The Wife
                                  (c) Chuckles
                                     Part 2

      John moved his hips in and out, and then came shooting his cum down her
throat. Then he pulled his dick out, and grinned at Audrey.  They removed the
cuffs, and fixed a ballgag on her.  Then they lead her to the garden, when she
was forced onto her knees.  They applied a oily liquid to her ass, then she
felt something sharp being pushed in.  She turned her head back, and realized
it was the garden hose!  They got most of the nozzle in, and then John fastened
it to a harness, and tied the harness to her waist. Audrey then turned on the

      Susan felt her anal region filling up with water, as the hose strained
against the harness, and the increasing pressure from  r ass to expel all the
liquid. After some time, Audrey turned the tap off, and the hose was removed.
However, before any of the water leaked out, John forced an anal plug into her,
her splinchter muscles closing around the ring.  Susan bit her bottom lip so
hard, she could taste blood, as the sharp pain flooded her.

      She was then led back to the bedroom, and the cuffs were reattached to
her hands and legs.  Then John took a huge dildo out.  It was much larger than
average, and Susan had her doubts that it would fit in her cunt.  However, she
could not voice her protests because the ball-gag was still in her mouth.

      Audrey took it in her mouth, and gave it a coat of saliva.  Then she
slowly inserted it into Susan's cunt.  It was difficult, since the membrane
separat her ass, and her cunt was pushing into er cunt, because of the water in
her ass, but Audrey eventually got it in.  They then took the cuffs off her
leg, and pulled a pair of latex panties onto her, before refastening the cuffs.
The panties were a size too small, so they had to force it on, but it kept the
anal plug, and the dildo in.

      Susan was writhing on the bed, but there was nothing she could do.
Audrey got a whip out, and started whipping her on the breasts, before using it
on her cunt. The dildo in her, and all the water in her ass caused it to be an
excruciating experience.  She alternated between Susan's cunt, and breasts, for
about a minute before stopping.

      Then they removed the cuffs, and the panties, and brought her to the
toilet. They put her over the bath, and removed the anal plug.  The water
gushed out of her ass, like a mini-fountain, as Susan forced all the water out.
Then, she was made to kneel on the hard tile floor, as Audrey took out an enema
bag.  She pushed the hose into her ass, and then attached the enema to a hook
in the wall. Then, she filled it wine, and then removed the clip.

      Susan could feel the wine flow into her ass, and she started feeling
dizzy, like she has just drunk a huge amount of wine.  She noticed that after
some time, Audrey refastened the clip, and removed the hose, and then
reinserted the anal plug. She felt drunk, and had to be helped back to the bed.
Before she fell unconscious, she felt the dildo being pulled out of her cunt,
and someone's tongue replacing it.

      The next morning, she woke up with a slight headache.  She looked at the
clock and saw that it was just past nine.  John would have gone to work
already.  She walked into the bathroom, and noticed that her body were filled
with welts from the switches, and whips.  Also, there were bite-marks on her
thighs, and breasts.  Her anal muscles felt loose, and her cunt was aching. She
drew a long bath, and got into it, easing her aching body into the warm water.