Date: Tue,  1 Aug 1995 10:48:36 UTC
Subject: DNA

			TG: DNA (1/?)

	This is my first attempt at a TG story please let me know what
you think. This story has an adult content and must not be viewed if
under 18.

                        DNA part 1


	Jim yawned and glanced at the clock, It was almost 9.00 pm.
Overtime was all well and good, but he would like to get home once in
a while. Across the sterile room Dr Anne Chamberlain was finishing the
latest batch of samples. She looked over her shoulder just in time to
see Jim yawn again.

	"Am I keeping you up, Jim?" she said, smiling.

	"Sorry Anne, what exactly is that batch designed to do?"

	A small grin slipped across her face. "It's a secret, if it
works you'll be the first to know."

	Jim gave up, it was obvious she was not going to share her
secret. Jim had a fair idea what it was, for months Dr Chamberlain had
been working on a project to rewrite a persons' DNA via a benign virus.
The advantages were obvious, any defect in a persons DNA could be
repaired. At the extreme end Dr Chamberlain hoped that the process
could extend life, or at least remove the worst excesses of age, to
help her Jim had been hired as an assistant six months ago.

	"You go on home, Jim. I'm almost finished here."

	"Thanks doctor, see ya tomorrow." Jim left the sterile area and
went through decontam.

	Only when he had left the lab did Anne open up an airtight
container. In the container was a small vial of blood. She opened the
vial and added one drop of a colorless solution. She then sealed it and
sent it upstairs for a chromosome analysis. She had already done one
analysis on the blood, which had yielded a perfectly normal result for
a human male. For the experiments both Anne and Jim had supplied small
amounts of blood, it saved the hassle of obtaining some through
official channels.

	The result reached her desk next day just before lunch. It
showed the chromosomes of a human female, an exact match for Anne's
niece. Anne remembered the trouble she had to get through to get blood
from her.  Eventually she persuaded her 17 year old niece to show her
how she drew samples of blood from patients. Julie, the niece, was
thinking of a medical career.

	Anne leaned back in her chair and smiled, it WOULD work, not
just the minor changes she had been working with till now, a full body
change was possible. All she needed now was a test subject. She was
under no illusion that she would be able to get one in an official
program. But she had to test this now, and she had a test subject in
mind. She realized there was no way a 25 year old male would allow this
to be done to him. But, she thought, since the change takes only a
few minutes I could test it on him and turn him back while he was
unconscious. The only problem was how to knock him out.


	"But its Saturday, Dr. Chamberlain!" said Jim in an pained voice.

	"Yes, I'm sorry Jim, but my experiment is at a critical point.
I'll show you what I've been up to the last few weeks."

	Just remember the overtime, Jim thought to himself. "Okay, I'll
be there in about half an hour."

	Jim walked through the deserted building up to the lab, put on
the clean suit and entered the sterile room. Where was Anne? She was
always here, when at work. As he looked around he started feeling
faint, he tried to make it back to the exit but collapsed unconscious
before he could get there.

	Anne had watched him enter on the security cameras, and rushed
up as soon as he entered the lab. She suited up and put a respirator on
then entered the lab. Anne reached under the main bench and switched
off the cylinder of anesthetic, then switched the ventilators to full.

	She rolled Jim onto his side and pulled off his clean suit,
underneath he was wearing his jeans and shirt. The anesthetic should
give me ten minutes, she thought, as she rolled up his sleeve and
injected one of the two clear vials into his arm. The DNA virus was
spread around his body and immediately set to work rewriting his
genetic makeup.

	In front of Anne's astounded eyes, Jim's features began to
soften, his strong jaw covered in stubble became smooth and more
feminine, his nose became petite and cute. His hair turned blonde and
grew longer. In seconds his face was that of Anne's niece, but some-
thing else had grabbed Anne's attention, his shirt had grown tight as
two magnificent breasts had quickly pushed their way out of his now
hairless chest. The shirt could contain them no longer and several
buttons popped off to reveal two soft white round globes of flesh with
prominent nipples.

	Anne looked down at Jim's jeans, they were much tighter around
the hips but looser in the crotch, a quick feel confirmed that Jim was
now a girl where it counted.

	Anne realized that her time was running out and she would have
to turn him back now. She pulled out the second vial and injected it
into the petite feminine arm, so unlike the hairy muscular one he'd
had a few minutes before.

	She waited a few minutes but was shocked to realize he wasn't
changing back! What had gone wrong, she thought frantically. Suddenly the
answer sprang into her mind, the first virus was resisting the second.
It was a simple enough problem to get around but it would take time, more
time than she had. She heard a small feminine groan, Jim was coming

	Now what was she going to do!

			TG: DNA (2/?)

	This is the second part of my first story, it'll probably run
for five to six episodes but don't hold me to that. As ever please
e-mail me with any comments you might have. This story has an adult
content and must not be viewed if you are under 18.

                        DNA part 2


	Jim slowly woke up. Where was he? Why did he feel so groggy?
He managed to crack open his eyes and look up. A blur in front of his
face resolved into Dr. Anne Chamberlain looking very worried.

	"Are you all right, Jim? Don't speak, there was a cracked valve
on a bottle of anesthesia. I saw you go down as I got here.  Are you in
any pain?"

	Jim managed to shake his head feebly, he felt the rustle of
something soft by his ears as he did so. Anne must have put a jumper
or something under my head he thought. He felt slightly alarmed when
he noticed Anne still looked very worried.

             She noticed him looking and managed a nervous smile. Anne 
looked down at the beautiful young girl looking up at her.  How am I 
going to explain what I did to him? He would be absolutely furious. 
An idea sprung into her head, if it was an accident then he wouldn't be 
mad at her, she could turn him back and he wouldn't tell
the authorities. She slipped one of the empty vials in her hand on the
floor and kneeled on it. Jim didn't seem to hear the small crack as the
vial shattered.

	"Umm, Jim there is another problem. Relax, it will be okay. Its
the reason I asked you to come in today. I've made a major breakthrough
in my DNA altering virus. I had prepared several vials which should
allow a full body transformation."

	The realization of what she had discovered caused Jim to forget
his weak state. This is what Anne had been working towards for years,
but why was she telling him this now while he was still barely conscious
from the gas?

	Anne continued. "When you fell over you hit the bench and
smashed one of the vials." She held up half a broken vial for Jim to
see. "And it totally transformed you.  Don't worry, its totally
reversible." I hope, she silently added.

	Jim was suddenly fully awake. No wonder I feel so odd, he
thought. Who am I now?  Well, I can't have transformed into myself and
the only other person Anne is close to is her boyfriend, I must be him.
No wonder she's looking at me so oddly. Paul, her boyfriend was the
same age as Anne, 40 and was very handsome from what Jim could 
remember of the few times they had met.

	Anne swallowed, here comes the difficult bit, she thought. "The
vial you fell on was based on the DNA of my 17 year old niece, I'm
sorry, Jim, you're now her twin."

	Jim's face was now of one of absolute shock, his full feminine
lips parted and he whispered in a weak whisper, "No!" He immediately
realized his voice was high pitched and feminine, with all his strength
he lifted his hand to his chest and found something impossible there.

	Two big, soft, sensitive, impossible things.

	His hand slipped inside his open shirt and he felt his large
breast. HIS BREAST! It wasn't some fake, he could feel his hand on it
as well. His nipple responded to the attention and sprang erect. When
he was with his girlfriend he loved to play with her tits but now he
had tits of his own. I'm built better than my girlfriend now, he

	Anne coughed and Jim jumped and took his hand away from his
breasts. "Your shirt couldn't handle your new equipment, put this
jumper of mine on till we get home."

	Jim, still feeling very woozy, focused on the jumper. It was
bright pink, He'd never wear anything like that normally. But he didn't
have much choice now, it was that or display his new breasts to the
world. Anne quickly and efficiently undid the buttons that had not
popped off and removed the shirt. He deliberately avoided looking at
his breasts, but he could feel them there swaying and bobbing with the
slightest movements. Anne helped him pull the snug jumper over his
head. Anne then pulled his long hair out of the back of his jumper and
he realized he had a lot more on top than usual.

	Anne pulled the jumper down, it was a much snugger fit on Jim's
large breasts than on her own body. The fabric was stretched and if you
looked, as all men would of course, you could clearly see Jim's nipples.
Matters were not helped by Jim's breasts becoming aroused by the feel of
the jumper on them. She just hoped they wouldn't run into security on
the way out. I'd never be able to explain why I was dragging a half
conscious girl through the complex, she thought.

	She carefully lifted Jim to his feet and slowly eased him out
of the lab and down the corridor. Jim was amazed by the ease with which
she had lifted him, then he remembered he was probably much lighter
than before. He noticed that Anne seemed to be slightly taller than him,
whereas before he was a good six inches smaller. They finally made it
to a side exit where Anne helped him into a seat.

	"I'll go and bring the car around. I'll only be gone five
minutes, okay?" Without waiting for an answer Anne rushed out the door.

	Jim rested his head on the wall and closed his eyes, still very
groggy from the anesthetic. This was just wasn't happening, he must have
had to much to drink last night and this was some drunken nightmare.

	"Are you all right?"

	Oh shit! A security guard! He opened his eyes and looked at the
guard, he was over fifty and overweight. "I-I'm waiting for my uh..aunt."
Jim was again shocked by his high and feminine voice.

	The guard looked at Jim, she's on drugs, he thought. "Who's your
aunt, miss?"

	Jim was momentarily surprised at being called miss but managed
to blurt out "Anne Chamberlain. She's taking me home, I was at a party
last night." He managed to smile weakly at the guard. The guard didn't
notice having just realized Jim was not wearing a bra. Jim saw the
guard mentally undressing him and felt very uncomfortable, how am I
going to deal with this?

	Fortunately Anne burst in through the doors at that moment and
froze when she saw the guard.

	"Have you got the car Auntie? I still feel very hungover."

	Anne gave Jim an odd look, but she quickly got the hint.
"Well that'll teach you for drinking too much, come on, lets get you
home." She helped Jim to his feet and moved him out the door. Jim was
infinitely thankful that the guard just opened the door and didn't offer
to support Jim, he was sure the guard would feel him up.

	Jim climbed into the passenger seat, feeling his breasts jostle
in his jumper. His hips felt wider and his bottom larger and softer,
but he absolutely refused to think about what lay between his thighs.
Anne secured Jim's seatbelt, the strap coming between his magnificent
breasts. It felt much more uncomfortable than wearing a seat belt as a

	"You okay Jim?" Anne said from the driving seat.

	"Yeah, I feel so tired"

	"Well the change was very stressful on your body, it needs to
rest." She put one hand on his knee "I promise you I can reverse it, a
day at most and you'll be back to your normal self."

	The drive back was mostly a blur to Jim, Anne was right he felt
totally exhausted.

	Anne pulled into her drive and into her garage, she looked over
at Jim and saw he was dozing. Anne found it impossible to believe that
this beautiful young woman was really a fairly muscular man. Anne went
round to the other side of the car and helped Jim out, she took him
upstairs to her bedroom. She carefully laid him on the bed. "Jim, you
just rest here as long as you need. Give me a call when you wake up,

	Jim nodded drowsily and Anne left quietly. Before sleep
overcame him Jim wondered what would happen if Anne couldn't change
him back. To be stuck in a buxom woman's body for life, to have men
lusting after his body. The idea struck him with fear and a strange
excitement. Before he could worry about it further he slipped into a
deep sleep.


	It was over five hours before Jim finally awoke. He yawned and slowly
opened his eyes. His first thought was why is the ceiling a different
color? He realized he must be in someone else's bedroom, how did he get
here. He had a vague memory of a car journey and something about having
tits. Some dream, except...


	Suddenly he was totally awake and sat up. The first thing he saw was
an extremely well endowed girl in her late teens sitting on a bed
opposite, it was of course, the dressing table mirror.

	He looked down to see his two large breasts straining the fabric of
Anne's jumper. He slid off the bed and stood in front of the mirror. So
this is what Anne's niece looks like, he thought. I could really go for
her. Except he was her.

	He raised his hands in front of his face and studied them. They were
refined and seemed impossible small compared to his broad callused hands
he was used to. The nails were long and carefully manicured. He ran his
hands over his hips, they seemed huge, child bearing hips he realized.
The idea that he could now get pregnant and give birth filled him with
fear. He suddenly felt hot and he reached down  to pull off his jumper.
He reached down and pulled the it up, it caught on his huge breasts and
he had to ease each one out before he could remove the jumper.

	Now for the first time he had a clear view of his large mammaries, the
size of his nipples surprised him, they were dark brown and very inviting.
He cupped a breast in each hand and felt their heavy weight with a
queasy feeling. The pressure of his dainty hands on his large nipples
caused them to become aroused again. A wave of sexual arousal swept
through his body. He looked in the mirror and watched the young woman
slowly rub her huge nipples. He trapped his nipples in-between his fingers
and moaned from the feeling. He imagined himself with this girl feeling
her breasts until she begged to be fucked. A small part of his mind
reminded him that he was now the girl but he was past caring. He felt his
groin become aroused but instead of his usual pumping hardness he felt
a dampness. He undid his jeans and pushed them off his hips, they and
his underpants fell to the floor and Jim was revealed in all his
feminine glory.

	God, I'm beautiful, he thought staring at the angel in the mirror.
Hesitantly he moved his hand to his strange new equipment. He ran his
fingers over his silky lips and slipped one finger into vagina. The
feeling was utterly alien, and totally erotic. He pushed his finger in
up to his knuckle and gasped again. He began to caress his clitoris and
his knees almost gave way from the assault of pleasure.

