut her orgasm off like a switch
had been thrown. She jerked her mouth away from him, turning her head to the
side trying to rid herself of the sickening fluid. Unable to entirely spit it
out she swallowed some of it, the taste racking her.

        Colin continued pissing on her, aiming for her tits at first, the
stream landing hot and forceful on each of her nipples, then her hair, bathing
her face finally. In horrified panic she tried to pull her arms up from between
them and ward off the vile flood but Colin's strong legs pinioned her arms to
her sides. All she could do was toss her lovely head back and forth trying to
avoid the reeking stream. Before he was quite finished he cut off the flow.
Reaching for her head he gently turned her face back to him.

        "I have just a little left. I saved it for you. Will you taste it for
me, Rachel? Please?"

        Hating him now, covering it up the best she could, her eyes closed,
Rachel let him put the tip of his meat back in her mouth. He gave her a few
seconds to get prepared and then finished urinating in her mouth. Unwilling to
swallow any more of it his urine filled her mouth completely until her cheeks
bulged outward. The hot liquid sat in her mouth like some kind of fetid acid.
Finally the flow stopped, he removed his cock and she looked up at him
expecting him to get off of her so she could roll over and spit it out.

        Colin looked down at her extended cheeks, caressed them softly with the
palms of his hands, smiled at her and with puppy love in his eyes and said,

        "Please, Rachel, only this once. Will you swallow it? For me? I'll
never ask you to prove your love for me again."

        Hard as she tried to hold the rank fluid in her mouth and not let any
of it seep into her throat  a hot trickle of liquid tickled the very back of
her throat. Afraid she would cough and then choke, her eyes widening
sightlessly, she accepted the inevitable. Her cheeks hollowed in two stages.
The piss poured down her throat in two long gushes.

        When it was over Colin got off her stomach and she raced for the
bathroom and vomited in the john. When she smelled and saw what she was
vomiting she dry retched for quite a while.

        "You fucking bastard," she thought. "I never even got to finish coming.
I'm going to take you for every thing you own, Colin. When I finish with you
you'll have paid for this 1000 times."

        By the time she'd had a shower and came out of the bathroom Colin was
gone. On the bed Rachel found a note written in an obviously well-trained hand.

        "Rachcel," the note read, "It could never work out between us. I could
never marry a cum-guzzling, piss-drinking slut like you. Tell Roy I said 'Hi'
when he gets home from work. Have a nice day. Colin."

        Rachel never saw Colin again. She remembered him though. For the rest
of her life.

        Leaving Roy and Rachel's apartment Colin discovered a wonderful sunny
San Francisco day. A slight breeze blew from the bay and clouds drifted lazily
through the clear sky. Satisfied and at peace he decided to stroll toward
downtown and hail the first cab he saw. At the end of the second block Colin
walked he saw a young girl, bleached blond, in a tight leather mini, white
T-shirt tied under her firm breasts, standing on the corner, obviously hooking.

        Though it had been fun he was glad now to drop the little boy routine.
Approaching the teenager he bluntly asked her price. Underestimating him, as
women almost always did, she said,"$200." He countered with, "$1000" and within
20 minutes they were in a cab headed for the St. Francis. In the cab Colin gave
her 10 $100 bills from the inside pocket of the light jacket he wore. He pulled
her head roughly over his lap as much to avoid having to talk to her as
anything else, sure she would know what to do. He handed the cabby a $50 and
sat back enjoying the day, relishing his memories of Rachel, while the teenie
whore fished his dick out of his pants and began mouthing him.

        Arriving at the St. Francis, they entered the imposing grandeur and
Colin was pleased to see his young charge become just a bit nervous in the
luxuriant surroundings, her sluttish attire making her feel out of place and
exposed. Colin led her to the elevators and pulled at her tits in their push-up
bra on the way up to his permanently held suite. He kept silent hoping to
increase what ever nervousness she was feeling. When they entered the suite he
led her to the wet bar and sat her at it without a word. Going behind the bar
he opened the built-in refrigerator and withdrew a finely crafted wooden box.
He set the box in front of the young girl with his hand resting on its lid.

        "What's your name?", he abruptly asked.

        "Lynn." Looking at him doe eyed, stunned by his obvious wealth, the
street attitude fading quickly in these new surroundings. Colin reached in the
box and withdrew a one ounce bag of uncut Peruvian cocaine . It was held
together with two thick, black rubber bands and seemed to be one, solid,
gigantic rock.

        "Lynn, if you do everything I tell you to do for the next 24 hours this
bag and another $4000 in cash is yours. If this is out of your league get out
now. Take the grand I gave you and go away. If you stay I get my money's worth
or I throw your ass down the stairwell." Lynn stayed.

        10 minutes later Colin was sitting on his spine in a plush armchair
while Lynn, stripped, drove her tongue energetically in and out of his asshole,
slurping noisily as Colin had wanted. When she'd knelt down in front of him
he'd handed her the two thick rubber bands that had held the bag of coke
together, told her to entwine them over and over around her sensitive, budding
little nipples. They ached deeply as she tongue fucked him. They had already
purpled. A crushed pile of rock cocaine was scattered on the coffee table in
front of them. Colin had encouraged Lynn to help herself although she needed
little encouragement. She had shoved so much of the powder up her nose Colin
thought she might OD but the pain in her tits kept her alert and focused, her
young heart roaring, cold sweat breaking out all over her body.

        Idly Colin picked up Lynn's purse which she had dropped on the coffee
table when they came in and started going through it as she continued reaming
his ass. Gum, $65 in small bills, the 10 $100's he had given her, several
condoms, a can of pepper spray... and a wallet full of pictures. Just what he
was looking for.

        Most of the pictures were of typically bland people in typically bland
settings. Except one. A truly gorgeous, black-haired woman about 35 dressed in
white heels and simple white muslin shift. She was standing on a pier, wind
whipping the dress against her tanned legs. She had high cheek-bones, full red
lips and was smiling, playing into the camera. Her breasts were heavy against
the thin fabric of the dress, the outline of her nipples making clear she
needed, and wore, no bra.

        "Full pussy", Colin thought. "A real woman for a change."

        Colin grabbed a handful of Lynn's hair and wrenched her face out from
under him.

        "Who is this, Lynn."

        "No one," Lynn said, unthinkingly, stoned, blinking in the sudden
light, her wired eyes glazed, "It's just my Mom."

                                To be continued?