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Subject: A Real Man's Cock   (wife watch, size queen, cum)
Date: 26 Dec 1995 19:36:31 GMT
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A Real Man's Cock

	I'd like to tell you about my education of what a real man's 
cock can do to a woman.  My name's John, and I am 23.  Susan, 
my wife, is nearly 19.  We were married on her 18th birthday, and 
she was a virgin until our wedding night.  Susan is 5'6" tall with a 
35-23-35 figure, shoulder length blonde hair and long, shapely legs.  
She is so beautiful that I consider myself very lucky to have her as 
my wife.

	We had been married around seven months, when one night 
after screwing she said to me, "There must me something wrong 
with me.  I just don't understand why the girls at work think sex is 
such a big deal.  All they ever talk about is how great their orgasms 
feel and how many orgasms they have per session."  She went on to 
say that one woman in particular, Linda, always talked about how 
good her husband Robert was in bed.  Linda and Robert are an 
older couple that live nearby.  Because of this, we often get together 
and help each other out.  I suggested to Sue that she should have a 
word with Linda and see if she could help in any way.  Sue just 
told me not to be silly.

	Eventually, after much nagging from me she said she 
would.  Sue went around to Linda's one evening and stayed until 
about 9:30.  When she came home, I was already in bed.  After 
joining me, she asked me how large my cock was.  I said that I 
didn't know.  I was always rather pleased with it and never thought 
its size mattered.  But she was persistent.  "Let's measure it and 
find out," she said.  She got out of bed and found her sewing tape 
measure.  I lay back and let her play with my cock to get it hard.  
She then carefully measured my cock's length and circumference 
and then repeated her measurements to make sure.  When she was 
done, she was quiet for awhile.

	"What's wrong?" I asked.

	"I'm even more confused now," she said with a slight 

	"Why's that?"

	"Well, your cock is barely 4.5" long and 3" around.  But 
Linda said that Robert's cock was 9" long and 6" around.  
That's twice as big as yours.  It can't really be that big, can 

	I was stunned and said "Linda must be wrong; she's making 
it up."

	"No," Sue replied, "Linda was very definite about its size 
and said that was why she had such a great sex life, and, anyway 
why should she lie?"

	Since I was laying there with a hard-on, I grabbed a rubber 
and rolled it onto my dick.  We soon started fucking, and, after a 
while, Sue started talking.  "I wonder what it would be like to have 
a cock like Bob's up inside me.  Linda says it's lovely to feel it 
going right up inside her."  I was kind of annoyed and but also 

	"Why don't you try it yourself," I said.  "It should be easy 
for you to fuck Robert.  Linda can't compete with you in the looks 
and body department, and she's over twenty years older than you."
I soon came in the rubber, pulled it off, and rolled over 
and went to sleep.

	Later that night I woke to a sound.  It was Sue.  She was 
dreaming.  I noticed that she was playing with herself, so I sat up to 
watch.  She then mumbled softly, "Bob, oh Bob," and then she 
came with a shudder and went limp.

	I lay for a long time upset and worried by Susan's actions.  
The more I thought about it the more excited I became, and 
eventually I had to jerk myself off so I could fall back asleep.  
While doing it I thought of what it would be like to see Susan and 
Bob fucking.  When I was done, I deciding to try and get Sue and 
Bob together.

	For several weeks I tried to think of ways to get them 
together.  Then Linda asked if we could look after Bob for three 
weeks.  She was going to stay with her daughter, who was about to 
have a baby.  Of course we said yes.  The night that Linda left, Bob 
came over to our house.  "Let's go out for a meal and a drink to 
celebrate my being a granddad," he said.

	Susan and I went to the bedroom to change.  I looked at Sue 
who was standing there in her tiny panties wondering what to wear.  
She looked lovely.  I asked her to wear my favorite, a Grecian-style 
dress that comes down to just below the knee, slit up the side, and 
backless.  Sue put it on and also wore gold high-heeled sandals.  
All she as wearing underneath were her panties.  She never wore 
pantyhose and hardly ever wore a bra - her tits were so firm she 
didn't need one.  Susan looked stunning.  When we returned 
downstairs, Bob just looked at her and said, "Wow."  We then went 
out.  All evening he couldn't take his eyes off her legs.

	We returned home about midnight, fairly drunk.  Susan 
went to the kitchen to make coffee.  I followed her, stood behind 
her, and wrapped my arms around her.  I slipped my hand through 
the split in her dress and then between her legs.  She moaned, and I 
could feel her wetness through her panties.

	"Why not try Bob's cock tonight darling?" I whispered in 
her ear.

	"You mean you really wouldn't mind then?" she asked.

	"No," I replied, "not as long as I can be there to watch."

	She leaned her head back and kissed me.  "Well, if Bob 
doesn't mind," she said, "I guess you can watch."

	I returned to the living room, my mind spinning.  I 
wondered how to tell Bob that I wanted him to fuck my wife and 
watch him do it.  As we sat there, Bob told me what a lucky man I 
was to have a woman like Sue and how he wished that he was me.  
"Well you can be tonight if you want," I said, "because Susan 
wants you."

	He looked at me amazed.  "Are you sure?" he said, hardly 
daring to believe me.

