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If you're under age, stop reading. This is for adults only.

We are posting these stories about true happenings from our past 23 years
of marriage. Most of them happened in the early 70's before sex was such a
dangerous proposition. Rhonda still has her little adventures but they are
not as frequent or spontaneous. If you ever got fucked by a little redhead
with great small tits and nice ass, you may have met Rhonda. Hope you
enjoy our experiences.

If you like our experiences, send us some back.

Rhonda & CL

Rhonda and I met in college. She lived with her two roommates in the same
apartment complex where I did with my best friend from high school. My
friend, Kevin and I met Rhonda and her roommates on occasion and liked
them. Rhonda and I started dating and in a little over a year I asked her
to marry me and she agreed.

Rhonda wasn't a virgin when I met her. According to her, she had sex with
four other guys before she met me, all of them at college. Rhonda was
great in bed. Nothing was too far out for her to try. I always wondered
how Kevin felt with Rhonda staying over and prancing around the house in
her t-shirt and panties. As my apartment had only one bedroom, Kevin and I
shared it using two single beds that were pretty close together. This
limited the chances of having sex when he was around so Rhonda and I
usually went to the living room to do it.

One night before winter break of our senior year, Rhonda and I went out
with some friends. We had a fantastic time dancing and sharing stories
about our years at school. Rhonda decided that she was going to spend the
night so came home with me. She had five rubbers left in her purse as she
knew she wouldn't use any during the break at her parents' house and she
joked we had to finish them off. Kevin was home so we stayed in the living
room and had some great sex. 

When we finally went to the bedroom, Kevin was snoring softly. Rhonda
crawled into bed and slipped her panties off. As we lay there, she began
rubbing her ass into my cock and I knew she wanted more. My cock sprang to
attention as she swayed and pumped against me. In no time, I felt her slip
a rubber on my cock. I was on my side and she was in front of me looking
toward Kevin. I felt her adjust her body and slip her pussy on my cock. I
glanced over to make sure Kevin was asleep. He was on his back with his
eyes closed. I whispered to Rhonda that we should go downstairs but she
only pushed back harder letting out a little moan. Since she didn't seem
concerned, I began to pump back at her. Rhonda began moaning louder and
saying, "Yes. Harder. More." I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into
her. The tightness of her pussy made me tense up and shoot my second load
of the night. 

Rhonda had her eyes closed and kept pushing back on me begging for more.
As I slowed her down I glanced over at Kevin and saw he was wide awake
staring at us. I could see his hand pump his hard cock under the sheets. I
leaned forward and asked Rhonda if she was still horny. "Yes!" she replied
with her eyes closed. Out of the blue I said, "Good, Kevin wants to fuck
you." I looked at her not sure what she was going to do. All she did was
lay there with a sweet smile on her face. 

I grabbed a rubber and threw it to Kevin. He was out of his bed and naked
in a flash. His hard cock pointed right at Rhonda's face.  Rhonda opened
her eyes and sighed when she saw Kevin. She sat up and kissed the tip of
his hard prick. Kevin moved closer so that she could suck him deeper into
her mouth. Kevin handed Rhonda the condom and she tore it open. With one
swift motion she moved her mouth to Kevin's balls and unrolled the condom
on his cock. Kevin pushed her down on the bed and knelt at her side as he
began sucking on one of her nipples. He was pulling and pinching her other
nipple so hard I thought he would pull it off. Rhonda only moaned in
pleasure. Kevin got into bed with us and began getting on top of Rhonda. I
crawled out to give them more room. 

Once he got completely on top of Rhonda he rubbed his stiff cock up and
down Rhonda's cunt. When he had her moaning loudly he positioned himself
and stuck his cock into her pussy. Rhonda gasped as he buried himself deep
in her. Rhonda spread her legs and wrapped them around his back. Slowly
his cock moved in and out of Rhonda's pussy making little plopping sounds
as he took it out. Rhonda moaned, "Oh yes Kevin. Fuck me. I want you in my

Her encouragement was all he needed to pick up the pace. He began slamming
into Rhonda's cunt. She began yelling, "Oh god yes. Fuck me hard." Kevin
obliged and increased his savage attack on her cunt.