	He collapsed on the bed and began working his cunt with gusto, he
brought one hand back to his breasts and began to knead them in his
desperate need for release. Suddenly it broke over him like a huge tidal
wave and he screamed his shear delight as he had his best orgasm of his

	It reached an intensity he could not believe and did not die away as
quickly as his male orgasms used to. He lay there on the bed and gently
rubbed his clit and his nipples, maybe being a woman for a day wouldn't
be so bad. It was a once in a lifetime experience and when Anne turned
him back tomorrow he might have learned how to please his girlfriend

	There was a gentle knock on the door, "Jim? Are you all right?"

	Jim couldn't help laughing quietly, though it came out as giggles.
Anne had obviously thought he'd screamed at waking up in a girl's body.
At least that's what he hoped Anne thought. " Yeah, I'm fine just wasn't
expecting what I saw when I woke up." Dear God he thought how am I going
to get used to this voice?

	"Can I come in?"

	He quickly scrambled into his jeans and jumper. He didn't bother with
the underpants and kicked them under the bed out of the way. Jim opened
the door and looked at Anne's concerned face. He smiled, "It still feels
very odd. My hips seem massive and these move at the slightest movement"
He glanced down.

	"I might be able to help there." She said and handed him a small bag.
He looked inside and pulled out a small mass of white satin and lace, he
untangled it and his jaw dropped. "A BRA!"

	"Well you do need it, if only for today. Do you want me to help you
put it on?"

	Jim was still shocked, as a man he wouldn't mind going topless but he
didn't want to show his breasts even to another woman. He noticed he had
thought 'another woman' and thought I'm glad I'll be out of this body
tomorrow or I might start fancying men. "Well.... I don't know"

	"Don't worry Jim. It's not like I haven't seen a pair of breasts before,
is it?" She led him back into her bedroom and helped him off with his
jumper. She slid his arms into the straps and made him lean forward so
his breasts fell into the cups, then she fastened the bra and Jim stood

	He stared at his reflection open mouthed. The bra was beautiful and
they held and cosseted his breasts perfectly. He tried to analyze his
feelings. he was in his bosses bedroom wearing a bra and it felt.....
wonderful. He felt uncomfortable with the thought and pushed it out of
his mind. Where had she got the bra? Anne didn't have small breasts, but
they were no where near the size of his. He asked her.

	"Well, I thought You'd feel better if they weren't flopping about all
over the place. And I felt guilty for what happened to you so I went
out and got it. It might feel odd for you to wear a bra, but it helps
doesn't it?"

	"Yeah, thanks. It beautiful." Anne thought that was a bit odd coming
from a man. Perhaps his female chemistry was affecting his mind in subtle
ways. She longed to study Jim's behavior more closely, but the first
priority was to find a way to reverse the transformation. Then she could
research it at her leisure.

	"Look, I'm going to have to pull an all nighter at the lab to produce
a virus capable of reversing this. Will you be alright on your own?"
She opened her wardrobe and pulled out a pair of her own jeans and a
loose blouse she guessed might be able to contain  Jim's breasts. "If
your jeans aren't comfortable try these on. We're about the same size
now. There's plenty of food in the fridge. Don't answer the door, I'll
put the answer phone on, so listen in case I phone you."

	"Don't worry.  There is no way I'm answering the door looking like this."

	"Alright, I should be back sometime early tomorrow, so relax, we'll
soon have you back to your normal self."

	Jim smiled back and before he knew it Anne was out the door and down
the street in her car.

	He slipped out of his jeans and stood just wearing his bra. He buttoned
the blouse. Slightly confused at first because the buttons were on the
other side of the blouse than on his shirts. It fitted, just.

	He was about to slip on his jeans when a mischievous thought crossed
his mind. He smiled and started going through Anne's drawers. He quickly
found her lingerie draw and sorted out a pair of white panties, he chose
a frilly pair similar in design to his bra. He slowly drew them up his
satiny smooth legs and they fitted snugly around his new crotch. He
looked in the mirror and saw the slight female bulge under his panties
that always turned him on. He found it almost impossible to believe it
now belonged to him.

	Finally he put on Anne's jeans, they were very tight and Jim admired
the way they showed off his cute butt and wide hips. He looked in the
mirror and realized he was one sexy woman. The thought made him feel
odd. He hunted around for some shoes and found a pair of trainers, which
seemed impossibly small but would easily fit his small dainty feet. He
was about to put them on when he noticed some high heeled shoes, he had
always admired the wiggle they gave a woman and couldn't resist trying
them on. He slipped them on and tried to do the sexy walk he saw women
do every day. His first attempt almost broke his ankles, and after five
minutes the best he had managed was a drunken waddle. Maybe it wasn't as
easy as it looked so he switched back to his trainers and wandered down
stairs for something to eat.

	As Anne drove back to the research institute she had the nagging
feeling she had forgotten something important, she racked her brains for
a few minutes but couldn't remember. Jim's problems kept intruding and
she soon became involved in trying to solve it.

	Jim was in the process of putting together a sandwich, when he heard
a key in the front door. Anne must have forgotten her laptop or
something. He heard the door open and a male voice call out, "Are you
ready yet, Anne? The film starts in half an hour."

	Jim was terrified, that's Paul her boyfriend! She forgot a date!

	There was no way he could get upstairs without Paul seeing him. He
would just have to face him and explain his presence.

	Gathering up his nerves he stepped into the hall.


	Jim had never been so terrified, he had always prided himself on
being able to face any situation but some reason having to face Anne's
boyfriend in this body was far worse than the time he had been drawn
into a brawl at a bar years before. 

	As he rounded the corner into the hall Paul looked up obviously
expecting Anne, his momentary surprise was replaced with a broad smile.
"Hello, you're Julie, right? We met briefly at your parents place last

	"Uh... thats right," what the hell am I going to say, he thought
franticly. "Anne had to work late, one of her projects was at a critical
stage." Jim watched horrified as Paul's eyes flicked over her breasts,
before looking at her again. Jim realized Paul probably was not even
aware he was doing it. It's almost an instinctive reaction in men to girls
like me, he thought.

	"Typical, its not the first time she has forgotten me for her
research. That's what I get for dating a career woman like Anne." He
smiled ruefully.

	He's got a cute smile, thought Jim. He suddenly realised what
he had thought and shock ran through his mind. This body is affecting
me more than I thought. "She said she would be working through the night
and won't be back till tomorrow morning," Jim blurted out.

	Paul looked at her askance, she's attracted to me he thought.
Why else the shy, nervous glances. He watched Jim bite his lower lip in
apprehension. Dear God, she is so sexy, Paul thought. His eyes flicked
across her breasts which were straining a blouse just too small for
them, he felt his cock stir in his trousers. The last couple of weeks
had seen Anne canceling dates, she always did this when she reached a
major point in her research. When he had arrived and seen Anne's car gone
he realized he would almost certainly have another frustrated evening.

	Now? Well maybe not. "Its a shame I came all this way for nothing.
Never mind, so you're staying with your aunt?"

	"Yeah, just a day or so." Jim searched his mind for something
to say. The words, "Would you like a drink?" popped out of his mouth. No!
You idiot! You want to get rid of him, not give him a reason to stay.

	"Thanks, just a coke, I'm driving." He smiled and followed Jim
to the kitchen.

	Jim was uncomfortably aware of Paul standing right behind him as
he got the coke out of the refrigerator. He tried to stop his hands
trembling as he poured the drink into a glass and handed it to Paul.
As Paul took the glass, their fingers touched. Paul maintained the
contact longer than necessary, then took the glass. "You have very nice
hands," he said. Jim didn't know how to reply to this and just managed
a shaky smile, a part of his mind preened at the obviously genuine
complement however.

	"So you'll be starting college after the holidays I suppose.
What do you want to do?"

	Jim thought frantically, "I want to follow my Aunt, what she's
doing is so important."

	Fortunately Paul didn't know Julie at all, so Jim could make up
most of his background as he went along. Half an hour passed and Paul
was showing no sign of leaving. Jim was becoming frantic, he wants me
he thought. Several times he caught himself wondering what it would be
like to be on the other side during sex. To be the one to lie back and
open his legs, to feel a hard cock inside him. Once he caught himself
looking at Paul's crotch, he suddenly realized the direction his thoughts
were going and firmly shoved them out of his mind.

	Jim could tell from the look in his eyes that Paul had seen him
trying to size up his cock, he had to get rid of him fast before Paul
tried something. Jim made some excuse about having to get ready to go
out with some friends.

	As Paul was reluctantly leaving he asked if Jim had a boyfriend.

	"No! uhh no, not at the moment." Jim cursed silently I should
have said yes, now Paul would be after me. Jim recognized the look on
Paul's face, the predatory look, he'd had it often enough when after a
pretty girl. 

	On the doorstep Paul suddenly turned around and kissed Jim on the
lips. Jim was taken totally surprise as Paul held him in a strong
embrace. Jim opened his mouth to protest, but realized his mistake when
he felt Paul's tongue in his mouth. Part of Jim wanted to thrust him away,
but somehow he could not find the will power to do it. Despite himself,
he enjoyed the kiss, he loved the feeling of protection the strong arm
around him gave. He found himself responding, kissing Paul passionately.
He felt his nipples start to tingle and the strange wetness at the crotch
he had felt that afternoon when playing with himself. He realized how it
could end up and he did not want to go to bed with Paul despite the
responses of his new body.

	Finally, he found the strength to pull back from the abyss. Paul
smiled at his Jim's flushed face and heaving breasts, "Well, I'll see you
around before you go back home." And then he was gone into the twilight,
leaving Jim stunned on the doorstep.

	Back inside Jim slumped heavily in an armchair, making his heavy
breasts jostle, but he was too preoccupied to notice. A man had kissed
him. A man who quite obviously would jump into bed with him at the slightest
invitation. He could feel the Paul's strong lips on his, the rasp of
stubble against his soft face. And the smell of a brand of after shave
he had used himself just this morning. Paul's reaction was a perfectly
normal one when confronted with such a sexy young woman, Jim theorized.
It was his own reaction that disturbed him, he had been almost ready to
give that invitation to Jim. 

	A sudden image of a naked Paul leaning over him flashed through
his mind. Jim thrust the mental picture, it's just this bodies hormones,
just relax. Tomorrow Anne will have worked up an antidote and all this
will just have been a bad dream.

	It had only been a couple of hours since Anne went back to the
labs, but Jim decided to phone her anyway to see how she was getting on.
He sighed with relief When Anne answered the phone. "Anne its me, Jim.
How is it going?"

	There was a slight pause at the other end of the phone, then Anne
said "It's going slowly, you can't rush these things, just relax."

	"Paul came over a while back."

	"OH HELL!! I forgot all about him, we were supposed to see a
movie tonight. Did he see you?"

	"Yeah, but I managed to convince him I was Julie, visiting you.
It was a bit hair raising I can tell you."

	"Why, did he try anything?"

	"No,no. Nothing like that." Best not to tell her, "I just feel
very odd in this body."

	"Look Jim, you might not like this suggestion, but I'd like to
call someone in to look after you while I work."

	Jim certainly didn't like this idea at all, but at least it
would stop incidents like what happened with Paul. "Who?" he asked.


	"What! Your niece! How is she going to react when she hears
there is a man running around with her body!"

	"She's quite level headed and she is the only family member who
is really interested in what I do. She knows about the gene therapy work
I'm doing and she is open minded. I can't tell anyone here because I'd
get fired by the board for your accident."

	Jim thought about it for a bit, "Alright."

	"It'll take her about two hours to get over, go get some sleep.
Julie will let herself in."

	He reluctantly agreed and hung up, he was very uneasy about
revealing his predicament to anyone and surely he didn't need someone to
help him for one more day before Anne worked up an antidote. But Anne
probably just doesn't want me left alone to worry, he thought. I wonder
how Julie will react to me?

	Jim realized he was exhausted after the evenings excitement and
he was soon stripping off in Anne's room. He had some trouble removing
the bra, but finally he managed to get it off and his magnificent breasts
swung free. He searched for some pyjamas, but it soon became obvious Anne
only had frilly nighties. The night wasn't that cold so he decided to
not wear anything.

	His body was still fairly tired from the transformation and it
was not long before he was fast asleep.


	Anne hung up and rubbed her bleary eyes. She was getting nowhere.
The DNA altering virus she had injected Jim with had resisted all her
attempts to remove it. If she increased the potency of the virus any more
it would destroy his entire genetic makeup and Jim would literally

	A more worrying fact was that the small supply of Jim's blood
was fast running out. It was the only remaining stock of Jim's male DNA
and when it was gone Anne would have no way to turn him back into his
old self. But it was vital she used his blood to confirm it worked. 

	There was one way to get a new supply of Jim's male DNA and
that was to inject someone with a virus containing Jim's DNA but that
would only result in another person being landed in the same problem.
In other words, Anne had hit a brick wall in her research. It often went
like this, a breakthrough would come and then nothing but careful
experiments for years with no results. Jim's problem couldn't wait a
week let alone years, eventually his family or girlfriend would report
him missing. And the last reported sighting of him would be entering the

	That was why it was vital to bring Julie in on it now. A second
Julie running around would be noticed sooner or later and only Anne's
niece could cover for him. Only Julie could keep Jim from coming to the
notice of the authorities. Which was worrying because while Julie was
intelligent, she tended to have a very mischievous personality, and she
got up to a lot of things her parents would never believe she was capable
of. Julie and Anne were fairly friendly, partly because Anne was easy
going and partly because of the shared interest in medicine.

