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Subject: Cousin with Big Cock and My Wife  (MF voy wife)
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Repost of an earlier story.  I am not the author.

                        Cousin with Big Cock & my Wife

Julie and I have been married for two years.  She is 18 and I am 20.

Two years you say?

When I was a Senior in high school and Julie was an incoming freshman we had
gotten together for our first, and actually only, date.  She was a virgin and
tried to impress me by going all the way.  The sex was horrible, but just good
enough for me to get her pregnant.

I was 18 years old at the time, having been held back year, so her parents
made a lot of noise about calling the cops.  That is until I agreed to marry
her.  My parents agreed, and a wedding was quickly arranged.  So only three
months after our first date a fast Vegas style wedding was held, and I was

The sex on our wedding night was hardly any better than the first time.  Julie
was inexperienced, scared, and hostile - not exactly a winning combination.

Anyway, not two weeks after the wedding, I rushed Julie to the hospital in the
middle of the night where she had a miscarriage.

I wanted to divorce her after that, since we had only gotten married because
of the child, but her parents talked me out of it and agreed to set me up in
good job after school let out.

During the next two years I worked as a pharmaceutical salesman, something I
found that I liked.  After my first year, I had made enough contacts that I
actually was pulling in a decent living.  At the end of the second year, my
company was paying for me to fly out of state and I was pulling in just under
80K a year,  not bad with just a H.S. education.

That was the good part of my life.  The bad part was Julie.  She never did
warm up sexually, and during the one or two times a month we made love, she
never showed anything more than discomfort until I shot my load and got off
her, then all she showed was relief before a quick dash to the bathroom to
clean up.  If that wasn't bad enough, she had blossomed since our high school
days.  Her figure had filled out on top, but she still had the slim waist and
thighs of a high school girl.  What a waste!

Needless to say I was always on the look out for available ladies, and with
the traveling I was doing, I managed more than a few one night stands.

Anyway, after one particularly large sale, my boss congratulated me with two
airline tickets to Florida.  He wanted me to call on a special customer in
Tampa Bay, and then take a week of vacation at a resort on Perdido Key with

This was fine with me since I had an older cousin that lived on Perdido Key
with his wife.  Bill was my father's brother's son, and had always been a
great guy.  We grew up living near each other and he had been one of my best
friends (despite being 10 years older than me) before moving away.  He had
attended our wedding and had told me to call him any time I needed something.
So I did.

Bill insisted Julie and I stay with him, so I canceled the hotel reservations
and headed on down.  The customer in Tampa took only two hours of stroking,
then I was free.  Julie and I got into our rental car and headed off to the
Bill's house.

We arrived late that night, having gotten lost twice.  We drove to the address
Bill had given me and I was more than surprised to find that Bill's house was
very nice.  It was more of an estate actually.  Bill had been a stock broker
during the 80's and according to my father had done well until retiring two or
three years ago at the ripe old age of 31.

From what I could see in the dark 'done well' was an understatement.  The
house was large, but more impressive was the almost 5 acres of land it sat on.
With land values on Perdido Key being what they were, I couldn't even imagine
what it cost him.

We parked the car in front and rang the bell.  Bill opened the door and after
the manly bear hug he gave me, he turned to Julie.

"Julie honey!  It's good to see you."  He quickly looked her up and down
obviously liking her tight jeans and t-shirt.  "It's really good to see you!"
he added with a wink at me.

Julie gave him a sniff, and both Bill and I shared a testosterone laced
chuckle.  Bill scooped up our two suitcases and showed us to our room on the
second floor.  He told us to get some sleep and he would see us in the

When we woke the next day, I dressed quickly in shorts and a t-shirt and went
looking for Bill.  I found him out by the pool in back, sitting at a table and
eating breakfast.  He invited me to sit down and dished out some food for me.

"Where's Julie?" he asked.

"Probably still getting dressed," I replied vaguely.

