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This is to let all of the husbands out there know that
watching your wife have sex with another man is not all it's
cracked up to be.

My wife and I have been married to each other for almost 25
years now.  We were both virgins when we got married so
neither one of us had ever been with another person before.
We were both in High school when we met and we got married
just after we graduated.

I guess my fantasizing about watching her have sex with
another man started when we met and I read story after story
in the Penthouse Forum about men who loved to watch their
wives have sex with other men.  They all said how big a turn
on it was for them, so naturally it bcame a big turn on for

I first mentioned it to my wife about 15 years ago and she
wasn't too keen on the idea.  I kept mentioning it inter-
mittently to her over the years and then about 5 years ago
brought the subject up more and more often.  Then in the last
year or so, that is all I would talk about when we had sex.
She was never very hot on the idea but she was warming to the
point where one night she finally said she would do it for
me if this is what I really wanted her to do.

I assured her that there is nothing I wanted more so she
said ok.

Friday night was our anniversary  so I decided to go through
with it.  I called her from work and told her that because
this was our anniversary, that I wanted her to be dressed
very sexily for me when I got home.  She said yes, little
knowing that I was going to be bringing someone home with
me.  After work I stopped by a bar not far from our home and
went in to find someone who could help me out with my fantasy.
It wasn't long before I struck up a conversation with a big
guy that was obviously a body builder.  I could tell by the
size of the bulge in his tight pants that he had a tool
big enough to handle what I wanted to see.  After telling him
what I wanted him to do, he obviously readily agreed.

When I got home, my wife met me at the door with a see throught
white blouse on and a very short full skirt that barely
covered her crotch.  It was plain to see that she had no
bra on.  She gave me a big smile and a kiss and then noticed
my friend standing behind me.  She abruptly pulled away and
stepped back as I walked in with my friend following.  She
turned her back and was starting to walk upstairs when I told
her to stay.  She said that she didn't feel that she was
dressed properly for company.  I told her that Tim didn't
mind and she should stay.  She very hesitatantly stayed in
the living room and went in and very uneasily sat down on
the sofa.  Tim and I sat down on the other sofa across from
her and I told her happy anniversary.  I told her that Tim
was her anniversary present.  She uneasily asked me if I was
really sure that this was what she wanted her to do.  I again
assured her that this was exactly what I wanted her to do.

I then told Tim to go ahead.  Tim got up and went over to
her and sat down by her.  He immediately started playing
with her small breasts through the blouse.  My wife was
still very nervous and looked at me for help but I just
nodded.  With that, She just layed back against the back of
the Sofa and let Mike have his way.  Mike wasted no time in
standing up and pulling my wifes skirt up around her waist
and spreading her legs apart.  It was obvious that her sheer
white french cut bikini panties were soaked.  Mike grabbed
a hold of the crotch of her panties and easily ripped them
off of her.  He then dropped his pants and I wasn't dissappoointed
when I saw the size of his hard cock.  It was completely hard
and looked to be probably 10 inches long and about 6 to 7
inches around.  He was huge.  My wife saw that and got a
look of fear in her eyes knowing what he was going to do
with that monster.  She looked over at me and pleadingly
asked one last time, "Honey is this really what you want".
I just said yes.  She again very hesitantly said ok.

Tim finished climbing out of his pants.  In the bar I had
told Tim that he would need to use a condom because my wife
wasn't on the pill as I had a vasectomy 10 years ago.  He
agreed to use one.

Tim quickly pulled a condom out of his wallet and rolled it
on and then through my wifes legs up over his shoulders.
All of the fantasizing I had done over the years didn't
really prepare me for what I actually saw.  I thought that
this moment would be so special, but when I saw Tim start
trying to shove that huge monster into my wife and I saw
my wife wince as that monster started stretching her vagina
completely out of shape, the true reality of the whole
situation hit home.  What was I doing.  Her was the my
sweet wife who I love dearly, having her most private part
being invaded by a stranger.

I couldn't take it any longer.  I jumped up and yelled stop.
I've changed my mind.  As I crossed the room and grabbed Tim
by the shoulder I told him I'd made a mistake and that he'd
better go.  Suddenly the whole sight made me sick.  I wanted
to vomit.  What had I done.  But the worst was yet to come.

As I grabbed Tim by the shoulder, he turned and slugged me
in the stomach.  The blow knocked the wind out of me and I
went down.  As I gasped for air, Tim said Ok dude, I'm going
to teach you a lesson.  All I could do was gasp for air and
watch as he again grabbed my wifes legs and threw them over
his shoulders.  My wife screamed and tried to break free
but in her awkward position couldn't get away.  Tim said, ok
dude watch this.I looked in horror as he held my wife legs
with one hand and reached down and pulled the condom off wiht
his other hand.  My wife heard it snap as it came off and
immediately reached down with both hands to cover her vagina.
She pleaded with Tim not to do this.  But it was of no use.
Tim just pushed her hands aside and moved his cock into
position at the entrance to her vagina.  He then started
pushing.  After he got part of the head in her, he made one
huge shove and my wife screamed as he vagina stretched clear
out to accomadate this invading monster.

I felt terrible because I was helpless to help her.  Tim
finally got it all the way in her and rested for a bit while
my wife caught her breath and the pain subsided.  Tim then
started riding her for all she was worth.  My poor wife was
helpless to stop him, and I was completely useless as I
finally caught my breath and struggled to my feet.  I stared
in horror now as what I thought would be the most erotic
experience of our lives turned out to be my worst nightmare.
To make matters worse, my wife was begining to relax  and
the final insult was when my wife started to come. And come
she did.  I couldn't believe that she could come with what
had just taken place but she did.  She started going, oooh,
oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, with every stroke and I couldn't
handle it any more so I crept off to the kitchen to try and
block out what was happening in the living room.  I couldn't
bear to hear the wet sloppy fucking noises anymore and I
especially couldn't bear to hear my wife coming.

It wasn't long before Tim yelled that he was going to come,
so I looked out the door and heard my wife plead with him
to take it out and shoot it on her, but Tim just said, No
way sweetheart.  My wife said no, please don't, I'm not on
the pill.  Tim said I know, just as he made one last plunge
into my wife and left it there while his cock spasmed and
he shot a huge load into my wife.

I slunk back into the kitchen as Tim got up and put his
pants back on.  As he walked out the door, he yelled at me,
Thanks for the use of your wifes pussy.  After the door
closed, I looked in the living room where my wife was still
lying on the couch and I could see that her vagina was badly
streched and Tims come was leaking out of her.  I helped
her up and we got her showered and tried calming her down.

For all we know, she could be pregnant again at 41!

Guys, it's a whole lot better fantasy that the reality is.
I advise you to leave it that way if you haven't done it.

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