An Icy Hot Layover in Chicago
by Lingus

I had a hunch when I boarded the "el" on Dearborn Street that I should have
stayed downtown, but since I'd just spent two long days and one short night
in Chicago, I was anxious to get back to my own bed in Kansas City.

It had been raining all day in the loop while the temperature dropped
steadily. By the time I walked to the train station it was starting to
freeze. My only hope was that Carl Hutchins, the local guy I'd been working
with for the last two days, was right when he said that this was only "lake
effect" rain and that it wouldn't affect air traffic at O'Hare. I should
have taken a few minutes to make a phone call or listen to the radio. I
would have learned that freezing rain had brought motor vehicle and air
traffic to a standstill throughout the metro area.

The closer my train got to O'Hare, the worse the rain got. I thought about
getting off and catching the next train back downtown but since I was
already nearly there, I decided to go to the terminal and find out what the
prognosis was. When the "el" pulled into the airport station I suspected
from the size of the crowd waiting to leave that the outlook must not be

The United Airlines monitors showed my flight and all other departures as
"Delayed." There was such a crowd waiting in the check-in lines that I
headed directly for the Red Carpet Club. There I could get some info, have
a drink and figure out what to do. Hopefully, the concierge could even find
me a hotel room if I was going to need one. That was one thing I wasn't
optimistic about. I knew from past experience that when O'Hare closes down
any available rooms in the area are snapped up quickly. I spent a night
sleeping in the terminal a year earlier and wasn't about to do that again
even if it meant taking the train back downtown. 

I hadn't even gotten to the customer service desk before I overheard the
bad news about my flight. This weather had moved in from the southwest and
Kansas City was completely shut down. Flights to that area weren't expected
to resume before late the next morning at the earliest. As the person ahead
of me in line spoke with the concierge, I overheard the worst news. Not
only were there no rooms in the airport area, but the downtown hotels were
full as well. Apparently there were thousands of others who were stranded
in Chicago just like me.

"We might be able to find you a room in Oak Brook or Woodfield," the woman
said when I finally got to speak to her. She was trying to be helpful, but
she didn't sound too hopeful. "I'm afraid that finding a way to get there
might be a problem, however. Right now the highways are so bad the police
have advised no travel," she continued with a forced smile. I figured that
finding a cabbie willing to take me there would be impossible anyhow.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself as I contemplated a long sleepless night at
the airport. "I guess I'll call home and then get myself a drink."

Even making the phone call and getting the drink weren't easy because the
lines at the phones and the bar were pretty long. The next problem was
finding a place to sit. I'd never seen the Red Carpet Club so crowded.
Finally I spotted one empty chair in a group of four. Two guys and a woman
occupied the other three and as I watched them it appeared that they were
together or at least knew each other. While I worked up the nerve to ask if
I might join them, I looked them over. My attention kept being drawn to the
woman who was very attractive with shoulder length light brown hair. She
was dressed casually but conservatively in a blue shirt and khaki slacks.
She and the two men were engaged in an animated conversation and I was
fascinated by her friendly, even intimate, manner. As she spoke she leaned
over to touch whichever man she was speaking to. Usually she touched his
arm, but a couple of times I noticed her place her hand quite high on the
men's thighs. The first time she did it I assumed that guy must be her
husband, but when she did it to the other guy as well, I was puzzled and

Finally one of the guys...the woman's husband, I was soon to learn...
noticed me standing there. He looked up at me with a smile and motioned me
to the empty chair.

"Have a seat, buddy," he invited.

"Thanks," I mumbled as I moved to comply.

"You don't look very happy. I take it you're stranded here too," the guy
said as I sat down.

"Yeah. 'Fraid so," I confirmed.

"Well, Bob here is in the same boat," my new acquaintance informed me.
"Where are you headed?"

"Kansas City," I replied. "That is when I can get there. I guess tonight
I'm headed for the softest chair I can find here, and I sure hope this
isn't it," I grumbled as I imagined trying to sleep in the small low-backed
chair I was sitting in."

"Well, there must be a better option than that around here somewhere," the
guy said with a mysterious smile. "By the way, I'm Ken Robbins," he
continued as he extended his hand.

"Oh, good to meet you Ken," I replied shaking his hand. "I'm Mike Rogers."
I was about to ask him if he was stranded too, but he turned toward the

"Cheryl, I'd like you to meet Mike Rogers. That's right isn't it Mike?" he
said as he glanced at me.