He fixed with a hard stare and after a moment asked if things were okay
between the two of us.

"Fine I guess, well its just that, uh, well.." I stammered.

"I think I understand David," he replied with a smile.  "Is it something you
can do anything about, or do you just not get along?"

"We get along fine I guess.  She just doesn't seem to enjoy, uh, sex at all,
you know." I replied.

Bill just nodded and gave me a brotherly smile, full of concern and sympathy.

"It's not anything I do," I added quickly, "I've never had any other

Just then the sliding glass door opened and Julie walked out onto the deck.
She had on a modest two piece bathing suit, cut up on the sides a little to
accent her long, slender legs.

"Julie, come over her and join us for breakfast!" Bill called to her.

She nodded and walked over.  I noticed that as she walked over Bill was
looking at her with more than the usual 'Counsinly' interest.

Suddenly something clicked in my mind.

"Bill, where Laura?" (his wife) I asked.

"She went to see her father, he's in the hospital David," he said with smile.

I nodded and went back to eating as Julie pulled up a chair and sat down.

During breakfast Bill was the wonder-host, never letting a plate or glass go
empty, telling us one story after another about his days on Wall Street.  His
charm worked on both of us, and soon we were laughing and smiling along with
him, long into the morning.

Finally around 10 o'clock Bill suggested we take a walk around the property,
catch up some sleep, whatever.  He cleared up the dishes, brushing aside our
attempts to help, and headed into the house.

Julie and I spent the next four hours walking the beach and the wooded areas
of his estate, spending almost two hours poking around a tide pool he had
made.  We walked back to the house and decided to catch up on jet lag.

When we woke, the sun was low in the sky, streaming into our window
overlooking the pool.  We went downstairs and found Bill out by the pool
again, drinking a frozen daiquiri and watching the ocean.

We sat down next to him, and he smiled at us, pouring a large glass for each
of use from a the pitcher next to him.  The daiquiri was sweet and very

Over the next hour we sat without talking, watching the sun set over the surf,
sipping our drinks until the automatic deck lights clicked on.  Well actually,
gulping would be a better description. By the time the sun set, I was feeling
no pain and I could tell Julie wasn't either.

"That was great!" said Bill, "I watch the sunset every night here."

Both Julie and I agreed it was very beautiful, although Julie seemed to have
trouble actually speaking without slurring her words.

Bill gave us a big smile.

"Lets take a swim before dinner," he said, sliding his chair back and standing

We both agreed that was the best idea we had ever heard and stood up too.
Julie went back inside to change into her swimsuit while Bill and I, who were
already wearing swim trunks, jumped into the pool.

Bill and I swam a few laps while we waited for Julie before we both ended up
in the deep end of the pool.

"I'm sorry your and Julie are having problems," he said to me.

"Well, to be honest, the problems not me, it's Julie.  She was a virgin when
we married and she never has loosened up."

"Are you sure it's not a mutual problem?" Bill asked looking at me hard.

"Not a chance," I snorted, "between you and me I get around a bit on my out of
town trips, I've yet to hear a complaint."

"Maybe Julie just needs a little more experience," he added with a smile.

It took me a moment before I realized what his smile meant.  I had never
considered that Julie might have an affair, but the more I thought about it,
the more it excited me.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well, after Julie gets back, say you had too much to drink and head inside.
I'll see if I can score with her."

I thought about it for a second while Bill watched me closely.  I had to admit
I was excited but I was also a little nervous that Bill would succeed.  He was
a good looking guy and I had always looked up to and admired him.  I guess I
was afraid it wouldn't work but even more afraid it would.

"Never mind David," Bill said before I could decide, "It might be great but I
would hate to burst your bubble if I can warm her up."

With a challenge like that I could hardly refuse.  With reluctance I agreed.
Bill broke into a big grin and slapped me on the back. At that moment Julie
came back out dressed in her two piece swimsuit.

"Hop in the pool Julie, don't take all day!" he laughed, smiling at me.