	Fortunately Julie answered the phone. "Oh, hi Anne. What's up?
You know what time it is?"

	Anne answered with a tired laugh, "Yeah I know. Look, Julie, I'm
in some trouble and I need your help. Could you come by the institute."

	"What? Now?"

	"Yes, now. Please Julie I wouldn't be asking unless I really
needed help."

	"Okay. I'm on my way, meet me at the gate so I can get in."


	Three hours later and a fairly shell-shocked Julie pulled into
Anne's garage. She had half convinced herself that this was some
elaborate joke and her friends would surprise her inside. Anne had shown
her the notes she had made and then told her that Jim had fallen on the
DNA virus sample. Julie remembered when Anne had demonstrated on her how
to draw a sample of blood from a patient. Anne had seemed strangely
insistent, now Julie knew why.

	She checked the kitchen and lounge, nothing. Then she headed
upstairs. The spare room was empty, the bed wasn't even made. As she
pushed open the main bedroom door she realized her heart was racing.

	There in the bed was a figure, the moon was nearly full and the
room was bathed in its soft light. Julie eyes were adjusting to the
relative darkness and she bent closer to look at the face. She gasped
silently, it was no joke. The sleeping girl had her face.

	Julie pulled back the duvet and looked at the girl's full
breasts, very familiar breasts. Identical in every regard to Julie's
own, even down to the small mole on her left breast.

	Suddenly, after seventeen years of being an only child, she had
a twin sister.

	The figure in the bed stirred and her eyes flicked open. Julie
smiled at the girl and said. "Hi, I'm Julie and so are you by the looks
of things."

	Jim struggled to full awareness, the shadowed face looking down
at him was one that had become awfully familiar to him over the last few
hours. He felt a faint breeze and looked down, she had uncovered his
breasts. It still felt very strange to see two large mounds of flesh
rather than the slightly hairy chest he was used to. 

	Julie noticed where he was looking, "Hey, don't worry. It's not
like I've never seen them before."

	"No, I suppose not. You're taking this very well."

	"I haven't got used to the idea, I still don't totally believe
it and the evidence is right in front of my eyes. When you're back to
your manly self. I'll give Anne hell for using my blood without telling

	"It's cold tonight you should have something on. Look I can see
some goosebumps, well two large ones anyway."

	Jim could not help but laugh, partly at the totally ridiculous
position he was in.

	Julie watched him giggle. "Come on I'm serious. I'm not having
you catch a cold while I'm looking after you. Anne has some nighties
about here somewhere."

	"I'd rather not wear that if you don't mind."

	"Nonsense, it's just for one night isn't it? And I'll be the
only one to know. Here, this one isn't too bad, is it?" She held a long
fairly plain nightgown.

	Jim agreed and Julie helped him into it. It didn't feel that odd
to him, and the fabric felt smooth. Far better than the scratchy pyjamas
he had to wear as a kid.

	As Jim settled back into bed, he noticed Julie was stripping off
and slipping into a slightly frillier nightie. "What are you doing?"

	"Going to sleep, move over. The spare bed isn't made and I'm not
sleeping on the couch." She slipped into bed next to him and waggled a
finger at him. "And don't get any funny ideas. Keep your hands to your-
self," she said in a mock stern voice.

	As Jim slipped back into sleep, his mind wandered over the day
he had had. He had got up with the intention of working on the car, but
by midday he had found himself in a buxom young girl's body. Had played
with himself, been chatted up. And was now in bed with his new twin
sister. I'll never have a day as strange as that again, he thought.

	But then, he had no idea what the next day would bring. Which
was perhaps just as well.


	It was dawn by the time Dr. Anne Chamberlain drove tiredly home.
She had planned to have the cure to Jim's predicament ready by now, but
things had not gone according to plan. Anne had not discovered any way
to remove the DNA altering virus which had turned Jim into a very pretty
young woman.

	She had decided wisely to take some well needed rest for several
hours before returning to the problem. The house was quiet, Jim and Julie
were obviously not up yet. Anne stumbled into her room and was about to
collapse on her bed, when she saw it was already occupied by two twin
girls in their late teens. The one on the far side was snoring softly,
it took her a moment to realize it was Jim and Julie. Anne still had
misgivings about involving Julie in this, but only Julie could keep Jim
under wraps until Anne could cure him, if she could cure him. She could
not decide which one was Julie so she just woke the one nearest to her.

	"Whassup?" The girl said softly.

	"Julie?" asked Anne.

	"Well of course I'm Julie, who did you think I was? Santa
Claus?" Then she looked over to the other side of the bed, "Oh, yeah, I

	"How is he?"

	"I can barely believe he was a man," Julie replied. "If he wasn't
my clone, I'd have thought this was some practical joke. I think he was
a bit rattled by his encounter with your boyfriend."

	"Well, Paul does come on strong to woman. His eyes wander all
the time. But he'd never do anything but look and flirt a bit."

	Julie nodded, "But Jim doesn't know that. He had absolutely no
experience on how to deal with that sort of thing. But I'll teach him
how to deal with men on the prowl."

	"No, you won't." Anne had to struggle to keep her voice quiet.
"You just keep him out of sight of anyone and keep him calm. That's all.
I'll have this problem solved in a few days."

	"Any progress?"

	"Well, not exactly, I'm following up an idea that may make it
possible to replace it with a new virus once, any more would cause the
whole genetic structure to break down. It means any user could change his
or her genetic makeup twice. I've produced some samples and I'll see how
they've progressed tonight. The trick is to find a way of replacing the
virus, without harming Jim." Anne yawned.

	"You get some sleep. I'll get the spare bed ready for you, best
to leave Jim to sleep."


	"Time to wake up, Jim."

	Jim opened his eyes and looked up at Julie, The sun was streaming
in through the window and Julie was already dressed. "Is Anne back yet?"

	"Yeah, she's in the spare room fast asleep. She has made some
progress, but you're stuck as me for another day."

	Jim looked a little despondent, "Hey, it's not that bad." Julie
said. "Come on, you have a shower and I'll pick out some of my stuff for

	Jim made his way to the bathroom, feeling the odd but not
unpleasant feeling of his silky nightie against his smooth legs. He
locked the bathroom door and stood in front of the mirror. He stared at
the girl in the mirror, at her ruffled hair and sleepy face, she was
still exceptionally attractive. Jim pulled off the nightie and stepped
into the shower. As he washed, he felt the streams of water hitting
his breasts. He found the feeling erotic and was soon more than slightly
aroused. For all its strangeness this body felt good.

	When he had finished he dried his body. He wasn't quite sure
how to dry his long hair, so he decided to ask Julie. He put on one of
Anne's dressing gowns, at first sight he thought it would be too small
for him, but he remembered he was a lot smaller than he remembered and
it fit well except for around his ample chest. In the end he had to leave
it slightly open displaying a lot of cleavage. Jim still had great
difficulty in believing this beautiful girl was him.

	When he returned to the bedroom Julie had just finished laying
out some clothes for him. He saw a white silk bra and panties set and a
cream colored summer dress, "I'm not wearing a dress." He told her

	"Well in my hurry to pack last night, I didn't bring anything
other than dresses and skirts, so you either wear that or run around
in your underwear giving everyone a thrill." 

	"Well, alright." He agreed reluctantly, he wondered what it
would feel like to wear such a lovely outfit. He caught himself thinking
that and grimaced, the sooner Anne cured him the better.

	"If you need any help, just yell." She locked the suitcase and
put it in the corner. She was glad she was able to shut it before he saw
the two pairs of jeans in there.

	When he was alone Jim pulled the panties up his long slim legs.
They fitted perfectly. Next came the bra, he slipped his arms into the
straps and positioned his breast in the cups. He managed with a little
struggle to do up the bra, how did women do this day after day without
breaking there arms? He adjusted it and was surprised how comfortable
it was. The bra Anne had bought him yesterday was obviously just a
little too small, but this fitted perfectly. He found himself
exhilarating in the feeling of the bra cosseting his substantial breasts.

	Then he turned to the dress, after a momentary indecision he put
it on. feeling the folds of the cool, soft fabric falling around his
body. It had a very feminine smell and Jim felt the faint stirrings of
arousal. Julie had left some shoes out for him, they had a two-inch heel
which he found slightly odd to walk in. 

	He practiced walking in them and watched himself in the mirror.
It was nearly impossible to believe that in the beautiful young woman in
the mirror was the mind of a tall muscled man. The dress felt strange,
every time he moved he felt it brushing against his shapely legs. It
made him feel very vulnerable.

	He headed downstairs and found Julie flicking through the
channels on the television looking for something interesting. She looked
up as Jim entered and smiled, "That looks good on you."

	"It feels weird." Jim said and slumped into the chair.

	"Yeah, I understand. If I became a man, I'd probably freak out."
She looked at him and grinned broadly. "There is one thing you must
remember when wearing a dress, unless you want the world as your 
gynecologist you keep your knees together."

	Jim snapped his legs shut and pulled the hem of his dress over
his knees. Julie was amused to see him blushing. "Come on, Anne told me
to wake her up in a couple of hours. I'm going to put dinner together
for her.  Want to give a hand?"

	His experience in the kitchen didn't go beyond ready-to-cook
meals and sandwiches, but he decided to keep himself occupied rather
than just sit and worry about the future. For the next hour Jim was kept
busy. He wasn't much help, but it did keep him occupied.

	About noon, a still tired looking Anne came down and devoured
the meal. Her first proper meal since breakfast the day before. As she
was about to leave for the institute, she turned and said to Jim. "I'm
really sorry Jim, I promise I'll get you back to normal soon."

	"It's not your fault ,Anne. It was just bad luck I fell on the sample."

	Anne nodded and managed a weak smile. But she felt a knot of
anguish.  It was her fault. She had done this to him just because she was
impatient. She noticed he was wearing a dress, Anne was worried what a
prolonged stay in that body would do his mental outlook.

	After she had gone Julie said "Poor auntie. She's wearing
herself out."

	"She feels responsible for what happened to me." Jim said sadly.


	The day had turned warm and sunny and Julie decided to sunbathe.
Jim declined an offer to join her and sat in the shade while Julie
stripped to her bra and panties and laid out in the sun.

	At some point Jim must have dozed off, because when he awoke he
heard Julie answer the phone.

	"No, she's been and gone. You know what she's like when she is
really onto something.......Well, I don't know, I'm not sure it's the
right thing to do......." She laughed. "Well since you put it that way!
.......Alright, seven o'clock it is. Seeya bigboy."

	"Your boyfriend?" asked Jim as she returned.

	"No." She said with a mischievous glint in her eye. "Yours."

	Jim felt a stab of fear. "That was Paul wasn't it!"

	"Yeah, you really made an impression on him yesterday. What did
you do? Grope him?"

	"NO!" He replied blushing furiously. "I'm not going out on a
date with him!"

	"Why not?  Look, it won't go anywhere on a first date and he is a
gentleman. He'll take no as an answer."

	"Not too much of a gentleman to two-time his girlfriend."
Despite himself, Jim found himself warming to the idea.

	"Look, in a day or so you'll be back to your male self. Why not
see what it's like to be wined and dined. He'll not expect too much on a
first date.  I'll phone him tomorrow, break it off with him and he'll be
too embarrassed to tell Anne. It might stop him from straying for real."

	Jim said, "NO!!" as firmly as he could in his contralto voice and
stalked upstairs. As he lay on the bed he mulled it over in his mind,
what on earth was up with that girl? She must be mad, slowly however he
saw it from her point of view. It would be fun to see what it was like
from the other side. Paul was a gentleman and wouldn't try anything if
Jim objected. But what if you didn't object a part of his mind said. He
rejected that with a smirk, of course he would object, being in a woman's
body would not make him fancy men. He remembered ogling Julie as she sun-
bathed, yep, he still preferred women. And maybe doing this would stop him
from straying with other women so this might help Anne rather than hurt

	As the hours passed he came round to Julie's view, it would be
an unique experience for a man (as if he hadn't had enough of those).
Julie was delighted when he told her, and immediately started to get him
ready. She decided the dress was good enough for the date but she gave
some pantyhose for him to wear and she did his hair and makeup.

	The pantyhose felt very strange on his soft legs, almost like a
second skin. He loved the quiet swishing noise they made as they rubbed
against each other. Julie wouldn't let him see himself as she slowly and
methodically applied his makeup. When she finally let him see himself he
gaped in amazement. I'm beautiful he thought.

	Julie's skillful work had made Jim's face even more beautiful.
He admired the glossy red lips and delicate blusher. He was entranced by
the gorgeous woman in the mirror, when he felt something tugging at his
ear. Julie had clipped a silver earring onto his ear, the strange tugging
feeling felt odd, but seemed to fit somehow. She delicately added some
perfume and she stood back to admire her work.

	Finally she took off her silver crucifix necklace and put it on
Jim. She looked at his face in the mirror, "Go knock him dead, sister."
He continued to admire the goddess in the mirror until the doorbell
interrupted. "Right, that's him, Jim. Go and enjoy yourself and don't do
anything I wouldn't do." Despite Jim's shocked protestations she dropped
a packet of condoms in his purse, "Just in case you really can't control
yourself." she said.

	Jim set off downstairs to answer the door, while Julie had to
stay out of sight in the bedroom. Suddenly this seemed like an insane
idea to Jim, what was he thinking of when he agreed to this. Taking a
few deep breaths to steady his nerves, he opened the door.