	Susan walked in with our coffee and said she was going to 
bed.  "I'll see you up there," she said, looking straight at Bob.  We 
quickly drank our coffee and went upstairs to our bedroom.  Susan 
had taken off her dress and was lying on the bed in just her panties 
and shoes - she looked really sexy with her nipples standing out.  
Bob and I quickly stripped off.  I looked at Bob.  I noticed that his 
cock was uncircumcised.  I had never seen one like that before.  I 
also noticed that even though the was not yet erect, his cock was 
much bigger that my hard-on.

	Bob just stood there with his massive cock swaying out in 
front of his belly with just the tip of his knob pushing out from his 
foreskin.  Sue looked at him with her mouth open in disbelief.  I 
moved over to her and hooked my fingers in her panties.  She lifted 
her bottom, and I slowly pulled them down her legs.  Bob lay down 
on the bed beside Sue and started kissing her and rubbing her tits.  I 
was at the foot of the bed and watched for a while.  I then went to 
the bedstand and got two rubbers.  I rolled on onto my cock and 
handed the other to Sue to put on Bob's cock.  Sue reached out and 
held Bob's erect prick.  It was so thick she could not get her hand 
around the shaft.  She pulled the foreskin down the shaft.  A large, 
angry looking, purplish knob eased out and seemed to swell up 
even larger.  She just played with it for a while, checking it out as if 
it was the first dick she ever saw.  I moved between her legs and 
licked her pussy.  She started to moan as she played with Bob's 
massive prick.  Even though I just started licking her, her cunt was 
all juiced up and ready for fucking.  I was in a daze.

	Sue pulled Bob on top of her.  He swung one leg over her 
torso and started siding down her body.  As his ass came toward 
me, I backed away to give him access to her pussy.  I just knelt on 
the floor, watching in amazement.  They started making out and 
wrapped their arms around each other.  Bob rubbed his cock at the 
entrance of her juicy slit and tried to work it in.  Sue was desperate 
to get fucked and panted, "Come on Bob, stick it in me."

	"It won't fit," Bob joked.

	"Well then make it fit," Sue joked back.

	Bob just kept moving his dick up and down her cunt lips, 
trying to slide it between them.  I reached up and slipped my fingers 
beside his cock and opened her cunt for him.  I held her cunt lips 
wide apart.  Still, Bob kept sliding his dick up and down, teasing 
Sue.  She didn't appreciate being teased.

	"Please Bob, put it in me," she pleaded.

	I don't know what came over me, but I used my other had 
to clasp Bob's cock and guide it to the opening of Sue's pussy.

	"Thanks for the help John", Bob said with a touch of 
arrogance in his voice.

	Bob pushed his knob in.  I watched the tip of the great 
purple head disappear up inside Sue.  Bob just laid still and leaned 
into Sue to apply gentle pressure.  I could still see the flared rim of 
his cock's head.  Finally Sue's pussy opened up a little more and 
the head sank in.  Sue had the first two inches in her.  She had seven 
more to go.  I took my hand away from her pussy lips and watched 
the huge shaft slowly easing in a little more.  Sue cried out with 
pleasure.  Bob pulled out a little and then slowly pushed his cock 
back in.  With each thrust of his body, his cock would sink in a little 
deeper.  I was mesmerized, and Sue was squealing.

	When Bob finally got most of it in, he pulled Susan's long 
legs over his shoulders and really started to fuck her.  Sue was 
crying out with pleasure, her hands were gripping the flesh of his 
back.  How she took all of him, I'll never know, but she did.  His 
hairy balls were now slapping her bottom.  He kept pulling his 
prick almost out of her cunt until just part of the head was in and 
then rammed it in hard.  Sue was now thrusting with him and really 
enjoying a superior fucking.  She grunted and came with a load 
moan.  It was obvious she had the first real orgasm of her life.  She 
never acted or sounded like that when we fucked.

	I suddenly realized that Bob did not have a rubber on and 
that Susan was getting raw cock for the first time in her life.  And 
she was loving it.  I put my hand on his shoulder and tried to gently 
pull him away from her.

	"Bob, please put on a rubber," I said.

	Sue looked at what I was trying to do, and kicked out at me 
catching my cheek with the heel of her sandal.  I knew I could not 
stop them now and that he might make her pregnant!

	I moved up the bed and looked at her.  Sue's lips were 
parted and she was sucking in air and whimpering.  Her half-closed 
eyes were wildly rolling around.  She was coming again.  She 
gripped Bob's shoulders crying out "Bob, oh Bob keep on fucking 
me."  I leaned toward her to kiss her, but she screamed at me to 
"Fuck off."  I went back down to the foot of the bed and watched 
Bob's cock thrusting in and out.

	Sue was crying and heaving her hips up to meet his every 
thrust.  Bob was moving faster now with short sharp stokes.  His 
balls had sunk up into his body.  He was about to come.  You could 
see it with every jerk of his body.  Susan's legs were locked around 
his back.  She was shouting out:  "Fuck me darling, fuck me.  Oh 
God, keep fucking me!  God I love it!"

	This continued for a quit a while.  Damn, I was sure Bob 
would come soon, but he never did.  All the while, Sue continued 
shouting for him to keep fucking her and cheering him on with 
statement about how good he was and how good his dick felt in her.  
She was never vocal with me in this way.  At first I was kind of 
jealous, but I quickly realized that Bob was fucking her better that I 
ever could, and that was why she made so much noise.