Julie walked to the edge of the pool and dove in cleanly, starting to swim
laps, almost completely ignoring us as we floated side by side.

"Give me five minutes, then head out," Bill whispered to me, "turn off the
lights in the living room and watch from there.  With the lights out here
there is no way we can see you."

I swam nervously for the next five minutes trying to decide what to do.  Bill
and Julie both calmly swam laps, never even acknowledging each other.  Finally
after a moment the alcohol and my brain said what the hell, and I heaved
myself out of the pool.  Julie stopped swimming and looked at me for a moment.

"Honey, I've got a splitting headache from those daiquiris," I said, "I'm
going to go lay down for a while.  You keep swimming if you want."

To my dismay she just nodded and went back to swimming laps.  Bill stopped
swimming long enough to wink at me, then continued.

I grabbed my towel and headed inside, my stomach in knots.  I walked upstairs,
turned the bedroom light on, waited a second then turned it off again. I snuck
back downstairs into the dark living room and pulled a chair directly in front
of the window to sit in and watch the show.

Bill and Julie had stopped swimming and were treading water, talking to each
other.  I had left the sliding glass door open about a foot so I could hear
most of what they were saying.  Bill was trying to convince Julie to shed her
swim suit and skinny dip!

Well, after about two minutes of prodding and persuading Julie gave a giggle,
then nodded her head.  She and Bill both swam to the shallow end then hopped
out to shed clothes.  Bill gave me a wink as he pulled himself out of the

Soon he was removing his swim trunks and our eyes fixed on the package they
had hidden - and I almost fell out of the chair.  My Cousin Bill had stolen a
horses dick and sewn it onto his crotch. The one between his legs was complete
soft and still at least six inches long and probably 2 1/2 inches thick.  He
finished undressing and looked up at Julie.

Yes, I meant our eyes.  I looked over at Julie and she had her eyes locked on
that dick, a slight flush to her face.  Her eyes didn't leave Bill's body as
he turned and dove into the pool.

At that moment I was feeling more than a little insecure.  My dick was
probably average all the way around.  Not too long, not too thick.  Nothing
too compare with the tool Bill had.

After standing in a trance for almost ten seconds Julie whipped around again
and very unsteadily shed her clothes.

She wobbled unsteadily over to the pool and dove in, the whole time Bill's
eyes devoured her fully exposed body.  The soft hues from the deck lights
showed her off perfectly.

After Julie broke the surface, Bill started splashing her.  This precipitated
a full scale water fight between the two, with water flying everywhere.
Despite everything that was happening the drinks were affecting me and I
started to drift off for a moment when renewed shouting from the pool started
me back to consciousness.  Julie was now trying to dunk Bill's head
underwater.  The two of them were wrestling, still naked, while I watched.  I
felt more than a little jealous, but for some reason I didn't get out of my

In the pool, Bill was now using his larger size and had dunked Julie under
with one hand.  She came up spurting and sputtering. Bill laughed and swam
quickly over to the edge of the pool, pulling himself out and sitting on the
edge.  Even from where I was I could see that massive cock of his draping
itself over the lip of the pool.

Julie finally managed to spit out all the water she had swallowed and turned
to glare at Bill.  The glare however, faded when her eyes once again locked
onto his crotch.  After almost ten seconds of staring she tore her eyes away,
and with a glance at the house and the dark bedroom window, started to swim
slowly over to Bill.

I kept expecting her to stop, or Bill to move away, but she just kept getting
closer to him and he just smiled at her.  Julie swam up to the edge and
grabbed the wall of the pool, floating with her face inches from Bill's cock.

They stayed like that for almost thirty seconds, neither one moving, as Julie
stared at his member.  Finally, Julie started to move.  I watched horrified as
her little hand moved up out of the water and wrapped itself around Bill's
cock.  Or tried to wrap around it since her hand wouldn't go completely
around.  She lifted it, almost like she was weighing it, then leaned forward
and kissed the massive head.

