Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. After the Party It was well into the early morning when my wife and I left the party. I remarked that it was good we had a limo waiting for us because the trip home was long and we were both feeling no pain. My wife sweetly agreed as she was past the feeling good stage. Once in the car, we settled back on the large rear seat and I poured us some wine. We sipped the wine as I took her in my arms and kissed her. Soon our passions were ignited and I started to feel her tits. She moaned in desire as I pinched her nipples and sighed when my hand felt her thigh. I caressed her thighs as she began to breathe deeply. My hand parted her legs slightly and moved up her thighs, spreading her legs more. 'Honey, the driver might see,' she whispered. 'Don't worry, darling,' I replied as I continued to caress her thighs. Pushing her skirt further up her thighs, I kissed her and she gasped when my hand touched her cunt. 'Honey, the driver,' she said. 'Don't worry darling,' I responded as I played with her cunt and she was becoming wet. Her breathing now was more rapid as she was more aroused by my touch. Our kisses were deeper and she was much hotter as she moaned loudly. I put a finger into her hot cunt and slowly finger fucked her. She purred in contentment as her body started to move. Still with my finger in her, I spread her legs completely open while moving the wisp of panty aside. With panting breath she said she saw the driver watching us. 'So let him watch,' I replied, as I slid another finger into her cunt. Now very hot and wet, her breath came in short gasps as she said, 'You are trying to show the driver my cunt, aren't you baby? You want the driver to see your wife's cunt don't you?' Her resistance was now gone as she was close to orgasm from my fingers. Then she said, 'Maybe you'd like to see the driver's cock in my cunt also, darling?' 'What makes you say that honey?'I replied. 'Because you're trying hard for him to see me, maybe I can help,' she answered as she spread her legs wider, saying, 'Is this better darling?' She then took a long drink of her wine and asked for a refill which she finished. Putting her hand on my cock she smiled and said how hard I was, must be the result of her question. 'I wasn't thinking that way,' was my reply. 'I don't believe you she answered.' 'We're out of wine,' I said, trying to change the subject. 'Ask our driver for more,' was her reply. I did and the driver stopped the car to get another bottle from the trunk. When he returned I invited him back for a drink with us. My wife didn't try to cover her open legs as he sat next to her and joined us for a drink. I caressed her tit as we drank and she sighed with pleasure again. We kissed hotly, as we broke I told the driver it was her birthday. He toasted her and drank his wine. I told him to give her a birthday kiss. My wife looked at me but allowed him to kiss her. The kiss was a little longer than I thought it would be and my wife was responding to him. They broke the first kiss and immediately went for a second one. He then placed his hand on her thigh and started to move it up. My wife moved his hand and I heard myself say, 'Let him feel your cunt, honey.' She was hot but still looked at me strangely. She then kissed him again and when he put his hand back on her thigh she parted her legs. The driver lost no time in moving his hand to my wife's cunt and she gasped at his touch. Through her moans she said, 'He's trying to finger fuck me, honey.' Again I heard my vice saying, 'Let him darling.' I know he put two fingers in her because of the groan from her. My cock was jumping as I watched him finger my wife's cunt. Her moans of pleasure were louder as she was approaching orgasm. Somewhere a voice said, 'You can fuck her if you want.' It was my voice I realized. Slowly they slid down on the seat and the driver pushed her skirt to her waist. He then dropped his pants to show a large hard cock as he got between my wife's legs. She looked over to me with a question in her eyes and they groaned loud enough for them to hear a block away as the driver pushed his cock into her cunt. As he started to fuck her my wife sighed out, 'He's not wearing a rubber.' She then became lost in the feeling of being fucked by a total stranger and wrapped her legs around him, meeting him with every stroke. I had my cock out and was stroking myself as I watched the driver fuck my wife. My wife was groaning in desire as she kept crying out, 'Yes, oh yes, fuck me. Her hand reached for my cock and she caressed it all the while she was moaning to the fucking she was getting. Now totally lost in this experience, she had already cum several times. I didn't even think to say to the driver not to cum in her when with a grunt he pushed his cock as deep into her cunt as possible and I watched his ass twitch as he shot his hot cum directly into her. He must have shot ten spurts of cum into my wife as he didn't seem to stop for quite awhile, until finally he laid on top of her. Just then I started to cum, shootingall over my wife's tits and nipples. We all lay there completely exhausted. Within fifteen minutes or so, he must have become hard again as he started to fuck my wife a second time. They both lasted longer this time, my wife cumming many times until he again filled her cunt with his hot shooting sperm. He got up and dressed saying she was the hottest woman he's had in a long time, then continued our drive home. My wife with a dreamy expression on her face laid back in my arms and said, 'Honey, I didn't have any protection in tonight.'