	Finally, Bob plowed into her with on final thrust and spurted 
his cum deep into her pussy.  They lay together for a while with his 
prick still up insider her.  They kept kissing each other while Sue 
tried to catch her breath.  She was having a hard time breathing 
deeply with Bob on top of her, so he slowly leaned to his side.  As 
he did so, his cock slowly came out of her pussy.  It was so long it 
took a while to slide all the way out.  When it finally did, it make a 
loud plop, which cause both of them to giggle.  Susan let out a long 
sigh.  Bob's cock was all slimy with her juices.  Susan's cunt was 
gaping open red and swollen.  I didn't see any sperm come out, so I 
just assumed Bob was too old to produce any.  I was in a trance 
wondering how this man, who was thirty years older than my wife, 
could have fucked her so hard and long.  I then noticed that I had 
come without even touching my prick, because my rubber was full 
of spunk.

	"My turn now," I said, moving up between her legs.

	"What do you think you're doing?" Sue teased.  She 
reached down with her hand open, indicating that I should stop 
were I was.

	I stopped with my head above her cunt.  I looked up at her 
face, she looked at me and smiled, reached out and pushed my head 
down.  My mouth dropped to her cunt.  At first I timidly licked at 
her protruding pussy lips.  The smell was overpowering.  Slowly I 
started licking her pussy all over.  Then I noticed a trickle of Bob's 
sperm coming out of her.  I paused.

	"Lick it!" Sue demanded.

	I did as ordered.  As I did, more and more sperm leaked 
out.  Boy was I wrong when I assumed Bob was too old to produce 
sperm.  It seemed like it would never stop.  I had to speed up my 
pace to get it all.  Sue moaned in appreciation.

	"That's it.  Get it all.  Don't let any get on the sheets," she 

	All the while, strange thoughts ran through my head.  Here I 
was, licking sperm from my wife's pussy which was just deposited 
by a man who fucked her better than I ever could.  Then I realized I 
could not compete with what I had just seen.  At this point, I was 
just happy that I was allowed to participate in any way.  Just when 
the flow started to subside, I came, adding more spunk to the rubber 
on my cock.  But I just kept on licking at Susan's juicy slit.

	By this time, Bob had another hard-on and wanted to fuck 
Sue again.  Bob moved off the bed and repositioned himself 
between her legs, nudging me out of his way.  He drove his cock 
back up into her with no trouble this time.  Sue's legs were spread 
wide apart and her cunt was a tight "O" around his massive 
erection.  He was ramming into her, giving Susan another really 
superior fucking.  Every time her pulled out, the inner folds of her 
cunt were pulled out gripping around his shaft.  I moved up beside 
her.  Her hands were gripping the top of the headboard.  She was 
moving her head from side to side and panting hard.  This went on 
even longer than the first time, more than an hour.  Sue just kept 
cumming over and over until he finally came with a load groan and 
pumped another load of spunk up into her belly.  Then he collapsed 
on top of her.

	They lay together.  She was very still (she said later she had 
passed out when he came).  Susan finally opened her eyes putting 
her arms around Bob saying, "Oh darling that was wonderful."  
They rolled over on their sides, lying face to face kissing, his cock 
still firmly up inside her.  She put a leg over his thigh exposing her 
cunt with his shaft still stuck up her cunt.  I removed the rubber 
from my dripping cock, went over and laid down to watch them.  
They were having a long, slow leisurely fuck.  They were just 
having fun now.  They kept kissing and talking while their hips 
slowly rocked back and forth.  I was so exhausted I was half 
asleep. I could vaguely remember the bed rocking but I had no 
concept of time.  I did notice that the sun was coming up.

	I must have dozed off, because the movement of the bed 
woke me.  I looked up and saw Sue was astride Bob, riding up and 
down on his swollen shaft as fast as she could, her eyes were closed 
and her mouth hanging open.  She gasped and came off.  Sue 
sagged and went limp with her arms hanging down, her head lolling 
to one side.  It seemed that she would have collapsed but Bob's 
cock supported her.  Bob held her around her waist and kept 
thrusting up into her, his balls tightened and filled her inside with 
spunk again.  I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:30 a.m.  They 
spent the whole night fucking!

	Susan rolled off him and lay back with her legs wide apart.  
Her once lovely tight little pussy was no more.  It was now a well-
fucked, gaping, hairy hole dripping with spunk.  Sue saw me 
staring at it and crocked her index finger at me to indicate what she 
expected me to do.  This time I didn't hesitate and I buried my 
faced in Susan's cunt, licking and slurping at it as their juices 
covered my face.

	Bob got up to go to the bath room.  When I finished my job, 
I slid up to Sue's face to kiss her.  She backed away and held me 

	"Your breath is really bad," she teased.

	"Sorry," I sheepishly replied.

	"Did you have fun last night?" Sue inquired.  Without 
waiting for an answer, she said, "I hope so, because Bob's going to 
move in until Linda comes back.  He said he's going to fuck me 
every day and night until I can't stand any more."

	"If that's what you want, OK," I said, "but did you realize 
he fucked you without a rubber?"