"Yes, that's right," I confirmed.

"Well, Mike this is my wife Cheryl and Bob Kilmer, a good friend of ours.
We brought Bob out here so he could catch a flight to Atlanta, but as of
now they aren't letting any flights out of here in any direction. He may
just have to spend another night at our house," he explained as his
mysterious smile reappeared.

"Yes, darn it," Bob quipped as he reached forward to shake my hand. He too
broke into a roguish grin. The guy sure didn't seem too upset about his
plight. Given the apparent intimacy of the conversation the three of them
had been engaged in, I wondered what Bob's comment and the men's smiles
were all about. A thought of Cheryl having sex with Bob flashed through my
mind, but I dismissed it immediately as absurd. The three of them all
looked too normal...too much like they could be my next door neighbors, for
them to be involved in anything so bizarre.

"Well, you're lucky to have a place," I replied as my mind snapped back to
the reality of where I would be spending the night. Even someone's couch
sounded very appealing at that moment. "I guess a lot of us are going to be
spending the night right here," I whimpered. 

"Oh, Mike, you mean you don't have a place to stay?" Cheryl said as she
leaned toward me sounding genuinely distressed at my plight.

"'Fraid not," I answered. "I should have been smart enough this morning to
keep my hotel room downtown. Now it seems every hotel in Chicago is full."

"Well, why don't you come to our house too then?" Cheryl suggested as she
gazed at me with the most seductive brown eyes I've ever seen. 

I didn't know what to say. I felt very uncomfortable about staying in a
strange home, but my tired body told me it sounded a lot better that my
other alternative. My cock thrust itself into the issue by beginning to
twitch. It detected the sensuous temperament of the woman who'd just
extended the invitation.

"Well, ah.., ah.., ah.., gee, I don't know," I stammered as I looked at
Cheryl and then over at her husband. "I mean, I.."

"That's a great idea, Cheryl," her husband Ken exclaimed enthusiastically.
"In fact, I was just going to suggest the same thing. Don't you think so
too, Bob?" he asked as he looked over at their friend. 

I was puzzled why Bob was brought into this question, but when Bob nodded
and replied, "Yes, I think it sounds terrific," I found myself nodding and
agreeing to accept.

"OK," I replied. "You've convinced me. I just hope it's not too much of a
bother for you, Cheryl," I remarked as I looked back into her penetrating
brown eyes.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Ken replied as his wife gave me a warm smile.
"Cheryl loves to entertain. In fact, the more the merrier as far as she's
concerned. Isn't that right, honey?" he continued as he looked at his wife.

"You're right, dear," Cheryl confirmed. "I do love to entertain. Bob, why
don't you check once more on your flight and then let's get out of here.
From the looks of things out there I don't think anyone is going anywhere
tonight, and I'm getting very hungry," Cheryl added as she gestured toward
the large expanse of glass that overlooked the tarmac.

"Good idea," Bob agreed as he got up. "I'm pretty hungry myself. I'll be
right back." He pushed his way through the crowd toward the service desk.
He reappeared less than a minute later.

"Well, I just heard that they are about to announce that all flights are
canceled until tomorrow. This storm isn't expected to pass from the area
until after midnight. I guess that means you're stuck with me for another
night," he continued as he looked at Cheryl.

"Oh, don't be silly. It'll be my pleasure," Cheryl replied as she got up
and began putting on her jacket.

Bob and I retrieved our bags and the four of us headed out to the Robbins'
car. As we went down the escalator to the tunnel, Cheryl turned to Ken and
said "Why don't you call ahead and order a pizza. I really don't feel like
cooking tonight, and besides I'm not sure there's anything in the house to
fix for dinner."

"Good idea," Ken replied. "Is pizza alright with you, Mike?" he asked as he
looked at me. 

"Sure. That sounds great," I replied. "If there's one thing I really like
about coming to Chicago, it's the pizza you have here, and I haven't had a
chance to have any so far this trip."

The four of us quickly settled on our pizza order and as soon as we got
into the car, Ken called Giordano's. He spoke with them briefly and then
announced as he hung up, "Well, I guess we'll have to stop and pick up the
pizza. They've taken their delivery people off the street." 

That turned out to be a good thing, because it took us nearly forty-five
minutes to make the trip that Ken said he normally makes in fifteen. The
streets were really bad and Ken just crept along. Matters were made worse
by the fact that traffic lights were out at several intersections which
backed up what little traffic there was for nearly a block at each one.