	Paul was on the doorstep, dressed casually. He smiled when he
saw Jim, "Hi Julie, You're looking lovely tonight."

	"Thank you, Paul." Jim was very disconcerted by the complement.
Paul escorted him to the car opened the door for him. Jim struggled into
the seat belt, his tits were large and beautiful but they got in the way.
Paul got in the driving seat, gunned the car and surged down the street.

	Julie watched in apprehension as they drove off, it had all been
one big joke up to now. But she was not sure Jim could handle his new
body. The condoms had just been Julie's way of having fun, but now she
wasn't sure he would not need it. The body seemed to be affecting him
slightly, though he was still mostly male in his head, he did seem 
almost feminine at times. Also, she was not sure Paul was a perfect
gentleman. Julie just hoped Anne didn't hear about this.

	Jim watched Paul as he drove the car into the fashionable part of
town. If he remembered correctly Paul owned a small law firm which
brought in a fair sum of money. Jim watched the muscles moving under
Paul's shirt as he drove, he was quite handsome. 

	Paul opened the door for him, Jim was expecting this and thanked
him. Paul then pointed his elbow at him, Jim looked at it before he
realized he was supposed to give Paul his arm to hold as he escorted him.
The restaurant was on the river front and they enjoyed the walk to it.

	As they walked Jim was aware of other men passing by giving his
well endowed figure lustful glances. At first he was a bit perturbed by
this, but when he saw he was getting envious glances from women he
started to enjoy himself. 

	Despite himself, Jim was finding himself more and more wrapped
up in his role. The restaurant itself was very exclusive and Paul had
booked a good table. He's pulling out the stops on this one, Jim
realized. He also pulled the chair out for Jim to sit down.

	As Jim was smoothing his dress, the waiter handed Paul the food
and wine list. "What would you like, darling?" Paul asked.

	Jim was overwhelmed with being out in public as a female for the
first time, "Um...surprise me," he finally managed. Paul was pleased and
quickly made the suggestions, Jim realized Paul was a bit old fashioned
and liked to make the decisions.

	His order was some exotic Japanese dish which Jim didn't
recognize, but tasted nice. He noticed that Paul was refilling Jim's
wine glass after almost every sip. He's trying to get me drunk, thought
Jim with a small smile. Not much chance there, I can drink everyone under
the table at my local bar. 

	They passed the time with small talk, both avoiding the subject
of Anne. Paul told him about his fascination for sport cars and was
surprised when Jim showed his extensive knowledge for the subject. The
time passed quickly and Jim found himself enjoying himself. 

	Just before the dessert came round, Jim felt a sudden pressure
in his bladder and excused himself. He felt slightly unsteady on his
feet, he cursed the high heels and set off for the ladies. Paul watched
Jim's ass wiggle sexily as he made his way to the washroom, she really
was a find. Demure, quiet and a beautiful young woman. She was young
enough to be his daughter, but Paul really didn't care. Perhaps he could
get her back to his place with a promise of showing her his sport cars.

	Jim looked around the ladies and was momentarily confused when
he could not find a urinal. Finally he remembered that he could not use
one anyway and went into a stall. he clumsily pulled down his pantyhose
and panties, hitched up his dress and sat down. This isn't just the
shoes, he realized, I'm a little drunk. But I didn't drink that much, he
protested. But he had drunk more than enough to get this smaller body

	As he undulated his way back to Paul he smiled. Slightly drunk
or not he could still handle him. Soon they were heading back to Paul's
car. Jim still smiling slightly, the drink combined with his high heels
left him more than slightly wobbly. Paul put his arm around Jim's waist
to stabilize him. Like the night before, Jim realized he found the
strong arm around him protective. Without consciously thinking about it
he put his own arm around Paul feeling his muscles under his shirt.
"Do you work out?" he asked Paul.

	"When I can. Do you like what you feel?"

	Jim grinned broadly at the obvious come-on, but felt no threat
from it. Paul was wondering whether to take advantage of her or not, he
had not cheated on Anne before. But then such a young woman had never
shown such an interest in him before. He helped Jim into the car and
they drove off into the night.

	Paul took a different route back through the city and soon was
pulling into a drive way of an expensive house. "You look tired," He
explained. "I thought I'd get you some coffee before I take you home."
He helped Jim out of the car.

	"Thank you, Paul. Very nice house you have."

	"Well, it was on our way to where you're staying, so I thought
we'd stop off here for a bit." Jim heard the obvious suggestion in his
words, and some of his drink induced happiness was replaced by an edge
of fear.

	"Well, alright, but I can't stay long." Paul's house was
impressive, but not grandiose. He let Jim in and after he had shut the
door, he smiled and walked slowly towards him, drinking in Jim's
luscious form. Jim was frozen like a rabbit in a car's headlights, he
knew exactly what was on Paul's mind. The only question was how to get
away from him and back to Anne's house.

	Paul reached Jim and stroked his soft cheek with his hand,
"Julie, you are one of the most intelligent and beautiful woman I've
met." He lowered his face to Jim's to kiss him on the lips, Jim tried
to think of something to say to stop him but nothing came to his drink
addled mind. The idea of physically resisting never occurred to him, he 
felt weak next to Paul's hard strength. 

	Their lips met and Jim's mind was assaulted by the same strange
feelings he had had the night before. Paul reached around Jim and pulled
his small frame tightly to his. Jim felt his breasts pressed against
Paul's broad chest, he felt his nipples start to tingle and become
aroused again. His mind was saying no, but the strong wine together
with his strange female body conspired to stop him putting up all but
the feeblest of protests.

	All he could concentrate on was that here was a man and a woman
about to partake in the oldest ritual on Earth. What could be more
natural than that? One of Paul's strong hands rubbed Jim in the small of
the back before drifting down to the round swell of his ass.

	Jim felt the strange dampness between his legs as Paul caressed
him. Paul broke off the kiss just long enough to whisper in Jim's ear.
"Lets go upstairs, Julie." 

	Suddenly Paul hefted him into his arms and carried him upstairs
like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold.

	In the car, Jim's purse lay on the floor where it had fallen.

	Like the rest of the house, the bedroom was very stylishly
furnished. Jim noticed none of this as Paul lowered him onto the bed.
There was a strange air of unreality to the situation for Jim. He had
been in situations like this before, but it was so different to be on
the other side for once. He sat up and said, "We really shouldn't be
doing this. You're Anne's boyfriend, after all."

	"We have a very liberal attitude, Anne and me. And what she
doesn't know won't hurt her," he replied with a smile. Paul's strong
hand moved to Jim's knee and started to caress it through the thin
fabric of his dress. Jim found the feeling to be very sensuous and
he found himself leaning over to Paul for another kiss. Paul reached
round and stroked Jim's full blonde hair.

	Jim watched with a strange detachment as Paul pulled the dress
from under his bottom and lifted it over his head. This isn't happening,
a part of him wailed, he gathered his will power for one last attempt to
break away. But then he felt Paul's hand at his ample bra-covered breast.
Jim gave a small moan as Paul slipped his hand inside the cup to gently
touch Jim's erect nipple. Jim remembered what his male nipples felt like
when his girlfriend used to tweak them, but this was a thousand times
better. Paul watched Jim as he caressed his nipple, his head was tilted
back letting his luscious hair drape down his back and was moaning
slightly with his eyes half closed.

	Jim lost himself in the feeling and had no idea of how long Paul
massaged his breasts. Suddenly he felt his bra loosen, Paul had undone
it and he helped to take it off. Jim's mind was in turmoil, part of him
was in sheer terror of what Paul was doing, another reveled in it and
a small part of him watched from a detached corner of his mind. Here he
was a twenty-five year old heterosexual male, in another man's bedroom,
wearing only a pair of panties while a man massaged his tits!

	Paul lowered Jim onto his back and leant over to kiss his nipple.
He teased it into his mouth and sucked and nipped on it. Jim was lost,
his whole being centered on his nipples as Paul expertly sucked on them.
Then he felt a hand at his crotch, as Paul roughly pulled Jim's panties

	Paul let Jim's nipple go and slowly drifted down Jim's supple
belly, giving small kisses as he went. Jim could not believe how erotic
that felt, as a man he had centered on breasts and crotch, but now every
part of him from head to toe felt extremely aroused. Even the sheets of
the bed under him felt wonderful.

	By now Paul had reached Jim's crotch and he planted a kiss on
his lower pair of lips. That single touch almost sent Jim to the edge,
already he could feel a ferocious need to have something in his vagina.
Paul obviously knew what he was doing and he expertly licked Jim's clit.
Very quickly Jim felt an explosion and had his second climax as a woman.

	It raced all over his body and he squirmed under Paul in ecstasy.
For what seemed like hours he lay there, feeling the remains of his
orgasm slowly dying down. Enjoy the shifting weight of his breasts and
the strange new equipment between his legs. It was more than that though,
every inch of his body was changed, he barely knew himself now.

	The bed shifted as another weight joined Jim on it. He opened
his eyes and looked over at Paul, he had quickly undressed and was now
as naked as Jim. For his age Paul was remarkably fit and Jim looked at
his well developed muscles. The orgasm had cleared his mind a bit and
Jim was desperately trying to think of a way to get out of there. Then
he saw something that drove everything else out of his mind.

	Paul's erection.

	It was no bigger than average, but to Jim's horrified eyes it
looked enormous. Jim realized what Paul was planning to do with it and
it finally gave him the strength to run for it. He sat up and tried to
roll off the bed. If he could get to the bathroom and lock himself in,
he'd be safe till Paul had calmed down.

	He never got the chance, Paul moved on top of him and held him
down with his strong hairy arms. "No Paul! Please."

	"You want it, Julie. You're wet and ready. Don't worry I'll be

	Jim felt Paul's massive weight on him and he felt utterly power-
less. He felt Paul's rock hard cock pressing against him, Paul's hands
massaged Jim's tits again and Jim soon found himself very turned on. His
capacity for rational thought was almost gone, all there was in the
universe was Jim, Paul and Paul's cock.

	He found himself reaching down and for the first time in
his life he held a cock that wasn't his own. It felt as thick as his arm,
he guided it to the lips of his vagina. Paul smiled, he knew she would
not resist much. He slowly edged his hardness into Jim's slippery cunt,
Jim's breaths came in little gasps as Paul penetrated him. Jim wrapped
his legs around Paul's waist and pulled him as deep as possible into
his cunt.

	Jim groaned as the exquisite sensations of penetration rocked
through him. Paul pulled out slowly and then started to thrust into him.
Jim ran his hands over Paul's broad back, holding on to him as if for
dear life. A tension was building deep inside Jim as Paul possessed him.
Another orgasm was coming, bigger than any he had had before. It grew
over him like a huge tidal wave, then suddenly, it came crashing down
on him.

	He screamed as his climax coursed through him, every part of
his body was on fire. He dug his nails into Paul's back and wrapped his
legs around Paul pulling him deep into him. He gripped Paul's cock with
his vagina, as he did so he felt Paul give a deep moan and tense up.

	Paul dug his fingers into Jim's large tits and orgasmed deep
into the stunning beauty under him. Jim felt Paul pulsing his seed deep
into him.  Slowly Jim's awareness returned to him and he was totally
mortified by the act he had just committed.

	They lay entwined for some minutes, both covered in a sheen of
sweat. Paul's cock was still inside him, slowly softening until he
pulled out of him. Jim didn't say much and desperately avoided thinking
about what he had just done. Paul offered Jim the first use of the
shower, which Jim was glad to accept. He scrubbed himself red trying to
get rid of the feelings of Paul's body against his.

	Jim could barely look himself in the mirror, he looked
disheveled.  Everyone who looks at me will know what I've done, he
thought in horror.

	He dressed hurriedly and quietly asked Paul to take him home.
Paul realized Jim was ashamed of what he had done, believing it was
because they had cheated on Anne. No words were exchanged on the way
back and Jim soon found himself outside Anne's house.

	Julie was waiting, obviously more than a little worried. "Where
have you been? Do you know how late it is?" Then she noticed that all
of Jim's makeup had been washed off. "My God. You slept with him didn't

	Jim couldn't hold back the tears any longer and between sobs
told Julie how he had got drunk and lost control. She comforted him
rocking him back and forth like a baby. "It's alright, Jim. It's over

	He was looking green and Julie helped him to the toilet where
he threw up his expensive dinner. She went back to the hall and picked
up his purse. She opened it and searched through the few items inside.

	A few minutes later Jim staggered out looking utterly dejected.
"How could I let him do that?"

	"You have a new body with different drives you can't control,
yet. It was my fault, not yours, it was a very stupid thing to do. I'm
sorry." Julie was quite for a few moments, then she held up the unopened
packet of condoms. "Jim, I know this is distressing for you, but did he
have his own condoms? You didn't use yours."

	", he didn't use condoms either, why?"

	"Well, did he pull out before he came?" she asked insistently.

	Jim thought back to the encounter. "No he didn't. Why are you
asking?" Suddenly he realized why she was asking. He was a woman now,
with all a woman's reproductive equipment.

	"Oh my God, what have I done." Jim said in a horrified whisper.

			TG: DNA (5/?)

	My earlier estimate of six parts looks unlikely now. Probably
seven or eight parts is more likely, well we'll see. This story has
an adult content and must not be viewed if under 18.