	"Oh yes," she said, "but it looked so magnificent I just 
couldn't spoil it with a rubber between us.  It was so wonderful to 
feel him spurting deep inside me.  Isn't his cock so big and 

	I had to agree with her.

	"With Bob it was so wonderful.  I never felt sensations like 
that in my pussy."

	I said nothing, but just cuddled against her.

	Bob suddenly walked in and stood there watching us.  He 
held up his cock and moved over to Sue's head.  I looked up as he 
placed the purple knob to her lips just inches away from mine.  Sue 
started to lick and suck at the large dome, then she opened her 
mouth and tried to get his cock inside but could only manage to get 
the end of his knob in.  She sucked furiously at it, then she pulled it 
out and licked up and down the shaft.  His dick became rock hard.  
I marveled that a man his age could produce so many erections.

	He pulled away, moved between her legs, lifted her up by 
her hips and thrust at her cunt.  I was still clinging to Sue, and this 
time she didn't push me away.  I held her and kissed her neck and 
ears as Bob continued using her pussy for his own pleasure.  Sue 
was pretty much fucked out.  She must have been numb between 
her legs at this point, but didn't object to Bob's relentless pounding.  
In fact, she started to get excited and held me close and started to 
kiss me.  For the first time that night, she was actually showing 
some positive emotions toward me.  Even though she was being 
fucked by another man, I felt as though I was part of it, and I was 
glad to be included.

	When Bob finally came, he sunk into her and groaned 
loudly as his whole body shook.  He pulled out, and a string of his
sperm dripped out of her pussy.  Sue just looked at me, and that was 
enough to let me know that I should lick her clean, which I quickly 
did before too much sperm leaked out.

	Bob went home to get some things.  While he was gone Sue 
let me know how she really felt.  Susan said she felt so different 
now:  like a woman, not a girl.  She said she loved Bob's massive 
9" cock up insider her needed more.  When she saw that I wasn't 
upset, she started to tease me by saying she now knew what it felt 
like to fuck "a real man's cock" and continued on and on about how 
much better he was than me.

	And this was just the beginning.  We continued like this for 
the next three weeks.  None of us got enough sleep.  Bob and I 
were always tired at work, but he was never too tired to give Sue at 
least one good fucking a night.  I never really got to fuck her during 
that time, but I didn't complain.  On one of the rare occasions that 
Bob's cock wasn't plugged in her or my face wasn't pressed against 
her pussy, I tried to slide my dick in, but I couldn't even feel the 
walls of her pussy.  Sue just laid there with a bored expression on 
her face, waiting impatiently for me to finish.  It was obvious to all 
of us that she couldn't feel me inside of her and she wasn't even 
going to pretend that she cared.  Ashamed, I pulled out, painfully 
aware that I could never please her the way Bob did.

	I'm sorry that this letter is so long, but I have to tell 
someone of all that happened that first night Susan took a lover.

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Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: Hot Black Stud (wife watch, size queen, interrace, cum)
Date: 26 Dec 1995 19:38:08 GMT
Message-ID: <4bpiv0$bba@madeline.INS.CWRU.Edu>

Hot Black Stud

	Three years ago my wife had her first experience 
with a black man at a swinging party.  That evening has 
changed the entire nature of our sex life - and for the 

	Our swinging was getting to be somewhat routine and 
we were both about to drop out.  The one fantasy Beverly 
had never realized was to make it with a really super-
hung black man.  She had always preferred men with larger 
than my six incher, and the idea of contrast in color was
something that had captured her imagination.  As it turned
out, the experience far surpassed her expectations - and 
mine, too.

	I am 40 and Beverly is 33.  We have been married 
for eight years, first marriage for both of us.  Beverly 
is brunette, petite, and has big brown eyes and a 
perfect figure.  I am 6 foot, 160 lbs, pretty good-
looking, professionally employed, and the vice-president 
of a small company.  We began swinging four years ago, 
first with couples, and then just with single men for 
Beverly - mainly because my ability to achieve and
maintain an erection degraded as I got older.

	That evening three years ago we were at a 
private home with three other couples and one single 
man, named Frank.  Frank was black, very tall, a built, 
and not bad-looking at all.  He was a close friend and 
swinging partner of our hosts, Jim and Mary.  Jim had 
told me that Mary had a particular preference for young 
black men. Jim, like myself, is several years older 
than his wife.  Also like me, he had more or less 
stopped participating in swinging himself, leaving that 
to his wife.  Mary had told Beverly about Frank and had 
invited us so that we could see her favorite partner in 

	The two other couples soon went upstairs to one of 
the bedrooms.  We were left with Jim, Mary, and Frank.

	"Beverly," said Mary, "you are going to have the 
biggest and hottest cock of your life tonight.  But you 
have to share it with me."

	I think Beverly and I both blushed, because the 
three of them laughed.  Frank looked at me and said, 
"Jack, I like Beverly's looks and hope you don't mind me 
enjoying her this evening."

	Before I could answer, Beverly said, "Of course he 
doesn't mind!  Right Jack?"  I nodded my consent, and 
with that Frank started removing his clothes as Mary and 
Beverly followed suit.  Jim then took me aside said that
we go to the kitchen and make drinks for everyone, suggesting
that he had to tell me something in private.