For me, the trip to the Robbins' home was doubly exciting. When we'd
reached the car, Cheryl announced that she would sit with me in the
backseat so that we could get acquainted. I liked the idea, but I had no
idea how well acquainted she'd meant. As soon as Ken pulled away from the
cashier's booth, Cheryl slid across the seat moving tightly up against me.
I was startled and pretty nervous about her behavior and tried to pull
away, but she kept moving over until she had me pinned against the car

"I'm sort of cold, Mike," she whispered. "Will you keep me warm?" she asked
as she snuggled even closer and laid her head on my shoulder.

For the moment I was speechless and I fidgeted nervously while I tried to
figure out what was going on. I peeked at the rearview mirror to see if
Cheryl's husband was looking. Fortunately he appeared to be intent on
watching the road and Bob had slumped down in the passenger seat apparently
taking a quick nap.

Cheryl's next move really unnerved me.

"Mike, you'll have to put your arms around me if you want me to keep warm,"
she candidly instructed. Then she reached down and lifted my right hand
from my lap and pulled it up over her head, letting it drop behind her.
Then came the most outrageous act I'd ever seen done by a married
woman...especially one whose husband was only inches away. 

"And I need this one right here," she announced as she grasped my left hand
and guided it inside her open jacket pressing it firmly against her right

I instinctively reacted by gasping and jerking my hand away. Ken noticed
the commotion.

"Mike, I hope you don't mind but Cheryl sometimes gets pretty amorous," he
announced casually. "It's just a sign that she likes you," he went on. "If
it bothers you though, I'm sure she'll stop."

By this time Cheryl had retrieved my hand again and replaced it even more
firmly against her firm orb. She used her own hand to force mine to massage
and squeeze her gently. I must admit it felt wonderful.

"I like that, Mike," she whispered. "Just keep doing it. OK? It makes me
all tingly and warm" she said as she withdrew her hand. I began to fondle
this sexy woman's breast and my cock began to swell in response. For the
moment I lost track of where we were and who else was there.

"Oooh, that feels nice," Cheryl murmured her approval. "I'll bet you're a
great lover, Mike," she whispered as she stretched upward and kissed me. I
no longer resisted and returned her kiss while massaging her breast even
more vigorously. For the next few minutes Cheryl and I were wrapped in the
most passionate embrace that I can remember enjoying in the backseat of a
car since high school. 

"This is incredible. Weird but incredible," I thought to myself when Cheryl
pulled away briefly to catch her breath, "but I wonder just how far she's
going to go?" Thinking back again to high school I remembered a number of
times when things with girls got pretty hot and heavy, even to the point of
removing their blouse and bra, but then it stopped. Anything below the
waist was off limits.

Cheryl must have read my mind. "How are you doing, Mike? Are you enjoying
yourself?" she asked as she reached over and placed her right hand on my
crotch. She quickly found and grasped my hard cock through the fabric of my
pants and shorts.

"Uummm, I guess you're doing OK. That feels like a nice one," she observed
as she gently stroked and squeezed my erect member.

"Honey, I think Mike likes me," she said aloud. "He's really hard, and my
pussy's really getting wet too. Can you hurry and get us home? I don't
think I can wait much longer. I just may have to do him right here."

"We're almost there," her husband replied nonchalantly. We're just coming
to Giordano's now. We'll be home in a few more minutes."

I damn near choked at this woman's comments and her husband's calm
response. I've never heard a woman speak so openly about sex...let alone a
married one who behaved like Cheryl. I was on verge of cumming in my pants
and I had to pull her hand away before I exploded.

Again Cheryl knew what was happening. "Are you OK?" she asked. "You didn't
cum yet did you?"

"No, but almost," I confessed. "It's alright now though. You really got me
excited," I admitted.

"You got me really hot too," she replied. "See," she continued as she took
my hand and placed it against her crotch. "See how hot my pussy is," she
said while squeezing my fingers into the soft flesh of her cunt. She was
right. Her pussy felt extremely warm and even through the fabric of her
slacks and panties, I could feel dampness. This woman was ready to fuck.

I had every intention of buying the pizza, but Bob beat me to it. Actually,
he told me later that he knew from his own experience that I shouldn't be
interrupted. "You can get it next time," he said with a wink.

