Defining: Wife Pulls A Train
                             Story by: <<UNKNOWN>>
                     Category: Wife watching/Wife Gang-Bang
                         Definitions by: The Sycho-Dood


In trying to figure out my own sexuality and sexual fetishes, I have begun to
coalate and break down the stories I have come to love. I am not a professional
analyst, although I do have limited training in psychology, hypnotism, and
human sexuality. Instead of reviewing (See Celeste's articles on
alt.sex.stories or a.s.s.) stories, or generating flames, I have dedcided to be
boring and break the stories I like down into psychology of:

1) Why are they hot
2) The category and why I like it
3) The symbology and psychology behind each paragraph.

REMINDER: Along with this file I included the story with each paragraph
numbered. That is the only changes to the author's work that I have made. I DID
NOT WRITE THIS STORY. I have merely reposted it. If you happened to write this
story, and are upset at me for reposting, I apologize.

Do not be afraid to get in touch with me.
I welcome all EMail (even flames).


(Numbers refer to the number at the end of each paragraph in the Reposted

-(1)- This is a classic setup. The man's wife is prudish and must be tricked in
      to performing sex acts. This sets up the fact that he is not in control
      of her sexually. If anything, male/female roles of Dom/Sub is switched.
      In classic female style, he must use his wits and cunning to overcome his
      wife's will.

-(2)- With the initial setup complete, we see the man's wife beginning to
      change, which he thinks is due to him. She starts to act more brazenly.
      But the way it is setup in the first line, we know she is cheating on
      him. Before mentioning h  changed ideas of sexual behavior, we find out
      that she is no longer in contact with only him. She is working. It is
      nicely bookended by the last line, in which we learn her cunt feels
      looser. The author deliberately makes it known that he WAS aware but
      chose to ignore his own fact.

 Interestingly enough, the author has drawn a conclusion with this paragraph:
 Women have more chances of being unfaithful when they are working. Hence the
 trend in our culture for divorces rising as more married women work.

-(3)- This sets up our own (not the author's) own doubts about her fidelity
      since her own guilt is being evident, fact that he wants to go to the
      office party with him or not at all. We are now suspicious. Especially
      since she knows he will be gone. (a "Classic" setup!)

-(4)- Another classic: "Husband's Trip Gets Canceled". She now knows that she
      has until the morning to be at the party and we know that she has gone,
      probably to spite him for wanting her to go. The last line confirms our

-(5)- Now the situation for the husband is worsened. The party is still active,
      and his wife appears to be in her boss' office. But the thing that we
      notice (again in the last line) that she is the ONLY female. We can now
      only assume that she is with more than one person. OR has been with
      several people already If not for the title of the story, we would be
      left guessing.

-(6)- Now we learn how far the wife's infidelity has gone. Not only is she
      wearing clothes for her boss that her husband has never seen (INFERRED),
      but that her boss is transforming her into an exhibitionist. We also
      learn that she has been having sex with her boss, but that he will remove
      what he seems to think is her priviledge, and is the reason why he thinks
      she agreed. (We cannot take for granted the fact that her boss may either
      have inferred this, as this can be a classic setup of rape stories.) We
      can think that this may be true since she is handling her boss' penis in
      an almost admiring way. We are left thinking that it might have something
      to do with her boss having a "Huge Cock". This tells us he is larger than
      her husband, and also that he is obviously superior to the husband since
      she was looser and this plays up on male insecurities about penis size
      and the male/female Dom/Sub relationship.

-(7)- We now find out here that -(6)-'s inferrence may now be correct. He is
      dominating her. But it is still uncertain whether she is his slave or
      merely acting out on fantasy. But the inferrence here is that she is her
      boss' slave.

-(8)- The author now tells us about how superb his wife is blowing her boss.
      Using words such as "Worshiping" and "Teacher" leaves us no doubt that
      she is being dominated and controlled by her boss. The fact that she has
      also swallowed the precum and cum of her boss (knowing that she despised
      her own husband's cum from earlier) play this and also another male
      insecurity about being an inferrior lover to his own partner. Obviously
      she liked both his boss' cock and cum since we are told that she didn't
      either mind or notice that the dozen or so men in the room have bared her
      genitals for their own amusement and exploration. Now we have assumed
      that her husband is in shock and should be getting angry since his wife
      is acting so slutty.