I watched helplessly as Julie began to move her hand up and down that shaft,
kissing and licking at the head as Bill's cock began to stir.  Julie opened
her mouth and could see her struggling to fit it into her mouth.  Her mouth
stretched impossibly wide and she moved forward, two inches sliding in.

As I watched this I wanted to scream.  Julie had never given me head in our
years of marriage.  She refused to even consider it, yet her she was cramming
this giant cock into her mouth.

Julie continued bobbing back and forth, sliding three, then four inches into
her mouth.  Bill was stroking her hair and watching, never once even looking
in my direction.

As Julie worked, Bill's cock grew, to at least twelve inches long and as thick
around as Julie's wrist.  His cock now stood straight out from his body and
Julie was grasping it with both hands, using it to support her in the water as
she tried to fit more cock into her mouth.

After five minutes of Julie's slutty performance, Bill pulled her off his
cock, stood, then bent down and grasped Julie's arms and pulled her straight
out of the pool.  Bill leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her and
pressing his mouth on hers.  Julie responded feverishly, working her mouth
against his.

Bill broke their lip lock, and turned, grabbing cushions from the chair behind
him and throwing them to the ground.  He grabbed Julie's shoulders and firmly
pushed her onto her back on the cushions, then knelt by her legs.

I watched as he grabbed each of her legs, and after a brief resistance from
Julie, spread the wide and back, lewdly exposing her pussy and asshole.  He
gazed at her pussy for a moment, which looked almost hairless since her fine
blond hair was wet and matted to her skin, then leaned down and planted his
mouth right over her cunt lips.

Julie let out a low moan, reach up and grabbed her legs, pulling them tightly
to her chest.  Bill took advantage of his free hands and brought them down,
spreading her pussy with his fingertips, then sucking her clit into his mouth.
Julie began panting and moaning, thrusting her pussy at his mouth.

I couldn't believe my eyes.  Julie was exposing every inch of herself to my
Cousin and loving every second of it.  She had never responded to me like

Bill continued to work on Julie's cunt, now sliding an index finger up her
hole, and working it in and out.  Julie seemed to spasm for a moment in
orgasm, but Bill kept working, now taking his thumb, and pressed against her
exposed, puckered asshole.  Julie managed to moan out a protest but Bill
ignored her.  His digit was slick with her juices and after a momentary
resistance it forced into her ass.

Julie let out a scream and began coming again, while Bill started a rhythm,
sucking her clit and sliding his finger and thumb up both her holes.

When Julie had come again, even more loudly, Bill finally got up onto his
knees again.  He leaned forward until Julie's feet were pressed against his
chest, then reached down and brought the head of his still hard cock to her
pussy, sliding it up and down between her lips until it lodged in her hole.

Bill began pressing forward and for a moment his cock seemed to only strain at
her entrance, but then the slickness from the earlier pussy licking paid off,
and the head began to slide in.

Julie began to moan, a combination of pain and pleasure, as Bill's cock sank
into her, stretching her pussy beyond anything my cock could ever do.  In no
time, Bill was working half of his cock in and out of Julie's doubled over
body while she moaned and groaned out her pleasure, coming twice as he worked

Finally, Bill seemed to get impatient, and began stroking at her more
forcefully.  Julie grunted at each thrust, and began pushing at Bill's hips
with her tiny hands, but he continued his assault, working ten inches of cock
between her hugely stretched pussy lips.

Then, with no warning, Bill pulled completely out of Julie.  I had a brief
glimpse of her gaping pussy before he slammed back in with full force, burying
himself completely, his balls slapping against her puckered asshole.

Julie screamed and trashed beneath Bill, her tiny body trapped beneath his.
Bill waited for a moment then began moving his cock in and out, a half an inch
at a time.  In less than ten seconds Julie began moaning again, now thrusting
her hips up at his invading cock.