                        DNA part 5


	Jim ran his hand over his curving stomach and probed the strange
folds of his vagina, how in the name of God was a baby supposed to fit
through that? Well, you might get to find out, said a corner of his mind.
He thrust that away, the chances of him getting pregnant were small, he
decided. I've only had sex as a girl once and you are always hearing of
couples who can't get pregnant, he thought.

	In a corner of his mind a voice was saying, but what if you are?
He ignored it and got dressed. He ignored the dress and wore a loose
green jumper and a pair of Anne's jeans. He noticed he was still wearing
Julie's crucifix, it looked quite nice to Jim nestled between his
breasts. After he had got home the previous night, Julie had been very
apologetic and comforted Jim as the full enormity of what he had done
had struck him. Jim secretly forgave her, he was actually starting to
like her personality, it was impossible to stay angry with her.

	Downstairs Julie was cooking breakfast for Anne who was just
about to return to the lab. Julie looked nervously at Jim, obviously
afraid that he would tell Anne how she set him up. Jim had no intention
of telling Anne that her lab assistant who, up to a few days before, had
been a tall, strong male, had gone to bed with her boyfriend.

	"How is it going Anne?" he asked nervously.

	"Slowly," she replied wearily. "I'm onto something, but it'll
be weeks before it's ready. And I have a more serious problem." She
took a small box out of her handbag and opened it. "This is the last
sample of your original DNA. Without this I can't turn you back into
your old self. But I need more of your original DNA to be absolutely
sure it works."

	Julie looked over at Anne, "Isn't there a way to replicate DNA
in the lab."

	"There is, but it produces instabilities in the DNA. Only DNA
produced in the body can be successfully changed. Of course the other
problem is eventually you will be missed. The solution for both problems
is for someone to take this DNA virus based on Jim's DNA and take his
place. I feel responsible, so I'll take it."

	Jim gasped, she was offering to give up her body in the uncertain
hope that she could reverse the process. "It wasn't your fault, Anne,"
he said. He saw a small stab of anguish cross her face, she was talking
like she had done it to him, instead of him falling on the vial.
"Anyway, we end up with the same problem. The police would start to
investigate your disappearance and then you wouldn't be able to get into
the lab."

	"I know, but I can't think of what else to do. Well, hopefully we
will have a few days before I have to decide."

	Soon Anne was gone back to the lab. Julie was sitting at the
kitchen table with a strange look on her face.

	"What are you thinking, Julie?"

	"I just realized that one person could change into you and not
be missed, me."

	"I can't let you do that.  I remember yesterday when you told me
you'd hate being a man." He was surprised, but touched by the offer.

	"Perhaps, but I'm responsible for last night and I want to make
it up to you. And Anne will be ruined if any of this gets out."

	Jim moved over to her to comfort him. "It's alright, I'm okay.
It was a bit traumatic, but it's over and done with know." He remembered
the previous night, the strange sense of fullness as Paul thrust
powerfully into him. It didn't seem so bad now, looking back on it and
he had enjoyed it at the time.

	"Well it might not be over and done with," she said glancing
meaningfully at his stomach.

	"I'm not pregnant, the chances of a normal woman being after
just one time is small and my... equipment is probably not functioning
properly yet. I just can't understand why I did it, I didn't have that
much to drink."

	Julie decided not to press the point, if he was pregnant they
still had plenty of time to do something about it. "Well, you're like a
novice driver behind a wheel of a racing car, with a whole new set of
hormones running around inside you. With hindsight you were bound to
have a few crashes as you learnt to drive."

	Jim didn't replay and while she was still thinking about what to
say next the phone burst into the silence. Julie went into the hall to
answer it. She barely had time to say "Hello," before a shrill voice
screamed down the line at her.

	"What have you done to me, you bitch!" Julie was stunned, but
the voice was familiar, suddenly it clicked. It was Paul, but he sounded
different, very different.

	"What do you mean?"

	"My face, it's changing! What did you do?"

	"Oh Christ, okay Paul, relax. I have an idea what's happened.
Stay put and I'll get Anne to come over and help."

	"Anne! She mustn't find out what happened between us!" The
voice virtually screamed down the line.

	"If I'm right, she is the only one who can help. Stay where you
are. We'll be over in half an hour." She hung up, well, so much for
keeping it quiet, she thought. Now the shit will really hit the fan. She
quickly dialed Anne's mobile phone number.

	Jim entered the hall as she got through to Anne, he was about
to ask her what was going on when she got through. "Anne, you got to get
back here quickly!...'s not Jim. But it's related to that."
Julie put down the phone and leaned against the wall, breathing a weary

	"Julie, what is going on?"

	She looked at him, "I'm going to have to tell Anne what we got
up to last night."

	"Why! She'll go ballistic!"

	"That was Paul on the phone, he may not have given you a little
present last night, but you may have given him one. I think he caught
your DNA virus."

	Jim winced, he looked forlornly out the window. Just in time to
see Anne screeching to a halt outside the house. She ran inside and
met the two nervous looking twins. "What's happening!" she demanded.

	For once Julie seemed lost for words.


	Anne stared at the two worried looking girls. One of them said
to her, "Come on, I'll drive." Julie guided her back to her car and
climbed in. Despite the fact that Jim and Julie were now physically
identical, they were very easy to tell apart. Julie was very self-assured
while Jim was very demure and quiet. He also looked very embarrassed as
he clambered into the back seat of Anne's car.

	She went round to the far side and got in next to Julie, "What's
going on?" she demanded again.

	"Okay, Anne, is the virus in Jim's body still active?"

	"Well, yes. That's why I can't change Jim back, his virus fights
off any attempt by another DNA virus."

	Julie gazed out the window, avoiding contact with Anne's eyes.
"Is it possible for Jim to infect other people with the virus?"

	Anne thought about it, "Theoretically, yes. But it would be
difficult to transmit without really intimate contact." Suddenly it all
clicked in her head. She stared open mouth at Jim and Julie who both
avoided her stare. "ARE YOU TELLING ME JIM HAS HAD SEX 

	"Stop shouting. Yes, it was my fault, I set him up with as a
joke," she said quietly.

	"A JOKE!! I brought you in to hide Jim, not to get him a date!
What was her name?"

	"Umm....his name actually."

	"You set him up with a MAN! Are you mad?" She redirected her
attention at Jim. "Why on Earth did you go along with this?"

	Jim was deeply embarrassed and was blushing deeply. "It seemed
like harmless fun, but this body can't hold it's drink like my old one."

	"One of your friends, I suppose, Julie?"

	Here we go, thought Julie. "No...It was Paul." She closed her
eyes and waited for Anne to tear her head off. But nothing happened,
she risked a glance at Anne. She was frozen with her mouth open and the
first signs of tears in her eyes.

	Slowly Anne pulled herself together, "You're right. I can't drive
like this. I'll give you directions, unless Jim remembers the way." She
added acidly. She regretted that last remark when she heard sobbing
coming from the back seat. She turned around to see tears running down
Jim's face. He even looks good when he's crying, she thought.

	Between sobs he said, "I couldn't help it. My body seemed to
want it. I couldn't stop it."

	"It's not your fault, Jim," she said quietly and said little
nothing else apart from directions the rest of the short drive to Paul's

	When they arrived there was no indication, of what strange events
might be happening inside. Anne marched up to the door closely followed
by the two girls and hammered on it. There was no reply, the house seemed
empty, but Paul's car was still in the drive. She pulled her key ring out
of her pocket and used the key for Paul's house.

	Inside it became obvious that something was going on. A hall
mirror lay smashed on the floor and the phone was off the hook. Julie
was about to say something when Anne shushed her. Julie strained her
ears and could hear someone crying upstairs. Anne motioned them to stay
where they were while she headed upstairs.

	She had been in this house many times over the years and was as
familiar with it as her own home. But now it felt different, she realized
she was afraid of what she would find at the top of the stairs. The door
to the main bedroom was ajar and Anne could see Paul's muscular body
lying on it, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. She pushed open the

	"Don't look at me," Paul cried and leapt down behind the far side
of the bed. Anne was totally shocked, the body was still recognizably
Paul's but the voice, if she hadn't known better she would have sworn
it was Julie's!

	"It's alright, darling. I think I know what's happening to you.
I can help." She looked over the side of the bed and looked down at the
back of Paul's head. His black hair had been replaced by long, silky
blonde hair. He turned around and looked at her, his face covered with
fear. But it was no longer his face, it was Julie's.

	"What's happening to me?" he said in a strangled whisper. The
virus had obviously got down to his throat, because he spoke in Julie's
high register.

	Anne thought fast, the amount of the virus he had picked up from
Jim must have been very small. That was why the change had taken till
this morning to become apparent to Paul. But the virus would be
multiplying exponentially, and the changes would get faster and faster.
She realized that to have affect him from the head first, it must have
come from some juices he had licked off Jim. She knew how much he
enjoyed oral sex. If she was to save his masculinity at all she had to
act now. She yelled downstairs, "Julie, get the sample case out of the
trunk of my car. Hurry!"

	As Julie ran out to the car Anne explained to Paul what she was
going to do, she told him how far her research had gone and that he had
picked up the transforming virus. He seemed to pick up the basics, but
how much he really understood in his distressed state she didn't know.
"Most of your body is still un-transformed.  Now if I had your DNA mixed
in with my virus I could inject it into you and protect the rest of your
body. But by the time I had that ready you'd be 100% female."

	"NO!" Paul shrieked.

	"It's okay, calm down. The virus you picked up is only one of
several I developed. I took several samples from other researchers at
the institute, one of them is a thirty year old male, a bit on the small
side, but quite fit. At least this way, you'll stay male."

	"But, I've got a girl's face."

	"I'm working on a cure, but it might take a while. Worse comes
to the worse, there is always plastic surgery." Privately she doubted
anyone could make a male face out of the one Paul now had.

	Julie burst into the room and almost dropped the large bag she
was holding in shock. She had never seen Jim before his change and still
found it hard to believe he had ever been a man. But here was a man in
middle of transforming, with a large well developed male body, but with
her face!

	"Give me the bag." demanded Anne. Julie did so, never taking her
eyes off Paul. Anne rummaged through her bag, finding her small sample
box. In it was four samples, she checked them off in her mind to make
sure she got the right one. There was Julie's sample, next to it was the
last sample of Jim's DNA. The next sample was from Dr. Peterson from the
floor below Anne's lab. But he was black and Anne didn't think Paul
would like having a white head on a black body. That left Alan Lewis who
worked with Dr. Peterson, he was barely five feet tall, but she had no
other choice than to use his sample.

	She began prepping a syringe. She worked as quickly as possible,
when she heard Julie gasp in surprise. She looked up to see what had
alarmed her, it quickly became obvious Paul was growing breasts.

	Paul looked down at his bare chest as it transformed, the small
amount of hair vanished and his chest started to swell. They watched in
awe as two magnificent breasts grew. He felt the two heavy weights on
his chest, his nipples expanded into large sensitive female nipples. He
reached up with his still masculine hand and caressed one of his nipples.
They were very familiar tits, he had sucked on them the previous night.
He had just never expected to see them from this angle.

	Anne moved quickly and injected the virus into his leg. Paul
fell back to the floor as the two viruses raced through his body trans-
forming his body. He felt himself shrinking, the second virus raced
through his groin and down his legs. Halfway to the torso it was met by
Julie's virus coming the other way and just as Anne had hoped neither
virus could affect a cell already transformed.

	Paul struggled on to his feet, ignoring Anne and Julie, his
shorts, now too large for him, fell to his ankles. He looked in the
mirror and saw a stranger there. The face was horribly familiar, but
his mind refused to accept that it was now his. Gone was his rugged
face, to be replaced by a more rounded, far softer one. He ran one hand
over his smooth cheek, he realized he would never have to shave his
face again and he felt a profound loss. He pulled his hand away from
his new face and examined it.

	Like his face it had changed totally, instead of the wide strong
hands he was use to he now had petite, slim hands with long refined
fingers. Obviously as feminine as his new face. He looked in the mirror
at the breasts hanging off his chest. They had finished growing and
seemed far bigger than had been on the girl he had had sex with the
previous night.

	They seemed totally alien to him, the way they bobbed and
jiggled. He held them in his feminine hands and felt their soft weight.
He found the feeling of his breasts being held turning himself on, even
though he was the one holding them. He felt his highly sensitive nipples
spring erect. He felt an even bigger erection between his thighs.

	He looked in the mirror at his groin and legs. The legs were far
less muscular than the ones he was use to and far shorter, but they were
still male legs, he was relieved to have a penis but he realized as he
looked at it, that it wasn't his. He noticed that it was slightly bigger
than his original penis, but he got no comfort from that.

	He felt a much larger pang of loss. No part of his new body was
familiar, he felt lost in an alien body.

	He heard the door shut and turned to see Anne standing there,
"I sent Julie out while I explain what happened to you," she explained.

	He sat on the bed with a buzzing noise in his head as Anne
explained how he had been infected by someone transformed into her
niece. "If she wasn't Julie, who was she?" he asked

	"She was my lab assistant, Jim." she explained

	"SHE'S A MAN?" he exclaimed

	"Well he was, he wasn't as lucky as you. You're still male where
it counts. I am going to do everything I can to sort out this mess, but
when I do, we are finished, you understand?"

	"I'm sorry, Anne," he pleaded in his new girlish voice. "It won't
happen again."

	"Damn right, it won't. I don't think I can ever trust you again."

	She pulled out a shirt from his wardrobe and a pair of running
shorts. The shirt seemed to have grown into a tent since he had last
worn it, he realized just how small he was now. The running shorts were
also ridiculously large, but at least they would stay up with the draw
string pulled as tight as possible.