For the last few minutes before we arrived at the Robbins' home, Cheryl and
I reengaged in our passionate embrace with our hands exploring each other's
pubic areas. She tried to extricate my cock from my pants but it was too
hard and large to slip out through my fly. She had to settle for stroking
me through the opening. I tried to get my hand into her cunt, but was only
able to work it as far down as the very top of her slit. It was dripping
with her juices and the aroma of a very hot pussy filled my nostrils. I
wondered if the other guys noticed the scent as well.

Obviously I wasn't paying any attention to our surroundings as we entered
the Robbins' subdivision, but Ken regained my attention when he said "Well,
I hope no one's afraid of the dark. It looks like the power is out around

I looked out of the car window and noticed that indeed there were no lights
to be seen anywhere. Even the street lights were off. The next morning we
learned on the news that thousands of homes around the area had the same
problem. I don't think the Robbins got their power back until a day or two
later. It took the power company that long to repair all of the downed
lines. It was a major problem for many...but not for the four of us.

"Ken, why don't you find some candles and start a fire," Cheryl directed as
soon as we were inside the house, "and Bob, would you be a dear and open a
bottle of wine and get out some glasses. Meanwhile, I've got to pee," she
announced matter-of-factly as she headed toward the back of the house.

Not knowing my way around this dark strange house, I remained by the front
door until Ken had lit a couple of candles. Bob took one and headed off to
find the wine and glasses. Ken motioned for me to follow him, and we headed
off to the den.
Ken found a couple more candles there and lit them. Now, in the contrast
against the dreary darkness of the outdoors, the Robbins' home was aglow
with light.

"Mike, why don't you get the cushion from the futon over there and lay it
over here," Ken directed as he knelt before the fireplace. By the time I
had the cushion arranged in front of the hearth, he already had the fire

"Gas logs are really great in times like these," Ken mused. "Now as soon as
Bob brings in the wine and Cheryl gets back, we're all set for a nice
romantic evening. The hell with the lousy weather. That just makes things
more exciting."

"Interesting thought," I mused as I pondered what might happen next.
Considering Cheryl's comments and behavior in the car, it would seem that
an orgy might take place, but I really couldn't imagine anything so blatant
becoming a reality. The thought of asking Ken what to expect crossed my
mind, but I quickly realized that I didn't know how to ask a man if his
wife was planning to have sex with me or either of the two of them. The
whole idea was just too outrageous for words.

Moments later my question was answered. First I heard a male voice down the
hallway followed by a woman's giggle. Then as the voices grew closer, I
finally heard Cheryl say "Well, Bob it sure looks like you're ready to

"Ready, willing and able, as they say," Bob replied. Then the two of them
came around the corner. I saw Cheryl first. She was naked as a
jaybird...actually she did have on a garter belt and stockings. I was so
captivated by the sight of her that I didn't notice that Bob was also
naked...and sporting an erection.

"Hey guys," Cheryl said when she looked first at me and then at Ken, "don't
you want to party? You'd better get naked too. Other wise it'll be just me
and good old Bobby," she went on as she reached over and gave Bob's cock a
playful yank.

Ken wasted no time in removing his clothes, but I was too spellbound to
move. I kept staring at Cheryl's deliciously nude body. My eyes moved back
and forth from her small firm breasts to her closely trimmed beaver. There
was just enough light from the candles and the fire so that I could see the
dark line of Cheryl's slit surrounded by her soft brown muff.

"Hey Tiger," Cheryl said when she noticed my reaction. "Do you plan to just
stand there and look or are you going to fuck me?"

I didn't need to be asked again, although my mind was still numb from the
sight of this wanton married woman and the realization that she...and her
husband, apparently...wanted me to have sex with her.

While I stripped Bob poured four glasses of wine. As soon as we each had
ours, Ken lifted his.

"I would like to propose a toast," he began, "to the pleasures of my wife's
hot pussy on a cold night."

We each took a sip, but I choked on mine as the implication of Ken's words
hit home. Even though we were all naked and Cheryl had said quite
explicitly that she expected me to fuck her, I was shocked to hear Ken so
frankly offer his wife for sex. The very idea boggled my mind.

Again Cheryl had to bring me back to reality as she took my hand and pulled
me to the futon.

"I want to taste that gorgeous cock of yours," she said bluntly, "and you
ought to know that I really love being eaten."