	"Jack, you've probably not going to believe this guy.  
Mary is totally addicted to him.  He has an open 
invitation and often comes over and fucks Mary 
during the day when I'm at work.  At first I objected, 
but it was useless.  Now he whenever he comes over he spends
night in our bed and I have to sleep on the couch.  Mary then
cut me off!  There's no denying him anymore.  I'm sure Beverly
will love it and think she's never had sex before by comparison.
I hope you can handle it if the same thing happens to you."
I didn't know what to say.  I mumbled something about it
never being a problem in the past.  We finished the drinks
and went back to the living room.

	What I saw was a scene which was to repeat itself 
many times in the next three years, although at the time 
I didn't know it. Beverly was on her knees in front of 
Frank, who was sitting on the sofa next to Mary.  In her 
hands was the largest cock I had seen in person:  about 
ten inches long and very hard and fat - and black. The 
head was glistening from what I assumed to be Beverly's 
licking and sucking.  She began licking it from top to 
bottom.  I was hypnotized at the sight.  Realizing I was 
there, Beverly looked over her shoulder at me and said, 
"Jack, look at this!  I can't believe it!"  Then she 
began licking and sucking again while Frank kissed Mary 
and played with her breasts.

	Ten minutes later we were in the bedroom and Frank 
was poised above Beverly with the head of his rigid cock 
at the entrance to her pussy.  Slowly he began entering 
her, pausing every inch or so to savor the feeling and 
to watch Beverly's reactions.  Her eyes were wide open 
and so was her mouth.  "Do it!" she yelled.  He did it, 
pushing his monstrous cock all the way in her and then 
beginning to fuck her with a practiced rhythm.  Beverly 
picked up his rhythm, locked her feet behind his 
butt and pumped for all she was worth.  It didn't 
take long for Beverly to have an enormous orgasm, at 
which time Frank paused a moment before pounding away 
furiously for another half hour.  He finally froze and 
came deep inside her, filing her with cum.

	Beverly held on for dear life, saying, "Give it all 
to me.  No one has ever been that deep in me.  Only you, 
Frank.  That part of me belongs only to YOU!"  Then he 
withdrew, got up from the bed, and told Mary that it was 
her turn.  The tree of them left the room.  We were 
alone, and I knew what was coming next.

	"Come on, Jack.  You know what I love."  I got on 
the bed with my face between her legs, looking at the 
gaping hole of her cunt with Frank's cum oozing out.  I 
began licking her.  I had become used to sucking Beverly 
after her lovers finished making lover to her.  But this 
was a somewhat different experience.  "Sharing" was what 
she called it.  "Don't miss a drop," she said.  When I 
finished, we kissed, enjoying our traditional sharing of 
the juices.

	Since that evening we have limited our swinging 
exclusively to black men.  We have learned that there 
are many, many white couples who do the same.  And quite 
a few black studs who "specialize" in white married 
women.  White men don't do it for Beverly anymore, including
me.  Jim was right.  And after watching her with some of
her lovers, I'm surprised that there aren't more white
women seeking out black men.

	We now belong to an informal network of white couples
whose wives have black lovers.  There are about fifty couples
in it, but it's growing every day as more and more people are 
learning about how great it is.  I've put adds in swing
magazines specifically for black men with large cocks to fuck
my wife.  After I check that they are her type, i.e., have a
cock larger than 9 inches, I introduce them to my wife.  At
least once a week Beverly will invite a black man over.  I 
know whenever this happens, because she calls me at work and
says, "Guess who's coming to dinner."

	We recommend it to everyone interested in the best 
sexual experience a woman can have.

From: fx728@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Rob Stevens)
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: A Very Kinky Couple Part 1/2 (mfm, wife watch, bi, size queen)
Date: 26 Dec 1995 19:40:37 GMT
Message-ID: <4bpj3l$bck@madeline.INS.CWRU.Edu>

A Very Kinky Couple - Part 1

While reading recent stories, I was surprised by how many husbands
enjoy watching their wives being fucked by other men, especially
if these men have larger cocks.  It seemed that the bigger the
lover's cock, the bigger the turn-on for the husband and, 
obviously, the wife.  And I was also amazed by how many wives
take the chance of being made pregnant by their lovers.  I also
found out how common it is for husbands to enjoy eating their wives
pussies after they have been filled with their lovers' sperm.
This is nothing new to me as my husband John has been giving me
that service with his tongue for the past 18 years, and he loves
every minute of it.  By the way, I am 36 years old, and I will
always remember the first time it happened to me.

I was 18 at the time.  Technically I wasn't a virgin, but I had never 
been truly fucked.  John was my boyfriend then.  He was 19.  We 
had often come close to fucking, but he had never actually 
penetrated me.  He would just rub his small 5" cock up and down 
my slit and spunk over my tummy or thighs.  Since this was the first 
cock I ever saw, I thought it as normal, however, I'd soon learn just 
how "small" it was.  Mostly John loved to muff dive me while 
tossing himself off.  I had a damn good figure then being 35-22-34 
with long shapely legs, and I had my choice of the boys -- they 
were all after me.  My legs are still great, but I've put a few inches 
on here and there.  I'm now 37-26-36, and I can still turn young 
men's heads.