Bill took her invitation and began some serious fucking, pulling out until
just the head was inside, then slamming back into her with the weight of his
body, burying all 12 inches in her 18 year old pussy.  Julie began coming
instantly, each orgasm running into the next as he pistoned his massive tool
in her, his large balls slapping against her asshole.

They continued for almost five more minutes before Bill became more erratic in
his thrusting, then with a groan, he buried his cock to the hilt.  From my
vantage point I could see the base of his thick cock begin to pulse as he shot
his load deep into my wife.  Julie cried out as she felt the first hot jet of
cum and began her biggest orgasm yet, her head thrashing from side to side,
her mouth open and moans coming from between her lips.

Bill continued cumming for almost thirty seconds, filling her pussy until
thick wads of cum started forcing out of Julie around his cock.  He freed
Julie's legs from beneath him and laid flat across her body, still slowly
thrusting his semi-hard tool.  Julie wrapped her arms and legs around him and
they kissed deeply.

In no time, Bill's cock began to stiffen again, and he began thrusting more
seriously.  Julie had just begun to respond again, when he knelt back and
whipped his cock from her pussy.  Reaching down, he picked Julie up like a rag
doll and flipped her over onto her hands and knees.  He aimed his massive tool
at her like a weapon with one hand, then finding the right spot, he buried it
to the hilt in her cunt with one thrust.

Julie cried out as she felt his cock stretch her again, now reaching deeper
than before, and her arms collapsed underneath her. She lay with her face on
the cushion towards me, her butt high in the air.  Bill began driving his cock
home, grabbing her hips and slamming into her body, his groin slapping loudly
against her butt. The rocking started Julie's 34c's swaying back and forth,
her nipples rubbing against the rough cushion.

The scene was incredible.  Julie had never before even tried to do it doggy
style.  She had always felt it was 'dirty', something animals did, and
rebuffed me when I suggested it.  Yet here she was moaning and groaning as
Bill stretched her tender pussy from behind.

Bill continued to fuck her now sloppy pussy for two or three more minutes.
Jill came at least twice during that time, her eyes closed, and filthy
language began coming from her mouth.

"Fuck me!  Fuck my cunt!  I love your big cock in my pussy!"

I hadn't even known she knew those words, let alone thinking she would ever
say them.  Then I noticed that one part of my body wasn't immobile.  My cock
was hard as a rock and standing straight up, twitching with each stroke Bill
made into my wife.

Then, Bill put two fingers in his mouth, and after wetting them with his spit,
suddenly jammed them into Julie's spread asshole. With a cry, Julie began
cumming again, her hips thrusting against his cock and fingers.  Bill
continued working his two fingers in her ass, stroking them vigorously for a
minute before removing them, then he pulled his cock from her pussy.

He tool glistened with her juices and he steadied it with one hand, pressing
it upwards to Julie's asshole.  He began to press forward before Julie
realized what he was doing.

"No, not there!  Don't! Stop Bill!" she cried out and began to try to move
away from him her eyes now wide open.

Bill ignored her, placing one hand on top or her head and pressing it into the
cushion, the other holding her hips, preventing her escape.  He pushed harder
and I could see his earlier fingering was working.  Julie's stretched and
lubricated asshole began to yield to his assaulting cock, the head beginning
to press in.

Julie was crying and pleading with him to stop, but Bill continued his
assault, finally popping the head of that massive cock up her ass.  Julie
cried out as she felt her virgin ass penetrated, sobbing and crying, pleading
for Bill to take it out.

Then Bill flexed forward and buried six inches up her ass.  Julie screamed as
if she was being torn in two as that horse sized cock burned into her ass.
Bill began stroking now, working his slick cock back and forth in Julie's ass,
gradually working another two inches in during the next minute.

Julie had stopped crying, most of the sharp pain had faded, and her eyes had
closed again.  Bill let go of her head and placed both hands on her hips,
steadying her as he worked more cock into her burning rectum.