Again I got the hint and laid down on my back on the cushion. Cheryl jumped
on top of me and placed her hot cunt directly over my face. Just inches
above me was a hot wet slit begging my tongue to enter. I was quite nervous
at first knowing that two other men including this woman's husband were
watching me closely, but Cheryl wasn't to be denied another moment of
pleasure. Simultaneously she dropped herself down onto my face and took my
cock into her mouth. For only a minute or least it didn't seem
like very long...Cheryl and I engaged in a vigorous sixty-nine. It was hard
to concentrate on my task because of the fantastic pleasure of her talents
as a fellatrix. I did get in some good licks...pardon the pun...and was
gratified to feel her body stiffen before she let my cock fall from her
mouth. With a few more strokes and prods of my tongue, Cheryl's body shook
from the delicious spasms of orgasm. I was surprised because I'd never made
a woman cum before just by eating her. This was one of many firsts for me
that memorable night.

"Oh, Mike," she moaned, "that was wonderful. You're off to a marvelous
start. I just knew that you were a great lover," she added breathlessly
before returning her attention to my pleasure. 

Having done my job, at least for the moment, I decided to close my eyes and
savor the wonderful sensations of a great blowjob. I was so lost in reverie
that I didn't notice that Bob had moved onto the futon and was preparing to
fuck Cheryl doggie style. When his hands brushed my face as he grasped her
ass to lift her up, I suddenly sensed his presence. I was too involved in
what Cheryl was doing to react. She had me close to cumming. 

I have never witnessed a cock entering a cunt from so close up before. In
fact, I'd never seen a cock other than my own enter a pussy except in
movies. The simultaneous experience of seeing Bob's cock split open
Cheryl's cunt lips and slip firmly in, the sound of her gasp of pleasure
and the realization that her husband was standing right there watching was
all it took to put me over the top. I exploded in Cheryl's mouth. Cheryl
eagerly swallowed every drop and then meticulously licked me clean before
letting my limp tool fall from her mouth. For the moment, I was satisfied.

For the moment, it seems, I was also forgotten. As soon as Cheryl was
finished with me her husband knelt in front of her and she began to give
him the same treatment that she'd just given me. Not wanting to interrupt
the pleasure of the others, I opted to lie quietly and watch as this
lascivious wife was given pleasure by two cocks at once. 

Between the three of them, a rhythm was quickly established that bounced
Cheryl's body back and forth between the two cocks. From my position I had
a perfect view of her cunt slipping onto Bob's cock and then off. It was
both erotic and fascinating to see how Cheryl's swollen cunt lips seemed to
suck the invading rod in and then try to hold it in when she pulled away. I
got the impression that her cunt loved being fucked. Twice Cheryl
interrupted the action long enough to enjoy more orgasms. This woman
certainly came easily. She was a remarkable pleasure machine.

When the pace of Bob's strokes began to quicken, Cheryl responded by
bouncing more quickly back and forth. I figured that she was about to have
the first load of cum pumped into her pussy. I watched anxiously for signs
that it was happening. In the adult videos that I'd seen, the guy always
pulled out when he came and splattered his cum all over the woman's body. I
was curious to see what, if anything, I might see when Bob came inside
Cheryl's vagina.

When Bob gave one last thrust and then held himself as deep into Cheryl as
he could get, I watched intently for signs of him cumming. I was
disappointed that there was no visible sign of what was going on inside
Cheryl's body. I guess I had hoped that cum might gush out as he pumped her
full, but it didn't least it didn't happen until Bob slowly
withdrew his spent wand. Suddenly as the head of his cock reappeared, I
felt a large wet blob hit my cheek barely missing my eye. It was a very
personal souvenir of my first experience with group sex.

With the break in the action, I attempted to crawl out from under Cheryl so
that I could sit and watch Ken fuck his wife which is what I expected to
happen next. Cheryl, however, had other ideas. She'd already noticed that
my close perspective of the action between her cunt and Bob's cock had
given my love organ new life. 

"Well, it looks like you're ready for more," she said as she grabbed my
cock. "I don't think I have to tell you where I want you to put this, do
I," she said as she rolled off of me and onto her back. She held out her
arms to me inviting me to fuck her missionary style.

I eagerly granted my seductress' wish. I doubt that any man could resist
the debauched sight of this pretty woman lying with her thighs and arms
opened to welcome his penetration. Add to that the erotic effect of the
fire light glistening off the load of fresh cum that was dripping from her
gaping opening, and even the most celibate would be doomed.

Another first for me that night was to fuck a cunt that was filled with
fresh cum and still stretched from its first fuck. I've done seconds before
but there was always enough time between innings so that my wife's pussy
muscles contracted back to near their original size and my first load of
cum was dissipated. 