	He looked in the mirror, She is quite a desirable woman, he
thought. But you could tell something was not right, the hips were too
thin to be a woman's. And the legs which were only slightly hairy as a
man, were far too hairy for a woman.

	"Come on you'll have to stay at my place."

	Paul realized he couldn't stay here, no one would recognize him.
And Paul would be missed.

	Downstairs Julie was telling Jim what had happened, "So now
there are two and a half of me." She saw a small grin slip across Jim's
pretty face.

	"Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

	Julie grinned openly, Jim was finally coming to terms with his
body and Julie was starting to like him. The bedroom door opened and
Anne and Paul appeared at the top of the stairs.

	Jim had changed just as much as Paul had just done, but even he
could not believe how different Paul was. He seemed much smaller than
the infinitely strong man who had possessed him the night before. Jim
noticed the male hips and legs Paul had, and was secretly glad that he
had beautifully smooth legs and full hips.

	Paul was visibly shocked by the twins sat at the bottom of the
stairs. "Which one is the one I...uh."

	"Guess," said Julie. Both she and Jim grinned up at him enjoying
his discomfort.

	Anne glared at them, she noticed they looked more and more like
close sisters. "Paul is going to leave a note.  It might hold off any
investigators long enough for me to sort out this problem."

	It took a few attempts for Paul to write a note, with his shaking
hands. Then they went back to Anne's car and all four were soon on there
way back to Anne's house.


	They were soon inside and Anne went upstairs to lay on her bed.
This was just getting worse and worse.  How could she stop this? Was the
whole country going to be overrun with Julie clones? Relentlessly her mind
started work on the problem.  Stopping the virus from spreading should, in
principle, be easier than removing it all together.

	As she worked on the problem Anne and Jim did the washing from
breakfast. Jim didn't enjoy doing the washing up any more than he did as
a man, but as he calmed down from the events of the previous two days he
realized how much he enjoyed being with Julie. She seemed genuinely
repentant over what she had done and the offer to take Jim's place seemed
real. Paul sat in the chair in the dining room, shaking slightly and
refusing to talk to anyone. Jim knew how he felt and left him to it.  In
time he would calm down and then they could sort things out. Jim asked
Julie if she was serious about taking his place.

	She thought about it for a few seconds, "Yeah, for several
reasons. One, I put you in a very bad situation, I just hope you're
right and you aren't pregnant. Two, with both Paul and you 'missing' any
investigation will go straight to Anne, because she is the only
connection. If 'Jim' isn't missing, they won't concentrate on her and she
can get a cure. If she can't finish her research, you may be stuck that

	"But," he persisted. "You'll be giving up your body, even your
sex, I know how bad that can be."

	"You're surviving.  Being male won't be that bad and it won't
be forever. At least I hope not. A few months at most."

	Jim found tears welling up and he hugged Julie, "Thank you," he
said very emotionally.

	"I'm not doing it just for you, Anne is a very good friend."
Despite her words she was touched by Jim's concern. "Anyway, you go get
hairy legs in there some stuff from my suitcase, while I try and
convince Anne."

	Jim went into the dining room, Paul had not moved, "How are you?"
he asked.

	Paul looked at him, "Which one are you, the real Julie or the

	"I'm Jim. Come on, we better find you some clothes that fit you.
Julie has some of her stuff upstairs."

	"I'm not putting on women's clothes. I'm not a transvestite!" He
virtually screamed at Jim.

	"Be reasonable. Anyway, you're wearing the clothes of the
opposite sex now. No way are you fully male anymore." Paul's face
slumped at that, but he put up no resistance as Jim lead him to the
spare bedroom. As he passed the main bedroom door he heard an argument
going on inside.

	"No way am I letting you do this. We have a couple of weeks
before the police will be called in about any disappearances. I have a
good chance of finding the cure by then," Anne said heatedly.

	"We can't take the chance, even if I become Jim then, they will
probably still connect it to Paul's vanishing act. We have to do it now,
while no one suspects Jim is missing!"

	"NO! And that is my final word on the matter." Julie argued for
several minutes more but Anne would not budge. Finally she stormed out of
the bedroom and almost ran over Paul and Jim.

	"I suppose you heard all that? I'm sorry Jim, I tried."

	Jim smiled sadly, "Don't be, none of this is your fault. There
is no reason for you to ruin your life."

	She nodded and headed back downstairs. Jim took Paul into the
spare bedroom and pulled out Julie's suitcase. It was unlocked and he
went through it looking for something suitable, he noticed there were
some jeans in there after all. Forcing him to wear a dress yesterday had
just been another prank of hers. Somehow, he didn't mind, he had enjoyed
the soft caress of the summer dress after all. He pulled out a tight
short leather skirt, a white, frilly blouse and some underwear.

	Paul's eyes bulged at the sight of the clothes he was supposed
to wear. "I am not wearing that." Jim smiled at the memory of him saying
the same thing just yesterday.

	"We've got one suitcase between three people, there isn't much
left. Come on it won't feel so bad, just look at it as a new experience."
He undid Paul's shirt and helped him take off his running shorts. There
he encountered something he had forgotten about. Paul was still male from
the waist down. Jim blushed and quickly handed Paul some white silk
panties. Jim watched as Paul pulled them on, he felt envious that Paul
was still male. At the same time he found a small level of attraction to
it. He put it down to his new body, he was not as disturbed by the new
desires it had. The panties didn't fit that well, the outline of Paul's
cock was clearly viable through it.

	Jim put Paul's arms through the straps of the bra, Paul felt a
strange sense of pleasurable confinement in the bra. He looked down at
them, they looked beautiful in the silk bra. Paul was surprisingly adept
at putting on the pantyhose, Jim supposed it was because he'd seen women
do it so often. "It feels odd," Paul said.

	"It's like a second skin, isn't it? Feels a part of you. I only
wore a pair for the first time yesterday, for our date." Paul's cock
stirred at the memory and Jim felt oddly pleased he had caused this
reaction in him.

	"Yeah, they looked good on you. You were magnificent in bed. I've
never met a girl who reacted so strongly, I can honestly say I've never
had better sex than last night." Jim found himself starting to get turned
on again, the strange tingle was starting in his breasts and pussy. He
looked at Paul's cock that was straining in it's silken confines.

	He found himself reaching down with his hand and stroking it
through Paul's lingerie. It was as hard as an iron rod. Jim pushed Paul
back onto the bed and yanked down the pantyhose and panties. He stroked
Paul's cock a few times and then he slowly bent towards it. As his face
got closer to it, he smelt it's musky scent which turned him on even
more. Before he fully realized what he was doing, he had the head in his

	He licked and sucked on the knob and slowly started to pump his
mouth up and down on Paul's hard maleness. His hands ripped open his
jeans and he plunged one hand down to his hot pussy. While he sucked
Paul's cock, he played with himself. He stroked his clit and made small
thrusting motions with his wide hips. He could hear Paul gasping in his
high feminine voice as he approached orgasm. Jim went over the edge and
came as Paul held his head on the hard cock and climaxed deeply into
Jim's throat. Jim deep in the throes of pleasure eagerly drank Paul's
salty cum.

	Finally Paul released his grip on Jim's head and they both
slumped back exhausted by the intensity of their love making. Paul had
a sudden thought, "I'm not going to transform you into a man from all
that cum you swallowed?"

	"If only it was that easy! If I was the real Julie I probably
be half way to manhood by now. I can't control this body, it is just so
different from what I'm use to. I was 100% heterosexual before I got
stuck in this body, now I'm a cocksucker." Paul hoped privately that
his male half would stop his orientation from slowly changing.

	Paul pulled up his underwear over his now limp dick and put on
the blouse. Jim held out the leather skirt and Paul stepped into it. Jim
pulled it up and zipped it closed. It felt very odd to Paul, and left him
feeling half exposed. The only pair of shoes left were a pair of sandals
with a two inch heel. Paul looked in the mirror, with his male half
hidden he looked a complete woman.

	Jim looked at him in the mirror, "You could use some makeup, but
I've never put any on, myself, so you can ask Julie later."

	"I'm not wearing makeup!" Paul declared hotly. Maybe not now
thought Jim, but you are half female now, you will want to eventually.
He realized he wanted to put some on himself, to make himself look
better. The feminine thoughts were starting not to bother him anymore.

	Downstairs in the kitchen, Julie sat fuming. She had to do
something to help Jim and Anne. She had hurt both of them with her prank
the day before, God knows what she would do if Jim was pregnant. He only
slept with Paul because he was drunk, he wouldn't do anything like that
sober. Jim was hiding it well, but he must be in torment inside.

	While she was thinking her eyes drifted to the bag on the table.
It was Anne's sample bag! She quickly opened it and looked at the three
remaining samples. She pulled out the one labeled Jim and removed the
top with shaking hands and swallowed the contents with one gulp.

                        DNA part 6


	Julie slowly lowered the empty vial to the table. Already she
could feel the strange sensation of her body transforming. Jim's DNA
virus spread through her rapidly transforming as she went, she knew that
because she had taken such a large amount of it she would change very

	She felt a prickling on her arms and legs as fine hair started
to grow on them, as she watched the hair grew thicker and the arms
themselves became more muscular. Then she watched with extreme disquiet
as her magnificent bust started to shrink. She looked inside her now
loose dress as her breasts totally vanished to be replaced by a flat
masculine torso. She felt her body start to grow larger and quickly took
off her dress before it got too tight.

	Julie now had a well developed hairy male torso, she ran one of
her wide male hands over her strange new body. The virus had reached her
head by now and she felt her face being rearranged and her hair changing
to black and shortening. Then she felt a stirring in her panties and she
pulled them down to see what was happening there. Her clitoris was
growing quite rapidly and was quickly turning into a penis. She ran her
hand under it and realized she could not feel her vaginal opening
anymore. Instead she felt two normal male testicles grow and descend.

	Her shoes grew very tight and she quickly pulled them off before
they damaged her growing feet. Like the rest of her new body they were
very masculine. She looked in the window and examined the new face she
saw reflected there, Julie thought that her new body was very handsome,
the sort of man she fancied, but she was now him.

	Her male genitals had finished developing and she reached down
to feel them. It felt very strange to have all that dangly stuff between
her legs. She gently held her penis and peeled back the foreskin, it
looked like the few others she had seen, she just could not believe this
one was hers. She rolled the foreskin back and forth a few times getting
a small erotic thrill from it.  I wonder what it would feel like to have
sex on the other side, she thought. And an image of Jim in her old body
appeared in her mind, naked on a bed with his legs wide inviting Julie
to take him. Her cock responded to her thoughts and rapidly grew to a
full seven inch erection.

	Julie realized this is what Jim had meant when his new body got
out of control. A person spent their whole life understanding and
controlling their body, when they suddenly found themselves in a new body
they might not know how to control it. That was why Jim had lost control
when he got drunk with Paul and it was why Julie now stroked her cock in
the kitchen dreaming of fucking Jim.

	She was pumping her cock now, imagining her fist was Jim's tight
pussy. Suddenly the sensations became even greater and her first male
climax exploded from her. She had spurted semen all over the table but
she didn't care at that moment, she just lay back enjoying the afterglow
of her orgasm. So that was what it was like for a man, much more centered
than for a woman. It was like only her cock existed.

	Finally she came back to her senses and struggled to her feet,
she got some tissues and quickly wiped away the mess. She wrapped her
dress around her waist so as to hide her new equipment and went up to
confront Anne. She would be furious, but she would just have to accept
the situation. And doing this would make it less likely that the police
would suspect her when Paul was finally reported missing.

	In the spare bedroom Jim was showing Paul the best way to walk
in his two-inch high shoes. Jim marveled at the way he had got used to
walking in a female body, he knew his hips swiveled more than as a man
but somehow it didn't worry him anymore. Paul was still awkward in the
shoes, and the fact that from the waist down he had a man's body did not
help. But, if they were going to avoid suspicion he was going to have to
walk and act like a woman.

	Just then Anne started shouting at Julie. Jim thought, are they
arguing over this again? Then a deep horribly familiar voice shouted
back at Anne. It took a few seconds for Jim to place the voice, it was
his! He told Paul to stay put and ran into the main bedroom.

	There it was, his body, the one he had had until just two days
ago. Jim felt a deep pang of loss for his body's strength and maleness.
There was only one person who could be in there, "Julie?" he asked

	Julie gazed at Jim, he seemed much smaller than she remembered.
"Yeah, it's me, this feels so odd."

	"Now I know how you felt when you first saw me," Jim said in a
small voice.

	Anne swore, trust Julie to act so rashly. True it did make
detection less likely, but how was Jim going to pass himself off as
Julie? She lived at home with her parents who were going to notice in an
instant that this wasn't their Julie. With a heavy sigh Anne said "Well,
what's done is done. I kept Jim's stuff around here somewhere, we can't
have you running around naked."

	Jim heard a noise behind him and saw a nervous Paul looking
around the door. "Who is that?" he asked Jim

	"Julie, she took a DNA virus based on my old body."

	Paul looked on with wide eyes, "That was what you looked like?
And I thought I'd changed." Jim looked at Paul, to see if any of the
desire he felt for the new Julie was there as well. He decided Paul was
just amazed, he felt strangely glad that nothing else was there.

	Anne pulled open a bag and handed a pair of jeans and a shirt
with some buttons missing and some underwear. "I've washed it so it's

	Julie looked at the underwear with some distaste. "I'll think
I'll do without these."