That summer we spent a weekend at a camp with a group of our 
friends.  John's friend Brian came with us.  He was 20 and a bit of a 
stud.  I didn't like him much because he had made one of the girls 
pregnant and then refused to have anything to do with her.  But it 
was to be him who took my virginity and start a sex life that John 
and I have enjoyed ever since.  I wasn't on the pill at the time, so if I 
had sex, it would have to be with a rubber, which I would have to 
trust my lover to use.

The first night I got quite drunk, and on the way back to my cabin 
Brian was groping me quite openly.  I must admit I teased and 
flirted with him to try to make John jealous, and I must also admit 
that I did have thoughts about Brian's alleged nine and a half inch 
penis -- very naughty thoughts.

As soon as we went into the cabin, John went for a piss.  Brian 
pulled me down onto his lap, and I could feel his penis harden as I 
wriggled about.  It pressed hard against my thigh.  Brian pushed his 
hand up my skirt and between my legs, then ran his fingers up my 
around my fleshy thighs.  Then he rubbed the front of my panties.  I 
parted my legs and felt his fingers push down my panties and then 
slip deep into my wet gash.  He rubbed between my cunt lips and 
up to my clitoris.  I couldn't help but involuntary gasp and sigh as 
he started to bring me off.  Just then John returned and said, "What's 
going on?"  With that Brain lifted my skirt up around my waist 
exposing everything to John's gaze.  John's eyes widened, and his 
mouth hung open as he watched his friend's fingers slipping in and 
out of my cunt, which was now lubricating freely.  I came off with 
a shudder and a low moan.  This 18 year old "virgin" was lusting 
for cock, and I didn't mind whose it was.  I watched John kneel in 
front of me, and he started to jerk off.

Brain said:  "Take her panties off John."  I lifted my ass to enable 
John to pull them down.  I was now fully exposed.  I opened my 
legs wide to allow Brian's fingers to go deeper into me.  He stopped 
and fumbled with his trousers, he lifted me and stood up as he tried 
to pull them down.  He said:  "Hurry John, pull my pants down," 
which John dutifully did.  I looked down, Brian's cock, now freed 
of restraint, stood up long and hard.  The rumors about its size were 
definitely true.  It dwarfed John's 5 inches, and I knew I was going 
to get well fucked by it.  And I also knew I wanted it more than 
anything else in the world.

I reached down to stroke and fondle his huge erection.  He was not 
circumcised.  I rolled his foreskin down to expose his slimy red 
knob, and then I started to jerk him off, but that was not what he 
wanted.  He pulled me down and guided his lovely cock between 
my parted cunt lips.  I shook as I felt is push into my pussy.  He 
then lowered me a few inches, his cock sinking deeper into my 
eager cunt.  I remember crying with pleasure as he thrust up and 
down letting me sink an inch at a time until I felt I couldn't take any 
more -- and, if I did, I felt I would surely burst.  I was in heaven as 
his thick cock stretched me.  He pushed deeper making me gasp.  I 
held myself up, my hands resting on his thighs for support, and 
looked down.  I was shocked:  there was still about 3" to go.  I 
licked my lips in anticipation knowing that I was going to have to 
take it all eventually.

My arms weakened, and I sunk down.  There was a feeling of 
resistance, but then it was gone, and I slid down until I was fully 
impaled on this huge cock.  It felt delicious as he rocked up and 
down with the end of his cock churning into me.  I writhed about on 
him and felt faint as I came off, my orgasms were so powerful they 
were out of this world.  Now I wanted more movement, so I pushed 
myself up and down, still supporting myself on his thighs, but is 
was too awkward.  I needed something nearer and easier to grip, 
and there it was right in front of me.  John had moved in closer, his 
head only a few inches away from Brain's cock as it squelched in 
and out of my love tube.  He was staring at the sight of his best 
friend's cock fucking his girlfriend's willing cunt.  I reached out and 
gripped his head to push myself up.  As I pushed, his head went 
down, and his face buried itself into my gash.  As I lowered myself 
back down, I felt John's tongue flick at my clitoris.  Oh the glorious 
feeling that shot through my body!  That made me squeal with 
pleasure as another wonderful orgasm hit me.

(To be continued)

From: fx728@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Rob Stevens)
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: A Very Kinky Couple (mfm, wife watch, bi, size queen)
Date: 26 Dec 1995 19:43:45 GMT
Message-ID: <4bpj9h$bei@madeline.INS.CWRU.Edu>

A Very Kinky Couple - Part 2

I pulled John tighter into me as I rode Brian's cock harder and 
faster.  Moving towards my ultimate cum, I bit my lip from the 
pleasure I was getting.  Brain panted and was breathing heavily.  He 
thrust hard up into me.  I could feel his cock swelling and then felt 
great pleasure.  He was cumming.  I could feel him spurting and 
squirting his sperm inside me.  I vaguely remember squeaking and 
shouting as I had the most wonderful of orgasms.  I turned my head 
to Brian, and we kissed with our tongues entwining.  All the time 
John was frantically licking up and down my cunt.  I sighed as I 
orgasmed yet again and thought to myself:  "Well girl, you've done 
it this time.  You're no longer a virgin.  And you'll probably get 
pregnant too."