At first I feared that the loose, squishy sensation that I felt when I
slipped easily into Cheryl's cunt might not provide enough friction to make
me cum...or worse, even to maintain my erection. Fortunately the fact that
this was my first time with this woman had me very aroused. Ken also helped
out with his repeated exhortation to "fuck my wife, Mike. Fuck my slutty
wife." That really got me hot. I think it had the same effect on Ken's
slutty wife because she came soon after he started his vulgar chant.

I didn't last nearly as long as I usually do my second time, and this time
my orgasm was even more intense than my first. Both were stronger than any
I could recall having in a long time. After my spasms ended I collapsed on
top of Cheryl. She pulled my lips to hers and gave me another passionate

"Thank you, Mike. You're better than good. You're fantastic," she whispered
in my ear. 

"Thank you," I mumbled in response. I really didn't know what to say in
this situation.

When our embrace ended, I figured that I was through for the night. I'd
never been able to get it up for a third round. I sat up and moved to the
edge of the pad, resigning myself to watching the three of them finish the
game. Ken moved between Cheryl's thighs as soon as I was out of the way.
What he did next astonished me yet again. Instead of climbing over his wife
and fucking her as I expected him to do, he laid down and began to eat her
cum filled cunt. 

Bob must have noticed the my reaction.

"Yeah. It's weird isn't it?" he commented. "I thought the same thing the
first time I saw him do it. He claims it's an incredible turn on though.
Who am I to judge? Hell, if he's generous enough to share his wife with me,
I'd be a fool to tell him he's nuts," he concluded with a grin.

"For sure," I agreed.

Ten minutes and two more orgasms later Cheryl finally sat up.

"Wow! You guys are sure off to a great start," she said. "I hope you all
don't mind if we take a short break."

The three of us guys welcomed her suggestion. After all of the effort we'd
put forth in the first half hour of our orgy, we'd worked up quite an

"Does anyone know where the pizza ended up?" Cheryl asked as she got up and
headed toward the kitchen.

"I think I left it on the table by the door," Bob replied. "I forgot all
about it. I wonder why," he added with a chuckle.

We rounded up the pizza and the bottle of wine, and returned to the futon
pad to enjoy our repast. None of us bothered finding our clothes. We all
knew the party wasn't over yet. Cheryl sat down across from me making no
attempt to hide her pussy from my view. In fact, she seemed to deliberately
pose so that I could see her gooey wet slit. Under the circumstances I felt
no need to be coy about my interest and I fixed my eyes on her cunt. Even
in the dim light of the fire and candles, I could see her puffy pink lips
amid the matted soft down of her beaver. Cheryl was amused to see me
studying her so intently, and she finally commented on it.

"Gee, Mike, it looks like you're really fascinated by my pussy," she said
with a smile. "Haven't you ever seen one before? Here, have a good look,"
she invited as she leaned back on her elbows and spread her thighs to fully
expose her cunt.

"Well, yes, I've seen quite a few," I replied as I blushed at the
directness of her remark, "but I've never seen one that is willing to
welcome three guys. That's quite an accomplishment," I added. "My wife's
pussy doesn't seem all that interested in even welcoming me much of the
time. I can't imagine her doing it with more than one." As soon as I spoke
I regretted my remark about my wife, but fortunately Cheryl took it in
stride, and responded with a startling observation.

"I'll bet your wife can satisfy more men than you think," she said. "You
and she have probably just never considered that possibility. You ought to
suggest it sometime and see how she reacts. You might be very surprised."

I suddenly felt very uncomfortable with the course of the conversation and
tried to find a way to change the subject. Fortunately as I continued to
stare at Cheryl's cunt, I noticed a blob of cum suddenly appear and slip
down into the crack of her ass. 

"Oops," I blurted. "I think you're leaking." 

"I know," Cheryl said coyly. "I can feel it. Why don't you be a sweetheart
and clean me up before it makes a mess?" She laid down on her back and
lifted her legs and spread them wide above her. 

"Where can I find a tissue?" I asked Bob naively.

"I don't think that's what she wants," he replied with a grin. Then he
wiped his tongue across his lips. I got the hint. Cheryl wanted me to eat
her again.

I felt squeamish about it for a moment but as soon as I got close enough to
smell the tantalizing aroma of her excited pussy, I forgot my uneasiness
and dove into my work. There was a noticeable difference in taste as the
saltiness of semen combined with the pungency of a normal clean pussy. It
made for a unique combination. The texture was different as well. It was
much stickier. The longer I licked and sucked on Cheryl's cunt, the more
strongly I felt that there was something strangely familiar about it. I
just couldn't figure out why.

