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Last week my wife Sue and I went out to dinner and a movie.  It
turned out to be a memorable time.  As usual when we go out, Sue
takes special care to wear something that will give her the
opportunity to exhibit her charms to admiring men if the
occassion arises.  She knows that it excites me to see other men
admire her charms, and it also excites her to know someone else
would like to have her.

This night started out normally, Sue was wearing a skirt and
white silk blouse with garter belt, sheer lace panties and a
sheer lace bra.  The silk blouse made her bra and nipples
slightly visible when her jacket was open.  She wore her jacket
as we drove to dinner.  On the way to the resturant, I teased her
by caressing her tits and sliding my hand up her skirt as we
drove and teased her pussy.  She was getting more and more turned
on and was breathing hard as we pulled into the resturant parking
lot.  Things were working out better than I expected as we were
led to a table in the corner of the dining room.

After the "young" waiter came over and took our drink order I
could see Sue fidgeting a little and glancing to our right alot. 
I asked her what she was looking at and she informed me that a
couple had been seated behind me and that the guy was facing her
and looking her up and down as he sipped at his drink.  She was
getting slightly flustered after the working over I gave her on
the drive there.  I smiled at her and told her to give him a show
if that was what she wanted to do.  She stared at me and told me
not to dare her in the condition she was in right now.  I laughed
and told her to go for it, but let me know if she got any
reaction from him.  She smiled at me as the waiter brought our
drinks and took the order for our dinner.  All the while we were
ordering he couldn't keep his eyes off of Sue's blouse, as her
jacket was open enough on one side that the entire right side of
her chest was uncovered.  When she noticed him looking she leaned
back against the back of the chair which tightened her blouse
against her straining nipple which was slightly visible through
the sheer blouse and bra.   I thought the waiter was going to
faint.   As he turned to leave she smiled at me and told me this
was an enjoyable night so far.  She excused herself as she went
to the ladies' room.

While she was gone, I managed to swivel around slightly and got a
look at the young couple behind me.  The guy was very goodlooking
and probably about 30 years old.  I couldn't see anymore than the
back of his companion, but that looked very nice to me.  I then
noticed that he was staring past me in the direction that Sue had
gone.  I turned around and saw Sue walking back to the table. 
She had taken off her jacket and her tits were moving more than
usual under her blouse.  It was then that I realized that she had
taken off her bra as her nipples were visible under her blouse. 
As she sat down she looked over my shoulder and smiled in the
direction of the young man at the table behind me.  She looked at
me and as I stared at her tits, she told me that she was going to
take my advice and try to give him a show.  I told her that she
already did as she walked back to the table, but she smiled at me
and told me that that was just a preview.  When I questioned her,
she pulled her purse up to the table and opened it slightly
letting me see the lace of her panties that were crammed in it. 
I then realized that she had taken off both her bra and panties
and was only dressed in her skirt, blouse, and garter belt.  The
opportunities were limitless.  When the waiter came back with our
order, Sue was sure to lean back, giving him a good look at her
tits, with the nipples thrusting against the sheer silk material
of her blouse.  I thought he was going to drop our meals on the
floor as a bulge emerged in his trousers.  Sue smiled up at him
as she lowered her eyes to the bulge and licked her lips as she
looked back up at him.  He put down the plates and almost ran
away.  He was probably about to cum in his pants.  I know that I
was.  As I was observing our retreating waiter, I caught a
glimpse of Sue shifting a little to the side toward the guy
behind me.  I wasn't sure, but was willing to bet that she was
trying to let him get a look at her pussy, since she was glancing
at him and moving around in the chair and her breathing was
getting heavier.  I asked her what she was doing and she told me
that she was taking my advice.  I told her to go for it and that
I had to go to the men's room.  As I got up I  glanced down at
her legs and saw that they were pointed right in the direction of
her observer, but I couldn't see if anything was visible.  After
I finished in the men's room, I approached the table from behind
the young stud, for two reasons: one - to see what his female
companion looked like, and two - to see if Sue was giving him a
show.  As I passed next to him, I looked toward Sue and she was
smiling back toward us as her legs were open enough for him and I
to see her luscious pussy peeking out from underneath her skirt. 
I noticed that she had also opened the top two buttons of her
blouse making her look sexier than even I could take.  When I
arrived back at the table, she told me that he was staring at her
legs since I left, so she gave him a couple of good shots of her
pussy as she crossed and uncrossed her legs.  I told her that I
could see her pussy as I passed him and therefore so could he. 
This made her more excited as her breathing was making her blouse
tighten across her chest with each breath.  I wanted to rape her
right there.  I told her to hurry and eat, as I wanted to get her
home and fuck her brains out.  She looked at me with a sad look
on her face and told me that she wanted to go to the movies as
planned.  I told her that I couldn't keep my hands off of her for
that long.  Smiling she told me that I didn't have to and that I
could do whatever I wanted to her at the movies.  Did she know
what she was saying????  We finished eating and as we got up, Sue
gave our friend a good expansive view of her pussy as she
swiveled out from under the table, spreading her right leg out as
she turned from the table to get up.  Anyone that was looking in
our direction got a look at her glistening pussy lips.  We walked
to the car and as soon as we got in I grabbed and kissed her
deeply as I slid my hand up her skirt to her wet pussy.  She
pulled away and told me that I would have to wait.  She then
asked me what movie we were going to.  I didn't want to see a
movie, I wanted to make love to her.  As I started the car and
pulled out of the parking lot, she swiveled toward me and smiling
at me opened another button on her blouse.  Now it was open down
to the area between her lovely tits.  From the side you could see
the profile of her right tit, with the nipple flashing as she
moved.  What a sight!!!