	Jim smiled, "You're going to need them, if you have the same
difficulty as I did controlling my new body. Trust me, your new..ah..
'equipment' will have a mind of it's own."

	They left Julie to get dressed and went back downstairs. Anne
saw that Paul was wearing a tight leather skirt. Despite his male legs,
the outfit looked good on him. How on earth had Jim convinced him to wear
it? After all the turmoil she saw that Jim was getting used to his
situation, his movements were noticeably feminine. She wondered whether it
was due to the shape of his female body or was he really becoming more
female? Paul looked really shocked in comparison, his self-assured nature
had totally disappeared, unlike Jim he seemed totally unable to make the
best of a bad situation. Maybe he didn't have the flexibility of
character Jim had.

	Julie stepped into the y-fronts and pulled them up, they fitted
better than she had expected. But she couldn't get used to her new dangly
equipment, the underwear did keep them somewhat under control. The shirt
had lost some buttons, why on earth hadn't Jim repaired it or got a new
shirt? Of course, she thought, he was wearing this when he changed into
me, he must have shot off the buttons when he grew his magnificent tits.

	She found herself thinking about Jim's beautiful breasts and she
felt her new cock becoming aroused. Stop it, she thought furiously, I'm
no lesbian. But Julies's penis was no hypocrite, she fully understood
what Jim was going through. He is cute though, she thought. She laughed
when she realized she was lusting after herself.

	The jeans and trainers were familiar and went on easily, she
looked in the mirror. He is quite handsome, it's a pity we didn't meet
before his accident.

	Back downstairs, Anne was in the kitchen concentrating on her
laptop computer. Jim was just making some coffee, he smiled at her as
she entered the room. "You okay?" he asked.

	"A bit shaky, but I'll be fine." She pulled out a chair, sat down
and crossed her legs. "OWWW!" she shouted.

	Jim almost collapsed laughing, "You'll have to be more careful,
you've got a lot more down there to be aware of."

	"How the hell do you get around with this between the legs?" she
asked pulling at the crotch of her jeans.

	"The same way you got used to having two melons glued to your
chest. I still can't get used to not being able to see my feet." Jim
grinned and handed her a mug of coffee.


	Anne worked way into the afternoon, finally she leaned back and
stretched her stiff back. On the screen lay the plans for a simple
addition to the DNA viruses running around, that should make the
transmission much more difficult, but not impossible. She had to stop the
problem now before it spread.

	Jim wandered into the kitchen, "Finished?" he asked.

	"Yep, this should stop you, Julie and Paul, passing this on to
anyone, if you have any more 'accidents'. How are Julie and Paul?"

	"Julie is handling it quite well, but Paul, I don't know. He is
very withdrawn. Perhaps you should talk to him."

	"Tonight, today I have to prepare and test this." She gestured
at the screen. "Julie needs to get some more clothes. You live near the
institute, don't you."

	"Yeah, you drop me and Julie off there and you and Paul go on
to the lab." Jim said.

	"I don't think we should take Paul.  He needs to rest."

	"We can't leave him here by himself. He needs to be with you to
work things out."

	Anne nodded, she would have to treat him carefully till she could
undo the damage. "Alright, you get Julie and I'll get Paul."

	Paul was in the dining room, staring out the window. He turned
when Anne entered, "I don't know who I am anymore," he said close to

	Anne put an arm around him, "It's alright Paul. I'm here, I will
sort this out, I promise."

	He looked up at her and nodded, "Okay," he said, managing a weak

	Jim and Julie had already piled into the back seat and were
laughing at some joke one of them had cracked. They look like lovers,
she thought. Paul climbed into the passenger seat grimacing as he moved
the seat belt strap between his large breasts. All four were quiet until
they had reached Jim's apartment. Jim and Julie got out and watched the
car pull away.

	"Paul is really starting to flip out.  I thought he'd be more used
to this by now," Jim commented worriedly.

	"Well, he is a typical, macho, old-style male. He probably thinks
becoming a woman, even half of one, has made him some sort of second
class citizen."

	Jim sighed, feeling again the still strange weight of his heavy
breasts. "Well, come on then."

	He went up the first flight of stairs and unlocked the door to
his apartment. He looked sadly around the obviously male occupied rooms,
they seemed to be part of his life long gone. Being in so familiar
surroundings reminded him how much he had changed. He felt so aware of
his new body, his breasts shifted in their silken confines with every
slight movement he made. His jeans fitted snugly around his wide womanly
hips. He felt so out of place, this was no longer his apartment. It more
properly belonged to Julie now.

	He shook off the feeling and dug out some clothes for her, while
she looked around the apartment. "Are you sure you live here? We haven't
gone to the local landfill site by mistake?"

	"What do you expect, the Ritz? A single man lives here, you
should expect a little clutter," he said, slightly annoyed.

	"A little clutter? Looks like a bomb has hit it."

	"I'm so sorry, it's the maid's day off," he grinned at her and
she couldn't help returning it. She looked at Jim and felt herself
growing aroused again. A small part of her worried he might notice, then
she notice his eyes glance down and his grin widened.

	With that, all semblance of control went and Julie took Jim on her
powerful arms and pressed her lips against his. Jim melted in her strong
embrace.  This was so different than with Paul, there was none of the
fear he had felt when he had been with him. Julie's tongue pushed opened
his lips and Jim felt himself become very turned on. His large sensitive
breasts were crushed against Julie's wide torso, he was really wet
between his legs and he knew that he must have Julie's cock in his
strange new feminine place.

	"Jim! You BASTARD!" A voice screamed from the door, the lovers
broke off and stared at the source of the voice. At the door stood a
petite Asian girl, who was very, very angry.

	Jim gasped in horror, it was his girlfriend Catherine! She was
directing her rage at Julie, who didn't have a clue what to say.

	Catherine advanced on Julie. "You disappear for days without a
word! And then I catch you with some cheap whore!" Jim felt slightly
annoyed about the insult, but he could imagine how this looked to her.
Julie was just searching for something to say when Catherine delivered a
vicious slap, turned and stalked out of the flat.

	Jim and Julie stared at each other open mouthed. Then Jim
collapsed on the bed, "Well that just about wraps up a perfect weekend!"
He realized he didn't feel as upset as he should.  He wanted Julie more
than he had ever wanted Catherine.

	Julie felt his sore cheek, "So Paul wasn't the only one cheating
on his girlfriend," she said.

	Jim realized the absurdity of the situation and he collapsed in
a fit of giggles. "Come on. Anne will be wondering where we are," he
finally said. He handed the small case of clothes to Julie and they
headed back for the short walk to the institute. Julie put her arm around
Jim as they headed back to the institute, he found it very comforting.
I'm falling for her like some lovesick schoolgirl, he thought. Do I want
to do this?  If we carry on like this I'll end up in bed with her. No,
this is different than with Paul. She'd make life bearable if we stay
stuck this way.  More than bearable. She smiled up at Julie, who looked
down warmly at him.


	Anne held the batch of test samples in her hand, it seemed to
work. The viruses effectiveness was reduced significantly, it didn't
help her in her fight to turn the three back into their old selves, but
at least it would mean no one else would suffer from the problem.

	Paul sat on the far side of the lab.  She had tried to interest
him on what she was doing, but nothing she could say or do would bring
any response from him. Finally she had left him to it as she worked.

	He sat and watched her as she worked, he couldn't shake the
sneaking suspicion that this wasn't some big trick he had pulled on her.
That she could turn him back at any moment, but she was doing this to
punish him for his infidelity. He remembered the way the guard had leered
at him, as they had entered the building and cringed. He couldn't stand
to stay in this weak body a moment longer.

	He racked his memory, who could he turn to? Then he remembered, a
few years before he had represented a biology researcher, who had been
accused of stealing someone else's results. What was his name, ah yes. Dr.
Michael Kingston. Paul had got him off on a point of law.  He knew he had
done it, but he had been hired to clear his client. Anne had told him of
his reputation in the research fraternity, it was obvious she didn't
like him at all. If anyone could turn him back, it was Kingston.

	Anne was still engrossed with her samples, he edged over to her
purse, inside was about enough money to get a taxi to his house. From
there he'd have access to enough to money to get to Dr, Kingston. He took
the money and was disconcerted when he realized he had no pockets,
forcing him to wear a skirt was obviously another one of Anne's jokes.

	He stuck the bills in his bra and went over to Anne, "Anne,
where are the bathrooms in this place?"

	"Out the door, turn right and you can't miss it," she said
without lifting her eyes from the microscope. He was out the door as
quickly as he could and he glanced down the corridor, there were a few
people around, but Paul got no special attention except from the lustful
glances he got from many of the men. His skin crawled when their eyes
moved over his ample curves, and he desperately avoided eye contact.
Soon he was by a fire escape and after checking no one was around he
slipped outside.

	In the street he felt even more vulnerable, especially in the
tight sexy skirt. It felt so confining, but left him feeling exposed and
vulnerable at the same time. One problem he didn't have was flagging down
a taxi, the driver was drooling over his steering wheel as he admired
Paul's tits. He refused any attempt by the driver to start a conversation
on the way to his house. He seemed to think suggesting Paul was a model
was the height of compliments. After what seemed forever to Paul, they
arrived and he pulled the bills out of his bra to pay him. The driver's
eyes bulged to an extent Paul didn't believe was possible as he did so. 

	He ran to the door, feeling the taxi driver's eyes on his ass
all the way there. He slammed the door behind him, and leaned against it,
his breasts heaving with the fear he felt. He looked down at them
straining in the bra. I'll be rid of you soon, he thought.

	It was about half an hour later when Jim and Julie arrived in
the lab. "We had to say Jim was Paul's twin sister when we came in. Where
is Paul anyway?"

	Anne looked up with a frown on her face, "He said he was going
to the bathroom. But that was some time ago.  Where has he gone?"

	Jim cursed and ran down the corridor to the toilets. He ran into
the ladies, feeling like an invader as he did do. There was no one there.
He ran across into the men's toilets startling a man who was using an
urinal. Apart from him the room was empty, he asked the man "Have you
seen my sister? She looks exactly like me, but she is wearing a skirt."

	The man managed to get his penis back in his pants and zip them
up. "Uhhh... I thought I saw someone like you get in a taxi as I got
here. I'm not sure, it could have been her. She was wearing a tight,
black, skirt."

	"Shit, thanks George!" Jim said and ran out the door.

	How did she know my name, thought George.

	Jim burst back into the lab. "George saw Paul get into a taxi.
He must have panicked."

	"Damn!" said Anne. She grabbed the samples she had been working
on and ran for the car, with Jim and Julie in close pursuit.

	She sped through the city, breaking the speed limit most of the
way. By some miracle they were not stopped and soon they were back at
Paul's house. Anne fumbled with the keys and opened the door, "Paul!"

	There was no answer, they spread out and searched the house.
Anne went upstairs and ran into the bedroom. Several pairs of pants were
thrown on the bed and on the floor was a black, leather skirt. She picked
it up, it's still warm, she thought. We just missed him. She looked out
of the bedroom window and looked at the panoramic view of the city it

	He could be anywhere out there.

			TG: DNA (7/7)

	Well, here it is, the final part of DNA. I've had a fantastic
reaction to this story and I am already at work on my next story,
called Girl in the Moon.
	This story has an adult content and must not be viewed if under

                        DNA part 7


	Anne raised the door of the garage and looked at the empty space
inside. "He's taken the car."

	"But where the hell is he going to go?" Julie asked in a deep
voice that still surprised even her.

	"I haven't a clue, I doubt Paul has either. He's probably just
running in a blind panic." She sighed.  The last few days were the worst
she had ever lived through. "I know it's not much of a hope, but we
better look through the city for his car."

	As Anne had suspected, the search was fruitless and it was near
dusk by the time they got back to Anne's house. As Jim was passing the
phone it started ringing and on reflex he answered it. "Hello?"

	"Oh, there you are Julie. I've been trying to reach you all day."
It was a woman's voice, he had a sneaking suspicion who it was, but he
wasn't sure.

	"Well, here I am."

	"Your father and I are wondering when you're coming home. You
said you'd only be over Anne's for a day." It was Julie's mother.

	Jim thought fast, "Well I've got someone for you to meet, I'll
bring him over tomorrow."

	"Oh? Anyone I know?" said Julie's mom, obviously very curious.

	"Aunt Anne's assistant at the institute.  He's very cute." Now
where had that last comment come from?

	"I remember Anne telling me about him.  Bit of a hunk apparently."

	Anne had said that? He blushed deep red, "Well you'll find out
tomorrow. I'll see you about five o'clock, okay."

	"Fine, goodbye dear"

	"Bye, mom." He hung up and breathed a sigh of relief, Julie's mom
hadn't noticed that it wasn't her daughter she was speaking to.

	"Mom?" said an amused deep voice in the doorway.

	Jim looked at Julie and threw her a brief smile, "Yep, I'm taking
you to meet your parents tomorrow."

	Julie looked confused, "Pardon?"

	"Well, I can't move back to your house. Your parents would soon
realize I wasn't their daughter. But you're old enough to move out into
your boyfriend's apartment."

	Julie worked it out in her head, "So you're going to introduce
me to MY parents as your boyfriend and then move in with me at your old

	"Well, unless you have any objections?" said Jim.

	Julie moved her broad hands over Jim's wide hips and grabbed his
soft ass. Jim found himself getting very turned on again, "I want you so
badly, Julie."

	"Having fun, are we?" Anne said.