I really got into my task as I licked every bit of cum from Cheryl's cunt
and even from the crack of her ass and her asshole. This hot woman came
once more in the process. She finally pushed me away and sat up.

"You really do that well," she complimented me. "Your wife is a lucky woman
to have a husband who eats pussy so well. Take it from me. Most men aren't
nearly that good...or that diligent. You and Bob and Ken are three
wonderful exceptions."

I was flattered by Cheryl's praise, but the question of why I found the
taste of her cum filled pussy so familiar was tormenting me. 

After we finished our supper, Cheryl again commanded our attention.

"It's already been an incredible night," she began. "I've wanted to do
three guys at once for a long time, and I'm happy to report that it's been
even more fun than I imagined. I hope the party's not over yet though. Are
you guys up for more?"

"For sure!" came our unanimous reply.

"I can tell," she replied with a big smile as she looked around at three
erect cocks. "You look ready. There's another fantasy I'd like to fulfil

Cheryl excused herself for a quick trip to the bathroom, and when she
returned she told us about her fantasy. We were each directed to our place
on the mat. Bob laid down on his back and Cheryl mounted his erect member.
Ken stood in front of her prepared to fill her mouth with his cock. I was
to have the honor of penetrating her virgin asshole. Cheryl's fantasy was
to have all three of her openings filled at once. I was selected to do it
because, although my cock was slightly longer than either Bob's or Ken's,
it was also not as thick as either of them. 

"Here. Use lots of this, and please be gentle," she advised as she handed
me a tube of KY jelly. She blew me a kiss before turning around and lying
down flat on top of Bob giving me access to her rectum. 

I'd never done this before although I had tried a few times to force my way
past my wife's tight sphincter. I'd never been successful, however, because
Marilyn always cried uncle just as I was sure I was almost in. I hoped this
time would be better.

I dabbed lots of jelly on my target and then started generously applying a
coat to my shaft. I quickly discovered that the damn stuff felt cold. I was
afraid for a moment that the sudden chill might dampen my spirits, so to
speak. Fortunately, I was too aroused by the situation and in just a few
seconds I had the head of my dick poised for its assault.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yessss," Cheryl murmured softly. "Do it...but be gentle."

I pressed forward. My effort was met with the same solid resistance I'd
experienced before with Marilyn. I kept pushing and thought I felt her
muscles give slightly. It was at this point that my wife always made me
stop, so I was ready to back off again if Cheryl asked me too. Instead, she
began to match my effort by pushing back against me. Suddenly our struggle
was over. I felt a sudden movement and looked down to see that my cock was
rammed at least two or three inches into her.
"Aaaggh!" Cheryl screamed in agony. "Oooow, Mike that hurts. It hurts but
it feels so good," she moaned. "Please hold still for just a sec. OK?"

I remained motionless for several seconds although I could feel my cock
throbbing as it sensed the tightness of the orifice that it had invaded.
Cheryl took several deep breaths, before telling us to proceed.

"OK, Mike. I want you to fuck my ass, but start slowly."

I pushed further forward and then pulled back thrusting with small, slow
strokes. Bob also began pumping in and out of Cheryl's cunt. Immediately I
could sense the movement of his cock just two thin walls away from mine.
Cheryl rocked her pelvis slowly in response to our double penetration. 

"Ooowww," she moaned as she savored more than a foot of cock in her body.
"Ooooh, fuck me, Bob. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me harder."

Bob and I picked up the pace and began to thrust more deeply. Meanwhile,
Cheryl took her husband's cock into her mouth and now had all three of her
holes full. Another of her fantasies fulfilled.

Ken came first which was understandable since he was the only one of us who
hadn't cum yet for the first time. He said later that he was also
incredibly turned on by the sight of his wife sandwiched between two other

Bob and I came at nearly the same time. I was surprised that I was able to
cum again, especially so quickly but the friction of Cheryl's tight asshole
and the sensation of Bob's thrusting cock were all I needed. At the instant
I heard Bob moan and thrust hard into Cheryl's cunt, I thrust firmly in and
stayed there as my hot load exploded into her loins. Ken Robbins' slutty
wife had just taken three loads of cum nearly at once.