We arrived at the movie theater in about 15 lust filled minutes
as I stared as much as possible at her tit playing peek-a-boo
inside her blouse.  As we entered the theater, Sue headed for the
right side aisle and stepped into a row of about 6 seats where it
was relatively dark.  As we entered the row, I noticed that there
was a man in the seat against the wall.  He was in his late
twenties or early thirties as close as I could guess.  As Sue
started to sit down in the seat one away from him, she leaned
over and asked him if it was okay for her to put her jacket on
the empty seat between them.  In this position her tit must have
been visible to him as I saw him staring at her chest as he told
her it was okay.  We settled in and Sue sat there in her silk
blouse with the buttons open half way down her chest to the base
of her tits and the slightest movement made them peek into view. 
She leaned over to me and took hold of my hand and pulled in onto
her lap as we started to look at the coming attractions.

As we were waiting for the movie to start I glanced past Sue to
see what the young guy was doing and noticed that he was looking
at her, from head to toe, or should I say tits to pussy.  He
stared a few extra seconds at our hands clasped on her lap, just
above the hem of her skirt, with her thighs visible below.  Sue
caught me checking him out and squeezed my hand as she pressed it
against her pussy.  As she fidgeted in the seat her blouse was
opening and closing around her luscious tits.  I wondered if our
friend could see anything.  The movie started and our attention
was diverted for awhile.  After a little while I could feel Sue
pushing my hand down past the hem of her skirt and pressed our
hands between her thighs and slowly pulled them back up her
thighs, dragging her skirt with them.  More and more of her
thighs were coming into view.  Since her skirt had a slit in the
center of the front her garter belt was not yet in view but alot
of her inner thighs were visible.  I saw the guy watching what we
were doing and leaned over and whispered it to Sue.  Her response
was to pull my hand higher until the back of it hit her hot
pussy.  Our hands were covering it so he could not see it, but I
could feel it's wetness against the back of my hand.  Just then,
Sue pulled her hand from mine and rested it on the armrest
leaving me to my own desires.  I could either pull her skirt down
and remove my hand or continue. She wiggled in the seat, pushing
her pussy at my hand so I slid my hand around so I could slide my
fingers over her pussy lips.  I think  the guy could see, but
wasn't sure until I saw him fidgeting with his pants and rubbing
his cock.  As my hand played under her skirt, more and more of
her pussy was potentially visible to her admirerer.  She slid
down in the seat, giving me more access to her pussy, and in
doing so her skirt slid up higher exposing my hand on her pussy
for anyone to see, especially her next seat neighbor.  Watching
her purposely exposing herself to this stranger got me so excited
that I wantingly drove my fingers into her pussy as he stared at
the glistening hairs covering her cunt.  She was getting very hot
and was pushing against my finger with each thrust and our friend
was frantically trying to open his pants and soon had his hard
cock in his hand stroking it as he watched us.  As Sue was
pushing against my hand, she was leaning back and pulling her
blouse tight against her tits and all the wiggling was pulling
her blouse open more, exposing most of her right tit to her
admiring neighbor.  She smiled at me and looked over at him
stroking his cock.  When he saw her looking at him, he froze and
as he did, Sue leaned over and slid her hand across the seat and
slid it over his as he resumed stroking.  Soon he removed his
hand and Sue was caressing and stroking his cock as his hand
started to slide toward her.  She turned slightly which pulled
her blouse away from her right tit.  He saw this and his hand
crept toward it, and when she sighed I knew he had hit paydirt. 
Sue started to sigh and stroked his cock in more earnest as his
hand slid down the arm of the seat toward her legs.  As it
approached her thigh, I slowly slid my hand away exposing her wet
cunt to his eyes and hand.  He took no time in sliding his hand
off of the arm onto her leg and to her pussy.  As his hand
touched her pussy, my hard-on started to throb and twitch in my
pants wanting release.  Any more of this and I would cum in my
pants.  Sue started to thrust wantonly against his probing
fingers and was frantically jerking off his cock.  Soon he
started to grunt as he came all over the back of the seat in
front of him and also over Sue's hand.  When I saw his cum
shooting out and over Sue's hand, I came in my pants without
anyone touching it.  Sue gasped at the same time and came to a
tremendous orgasm as she pulled her hand back across the seat and
wiped it off with her handerchief.  If that was my cum, she would
have sucked it off of her fingers, but since we didn't know this
stranger, although she probably wanted to do the same, she
didn't.  He slid his hand back across her tit as he retreated
back to his former position.  At the same time, Sue straightened
herself out. In a few moments, Sue told me she wanted to leave
and go home where she was going to fuck my brains out.  We left,
and she did!!!

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