I felt Brian's' cock softening inside me.  He then lifted me and let 
his long limp cock slip from my gapping pussy.  I pulled John back 
to my oozing cunt and ground it into his face while thrusting my 
hips up and down.  I looked down at him as he tossed himself off 
and watched him shoot his load.  When I finally let him go, he lay 
there between my thighs, panting with his friend's sperm all over his 

I watched John's head sink lower between my legs until it was 
resting on Brian's thigh.  I couldn't see what he was up to, but I had 
a good idea.  Brain groaned.  I turned to my lover, and we kissed 
again long and hard, his tongue probing around my mouth.  He 
reached around, held my cunt lips wide apart, and then fingered me.  
I looked down, and my suspicions were confirmed as I watched 
John's head bobbing up and down.  I pulled him away and looked at 
Brian's fresh erection, his cock glistening red and wet.  I reached 
down and pulled his foreskin up and over the huge knob that had 
given me so much happiness, then pulled it down making the eye of 
his cock open wide.  A few drops of spunk oozed from it.  I guided 
him back towards my wet and willing cunt that was steaming love 
juice for him.  Brian held my pussy open as I sank down onto him 
again.  It was so marvelous to feel his cock filling my love tube 

Brain pulled out then laid me back on the bed with my legs splayed 
wide apart.  He moved between my thighs and drove his lovely 
long thick cock deep into me.  I bucked and squirmed as he thrust 
at me.  He pulled my legs over his shoulders and humped harder 
and faster.  I was in a daze and lost track of time, and all the while I 
whimpered and gasped.  Some time later he came again, and I felt 
his sperm shooting into my receptive pussy.  My cunt throbbed and 
pulsated around his jerking cock.  As he moved away John went 
down on me, pushing his head between my damp thighs, and I felt 
his tongue lap at me.

Well, fortunately I didn't become pregnant from this experience, 
which is amazing when you consider the amount of sperm pumped 
deep into me.  Maybe John sucking it out helped.  Soon afterwards, 
John begged me to marry him.  I agreed, mainly because while I 
could easily find a cock to fuck, I didn't think I could find some one 
who would suck me afterwards.  And as long as John didn't mind 
my having lovers, what did I have to loose?  Of course I've have 
many lovers over the years, and John always enjoys eating me out 
after they have cum in me.  I've never kept score, but after thinking 
about it, I must have had well over different 200 men -- black, 
white and brown -- and many of them I fuck regularly.  Their cocks 
of vary greatly size.  The smallest was just 4.5" long, and I soon got 
rid of him!  The longest belonged to a African immigrant and was 
nearly 14".  I thought it was coming up my throat.  However, most 
of my lovers had average size cocks between 7 and 8 inches long, 
which were still much more filling than John's.

At 36, it's nice to know I can still easily find young studs fuck.  
They find my full figure alluring -- my breast are big and firm, and 
my body is still curvy.  The young lads say I'm a better fuck than 
their girlfriends as I'm much more responsive and my cunt really 
sucks the sperm from their cocks.  I love fucking them because they 
can cum over and over again and never get soft.  And they love the 
fact that they can fuck me over and over again, because their 
girlfriends always seem to want to stop after the first time.  They 
also find it amusing to watch John dive down between my legs and 
push his face into my well-used, spunk-filled pussy.  They sure 
enjoy coming back for more.

Most of my lovers are in the same age group as John and me, but 
I've had many older men as well.  Some can be very satisfying, 
since they often last much longer than the young ones before they 
cum.  And to see the look of amazement on their faces when my 
husband's eager tongue takes the place of their spent cocks is a turn 
on for me.  I normally cum straight away while clamping my thighs 
tightly around his head just from the expression on their faces.

All my lovers get great satisfaction from watching my husband eat 
me and love to see him suck their sperm from my love tube.  It 
gives them a feeling of superiority to observe my husband cleaning 
up the mess they just made.  And they feel even more superior 
when my husband licks their cocks clean and gets them hard so they 
can fuck me again.  This is all he is good for anyway, since I can no 
longer feel is small cock in my pussy.  And I make sure my lovers 
know this, because I love the arrogant attitude it gives them!

So as your see, I live a very full and active love life, and I feel so 
young and randy.  It must be all that extra marital sex and sperm.

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From: an378450@anon.penet.fi
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Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 22:24:13 UTC
Subject: Wife Gets Strip O Gram and More

Yup, I'm one of those husbands that really gets off on the idea of my
wife having sex with another guy.  I was never able to interest her
in the idea, until one day I came up with a brainstorm, and it all had
to do with my wife, Susan's 40th birthday.

First I prepared her for the situation as best I could.  For the four
weeks leading up to her birthday, I acted like a really inconsiderate
jerk.  I created lots of reasons for her to be mad at me (silly stuff,
nothing critical), and kept the tension high enough that there was
no sex for those weeks.  I could tell she was getting really 
frustrated in more ways than one.  When finally she alluded to the
fact that I was being completely useless, even in my husbandry
responsibilities, I told her that if she was horny, she was welcome to
go fuck whoever she wanted.  I just wasn't interested.  We actually
had this conversation again the very morning of Susan's birthday.
As the morning progressed, I made sure to not mention the fact that
it was her birthday.  I knew she was getting steamed, and I felt bad
for stressing her out, but I hoped the end would justify the means.
About 3pm the doorbell rang.  I made certain not to be near, so she 
had to go and open the door.  Standing on the stoop was the male
stripper I had hired, dressed in a police uniform.  I think my wife knew
immediately that this was not a real cop (he was carrying a boom box).
Now I knew that my wife had been complaining this whole time to
her friend Mandy about what was going on.  So I instructed the 
stripper ahead of time to say that Mandy had sent him as her birthday
present.  "Mam, my name is Officer Billyclub.  And your good friend
Mandy asked me to pay you a visit and wish you a happy birthday."