After this wild episode the orgy was over for the night, at least for Bob
and me. We headed for a shower and then were shown by candlelight to spare
bedrooms and where we both quickly fell asleep. Cheryl informed us the next
morning that neither she nor her husband had slept so well. 

"I think he was excited as I was about my doing three guys," she explained.
"We did it again as soon as we got into bed and then we must have spent
three hours talking about what happened last night. Before we finally tried
to sleep this horny guy fucked me again," she laughed as she punched her
husband gently on the arm. 

"That was quite a night!" Ken enthusiastically concurred. "I'll tell you
guys, there's only one thing more exciting than watching your wife fuck
another guy, and that's seeing her with two other guys."

Ken's comment prompted a long conversation over our leisurely breakfast
about the lifestyle the two of them had engaged in for the past four years.
Bob and I were regaled with tales of some of Cheryl's more interesting
couplings. When my voyeuristic curiosity prompted me to ask how many guys
had been involved, Cheryl surprised me yet again by both her answer and the
blunt manner in which she expressed it.
"We haven't counted exactly, but we both figure that I've fucked about a
hundred men," she said nonchalantly. "We've tried to find at least one new
guy a month to do it with. Last month is was Bob and this month, Mike, it's

"Wow. That's probably as many times as my wife and I have had sex during
that time, but you have done it that much just with other men," I reacted.

"I don't think you understood what Cheryl just said," Ken interrupted.
"That's just the number of men she's been with. Many of those guys...well
over half of them...have fucked her many times. Hardly a week passes when
she doesn't put out for another guy." Ken's comment sounded like the proud
boast of the father of a star athlete. "Last week she did it with a
customer of her company who comes into town four or five times a year. Next
week she already has a date with a guy we met last year at a convention in

"I'm really looking forward to seeing Phil again," Cheryl added. "Last week
when he called, he mentioned that he and his wife just got back from a very
exciting vacation. He'd talked her into seducing a waiter they met in New
Orleans. I can't wait to hear all about it."

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "It sounds like this might be contagious. Bob,
have you ever suggested anything like this to your wife?" I asked as I
looked across the table at my accomplice.

"Hell no!" he retorted. "What do you think I am? Nuts? Sandra doesn't need
any encouragement. She's already had two affairs that I know of. She may be
fucking some other guy right now for all I know. I'm sure not about to give
her any ideas. Would you suggest it to your wife?" he asked in return.

"I doubt it," I replied. "I don't think she'd be very receptive to the

"And you might be very surprised to find differently," Cheryl chimed in.
"She might just be waiting for an opportunity to find out what sex with
another man...or two...or three is like."

"I really doubt that," I retorted. "She's pretty conservative about certain
things, particularly sex."

"You never know," Cheryl shot back, "but one thing I do know is that all
this talk about fucking has made this woman very horny again. Are any of
you man enough to do anything about it?"

There was a mad dash for the futon which was still lying where it had been
so well used the night before. Before Ken had another fire started in the
fireplace, I was using my hose to put out the fire in his wife's cunt. 

Cheryl sucked Bob until I shot my wad and then he took up where I left off.
Ken followed for very sloppy thirds. Again his wife took on three guys, but
her asshole was too sore to do us all at once again. When Ken was finished
I watched to see if he was going to eat his wife's cum filled cunt again.
He must have sensed my interest because instead of moving down between her
thighs, he rolled off of her and offered her to me.

"Mike, would you like to do the honors of cleaning up this woman's slutty
cunt?" he asked. "It's really a mess."

Ken was right about that. Cum was overflowing from her gaping opening and
running down into the crack of her ass. I didn't speak, but responded by
moving into place and eagerly lapping up the sticky sex juices. This time I
wasn't troubled by the queasiness that I'd experienced the night before,
but I was bothered by the repeated feeling of deja vu. 

By the time I was finished with my task, Cheryl had cum two more times
making for a total of six orgasms just that morning. She breathlessly
exclaimed that this was a record for her, and she thanked the three of us
profusely. I'm still amazed at how easily that woman can get off. 

My erotic adventure with the Robbins came to an end just after noon, and it
was just as well. I was so fucked out that I didn't think I'd be able to
get it up again for a week. Just before I walked out the door, Cheryl gave
me another passionate kiss. Then she squeezed my cock and told me that I
must stay with them anytime I'm in Chicago. When I got out of the car at
the airport, Ken emphasized that the invitation was serious. Even in its
spent condition, my cock twitched at the thought of my next trip.