-(9)- Now we know to what extent the party has preceded thus far. The author's
      wife has only been with her boss (INFERRED). We also can now hear from
      her own lips that she is a sex slave to her boss, and will be for others
      that the boss chooses. The use of the word "Boss" now has a double
      meaning. As we know her husband is dominated by her in bed.

 Another inferrence to male insecurity is made again that her boss' sexual
 talents are better than her husband's since the boss has stayed hard. In our
 culture a hard penis is a sign of domination and ferility. The fact that most
 every man goes soft after cumming but that he not is supposed to leave the
 reader empathizing with the author. In turn the author deliberately sets this
 up in hopes that the reader will be made to feel jealousy for the husband.
 Even though the husband has not spoken up as of yet.

-(10)- Through this paragraph, we find out that the author is setting up a very
       simple situation in lengthy dialog. Here is the situation:

 The author's wife, Nancy, is a willing sex slave to her boss. She will endure
 any humiliation for him and has agreed to take men's cum first in her mouth
 then in her cunt, so she can be fucked by her older and studly boss. Her
 husband had no power over her before and never will. HER BOSS CONTROLLS HER
 that the boss now controlls the husband's sex life. Her husband is now her
 boss' sex slave as well (indirectly). This is a common homoerotic fantasy for
 fans of this type of story, different since instead of the common "I love to
 eat his cum out of her" setup, we are now in the realm of "I'll never use my

(For more on this subject see the story "My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife")

Another common setup is at the end of this paragraph. The Boss' cock is
inhumanly and grossly large. Most women will agree that a size of that
proportion could damage a normal woman. But this size is given so that at least
99% of men who read this will feel the author's supposed insecurity.
Interestingly, his wife had been fucked by that thing before and the author
noticed she was only "a little looser"?! Okay.

-(11)- Now in this paragraph we see that his wife is indeed just a slut, an
       "object" for these men. The classic slut doesn't just give blowjobs, she
       remains still and lets a man ravish her mouth. Hence "Nancy The Slut"
       gets her mouth fucked the same way her cunt gets fucked. This makes the
       author's wife into just one large cunt to be used and abused. This is
       why I used the word "object". (I explained this so I would not sound
       insensitive to Nancy's self induced plight.)

-(12)- First off we find that the author is insensitive to what is going on.
       This makes ME feel that HE DESERVES WHAT IS HAPPENING. Whether this was
       deliberate on the part of the author is unclear. Obviously he considers
       his wife as just a cunt. But now (here's the twist) he gets to fuck her
       up her ass as an anonymous cock when before as her husband she wouldn't
       let him. This seems to make his wife little more than a blowup doll. But
       unusually he does get to "win out" over his ife, by taking her anal
       virginity albeit without her knowledge of it being him.

-(13)- In this paragraph, the author's wife (after getting fucked up the ass by
       several more men) suddenly reacts as a normal woman would. Now the
       husband has turned the tables on her without he knowing it was him. The
       couple's dom now decides to follow up on the husband by forcing the wife
       to be fucked up her ass by his monstrous cock. Effectively being raped.
       The husband has his revenge. (INFERRED)

-(14)- Now the wife is enjoying the rape, getting fucked in both the ass and
       mouth Interestingly, someone begins to take pictures. This implies two

       First, the wife is now a "Porno Queen Fantasy". Secondly, she may get
       blackmailed into having sex. (Another popular theme in a.s.s.) We can
       also infer that her husband may do the blackmailing since he now has a
       picture of her lewd slutty display. The plain fact is that this
       dehumanizes and humiliates her more.

-(15)- Although this ending doesn't make much sense (much like the story), it
       is still a satisfying ending. The husband gets off, gets his revenge,
       and goes away to face his wife another day. (Actually, another way of
       looking at it as the classic female complaint, "He fucks me, rolls over
       and goes to sleep." is also implied here.)

Either way, it's a pretty fair wife Gang Bang Fantasy.