	Both Julie and Jim jumped apart and looked a bit guilty. Anne
decided to ignore what had been going on and held up to vials. "These
should stop you passing on the DNA viruses in your bodies to anyone
else. It won't make it any more difficult to remove the virus when I
can work out a safe way of doing it." She handed one each to Jim and
Julie. Julie drank hers in one swallow, Jim looked at it before he did
the same. He was beginning to feel he would be trapped in femininity for
the rest of his life and was surprised to find it didn't depress him as
much as he thought it would.


	Jim was driving his car in the evening twilight, in the distance
a figure appeared with their thumb stuck out in the universal sign of
the hitchhiker. As he got closer he saw that it was a buxom young woman,
he felt himself get an erection and thought, well maybe if I play my
cards right. He pulled over right over and she got in, they said nothing
as he drove off. After a while, she turned to him and said, "Pull over
here, I must have you."

	He did so and then he reached over to her and their eyes locked,
a moment of dizziness struck Jim and he was suddenly in the passenger
seat wearing a dress. He looked over at the driving seat and saw his old
body, somehow he knew the girl was in there. His old body reached over
and caressed his breast, causing Jim to moan. He felt a fire build within
him and Jim knew he, no she must have the man's prick buried within her.

	Her old body moved over to Jim and she gladly welcomed him, ready
and willing.

	Jim suddenly sat bolt upright in the bed, fully awake in an
instant, he felt a strong need deep within him. The hitchhiking dream
again, he thought, but it never went this way before. He lay back in
Anne's double bed and examined his feelings. Much, if not all dislike
of his new body was gone. His male state, a part of him for a quarter
of a century was now a fading memory.

	He lay there in the quiet of the night, the house seemed empty.
In fact Anne was asleep downstairs on a bed made out of seat cushions.
Then he remembered Julie was in the next room.

	Jim felt another stab of desire run through his body.  After their
shaky start, something had clicked between them and Jim realized he
loved her and was pretty sure Julie felt the same for him.

	He slipped out of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. He
pulled off his night-dress and admired himself in the mirror, he was
beautiful, his breasts large, but firm. His skin silky soft, his body
curving in all the right places. As he looked at himself he realized
that if Anne did come up with a cure he might not want to take it.

	He walked, nude, to the door and looked across the landing at
the spare bedroom door. In there lay a good specimen of masculinity and
Jim knew that all he wanted was to be possessed and entered by it. He
walked softly over to the door and put his hand on the handle. He asked
himself if this was what he really wanted or was it just his bodily
desires. No, he really wanted to do this, more than anything on Earth.

	He opened the door and slipped silently into the dark room.

	In the darkness Jim could see a bulky shape in the bed, he
walked over to it his heart beating furiously. He was surprised it didn't
wake Julie it sounded so loud. He looked down at the sleeping form
drinking in her body, then slowly so as not to disturb Julie, he slipped
into the bed next to her.

	He was now facing Julie's broad back and he carefully slipped
a hand round her muscular body to her cock. Even asleep she was half
erect, I wonder if she is dreaming about me, thought Jim. Slowly he
started to rub her foreskin back and forth, just as he used to build up
to masturbation when he was a man a million years before, it seemed now.

	Julie stirred as Jim brought her fully erect. Jim became fully
aroused himself as he stroked Julie's rigid, hot cock.

	Without warning Julie suddenly twisted around in the bed to face
Jim. "You little minx," she whispered. "Couldn't wait any longer, could

	Jim grinned, but before he could reply Julie kissed him hard and
wrapped her strong arms around him. He felt himself melting in her firm
embrace. He surrendered totally to Julie.  This was far different to his
experience with Paul. There was no fear in being with Julie, he trusted
her fully.

	He luxuriated in every sensation, he gasped as his breasts were
crushed against Julie's strong muscular chest. One of Julie's strong
hands slid down between Jim's thighs and slipped a finger inside him.

	She smiled when she found him wet and ready, slowly she started
to run her finger in and out of his slippery vagina. Jim tensed and
gasped as she did so, the still alien feeling quickly caused him to
loose all control. Julie added two more fingers and started to rub his
clitoris, he started to buck his hips against her hand moaning in a high
feminine voice that filled her with a desire to flip Jim onto his back
and roughly fuck him.

	While Jim was totally under the control of his new body, Julie
managed to pull back enough to reach down to the side of the bed where
a packet of condoms lay. Being a practical woman she had always carried
some around with her, but she had never thought she would one day wear
one. She tried to open it one handed, but she quickly gave up and
concentrated on bringing Jim to his first climax of the evening.

	Jim's moans had escalated to loud yelps of pleasure, his vagina
gripped Julie's hand and screamed as he came. Julie slowed the pace of
her hand and kissed his sweat covered forehead. Jim still could not
believe the sensitivity of his new soft body.

	"That was wonderful, Julie." He focused his eyes on Julie's other
hand. "What's that?"

	"Well, we don't want anymore accidents do we?" He waved the
condom in his face and started to open it.

	"Let me," said Jim. "I have more experience and you don't want
to tear it." He took the condom from her and deftly opened it. He
squirmed down the bed until his face was level with Julie's rigid cock.
He planted a kiss on its bulbous head, which brought a bass moan from
Julie, before rolling the condom down the hard length. He made sure that
no air was trapped in the tip, he didn't want it to burst and the last
thing he needed was to double the chances of getting pregnant.

	Julie reached down and put both hands under his armpits and
effortlessly pulled him up on top of her. He leaned down and kissed her
passionately feeling her tongue press strongly between his teeth and he
submitted to her strong embrace. He felt Julie's arms drift down his back
and lift his pelvis above hers, he quickly got the idea and reached down
to grab her large cock. He positioned it at the entrance to his vagina
and she slowly, teasingly lowered Jim onto her almost painfully hard

	Jim luxuriated in the fantastic sensation of having a cock
filling him up. Julie's eager hands gripped his large breasts, trapping
his erect nipples between her fingers. He started to slowly move his hot
cunt up and down her penis, able to enjoy the sensations for the first
time. He was more than happy to take his time, but Julie was getting more
and more worked up. At last she understood what it was like for men,
there was an aching pressure in her balls that just demanded to be
relieved. She gripped Jim's breasts even tighter and yelled "Faster,
Jim! Faster!"

	Jim just smiled he knew exactly what it was like to be on the
other end, he wondered when Julie would take matters into her own hands.

	He didn't have long to wait, Julie put one arm around his slim
waist and struggled into a sitting position. Jim locked his legs around
his muscular waist and Julie twisted him onto his back and started
thrusting strongly into him. Jim could imagine no other place he wanted
to be, no other person he wanted to be. In a moment of clarity he
realized that even if Anne came up with a cure he'd want to stay in this
body the rest of his life. His second climax started building and
building until it finally crashed over him, flooding his whole body. He
screamed as the passion shot through every part of his body again and
again. He wrapped his arms and legs around Julie, pulling her as deep as
possible into him.

	He gripped her cock with his vagina as hard as he could and Julie
finally found release. She strained as she shot her copious load into the
condom. Once again all the exquisite sensations seemed to be centered on
her cock, which felt a mile long. She collapsed on Jim, feeling quite
light headed. Probably all the blood rushed to my cock, she thought. She
noticed she had called it her cock, for perhaps the first time it felt a
natural part of her.

	"Get off me, you're crushing me!" squealed a voice under her
thick with laughter.

	Julie pulled out of Jim and rolled to the side of him. "I never
realized how intense it was for a man," she said.

	"Funny," said Jim. "I was about to say the same thing about being
a woman." They lay together silently for several minutes with Julie
stroking Jim's long silky hair.

	Finally Jim said, "it's going to be months before Anne can get
a cure together, if ever. But for the first time I'm thinking about not
going back to being male when she comes up with a cure."

	"Well there can't be two of me running around, when I change
back, you'll have to as well."

	He looked at her, "Do you really think that in even a months
time, you'll want to change back. You're already starting to adapt."

	She thought for a few seconds, "Perhaps. Well we'll cross that
bridge when we come to it."


	Anne found Julie and Jim in the kitchen kissing.  She wasn't that
surprised. That morning she had finally developed a cure, of sorts. When
she told them Jim seemed very disappointed.

	"So you can turn us back then?" he said in a quiet voice.

	"No. It's very dangerous. Out of twenty tests I did, it only
worked in seven of them. The ones that failed destroyed the DNA totally.
I'm going to write up and announce my discovery, this is sensational
enough for me to get a good research team working under me and that will
give me a better chance to develop a cure. But it'll take time."

	"It's alright, Anne. We expected that," said Julie, "We can't
stay here forever, so we've decided to go to my parents tonight and then
we'll both move into Jim's place."

	Anne's mouth dropped open, "You're taking this a bit too fast
aren't you?" she said amazed.

	Jim shrugged, "Perhaps, but I can't stay here and I couldn't fool
Julie's parents for long. So moving in with my boyfriend is the only
thing I can do without raising much suspicion."

	Anne couldn't fault the logic and she wished them luck.

	Jim and Julie spent the day fruitlessly searching the city for
Paul and his distinctive car. He was probably long gone, but even if he
was still around the chances of finding him were virtually nil.

	In the afternoon Jim picked out some of his smart casual clothes
for Julie, first impressions mattered. Especially with the announcement
they were going to spring on her parents. Jim himself went for a long
deep blue dress that reached his ankles.

	Julie was far more nervous than Jim as they reached her parents
house. It was very painful for her to be treated as a stranger in her
own home.  However since she knew her parents so well she knew the right
things to say. Jim seemed to be able to pull off his impression of Julie
without too many mishaps, which they put down to nervousness at
introducing her boyfriend to them.

	Their daughter's decision to move out did phase them a bit, but
their liberal attitudes plus the fact that Jim had a good job working for
Anne allowed them to accept her decision without much fuss. After the
meal Julie's father took Jim into the backyard for a 'man to man' talk
about responsibilities. Julie's mother prevailed on them to stay the
night and Julie found herself in the odd position of having to sleep on
the couch while Jim slept in her bed.

	Jim himself felt a bit of an intruder in her feminine bedroom
and was a bit nervous when her mother came in for a chat.

	"This is all a bit sudden, darling," she said

	"He's an angel mum. I've never been happier."

	"Well, okay. His home is not that far from here and you'll
always be welcome here."

	"Thanks, mom. I won't forget."

	They hugged. "Anyway, Jim's quite good looking isn't he?"

	Jim laughed, "Hands off. I saw him first!"

	Finally assured she kissed him goodnight and left, he felt a
little guilty at not telling her the truth. But the truth would probably
hurt them more and what he and Julie had not exactly lied to them.

	As he lay there waiting for sleep to claim him he thought about
his new future. Was he really prepared to spend the rest of his life in a
girl's body? Yes, it felt somehow right for him, now. He could go to
university and get the doctorate which he always wanted. He realized that
at some point in the last hectic couple of days he had started to think
of himself as a woman rather than a man trapped in a woman's body.

	He, no she, wanted to stay in this soft alluring body. She wanted
to be taken by a strong passionate man.  She no longer wanted to be Jim,
she wanted to be with him. She finally dropped off to sleep and dreamt of
wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and marrying Julie.

	The next day they moved Julie's stuff into Jim's flat and it was
evening when they had everything fitted in. Jim told Julie how she now
felt about being in her new body. Julie admitted that she already was
beginning to think of herself as male.

	"Perhaps you should start calling me Jim," he said.

	"It would certainly stop us making any silly mistakes in public."
replied Jim. "So, Jim. Come here and fuck my brains out."

	"Your wish is my command, Julie dearest," he said and joined Jim
on the couch and soon they were making passionate love again.


	Dr, Anne Chamberlain presented her research at the end of the
month. Initially she was treated with total disbelief by her research,
but tests by other research groups soon vindicated her findings. She
was given virtually a blank check by the institute to continue her work,
and there was already talk of a Nobel prize in the future.

	Julie (now calling himself Jim) carried on working for Anne and
she got him a raise so he and Jim could move into better accommodation.
Jim, now totally committed to her female self, found life as a housewife
to be fairly boring and was soon working with Anne on a temporary basis
before going to University. She had planned to go in the fall, but events
soon conspired to delay that.

	She looked down at the result the kit had displayed, her reaction
wasn't what she had expected. When the idea that this could happen to her
first occurred, she had almost flipped out. But now she wanted it, more
than anything else. She did worry about how Jim would react to it,
however and she broke the news to him gently.

	"It looks like I did get unlucky with my one time with Paul."

	Jim looked winded, "Yeah. I really am sorry about putting you in
that position. What are you going to do about it?"

	Julie took his large hand in hers, "If it's alright with you I
want to have it."

	Tears appeared in his eyes, "I'm glad. Even if Paul is the
father, I'll love it like it was my own."

	"It's going to be a girl," Julie told him.

	"Oh?" He said with a hint of amusement. "How can you be so sure?
Feminine intuition?"

	"Don't be silly. Paul had sex with me before Anne gave us the
stabilizing injection. So the Julie DNA virus will have re-written the
genetic code in the fertilized egg. Our daughter will be a genetic clone
of me."

	Julie (once Jim) was proved right nearly nine months later. The
pain of childbirth was excruciating, but she wouldn't have missed it for
the world. It was as exhausted mother and daughter lay together that Jim
proposed to Julie.

	"Just like a man! You pick the weirdest times to do things," she

	"Well?" he asked nervously.

	"Of course I will. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

	And she did.


Paul's story will continue in DNA II