As I lay on the other bed I found I couldn't move. I had never seen two
people have sex before, let alone one who I was going to marry. Time
seemed to stand still and all Icould do was watch that cock plunge in and
out of Rhonda. Kevin's rubber covered cock glistened in the soft light
from Rhonda's cunt juices. I could smell her pussy, this time not as a

Kevin rolled off of Rhonda and put her on her side facing me and entered
her from behind. Her legs were closed and I couldn't see his cock go into
her. I asked her to lift her leg so I could see her pussy get filled by
the cock she was begging for. She lifted a leg back over Kevin and I got a
clear view of her hungry cunt taking what it wanted. Rhonda was yelling
out for Kevin to "Fuck me harder than I ever had it. Give it to me. Don't
slow down." Kevin had reached both hands around in front and was squeezing
Rhonda's tits. As she has small ones, Kevin's hands completely covered
them from view but I could tell he was using as much pressure on them as
he could. With this grip on her body he could move her roughly up and down
on his cock.

Rhonda was furiously rubbing her clit and I watched in amazement as she
brought herself to a wild orgasm, babbling to herself about fucking and
cumming and big cocks. Kevin could take no more and he too joined her
babbling as he said "Oh fuck Rhonda. You're making me cum." With a last
deep thrust he rammed his cock home and spurt his cum out his shaft. He
continued with little stabs into her cunt, instinctively trying to get as
deep into her as he could. 

In a bit, I crawled over to her as she looked at me and smiled. "That was
fucking great, guys," she said. She reached behind her and gently stroked
Kevin's cock as he pulled back from her. When he was soft enough, she
leaned back onto Kevin and pulled the rubber full of cum off of him. She
rolled forward a bit and reached down and did the same to the one I had
forgotten was still on me. Holding them in front of her she looked at the
loads in them and sighed, "I wish that was in me." Kevin, who was still
holding her tits pinched her nipples and said, "Then drink it Rhonda." She
hesitated a moment, then laid on her back and put her head on the pillow.
With a little smile at both of us, she closed her eyes and let the gooey
white fluid of one rubber ooze into her open mouth. As soon as she drained
one she did the same to the other. She swished her tongue around and out
of her mouth causing some of the cum cocktail to run out onto her chin.
Rhonda reached up and puled Kevin's face to hers and kissed him. Her
tongue darted in and out of his mouth. Forcefully, she pushed him away.
"Tastes good, huh," she mocked. Rhonda grabbed my head and pulled me to
her and did the same with me. Her mouth had the salty, musky taste which I
discovered before when she had given me a blowjob. 

I crawled back into Kevin's bed and fell asleep. My last memory was Rhonda
getting rubbed off by Kevin while they kissed passionately. In the morning
I awoke to Rhonda crawling in bed with me. Kevin had left for a morning
basketball game. It seemed that Kevin fucked her once again during the
night and again in the morning before he left for his game. We talked
about what happened. It had never happened before but she said it had
always been a fantasy of hers. In fact, she wondered why it took so long
for us to do it to her. She told me for the first time how Kevin would
walk in on her in the bathroom or shower and see her naked. They would
"stumble" into each other and she knew he had a nice big cock when he
bumped into her at those times. She also told me she spent one afternoon
watching Kevin fuck a girl while she stood outside the bedroom rubbing
herself to several orgasms. 

She shocked me when she said she wanted to fuck both of us again. The idea
of having two guys when ever she wanted them was very appealing to her.
She assured me that she loved only me and hoped it wouldn't jeopardize our
future marriage. I told her it wouldn't. "If I want to do you and other
guys after we're married, may I?" she said smiling the smile I have now
come to know so well. "I can't see why not," I reassured her.