Soon almost ten inches of cock was buried up Julie's ass, and Bill began
longer strokes, sliding almost out, then back in.  As he continued stroking
Bill reached under Julie's body and began stroking her clit, rubbing it
roughly as he fucked her in the ass.

This added stimulation began to have an effect on Julie and she began to
quietly moan.  Her asshole must have relaxed some, because Bill began stroking
faster in her ass.  Julie began pushing back now with her hips, trying to get
more of his cock in her ass, until with a final push, Bill buried the last of
his twelve inches up her ass.

As Julie felt his hips press against her ass, she began cumming again, her
mouth hanging open, groaning out her pleasure.  Bill removed his hand from
rubbing her clit, grabbed her hips, and began to go to town.  He was drawing
that cock out the head, then slamming back full force to the hilt in Julie's
clenching asshole. His balls were slapping loudly against her pussy as he
fucked her and Julie grunted with each stroke.

"Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!" she grunted out the strokes as if she was counting them.
After about thirty seconds of violent assfucking, Julie began to actually
encourage Bill.

"Fuck my ass!  Fuck me!  Shove your cock in my ass!  Hurt my ass! Stretch my
asshole with your cock!" she pleaded with him.

This whorish display was too much for me, and with a groan my cock exploded,
shooting my load across the floor as Bill fucked me wife in the ass.

Suddenly Bill stopped, and pulled his cock out of Julie's ass.  He laid back
on the cushions, his feet towards me, and pulled Julie on top of him.  She
squatted across his crotch and reached down, grabbed Bill's slimy cock, and
placed it against her wide open asshole.  She let her feet collapse underneath
her, and buried his cock to the hilt in her ass.

Julie was facing me and I watched as that cock slid into her ass, her pussy
drooling juices, and her face a contorted mask of lust. Bill lay perfectly
still as Julie began to fuck herself up and down his long tool.  She pulled up
until the head of his cock popped out, then slammed back down on it with her
full body weight, using his cock to sodomize herself.

As I watched this show, my cock began stirring again, pointing straight up in
the air.  Julie took one hand and began to rub her pussy while she fucked her
ass up and down Bill's cock.

Julie continued to assfuck herself for almost five minutes and three orgasms
before Bill's balls tightened and he began thrusting up against Julie.  The
added thrust forced Julie into another orgasm and Bill joined, pumping his
load deep into her ass.

Bill gently lifted my wife off his cock, until it fell from her ass with a
plop, covered with her rectal juices and his sperm.

"Clean it," he said.

I watched in disbelief as Julie bent down and began to lick and suck his slimy
cock clean.  She slurped and slobbered over his soft tool until it sparkled.

"I think there's another job for you honey," Bill said and pointed her towards
the house.

Without questions Julie walked towards me and the sliding door.  For a moment
I thought about moving as she walked towards me with Bill's cum running from
her pussy and asshole down her legs, but decided I just didn't have the

Julie walked through the door, took one look at my cock pointing skyward and
crawled over and promptly sucked my cock deep into her mouth.  In less then
ten seconds I began shooting another massive load deep into her throat.  She
moaned as she felt my cum squirting into her mouth, greedily swallowing every

Bill, who had followed her in, watched for a moment then gathered his clothes,
smiled at me, and with a wink, went back to his bedroom.  Julie helped me up
to our bedroom and we fucked and sucked long into the night until I couldn't
get it hard enough to shove into one of her holes.

We left the next day and never looked back.  The new Julie was a dream come
true and I've never been happier.  She does anything I ask her to - and enjoys
it!  We are planning our next adventure, a threesome with another man or
another woman, but that is another story.

What happened with Bill you ask?  Almost a month later I got the courage to
call him.  He was relaxed and friendly, asking me how everything was.  I told
him better than ever and he laughed.  He told me he figured Julie just needed
a little help and he was more than glad to give it.

He invited us back this fall to meet his wife.  He said she really wanted to
meet Julie.  Now I wonder....?