Officer Billyclub set up his music.  He pulled out a chair from the
dining room table and put in the center of the floor.  Then he led
my wife to it and sat her down.  "Mam, now you just sit there and
relax and enjoy the show."  The music started and Billyclub started
to dance and strip.  He was really muscular and athletic.  After a few
songs he was down to his briefs, and it looked like he had quite a
billyclub in there.  My wife was mesmerized as he danced all around
her, touching her here and there, brushing up against her.

When the current song finished, he stood about two feet infront of
her, his crotch on level with her face.  "Well, Mam, can you guess
why they call me officer Billyclub?"  Susan responded, "Because
you were born sporting such a lethal weapon?"  "No Mam, because
I always take my Billyclub everywhere I go."  He then steps over to
his bag, and pulls out what at first glance what looks like a night
stick, but when he stops swinging it, Susan can see that the last 
ten inches are actually a humongous dildo.  She gasps and really
blushes at the sight of it.  "Mam, your friend Mandy has explained
to me that you have been out of sorts lately, and that you just haven't
been getting the attention you deserve.  Now I'm going to show you
and your husband that an officers duty is to serve the public interest
in every way."

As he started the music again, Susan was starting to look awful
uncomfortable.  She kept staring at that "night stick", and 
unconsciously seems to have her knees locked together.  As Billy
danced around her, he used the night stick to brush against her here
and there.  He rubbed it on her arms, her back, the side of her neck,
etc.  I could see Susan was starting to get really hot at this point.  As
he stood infront of her rotating his hips to the music, he kept brushing
the dildoclub against her cheeks.  He said, "Why don't you show that
pathetic husband of yours what you would do with a real man?"
Susan look in his eyes as he moved the club just infront of her mouth.
She smiled and began to lick that thing all over.  She grabed it with
both hands and started to put it into her mouth.  All the while working
the club, Officer Billy was standing at my wife's side and actually
rubbing his bulging brief front up and down her arm.  She seemed 
not to notice this as her mouth worked away.  Placing a hand on her
shoulder, he moved the club across her cheeks, down her neck, and
started rubbing it over the material covering her breasts.

Susan closed her eyes and just sighed.  Swaying with the music she
focused on the contact wherever the thing touched her.  Officer Billy
moved behind the chair, reaching over from the back and continued
to rub the thing along the front of her body.  His crotch was now 
pressed firmly against the back of her head, almost causing her to
bend forward.  Susan still had her eyes firmly shut, and a smile 
across her slightly parted lips.  From behind, Officer Billy began to
brush the club against her cheeks again.  First the right, then the left,
then the right, then the left.  My heart raced as I watched him silently
lower his briefs with his left hand while doing this.  His own tool
was an exact duplicate of the monster at the end of the stick.  And
like a magician, the dildo caressing Susan's right cheek was replaced
by his incredible member caressing her left cheek.  He kept this up
for some time, left then right, left then right.
After a few minutes of this, he was using both his hands to caress
her hair and shoulders while his member continued to rub on her
face.  At some point she had to realize what was going on, as it
was clear he had no hands to hold the nightstick with.  Maybe she
wanted to continue to pretend it all wasn't real, so she kept her eyes
shut tight.  Even as he moved around to the front of the chair, and now
brushed his monster dick across the front of her face and her lips.
She did the tongue thing again licking it all over.  Eyes still tightly
shut she reached up with her left hand and wrapped it around him,
while the right hand shot up and massaged his massive balls.
Opening her lips and taking him in her mouth, she could only get
about half of it in.  She worked him in and out, fast and slow,
sucking so hard I could hear the vacuum noises.  He started to 
vibrate and tremble and came with a giant burst.  She swallowed
and coughed, swallowed and coughed, it popped out and continued
to spew globs all over her face, hair, arms, and chest.

Her eyes still shut, Officer Billy went back behind the chair.
He put his briefs back on quickly, along with the rest of his
clothes.  Kneeling infront of Susan's chair he took her hand
and and kissed it.  She opened her eyes and saw that nightstick
dildo in his hands.  He opened her fingers and placed it in her
palm.  "Mam, I think you may be needing this, it's yours.  
Happy Birthday."  With that he disappeared quickly out the front
door.  All this time Susan had apparently forgot I was even in the
room.  She glanced over to the corner where I stood with my own
pants down around my knees, and my hand dripping with white
sticky stuff.  She smiled a wicked smile and seemed to be on
cloud nine.  She came over to me and grabbed my cock and said,
"Do you think you can get that thing in working order, or do I need
to use this Nightstick on both of us?"  "No problem, Mam.", I said.

As I followed her up the stairs she said that she knew exactly what
she was going to get Mandy for her birthday.  I thought to myself that
I hoped Mandy had an understanding husband like me.

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